Beautiful Princess and the Frog Concept Art from Disney

August 11, 2008
Source: Disney Animation

Beautiful Princess and the Frog Concept Art from Disney

Not long after the first teaser trailer for Disney's return to 2D hand animation titled The Princess and the Frog was revealed, a whole plethora of beautiful concept art has been discovered (via Disney Animation) as well. For the longest time we didn't know what to expect beyond one early concept art photo of Princess Tiana, but now we finally get an idea of what some of the scenes look like and where most of the story will take place. The Princess and the Frog is a musical set in New Orleans about Princess Tiana, a young African-American girl living amid the charming elegance and grandeur of the fabled French Quarter. This art looks wonderful and I definitely can't wait to see all of this finished late next year.

The world that the visual development team created is that of 1920's New Orleans. A lush, vibrant environment, with rich backgrounds and breathtaking scenery. The fresh, engaging look of the characters bring humor and warmth to this classic fairytale.

The Princess and the Frog Concept Art

The Princess and the Frog Concept Art

The Princess and the Frog Concept Art

The Princess and the Frog Concept Art

The Princess and the Frog Concept Art

The Princess and the Frog Concept Art

The Princess and the Frog is co-directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, whom previously worked together to bring us the Disney classics Aladdin, Hercules, and Treasure Planet. The script for the film was also written by Clements and Musker as well as other Disney regulars. Disney's The Princess and the Frog is currently set for release on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2009.

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Wait... is it set in the old south? Is it going to go over slavery?

Staatz on Aug 11, 2008


there also weren't any princesses either, just saying

The Delightful Deviant on Aug 11, 2008


I dont know, slavery ended in the 1860's and this movie takes place in the 1920's, hmmmm, I wonder if it's gonna be about slavery. Golly, is Princess Tiana gonna help the other blacks escape using the underground railroad? Welll........... there'd be no point in that because THERE WAS NO SLAVERY IN THE 1920'S!

Kail on Aug 11, 2008


I agree that the scenes look incredible. It definitely reminds me of the old disney classics but I'm just not sure if this style can work with audiences anymore. It'll be interesting to see how it does.

janet on Aug 11, 2008


Ok, I didn't know when it was going to take palce, jeez. Still it is a little odd, a rich black girl in the south before the civil rights movement of the 60's... but never mind, the art looks great, I shoulden't be such a nerd about it.

Staatz on Aug 11, 2008


They have to have a princess, tho, otherwise Disney won't be able to sell 10x the film's theatrical gross in worthless crap targeted at the 14-and-under girls market, which this film is obviously directed at. They're returning to their old stomping grounds in that regard, but then that's always been their MO. They don't make films so much as they make 90 minute ads for dolls, t-shirts and anything else they can stamp the characters' heads on.

Squiggly_P on Aug 11, 2008


Also I should have guessed the time period with the first shot of the street car, but the antebellum dresses in the last picture though me off.

Staatz on Aug 11, 2008


guys...its a disney movie..did any of the other ones make any sense? Pocahontas was 14 years old and died of pox, but obviously they weren't going to use that. In the Little Mermaid in the original she has a choice of killing the prince and becoming a mermaid again or dying and being turn into sea foam. She chooses to die. That would have NOT worked, lol. So I think having a black princess in the 20s is okay. Also they are in New Orleans in the 20s. Maybe she's a Creole Princess. Also if you are having a problem with the time setting someone tell what years sleeping beauty was set in or possibly snow white. That didn't matter, no one cares cause its a fairy tale. which btw when I was a kid we used to read "The princess and the frog" ALL the time. I think this is going to be great. Doesn't anyone else wish to go back to the time of 2d movies with amazing orchestral soundtracks and songs that are so catchy you sing it at your job? I think its time they go back. I mean there WAS animation before computers digital animation. anyhow thats my ranting and I hope everyone goes to see it. I know I will and I'm sure despite my son being a boy I'm going to take him to see it anyway. -Jaybear

Jaybear on Aug 11, 2008


Yes you're right Jay, it is a fantancy story.

Staatz on Aug 11, 2008


Gumbo store! Fuckin' right!

DCompose on Aug 11, 2008


Yeah this doesnt intrest me at all. I think it looks alot like the anime remake of Metropolis that was done a while ago. Same color style and washed out effects. Its cool and all but once disney puts there name on it it becomes garbage.

THERBLIG on Aug 11, 2008


Lovin the concept art. I'm assuming this will be an interracial love story.

heath on Aug 11, 2008


Wow, VERY awesome. I can't believe I'm psyched for this movie but I am! GUMBO!

Ryan on Aug 11, 2008


It's gonna make Bank! Break A LOT of records.

Warren J on Aug 11, 2008


I didn't think anybody would do 2-D animation anymore.

Dustyman1505 on Aug 11, 2008


@ Jay. I think, tho, that you've brought up something that is a fundamental flaw in the Disney flicks. The tales they are based on are all very dark and have a really powerful sort of message. These darker elements are removed and the messages are changed from whatever they were originally to a more generic "Be yourself" sort of message. Almost ALL of them have that "Be true to yourself" message. Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, Hunchback... all the same thing. These stories are not really told to children anymore for some reason. Parents seem to prefer the lighter, Disney versions. This means that the Disney versions are all that most kids ever know - most adults, as well. So the actual stories are lost to the majority of people, and they shouldn't be. It would be like making a movie about WW2 where Hitler realizes the error of his ways after seeing a work of art, declares peace, goes back to being a painter and then it ends with a big dance number with fireworks and he and Eva Braun ride into the sunset or something. I am glad they're doing some more 2D stuff tho. Hopefully it will get more studios interested again in doing some 2D productions.

Squiggly_P on Aug 11, 2008



twispious on Aug 12, 2008


Are there Mardi Gra Princesses? Is her "princess" status something to go along with that celebration perhaps?

joel on Aug 12, 2008


"Lovin the concept art. I'm assuming this will be an interracial love story. heath on Aug 11, 2008 of course there will be Heath, because outside of Jasmine from Aladin all Disney Princesses have to be with the Stereotypical "prince charming."

Rob on Aug 12, 2008


IIRC, she counts as a princess because the frog in the title is a European prince.

150 on Aug 12, 2008


to comment 20 rob and comment 19 heath: well see in a way aladdin was a prince, haha. He turns himself into prince ali. (I had to think of the song to remember the name :-p) anyways there will be the typical prince of course.(Technically not so typical being he'll be a frog for some point of the story.) They were originally going to name him Harry, but they changed the name to Naveen. So I'm also not sure if this is going to be a interracial love story. Basically from what I've gathered Naveen is a prince from somewhere else who comes to New Orleans for the Jazz Scene. So I think she BECOMES a princess that way. Which might answer some other peoples questions. So technically she's not a princess I think. They wanted to make her originally a chamber maid and nixed that Idea quickly. They already have one chamber maid in their stories anyway. (Cinderella) Especially since there IS a fairy godmother/voodoo preistess in this movie.(Mama Odie) So it might get to much like Cinderella anyways. (Despite also being possibly to touchy to have a chamber maid during that time.) So all the spokes people will only say she is the "heroine" like all the classic disney fairytales. My second issue is that the music is being done by Randy Newman. It just seems that all the movies music sound the same..for example toy story, cars, toy story two, monsters inc., monk..etc.(The last one isn't disney, but it does work with my point.) It will be good for that Jazzy sound, but I think they should have hired him PLUS a group of previous disney musical experience writers. Randy Newman well to be honest likes to sing the songs himself, lol. So idk. -JayBear

Jaybear on Aug 12, 2008


Please remember this is concept art, not the real thing. There will be lots of changes including story line changes before the movie is complete. Also, remember Disney bases thier stories the origional adventures, they don't tell the actual story. If you want your child to learn the 'dark sides' of the stories mentioned, you as a parent need to educate your child. You can't expect Disney to do it for you. That's part of being a parent. Disney is an entertainment company that needs to turn a profit. They're going to make movies that most people want to take thier children too, to be entertained. People would critise them if they got too deep. Kim

Kim on Aug 18, 2008


This is beautiful artwork, and Princess Tiana is simply gorgeous!

Windstorm on Aug 20, 2008


Plus aren't Disney films supposed to be feel good? I mean most of my friends hate lilo and stitch and hunchback because they were too 'dark' and off centre. If you don;t want 'feel good' watch something else! Really life is dark enough with out having to colour our childrens stories with more death and evilness. Let them have the escape!

jamaziazi on Oct 25, 2008


Who cares what anybody thinks? Either you want to see the movie or you don't. Disney won't go out of business because they are lacking your $8.00 ticket movie stub, someone else will make up for it.

disneyfreak on Oct 28, 2008


High school musical, hanna montana, chicken little, meet the robinsons and bolt. After 4 years of TRASH, Finally we get a mordern classic. This is going to be the best thing to come from disney scince TARZAN in 1999.

Doom on Nov 9, 2008


LOL i did not like high school musical either but yeah i agree the scenes are gorgeous i truly miss old disney im a 90's baby!!!

lovelylashes on Apr 4, 2009


to THERBLIG: Uh this is nothing like Metropolis, and that was based of a legendary original manga, so it was NOT this style at all. You are an idiot. DOOM: I thought Bolt was pretty good actually. Why did you think it was trash? *is curious* ^_^ I'm excited for this, and frankly I think they should keep a little of the racism in that area during that time period. Its American history, and yes it was BAD, so why not use it as a message saying to children "Look how stupid it is to be racist like these people back then." I mean hopefully the message won't be that blatantly obvious, but... Its Disney and I think it will be a lovely story. Even with the extra sucralose floating in it. lol

ookookachoo on Apr 15, 2009



Ohhkay on Apr 30, 2009


I for one am glad they have finally decided to go back to 2-D animation its a welcome change from the downhill spiral their integrity with over marketing their huge stars until I feel ill. I mean come on who wants to see the same stars used over and over again in their original movies and the Jonas Brothers CANNOT ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tired of feeling like sitting down to a disney movie feeling like it was a thirty minute content put into two hours. I hope this marks an upswing in their creativity and back to the old disney.

Grace on May 25, 2009


ookookachoo - I have a feeling they will show a little bit of the racism of the time, since there is an antagonist by the name of Charlotte La Bouff. It's quite probable that she's white, and, since she's an antagonist, she'll be having a few nasty qualities.

Jessi on Jun 6, 2009

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