Bill Maher's Religulous Documentary is Evidently 'Brilliant'

August 21, 2008
Source: Variety, CHUD

Bill Maher's Religulous

You might be asking why we're featuring seemingly random reviews for an upcoming movie, however, there's more to this story. Bill Maher's Religulous is a documentary following Maher's take on the current state of world religion. It's controversial, it could potentially cause protests, and it's "brilliant." In order to be eligible for an Oscar, the Academy's Rule 12 says that the film must play in a theater in Los Angeles and New York by August 31st this year. Thus, Lionsgate has decided to run the film in two very small art house theaters and some crafty journalists decided to catch the film in advance of its actual release. The response so far has been overwhelming, enough to actually cause me to write about it.

The two reviews were originally mentioned on Jeffrey Wells' Hollywood Elsewhere. The first comes from Robert Koehler at Variety, who says simply that the documentary is "brilliant, incendiary" and "primed for serious numbers in theatrical and vid heaven." Great praise this early, but Variety isn't exactly the best resource for opinions. The second review comes from Devin Faraci of CHUD, who I trust to give us a more solid opinion than Variety. His 9 out of 10 review also calls it "often brilliant" and "hilarious," but he wonders "if any minds will be changed" after watching it, citing "the final moments of the film aren't laugh out loud funny, but a parade of images of death and destruction. This, Bill Maher says, is what humanity is in for if it doesn't get rid of the nuerological disorder that is religion."

You're more than welcome to read both reviews, like I have, and determine whether Religulous is worth your time. Considering I was already interested based off of the trailer from June, these reviews have only help solidify my interest in the documentary. I'll eventually see it and when I do, I'm going to do my best to stay out of discussing the religious implications and look at it more as a film. For reference, it's actually directed by Larry Charles, the same guy who directed Borat from two years ago. Religulous will eventually show at the Toronto Film Festival next month in addition to showing in theaters starting on Octoberd 3rd. I'm already anxiously awaiting my chance to catch Religulous and provide my own response. It's these kind of controversial and yet "brilliant" films that always get me excited - and I can't wait to see this one.

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This movie will be what Bill Maher is sad. He has such an empty hole in his life, that he will attempt to fill it by making a movie to trash Christianity. People so often attempt to fill the sadness, dread, emptyiness with so many other things, then finding and looking to Christ who is the only thing that can give them hope and forgiveness. Every question Bill poses in this movie can be answered in the bible. Don't believe me? Go look for yourself.

Benlomand on Aug 21, 2008


Ah yes, because anyone that doesn't believe in Christianity is obviously a sad, angry, empty person. There's a thin line between having faith and being a complete dolt.

Realistic on Aug 21, 2008


No I won't look in the bible for answers. Instead I'll look into myself. I know the difference between right and wrong and do my best to not be a hypocrite. That being said, I can't wait for the movie. Love Peace and Acne grease.

vu on Aug 21, 2008


No but Bill Maher is a sad angry person, or so it seems.. Anyone catch Ben Stein's documentary about teaching the idea of a creator in schools? It was great, and it didn't bash anyone's beliefs or anyone's ideology which I am sure that Maher will do in his film. He is an ignorant asshole. He always has been, and he always will be. And Alex, there is no way your going to be able to separate the "film" from the message on this one, or at least that's what it seems from all the early news about the film itself. I know I am going to get bashed for my comments in this post, but whatever, it just seems that since Maher couldn't make it in the comedy world he left to make a name for himself by being an outspoken Democrat and very well known hater of religion and America in general. I almost feel like his scorn for religion in general comes from his dislike for the Republican party. Here are a few Bill Maher quotes, most of which are ignorant and stupid. "Let's face it; God has a big ego problem. Why do we always have to worship him? Religion, to me, is a bureaucracy between man and God that I don't need. The Bible looks like it started out as a game of Mad Libs. The country has become much more conservative, partly because it's been taken over by the religious right. We are a nation that is unenlightened because of religion. I do believe that. I think religion stops people from thinking. I think it justified crazies. What Democratic congressmen do to their women staffers, Republican congressmen do to the country." I am not trying to upset anyone by saying things like this about Bill Maher, but I can't stand him!

Andy Adair on Aug 21, 2008


I may not have seen the movie yet, but I'm pretty sure it isn't about trashing Christianity. It's probably about all religions and the people who follow those religions. I hope Bill Maher has done a good job. This movie is exactly the type of wake up call that the world needs, and I hope this movie sparks a movement, or at least a few discussions, about ending the concept called religion that creates so much close-mindedness.

Whatwasthatfor? on Aug 21, 2008


Youre a jackass. Kill yourself. Do yourself a fvor and kill yourself

Screw on Feb 15, 2011


I can't wait to see this. I hope religious people DO protest it and make a big deal about it. That's always the best sort of free advertising a film can get.

Squiggly_P on Aug 21, 2008


Bill maher is an unintelligent jew that hates himself and takes it out on anyone that disagrees with him. He has no brain, spine, or balls, and never lets anybody with a brain on his show to debate. He only lets idiots on his show. In his new stupid film religulous he never even interviews any actual Priests or Christian Scholars or Jewish scholars. He doesn;t interview any Theologians, Philosophers, or Social PHDs and only interviews a guy dressed as jesus in a theme park, and a couple of his friends from the Scientology cult down the street, and I guess he thinks he will change minds with that crap? Bill use to entertain, but now he is a joke with no audience trying to prove a negative (that God doesnt exist). What a tragic waste of life. Bill Maher will join the list of hacks and self-important hypocritical liberals that failed our republic by being stupid. He pisses in all our faces and tells us its raining. Great guy!

Whatiswrongwithyouidiots on Feb 15, 2011


@ Andy "Ignorant asshole?" Based from your ignorant, hate-filled post with mischaracterizations about Marher, wouldn't that be the pot calling the kettle black? I sure love irony, don't you?

Joshua on Aug 21, 2008


Andy, if I skipped the intro to your post and just read the Maher quotes you provided, I'd think you're promotting is Movie. Those are great quotes! Love'em! I'm guessing you hate these quotes because they are true.

Roch on Aug 21, 2008


ATTENTION EVERYBODY! Remember, the bible says we're all created in gods image. So worship yourself. And watch the movie.

god on Aug 21, 2008


@Andy: I don't think the idea behind Ben Stein's film was very good at all. That film was all about getting creationism taught in schools. That was the goal of the film. Teaching creationism in schools is a fundamentally flawed idea. These same people are the ones who continuously call for an end to the teaching of evolutionary theory. In their perfect world, the public school system would cast all science and logic from the curriculum and teach the Christian version of things. The one where all the founders were Christians (they weren't), the one where the Grand Canyon was created during "The Flood" (it wasn't), etc, etc. You comment about Maher 'hating America' makes no sense. To criticize the running of the country and to be skeptical about the agendas in politics is proof that he doesn't hate America. If he hated America he would just sit back and let it go down the tubes. He doesn't want that, so he speaks out when he sees something wrong. I don't think any of those quotes are ignorant and stupid at all. I think they're dead-on. "I almost feel like his scorn for religion in general comes from his dislike for the Republican party." You're reading it all backwards. His dislike of the Republican Party is only added to by the fact that the supposed base of it are the "Christian Conservatives". I don't agree with all of his ideas, and I'm not a democrat by any stretch of the imagination, but if you can't see the hypocrisy in the fact that the majority of christians are 'conservatives', then you'll probably never understand where these points are coming from. I used to think of myself as a conservative until realized that the rest of the conservatives are all a bunch of psychotic nutjobs who apparently don't know the meaning of the word "conservative". The current conservatives, the majority of them, are not really conservatives. They're something else. Call them "Neo-Cons" if you'd like, but I don't really like that term either, as it still contains the word "Conservative", which is simply not applicable to that group at all. "Fascists" is a better fit, if not overly inflammatory. While I used to generally not care about the religion issue at all, the recent attacks on the education system by christians, and their further and further shift towards fundamentalism and literalism in regards to the bible has gotten me pretty outraged. Now I currently fight against religion of all kinds as often as I get a chance, because there have to be some people out there defending against these attacks. You can take the low road and call me some kind of immoral person, but your religion is a personal matter for you and you alone. Your religious leaders have no right to demand that other people live by the laws of your religion. THAT is exactly the opposite of what this country is all about.

Squiggly_P on Aug 21, 2008


The attacks are by people like you on the church. Freedom of religion was created to keep fags like you out of my church. It wasn't created to keep the church out of your lame liberal school. Read the constitution before you respond with such nonsense. moron. You liberal communists are all the same. Dumb. You believe in a system that will never work. If you don't like it here in America and don't support the Constitution, get the hell out of my country. Or you will go down to. I am so sick of all of the political correctness and pussy footing around the truth and actual issues that are tearing the country apart. All you idelaist liberals can keep arguing while the rest of us actually fix the issues. You are the wimps laying down in the back of the wagon, complaining and whining about a bumpy ride, while WE THE PEOPLE pull the cart up the hill. Either educate yourself and see the big picture, or get out of the way. You are nothing but a distraction.

Liberals on Feb 15, 2011


wow, do you call yourself a christian? you sure have a mouth. religulous was a brilliant film. i've been raised in church my whole life, and have been questioning religion in general, this movie just set it over the top for me. made me realize all christians really are is a bunch of buffoons, wanting to put their faith in someone else because they don't have enough faith inside them. all christians are hypocrites, period.

PissedOffExChristian on Apr 19, 2011


Wow. It's a movie. Get over it.

Itri on Aug 21, 2008


I get my religion from Bill O'Reilly. George Carlin said it best: Good is all powerful, all knowing, all understanding, but he needs your money!

Danny on Aug 21, 2008


Bill Maher is bloody brilliant...........Just the "Right" can't stand him....btw, still the only show on ABC to be cancelled by the King...ummm ....errr I mean the never elected ( twice ) President! And he is just as hard on the Democrats for being wimps. Good job Squiggy! You forgot to talk about Adam And Eve riding a T-Rex to Sunday School.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Aug 21, 2008


like 11 said it's just a movie. But my only problem with people like bill maher is that they take a shit on whatever a person decides to believe in, he's an atheist version of those hardcore religion nuts. If you ask me my perfect world is one in which nobody cares what anyone believes in, atheist: who cares, christian: who cares, muslim: who cares. Sadly I know this won't happen.

Izzy on Aug 21, 2008


nice to know you believe in nothing. You must be so proud.

Izzy on Feb 15, 2011


Just a movie??? Really? People are having debates about religion, intelligent design being taught in schools, and Bill Maher...and these are what?...things that only exist in some fantasy movie world?

Soup Nazi on Aug 21, 2008


@ andy... he's a dumbass? and ignorant?!!! he's more successful, renowned, educated, controlled, and humorous than you are. he's an incredibly intelligent international celebrity, whereas you are... ...a blogger. watch out for your close-minded, egotistical character as you walk in to the theater showing this movie and as you watch him become even more successful. he's challenging the populous of this very inept and ideologically retarded country and making a very admirable effort in creating discussion and asking questions that you are too afraid or incapable of asking. andy, by making such judgment before even seeing the movie you are only highlighting your ignorance. i'm not sure if you actually are able to extract some sort of cock-eyed validation by saying such things about maher, but understand that no one cares about what you think. you're not in a movie, you didn't make a movie, you have nothing to say but negative things about someone with whom you disagree because he has the balls to ask questions and voice his skepticism. no, you're an assistant blogger on a site you didn't make. shoot for the stars, andy!

right... on Aug 21, 2008


andy, are you defending the bible? you do know it's fiction, right?? talking snakes, burning bush, blood-related individuals starting humanity, a WHITE jesus (did you not pay attention in biology and geography? or just not take them at all b/c that's the devil's work?), soulless animals, soulful humans, virgins giving birth, and on and on and on. you call this skepticism. sane people that have a high school diploma call it logic. but it's okay...really. as long as you don't impose your hypocritical bullsh*t on anyone else. wait. goddamnit! you did. you blogged about it. christians always start fights and wars and love them some anger and bloodshed and get mad at anyone else that does it (perfect example: georgia pesters russia, russia retaliates and invades. US gets mad at russia....russia didn't get mad at the US when the US invaded iraq) ..hypocrite

andyy on Aug 21, 2008


actually moron, the Bible is full of truth and logic. Why do you think it is still around after thousands of years? Because its full of lies? You obviously have just a high school diploma (which the illiterate athlete down the street has as well) and have never been to a LOGIC class, or a theology class because if you had, you would know just how dumb what you just wrote really is. I on the other hand have, and know that it is very, very hard to find illogic in the bible. whether you believe or not. I guess it is easier for you to believe that we all came from a bunch of primordial soup and dirt/rocks/and checmicals and gases which were exploded from a gigantic magical big bang billions of years ago. And you have faith in that because some scientists can't find faith in the truth of God, and are skeptic. You have just as much faith in what you believe and can't actually see or have proof of, as Christians believing that we are here via intelligent design. Scholars have been searching for illogic in the Bible for centuries, and have fialed to find it. Otherwise they would come out and say, the Bible is full of lies. There is no illogic. You just can't grasp or understand what you are reading. Thats on you.

Thinkbeforeyouspeak on Feb 15, 2011


actually moron, the Bible is full of truth and logic. Why do you think it is still around after thousands of years? Because its full of lies? You obviously have just a high school diploma (which the illiterate athlete down the street has as well) and have never been to a LOGIC class, or a theology class because if you had, you would know just how dumb what you just wrote really is. I on the other hand have, and know that it is very, very hard to find illogic in the bible. whether you believe or not. I guess it is easier for you to believe that we all came from a bunch of primordial soup and dirt/rocks/and checmicals and gases which were exploded from a gigantic magical big bang billions of years ago. And you have faith in that because some scientists can't find faith in the truth of God, and are skeptic. You have just as much faith in what you believe and can't actually see or have proof of, as Christians believing that we are here via intelligent design. Scholars have been searching for illogic in the Bible for centuries, and have fialed to find it. Otherwise they would come out and say, the Bible is full of lies. There is no illogic. You just can't grasp or understand what you are reading. Thats on you.

Thinkbeforeyouspeak on Feb 15, 2011


The zeitgeist is changing. Prepare for more of this theists. This conversation has been taboo for too long and I'm glad there are people who are bringing the argument mainstream.

Evan on Aug 21, 2008


#17 very funny. Squiggly_P Can I have a hug?

vu on Aug 21, 2008


Squiggly_P...very well spoken and I totally agree with everything you so eloquently described about neo-cons vs conservatives. I wish there were more like you in Washington.

Peloquin on Aug 21, 2008


What disappointments me most about Bill Maher is that he has no respect for other people and other viewpoints. According to Bill Maher, if you don't agree with him, then you must be an idiot. He has a huge ego. As far as the movie goes... I'm sure he will have no problem making all sorts of segments of religious people look stupid. Any time you have large populations of any group it is easy to find fringe elements and hold them up to a spotlight and embarrass them. Religion is an especially easy target because it is based on faith and beliefs and not tangible and scientific matters. How do you explain faith to someone who wants proof? Congratulations Bill, you have attacked the low hanging fruit. Your contempt for the rest of the human race reflects more on you than it does on us.

Brent on Aug 21, 2008


Jeez louise guys. First off, do you guys who respect Bill Maher actually believe he's NOT an ass? He can be extremely rude and insensitive sometimes. Sure, what he says about the flaws of America may be true, but there's no need to say these flaws as rudely as he does. Absolutely no need. He's definitely not ignorant, I agree with that. He's a very in intelligent guy. But being intelligent just means he has a great aptitude for learning. Doesn't mean he's learned anything. The problem with movies like Maher's is that he goes into it with a preconceived notion that isn't going to change. Great documentaries, like American Teen, simply ask questions and look for answers. Maher already found HIS answer and is looking for evidence to support that answer. That's my take on the movie aspect of the documentary, or at least what I've seen of it from the trailer. Bill Maher is an intelligent guy so I hope he DIDN'T take that route and the trailer was just mad poorly you know? hahaha As for the message, it's just as ignorant and hate-riddled as any terrorist message or evangelical preaching (again, just looking from the trailer). As a religious guy myself, I take offense to him not interviewing people like myself who actually do dress up normally (jeans and a t-shirt kinda people I mean), who don't hate on others in their face, and who keep their religion to themselves. My faith is between me and the Big Guy, and it's not in anyone's face. From the trailers (I know that may not be a very good place to start, but it's really all we've got) it looks like Maher's only interviewed the crazies and just made fun of them. That isn't rude or ignorant? Sure they're crazy, but if Maher really is trying to preach the idea that his path of no religion means peace for the world and zero intolerance, why is he being so intolerant to these people? I REALLY REALLY hope he interviewed normal people, everyday people, and not just crazy folk running around spreading the faith in everyone's faces. That's my two cents, hopefully I get a reply this time, unlike the Superman board! LOL πŸ˜‰

Reza on Aug 21, 2008


kudos, #3, you expressed my views and sentiments exactly....short, sweet, and to the point...nothing further to be added to that...thank you....

moldybread on Aug 21, 2008


Reza, I appreciate your post! That is my point. I am not arguing that he isn't way more popular and wealthy than I will ever be, #16, I am saying that he is an ignorant ass. If me saying that about me makes me an ignorant ass so be it! What #22 say was right, he has ZERO respect for anyone with an opinion other than his own. ZERO. Take Lewis Black for example. I actually just got done watching his act in my town. He made fun of EVERYBODY, not just those he didn't like. He attacked republicans and democrats, he attacked Christians and atheists, everyone. He gave each person their fair shake. I like that, and I appreciate that. That is not what Maher does. And for the defenders of Maher, here is his quote of post 9/11: ""We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That's cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it's not cowardly." While he makes an interesting point about our warfare, wouldn't you think that someone who "love's America" would feel something towards his fellow countrymen? This is the controversial statement that he made, which in turn pulled the advertisers off his show and ultimately ended his television career. And #13, the President didn't cancel his show.

Andy Adair on Aug 21, 2008


Bill Maher was recently on Larry King. He was there promoting the movie. Here's a link for anyone wanting to get updated on his views:

Soup Nazi on Aug 21, 2008


And when I refer to Bill Maher's ignorance, its in reference to the way he looks at and treats other people. I know he is an intelligent person, but that should suggest some smarter ways of portraying the ideas that he has and better ways of showing his dislike of religion.

Andy Adair on Aug 21, 2008


@Andy Yes, you are ignorant. It's about time you own up to that fact. "ZERO respect for anyone with an opinion other than his own?" Wrong. Do you even watch Bill Maher? And Maher attacks both republicans and democrats. As for his quote, he was pointing out how much those terrorists hated us that they were willing to end their own lives to carry out their plans and how it should highlight our government and it's failed foreign policy. "Ultimately ended his television career." I take it you don't watch Bill Maher because he has a popular show on HBO. You really don't know what you're talking about so just stop.

Joshua on Aug 21, 2008


Hello, all! I'm actually a Christian and I'm not close minded. I'm interested in seeing this film because I feel that people have the right to voice their opinions. It seems interesting to watch for the sake of perspective.(Bill Maher's) I know that in the past and present alot of Christians or religious persons can come off as bigots or jerks, but I was not taught that way. I realize that anyone who doesn't decide to use their brain and think, whether Christian or not is subject to stupidity. That being said, I don't claim to be the most educated person, but I continue to grow and listen. Sometimes people have a hard time listening. Having Christ in my life does not automatically make me smart. He's given me a brain. It's my job to excercise it. If an overweight Christian doesn't work out, then he'll be an overweight Christian. Just like if a dumb Christian decides not to use his brain, then he is dumb. I don not profess to be anything more than human. I just profess to have help. Ignorance is everywhere. But we all have a choice in the matter. God Bless you aLL!!!

Fisherman on Aug 21, 2008


if christians are the only ones that go to heaven, what happens to the remaining 5 billion people that are alive? and what about the other billions of non-christians that are no longer living?? and why are christians so prone to pushing non-believers away while also trying to convince them that they can only achieve happiness and acceptance if they believe in the christian god? for a people that are supposed to be open and accepting, andy, you're not very accepting... don't impose your religion onto others. don't say people not of your religion are less qualified for a fictional afterlife. i'm increasingly surprised and scared about how small and yet how vocal this tiny, tiny, superficial, elitist group of white evangelicals is and how enraged they are. i'm sure you loved "Jesus Camp".

the majority on Aug 21, 2008


I love politcal humor and I am big enough to laugh at even controversial comics like Lewis Black. Bill Maher and comics (?) like him just make me question their intellect. Here is why - he is constantly berating the intolerance of religious 'crazies'. Isn't that the biggest intolerance of all? Look, I am all for challenging amd questioning. This is what we as human beings should be doing. But Bill Maher acts as if he has the answers instead of promoting dialougue that would be thought provoking. I feel like Bill tells me what to think in his tone and absolute confidence that he is right. He may have points that are challenging but they are not all correct. "The country has become much more conservative, partly because it's been taken over by the religious right." Assuming facts not in evidence - who are these 'religious right'? Are they the people that are donating to charities and building houses for the poor? Is it so bad that the country is conservative? And Bill, what does that even mean - is conservative a state of mind or a political party? The majority of people across the WORLD worship some Higher Power in some religion. To say religion is the root of all our problems pretty much saying everyone is the problem for everything. I think Bill needs to examine what is missing in his own - like maybe God or a female companion. He needs to relax, take a deep breath and maybe talk to people who have different opinions as his to get a broader perspective. Yes, he is popular - but certainly and most importantly not always right.

Conservative Mom on Aug 21, 2008


@28 god is not real. there is no plan. for reasons of immeasurable naivete or blind youthfulness you have completely distorted reality. leave the talking snakes in harry potter and other fictional books where they belong. bless you and don't forget to put your teeth underneath your pillow so the tooth fairy leaves you money and retreats to his apartment he shares with santa and the easter bunny... religion is fantasy designed to encourage good behavior...yet it is the primary reason for most wars, disagreements, murders, alcoholism, self-doubt, and retarded comments on

fish this! on Aug 21, 2008


@ 30 you are not right either.

liberal son on Aug 21, 2008


*Ignores religious discussion riddled with ignorance above me* Man, this movie looks hilarious. I seriously wanna check it out.

Chris on Aug 22, 2008


I didn't know anybody took Bill Maher seriously. He is an idiot. I thought everybody knew that. I don't think he's smart at all. AT ALL.

Dustyman1505 on Aug 22, 2008


wow lots of ammo fired at andy! and all for speaking his mind... if you want to call someone ignorant for not "listening" to an opinion you can't do it with your fingers in your ears i guess first off, i'm a christian. and i do want to watch this and i'll make up my own mind second, andy has issue with maher and his beliefs which will probably make the movie show that religion is bad and kills (which it doesn't. anyone with half a brain knows the only reason people fight is because everyone is challenged by another's difference and since everyone is right in their own eye, some fight those who oppose their beliefs) thirdly, i'm not sure why alex is putting any stock in what devin said on, since they ripped the hell out of him a couple of weeks ago (which was a ton of crap, but honestly, ya wouldn't see Jesus going around quoting Satan would ya?)

funnytunney on Aug 22, 2008


I AGREE WITH ANDY. Bill Maher is nothing more than a bitter liberal who gets payed, by left Hollywood, to bash on anything right. That is all he has done, and will continue to do, until the day he dies or changes his worldview. I must also point out that Bill Maher thinks we are all Idiots. I have acually seen a great amount of his shows. When he gets on this topic he likes to always say "religion" as if he means all religions, but refers back to Christianity. So with his movie titled "Religulous" I wont hold my breath and count on him bashing on all religions. This is what he has done in the past, and there is nothing really to suggest that he would change his format. The truth is, Bill Maher really only has a problem with CHRISTIANITY. For those of you who don't have a problem with this, and love Bill Maher, I'll explain to you why I think you should seek help for your Mental Disorder. #1: Those who usually bash on Christianity, are the same ones who always pearch about having an open mind. Now, I'm not one to usually explain a joke or punchline, but the majority of you I will. In comment #16, right... says, "watch out for your close-minded, egotistical character as you walk in to the theater showing this movie and as you watch him become even more successful." This is the definition of IRONY and HYPROCROCY. #2: I must for a moment, bring to everyone's attention the stupidy brought to us in comment #17, "wait. goddamnit! you did. you blogged about it. christians always start fights and wars and love them some anger and bloodshed and get mad at anyone else that does it (perfect example: georgia pesters russia, russia retaliates and invades. US gets mad at russia….russia didn't get mad at the US when the US invaded iraq)" Whoever, said this please don't ever speak again without having the full and proper knowlegde regrading the bible, church history, and the Georgian/Russian conflict (which cannot be compared to with the war in Iraq and are actions there.) #3: There are two kinds of people who like to watch Bill Maher, those who don't agree with his opinions, but watch for entertainment value; then there are those who watch because they agree. If you happen to be the latter, you are, in no uncertain terms, retarded. Bill Maher is liberal. Liberals are retarded. Therefore, Bill Maher is retarded. That is basic logic 101. I'll explain why liberalism doesn't make sense. Let's talk about war and peace first. Everyone wants peace, but liberals think you can get it through appeasement and dialog, especially with hostle nations and dictators. Pre WWII will show you that is not the case, I.E. Hitler and Europe. We have an Idoit right now named Obama, whom Bill Maher supports, who thinks he can sit down with Iran and work something out. When in reality, which some of you don't live in, Iran is run by an insane Islamic extremist, who wants nuclear weapons in order to destroy Israel and, or the West, I.E. all of you commenting on this very website. Now tell me why isn't Bill Maher making a documentary strickly attacking those nut jobs extremeist, but instead insists on attacking mainstream Christianity in the majority of the work he does. For the sake of wrapping this comment up, I'll stop explaining liberalism, if you like to debate further please contact me. #4: There are those of you who claim that Bill Maher is intelligent. I agree. However, intelligence does not guaruntee enlightment nor character. Some of the most intelligent people in the world, committed the most horrific crimes against the jews in WWII. Some of the most intelligent people today will tery there best to bring about Jihad and kill you. Bill Maher is not terrorist, and I'm not suggesting that he is or ever will be, but doesn't like this country and hates the founding principles of this country. (He also likes to pick and choose which founding principles serves his purpose, rather than respecting them as a whole I.E. freedom of speech.) #5: And as for Alex, you can't seperate the message from the film. You can't do that with any film, no matter how hard you try. I know you want to be PC, but with films like this, you love or hate them based in part (if not all) by it's message.

Dave on Aug 22, 2008


I do apologize for the typo's, it's is late and I didn't care to check my spelling.

Dave on Aug 22, 2008


#36 reading your post was like watching a FOX afternoon special report.

Shige on Aug 22, 2008


Since this always causes an argument I suggest this. For all you religiuos people out there that claim you have an open mind I suggest you read the God Delusion. Take a chance, I dare you. When you are born and spoon fed certain things, you grow up and believe them. It doesn't make it true. The religious seem to think that morals and religious faith go hand in hand. You don't have to believe in God to be a moral person. Get a clue. I always get a kick out of religious people that feel sorry for us non religious. It's so cute how they think we are doomed. Contrary to what you think, it is the super religious that have the emptiness within them that they need to fill the void with an invisible fictitious entity. Enough said.

Obiwopkenobi on Aug 22, 2008


#39 Fantastic point. Its like everyone on here wants to prove eveyrone wrong and no one gets it. Its like religion you can choose, You have choice and thats what its all about. So stop whining and just relax your eyes wont burn from watching someones opinion, shit thats why theres so many different religions cause some fool had a opinion about the way things were going and didnt like it so in return changed the way things were written and now your methodist or Muslim cristian. All these people making comments you probably got the King james edition of the bible at your house dont you?

THERBLIG on Aug 22, 2008


I think this movie for some reason will be a flop. I just don't see it being a hit or to terribly funny like BORAT! I think the g*d theme will be a big turn-off for some with all of these religious whack-jobs out there.

Ryan on Aug 22, 2008


Wow it looks like some church told all it's members to spam this blog about religion. Maybe it was Phelps. Remember people just as you are entitled to believe what you believe in Bill Maher is allowed to believe in what he does and make a movie about it if he wants to. Don't past judgement on something you havent seen. Is there a Starbucks in Heaven? I want a Frapp

Bezelbub on Aug 22, 2008


hey dave, you're absolutely right. the invasion of georgia by russia IS different than the US invasion of iraq... georgia broke an agreement with russia giving russia standing to invade....whereas the US had no reason for invading iraq. the US took it upon themselves to "help" people that didn't ask for help.

andyy on Aug 22, 2008


Whoever's making uninformed comments about Russia/Georgian Conflict please stop. It's amazing how many people will just side with the left, because for some reason they think everything the right does is wrong. Which is not the case when reversed, because the majority of what the left thinks is wrong.

Dave on Aug 22, 2008


have you ever noticed that religious people believe they have the answers to EVERYTHING. Always amuses me. Especially since the only evidence they have of their god (any god or goddess) is their arugment. nothing more. just their belief and words of expressing it. They have never seen, heard or held any shred of proof to show the existence of Gods, angels or demons. FYI- just about all christian holidays were originally pagan holidays that you changed to fit your beliefs and make it easier for others to convert without taking away their celebrations. Christmas...pagan. Easter...pagan. shall i go on? Accept all spent most of your existence judging others and condemning them because they do share your points of view. How many people have been killed because of religion? i know this email will not make a dent in what you do or say to others.....rational arguments have no affect on religious idiots...if it did, there would not be religion. Bill Maher.....excellent!!!! cant wait to see more.hahaha

michael on Aug 22, 2008


Man oh man! I really and truly, find the words hard to explain all the HATE on here. And I use the word HATE on the most serious level possible. I can tell many on here get a sick enjoying out of spitting on people. I've never really seen so much people completely and PROUDLY degrade and basically lump EVERY single person of one group as being the same. And believe me, as a BLACK MAN, I know something about being lumped together based on the actions of others! To all the atheist on here, do you not find it kind of foolish to yell and scream, calling people stupid, close minded, idiots and all this. Because they don't share what YOU believe to be the truth? You complain that the Christians and any other kind of "God believer" does this...but so do YOU. I mean come on guys. I've known many Christians and people of other faiths and none of them are how you decribe them. These are people who have thought long and hard, some left their faith for years and came back. They don't hate gay people, and HAVEN'T killed anyone because anyone doesn't share their beliefs. Not everyone who believes the Bible or has a religion, believes it in the same way. And none of them (the people I know and I'm sure many others) would ever claim to known "EVERYTHING." If you ask them a question they'd give you what THEY FEEL is the answer. Once again that's just a horrid-cheaping stereotype. Since your suppose to be so much smarter shouldn't you know better then that? And I'd say the same to any "God Believer" who preach's hellfire and brim stone trying to convert people. Souldn't you known better? Now I myself don't believe Darwin to be the be-all-end-all explanation to our existence. I do believe in something a little bit more. Sue me! And I do consider myself a thinking person. Bill Maher seems to be a guy trying to tell people what to think. That's what I get from EVERY documentary like this. Why I don't like em'. But seriously, is throwing insaults and degrading people really the best form a conversation we have? You might as well spit in someones face. . .come on. Excuse all the grammer and spelling mistakes.

Whoa! on Aug 22, 2008


@46 Is condescension really the best way to get your point across? You act above everyone then get down in the mud like everyone else, lumping people together like they're the same...

Soup Nazi on Aug 22, 2008


@38 That made me laugh.

Soup Nazi on Aug 22, 2008


Interesting discussion... Maher makes some good points from time to time but overall I am not a fan, I find him smug and self righteous. Case in point: I remember seeing him on Larry King, talking about the mortgage crisis (he's also an expert on everything). He said "I pray..." then caught himself and had to qualify his remarks, "Of course I don't pray," he added, wanting everyone to know that he is too smart for such self delusion. I thought of a friend of mine who doesn't believe in God and once used the same phrase, but didn't feel the need to remind me of his hatred for religion. It's just typical of Maher's take on things. If you only listened to him, you'd never know of the wide variety of views within the Christianity, it's like all Christians read the Bible literally and are eagerly awaiting the bloodshed of Armageddon, which is far from true.

Darth Cletus on Aug 22, 2008


"Condescension" really???? wasn't my intent man. I wasn't trying to lump all atheist the same. I was just talking to the ones on here in particular who have made comments. I mean come on, I thought I was clear. . . . Man, these kinds of conversations really are useless aren't they? wow. . . .

Whoa! on Aug 22, 2008


Brilliant! ROTFLMAO BM is as brilliant as horse manure is to stepping in it. Bill, poor poor Bill, he is a self loathing Jew, anti-American sot who is embarrassed by his own success and wealth. The only way he can justify his own existence is to bash what he is terrified of - God. He has a Napoleon complex of the third order. There is no doubt that the movie will receive awards and accolades. It will receive and has received great and fantastic reviews, also given by those who loath themselves and are embarrassed by their own success. It is a sad commentary on the American movie sensibility that this man (using the term lightly) needs to make this type of tripe, it is a good thing he does not need the money. It would be a benefit to the American population that Hollywood would return to movies that entertain instead of these anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-God drivel pictures(?).

Cindy on Aug 22, 2008


To Cindy, That's gonna start FIREWORKS. . . .

Whoa! on Aug 22, 2008


Sorry, but the trailer looked great and the movie will most likely be just as awesome.

John on Aug 22, 2008


Wow, you guys need to chill the fuck out! All I've read on this post is line above line of hatred! It's pissing me off! And it is obvious that the majority here is nonbelievers. You spend your time bashing those who have faith or choose to believe in a higher power. Wearing your atheistic/agnostic badge like it's one of honor. In doing so you've turned into exactly what you hate about Christians. Judgmental, close minded, preachy. I really can't believe some of you talk to each other the way you do. It is certainly possible to speak your mind and get your point of view across without degrading one another. And the mediators here are partly to blame. We follow by example. Just not a good one in this case. Evolve, grow, learn, listen. Speak less!

Bryanmakeup on Aug 22, 2008


To Number 54, Well said!

Whoa! on Aug 22, 2008


Religion is the opiate of the masses. don't remember who said that one, but i concur. ((:: PS --Religion is the inexpensive substitute for a Liberal Education --Neo

Neo on Aug 22, 2008


@ 31 I don't knock you for not believing, but don't be ignorant and knock me for believing. You have the right to believe what you choose. So do I. If anything my reality is more realistic than not. How can you speak so blatantlly against or about something you have no knowledge of? Your statements sound more arrogant and very bigoted. I do not endorse religion. I believe that it is something man created to appease his own concious, but I do believe everything that Jesus stands for. To believe something does not make a person religious. If that's the case then anyone who believes a theory by Charles Darwin is also religous. If thats the definition of a religious person. Just because a lot of people who profess to be Christians carry themselves foolishly doesn't negate who Jesus was and is. But no matter what I say, you will believe what you believe. ANd that's cool. I'm not beat to make you believe, I just ask that you be respectful. I only speak of my personal experiences.

Fisherman on Aug 22, 2008


@56 - Carl Marx, he also said lots of other things too. Some of them smart. Some of them not so... He also was firm believer in communism.

Bryanmakeup on Aug 22, 2008


@57 I'm being ignorant because I'm exercise basic, scientifically proven and accepted logic?? your reality is deceptive. it's a dream built not on being a good, moral person to be a good, moral person, but to be accepted into a fictional, fairytale place called heaven. and to loosely attach a description of membership of some sort of religious order as a descriptive extension of something entirely unrelated is the same as applying the litmus test to the severity of an issue completely unrelated to anything involving acid. in that off-usage of the word to support your inconclusive point you're absolutely right...however, that's not "the definition of a religious person". jesus is as real as houri. i respect what you're saying, and i'm only speaking of my personal experiences too..and as a news analyst of 15 years the only thing truly conclusive things that have come about because of religion are dispute and bloodshed...and the very acidic meddling of religion in most notably domestic politics. fish on, fisherman

fish this! on Aug 22, 2008


@ 45, there's no way to prove God exists, and there is no way to prove he doesn't exist. The scientific method does not allow for the disproving of a deity. Religious people just believe, that's all. Don't rag on them for believing in something that they define their lives by. That just isn't cool man. I'm not defending any proselytizers, but just because they're intolerant, you gotta be intolerant? That's also not cool, and it undercuts your point that you know better you know? And about religious people knowing everything, doesn't it seem to you as if Bill Maher also acts like he knows everything? Look at his line in the trailer man, "I must be wrong about everything". It's sarcastic, sardonic and it definitely isn't an open-minded statement you know? Maybe he is wrong about everything? Maybe he's RIGHT??? Who really knows? I'm not sure if I've abated your fire, but hopefully you'll treat me with the same respect I've tried treating you with. πŸ˜€ lol And hey! Thanks Andy for the response! lol, I really do appreciate it and glad I could be of help. If neone else wants to reply, (man I sound like an attention whore) look at #22! πŸ˜‰ I welcome all comments!

Reza on Aug 22, 2008


Why does religion get blamed for everything bad??? I'm not a historian or anything like that. But from what learned, groups run by atheist (Stalin, Meo, Pol-pot to name a few) and even secualr parties have been just as violent and bloody. Countries that have no relgion, some even oppress it. Have some pretty bad human rights violations as well. Now I know what many are gonna say "did they do this because of athesim?" Doesn't really matter! The fact is atheist (NOT ALL) have been responsable for a lot bad themselves. So going more atheist, as a society, is not gonna be the answer to fixing humanity. Atheism does automatically lead to logic, reason and piece. Get the wrong atheist, in the right place. And we could have just as much trouble. Now I'm not saying that religion hasn't caused problems, obviously it has! But it's not the only problem in the world or in our society.

Man! on Aug 23, 2008


Oh man that fart smells!! (shit that was me)

GOD on Aug 23, 2008


This is the same thing as Jesus camp...focus on all the crazy aspects of the religious world and ignore the good. Mayhap we should do the same for every single group in the world?

Joshua on Aug 23, 2008


Yep I imagine all this movie will do is expose Bill as a lying hypocrite, just like everyone else in the Utopia we live in.

man o man on Aug 23, 2008


@ Andy Yeah, Maher is basically a snobbish, weasel; I can agree with that... No self-respecting, atheist liberal, should care about some1 beliefs. If maher wants to believe in mutating apes & lizards, even God, he claims, I suppose a hindu version, since I don't even know, if hinduism, is even targeted in this movie... (Seems like a bowling buddy of Ron Moore) others have the right to believe in gardens, speech, snakes, red rivers, God actually having power, birthing, & etc. "Let's face it; God has a big ego problem. Why do we always have to worship him? Religion, to me, is a bureaucracy between man and God that I don't need. The Bible looks like it started out as a game of Mad Libs. The country has become much more conservative, partly because it's been taken over by the religious right. We are a nation that is unenlightened because of religion. I do believe that. I think religion stops people from thinking. I think it justified crazies. What Democratic congressmen do to their women staffers, Republican congressmen do to the country." I am not trying to upset anyone by saying things like this about Bill Maher, but I can't stand him! Andy Adair on Aug 21, 2008

Jed on Aug 24, 2008


@ O man Yep I imagine all this movie will do is expose Bill as a lying hypocrite, just like everyone else in the Utopia we live in. man o man on Aug 23, 2008 Good point; but there's always the "freaks"; Hope the pure in heart, will b able to discern them... esp on-line.

Jed on Aug 24, 2008


Bill Maher is an asshole. I consider myself a Christian, but I'm not seriously religious. Despite that, the trailer was offensive. It's a guy going around calling people stupid for believing in God. I, and most other Christians, wouldn't go around doing that to people who didn't believe in God. I wouldn't be an ass to Bill Maher because he lacks religion. It's an attack on people who have done him no wrong. I saw a documentary today called "Man on Wire," which about the man who walked across the World Trade Center buildings on a tite rope. It was a phenomenal film. There were no conspiracy theories, no contoversial scenes, no bashing of any group or person. It was just a chronicle of a great, true story. The trailers before the movie were all for documentaries that attack different groups or persons; one of them was Religulous. Why must documentaries be like this? Man on Wire is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen, and it isn't offensive. Why do people think they must offend to make a good documentary? It's not neccesary. And it's especially not neccesary for an asshole like Maher to go around and bash people's faith, and then get called brilliant for it. Faith is all some people have. How can a rich man who has everything, like Maher, understand that, or judge it?

DinoChow on Aug 24, 2008


you are all afraid of a hell that doesn't exist. Christians are scared into submission. (that's just my opinion)

I farted on Aug 24, 2008


hey guys...bill maher said he is not an atheist, but an AGNOSTIC. people who state that they know for a fact that there is no god of any kind or any kind of force or anything sound just as stupid and intolerant as rush limbaugh. agnosticism is the only form of religion anyone can be sure of.

bob on Aug 25, 2008


@ DinoChow: You said: "I wouldn't be an ass to Bill Maher because he lacks religion." That's a very telling statement. You insinuate that Bill Maher is deficient in religion, as though religion is a vitamin or essential fatty acid. It's not. I think that statement right there nullifies any further argument you make because, to me, it shows that you have a mental block, likely installed during childhood, that doesn't allow you to think of religion as a human choice but rather as a naturally occuring part of the human mind. Bill Maher (and I) disagree, we believe religion is learned; Hence the entire debate. Maybe he is being a bit of an asshole when he makes his points but I for one think he probably needs to be in order to be heard above the din of thought-terminating religious cliches that have been circulating for thousand's of years. Aside from that, is the only counter-point you have to his argument that he's mean? Stop whining and man-up. Do you really believe that Christ, when faced with a debate, would have whined about the tactics and gone to sulk in the corner? "Faith is all some people have." I couldn't agree more. Ignorance breeds religion, desperation breeds faith.

AJB on Aug 25, 2008


Number 68, Once again, another flat out, general-blanketing statement. You think all black people steal? All asians can't drive? And any other foolish, ignorant stereotypes that comes to mind. I mean holy crap people! Can we not move beyond such statements??? "All Christians are scared in submission." Such a foolish thing to say. And I'm not even a Christian.

Blah, blah. . . on Aug 25, 2008


To # 70, You make a lot of assumptions there on Dino. How do you know Dino believes religion is only a naturally installed thing and not just taught by mommy and daddy, blah, blah, blah you know the soap box I'm sure. "I wouldn't be an ass hole to Bill Maher because he lacks a relgion." You make a lot outta that statement I think isn't there. I think he or she was just trying say Maher was jerk. Besides, isn't everything taught from somewhere?

J.J on Aug 25, 2008


Wow. There is a lot of hate, a lot of judgement going on here. Why is it necessary for people to debase others in order to feel better about themselves? I am a Christian. I don't care what others believe or think or feel, nor do I care to hear their opinions of my faith and beliefs. Because it doesn't have anything to do with someone else. So why does there need to be a documentary on it, whose sole purpose is to interview fanatics and degrade them, while lumping the entire community with them? If you're going to do a documentary on the detrimental nature of religion, why are you going to focus on one religion, and not all? Also, why not include those who are agnostic, and their suppression of religion (China/Soviet Russia/North Korea/Cuba). This is a great subject to explore, but only by someone who REALLY doesn't have an investment in the resulting work. A genuine look at religion in the world would be a fascinating documentary, but the use of a "documentary" to propegate your own viewpoint is getting old.

RStewie on Aug 25, 2008


"If you ask me my perfect world is one in which nobody cares what anyone believes in, atheist: who cares, christian: who cares, muslim: who cares. Sadly I know this won't happen." Except intrinsic to many religions is evangelism - the converting of non-believers or those who believe in a different god. So many religious people can't stop trying to convert. It's no surprise that missionaries are all over the place. In particular, religion works by indoctrinating young people before they have critical thinking skills. Not to mention penalties for apostasy. I doubt religious people would be willing to give all this up.

Dunkin Bleak on Aug 25, 2008


# 74, I'm guessing we're back to lumping EVERY single person the same again? wow. . . . . . .

Chucky on Aug 25, 2008


The bottom line that all the people above posting about how wrong bill is obviously have no idea what the word "fact" means, and no, he isn't apologetic about what he says or does, and he shouldn't be, its the only way to get through to people. None of the religious crazies here are apologetic for what they say, even though their beliefs are a growing epidemic ruining this country by infecting policy with their ideals. The bottom line is that religion and politics should have nothing to do with one another, and far too often Christian faith is legislated, which is bullshit. Also, as far as his alleged "Partisan" attitude he ridicules both parties, but when the right makes so damn many mistakes in policy of course its going to seem like he is a partisan, if Democrats were fucking everything up he'd be all over them, but you cannot justify what the right has done to this country recently; I can't think of a single positive effect not only this administration but anyone involved in politics from the right has had on this country in a long time. That said, it's only half their fault, we the citizens are the idiots who not only voted for them, but continue to allow this kind of thing to go on.

Jeremy on Aug 26, 2008


Wow. After a couple dozen posts I had to just stop reading. I'm amazed by how much Conservatives have chimed in to hate on Maher. Sure he's arrogant, but he's far from being ignorant. That's that problem. He's capable of rational thought. Apparently the general public is not. When he points this out, people get mad. I've been a fan since the days of "Politically Incorrect", and "Real Time" is the only reason I continue to pay for HBO. Whether you're Right or Left, Democrat or Republican, the show is enlightening, and overall funny. If you're offended by the show, then good. Don't watch it, and don't go see this movie. It never fails to shock me how judgemental the self-proclaimed "Christians" can be, and how they constantly lash out at others for not believing in God. They feel their only goal in life is to save our souls. The majority of them are the biggest hypocrites you can find. If you have to say you're a "Christian" then their is obviously still work to be done. Show me you're a Christian, don't tell me. Although so many people die in the name of God, so don't show me. It might mean you have to kill me. If you're truly a believer of a higher power, then a little documentary by a comedian should not bother you a bit. I was raised in Church, and I know the Bible (and Quaran), yet I'm Agnostic, and I believe in Evolution. What most people refuse to believe is that the Bible was in fact, written by man. Period. Much like Greek Mythology, the stories are meant to be spectacular, and I personally believe, used to control man. 10 Commandment? Ever heard of them? If you didn't see Maher on Larry King, then you missed a really great anolgy he offered. He talked about how if God was all powerful, then why doesn't he just destroy the Devil? #25 already posted the link to it on YouTube so check it out.

TCox on Aug 26, 2008


talking snake, human riding dinosaur, world created in 7 days... and what's with this old lady getting kicked in the face for enlightenment craziness?! damn some of you people really are nuts! oh yah, I love real time with bill maher and I can't wait to see this movie!!! πŸ˜€

BMF on Aug 31, 2008


Loved Andy's (Bill's) quotes. I am going to start worshipping Bill Mahr!

Gillie on Sep 17, 2008


If you're truly a believer of a higher power, then a little documentary by a comedian should not bother you a bit. It's the smear tactic their put off by, like any other group would b; esp blacks.

Jed2k on Sep 20, 2008


damn some of you people really are nuts! oh yah, I love real time with bill maher and I can't wait to see this movie!!! This has to b atheist revenge for the expelled movie; Expelled will probably beat this slander pot of a movie to hell, in regards to rationalized content.

Jed2k on Sep 20, 2008


"...How do you explain faith to someone who wants proof..?" Brent @ #21 More importantly, how do we explain proof - the Baconian scientific and rational approach to knowing that allowed us to, for example, abandon the "earth is the center of the universe and the sun and everything else goes 'round us" guesswork, and embrace the knowable, replicable ascertained through study truth that we actually go 'round the sun - to those committed to faith (definitively belief WITHOUT proof)? Believe what you want; keep the unprovables OUT of the world-building process, particularly when 1840's-created BS rapture-takes on such belief sentence the world to pain and death in the name of your belief. If Christians would be about what they've been COMMANDED, we'd all be alot better off. Matthew 22: 34-40. Know your own book; nothing trumps the Greatest Commands from your godhead, right?

Mel on Sep 20, 2008


I totally agree with Bill Maher about Judaism. Judaism started all of this nonsense. Judaism stole the Assyrian god "Yah" (read the Annals of Asshurnasirpal II ) Judaism is evil and must die. Death to the talmud, death to the torah, death to the cabbala, death to the Israeli sanhedrin, death to all hassidim, death to rabbinical mishnah nonsense, death to Judaic racism against "Goyim", death to the Palestinian Apartheid Wall of Judaism, death to all of Israel. If there is no god, then I am free to hate. Heavy Metal is about hate; Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and all Satanism justifies hate as a natural Human emotion. To hate is to love. My religion is atheistic hatred of all things. You have no right to prevent me from killing you for no reason at all. Therefore, also let there be loving death to Maher.

Stop Judaism on Sep 20, 2008


Man, the back and forth banter has made me weary. I have to say that those who cry that the religious right is "attacking" schools by forcing their agenda into public domain couldn't be more wrong. There's clearly been a shift to a more liberal agenda - everywhere. And now they want more. This conflict will continue, in perpetuity. It will drive some away from their beliefs, some to change their beliefs and others to grow stronger in theirs. To counter with comments that Christ "isn't real" and "heaven is a fable", well, is offensive. That's the great divide here - some people cannot or will not believe in something they cannot see...and berate (sp?) those who can. To me, those who suggest I have a closed mind and am a follower...well having faith requires a certain amount of openness, trust and free thinking -very contrary to one who acts with a closed mind, no? My faith brings me peace, joy and happiness. It also brings me an understanding of who I am and where I'm going. If something brings you these feelings, wouldn't you want to share it with others? But when we do, we get attacked as being heretics, nutjobs, followers, sheep, etc... Ancient religions were responsible for a lot of bloodshed, however, modern, "Reformed" churches were borne out of this horrible period. I would venture to guess that there is now more bloodshed brought about by hate, greed and addiction than anything else out there. I know of no church that condones these practices. Look at the largest metropolitan cities in Amercia. Look at the crime and murder rates - don't blame religion on that, please. On the contrary, these are lost individuals with no foundation of love, right and wrong. Wars? Typically wars are fought over geo-political matters - not religion. If Maher brings you peace, joy and happiness, well that's fine. Go pay him your tithe by seeing his movie or watching HBO.

Ugh on Sep 21, 2008


Bill Maher a "hater of America"? I've read some unintelligent comments on this page but that one smacks of idiocy. Why is it when someone wants this country to get better, simpletons accuse them of "hating America"? The film is about all religions - and, let's face it, history is peppered with the most horrendous wars, crimes, and practice of torture in the name of religion. Of course, the religious peole - the people who preach tolerance, love, and forgiveness, are usually the last to actually exhibit these qualities. The bible? The bestselling piece of fiction in the history of the world (although, I think that Stephen King's The Stand may have come close...). And yes, the doctrine of some "churches" condone hate - The Westboro Baptist Church is the first that comes to mind. Any religion that asks for bloodshed as a solution to others disagreeing with their ideals is, by definition, condoning hate, violence, and war. And the Catholic church? Its history is one of the most brutal and bloodthirsty in our past. The atrocities committed during any of the crusades - not to mention the Spanish Inquisition - could fill the Library of Congress. Anyone who states that wars have not been fought on a religious basis is poorly informed in a historical context. Ignorant would be a beter word, actually.

Francis Lockland on Sep 26, 2008


I like these sites. I like hearing whats really on people's minds. In public, people will not say some of these things. The net is like a window into people's minds and is great for arguing. If some of these things were said person to person, someone would end up losing their life. On the movie, I don't think it will enlighten many. Many, not all, christians have this ability to supress truth to keep their faith alive. I've met people who deny things like dinosaurs and evolution just to hold off the doubt of their god. They make up things like, the days were longer when the earth was first formed and that's how god did everything in 7 days. Of course, they will never be able to prove this to you. Now, most christians just feel like athiests should just keep their opinions to themselves and quit trying to "convert" people. However, there are so many religous orientated laws that religion effects even the non-religous. Adultry, tax breaks for gay marriages, monogomous marriages, tax exempt status for churches, ect.... a few years ago, my neighborhood was pounded with aggressive soul savers trying to convert me. I guess it's ok for religous people to spread their views, but atheism isn't a religion so they don't have as many rights. Alot of what's bugging me about the whole "god in school" or "in god we trust on the money", is that christians are saying, "we are kicking god out of our country". However, when i drive around, there are about 5 times the amount of churches, and they keep building bigger buildings. You don't have to get rid of god, just be aware of the other religions besides christianity, as well as non-religions. Some of us don't want our kids to be raised thinking supernatural people run around watching us all the time. Some of us see the obsurd things we here in religion and don't want our kids exposed to it at school. Some of us are Jews and don't want our kids hearing about jesus and it's blastphemy. The most common thing i hear when i ask christians what god should people have to learn about in school, they all say whatever god we all believe in. The thing is, we all don't want to believe in the same thing, but christians push and push. So, we push back. Another rediculous line christians use is " it doesn't matter what you call yourself, if you believe in christ, then you will go to heaven". Now, maybe i'm wrong, but i thought a christian was a believer in christ. So, only catholics, babtists, penticostal, and all the rest of the branches of christianity will go to heaven. For the other 70% of the world, you are not good enough to go to heaven and will go to hell. And when you are in hell, we won't give you any water while we are staring down at you from our streets of transparent gold. Scared into believing yet? If i get rich enough, i'm going to start renting commercials when kids are watching cartoons, and preaching athiesm to them. Get them while they are young, before the brainwashing sets in.

john on Oct 1, 2008


Good post John, but I believe you're using the word Atheist incorrectly. An Atheist believes solely in the devil so therefore he must believe in Christianity as well. I think you meant Agnostic which represents a rational outlook saying that you have no idea what happens after you die and you're not arrogant enough to pretend you do. Overall I enjoyed your insights though.

Peloquin on Oct 2, 2008


No, Agnostic means you do not know wether god exists or not. An atheist is someone who doesn't believe in a God at all. A satanist is someone who believes in satan. Bill maher was on the daily show and made a pretty logical comment. Atheists are just as bad as religous people, because they act so certain. When it comes down to it, we can't prove either way no matter how much we argue. So, conluding you don't know, like an agnostic, is really the only way you can be guaranteed to be right. What we can argue over, is wether a majority of american congressmen should be able to write laws and pass legislation based on religous morals. Now i don't mean that i think crimes like murder, theft, or sexual assault should be legalized, but I believe the law needs to stay out of what people do if it does not harming others within reason. Like, banning fat girls from wearing spandex. I don't like to see it, but it's something that seems rediculous. My issue is, the government thinks they should be allowed to pick and choose our poisons. They can tell us who can marry who. I will never get married because i don't see a reason for it other than tax breaks, but I think a man should be able to marry 10 women as well as people wanting to marry in the same sex. I think being gay is disgusting, but I don't want to tell a group of people they can't do something that does not harm me. I will live life under the set of values I've developed and don't want someone to turn on me and say I can't do something because it's immoral to them. An example is that I love to smoke pot. I wouldn't want the law to come and tell me I can drink a very toxic drink, but not be able to smoke pot. Oh wait, that is the case. Sarah palin eats babies!

john on Oct 2, 2008


lol, i really like writing about this stuff.

john on Oct 2, 2008


Having just seen the movie, I'd say that Maher's not trashing Christianity, he's pointing out how Christianity has trashed itself with idiotic literalism, greed, violence, hypocrisy, and plain stupidity. If you actually watch the movie you'll see that, when actually discussing Jesus (not to be confused with the Jesus impersonator he interviews, and the things he said, Maher is quite respectful and admiring.

YogaforCynics on Oct 8, 2008


John, you rock man!

David Weiser on Oct 18, 2008


I heartily agree with Entry 90 by YogaforCynics. In that Maher desires to carry the torch of Carlin, I much admire Bill; however, comedians have a sort of "intellectual license"--they are jesters and buffons and not serious, academic thinkers. Merely having a handle on the truth or raising key issues deserving to be brought to attention is all one should really expect from them. A case in point is the type of agnostic Maher describes himself as being: an apathetic agnostic. Maher rails against the mythology of both theism and atheism but fails to recognize the mythology inherent in apathetic agnosticism. I haven't the time or inclination to expound here, but I'll offer an educated guess that Maher never thoroughly studied the branch of theology called theodicy, else he wouldn't adopt such a position about the "apparent" disregard of God for others. The fact is, Maher is guilty of espousing a form of mythology himself. Only unadulterated agnosticism is entitled to be labeled as beingdevoid of myth. However, an\ wholly ignorant person who adopts an "I don't know" agnostic position is hardly commendable--akin to the proverbial broken clock that's nevertheless accurate twice a day. The only agnostic position worthy of the name is one that is grounded in logical argumentation that has withstood sound and rigorous examination. If you're reading this line and are baffled by what I've just put forth, I apologise; just suffice it to say that Maher--like Carlin--is primarily a comedian and it is not required to rigorously defend his positions as someone in the academic community would be so required. He may point to the path of wisdom, but precisely pinpointing where wisdom lies along the way is another matter entirely.

ZombiesAretheMajority on Feb 18, 2009


Look at a new baby born,the beauty of a new life,look at there fingers,there toes,listen to there heart beat,there skin is beautiful and soft,look at the mountains,the beauty of the waters,the animals,around us,the creation is so umbeleivable to understand.But someone greater then you or I did this.Christ is the creator of all.Thats why I am a beleiver. He said it would not be easy,I will carry you.I know there unbeleivers out there because its hard to imagine a God in times like these. But because of this movie,Bill Moyer is happy with what he has done.And thats fine,but Christ is a real almighty God that people all over the world believe.Even if they believe Christ is called another name.I am not ashamed of our God.I am not ashamed to say he is my creator.Bill Moyer and to those who are unbeleivers,you may be happy in your life and think everyone who beleives is wasting there time.And you have that right,many of you are good people.God bless you for that.But your life will be way fuller then you could imagine!Why not ask Christ to be in your life,if you mean it,he will be there in so many ways.What the fear,or the unknown worrying you for.Us christians are not perfect,but right now in my life with the hard times,the joy in my heart is more then ever,Iam uplifted daily through prayer and positive words around me.I look at the little ones,and thank the Lord for his creation.Take time alone and pray,he hears you.God bless-

christlovesyou! on Mar 12, 2009


Horace FTW. Haha jk jk jk. Bill Maher is BRILLIANT.

iEatDirt on Jun 10, 2009


I favorite Bill Maher and his brilliant documentary.

Grace Wismer on Jun 29, 2009

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