Bob $tencil's Comic-Con Day 3 Video Recap and Blog!

July 27, 2008

Bob $tencil's Day 3 Video Recap and Blog!

Bob $tencil is back yet again to deliver one of the best videos so far! If you've never been to Comic-Con, you might not know that Bob $tencil's big thing is hassling the celebs in Hall H. And so far we haven't seen much of that in his daily updates. However, here's a video showing Bob at his best, connecting two panels at Hall H with the beer that he was given during the Lost panel. Everyone seemed to love his Day 2 Recap, so check this one out too, I'm sure it'll have you laughing. Bob catches up with the writers of Lost during their panel as well as Seth Rogen from Pineapple Express. And he's relentless yet again - hard-hitting questions for both, even Rogen. They're still working on a full Comic-Con video, but here is the latest recap.

Watch Bob $tencil's Day 3 Video Recap:

Bob $tencil at Comic-Con 2008: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4

Dateline: Comic Con

Day 3: Saturday

My friends, your dear friend Bob $tencil unearthed the biggest mystery in television history. I had a chance to ask the writers of "Lost" how the series will end, and they actually told me! But not before they gave Me a sixer of that sudsy Dharma and Greg beer and some Jin. I can't quite remember everything that they said, but I think I remember something about Jack and Kate getting stuck in a snowstorm after leaving the chalet and beginning to wonder how their diverse upbringings will affect them as parents. So there you go, I just saved you another two seasons worth of "what the fuck's."

Now, anyone who knows and loves his friendly neighborhood Bob $tencil knows that when I'm drunk (or sober, for that matter) I like to peruse the ol' anime porn isle. So, there I was, minding my own boner when allovasudden I see this babe with green hair, big eyes, and a tiger skin bikini. Definitely my kind of gal! I could have made out with that babe all day, but if I make out with a babe all day then who will report on Comic Con? No one, that's who! The things I sacrifice for you people! So I kissed her goodbye and headed over to the Pineapple Express panel.

At this panel, I had a chance to talk with Seth Rogen. Now, everyone knows that $eth Rogen loves the Mary Jane as much as Spider-Man loves that broken neck girl. As for me, I seldom use pot, because unfortunately, it's against the law. That's why when I'm piloting a commercial airline, I usually stick to delicious legal booze. Although, by the time I had a chance to speak with Seth Rogen I was feeling pretty high. I think it was a combination of the Dharma brew, exhaust from a generator, and that joint I smoked. I think I was going to ask how he lives with himself knowing that he has rotted the American brain with that awful "Fear Factor" show. However, I was so shit-housed that I got distracted and asked something else. I can't remember much other than Seth dubbed Me the Creator of Comic Con. I am grateful for this distinction and inclined to forgive him for whatever mistakes he made earlier in his career.

Anywho… that was my Saturday. How was yours?

Fly high my friends.

Dictated Not Read,

Bob $tencil

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Now THAT was fantastic! Fist ... uh, LOL

Andrew on Jul 27, 2008


WOW... Seth looked a little stunned everyone was laughing at someone other than himself. "I love you too, Mom." - Classic

TheGuyInThePJ's on Jul 27, 2008



Conrad on Jul 27, 2008


Haha, funny.

Ryan on Jul 27, 2008


bob is the man, get him for next year comic-con.

Darrin on Jul 27, 2008


WOW, that was funny. I laughed so hard I think I shat my pants!

dac_fan on Jul 27, 2008


"Yeah.....more space" Priceless

Clamson on Jul 27, 2008


This guy rules! Seth rogen sucks!

Vic on Jul 27, 2008


"You did your shtick, do I really need to answer that question? More space, I don't fucking know." Those 20 seconds or so when Bob just stood there were awesome. Honestly, one of the best moments of the panel.

Keith on Jul 27, 2008


that was hilarious each video just keeps gettin better!

Krupz on Jul 28, 2008


Bob- we need to pair you up with Bob Burden, to make the Flaming Carrot movie that has yet to be made right!

Django on Jul 29, 2008


one of the funniest bits i've seen on this website. great idea having him do your coverage.

Ryan B on Jul 29, 2008


day 3 saved it

Jont on Aug 3, 2008

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