Brett Ratner Continues Life Support on Eddie Murphy's Career

April 18, 2008
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Eddie Murphy

I think it's about time for Eddie Murphy to hang up comedy; unless, of course, he's simply lending his voice to a CGI donkey. But speaking of ass, on the heels of the colossally stupid Norbit and his recently announced Meet Dave (check out Alex's reaction to that trailer), word comes that Murphy is attached to Brett Ratner's still-in-negotiations The Incredible Shrinking Man remake. Ratner and Murphy together turning a sci-fi classic of the '50s into a comedy is not a promising equation at all. Let me say it now - this movie is going to suck.

If I haven't convinced you yet, then let's look at the writers behind the transformed material: Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant. The two have been behind such comedic bellwethers as Taxi, Herbie Fully Loaded and Let's Go to Prison. I will give them a tiny bit of cred for Reno 911! (tiny!), which they created and star in, and Night at the Museum, but that's it. So is there anything about this news that excites anyone?

While Murphy was pretty good in Dreamgirls, he seems to have peaked (comedically) in 1996's Nutty Professor; similar projects since (e.g. Doctor Dolittle, Bowfinger, etc) have all been complete disappointments. About the only thing I might watch him in nowadays might be a remake to his most memorable role as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop. I'm not exactly sure where that project stands nowadays, but I think that's the only chance of Murphy asserting any relevance in the 21st century. Otherwise, he should just hang it up. He just turned 50 after all! Just kidding… 50 isn't that old. But if you're looking for another reason to believe it's his time…

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I wish Eddie Murphy would just go away.

Rob on Apr 18, 2008



Napier's News on Apr 18, 2008


Eddie Murphy could surely benefit from another installment of the "Beverly Hills Cop" series. Having said that, "Norbit", no matter how bad it was, still made money at the box office. One thing for sure is Eddie Murphy is not going anywhere---at least anytime soon.

Spider on Apr 18, 2008


Maybe if we get a million signatures, he'll go on permanent vacation with Uwe Boll. ¬.¬

Jedi on Apr 18, 2008


Eddie Murphy peaked comedically with Bowfinger? (meh) Has everybody forgotten Coming to America? Genius. Yes, I realize it was in 1988, but still. GENIUS. Also, Eddie Murphy: Raw was the best comedy concert film ever. Sure, he's washed up, but it's not like that detracts from his golden years at all. Let the man collect his paychecks in peace.

Gordon on Apr 18, 2008


Sorry, but no, I cannot let him collect his paychecks in peace. Not when he continues to serve up one shit movie after another. No matter how great "Coming to America" and "Raw" were/are.

Rob on Apr 18, 2008


hes a great comedian but hes not cut out for kids movies(exception of shrek), go back to stand up for a while, tour with your brother, id like to see them do a beverly hills cop and put charlie murphy in instead of eddie murphy

harrison on Apr 18, 2008


Eddie's career seems to be going the way of Chevy Chase's - nowhere but down, down, down...

avoidz on Apr 19, 2008


I agree, but you didn't like BOWFINGER?!?!?!

Ryan on Apr 20, 2008


I have to admit, Bowfinger was... "Awesome." heh 🙂

avoidz on Apr 20, 2008


I loved Bowfinger, it's an excellent comedy. "Meet Dave" looks terrible, it will win Razzies for sure.

Twister on Apr 20, 2008


I thought Bowfinger was okay. Eddie Murphy WAS very good in his double role, I'll give him that; but on the whole, I didn't much care for the movie.

Gordon on Apr 21, 2008


Murphy and Steve Martin were fantastic in Bowfinger! You picked the wrong movie to hate on, bub. Can you really blame him for shurning out this watered down PG/PG-13 crap? Have you seen the box office takes for these movies, not to mention what he gets paid to do them? Hell, he made $20 million for PLUTO NASH for chrissakes. Stop being a lowly Internet Hater and get on to something more productive.

kevjohn on Apr 21, 2008

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