Bruckheimer's Prince of Persia Movie Shooting in Morocco

March 7, 2008
Source: Variety

Morocco Sand Dunes

An update from Variety today mentions that director Mike Newell has scouted out Morocco as the location to primarily shoot the upcoming video game adaptation Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. That's it, yep, that's the entire update regarding Prince of Persia. Although I'm guessing a cast has already been set, or at least is very close to being finalized, nothing else besides the director has still been announced. Due out next June, Prince of Persia is set to start filming in Morocco this June, as long as the SAG doesn't strike.

The film is being produced by powerhouse Disney producer Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Donnie Brasco, Mona Lisa Smile and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire helmer Mike Newell, and written by both Jeffrey Nachmanoff (The Day After Tomorrow) and one of the game's creators, Jordan Mechner. In addition to shooting in Morocco, the film will be using the Pinewood Shepperton studios in England. Considering the line-up involved, we can expect a big budget and great production values set within a warmer version of The Day After Tomorrow combined with the action and pacing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Sound any good to you? I like everything but that The Day After Tomorrow reference.

You can read a great update on the status from Jerry Bruckheimer back in early December, who also shares his story of how he was first introduced to the video game and how they plan to be the first to break the bad video game movie mold. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is currently set to arrive in theaters next summer on June 19th, 2009. We'll be sure to bring you more updates as we hear them.

The last good topic of discussion is who would be the best actors to take on the roles of the Prince and Princess Farah? Any actors to mull over while we wait for the official casting announcements?

Moroccan sand dunes photo courtesy of papa'rocket on Flickr.

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Yeah baby! Finally the filming has begun....Great news! I have been waiting infinitely for this ever since the movie was announced... I really wonder who all will be cast in this movie....I hope they have a good lineup of actors a perfect blend of old and new talented actors should be fine....I really wonder who will be cast as the Prince himself.....hmmm... And also whether it will be a single movie or trilogy? POP: Sands of Time POP: Warrior Within POP: The Two Thrones Can't wait to get the next gut feeling says that it's gonna be a "First Look @ POP: The Sands of Time".... Fingers crossed one this one....

Ram Kunchur on Mar 7, 2008


Hopefully this succeeds so that I can see Gears of war and halo movies. Since new line is part of WB now, i expect to wb to greenlit gears of war movie and do it 300 style except much more cooler and awesome.

Jojo on Mar 7, 2008


I assume they are doing as trilogy #1 considering how they called it Prince of Persia:SANDS OF TIME. If they werent planning more they would have probably just have called it Prince of Persia.

Ryan on Mar 7, 2008


i really think with a great director like Mike Newell and a producer like Jerry Bruckheimer this movie could actually break the bad video game movie chain. I loved the first game and really think these guys can pull this movie off. lets hope!

Curtis on Mar 7, 2008


All I can think of is that this movie I'll be like Aladdin or something XD

Rob G on Mar 8, 2008


i hope they dont screw it up by casting some bigshot actors who dont even luk persian! Bruckheimer will be hated forever if this movie turns out like Tomb Raider[coz honestly dat movie was trash] *fingers crossed*

charlene on Mar 23, 2008


I'm so excited about this film. I also hope they don't ruin it with some 'name' actor. What do you guys think of this guy?

Mimi on Apr 2, 2008


Looking like the character in the game is preferred but if he can't act, he would ruin the movie. Just because a guy looks like Prince, it doesn't mean he could play the part.

Chris on Apr 12, 2008


I think that Jake Gyllenhaal should play the Prince. He's been in some good movies and is a good actor. He's not too known but known well at the same time. He looks just like the Prince and I think he has the skills to pull it off.

Nate on Apr 21, 2008


i think the prince will played by collin pharell or owen willson ( if he coloured his hair to black) or else he will be like a little bitch running away from the dahaka screaming and crying ha ha

kaleena on May 18, 2008


i heard that orlando bloom will play the prince

cheater on May 24, 2008


I am NOT happy with Jake Gyllenhaal taking on the role! First of all, he's too old, and too "brokeback mountain" type. We need someone like Prince Caspian guy, someone thinner, more Arabian looking... I donno... just anyone who is a bit more darker. Jake is too funny for this role...

Nick on Jun 9, 2008


this is awesome. bruckheimer steals another idea, or more accurately, just walks into a great idea. you are a fucking douchebag, jerry bruckheimer, and history will show you to be the hack you really are. you have absolutely no talent and i hope you rot in hell.

the rest of the world on Jun 18, 2008


As Persian I would be more happy to see a Persian take roll in movie,Im rely exited about this movie ,I was playing the ubisoft game since i was child and feel it as my own life story line and im proud.wish the professionals will take the responsibility of Iranian history and Art.regards

yashar on Jul 15, 2008


Jake Gyllenhall (however its spelled) is playing the part as the prince , i for one am FUCKING DISSAPOINTED! he's nothing like the prince.... why the hell did they give the role away to him? i dont hate the guy but i really don't want to see him ruin this movie i have be anticipating for long... i wish they would reconsider and i know i am not the only one who is unhappy about this!!!!! why not actors like, "Tom Welling" .... yeah he is a really attractive man but he pulls off the scruff look well which would be needed in the future 2 POP movies or why not "Ian Somerhalder"??!! he even looks how the pince did in the 'Two Towers' but Jake Gyllenhall.... no no no no no hollywood hang your heads in shame!!!!!

Katelyn Vanrensburg on Aug 2, 2008


and i agree with message #13 by Nick .... Prince Caspian Actor ..... Ben Barnes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he would do an amazing job , but jerry bruckheimer...ahhhhh you just had to put your foot in the door and cast JAKE!? ... i think i need to go drink some water, before i get to carried away.

Katelyn Vanrensburg on Aug 2, 2008


hey guys, realatie check! this movie will not hit therteres next year as i just heard now that this movie will out in 2010 because jerry want to take a year break before doing this film and National Treasure 3 and the forth film of Pirates of the Caribbean.

natlie on Sep 13, 2008


and yeah, Orlando Bloom should've been the prince like the disney guys first planed before and kira knightley as the princess and let me tell ALL of you this, in the game and they should have payed attention to the game, the prince haves no name and the the princess' name is farra NOT Tamina! DO YOU HEAR ME?!

natlie on Sep 13, 2008


wow it will be very Amizing for playing prince of persia in Morocco so beautiful country 🙂

Morad on Sep 16, 2008


what the hell was hollywood thinking casting a guy from "BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN" into the lead role of the prince of persia movie??? what the hell??? and one more thing,, i for one, am an avid player of the game and what were they thinking changing the names of the characters like farrah to Tamina.. it totally lost the essence of the game.. i just hope this movie will be better than what we expect.,. i heard this was supposed to be released next year, now its gonna be in 2010.. cant wait though.. hope they release it earlier,,,

lexy on Sep 25, 2008


i also agree with natlie comment #19 that Orlando bloom and kiera knightley should have been cast... PAY ATTENTION TO THE GAME'S STORYLINE ... it will be much better and you'll get less negative comments from the fans...

lexy on Sep 25, 2008


shut up number 19 orlando bloom is the crappest actor going and jake gillenhauk is much better actor and fitter as well so HA! lol

lisa on Oct 31, 2008


If you're only a fan of the new three games you don't know what you're talking about. Jordan Mechner is helping to write the storyline so this will be an extension of his original idea rather than the one Ubisoft came up with. Nothing against Ubisoft, I love them but they didn't make the original. As for Jake Gyllenhaal, I think he'll do an excellent job and anybody that thinks Orlando Bloom would do better needs their head examined. Seriously, Bloom is a terrible actor, you girls only like him because he's hot (and who mentioned Ian Somerhalder? And Tom Welling for that matter. Are you stupid or something?). I agree it was strange to change the name of the Princess from Farrah to Tamina but maybe that's what Jordan was going to call her in the first place, ever think of that? This is Jordan's movie, not Ubisoft's.

Joshua on Nov 6, 2008


I think Jake rocks...yeehawww.. Persian or not he has the talent and the looks !

Mo D on Dec 28, 2008


I hope they do all three games into films that would be excellent 🙂 If all the games are going to be made im going to wait defently for the warrior within and the two thrones movie. As what was commented before whats the point of having an actor that looks like the prince and cant act im not so sure of the answer but i do know that any actor can pull off movies very well when needed 😀 lets pray that the writers stay truthful with the game and not make up a whole new plot

Kaiser on Jan 4, 2009

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