Bruno Strikes Again - Tricks Southerners and Internationals

July 8, 2008
Source: Charlotte Observer, The Sun


Reports of Sacha Baron Cohen's upcoming follow-up to the 2006 hit Borat, brilliantly titled Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt, surface not unlike sitings of Elvis. Vague reports continue to crop up of a sassy Austrian duping hapless citizens in airports, churches, conventions and more. Ben Affleck and Arnold Schwarzenegger aren't even safe. Bruno and his bedazzled leather duds have struck again, this time in Arkansas and, remarkably, Jerusalem, proving country bumpkins and intellectuals are both equal targets for this comedic mastermind.

Reportedly, back in early June at the Fort Smith Convention Center in Arkansas, a crowd of 1,600+ gathered for "Blue Collar Brawlin" and $1 beers. I suppose the non-disclosure agreements, warning signs of filming and myriad video equipment didn't register to anyone as being slightly odd. We can be grateful for that, because it sounds like a completely ridiculous series of events took place soon thereafter.

"The two men (one of whom supposedly went by the name 'Straight Dave') stripped down to their underwear, kissed and rubbed on each other." The shenanigans approached but did not cross the city's morality laws. It did, however, "set the crowd off lobbing beers." The ruckus apparently took 45 minutes to quell, and the two cage-fighters (presumably one was Cohen) fled through a protected exit. I really hope this makes it into the movie and was, in fact, a Bruno ambush. Of course, Cohen's rep has no comment.

Earlier this week it was also reported that Bruno struck in Jerusalem, hoodwinking an Israeli ex-spy and a Palestinian during a supposed youth-centered interview concerning the conflict between the respective countries. Bruno's summation: "Your conflict is not so bad. Jennifer-Angelina is worse." The comedian sunk his teeth in by confusing the militant group Hammas with the dip hummus (a favorite of Zohan's, by the way). "What's the connection between a political movement and food? Why hummus? Yesterday I threw away my pita bread because it was dripping hummus. And it's too high in carbohydrates."

One of the interviewee's statements is quite telling. "We knew something ludicrous was happening but couldn't quite figure it out." That seems to be the case for most of Sacha Baron Cohen's escapades. Despite international notoriety from Borat, the guy continues to sneak around and, for the most part, successfully pull off his stunts. I can't wait for Bruno to hit theaters next May. And despite these early warnings - coverage that was largely absent from the build-up to Borat - I still think the movie will have tons of surprises and fun in store. I can watch these antics over and over again and still find them hysterical. Is this news spoiling Bruno for you or is it fun to hear reports like this?

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It doesnt really ruin it, i like hearing this stuff!

AK on Jul 8, 2008


I think if reports like this keep leaking out, there will be no reason to see Bruno. Kind of like there's no reason to see Borat a second time - once the shock value wears off.

Tom Brazelton on Jul 8, 2008


Pretty sure that name was made up by Gawker.

boyeeeeee on Jul 8, 2008


That has got to be the best title for a movie ever.

Nettle on Jul 8, 2008


Its enuff for now, can't wait to see the movie.

mztv on Jul 8, 2008


Yeah ... um ... comedic mastermind? ... uh ... I just don't know what to say ... If this Borat guy's crap, movies like that pineapple thing, insultingly stupid Will Ferrel films, constant iterations of Mike Meyers' one character, and movies that parody as many movies and cultural references as possible in an hour and a half are the future of "comedy" then count me out. Just thinking about these things numbs my mind to the point that I can't even remember a good comedy movie at the moment, and I know there's tons of them pre-2000.

Viper on Jul 8, 2008


Thankfully I just thought of two relatively new good comedies that gave me hope again. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Viper on Jul 8, 2008


guys. c'mon. that title was sarcastically made up by gawker. you serious???

moneyries on Jul 8, 2008


Even if it is made up, it's good.

Nettle on Jul 8, 2008


Updates for a movie like this is a little spoiler-ish so please give us a heads up and disclaim it with a " *Possible Spoiler Alert* " ...Mind you I'm the type of guy who thinks that today's trailers are showing too much, so I may be asking the world. Bruno Looks great but I want to be suprised.

j_money on Jul 8, 2008


I really don't think these articles spoil this type of movie at all. They are just places were it may or may not take place.

Ryan on Jul 8, 2008


It's very easy to laugh at people when they're not in on the joke. That's Borat. This movie sounds like an overbloated episode of Punk'd. Practical jokes? Let's make fun of people and then other people will laugh and now I'm a comedic mastermind. I got news for everyone. Cohen was NOT funny in Talledega Nights. And this Sherlock Holmes movie with Ferrell has bomb written all over it.

Alex on Jul 8, 2008


Hmm...nope...not going to waste money on that craptacular looking movie.

JeepFu on Jul 9, 2008


y'know, actually, maybe thats really the name of the movie....?

moneyries on Jul 9, 2008


IMDB has it listed as a "working title" wherever it came from, it's valid (and damn funny)

kevin on Jul 9, 2008


@ kevin It's been proven that IMDB can be edited similar to Wikipedia, so it might not be as valid as you think, I'm not saying I can just show up at the IMDB website, click edit, and turn the rating of Citizen Kane from a billion stars to 2.5 and Batman and Robin from 1 star to 10, but it is possible to submit information to them and they put it on the site. Though this title is rediculously good, so I hope it is the real title, or they use it anyways if it's not real haha.

Kail on Jul 9, 2008


"comedic mastermind". Using that term kind of loosely, aren't you? How about "unfunny moron", "asshatical bumpkin", "douchebag"? I believe those to be more appropriate.

Frank on Jul 9, 2008


@17 (and others)...Really? That's surprising to me that folks think so. I thought Borat was genius and I've always enjoyed the guys shtick. Granted, it's a pretty repetitive style, which is why I think Bruno has to be the last go at this sort of thing. But he definitely makes me laugh in this type of setting, rather than the more polished films (e.g. Tallegeda Nights)

Kevin Powers on Jul 9, 2008


@18 I don't have an issue about if anyone finds him funny or not. People on the street make me laugh, but I wouldn't want to see a movie about said people. Agreed. He makes you laugh. That's cool. But this idea that he's some kind of genius of comedy when all he's doing is making fun of people and their values, ignorant as they may be or not. It's the equivalent of going to a party and some guy you don't even know starts teasing you and looking to his friends for the laughter. You'd think that guy is just being a jerk-off. And here's something else, a guy who constantly plays characters and creates different images for the public. Is he ever sincere? Is his entire life's work going to be at the expense of others?

Alex on Jul 10, 2008


I just read the line "Bruno strikes again" about him crushing the Fashion Week in Milan. I could't beleve my eyes - somehow this guy seems to hit it off everywhere!

Christoph Modelagentur on Sep 27, 2008


can't wait for the trailer hahaha...

Antonio Cruz on Jan 28, 2009


Yeah Bruno rulez!

Hip Hop on Oct 14, 2009

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