Captain America Officially Found in The Incredible Hulk!

October 11, 2008
Source: Film School Rejects

Captain America

This isn't a lie. This isn't a joke. This is confirmed news. Back in the summer when we were caught up in both Iron Man and Incredible Hulk, two rather exciting easter eggs were discovered in both movies. In Iron Man, Captain America's half-built shield could be seen sitting on Tony Stark's work desk. In The Incredible Hulk, Captain America himself could be seen frozen in the ice in the Arctic. The only problem - that arctic scene was cut from the theatrical version of the movie! With the DVD due out next week, our friends at Film School Rejects have officially discovered our superhero frozen in the ice, as promised.

If you don't have the DVD yet, you can check out the screencap below. It's an alternate opening scene found in the special features that shows Bruce Banner wandering around in the Arctic. Apparently when an avalanche come crashing down towards the camera near the end, you can see Captain America (and his signature shield) frozen in the ice near the bottom of the screen. This appearance was also confirmed by Rope of Silicon, for those who may be still skeptical about it. Take a look for yourself!

Captain America in The Incredible Hulk!

There's no questions - that's definitely Captain America as director Louis Leterrier promised. "It's an Easter egg… It's the real deal. You have to look for it," he said way back in June. And Leterrier's right, "crossovers—it's the future of movie making." I've already mentioned it before, but I think this is more than just an easter egg. By the time we get to 2011, every last Marvel movie from 2008 to 2010 will all have lead up to the arrival of The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers. If you thought The Dark Knight had one hell of an opening weekend, just wait until The Avengers opens on July 15th, 2011.

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yep, that small dark smudge is definitely him.

chrisUK on Oct 11, 2008



james on Oct 11, 2008


You can EASILY see his shield there!! This isn't even questionable...

Alex Billington on Oct 11, 2008


Oh Alex, you crack me up.

makee on Oct 11, 2008



Pepito on Oct 11, 2008


Wxactly at which part of the Iron Man movie can you see the shield?

cck on Oct 11, 2008


Please you cant see shit in the photos!!!

REAL6 on Oct 11, 2008


I don't know what everyone is complaining about, the evidence is right there. Just like bigfoot, Nessie, and weapons of mass destruction!

Nathan on Oct 11, 2008


Awesome - I've been waiting for this post for awhile! haha

Nick Sears on Oct 11, 2008


you know what's weird, captain america's sheild was in Iron man. But Iron man came out before the incredible hulk.

darrin on Oct 11, 2008


If Captain America is going to be set in WW2 how would Stark build his shield for him? Does Stark also build a time machine? Whatever.

Chuck A. Spear on Oct 11, 2008


Who cares about this 'cameo', Two other things I read in this post made me worried. "crossovers—it's the future of movie making." "If you thought The Dark Knight had one hell of an opening weekend, just wait until The Avengers opens on July 15th, 2011." Seriously? Crossovers are the future? They're dodgy, jarring GAGS which do nothing but destroy the world a character is supposed to be rooted in. And as for The Avengers movie actually being good? What the hell are you smoking? Joint superhero movies absolutely cannot be done right. The only reason superhero movies can survive on their own is because the world they're set in can be toned and structured to make it all seem plausible. Each superhero needs their own world with their own terms of technology, society and realism. Mixing them all together just throws any immersion out the window and turns it into one, giant, 8 year old's fantasy.

Brad on Oct 11, 2008


...yeah whatever Brad. Discredit things before its made, fan-tastic. Might as well give it a chance, what the hell is it going to hurt?

Itri on Oct 11, 2008


@ 6, you can see the circular shield on Tony's work bench when Pepper walks in on him trying to get out of his suit. It's on the right side of the frame, almost looks like its not completed, there's a stripe missing. It IS plain as day Cap's shield though, I saw it on my second viewing in the theater. Could be Favereau is hoping they'll use that like Starktech gives Cap his new circular shield in the Avengers film. However, I don't see crap in this photo. Of course, I couldn't see the shield in the Iron Man still reported on all the sites before either. So maybe he's there.

Matt on Oct 11, 2008


Thats pretty cool find. As for the Captain America movie, It has to follow the comic book storyline where he grew up in WW2 and then by the end of the movie hes frozen in ice.

TigerClaw on Oct 11, 2008


Fanboys are funny...

Ronald, the boy on Oct 11, 2008


@ 11, Like I was getting at, Cap should have a shield that is shaped like a...badge? Look up Patriot, he's got the original shield. Cap got a new one when he was thawed out.

Matt on Oct 11, 2008


That reminds me of the photos of "Noah's Ark". In other words: We'll see.

Quanah on Oct 11, 2008


trying to boost dvd sales huh? movie doesnt even deserve a rental just to see this. sure it was much better than HULK but it still sucked hard.

Al on Oct 11, 2008


That's definately him I can see him smiling - musta been a good time getting frozen like that. The "shield" in captain america is barely a shield, its WAYY to small to be Cap's and doesn't looke complete. How at that point would he be designing a shield with that colour scheme? I don't buy it

Rob on Oct 11, 2008


Okay here is the story that I still can not understand, WHY THE FUCK is this not on the BLU RAY? This shit doesn't make sense at all. PIC looks like they just fucking posted it there cause the french dumb ass director said Captain America was there and then the producer of the film said they never shot him and then this shit pops like they just put there to make the director look and make DVD sales only. The smart thing to do was to also put on the Blu Ray, for now this shit looks like a fake or they just added that at the last minute. Jim bo

jimmy on Oct 11, 2008


Oh sh** Excuse me while I go change my underwear...

Daas on Oct 11, 2008


honestly it looks photoshopped and fake. im a noob when it comes to captain america, but why is he frozen anyway? does that make sense at all? and why is his shield frozen in the arctic when at the same time it is in tony starks lab? retarded.

mortuus on Oct 11, 2008


actually according to marvel, the incrredible hulk and thor take place after ironman and ironman 2. and the shield in ironman is like a prototype or something of caps shield.

jeff on Jun 25, 2011


....come on now

djw on Oct 11, 2008


Heya Brad, Corssovers are "Dodgy and jarring GAGS", huh? Did Ray Nicolette in Out of Sight startle you out of the movie or was it a nice nod to the Elmore Leonard world where Jackie Brown and Out of Sight took place? Crossovers do more to BUILD a world where characters are rooted, not destroy it. And why, exactly can a joint superhero movie not work? All the characters are established from their own flicks. I agree that if Maarvel had started off with an Avengers flick and spun off the characters from there, it woulda been ass. Building up to it like they are is genius and gets the movie going public up to speed on who this superteam is. That having been said. I can make out the shield, but the smudge is the worst "cameo" I have ever seen. Nick Fury had a cameo, this under the snow dark shape thingy is a featured prop. A prop that was featured better in Iron Man.

ScottyR on Oct 11, 2008


Wow, come on where is the belief that anything is possible, so the shield can be seen on Stark's work bench, and its seen here is this photo, maybe Stark is designing a type of shield, not for Cap'n America, and the shield in this photo is an older model? Get with it. Yes Cap'n America is based in WWII but he get's frozen, and maybe when they do the C.A. movie it will tie in, something goes wrong after Cap'n does something incredible, and he accidently gets frozen, then Banner tells Stark that he saw something in the frozen waste of the Artic Circle, there just use your head. If I'm wrong oh well (Bring on the snarky comment's) I'll wait for the D.V.D to a actually good reboot of a let down (Sorry Eric Bana) then we shall see if this is a genuine or forged photo.

Xerxex on Oct 11, 2008


Well, look, the director said that captain america was in it, its an "easter egg" that you have to search for. why is this in question? they couldn't show a close up of a captain america who has NO actor yet, thats committing someone to a role that isnt even filled yet. Nick fury had his cameo because Nick Fury was designed around Sam Jackson, in the ultimate universe, look it up. he was created for that actor to play the role, captain, no one is really casted yet.

Taurinh24 on Oct 11, 2008


A question here... Isn't that the frozen Captain America shield is not round. When WW2 Cap.A been frozen in the ice, on that time his shield should be not round shape right? But the picture looks like the shield is round shape.

Giggsy on Oct 11, 2008


only one thing left to does tony have cap.'s shield, if banner just waklked past it.....

theori on Oct 11, 2008


If you go to you can read Edward Nortons version of, "The Incredible Hulk" Where it has the intro where Bruce Banner is in the Artic.

The_Phantom on Oct 11, 2008


Matt, Phantom....your right! It is Cap. The next Shield is being constructed by Stark. it is all in front of you. Why do you not believe? This is true cross-over and buliding the Marvel Universe in film. Like X said "Use you head".

Tim "Cloverfield" on Oct 11, 2008


I cannot see anything in that photo...even printed out with a magnifying glass

Peloquin on Oct 11, 2008


Ok all of you guys that keep saying "How does Tony have his shield if The Hulk came out after Iron Man?" If you wern't retarded you would remember that at the end of the Hulk Tony Stark tells General Ross that He can help him with his big green problem-MEANING Iron man was set AFTER the hulk you dumbasses. And then some of you keep saying THIS IS THE WORST EASTER EGG EVER THEY DIDNT DO IT CLOSE ENOUGH FOR IT TO LOOK LEGIT-the guy a few commdents above me was right THEY COULDNT DO IT TOO CLOSE BECAUSE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE FORCING SOMEONE TO CAPTAIN AMERICAS ROLE WITHOUT ANYONE BEING SIGNED ON YET. and then.....some idiot above me said a cross over movie would be ridiculous because you cant have that many superheroes together. Bryan Singer of all people managed to pull it off with the Xmen. Im PRETTY sure that if Bryan Singer can do that, marvel can afford a much better director who could pull off the Avengers. Jeesh please think before you post comments on here.

KG(kilogram) on Oct 11, 2008


I see somethings similar to his shield but its the same type of similarity that you fabricate by looking at images made of clouds. Could just be my mind making it up.

bret on Oct 11, 2008


Does that look like just a wrong to anybody else? Is this cloud talk?

AK on Oct 11, 2008


Very Cool. I'm going to have to see this next week.

Film-Book dot Com on Oct 11, 2008


Okay, i gotta say, this seems like grasping at straws.

King Medicine on Oct 11, 2008


This isn't grasping at straws! This isn't even questionable! This is confirmed! Did you read the article above?? The director of the movie himself said numerous times that Captain America is in it. He even explained exactly where he was, but the scene was cut. Did you read this too? There's no questioning this... It's not like someone was randomly sitting at home watching this and said "oh man that blur!" They went looking for it because Louis Leterrier said it was in there. And it makes perfectly logical sense because Captain America DOES get frozen in ice in the comics! And if you look closely, you can see a shield. This isn't something we just made up today, it's official, accept the truth! It's not that hard to see it there!

Alex Billington on Oct 11, 2008


To everyone saying that it can't be possible that Cap has his round shield and Stark has it too, I agree. But keep in mind: THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN!!! It was cut from the movie, thus it CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be taken into the timeline or whatever. Not to mention, they are Easter Eggs, which means they are EASILY rolled over if need be. Getting upset because of an easter egg disagreeing with a whole movie is like someone getting upset because they use the Wilhelm scream multiple times in Star Wars, and it is pretty impossible that scream would happen more than once, haha. And btw, I definitely think it is him. I mean, you can even see multiple colors in the body shape, not just the shield. But I find it most likely that Captain will be frozen with his badge shield and then thawed out and given the round shield--remember, Stark was still playing around with Iron Man when you see the shield in the back. Maybe he thought about using it with the Iron Man suit.

Brad T. on Oct 11, 2008


#33 i see where your coming from and everything but i got one question, why does Stark have the shield if The Hulk passed this in the arctic?

Al on Oct 11, 2008


1. The shield in Stark's lab isn't the real shield, it is just an easter egg and has nothing to do with the time-line of the movie 2. Cap's shield was originally shaped like a badge but he got the round one during WWII and before he was frozen(and this can be seen in in the comics from the 40's as well as flash backs from comics from the 70's till today) 3. Cap gets frozen when he attempts to stop a last ditch plan by a Nazi scientist to launch a dooms day weapon at the end of WWII. He jumps on the rocket and he fails to stop it and jumps off(his side-kick doesn't listen to him stays on it and manages to blow it up) he lands in the cold water of the North Atlantic Ocean and becomes frozen in the ice

Joey on Oct 12, 2008


thats not even news

KL on Oct 12, 2008


The directors of both movies said that these easter eggs are correct. Just take it as it is intended. Some of us are taking it way to seriously.

Big r on Oct 12, 2008


The comic that comes with the Iron Man exclusive DVD explains that the shield on Tony's desk it's a prototype of his father.

Pepito on Oct 12, 2008


If this is the frozen cap, why the hell he is using the circular shield. Cap is using a different shield during the world war. Well, just giving my opinion.

Jori on Oct 12, 2008


That is much a piece of shit frozen in the ice as Captain America.

Andrew on Oct 12, 2008


KG(kilogram) you're the only dumbass here, what you think, that Stark is making a team and then Fury tell him to make a team when he is allready doing it?? asshole.

Juanito on Oct 12, 2008


Anyone else read the bonus story attached to the Walmart Iron Man DVD? It's an excellent little comic that tells of Nick Fury and Agent Coulson's behind the scenes dealings during the events of the film. It's very well written and extremely interesting. The reason I'm posting here is the story eludes to Stark's father's involvement in Project Rebirth. It states that, off camera, Tony pulled the old files on an alloy his father worked on during WWII. Tony found an example of the alloy in his father's archives and then used it to strengthen his suit of armor. It shows him working on a Captain America shield in a small panel. What Tony found was just a prototype, a reject of Cap's real shield. According to the story, that's what was on Tony's work bench in that one scene. About the shield... "The final product was lost... although you can bet your life we'll never stop looking for it." This is brilliant and it ties the Avengers arc together. I wonder if this is the path Marvel is taking?!?!?

Pepito on Oct 12, 2008


seriously cant anyone just be parctical here? if noboy said that this was captain america before you looked at it, ther'es no chance in hell you could tell what that thing is. it's just impossible and btw, are you actually implying that the avengers is gonna have a bigger opening than dark knight?! puhlease, when iron man 2, thor, and thefirts avenger all hit, by the time they get to this shit in 3 years, everybody's gonna be avengered out. we still hafta find out who's gonna be cptn america, cuz if it mcconaughey, then i smell a box office bomb

LeeMan on Oct 12, 2008



Juanito on Oct 12, 2008


Man thats Afganistanimation! So fake...

werdnafaz on Oct 12, 2008


That is the most exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait for 2011 🙁

jeanine on Oct 13, 2008


It would've been cool if they threw it at the end, after the Tony stark cameo, perhaps even after the credits. Nonetheless, I'll be getting the dvd.

djo on Oct 13, 2008


#48 Pepito makes the most sense out of everyone. I haven't read it but now I will. Anyone here see Miracle on St. Anna? I wanna see it but only showing here at 1 time in 1 theater & Firstshowing only review white films which is totally unfair.

TBone on Oct 13, 2008


Some people are so stupid. It's just a tease folks. They are trying to build excitement. They want people talking about and anticipating the rest of Marvel's lineup. Looks like they did the job perfectly.

Art on Oct 14, 2008


I think they put that Shield in Iron Man because, When Capt. America is unfrozen, Iron Man can meet him and say, ''Capt.America, Im Tony Stark, We Need To Talk about the Avenger Project''! Or Capt. America could have an old style american shield, then Tony gives him a nice flashy one!!

Jesse J on Oct 16, 2008


Everytime I look at it, the more clear it is! No Doubt thats Capt. America!!

Jesse J on Oct 16, 2008


Cap was frozen while trying to stop a missle. Trying to disable the missle, he jumped on the missle with Bucky, his sidekick during WW2. Bucky died (sort of) and cap fell to an icy grave but instead was frozen in suspended animation (most likely the super solfier formula allowed this suspended animation to occur). Cap's orig shield was more triagular shaped, like a different post mentioned. When the avengers found the frozen cap, they thawed him out. I know he did get a new shield in modern times. it was either adamantium (like wolvierine's claws) or vibranium. I forget which.

oracledave on Oct 20, 2008


Okay, where is the damn scene???? I JUST got home with the Hulk DVD. I rented it. There is no scene ANYWHERE where there is snow,, or otherwise. I looked at every single damn BONUS FOOTAGE scene and fast motioned through the entire movie, ice scene whatsoever. They said it was a brand new opening sequence. No sir. Not here. Is this a scam or what? Or are they only including it in the DVD's you purchase and not the ones you rent?? I am really getting sick of this captain america scene crap. I rented this dvd JUST FOR this scene. What a rip.

Erik T on Oct 21, 2008


I bought the Hulk movie today and the Artic scene is nowhere to be found. The bonus features have nothing regarding an alternate scene or intro in the Artic. I say it's crap also.

Will L on Oct 21, 2008


funny how people doubt good leads....schmucks (Erik T and Will L) just watched the Blu-Ray version of the DVD release. In the "Extras" sections the second option is "Alternate Opening". Shows Bruce in what looks like Alaska hitching a ride with a trucker. End of the scene is him seeing the Northern Lights and flashing back. Pulls out a gun to commit suicide and The Hulk takes over....... ...last scene is of an avalanche....same one as posted above.....and sure enough, if you freeze frame through the end of the scene you will clearly see the shield in the bottom left corner of your screen. Great catch by Alex.....naysayers suck

proveyawrong on Oct 22, 2008


Who you callin a schmuck, you dipsh*t? The DVD commercials said nothing of it only being on blue-ray. I didnt suggest the scene didnt exist, you idiot, I simply said that its crap that they only put it on certain releases. And how is a f*cking commercial a "lead" anyway, you ass-clown? Its a certainty. You'd make one hell of detective. Only,....cops dont get "leads" from commercials. Moron. By the way,.....its hard to be excited about an appearance when you have to freeze-frame it,....and convince your mind you're seeing something.

Erik T on Oct 22, 2008


Callin you a schmuck ya internet toughguy. You're the one ripping on the article saying it didn't exist and insinuating that it's a scam. Back away form the keyboard ya cockfag (yeah...I can be cool and call you names too). What the hell are you talking about a "lead" being from a commercial...get your head out of your ass and realize that I'm talking about this article that your leaving a comment about...douchebag (look...I did it again...YAY!) And there's no "convincing your mind" that you're seeing something...saw it pretty clearly myself. OK....I think the lunch bell just run along and get back to class.....

proveyawrong on Oct 22, 2008


You're talking to a RECON Marine, home on leave. I am busy fighting for YOUR freedom right now . Its hard to imagine that you'd badmouth someone after they tell you that, but you probably will. Its people like us that make it possible for people like you to sit and be an "internet toughguy". Im not the one who drew firstblood with the "schmuck" comment. Stop being such a jerk.

Erik T on Oct 22, 2008


First and foremost, thank you for all you have done for all Americans in the support of Freedom. I put in my 8 years, so this "people like me for people like you" arguement is lame. Secondly, maybe heed your own advice. I'm not the one who went on a rant about it being a scam and then spewed verbal diarreah when someone pointed out that the scene does in fact exist.

proveyawrong on Oct 22, 2008


Holy crap, dude. Once AGAIN,....I never meant that I didnt believe the scene existed. For the record,.....I BELIEVED THAT THIS SCENE EXISTED, EVEN BACK WHEN THE HULK WAS AT THEATERS.....Okay???? The ONLY thing I was EVER pissed about, was that they only put the scene on certain formats................. THATS IT!!! Again,.....ALWAYS believed the scene existed. ALWAYS knew that it existed. That is why I parked in the lot at the video store ten minutes before it opened JUST so I could rent it and watch "the scene". When I didnt see it,....I realized that it might be ONLY on certain formats, Blue-Ray or SPECIAL EDITIONS,....and NOT on RENTALS. THATS what I was ticked off about. And by the way,....Im aloud to rant about anything I want. I wasnt putting anyONE down. I wasnt insulting anyone. I wasnt calling a PERSON names. I was "ranting" about how I cannot find the scene. YOU are the one that (for some reason) took it personally and upon yourself to get pissed about me voicing my opinion,......which by the way is freedom of speech (another thing I,.....I mean, WE,.... fought for)

Erik T on Oct 22, 2008


wow...that all i can muster. you win...feel better?

proveyawrong on Oct 22, 2008


captain america already has a shield when he is frozen i think tony stark is building a better won

brawler23 on Oct 22, 2008


ok we rented the dvd and could not find the scene anywhere either. must only be on certain versions. we sat there like morons going through every single option on the dvd but that particular scene is not among the deleted scenes.

isthisforreal on Oct 23, 2008


isthisforreal, its not in the deleted scenes. its the alternate opening.

comicfan on Oct 29, 2008


I thought that Captain America was killed off in the comics. Didnt he get assasinated or something?

Nofear on Nov 10, 2008


Wow. It's's not there... Who gives a crap! I hope that marvel keeps making good movies, I grew up with these superheroes and I love watching the remakes and the effects and I could care less about wether something is being done differently than the comics. Times change, we evolve, the comics were published back when the bible's first print was being edited and you expect the storyline to remain the same? New world, different times, different heroes. The first Batman movie made was different than the last one...I wonder why.... MADE 150MILLION YEARS AFTERWARD! or does someone think that adam west should have played in it... maybe he could be the new robin. Well whatever, I like the films and I hope that all the heroes fight and hulk ass spanks spiderman while wolverine seduces Ghost Rider's girlfriend into a threesome with him and the invisible girl to be filmed by Mr. Fantastic and and edited by Captain America. Booyah!

MrTruth on Nov 10, 2008


wow, the i skimmed thru first 30 comments and they are hilarious. N e ways, this pic is not a fake. if u cant find in on the DVD its cuz ur not finding the right frame. U hav to do a super duper slow-mo to see it. And 4 the idiots that couldnt figure out WHY te shield could be frozen in the Artic and on Tony's lab at the same time is this: HOW ABOUT THIS STORY ABOUT THE HULK WAS SET A FEW MONTHS BEFORE THE IRON MAN STORY, AND I DONT MEAN AS IN WHEN THE FILM WAS SHOT; I MEAN IN THE ACTUAL STORYLINE IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE. N E WAYS, BY THE TIME THE SHIELD MAKES IT TO TONY'S LAB, CAPT. AMERICAN WAS ALREADY RELEASED FROM HIS FROZEN STATE BY SUM 1, AND SINCE HIS SHIELD WAS COMPLETELY FUKD UP FROM THE BATTLE WHICH GOT HIM FROZEN IN THE FIRST PLACE THE UNFROZEN CAPT. AMERICA WAS TAKEN TO TONY STARK SO THAT TONY CAN MAKE A NEW 1 SHIELD FOR HIM. This seems highly possible in the Marvel Universe. In related news, they'll probably start up the Capt. American movie from his regular soldier days, to when he becomes a Super Soldier, to the fight which gets him frozen and end it there.

Santana on Jan 12, 2009


Santana,'re a dipshit. At the end of The Hulk movie, Tony Stark meets the general in that bar and the general even makes a wise crack about Stark being Iron Man. Stark then tells him about the "Avenger Initiative",....something Stark, himself, doesnt know anything about until Nick Fury tells him about it in his penthouse at the end of Iron Man. So, tell me, retard, could the Hulk film take place BEFORE the Iron Man film?

Erik T on Jan 12, 2009


Did you even stay til the end of The Incredible Hulk? By the way,....if two directors and sets of producers are making a Marvel film each,...and decide that they want to integrate the two for set up a future "team" film,...and they are shooting and done about the same time,...why the f**k would they intentionally release them backwards,...out of continuity,...and make the audience have to constantly remember that even though they were released Iron Man,...then the Hulk, we are supposed to remember that they go in the reverse order? What next, Spielberg? Suggesting that Return of the Jedi takes place BEFORE Star Wars? You're the idiot. How about actually KNOWING something before opening your mouth? Furthermore,....Iron Man didnt make Captain Americas sheild in the comic books. New OR old. That was simply Hollywood marrying these films even further.

Erik T on Jan 12, 2009


hey stupid i kno wat u guys mean. im just throwin those options out there. as 4 the time in which these stroies take part, i think thats highly possible. It might not hav been "MONTHS" per say, maybe a few weeks in in the past. If EVERYTHING happening the the eventual AVENGERS members were to be set at the same time, wouldnt u think Spidey would hav appeared during the Hulk & Abomination fight in NY. I think Spidey might notice 2 giant fuks having an all out war in the middle of the city. BTW when has hollywood actually stuck to the comic books when it comes to making the movies. I dnt read comics much, but i kno that hollywood never makes a movie that matches the comics word for word. I never said it was FURY that took the Capt. to Stark. I mean Stark had to hav known about Capt. America's shield 1 way or the other. MAYBE he's starting up a new "project" to help protect U.S soldiers, and he MIGHT know about how that stupid shield helped Capt. America and plans on makin a new high-tech 1 for everyday soldiers.

Santana on Jan 12, 2009


First of all, you unintelligent f**k,,....werent just "throwing options" out there. You stated (and I quote) "And 4 the idiots that couldnt figure out WHY te shield could be frozen in the Artic and on Tony's lab at the same time is this:...." and then you went on to tell us WHY. Not "what if"...."why". If you were simply 'throwing options' out there,....why would you begin that "throwing" with calling people 'idiots'? Your overzealous dumbass thought you were right,..then you read my post about the last Hulk scene,...realized you were dead wrong,...then tried to back track and save face by trying to convince us that you only ....*sigh*...."throwing out options". What an ass. And as for the "Spider-man showing up in NY during the Hulk fight" How about understanding that producers, directors, production companies, and anyone else that briefly bought the rights to make a Marvel Comics movie doesnt want their character just "showing up" in other films out of its own storyline continuity? So try to "get that". The director of The Incredible Hulk cant just have Spider-man show up in his movie. God, could you REALLY BE that dumb?

Erik T on Jan 13, 2009


God, I don't understand why somebody who would willingly join the military, directly contributing to the downfall of humanity and the "Americanization" of the world, would think that they have the right to call someone else stupid. You contribute to death and destruction, and no matter what you say to me or anybody else, you do NOT keep our country safe, and you do NOT do anything but butcher and rape innocent people for no reason, blindly following orders like a fucking sheep. You do not have the right to insult another person's intelligence, you dumb fuck. Stop acting like you are so smart, and realize that you are just as dumb an ass as everybody else. Intelligent people don't need to pull the "I was in the military, I fought for your freedom" argument, because in the real world, this information is not important or relevant to your ridiculous little internet fight. I didn't even intend to write anything on this page, I just enjoy Marvel movies. But for fuck's sake, you are a POMPOUS DOUCHE. I know you don't care what I say, but it's so very amusing to me that you will go through life thinking that you are tough shit, and in actuality, you are an imbecile, and will probably be alone the rest of your life, unless you knock up some skank before you go back to war just to ensure that you can pass on your genes, regardless of whether or not you actually care about her or want a son. Do the world a favor, and get killed in the war. Morons like you deserve to die. Fucking PIG

Babykiller on Apr 9, 2009


Interesting name you chose to post with considering you just called anyone who is in the US Military "butchers and rapists". You are the most ignorant person I have ever imagined in my life. To make a statement like "the US Military doesnt keep our country safe" can only mean one of two things.....1. You are an uneducated moron who actually believes that...or 2. You are just trying to fuel an argument. Either way, cannot possibly think that even ALOT of people agree with you. Seriously,...where on fucking earth did you hear that we rape, and butcher innocent people? Is this based on some research you've done? Or are you (mis)quoting some news story that you kind of remember hearing? I was in a Marine Corps Recon Unit for 6 years, and my fellow Marines, nor I, ever raped anyone....or killed ANY innocent people. So,...tell you really think we would be perfectly safe with no military whatsoever? You are an idiot. The statements you made are that of a hateful, very uneducated moron. You dont know the FIRST thing about the military or what we do. You dont the FIRST thing about bravery. You would never DARE say those things to a Marines face. People like you with your beliefs,..are nothing but cowards and should be lined up and shot and fed to police dogs. I dare you to outwardly voice your stand on the military in a public setting like a restaurant, bar or a party and see how many people kick the living shit out of you. You un-american piece of horse shit.

Erik T on Apr 10, 2009


is there a follow up movie by captain america??thanks a lot...

michael angelo on Apr 18, 2009


geez louis,i just read ALL the comments here some where funny some where down right insulting to the other posters,and some where just down right weird this is a forum for a MOVIE,so did you or did you not ENJOY the movie,or did you not see the scene in it thats all we want to know,not if you where in the military or not.we also don't want to hear a FLAMEWAR get started here,if you wouldn't say it in person DON"T TYPE IT HERE.

spunout hero on Jun 5, 2009


To Post #11. He's probably going to use his shield style from the 1940's, not the more new circular one you're seeing glimpses of in the photos.

Robbie Sheets on Jun 25, 2009


i like captain america on the incredible hulk so i like jensen ackles as captain america on the first avengre captain america and the avengres this is so exciting so im glad jensen ackles is captain america i really love jensen ackles as captain america so i will see jensen ackles as cap on the first avengre captain america and the avengres see ya

andries price on Aug 10, 2009


i like captain america in the incredible hulk i like to see john cena as captain america on the first avengre captain america and the avengres i like john cena as captain america im glad john cena as steve rogers/ captain america i will see john cena as captain america beat the hulk on the avengres movie so im glad i like john cena as cap so i will see john cena as cap on the first avengre captain america and the avengres in theatres see ya

andries price on Aug 17, 2009


not to sound like a nerd but wasn't captain america's sheild like a differn't shape in world war two and S.H.E.I.L.D gave him the circular one so how could he be frozen with the round one. to me this is a bad easter egg.

sasquatch4202 on Aug 30, 2009


Haha, I like how all those skeptical jackasses in the beginning were all "oh no way its not possible and if you think it is you're stupid and I'm not hahahaha" And guess what? It was captain america. so FU.

Raab on May 9, 2010


i think you suck but you photo shoped that

ryan on May 20, 2010


in the trailer for Capt America it was shown that Howard Stark (Tony's father) was one of the scientist who was part of the super soldier project. it could be possible Howard made more than one shield.

Mingtongpang on Jun 17, 2011

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