Captain America's Shield Found in Iron Man?!

May 9, 2008

Captain America's Shield

You might have thought that all Marvel buzz was over as of last week with the announcement of their upcoming line-up - but guess again. I have confirmed myself, along with our comic book expert Roman Chavez, in person that Captain America's shield is actually in Iron Man. Yes, you heard me right, and if you need to go out and see it again this weekend I suggest you do. We'll provide the information on when and where it shows up below if you care to go find it, but we're pretty damn sure this is it. As for what this means for the Marvel universe and future movies - who knows? I thought Captain America wasn't around at this time and I thought he got his shield from S.H.I.E.L.D.?

The scene in which you can see the shield is after Iron Man returns from Afghanistan after fighting with the Mark III red/gold armor for the very first time. Right after he fights the two F-22 fighter jets, it shows him back in his lab trying to remove his armor but having trouble. Right as Pepper Potts walks down into his lab and asks him "what is he doing?", the shield can be seen sitting on one of his tables behind him in the lower left corner. This happens around 1 hour and 30 minutes into the movie. Make sure to account for trailers if you're going in. We confirmed it at a 6:40PM showing and the scene played at around ~8:18PM. Here is a very low quality photo just for reference. It looks much better in the movie.

Captain America Shield in Iron Man

The shield is actually red, white, and blue, although you can't see the red in the photo. But if you see the scene in the theater, the shield is actually there and very identifiable. It looks like it is half-constructed and being built by Tony Stark, but you can definitely see the unique star. It is a round shield with circular red, white, and blue stripes. What does this mean?

Apparently Captain America was actually given his round shield from the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization when he was found in modern times, which could make sense in this universe. Maybe Tony Stark has been building a shield, for whatever reasons, and eventually S.H.I.E.L.D., who was revealed at the end of the movie, will find out about it at a future point and suggest they give it to Captain America for his use. And this means maybe it will involve some sort of awesome Tony Stark technology instead of just being a metal object he throws around. How about that for a concept?

There are so many considerations and ideas for discussion surrounding this reveal, that almost anything right now is valid. The common reaction seems to be "that is very interesting" with much speculation thereafter. Why is Tony Stark building a shield when, as far as we know, Captain America hasn't been introduced and isn't around? Is Samuel Jackson's appearance at the end and mention of other superheroes in this universe a hint that Captain America is already around? What do you make of this?!

UPDATE: Just a few days ago, Marvel's President of Production Kevin Feige confirmed in person that it is Captain America's shield. You can read the details in this article here. Also confirmed by Feige is that the solo Captain America movie will take place in WWII, which follows the origin story from the comics closely. Feige does seem to confirm that this is only an easter egg and won't necessarily be a part of any future sequels or the Marvel universe. The Avengers is also in the works for a summer 2001 release.

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yea..ummm. im pretty sure thats not captain americas shield. thats almost definitely the holographic monitor that stark was using earlier in the movie. i think this is just a case of fanboy fever but thats just me

mos on May 9, 2008


wow, im thinking that the scene @ the end of the movie was probably before tony stark became ironman, because the little agent guy that was always with pepper obviously knew about what tony stark was doing because he said they had to debrief him about his escape, so my thought is that the scene with nick fury happened before he revieled he was iron man & thats why he was making the shield for captain america. but hey, im just brainstorming =]

PHATBOY_x on May 9, 2008


Something's there for sure. The same shot in the trailer just has a desk behind him... so they must have digitally inserted or removed it between the trailer and theatrical release. People are going to look into it a lot... But i think it's more of a "hey check this out" for the fans than anything.

Kent on May 9, 2008


If it is there it was put there just for coolness sake.... They won't reference Tony making a shield long before he finds out about Cap there absolutely no reason for him to. 1 he doesn't need a shield, 2 even if he did the shield clashes with his suit which every superhero knows is a faux pas.

Eric on May 9, 2008


What? Captain America's sheild with tech? Hell no! One vibrainium and adamantium sheild to go please! To replace Cap's original beat up from "beating Nazi's" sheild is how i like it.

JLA Reject on May 9, 2008


I do not think that's a shield, anything round with 3 spikes is a star? (geek alert!!) It does not make sense for the story line and I agree that's the 3D screen Stark was using for his designs. Good fan boy stuff though.

rodpop on May 9, 2008


Wow i love how people aren't even going to look at the trailer... it's clearly not there in the trailer shot... it's definitely something. If it's the shield i can't say... but it's not the holographic desk. His office has a very specific layout and he desk wasn't back there.

Kent on May 9, 2008


Okay - you need to WATCH THIS IN THE THEATER to see it! I am going to remove the photo above because it is NOT good representation! When you see it in the theater you will SEE it much more clearly. It is NOT a monitor, there is NO way in hell. It could be an engine piece, but 6 other people I showed to all said that it is CLEARLY the shield. Do NOT comment if you have not actually SEEN this in the theaters - come on! The photo above is not what it really looks like - that is ONLY there to reference the exact scene and WHERE to find it.

Alex Billington on May 9, 2008


i done dugg it, spread the word.

graham on May 9, 2008


The same scene is shown in the trailer for Iron Man but the shield is taken out. Why would they digitally take it out of the trailer unless it was supposed to be an easter egg? Think about that.

Izathatch on May 10, 2008


I can back Alex up on this. I saw the film again last night and it's as clear as day...just sitting there...looking all conspicuous And #2, that's a really cool theory, but Nick Fury references Stark's comments in the press conference just before when he says "I'm Iron Man" (on a side note, if I had to guess, that scene was filmed without Downey there...Jackson's lines seem too rushed and not conversational for the two actors be on set together....but that's another story)

Kevin Powers on May 10, 2008


Ugh ya. From what I know Captain America movie will most probably be set up in WW2 era but he will be awaken in modern era to become the leader of Avengers.

Jojo on May 10, 2008


i agree with izathatch, because if it was a monitor or a engine piece, why would it not be in the trailers?

PHATBOY_x on May 10, 2008


also, this is a nice excuse to go see the movie a 3rd time =]

PHATBOY_x on May 10, 2008


If Marvel did this intentionally, then it might mean in Captain America's movie his shield will be the original badge-like shape. Why Stark is developing a round stars and stripes shield is anyone's guess though.

Chris on May 10, 2008


Maybe SHIELD just wants him to build shit for them.

DCompose on May 10, 2008


Saw the movie again, saw the shield. Don't read into it at all though with this "Why is Tony building a hi-tech shield?!?" crap. It's just an easter egg.

Icarus on May 10, 2008


I think it is a teaser for the upcoming Captain America Film. We Captain American Aficionados enjoyed it and saw it as a tease. However; Nick Fury asks Iron Man To assist him with The Avengers Initiative Program. If Captain America was actually frozen and the Thawed; he would not be alive in the real world. However, Nick Fury may think that our country needs a new Captain America for The War Against Terror. He might have created a clone of Captain America and asked Tony to improve Cap's shield technology. The explanation as to why the shield keeps returning to Captain America may not seem plausible to todays audiences. The same goes for Cryogenics which has proven to be an unscientific sales scam for the wealthy. However; todays audiences are more acceptable of cloning technology, robotics technology, and nanotechnology. Lets speculate on which one of the three is more plausible to todays audiences: 1. Captain America is a clone of the original WW11 Captain. 2. Captain America is a very sophisticated AI Robot. If Jarvis can go from a human butler to an AI House while not a human Captain America being an AI Android. Finally; what if the nanotechnology that Nick Fury's SHIELD has was able to thaw Captain America and repair him enough for him to recover the freezing and thawing process. What do the rest of the Comic Aficionados Think. I refuse to use the term fan boy; it makes us sound like we are people who have no life except reading Comic Books and going to Comic Book Conventions. Why not fight for respect from the mainline movie audience and book audience and call us Comic Book Aficionados. Ivan,Sr.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 10, 2008


If you go to ironman website and look at the original trailer that shows the same scene, the spot for where the shield is, is empty.

john Fairburn on May 10, 2008


In the viral day and age that we currently live in, we're used to EVERYTHING meaning SOMETHING. Whatever happened to having easter eggs for the sake of having them? It's Marvel. So is Cap. They probab;y just put it in for the fans.

Ian Kazimer on May 10, 2008


wow, ivan just expanded my train of thought, thats a really cool concept, the part about a new captain america to stop the war on terror. & for everyone talking about the trailers, GO SEE THE MOVIE AGAIN, alot of people are confirming it, so why would you go back to the trailers!? >=|

PHATBOY_x on May 10, 2008


Franchise movies are full of this stuff. If the Captain America movie never gets made, it'll still mean as much as it does now.

DCompose on May 10, 2008


Why would they put the shield in that scene? Fury doesn't recruit Tony until after his last press conference, Fury's "I am Iron Man" is obviously referencing Tony outing himself. So chronologically it doesn't make any sense.

jason_md2020 on May 10, 2008


It's just some piece of plastic with a reflection. If Iron Man did make the shield, I guess it's not gonna be indestructable. And if it is the shield I hope it's just the tribute to the Death of Cap in the comics.

SmartedPanda on May 10, 2008


Better shot of it from a LG video:

Stephen on May 10, 2008


If you look closely, you can see that the "star" isn't even a star, and in fact isn't even attached to the "shield." I don't know how to explain it, but I don't think that's Cap's shield.

Jess on May 10, 2008


I have to agree. Dont think its the shield. Wouldnt make sense to have it in the movie period. He has nothing to do with the Avengers yet and Captain America isnt mentioned. Why would Tony build or have a red/white/blue shield? Answer? He wouldnt.

Heckle on May 10, 2008


A newbie here offering an insight or two; 1. Saw it myself in a large-screen theater and it most definitely is Cap's shield. 2. in the Ultimate continuum, it is Tony Stark that discovers Cap in the arctic. 3. while cryonics isn't proven for humans it works in the animal world; frogs in particular freeze over the winter There is no cellular damage because the elevated glucose (sugar) levels in their tissues. 4. suspended animation in mammals has been demonstrated at the U. of Pittsburgh by the lab that developed CPR. They use 80 ppm inhaled hydrogen sulfide gas, which turns down cellular metabolism 90+% without harm. Work is early, but they're already talking about using it for spaceflight and emergency care. Hydrogen sulfide is basically the rotten egg smell.

DocM on May 11, 2008


PS: The work at U. Pitt was done by the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research.

DocM on May 11, 2008


it definitely is his shield, I took my bro to see the Iron Man movie for the first time and made sure to look for it. When I first saw the low-res image I thought it was just some blue rendering. Take a look at the picture again. See the blue rendering that looks like the right half of Cap's shield. Look to the 9 and 10 o'clock area from the star and you see red and white stripes, as if the shield is only partially completed and the rendering is for the construction of the rest. Does it make sense? No, not at all. He's not Iron Man yet, he doesn't know who SHIELD is, he hasn't heard of the Avengers yet, and Cap hasn't been found. Despite the fact that it makes no sense... the shield really is there.

Chris H. on May 11, 2008


You all are doing exactly what was planned for this "object". Some comic geek knew that other comic geeks would notice the similar colors and patterns and got together with a marketing guy who told him they could use it to build hype and speculation for the new Captain America movie. I just saw it the movie. The thing didn't even look like a solid object. To me, it's a hologram that looks like an arrow pointing to a circle for whatever reason. And to the speculation that this is just part of the shield or something. We see many times throughout the film that Stark builds his creations FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Starting with first the electronics, then when it's completed they get encased in the hard metal shell. Why would he build just part of a a full shield?

Rob on May 11, 2008


I'll have to look for it the next time i go. Tony Stark is a weapons makes sense that SHIELD (perhaps under a different name) would task him to make weapons for them.

Berg on May 11, 2008


Actually...In the Ultimate Universe (Which this movie is partially based off of...) They gave Captain America a new shield when he came out suspended animation...Further more Tony Stark owned one of his helmets and returned it to him at a dinner party. If it is in fact the shield than they might be wanting to go that route for the referrence when they do the Avengers movie. Keith

Keith on May 11, 2008


The ironman movie shows stark having great love of america and also thinking it would be cool to be a superhero(his end speach)so maybe the set up is he is a fan of the cap in ww2 and like he bought the painting for no reason in the movie had to have the sheild of his hero but being the geek that he is thought how could i improve it not realizing that sheild was tring to thaw cap to lead the avengers.

STEVE on May 11, 2008


I buy that, Steve. If we lived in a universe where a real-life superhero existed, let alone one that fought in World War II against the Nazis, he'd have plenty of fans, including Mr. "Saving-American-lives" Stark. We live in a world where people pay top-dollar for movie paraphenalia, for a King Kong poster. Where fans build their own props from favorite TV shows and films. If I had Tony Stark's money, I wouldn't restore hot rods or collect Jackson Pollock paintings. I'd build a working lightsaber, and wouldn't quit until I had done it. Or maybe the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Point it is, fandom + wealth x genius-level brillance = Cap's shield, completely free of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s requesting for or knowledge of. 'Nuff said.

Kevin J on May 11, 2008


Another thought. The movie made a big deal about Stark's father being involved in the Manhattan Project. What if he were involved in the Super-Soldier Serum project as well? Hmmm?

Kevin J on May 11, 2008


this is just probably a set up for the cap America movie coming out following the avengers movie.. And maybe in the incredible hulk there will be something more revealing or something to give the fans a clue or an idea remember marvel has full power now they want to add something they definetly will

jake on May 11, 2008


I think it is Captain America's shield. Maybe Stark was studying it trying to incorporate elements of it into his armor. Cap's shield is made of a fusion of vibranium with an unable to be duplicated experimental steel alloy. We saw during the movie that Stark was trying to make his armor as light and as durable as possible and saw the shield as a path to that goal. If you watch the Nick Fury scene Fury asks him "Think youre the only superhero in the world?" this implies that there are other active superheroes that arent widely known to the public. Also, Fury would have an Avenger plan without candidates already being available. And what are the Avengers without Captain America?

Mike on May 11, 2008


Maybe they found the shield after Cap Vanished, and Tony was studying it in an attempt to duplicate it.

Lamont Turner on May 11, 2008


Yeah makes sense if he has found/acquired the sheild for his own purposes. Also if it's made of some indestructable material it would explain why he has it in his lab and not on display as an artefact as he is maybe trying to duplicate the material in his suit. If I was making a robot suit I was going to put myself in and blow stuff up I would use the best materials around, if that was the shield of a guy from WW2 then so be it. Would be good if in Captain America film Tony Stark comes along and is like "This belongs to you" like passing the torch to the original superhero.

Matt on May 12, 2008


It's funny. I could see where if Cap did exist in WWII that it could be either a painting or replica of Cap's Shield (or US Agent, for that matter); Stark wasn't working with SHIELD at this point, and will not be given an invitation to Avengers until the end of the film where he has yet to (eventually) accept. But to me, this shot is nothing more than, at best, a "happy accident". At the right angle, right lighting, a twitch of CGI and presto- a distorted image of Cap's shield- right over Tony Stark's blue car. Huh? Yes! The blue car! First of all, look at Stark's neck. You can clearly see the roof and part of the car's interior. Then follow down diagonally and you can see the driver's side headlight, the front grill and the driver's side front tire. Thanks for including Pepper in the shot; this accounts for scale. It is an angle with metallic reflection of lights. This accounts for half the star, and the choppiness of the "cap shield" image. Listen. I'm *not* saying "the image" of Cap's shield isn't there. You can grab all the "comic book experts" you want and I won't debate it. But it is *only* the image, and not an actual shield. Here's food for thought: if all of you are right and I am wrong then, in essence, the shield is on a worktable in plain view. You would see the shield in other shots in the film, specifically this scene. But you didn't. Your comic book experts didn't. Nor will anyone else. But enough already. Stark isn't building Cap's shield. He's too busy building Mark armor.

Darren seeley on May 12, 2008


In the 70's, (Maybe early 80's) comics, Tony Stark did enhance Captain Americas shield with technology. Cap had him take it out because it threw the balance of the shield off.

Patzilla on May 12, 2008


How about it was just an easter egg?

Gerry on May 12, 2008


I do agree with most that this is just a cool easer egg to hint at Captain America, but not bee over analyzed. I do strongly disagree with Darren, however. That is clearly a table with the shield on it. In theaters this is quite clear. The cars are off to the left of this image. When Tony puts on and takes off the armor, the cars are to his right ad no at all behind him.

Scott K on May 12, 2008


Agree with those that say Tony Stark purchased it as some sort of memorabelia. Definitley can see Howard Stark being part of the Super Soldier angle as well. As to why it's in his lab, the explanation is more simple - he's trying to replicate it's indestructible properties for his armor.

Brian on May 12, 2008


What if it's just a cute little easter egg that Jon Favreau just threw in there for fun? What if it's not meant to suggest anything about the continuity of the Marvel characters in the movie world? Can't it just be a fun little thing without geeks arguing about how this shield could possibly make sense in movie-Iron Man's world? I mean, arguing about whether or not Captain America has been found yet, or if Stark was involved in the Super Serum project, or if this is a reference to the Ultimates universe instead of the standard Marvel universe, all seems like a lot of wind to me. My two cents, which will likely be subjected to significant criticism by The Geek Squad who are devoted to bantering about this stuff, but geez Louise -- it's just a movie, people. j

Jon on May 12, 2008


i do remember seeing this but i was trying to focus on other stuff that when i looked over it left the screen =(, but thats bad ass, as long as Matt mcSuckass is not Captin America then were all good.

THERBLIG on May 12, 2008


in I Am Legend there is a billboard for a Superman/ Batman movie, it doesn't mean anything more than what it is. It's an easter egg that may or may not hatch. those're my two pennies.

juan on May 12, 2008


well hey, at this point it can go either way. im a huge movie/comic buff and we wont really know until the captain america movie or iron man 2 wont we? the comic part of me would like to think that tony is a fan of captain america and is just building it for shits and giggles, the movie part of me thinks its a little thing put in to excite fans and make us wonder what's next. trust me, the way these guys think its probably not just there to just be there, that would be silly, itd be different if he had like a poster of something like that, but the fact hes got a incomplete cap shield can possibly stand for something. Who knows, u dont have to be part of a "geek squad" to think in such a way. I'd honestly like to think the filmmakers and Jon Favreau are just covering their bases, but in the end, no one knows, its not a crime to throw out thoughts and speculate.

James Ridout on May 12, 2008


well the superman/batman thing is in there because the director ( im pretty sure) is a huge fan and would love to see that so he put it in the movie, i am legend though ISNT in the DC universe or anything so that IS an easter egg. The shield doesnt need to MEAN anything, but the fact its there WILL cause speculation because everyone knows theyre doing iron man 2, avengers, and captain america, so to just put there without meaning is possible but pretty stupid considering tony stark and steve rogers (cap.) become good friends and are in the same world as you or I. Honestly, its not to geek out at all, its just to just put it in context, dont think narrowly, who knows what theyre gonna pull next.

James Ridout on May 12, 2008


All I gotta say is, think for a second how AWESOME the Iron Man Dvd's gonna be. Extra deleted improv scenes (like a 3rd of the scenes were improv by the actors). Interactive Suit design schematics. Commentary on what it's like to get drunk w/ Robert Downey Jr. and have sexy stews break out the stripper poles. (Still my favorite, most memorable scene in the WHOLE movie, b/c it strayed SO far from the comic but hit right on w/ what we'd want Tony to do, if he lived in our world.) Who do you think is going to play the Mandarin , in the next film?

Djo Fortunado on May 12, 2008


Has anyone actually looked at the full trailer, that scene is on there without the shield!!!, so is this a photoshop fake. Or was it only added for the cinema release?

ironmonger on May 12, 2008


I think that Steve is right in comment #34. I'm going with the idea that Cap will be shown to have the round shield in WW II and is assumed to have perished in WWII, which is the ending for the (Saving Private Ryan-esque?) movie, and I think that the end of the movie will show Cap being discovered by Stark, maybe after the credits roll - heck, maybe Cap won't be discovered until the beginning of the Avengers movie. All they have to do to lead up to an Avengers movie is to have subtle little cameos like the Shield tie-in and Stark cameo in the Hulk movie. Maybe in the I.M. movie universe, Stark has had the shield in his collection for awhile.

Bucky on May 12, 2008


Tony Stark may not know of S.H.I.E.L.D. yet, but he does know of Captain America. Captain America is a historical figure in the world Stark lives in. Everyone knows about him. Given the appearance of Nick Fury mentioning The Avengers, isn't it possible that Captain America had already been found and revived by the time of the clip in question? Isn't it possible that some Stark Enterprises-funded expedition located his frozen body, or that the government (not acting as S.H.I.E.L.D.) came to Stark, asking him to construct a new shield? Even so, it's an obvious Easter Egg and nothing more. Why? Because to reference this properly in Captain America's movie would be too cumbersome. Then again, since Marvel is really looking put their crossover and team-up strategy from their comics into their movies, maybe it wouldn't be that tricky, after all.

Nobody Important on May 13, 2008


Starks Father being responsible for the last wars A-Bomb projects doesn't put Caps early adventures/involvement too far out of reach as a further storyline .

Armored Amphibian on May 13, 2008


Oh yeah. And i've seen the Wasp on the Stark Industries party. All who saw what seems to be a capΒ΄s shield, need a woman. Better, get a life please. That was just a tech desk with some colors. Just COINCIDENCE. But there are so many people who likes to find horn in a horse's head...

Ronald on May 13, 2008


I didn't see the shield as described inthe above photo...but I did see it hanging on the wall in stark's house as he walks by. Don't know where this was in the movie. were my daughter and i the only ones to see this?

Jim in St.Louis, Mo on May 13, 2008


This artifact does not appear in the trailer. This means that: a) This is a fake produced in photoshop. b) It was added as an Easter Egg after the CGI for the trailers was put together. c) This is the result of a really bad camera. Here's the shot from the trailer: Trailer Shot As you can see, it is also not Tony's blue car.

RadicalX on May 13, 2008


Jim in St. Louis I noticed it on the wall as well it looked like the one released a few years ago from Factory X.

Bill on May 13, 2008


I've seen the movie (for a third time) and looked for the shield. It looks like a lot of random things that happen to look like a shield... but it didn't convince me. I think that is NOT Cap's shield.

Skyman on May 13, 2008


Maybe some of Cap's original gear was made by Stark back during WWII. (This is assuming the Super Soldier program hasn't been advanced a few decades as well.) Tony could be cannibalising an unused sheild prototype for usable parts,re-doing a shield for a modern day Cap in a revived program,disguising a bit of cool technology inside some memorabelia or getting equipment ready for a Steve Rogers he knows is back. We may have to see the Captain America film to find out.

quantumcat on May 13, 2008


How about this? Tony is a war history buff in the film as seen by his office and the history he and his family has with the military. In addition, in that scene with Pepper, he shows that he likes to buy and collect extravagant and historic things that he keeps in his vault. Perhaps Tony has had the famed shield of Captain America and as a part of determining what alloys to use for the suit took a look at it. Meanwhile, the Hulk, Thor, and Ant-Man movies will come out and Fury will be recruiting them all for the Avengers in those films. They could do a period film for Captain America that shows his history and roots with Bucky and the Red Skull and at the end him getting frozen. The opening of the Avengers movie could be the team finding Captain America and Tony can introduce himself by presenting him with his shield that he's had. How is that for going full circle from now to then.

Clear-Head on May 13, 2008


if would be a neat idea to have Captain America (Steve Rogers) die in his movie. with a the death of Steve Rogers, i can easily see the Avengers movie placing Bucky as the new CA and have Tony Stark make an homage shield for him (like in the picture provided). this way it would be more updated with the comic series. because for me, remembering Steve as Captain America isn't the same and doesn't "feel" current. he became a legend the issue he died. this way, it'll be more believable than a simple 'frozen man' being found and resurrected...unless Marvel does a step ahead and place Captain America within another War besides WWII...

D Bone Breaker on May 13, 2008


I find it hard to believe that lights and camera angles just happened to make what appeared to be Captain America's shield in the Iron Man movie. That'd be the ultimate coincidence. Plus, I saw Iron Man in theaters. I saw the shield with my own eyes, and Cap's shield is right there, clear as day. It is indisputable. I'm not going to speculate out loud on what a sequel or Cap movie would entail regarding the shield's brief appearance in this film. Maybe they'll tie it into later films, maybe they reference it, maybe they don't. But it is there for sure. And it they don't reference it later, is that going to prevent you from enjoying those films? It was just a fun easter egg of no consequence. I personally have waited all my life for cross referencing in superhero films. So the shield and Nick Fury have made me really happy. Now I'm gonna sit back and continue to watch Marvel school DC on how to make movies. Nolan's Batman the lone exception (and unfortunately, only viable DC franchise). Sadly though, I'm more of a DC fan (9 monthly pulls) than a Marvel fan (1 pull). I wish DC could do have of what Marvel is doing with their movies.

Jason Kinnison on May 13, 2008


Animated gif of that clip:

Rey Fox on May 14, 2008


I don't think it's the shield. The points of the "star" look out of whack for it to be the shield.

DMO on May 14, 2008


It's the 3 Men & a Baby Boy!!! While y'all were distracted looking for Stars & Stripes, I was WAY too busy watching Gwenyth Paltrow's sexy swagger. THAT'S what I call a nice Easter Egg. Cap Schmapp. Iron Man kicks his ass. They proved as much in the Comics.

Smedley Lazlow Horthobagui on May 14, 2008


If I'm right didn't bruce banner have Caps original shield in Ultimates. Maybe Stark has Caps original shield here.

J12 on May 14, 2008


Cannot really identify it as a shield as its fairly blurred. But, I remember that Stark, (or at least the Ultimate Stark and it was carried into the recent Avenger animation movie), was a huge fan of Captain America and collected Memorabilia related to him. Might just be that fan boy tie in.

Nick on May 14, 2008


I have not read all 69 previous posts, but assuming that the new Marvel Movieverse (Earth 617?) is similar to the standard Marvel U, or more likely, the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Tony totally knows about Captain America. He's a famous WWII hero. He probably thinks he's dead. Ironman is already an active super hero in both the standard U and Ultimate U when Cap is discovered and thawed. I also doubt they would have Tony make the shield. Trdaditionaly it's a lost technology from WWII that hasn't been duplicated. We know Tony in the movie is an avid collector. Perhaps he bought the shield. Seems like the kind of thing a billionaire technofile gearhead playboy would want laying around. Then when it comes time to create his own set of indistrucable armor, well, he's got just the thing to try to copy for the skin. My (rather long winded) 2 cents. BTW, so how cool would it be to have the Captain America movie set exclusively in WWII? End with his "Death" the avengers movie pics up with discovering his frozen body. Good stuff

Jimmy2bad on May 14, 2008


CONFIRMATION! Insider at Marvel confirms.. It is Captain Americas Shield!! Tony Starks father created weapons during World War II. He was the one that created the shield! Which is why Tony had it in the first place. Why did Tony Stark have it our on his work table? As a reference for the suit he was building of course. The suit is made out of the same metal that the shield was made from. So there you have it folks! That is Captain Americas shield! found the info here

Rich on May 15, 2008


The shield is definitely there---I saw the film for the third time today and specifically ignored Tony and Pepper in the scene to locate it. The photo above doesn't do the scene justice (the camera had already panned out of the best position at which to see it). In that scene, there's a point at which the camera is dead center in front of Tony and the shield is quite clearly visible under Tony's right arm at the bottom left of the screen. The camera switches from behind Pepper's head as Tony says, "Let's face it: This is not the worst thing you've caught me doing"---it then moves to a spot right in front of Tony and that's the best vantage point to see the shield. Most of the details of Cap's shield are there, except that the circular center is half built: only the top half of the star is there, the bottom half is placed to the side. It may be a fanboy's dream, but it's the real deal. Apparently, Jon Favreau had been trying to get a Captain America project going for quite a long time, so it's likely that he put it there as a reminder of that (that, or it's just a sight gag for the fans). Either way, it's good fun.

Daria on May 15, 2008


anyone think that it is a holographic representation of a design tony stark is working on, and it just so happens to be caps shield? because it def. looks like it is see through...... at 1:55 is where the same scene is at in the trailer.

clizzle on May 16, 2008


I would prefer the original Captain America from World War II era being turned up in the modern era, as discovered by the above Tony Stark/IronMan character from the movie. I would hope Marvel Studios is working on a screenplay that would center around the very reason why the USA need a Captain America in World War II: it should parallel the real-life secret effort of the United States and England working together to build an atomic bomb after learning the Nazis were doing it for the same reasons. What is the reason for Captain America come to being? The existence of a secret German project to create Nazi super-soldiers. A young, fast-rising star SS officer becomes its first super-soldier but the project was disastrous and his face/body was horribly burnt and disfigured, then later Hitler himself personally took care of the poor SS officer and transformed him into the RED SKULL! The Nazi super-soldier project was suspended but not before the American government learned of it and began to work on its own super-soldier project. A thin, frail, young Steve Rogers saw the Nazi dangers in the movie news reel, glimpsed the Red Skull behind Hitler. He volunteered into the U.S. Army but become a 4-F reject. Desperately, he looks for any excuse to become a soldier, no matter what and a sympathetic Army general took notice of Rogers' eagerness and desire. You know the rest of the story. And that how should the First Avenger come to being on the big screen! I wanted to see Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos being pinned by relentless enemy fires in Sicily, only to be suddenly rescued by a huge soldier with a shield, moving with inhuman speed and skills, taking down a score of Nazi soldiers single-handedly. Fury would ask Dum-Dum, "Who the hell is that?!" Before Dum-Dum could reply, the huge soldier turned to Fury and said with a salute and smile, "Captain America, sir," and take off fast. πŸ™‚

Rob on May 16, 2008


It's there! AND it makes PERFECT sense! 'How?' you may ask. Simple. Stark Industries had been the military's leading weapons manufaturer and Tony decided to stop building weapons for them. Why? Because they were being used by the enemy to kill the people he built them to defend (he says so himself). So Cap was a WWII icon right? Stark's not making weapons anymore...maybe he thought to create an indestructable shield that our troops could use to defend themselves and used Cap as inspiration. Maybe this shield that we see is just the prototype. Maybe, when Cap is discovered and thawed out, Stark is like "You know? I think I have something for you! Should be a perfect fit." Well...I think that makes sense.

COOLEY! on May 17, 2008


Mmm, interesting, I've seen the movie twice and definitely looks like it is! πŸ™‚

TheMystical on May 18, 2008


#63's idea is the best I have heard so far of making the transition from the old WW2 Captain America to The New Captain America. Other then Comic Book Aficionados like us ; the generation that is dying off(The Great Generation) There is no audience for WW2 Heroes or WW2 Movies. The Elite Effete snobs that watched WW2 on PBS only go to Independent films. Remember these are the same people who think that we are immature morons who only read children's books, i.e. comic books. I see them some times in my comic book store with their 5 to 12 year olds.Their parents look at us as closeted pedophiles. However, The 18 to 49 years who are the demographic group that TV and Movie Studios target have grown up with 9/11 and Global Terrorism. The New Captain America is The Jack Bauer(24) of Comic Books and SHIELD is our Home Land Security. I went through so many Captain America Comic Book Failures that permanent cancellation was the only humane thing to do. Then Ed Brubaker came along and gave us the Captain America for The Post 9/11 Era. Mr Brubaker should be given The Screen Writer job and Guillermo Del Toro should be given The Directors Job. The Brains of Marvel's Captain America and One of the great brains of The Action Comic Book Movies. Ivan,Sr.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 18, 2008


Could we please stop commenting on Captain Americas Shield. ##71 has confirmed from his Marvel Contact that it is Captain America's Shield. I believe him. I know other people who have contacts in Marvel. However; since I don't want to ask these people to compromise their relationship with Marvel Insiders; I don't ask them. As far as I am concern; The subject is mute. Good bye and it was an enjoyable debate. Ivan,Sr.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 18, 2008


Despite him not knowing about shield yet he still built weapons and has/had millitary contracts to fullfill. Whats to say shield didn't go though a dummy corporation or something? There supposed to be all super secret anyway lol

voidosity on May 18, 2008


It could also be that Tony's father could of made it for Captain America. and that it's just lying around in his work shop since his father was a big part of making weapons in World War 2.

movielover79 on May 18, 2008


It's the shield people. The Nick Fury scene had to be filmed previous to the Press scene but "Nick" makes reference to it. In the Ultimates Universe, Nick brings him in on the Avengers project early and he KNOWS about Captain America. Just like he knows about Bruce Banner. Also, Bruce, Tony and Reed Richards were all in college together if my memory serves me correct(Ultimates Uni) But he did not know his father was part of the "super soldier" project. That's the info that he gets from Nick that pulls him into the project. Of course, Obadiah Stane knew. Now my question is...whose gonna play the "Black Widow"?

th1rd3y3 on May 20, 2008


Ivan, relax. You're starting to sound bitter dude.("Their parents look at us as closeted pedophiles. ") Geez! I am 35 and have been reading comics since I was 11. My son is 7 and is reading everything I have on the Avengers and Iron Man. So back up off the caricature descriptions man. Self-deprecation is a sign of insecurity. And as an African American, I am excited to death about Sam L.J. as Nick Fury!

th1rd3y3 on May 20, 2008


in the ULTIMATES books, Captain America doesn't use the disc shield during WW2 and Tony Stark was a childhood-fan of Captain America. Maybe Captain America is a black Ops Agent in the movies but Tony wasn't the average child either. And if Tony was in the mood to become a super-hero himself, having Captain america on his working table makes so much sense that I won't even argue the fact that there it is. Hope they digitally add Captain America's WW2 Helmet (the one with the A) somewhere in Tony's place for the DVD!

Likodemus on May 23, 2008


Anyone else find it amusing that the Avengers movie is slated for a 2001 release??? Gotta love typos "The Avengers is also in the works for a summer 2001 release."

cdw on May 24, 2008


I heard about this from Comic Geek Speak, from a Crew Member who worked on Iron Man, who confirmed that they just slipped that in at the last minute. You can listen to the episode here (see link below), but yes, that is Captain America's Shield.

Troy Hillman on May 26, 2008


yeah guess what? Captain America's shield was created in WWII. It was created by Dr. Myron MacLain and given to cap by FDR himself in 1941. It is made of a fusion of adamantium and vibranium and CANNOT BE REPRODUCED. so Iron man COULD NOT HAVE MADE IT. I think it's an easter egg personally.

Tony Bullock on May 30, 2008


Director Jon Favreau says in a interview that it is captain americas shield check out

shane o on Jun 6, 2008


ya um it actually is the captian america shield the diretor even says im hoping this is pushing twords a new captain america movie considering the hulk director says thiers a possibility of captin america even being seen (not heard or reconized) in the new movie

brett on Jun 8, 2008


Yeah, Brett, there actually WILL be a Captain America Movie in 2011. At least I'm pretty sure that was the date Marvel announced. The upcoming films...The Incredible Hulk (2008), Thor (2009 or 2010 - can't remember), Iron Man 2 (2010), Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), The Avengers (2011).

Jess on Jun 8, 2008


Ok first off Ive seen Iron Man 6 Times and The Sheild is obvisously there and I read that Tony Stark Has Nothing to do with the making of Captain America's sheild. The sheild was placed in tha movie for and Easter Egg just to have Geeks like most of us argue over why its there or if it is there but the final thing is that it is there and its just nothing ok except for FUCKING EXCITING moments u kno

Jack on Jun 9, 2008


It is his shied, ILM threw it in as a surprise and John and Co. liked it and left it in there... he said so in his latest discussion on his myspace page...

Mike on Jun 10, 2008


To #89 - X-Men Origins: Wolverine is currently the only Marvel movie slated for '09.

That One Guy on Jun 11, 2008


Wolvie & PUNISHER WAR ZONE as well. But neither are Marvel Studios. LOGAN (as I'll affectionately call this totally mis-named film) is by Fox and CASTLE is done by Lions Gate.

Django Djo on Jun 11, 2008


I saw the movie twice and never saw the shield. I was too busy concentrating on the plot of the movie and speculation only surfaced recently. I did notice this on the image above: Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is lookin' HOT in her little, black dress!

Albert on Jun 13, 2008


thors shield in iron man,wow i didnt see it but what the hell is stark thinking when he was making it,to add it to hiss already advansed armour or give it to the US army as token of appreciation for their business transactions.for whatever the reason,a sequel of ironman would be a blast!!!! as for the rest of the marvel family of heroes i'm only looking forward to see the fantastic 4 take on namour the submariner,heard he wants to flood the world or something. anyway goodluck marvel and all the movie houses in your movie making abilities (p.s hope you guys going to make amovie concerned of the silver surfer)

tatoka on Jun 13, 2008


if you read the comic books, Tony Stark actually gets the shield for a while and improves it.

Kai on Jun 13, 2008


um 95, why did you say thor's shield? im quite sure that it's caps shield.

Chris on Jun 13, 2008


1) I think it is a Sheild that Tony is using to inprove his own armor! He has the reasorceses to do so. 2) Now after seeing the HULK " part 2 " i am 100% sure that tony's Dad will have a major part in the Cap movie! I which he shoul have the badge-like shape! 3) And if Marvel really want to start making movies right way to make up for the Hulk ''part 1 '', the first Fantastic 4 movie, Dare Devil!, Elictra!, and not to mention X-men 1,2,and 3! Marvel will find a way to work wolvirien and Cap into each others movies both or at least one or the other!!!!!!

BROOME on Jun 14, 2008


ok i seen the shield it is clear as water.but also i have seen the new hulk movie at the very end of the movie tony and the general are having a talk.can't remember exactly what they said all i remember was that the general is having a drink tony walks in to the bar,tells the general that he hears that he has a big problem and that he should listen.cant really remember the last words all i remember he tells the general about his organization doing test about super soldiers.maybe this has something to do with the captain America movies

jay on Jun 14, 2008


It was Caps' shield and here is why- earlier in the Iron Man movie it is established that Tony Starks' father was a WWII hero/inventor...probably made the shield for Cap. It is also established that Stark is a collector(when he tells Pepper to buy the outrageously priced Jackson Pollack painting).. Now consider this: The shield is indestructible- so why wouldn't Tony want to analyze it for the benefit of hs own armor? Now fast forward to HULK. the Stark scene chronologically is right after Fury approaches him about the Avengers. In the Ultimate universe Ross is a big deal and needs to be onboard because at this point Ross has either the body of Captain America or the tools to make another. The fact that the serum is kept cold and the regenerative power exhibited by Blonsky are clear indicators that Captain America with the full perfected serum dosage would be alive and well frozen. Logically Marvel will have Ross find Captain America at the end of the Captain movie- it will be set in WWII and end with the military recovering the body. Prompting possibly another Stark cameo or Nick Fury at the end. On Marvels' slate of movies Captain America will hit theaters a month or two before the Avengers.

AvengerHawkeye on Jun 14, 2008


That is Captain Americas sheild, Nick Fury(Samual Jackson) wants Iron Man to join the Avengers and Tony Stark(Iron Man) want the HULK to join the Avengers. Iron Man, The HULK, Captain America and Thor! The Avengers is going to kick-ass coming 2011!

Guerra69 on Jun 17, 2008


That is Cap's shield, i saw the flick 3 times and it is there!! It was a super cool easter egg...Like when we see the blue super serum in the HULK (and the birth of the Leader), and Tony at the end talking about putting a team together....We almost saw War Machine, that would have been nice too...Whatever the case it is pretty cool how they are putting hints in all the new Marvel movies to show what is to come in the near future...

ucmeyh8 on Jun 17, 2008


Also, I would just like to chime in that it would make perfect sense for it. Tony Stark makes weapons for the US government... So WHY would anyone assume that Fury could ask Stark for this shield without Tony ever knowing what it is for.... I'm guessing Tony doesn't press for TOO much info on indestructible shields, lol... The fact that SO many people find it's chronological placing in the movie an issue is crazy to me... at NO point do they state what is going on with Fury, or all of Starks' military contracts.... Maybe 6 months before this film took place Tony was asked by a government official to work on a shield for them... and thats all it would take. We also don't know what Fury has been up to. Maybe at this point he had found Cap frozen in the ice a LONG time ago, and has been keeping him cryogenically frozen ever since, but started working on things for when he brings him out... Regardless though, I do not think this was just some kind of silly easter egg thrown in haphazardly.

James on Jun 21, 2008


Come on know people! That is definitely his shield. Tony starks made it for him. It is made from a space material called vibranium.

Archangel on Jun 22, 2008


your all saying its not his shield, but it says in the article above it has been confirmed it is.

Charlie on Jun 24, 2008


The original shield that Cap had was NOT round. In WW2 he had a Kite style shield. When cap was revived from the ice, the current president of the united states gave cap his round shield. It was stated by the president that the shield was in fact an accident, and the process of the alloy could not be produced. I offer an opinion: Stark was given the shield (before cap was revived) to study it. Perhaps he was trying to figure out how to duplicate the alloy to use in his Iron Man suit. Later, when Cap was revived, the shield was given to him by the president, as it was in the comic. have a look at this for Cap's history: cheers al

almac on Jun 24, 2008


OK if you guys were to watch the scene after the credits. look at tony starks chest, he does not have his arc reactor. so what this means is that Nick Fury visited by Tony Stark before he became Ironman. What my theory is that when Nick told Stark about the Avengers program, Nick possibly told Tony about Captain America. (Sorry i have not read the Captain America comics, so i dont know about his history. But from i hear in these comments is that he disappeared after WWII, I DONT KNOW I HAVE NOT READ THE COMICS!) So Nick possibly asked Stark to build a new shield for the Cap. So Stark was duplicating it, or just making it better. Since Stark does make weapons of mass destruction. =p Im not sure if im 100% correct. But my observations were from youtube and these comments. Sincerely, Adrian

Adrian on Jul 7, 2008


My only problem with believing Nick Fury visited Tony BEFORE he became Iron Man is that Nick quotes the last line Tony says before the credits..."I am Iron Man." This means Nick Fury either saw the interview or was told by the SHIELD agent that Tony Stark admitted he was Iron Man. Therefore, Nick Fury could NOT have visited Tony before he became Iron Man. Also, Tony's reactor is not visible when he wears a suit. Check out The Incredible Hulk. It's obvious that Thunderbolt knows Tony Stark is Iron Man, so everyone else would know, too. You can't see Tony's reactor though. It's under his shirt, behind his tie...not out in the open. The more I think about the actual topic at hand though, I doubt the Captain America shield was purposely built by Tony for Captain America, because for all anyone knows, Captain America has been dead for 60 years. I think it was just a patriotic device that will later be used by Captain America. If you know the history of Captain America, his shield was significantly different in the 1940s, and his outfit was a little different, too. I'm actually kind of mad at myself for adding more to this discussion, because it's going all over the place.

Jess on Jul 7, 2008


Avengers is in the works for a 2001 release!!! WOW they've mastered time travel!

butthead on Jul 7, 2008


OOHHH MAN!!!! I didnt hear the part where Nick Fury said "I am Ironman"!!! Haha, dang epic fail for me!!!! Well ok i take everything i said back. Haha i was totally wrong! But anyother thing i noticed was at the end of The Hulk when Tony Stark went to go visit the General, he was saying something about "the super soldier program was put on ice for a reason" so obviously the General knows something about Captain America. Also i was thinking that maybe this scene wasent really the end. Maybe it was a cut scene in the middle of the movie. I don't know if i'm right, but i was just saying, could have happened.

Adrian on Jul 7, 2008


Watch the Ultimate Avengers animated movie. It should help you out a little bit.

Archangel on Jul 7, 2008


haha yea thats what i did. But it really didnt follow how the avengers came up in Ironman nd The Incredible Hulk.

Adrian on Jul 7, 2008


how about this Cap america movie set in ww2...cap america gets frozen like in the comic is revived in modern time and the movie is about how he was revived using super soldier serum thus gaining powers and using his powers against badies...he is then detected by the SHIELD who sign him up which would make sense that they then go talk to stark to build a new shield for cap as his old one was lost or destroyed. It would be awesome for a new avengers movie because it would make so much sense if Logan (wolverine) was in ww2 with cap because obviously he is immortal that would give reference to Cap and then Thunderbolt ross was in on the experiments on wolverine trying to make a super soldier before using similar experiments on Banner and in between the creation of Wolverine and the hulk obviously iron man came to be and spider man is in there sumwhere too!!! im not crazy

Cheech on Jul 11, 2008


No, Cheech, you're not crazy. In fact the original comic books have Logan as part of the Canadian Army during WWII, and he was pretty much Canada's version of Captain America, but the difference is that two different factions were in charge of each of the projects. It WOULD be cool to have the connection in the movies, but I'm pretty sure Marvel has stated that Wolverine and Spider-Man will not be part of The Avengers movie. I guess we'll have to see how this Wolverine movie turns out and if it has any references to any of what we've seen in Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

Jess on Jul 11, 2008


Cap's shield was in fact around before he was frozen, at least in the original Capt. America comics. It was given to him by President Roosevelt in Capt. America # 2 after the original badge shaped shield was destroyed. So depending on which story line (Original) or (Ultimate) they go with it would explain why his shield is around before he is recovered from the ice.

James on Jul 23, 2008


It is definetly Cap's shield. makes perfect sense. Cap's upcoming movie is set in WWII, right? So obviously there is knowledge of his existence. What if the shield is all that was found after Cap's presumed death during WWII? Tony does have the money to have purchased it at an auction as fanboy memorabilia. We all know the Avengers movie is on the horizon. They're tying all of the movies involved in that project together in some capacity. Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man, Cap's shield in Tony's lab, the mention of the Super Soldier serum in Hulk, and the cameo of Tony Stark at the end of Hulk. This wasn't just a fanboy thing it is an elaborately planned teaser of all upcoming Avengers related characters.

Snowman on Aug 10, 2008


UPDATE: Just a few days ago, Marvel's President of Production Kevin Feige confirmed in person that it is Captain America's shield.

Aafter on Aug 18, 2008


I agree on what snowman sez. One question to all have none off you seen the animated sreies off the avengers or just not paid attention. if you have seen this then you should know that tony stark produces weapons which he also makes for shield so why is is so weird for you see cap america's shield in tony stark's lab!

Masters on Aug 22, 2008


i don't think it really matters. Guess what? If it is Cap's shield, it could be for any reason imaginable. If it's not, then it is an extremely interesting coincidence. Either way, in 2010 or 2011 whenever they get around to filming the Cap movie... things will be explained. Another thing, it's Cap's shield.... has anyone made a huge deal over Stan Lee being in all the Marvel movies... Well most of them anyway. Not really, save to complain about it. What I'm trying to say is this: I want to believe that it's Cap's shield. I have not gone back to see the movie and if I do it will be to enjoy the movie not to look for a controversial image. I want to believe it's his shield because I LOVE the little connecting peices that lead up to the Avengers... Watch the end of The Incredible Hulk... Again, I don't care if it's his shield or not.... I'm going to believe it is. Why? Because I'm a fanboy and I'd like to think that the directors of these movies enjoy Marvel as much as I do. I know if I made the film, I'd include something that would hint at The Avengers.... 'Nuff said.

Tracer on Aug 22, 2008


i also think he borrowed the shield to make his armor a little more ndestructible! besides everyone knows the cap. got the shield since the first day!!

prince on Aug 25, 2008


In the Ultimate avengers , Tony Stark gave Captain America I believe the old helmet he had in WW2 ( or some other memento ) and Nick Fury is a black which does not seem out of place. I cant see American Soldiers in WW2 looking up to a coloured soldier as the icon for America. Then again its Hollywood and when has facts got in the way of a good story πŸ™‚ I look forward to the Wonder Woman film where the lead is played by Robert De Nero πŸ˜€

Korsibat on Sep 15, 2008


Old man here... Cap was found in the frozen Arctic and brought in to the Shield Headquarters in the Ultimates Series. they are basing this Iron Man and Cap/Avengers/Thor/ect on the Ultimates. Cap's Round sheild was put given to him AFTER Cap was found, and Revived. OF COURSE Stark put the shield together. He's the only one who could (in this world) The Shield WAS also in the film and YES it's an easter egg. I'm waiting for the AVENGERS movie, Thor and Cap would be nice, but I'd like to see the original actors play the correct parts, Wouldn't you all?

Mog_ur on Sep 15, 2008


At the end of the incredible hulk, iron man came on screen and said that he was making a team. I guess he meant the avengers, so that is quite possibly captain america's shield.

dietcokezero on Sep 24, 2008


Okay guys the movie was released and all your question's are to be answered. The reason he has the shield is because his dad made it during WWII. Its only a prototype but he examined it to use the metal for the suit that's what keeps it from freezing. its all explained in this lil comic book that was included with the 2 disc special edition i bought at walmart

stuntz on Sep 30, 2008


It actually looks as if in the scene when Pepper goes down to replace Stark's 'heart' piece, right before she enters the room there is a reflection of what appears to once again be the Captain America shield on a computer screen. Slow motion replay on the scene described above shows the shield red white and star all together. No doubt what so ever. It's partially pieced together and upon zooming in on the shield looks as if it is a work in progress. Again, no doubt.

Kirstin on Oct 1, 2008


Cap.'s shield in the hands of tony stark can only mean one thing.....none at all. when cap. was initiated into the avengers he had his shield. The Avengers discovered Cap.'s body in the North Atlantic, his costume under his soldier's uniform and still carrying his shield, having had been preserved in a block of ice since 1945. i think it was just a publicity stunt....unless they are gonna run with that whole "cap's shield with iron man tech" thing.

theori on Oct 1, 2008


stuntz has a point....tony's dad, nick fury , and cap. all hav wwII in common.....hmmmmmm

theori on Oct 2, 2008


Cap is actually right next to pepper in a small screen right after the shield scene has past

Adalberto on Oct 3, 2008


HEs in the part when tony sais THIS IS NOT THE WORST THING YOU COUGHT ME doing

Adalberto on Oct 3, 2008


Next to her head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adalberto on Oct 3, 2008


Again through retroactive continuity, it is established that the shield was presented to Rogers by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[1] The shield is created by a fictional American metallurgist named Dr. Myron MacLain, who had been commissioned by the US government to create an indestructible armor material to aid the war effort. MacLain experiments with vibranium, an alien metal found only in Wakanda that has unique vibration absorption properties. The vibranium-iron alloy mix is then poured into a mold for a tank's upper hatch to create the disc shape and painted to become Captain America's symbol. Dr. Maclain did this independently and never worked for Stark Industries. He did later work for s.h.i.e.l.d. Tony Stark never developed Cap's Shield, So all this would be is another gross screw up of yet another comic book storyline

gamer76 on Oct 4, 2008


Watch Ironman and then watch The Incredible Hulk. Now notice that Tony Stark comes into the movie of the Incredible Hulk near the end to mention to the Genereal that "they" are putting a team together. Why wouldn't there be clues to all of the avengers in each of the movies. I'm not a big fan of the avengers but these movies are insane with great acting and wonderful FX. I'm loving it.

EmeraldGryphon on Oct 8, 2008


I'm not saying that there shouldn't been tie ins in movies what I am saying is, Captain America first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). Ironman first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963),the same year The Avengers Team was put together in The Avengers #1 (Sept. 1963). Cap came first, Tony did not make the sheild (He did however upgrade it before Cap was unthawed) The guy that wrote the article didn't know that and if they don't do Captain America next and do some type of a tie in at that point to Ironman, it will screw everything up. Captain America movie should have come first.

gamer76 on Oct 9, 2008


"The Avengers is also in the works for a summer 2001 release" WTF is this shit?

Robert on Oct 11, 2008


From this website: Reports on all things Marvel from Kevin Feige come from both IESB and CHUD. Feige said that "they plan to remain very faithful to the source material and completely traditional." This somewhat confirms my theory that we'll most likely see Captain America frozen at the end of the first movie and unthawed and revived somehow in the actual Avengers movie. I successfully predicted this would probably be the story. I even threw out the idea of seeing a piece of floating ice with red, white, and blue in it at the end of Thor in 2010. Thus it would get fans excited for the following summer, but that exact story still wouldn't continue until The Avengers movie, only because the Captain America movie would be set in WWII to introduce the character. Now it all makes sense! In the comics, Steve Rogers volunteered for a top-secret defense project called Operation: Rebirth that was created to develop physically superior soldiers during WWII. Rogers was the first human test subject for the Super-Solider serum which transformed him into a human with maximum efficiency, greatly enhancing his musculature and reflexes. Subsequently, the man who had created the serum was killed, and thus the ability to duplicate the process was lost. In turn, the government reimagined Rogers as a superhero hero who served as both a counter-intelligence agent and a propaganda symbol to counter Nazi Germany's head of terrorist operations, the Red Skull. He eventually fall into a block of ice in the North Atlantic where he was frozen for years before being discovered in modern times and revived by S.H.E.I.L.D., to eventually become the leader of the Avengers. From: The Marvel live action releases to be filmed at Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios are scheduled to arrive in theaters beginning in 2010 and going through 2011. Specifically the release dates are "Iron Man 2" on May 7, 2010; "Thor" on July 16, 2010; "The First Avenger: Captain America" on May 6, 2011; and "The Avengers" on July 15, 2011.

SoCal7 on Oct 12, 2008


That is most definitely Cap's shield in that shot. You can clearly see half of the star and the blue surrounding it. People saying that it's just Tony's holographic monitor need to get their eyes checked. At what point was Tony's monitor ROUND and had three spikes that resemble a star from the American flag?

Chris on Oct 13, 2008


for everyone who thinks that isnt the sheild just look at the colorsits red then white then red again then blue and then the star look at every picture of captain america

justin on Oct 14, 2008


Okay kids, there's a lot of comments here and I'm not going to read ALL of them, so maybe someone else already mentioned this, but between this cameo of the shield and the one in Hulk, it spits in the face of continuity. First and foremost, Cap was frozen with his "badge" shaped shield at the end of WWII, so he wouldn't have the round one. Secondly, if, for whatever reason, Tony was making a shild of his own, WHY THE HELL IS IT BEING MADE ON A WIRE FRAME?! A proper shield made of Adamantium/Vibranium alloy would be drop-forged and painted at the end of the process. I cry shenanigans!

frankthebear on Oct 23, 2008


>additional< I am fully aware of the reference of Stark's father working on the prototype of Cap's shield, however, that still doesn't excuse the condition of the shield seen in the his lab. It still would have been made as one solid piece, and it would have been the badge shape, so even though this is just an "easter egg" to drum up excitement, if this is how they're going to portrey the mythos of Cap, then I have great concerns about the quality of the movies to come.

frankthebear on Oct 23, 2008


see posts 131 & 133 for reference. The circular shield most associated with Captain America made its debut in Captain America Comics #2 (April 1941). A convex metal disc approximately 2.5 feet in diameter, it is virtually indestructible and has remained his most constant shield over the decades. Iron man didn't go into print until 22 years after captian america. Tony Stark had never made captian america sheild. Like I stated before read the original comic book to find the story because the newer ones and the movies are screwed up.

gamer76 on Oct 24, 2008


People need to get this BADGE SHEILD out of their guessing you've all seen the animated Ultimate avengers...use ur imagination

Cheech on Oct 24, 2008


(to cheech) It's not that simple, mi amigo. I must concede the point that in origional continuity, Cap had the round shield by the end of the war and was frozen with it, but if these movies are based on the Untimates line, then Cap would have been using the badge shaped shield but was NOT frozen with it. Either way, if the producers are going to mash up the continuity and the origins, there's going to be a lot of pissed off fan boys out there

frankthebear on Oct 26, 2008


That is the sheild, ILM put it in the movie as a joke.

esv84 on Oct 27, 2008


As far as tech for the shield goes, they tried it in Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. It was Cap and the Widow's son who had a shield projector, but in the end he used a replicated shield. So I really don't think there'll be any kind of new tech for his shield. It'll just a good old-fashioned "throw"-down. I mean, what is Cap without his shield? An overly patriotic Batman.

andrew on Oct 28, 2008


Found another reference....Dunno if anyone has gotten Hulk on dvd yet but if you watch the alternate opening...just as the glacier breaks and the ice rushes towards the screen it is DEFINATE that we see just before it reaches the screen that in the ice there is a great big huge massive obvious, red, white, and blue circular object with a star in the middle that breaks out in a chunk of ice and flies towards the screen...seconds before it cuts... Check it out!

Cheech on Oct 29, 2008


I am very excited about all of the past and furture events... I think that instead of Leonardo DiCaprio playing Captian America John Cena would be perfect for the role as Cap. in costume and as an everyday person. He is just the right size for both. I am not big into wrestlers being in the movies, they do enough acting as it is as far as the wrestling shows go but I thaught he did a good job with the role in his movie " The Marine". Just some food for thaught!!!

Kenzie on Oct 30, 2008


I assume Tony Stark has the shield because his father - Howard Stark was a scientist during WWII. In addition to working on the A-Bomb Howard Stark invented Captain America's shield. Since Capt. America was frozen with his shield (Hulk deleted scene with Cap and sheild shown frozen), this means that Howard Stark duplicated his invention and when Tony was researching how to improve his armour - he took about the sheild to learn some of the technology. But that's just my guess.

Loren on Nov 1, 2008


There is an extremely logical explanation for this, if you have read the original comic books, in the one where they thaw Captian America out of the ice Tony (Iron Man) admits that Stark Industries has been trying to replicate the shield with little to no success. The shield in the movie was probably just another atempt at replicating it.

Victoria on Nov 2, 2008


for the last time, The shield is created by a fictional American metallurgist named Dr. Myron MacLain. NOT HOWARD STARK AND DEFINITELY NOT TONY STARK. STARK INDUSTRIES HAD NEVER AND I REPEAT NEVER BUILD THE SHIELD. They only acquired it when Dr. Myron MacLain joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and I know everybody says the that is Captain America's shield but its not in any definition that star can only have 4 points. Cap's shield has a 5 point star. Its an Easter eggs only to look like the sheild. like when spiderman ran through the xmen. That was not an easter egg.

gamer76 on Nov 3, 2008


yea it looks like the shield, but Cap's shield was around long before tony stark. and Captain America IS already around, he was around since WWII

MF on Dec 16, 2008


i think they maybe be placing the crssovers in the 2 movies we've seen in a different chronological pattern. if u fiddle with what could happen when, we know that nick fury comes to contact stark after he press conference, he basically says that he wants him to join and recruit for 'the avenger initiative',,, which plainly says to me that something has already started.. i thought that cap america was the founding member of the avengers, so therefore couldnt s.h.i.e.l.d already have defrosted cap, which also means that the bruce banner alternate intro bit takes place before stark transformation into iron man.... if anyone else can see what i'm getti at plz comment cos i do have truble explaining things,,, usually go the long way round lol

james on Dec 23, 2008


I'm not here to go all spaztic on you-- I'm just a kid, buuuut... "The Avengers is also in the works for a summer 2001 release." I think you mean 2011 πŸ™‚

manda on Dec 25, 2008


Hello to all of you long time comics fans- I came across this thread totally by accident and just had to put my two cents in. Captain America's current shield was indeed built by Tony Stark after his FIRST round shield was destroyed in one of the 1970's Marvel comics (I don't remember if it was Marvel Team-Up or Marvel 2 in 1). Cap and Iron Man used the shield to get out of a cage that was using lasers and the two of them snuck out under it, where it was disintegrated. I hope this sheds some light on the subject, and I look forward to any replies. I CAN'T WAT FOR THE MOVIES!!!

louie427 on Jan 15, 2009


What if Nick fury was there the night before Tony revealed he was Iron man. Maybe they knew he was going to admit it. Knew tony stark would of possibly said that. So they tell him not to and SHIELD gives him the cover up story. And while hes at the confrense hes all sumbling and is rambling, he finnaly just admits what he was going to sau

James on Jan 18, 2009


While Rogers was asleep in suspended animation, three other men used the identity of Captain America, all using steel replicas of the discus shield. The 1950s Captain America was placed in suspended animation after becoming mentally unstable. By the time he was revived years later, Rogers had returned. When the two clashed, the 1950s Captain America's shield was broken. In the 1980s, in a story written by Mark Gruenwald, Rogers chose to resign his identity rather than submit to the orders of the United States government and took the alias of "The Captain" instead. This extended story arc was intended to illustrate the difference of Captain America's beliefs from his replacement who was intended to illustrate the jingoistic attitude that the popular movie character Rambo embodied and which Rogers did not share. During this period, the role of Captain America was assumed by John Walker, the former Super-Patriot, who used both the costume and the indestructible shield. (Captain America #332–#351, 1987–1989). In his new identity of "The Captain", Rogers initially used a pure adamantium shield provided by Stark, but a falling out between the two as a result of the "Armor Wars" storyline led Rogers to return it. He then began to use a pure vibranium shield provided by the Black Panther. When Rogers returned to his Captain America identity, Walker became the USAgent and returned the shield to him. Walker would go on to have his own array of different shields over the years, the first of which appeared to be the last vibranium shield Rogers was using as the Captain. The USAgent has used shields with an eagle motif and one in the shape of a star, as well as a photonic energy shield. At one point, when Rogers was exiled from the United States and was briefly unable to use his shield, Sharon Carter provided him with a photonic energy shield designed to mimic a vibranium matrix. This shield was also able to turn into an energy staff that could be used as a weapon. that shield in the movie? yea its capt.'s shield you think tony didnt work on other projects with the goverment before he became iron man? there are from what i can recall 6 issues with stark helping to make better improvements to the avenger weapons. read up if you dont believe.

charityluck on Jan 26, 2009


Joe Johnston is in talks/looking at a sumwhat unknown. Much the way they did with the Superman movies after Christopher Reeves. By way of Kayo Anderson Media. Johnston is looking at a Real Aussie/American Hero a US Veteran, Actor, Stuntman, and former Pro Athlete TJ Austin see the following. This guy is the real deal right height, build, eyes, and does all his own stunts like Jackie Chan. Lets help get him the roll. Support our Soldiers. See the link vote yes for this Real American Hero to be the next CAPTAIN AMERICA.

Thomas Renshaw on May 9, 2009


Neil Fifer is to play Captain America?! They've had 'talks'

Ranger on May 27, 2009


Why would Ironman have the sheild. He doesn't even know Roger's coming back yet! they haven't found Him!

Cap. on Aug 2, 2009


well it doesnt looks like captain america's shield and I dont think its captain america's shield I think its his desk top were tony designed his new iron man suit and I think people think its captain america's shield cause of the symbol but I actually think that since tony stark did assemble a team in marvel and in hulk the movie when tony stark is showed talking to the guy at the bar telling him he is assembling a new team I think tony starts shield then invites captain america into the new team then gives him a new shield cause captain america was frozen and I dont htink it mentions were his shield went when he froze so I think they might relieve what happens to his shield but I dont know thats what I think

edoh on Aug 7, 2009


that is his shield the director of the incredible hulk confirmed that it was. in the comic books captin america gave tony stark his shield to upgrade it. and if you watch in the end credits nick fury is talking about starting the avengers which has captin america. also in the incredible hulk tony stark talks to the genral and says that we are building a team. that is why i think its the shield. πŸ™‚

joe on Aug 16, 2009


wow this is cool do you know this is mean john cena will get the sheild be captain america i heard he flatterd they think john cena will be captain america he willbe up for it so i will see john cena as captain america i hope john cena will get captain america sheild on iron man im glad john cena as steve rogers/ captain america

andries price on Aug 17, 2009


I was under the impression that Stark made Cap's shield out of a vibranium/adamantium alloy that he has since been unable to duplicate, thus making Cap's shield stronger than Wolverine's bones, and the single most indestructible object in the Marvel universe.

Zantorian on Apr 14, 2010


hey I've seen Caps shield in Iron Man 2 πŸ™‚

jay on Apr 30, 2010


The Shield "Easter Egg" IS in Iron Man 2. Tony has a very interesting use for it!

Kat on May 6, 2010


I saw big foot to

Jimmy Love on May 9, 2010


THAT IS TOTALLY CAPTAIN AMERICA'S SHIELD!! NOt only is it in that scene, but it is also in the scene in which the agent asigned to watch Tony announces he is leaving for New Mexico. Tony is working on creating the new element and he uses captain america's shield to level the machine he's using! This is not the only reference to the avengers present in the film. When he announces he is leaving for New Mexico Tony says "Land of Enchantment" as does the lecense plate in the scene after the credits (If you don't get the reference of land of enchantment then you shouldn't be commenting on anything to do with the avengers). Did anyone watch that scene, because that thing in the ground they found was THOR"S hammer. Obviously they are going to introduce Thor, who is another avenger, and probably Cap. Am along with many others. Clearly they are going to make an avengers movie, they are making this obvious with all the references present in Iron Man 2 (and also at the end of the Hulk when Tony Stark says they are making a team). For those of you who don't know The Hulk is also an avenger. MANY OF YOU NEED TO WATCH IT AGAIN because you are missing many valid details that will be important in the next movies to come. MArvel just got their rights back for all the avenger characters and clearly they are going to use that.

ablack303 on May 9, 2010


THAT LAST COMMENT IS A SPOILER ALERT DON'T READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE!! but the shield is definitly in there twice, it is even painted red blue and white and has the star, although it is not the finished model of the shield it is CLEARLY Captain America's shield

ablack303 on May 9, 2010


Easter eggs in films are awesome...

Rob on May 9, 2010


Your an idiot...

Bri on May 10, 2010


if you knew the history of CA you would know that IM outfitted CA's shield with lots of high tech gadget but CA took them all out as they threw off the balance of his shield

CA buff on Jul 25, 2010


lol thats cap americas shield. Howard stark got it from cap but tony stark has no idea where its from and he uses the materials for parts of his iron man suit. later on in the comics tony stark adds technology to the the shield for cap when hes back from being frozen but cap takes the technology out as it makes the aero dynamics of the shield move poorly. FACT.

paul on Nov 10, 2010


Β WOW good job spotting this 3 years before they confirmed the new captain america movie!!! Just saw Thor, saw the preview to captain america... looks like we hopefully will have a good justice league movie! Β 

tlampen on May 13, 2011


Β that is captain americas shield that shield was given to iron man by a member of the avengers (samuel jackson) so he can build his suit like captain americas shield , something that is very powerful and bullets are useless to it . now marvel movies has connected iron man to hulk and iron man to thor and i'm pretty sure they are gonna connect captain america to them too. we can find out the true connection between all these superheroes in THE AVENGERS (2012)

Anonymous on May 13, 2011


@tlampen Justice League? You mean Avengers, buddy. =P I LOVED reading the speculation from three years ago as to what exactly this meant. Now it's well known and public that Howard Stark will have a very important role in the birth of Captain America during WWII. Thor was incredible. Bring on the first avenger!

NLabendeira on May 23, 2011

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