Catch an Early Screening of Mutant Chronciles at Comic-Con

July 12, 2008

Mutant Chronicles

We're waiting for the full schedule for the San Diego Comic-Con to be officially released before we start listing off what's in store for this year. But we've got something we can already throw out there just in case we're not the only ones (out of the 120,000+ fans) that will be attending. Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman are presenting an exclusive screening of Mutant Chronicles, the futuristic sci-fi action film directed by Simon Hunter. We've shown you the impressive first teaser and a badass Russian trailer for the film already. I'm going to do my best to catch this screening myself, as I'm a big sci-fi nut and really want to see this. And if anyone else wants to catch it, here are the details for the Saturday night screening.

As the flyer states, the screening is at 10PM on Saturday, July 26th in Room 6CDEF. As far as I know, Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, director Simon Hunter, and a few others will all be there and will also be participating in a Q&A afterwards. The film is only a rough cut at this moment, so don't expect a polished masterpiece. Either way, it might be worth checking out considering it's free if you've got a badge. Plus our friends over at Ain't It Cool News are hosting a giveaway for premium seats and a meet-and-greet.

Mutant Chronicles at Comic-Con 2008

Mutant Chronicles is directed by filmmaker Simon Hunter of the 2000 horror movie Lighthouse previously with a script written by Philip Eisner of Event Horizon and Firestarter 2 previously. The film has been in the works for quite a while but doesn't have a distributor yet. I personally plan on being at this screening so hopefully I'll run into some of our readers - see you in San Diego!

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Reader Feedback - 11 Comments


Not to mention its been all over the net for couple days now.

Agent Jrb on Jul 12, 2008


Agent Jrb Nice entering ... and it is really a great point that I never saw to be discussed on this site until now .. What you people think about watching movies on line ? a question that you heard 1000 times and you thought about it 1000 000 times ... I am sure that 99% of the people who have Internet in home and write comments on this site are doing it ... the point is what will happen after you watch the movie on line ? Will you go to watch it again in cinema ? will you buy the original DVD ? or you will make a copy of the movie that you downloaded from some torrents ? do you even discuss a movie that you watched illegally ? I think some times we must discuss these stuff because it have a big impact and contact with the movies and movie makers and the movie fans too ...

Shero on Jul 12, 2008


I saw the movie yesterday at a friends house, and oh my god... it's terrible. It's beyond awful. Ron Perlman either makes brilliantly good or terrible movies and there's no in between space.

Kent on Jul 12, 2008


i saw it to, and it was bad

malax on Jul 12, 2008


Kent and malax e-mails just logged by the RIAA. Just kidding...

Roderick on Jul 12, 2008


I saw it yesterday to and even though i really wanted to like it, it was just to hard. The effects are from time to time just awful and also Thomas Jane is...well, i do like him otherwise but here? To cheezy. But anywho i found it kind of entertaining but another 4-5 months or so working on the effects would have done this movie good. Worth watching though i suppose. I'd say...5/10.

Markus on Jul 13, 2008


Then as I see I was right just from the trailer that this movie is not that good ... I will copy past what I thought about the trailer : Based on the trailer …what I see from lighting and green screen sets with a lot of fog or smoke ..and kind a CGI camera shake for some mattepainting scenes ….it is a low budget movie …but of course with a lot of CGI …. The actors are fine but again sometimes actors can't save a low budget movie …. It is kind of movies that you want to be good but you know it will not … Shero on Jul 11, 2008

Shero on Jul 13, 2008


Effects were ok. It was the absolute garbage of a story, terrible screenplay writing directing, younameit and the awful "acting", if you can call that acting, from everyone involved. Bet they leaked this online with a purpose of marketing.

Shige on Jul 13, 2008


Wow...I can't believe people didn't like this movie...I personally loved it. It had an old scifi effects feel mixed with the thrill of a zombie movie and a great cast. Sure you could tell it didn't have much of an effects budget, but that's what I loved the most about it. It's like Army of Darkness mixed with Pitch Black. Phenomenal and unique film though.

Peloquin on Jul 14, 2008


I loved it too. The mix of World War 1 style battle with modern weapons was very cool. I watched this with a buddy and we both really enjoyed it. But agreed that you will either love it or hate it. As this blog has already shown. Remember this was done independent of a major studio. And Hunter is a first time Director. It also does have a very Euro feel which may put of some. Being in the industry myself I can appreciate what a major achievement this was. I think some of you are being a little too critical. Maybe I enjoyed it because I wasn't expecting much at all and got a thrilling fun experience.

Bryanmakeup on Jul 15, 2008


awful film - terrible editing and waste of characters... the director really had no idea how to work with the fx and blue screens - poor, very poor.

dom on Jul 15, 2008

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