Check This Out: Awesome Fan Made Dark Knight Sequel Poster!

August 14, 2008

The Dark Knight Returns

I just got an e-mail with an interesting attachment - a poster for the sequel to The Dark Knight called The Dark Knight Returns. I'm pretty damn sure its fake, but it looks impressive, so I thought I'd put it up anyway. Not only is the Riddler not the official villain for the third movie, but a third movie hasn't even been announced! If indeed Warner Brothers has put out a poster for a movie three years out that hasn't been officially announced - that might be groundbreaking in and of itself. However, I'm guessing this is just a brilliant fan creation that deserves to be mentioned simply for the aesthetic and design fundamentals. Bravo to whoever created this. And if I'm wrong and this is real, then even I'll be shocked!

No need for any further introduction, let's just get down to it. Thanks to reader "Hilander" for send this.

The Dark Knight Returns Poster

I think it's an interesting idea and I would be all for the appearance of the Riddler in a third movie, I just want to actually give the writers time to write the movie first. This might have all stemmed from our contest for the best story for a Dark Knight sequel. Most of the winners featured the Riddler in some fashion, which I quite enjoyed. The reason why I think the Riddler could be an amazing choice for a villain comes from Christopher Nolan's background. Imagine the intricate story full of twists and turns in The Prestige implemented into the dark and visceral world of The Dark Knight. The Riddler starts asking riddles throughout the movie and it takes the story to an even deeper level. Thoughts?

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holy shit i love the look of this.

JoeBlow on Aug 14, 2008


johnny depp as the riddler, whhhhhaaaat?!?!

marc on Aug 14, 2008


Awesome poster, it does raise the question if the Riddler would be the next villain. I would love to see him, I would also love to see Scarface, Killer Croc, or Clayface. But you have to continue the story. So they can't bring back Two-face because he's dead that would be awkward bringing back a dead guy. And if the Riddler is the villain you have to bring back Jim Carrey.

Fish on Aug 14, 2008


Now, that is awesome!!!! Even, if this isn't the "official poster", I hope (if the villain is The Riddler) they use this idea.

Brian on Aug 14, 2008



REAL6 on Aug 14, 2008


That is awsome! Give lots of credits to the person that created that!

A on Aug 14, 2008


In the late 19th century, a wealthy merchant named Cyrus Gold is murdered and his body disposed of in Slaughter Swamp, near Gotham City. Fifty years later, the corpse is reanimated as a huge shambling figure (composed partly of the swamp matter that has accumulated around the body over the decades) with almost no memory of its past life. Gold murders two escaped criminals who are hiding out in the marsh and steals their clothes. He shows up in a hobo camp and, when asked about his name, one of the few things he can recall is that he was "born on a Monday". One of the men at the camp mentions the nursery rhyme character Solomon Grundy (who was born on a Monday), and Gold adopts the moniker. Green Lantern and Solomon Grundy clash many times over the years, though he also squares off against other DC heroes, including Batman. One storyline (Batman: The Long Halloween, #12) involves Grundy and a newly-disfigured Harvey Dent striking up an odd friendship after Dent escapes to the sewers to plot his revenge on Carmine Falcone, the man responsible behind Dent's facial disfigurement.

REAL6 on Aug 14, 2008


This is freaking made but freaking awesome.

Atomic Popcorn on Aug 14, 2008


Villains don't stay dead in comics. Did you see Two-Face strain and then go limp? Did you see blood coming from his body? Did you see him get buried? Killer Croc was taken care of in the inbetween-quel I think (The Gotham Knight). So you most likely won't be seeing him in live action, which would look weird coming from a Batman movie anyway. I'm still standing firm on my support for Robin Williams to finally be The Riddler, even with him being aged. The guy is awesome in serious roles. Then you could throw in Angelina Jolie as Catwoman and bring back Two-Face out of nowhere half-way through the movie. Batman could be spotted with Catwoman after stopping her from stealing from an up-town jewelry store, making it look like he was in on it or something. Then have their love/hate relationship go from there while Batman is chasing down The Riddler. The Riddler could trick Gotham into thinking he's a good guy who's trying to find out who Batman is once and for all so he can be arrested for "killing" people. Then Two-Face shows up and turns the movie on its head, clearing Batman's name and making The Riddler go into overdrive. Well, I'm done rambling out bad ideas. I'm definitely not a writer.

Viper on Aug 14, 2008


Oh, and awesome poster.

Viper on Aug 14, 2008


This was made by a member at Superhero Hype, where I post aswell. He also had a version without the title.

Untilteld on Aug 14, 2008


Wow that's a lovely poster indeed.........what about the Joker...he's missing?? only that Heath won't be there, we'll miss him...but hey am told Johnny Depp may take up his sure he'd do a great job of it...after watching Sweeney Todd am convinced that after Heath's superb performance, Depp will do full justice to the character! Probably you could start designing your next poster with about the arrival of the Joker in Gotham city...with Depp having the grease paint on!! I hope they annouce the sequel soon.

Sonyaa on Aug 14, 2008


From a Graphic Designer to another, Great poster/design!!! Looks and feels exactly what I want the next Batman movie to be, a cross between TDK and Se7en. Jim Carrey back as the Riddler? Only if he reinvents the character to a more serious role, not that campy Riddler we saw in Forever. Still got my money on Guy Pearce as the Riddler though. Anyways, good job!

Omega728 on Aug 14, 2008


Replace Bale as batman with Scatman Crothers and put Robin in part 3 as Gary Coleman!!! It could work!!!

REAL6 on Aug 14, 2008


I would LOVE a Riddler that was psychotic like Jigsaw, anything else would be just too boring for this franchise.

Richard on Aug 14, 2008


what about the Penguin?

Jones on Aug 14, 2008


The obsession of finding where batman is/the best method of capture, and the deciphering of batman's identity is an absolutely fantastic way to introduce the riddler.

Nthngmn on Aug 14, 2008


hmm would warner bros release a poster of the riddler without announcing their plans for B3? That is the riddle 😉

siesta chair on Aug 14, 2008


I think clayface would make the best sequel. His character has so much emotion and depth that it could make for a very interesting movie. I think the riddler is a bit too jolly and similar to the joker, so having the riddler as the next villain will more or elss result in a movie with the same plot as the Dark Knight. Mr. Freeze or Clayface for the win.

Brian on Aug 14, 2008


Mr Freeze would be excellent if done the public would have to get Arnie out of their mind to appreciate the backstory of the character. Does anyone think the ventriloquist with Scarface would be at all possible?

Peloquin on Aug 14, 2008


I heard a thing that Depp was the riddler and seymour hoffman was the penguin but it coulda been false

Cody on Aug 14, 2008


Very nice. Im al for the riddler in the next batman. Not only will we have a very interesting villian finaly fully fleshed out, but in terms of marketing, RIDDLES! CLUES! just like the viral marketing for TDK, this would be a fantastic opportunity...alas, lets have the riddles be a lot more difficult this time. 😀 RIDDLER FTW!

BiggaDanLyfe on Aug 14, 2008


Notice the Harvey Dent story on page one is penned by Vicki Vale.

Tim "CLoverfield" on Aug 14, 2008



Matt Suhu on Aug 14, 2008


I absolutely do not agree with any Angelina Jolie involvement in ANY of the Dark Knight movies. There are significantly better actresses out there, ALL of whom would lend more than some shallow juvenile "hawtness" to the role of Catwoman. Or any other female character in the series. That being said...I LOVE this poster, but it's TOO similar to the Joker's viral campaign. If the Riddler DOES make it to the revisioned series, too, I hope it's NOT Jim Carrey, and also that it doesn't involve the use of neon lights (AT ALL) or corny jokes.

RStewie on Aug 14, 2008


Wait a second... "The Dark Knight Returns" is actually the title of the graphic novel by Frank Miller. I don't think that WB would use this name so as to not confuse the fanboys. That, in my mind, proves it's fake.

Ajax on Aug 14, 2008


That is a cool poster. they should make that movie. With the Riddler and use that poster. And pay the gu who made a bunch of money for copyright. 😉

Daniel on Aug 14, 2008


The new batman is all about more seriousness, these movies are great because of that! The joker, Scarecrow and The Riddeler are more serious and 10 times more realistic then people like mr. freeze, poison ivy and the penguin. I hope the riddeler is the next villian, and i hope that me can fill the shoes of Heath Ledger/The Joker

sean on Aug 14, 2008


No disrespect, but doesn't The Riddler seem mildly ridiculous as a villain? The only Batman media where he played even a vaguely major role was in the Adam West series, and that's because Gorshin made him manic and wild, like The Joker has been in every other incarnation since. The Animated Series, Batman Forever, the comics since the early 90s have all but admitted he's kind of silly. In a visceral world like the one that Nolan has created, it's very difficult for me to believe someone like the Riddler, Clayface, Mr. Freeze or Killer Croc, simply because of their absurdity in other media, whereas I could follow Scarecrow or Joker. So I don't know if I buy this Riddler hype. Great poster though.

Ryan on Aug 14, 2008


NEWS FLASH Kids. the next chapter in the Dark Night is going to fall on its ass and barely make half the $$$ of the last one. there is nothing else of interest to do now. they have already killed the story and no one will provide the same thrills/entertainment that Ledger's Joker did. I predict monumental failure of this franchise.

PIMPIN'MYSISTER on Aug 14, 2008


I am wondering more about the theme of the next movie rather than who the villian will be.

Dezdigi on Aug 14, 2008



twispious on Aug 14, 2008


AMAZING FAN POSTER! Hopefully you make them for a living because it is better than half the shit out there now as posters. I heard Catwoman though will be in the next one with Jolie as the part. Rumors, but awfully enticing.

Ryan on Aug 14, 2008


i hope its real i cant wait for the next one, you know its coming, but hey how come #33's comment is there? its all caps!

ck on Aug 14, 2008


This is by far the greatest fan poster I'VE ever seen, Nolan would be proud of it. I never liked the riddler because of Carrey's rather lame attempt but under Nolan this could be quite special and twisted like his previous film Insomnia which I loved. Speaking of which, I remember a while ago somebody mentioning a certain actor for the part of the riddler, someone who could make the character scary,creepy,funny without being too familiar to Ledger's Joker and most importantly, believable. One Robin Williams. Yes, strange, but so was young, handsome Heath Ledger as the joker. Think about it, under Nolan, Williams can create a disturbed mind and even someone whos obsession gains sympothy. His older age will only add to the character, another chance for Nolan to only hint to his past, bright or dark, while we ponder on his connection with Batman or indeed Bruce Wayne. The poster above curiously contains Harvey Dent's picture, maybe I'm reading too much into it, maybe its just to show that people still remember him and that he is still connected with Batman and Bruce wayne through Two-Face and rachel, but such an obvious sign shows maybe this person believes that its not the end of Harvey two-Face, however I was thinking maybe it means that it is not the end of Hravey Dent. Who says Dent must remain evil, his character should come full circle should Nolan choose to ressurect him,who knows, that was what was so brilliant about TDK finale.In terms of other villains, Riddler wont, no matter who portrays him, hold the film himself, dont forget a large chunk of TDK wasnt Joker but Dent and with him gone(most likely) who can fill the void? The loss of a female lead bring speculation of CatWoman with delicious rumours of Angelina Jolie playing her but should her character appear I can see Nolan casting a not so well known actress who'll bring balace and something different than Gyllenhal and Holmes. For me Melissa George of WAZ and 30 Days of Night should get the lead or a more obvious choice which has been popular, Jennifer Connely(I cant see her being cast, just a feeling, shes not Nolan's style of actor). But, sadly there will not be a catwoman, simply because there is still a bad taste from Halle Beary's so called 'film' and just that thought would make people think less of the film. So,no penguin or Mr.Freeze which means that Nolan will go for someone who hasnt appeared on celluloid, Black Mask seems popular but his character seems cliched and I think Nolan will see that. Deadshot for me sounds interesting but wouldnt fit in well to Batmans new and improved world and again his motives are a bit well, cliched. So who does that leave alongside the riddler and (maybe) arevitalise Dent, well as a nice way to wrap up argubly the best trilogy since LOTR, Al Gul, Talia Al Gul. Out not to avenge her father's death but to lure Batman in to the League of Shadows, her character, rich from her father's exploits knows Batman's identidy and secrest which plays in with Riddler's and Gotham's hunt for the dark knight. Wayne falls in love, Batman msut eliminmae the enemy, thus the conflict of Batman not helped with The Riddler's quest for his identidy. I can imagine a wonderful scene in the rebuilt Wayne Manor of Wayne(not Batman) fighting Talia, conflicted while doing so and Batman being on the run leads the way for more of Bruce Wayne, for instance chipping away the playboy image and slowly becoming a figure like Harvey Dent. For a finale, well I'd like to see a look into the league of shadows at what kind of people work for them who were once lost like Bruce wayne, perhaps a certain escapee(or two) causing Batman to call on their assistance, leading to a new global saction of Batman. To play Talia, again I think Melissa George would be good, but maybe she is too young and dosent pocesss that 'dark' and mysterious vibe for that character, maybe Sophie Marceau if shes not too old or another Bond girl Olga Kurylenko of QOS to add a bit of spice to the character. For Joker, well God knows, but for a different take they could call on an actor who looks completely different than Ledger or try to find someone with similar physical looks to him. Personally I prefer that first option and Adrian Brody is just waiting for that call With the second option I pity who takes it on, Depp would be the closest but I wont suggest others as unless they change the look of the Joker recasting him would be pointless and stupid.

thecomedian217 on Aug 14, 2008


I personally think they shouldn't make the riddler, he is way too similiar too the Joker. I'm not looking forward to TDK3 because the only reason the movie was good was cus of Heath, if not this movie would maybe suck.

A on Aug 14, 2008


Anybody notice the Dent article in the poster was written by none other than Vicki Vale?

wayneD on Aug 14, 2008


great poster, but the title kinda sucks since there already was a 'batman returns' i liked one of the entries who entitle the third film 'gotham'

Reece on Aug 14, 2008


Love it. Somehow I have a feeling even the official posters won't be as good as this.

Toronto on Aug 14, 2008


You sure this not real. THats amazing

Darrin on Aug 14, 2008


Thats def not real bro... is not a real website.

Floyd on Aug 14, 2008


its ok, but too much like the artwork for this last movie. Too predictable.

stud on Aug 14, 2008


I was thinking of batman while taking a crap and it came to me that he has 6 main villians ,joker , penguin,dr.freeze, 2-face, posin ivy, ridler. catwoman got her own movie so she's out. so 3 can be about riddler .4 ivy. 5 freeze N' pengiun. and add robin any anywhere.

XXX on Aug 14, 2008


i still don't think the riddler would work. the real riddler is too soft for nolan's dark world, and a hard edged riddler would be too similar to the joker. the only way i could see it work is if the joker masterminded the plans (even if offscreen) and the riddler is a naive, narcissistic pawn. THAT would be dope. OR, don't ever have a main "villain" and have the film be about both batman and bruce dealing with the fallout of his decision to become the enemy.

S on Aug 14, 2008


This is an awesome fan made poster. You are very talented. Here is my idea for the 3rd Nolan Batman film: Gotham City “Batman is in hiatus and Bruce Wayne is seen a lot more. With more time on his hands we see Bruce more involved in Wayne Enterprise, and with the help of Lucius and Alfred, we see the Bat-cave complete. As a result of spending more time with company business he begins to pay closer attention to some employees and fires a few of them, one of them being Edward Nigma., who seems a bit psychotic and has obsessive-compulsive disorder. Wayne is a lot more social and has become good friends with Dr. Victor Fries and his wife Nora, both of whom are employees at Wayne Enterprise. Nora becomes an innocent victim and is left to die in a freezer. Wayne sympathizes with Fries since both of them lost loved ones in a city full of crime. Bruce tries to take Victor under his wing, but instead of trying to get rid of crime in Gotham (like Batman) he decides to avenge his beloved wife. Meanwhile, As a result of being terminated from Wayne Enterprise, Edward Nigma has become obsessed with Bruce and begins to stalk him. He notices a close relationship with CEO Lucius Fox and decides to kidnap Fox (Lucius being the closest person to Bruce after Alfred.) Ed Nigma decides to give in to the theatrics and “freak” idea of new criminals and becomes The Riddler. The Riddler is a complete psycho, killing people and blowing up Wayne companies and leaving riddles that will eventually lead Wayne to Fox. As a result of his crime The Riddler begins to taunt the missing Batman. The Riddler is trying to the draw out Batman (he thinks Batman is the only person that can help Bruce find Lucius). We also see a new criminal. He kills mobsters in freezers and pours liquid nitrogen on their bodies and leaves them unrecognizable. He calls himself Mr. Freeze because of the way he kills his victims. Mr. Freeze and the Riddler are Gotham City’s new threat. Batman is overwhelmed with fighting criminals and trying not to get captured by the authorities, the people of Gotham need him. Gordon calls off the manhunt and begins to work with him once again”. So there’s my idea. It’s obviously not the best but hey, I’m no writer. The reason for wanting to see Mr. Freeze and The Riddler in this film is because I know they both have good stories. Besides Chris Nolan is a genius. If anyone can pull this off it’s him.

Mr. Big on Aug 15, 2008


Proposed players for 3rd film: Christian Bale........Batman Michael Caine........Alfred Morgan Freeman.......Lucius Fox Casey Affleck.......Riddler Philip Seymour Hoffman......Penguin Ellen Page.......Robin Eva Green......Catwoman proposed titles: The Dark Knight Returns, Shadow of the Bat, End Game, End of the Man, Fall of Men. You didn't hear it from me!

The Snitch on Aug 15, 2008


I was hoping that with Batman's fall at the end of the movie that this would hint at a serious back injury which Bane could take advantage of and provide a weakness of Batman who would have his back broken by Bane. This could introduce Azrael or Robin for Batman's assistance. Also, another scenario is to reintroduce Mr. Zsasz, but in a different light. Zsasz has a wealthy upbringing similar to Bruce Wayne, but with a tragedy he loses his family and his ability to feel, smell and taste (similar to Robert Carlyle playing Renard in "The World Is Not Enough"). This would allow him to push his body and test Batman.

Dirty Dutchman on Aug 15, 2008


Looks like The Letters on the Page are from the Zodiac Killer but with a Question mark iknsted of the Symbol. Loved the Poster

Ripper on Aug 15, 2008


I think that the Riddler fits in nicely with Nolan's take on the world. I think that the introduction of Catwoman would make good sense as well, although I'd have Jessica Biel play her rather than Angelina Jolie. I think that playing the Riddler like a cross between John Doe from Se7en and the Zodiac Killer could work very, very well. You could definitely push the tone of the character to a much different place than where they went with the Joker.

JoNuggs on Aug 15, 2008


In my opinion having the Riddler in Batman 3 would be too much like The Joker. He had Batman chasing him all over Gotham, almost in a way the Riddler would do. I would like to see a little more straight-forward action, like introducing Bane or Azrael. Azrael would be the perfect candidate to take over now that Batman is being wanted by the authorities, which later forces Bruce Wayne to come out of hiding after seeing that Azrael's tactics are very violent towards criminals rather than just incarcerate them.

Diego on Aug 15, 2008


Besides being a great GREAT poster, it is simply fan art... Whoever the villain is (are) in the sequel I guess that the style, the art, the visual aspect has to be completely different... This poster is based on the Joker style of TDK... In the sequel it has been something entirely new and completely different (visually) such has TDK has been...

Pedro Lopes on Aug 15, 2008


ugh. replace HA-HA-HA with ?. another crazy newspaper cutting scribbling villian.

edward nigma on Aug 15, 2008


How can the dark night returned since he is died where he is 'the dark night - Joker'.

James S. Kim on Aug 15, 2008


Jude Law should be 'The Riddler', Scott Wolf ~ Robin, Tim Roth ~ The Penguin, and Scarlett Johansson ~ Catwoman (Spread out in the next two movies)

Noodles777 on Aug 15, 2008


You know this is a cool poster, but it doesn't offer anything original from the Dark Knight posters. It's the same "scribble" type of symbol that the Joker used to draw on everything. However I dig the Riddlers hands. Even for something so small that's a cool look for a character normally green and spandex clad. But I still doubt Nolan and company have even started the process of making another sequel. At least I hope they haven't. I'd wait as long as it takes if they can put together a smart movie like Dark Knight again.

ImaginaryVisionary on Aug 15, 2008


Batman is on the run, Gotham's hopes have infact increased with the Joker locked in Arkham and with the likes of Commissioner Gordon keeping the Falcone crime family, now run by Sal Maroni at bay. The martar Harvey Dent has inspired Gotham to rid themesleves of corruption but there still exists a thorn in their sides, the Batman. Gordon and Ramirez (her act in Rachel Dawes death forgotten as long as she does not identify Two-Face as Harvey Dent.) are the only two who know that Batman is wrongfully accused and continue to work secretly with him, slowly but surely establishing law and peace in Gotham. However, codes have been found across the city, one to the rebuilt Wayne manor, one to the home of the mayor and one to Gotham police department, all of them riddles to dicover the location of a bomb. The result leaves Gotham City Bank in tatters with one riddle left behind, which when deciphered reads, 'I want him'. The Riddler unlike Joker has a purpose, he wants not only to know the Batman's identidy but to tear down Bruce wayne and Wayne enterprises for a reason that remains unclear. Riddles across Gotham lead to his next target but he is not Batman's only problem. With his alter ego now having to fully stay within the shadows of Gotham, Bruce wayne has turned his intentions to his enterprise, even more so with the threat of The Riddler, to convince his ceo Lucius Fox to stay and to chip away his playboy image replacing it with a beacon of hope and inspiration which once illuminated Hravey Dent, because as Batman looses his appeal to the city, maybe he can inspire people without wearing a mask and find out just who is Bruce Wayne. But as fate would have it, the downfall of his creation, begins with the arrival of a beautiful youg woman, a ruthless businesswomen who is the latest challenge to Wayne enterprise and who is strangly familiar to Bruce. Known as Talia Ducard to Bruce Wayne and the world but to the Batman inside him she is known as Talia Al-Gul, come not for revenge but to fulfull her father's wish and make Wayne the leader of the league of shadows. Bruce Wayne falls in love, Batman knows what must be done as Talia and her army promise to finish her father's work on Gothem should he not comply. But alas, talia's own feelings become intertwined with that of Batmans and the riddlers due to his discovery of Batman's identidy(thanks to one Coleman reese) who reveals himself to Bruce as Tom Rickman, a young peasent living in Gotham before Thomas Wayne took him in as his own, only to be replaced and discarded after the birth of Wayne's song, Bruce. At Wayne Manor, a final fight between Talia and Bruce(not as Batman) leaves him the winner, his love sent under Gordon's watch. Talia is then rescued not by her army, or riddler or Btaman, but a strange man with scars on his face, the notorious Joker. His escape made possible by the explosion and outbreak at Arkham, orchestrated by riddler,to call upon the prince of clown to seek vengeance on Wayne,in return for his help, riddler gives Joker the most precious gift of all, Batmans true alias. Joker hangs Talia over the edge of the building site wher Batman spared his life and challenges him, wanting to see Waynes face before causing the same pain on Batman once inflicted on him. The fight between the trio of Joker,riddler and Batman ends with Batman loosing his mask aand riddler aiming his gun at him, ready to kill only for the supporting walls surrounding him to explode leaving the ceiling crashing on top of him, smashing his skull through the floor. 'You spare my life,I spare yours' laughs the Joker, the detonator in his hands, Talia hanging by the tip of his fingers. 'Havent we been here before?' 'Oh Well' Talia falls, before Batman can save her, the Joker pulls a second detonator and the floor beneath the dark knight fals, sending him plummeting doen below,unable to save his love. Unmasked, Bruce looks to where the clown was standing but sees nothing and gliding to the bottom of the site there lies Talia's lifeless body. Behind him sirens, but only Gordon and ramirez arrive first to the scene and they see Bruce Wayne waring body armour and a cape holding the body of Talia Ducard in his arms. With the Joker and other Arkham inmates loose, Gotham again looks doomed, now, with crisis growing, no is when the people of Gotham looking at the madness of the Joker can see who their true hero is, the batman. Slowly,but surely his alter ego is growing strong again, but all that remains of his lost love are memories, and a card left in his jacket pocket, the one he wore when they first met, an address lay on it to a warehouse on the outskirts of Gotham and below were black lettering, his answer to the Joker, 'They are waiting for your instructions'. Talia AlGul : Olga Kurylenko Riddler : Robin Williams Joker : Adrian Brody

thecomedian217 on Aug 15, 2008


I doubt that the next movie title will have anything to do with TDK. It'll probably be more along the lines of Detective Somthing, and while the Riddler would be cool there are so many loose ends. Raz can't die, Two-Face is out there(I'm telling ya), and the Scarcrow could still make an appearance. I think CatWoman as a thief and possible Batman decoy, Raz has to come back, and Bane could possibly break Batman's back. NO ROBIN OR NIGHT WING OR BATGIRL. With all of Nolan's potential this will probably be his final movie so the Trilogy has to wrap up, then someone will step in and probably make the movies too dark and they'll be lame but everyone will love them until they have to start over and ---- anyway.

Dustyman1505 on Aug 15, 2008


Lieutenant Ramirez of the Gotham City Police Department visits her mothers house,one late winters night, the place were she grew up, when everything seemed simpler. Standing over her old bedroom, across still lies her mother's display of wooden African masks, even at 32 she is terrified at the sight of them, her greatest fear from childhood being brought back. 'For decoration' her mother said, as much as she loved the old lady the sight of her patronising her daughter with, 'honestly, what fear can be brought from an old wooden mask.' still infuriates Ramirez, but she ignores confrontation and preceeds downstairs, when it happened. The Joker stands outside the suburban house, his thugs surrounding the quiet home, pouring gasoline over the sides as they do so, in one hand he holds a loudspeaker, in the other a match. 'Detec.. sorry.. Lieutenant Ramirez and mother may I please have your attention for just one moment.' Ramirez stares out the window, a look of horror at the startling face of the prince of crime and with a quick wave the joker lights the match and fires it onto the gasoline. A chain of devilish flames engulf the house, tearing through the inside, though not as quickly as the joker would like. Running to free her mother from the living room, the joker watches, but with no smile. 'You know being locked up all that time has changed my own patience, I just want to see carnage all the time, having been without it, so…' He takes out a grenade and tosses it through the living room window, now he laughs, hysterically, before disappearing into the Gotham night. The blasts form the grenade sends Ramirez flying out the patio kitchen door, knocking her unconscious, leaving her mother to burn in the Jokers flames. The result of the night leaves Ramirez's mother dead, her own face scarred and the house burnt to the ground. Looking over the debree, the lieutenant sees a familiar shape lying on the ground, mask, burnt black, its meaning to her changed. With Joker causing destruction and Gordon and even Batman getting nowhere, ramirez takes the mask, wearing it to show what fear really can be brought from it. Her methods questioned, more brutal than Batman or Two-face, she becomes the Black Mask, taking down criminals and in time the government, leaving a mark on her victims by cutting off their faces, keeping her identidy as Lieutenant Ramirez intact,but for how long. As for Bruce Wayne's discovery of who or what lies at the warehouse, will that debate is open to anyone, for me I think a group of vigilantes, as conflicted as Bruce Wayne and not the drones we saw in begins and perhaps people who are already in Wayne and Batman's life.

thecomedian217 on Aug 15, 2008


The dark knight title was a play off of the Joker = Joker, Knight

Dustyman1505 on Aug 15, 2008


the poster is great. but they'll never use the title "the dark knight returns" just because of the miller comic. and as much as I love hear and reading all the speculation on who the villain will be in the follow up to the dark knight, it's my opinion / guess that Christopher Nolan (his brother and David Goyer) all have a better idea up their sleeves. I've been waiting to see if anyone else has really thought of this... and I still haven't seen it. my feeling is that everyone is trying so hard to think of the next villain (of which yes, there may be a collection of them, from Riddler to Catwoman, whatever...) but my feeling is, that the next villain in the Nolan/Batman series will be: BATMAN. why not? it ends (spoilers) with them saying that they're going to have to "hunt" him. and everyone who's read the great Miller series DKR knows that "HUNT THE DARK KNIGHT" was the title of the third book. so it's my guess that "HUNT THE DARK KNIGHT" will be the title of BatmanBegins3. I also think that, in perfect storybook, beginning-middle-end form and fashion, Nolan told Batman's beginning, Dark Knight was it's middle, and so, this final movie will be... his cataclysmic END. I think he's going to surprise us all and END BATMAN with his third movie. (but probably with a wink of his own... cause it is Batman after all.) of course, it's a guess. (and that takes nothing away from the poster which does look AWESOME. good work on whoever did it.)

DaveKnight on Aug 15, 2008


I'd love to see the riddler as the next villain. Imagine a gotham from the pages of miller's dark knight where gangs of chaotic miscreants are roaming around clad as the joker. One such hoodlum gets arrested, ending up incarcerated with the joker. The joker senses the capacity for madness in this john doe and in a sense gives him the keys to his psychotic castle. The doctors in arkham just label him as an enigma - an almost invisible Everyman defined by his capacity for violence and love of riddles. Upon escaping the asylum, funded by the joker's remaining loot, batman and Gotham city meets it's newest plague, Edward nigma - the riddler. Imagine Mel Gibson or guy pearce as the riddler Or poison ivy as a bio-terrorist whose found a way to weaponize plants via pollen. Both would fit nolan's vision of batman's world

postmidnight on Aug 15, 2008


DUDE!!!! that poster is freaking AMAZING!!!!!! i dont kn if there will be another movie featuring our favorite flying rodent BUT if there is a possible thing... this poster contains countless AWESOME characteristics of the riddler and possible plot innuendoes 8-D PLEASE LET THIS BE REAL!!!!!!!

Sam-Graeme on Aug 15, 2008


Heath Ledge really raised the bar for the villian type in batman. You cannot have a second tier actor being the villian anymore. Possible options for actors to oppose Christian Bale... 1) Johnny Depp (i may be a fan boy of him, but he is a real mental case when it comes to his characters) 2) Collin Farrel. He may not be the same level as a heath or depp, but he can really get into a role 3) Denzel Washington. IDK what villian he could play but definitely is a superior actor 4) Jake Gyllenhal. Great actor and would be a perfect fit for riddler, as would Depp I have a few others but those are my top candidates. I think we will see Christopher Nolan take a break and do another movie like he did with the prestige following the first batman. With that said, i expect some sort of statement or solid information pertaining to a few scripts in the next few months while the batman hype is still red hot. I wouldn't be surprised if "dark knight sequel" is a top search on the internet. Also, no one said Havey Dent died.

Steve on Aug 15, 2008


Actually for those trying to imply that The Riddler and The Joker are basically the same, nothing could be further from the truth... The Joker basically has no personality of his "own" so to speak and can, depending on the day, be as nice as can be or a vicious killer...where as The Riddler is at the opposite end of the spectrum and is always calculating odds, always making deathtraps and HAS to include the riddles and clues, it's a vice of his...part of his compulsive identity... Also The Joker has no real problem with who he kills, if he is trying to kill 1 person and 63 end up dying, so be it...The Riddler is quite different, he works hard at getting the person he wants and only that person at that time... The Joker is more upfront, willing to engage physically and has been over the years, hurt in every way possible...while The Riddler does not look for direct physical confrontations and is more adept into secrecy and blackmail as routes to get to his victims... One storyline that copuld actually work well for alot of people that have posted on here is the HUSH 12 part series...With Nolans style of film making, he could easily adapt that storyline to fit the current style. Take for instance The Riddler has cancer and is connected to the lazarus Pitts of Raz, which in turn would bring about the character Hush(i could see Hush as a minor villian in the movies)someone that the Riddler can use to his purpose. Elliot's character of Hush is tied into Bruce Wayne, which would easily fit into Him working with The Riddler in a joint cause, which would be perfect...Hush wants to kill Wayne, The Riddler wants to kill Batman, and both have no idea(until the end of the movie)they are after the same person. Then as part of the movie, the riddler sets up one of his elaborate deathtraps(like the water filled pit or something)using minor role apperrances of scarecrow, clayface, croc, poison ivy, harley quinn and finally The Joker has escaped and looking for revenge gets word of this plot and offers to lead the attack... To get into Batmans head, The Riddler uses Clayface to form into Jason Todd(Robins character)and get Batman feeling guilty and depressed...thinking he's dead, and that batman will lose the will to fight... All the while Todd is still alive, and sees the The Joker beating a cloned copy of himself on TV(one of The Jokers bad habits, using TV to frighten people) Todd comes back and shows up in the Bat Cave ready to bury the troubled past between him and Batman(makes for a better plot)and help rid Gotham of the infestation of villians trying to take over the city... It could easily work, it would get alot of characters on the screen, and you would have to get all into the telling the background part, because they would be like hired assassins... meanwhile, 2Face, has been slumming in the sewers(my idea is Amnesia, it fits the point of falling like he did)and then suddenyl comes to and realizes he has to find out what happened, as he still isn't quite sure as to what actually transpired... The war between Batman and Robin and the Villians is reaching epic proportions in Gotham, batman for the first time in the series, is getting his ass handed to him, to many villians to handle, while The Riddler is consumed with trying to figure out who he is...The Riddler is going all around Gotham and blackmailing and extorting all of the prominent people to get the info...meanwhile The Joker has the time to set up a serious bomb, something like a small dirty bomb and actually detonates the bomb in the middle of Gotham... 2face joins the fight, not sure if he hates Batman or likes him, but decides he has to ride the city of the villians first and foremost to protect the citizens... Just my could work...and could even be pulled off as 2 part movie within the series...

Nicc on Aug 15, 2008


Nolan, and everybody else, has way too much respect for Heath Ledger to bring the Joker back for the third movie.

Dustyman1505 on Aug 15, 2008


The perfect inspiration for the Riddler re-incarnation would come from Malcolm McDowell's character from "A Clockwork Orange". Some tall, lanky, British guy with a malicious smile and a sharp blade hidden in a cane would completely revitalize the Riddler character. That character mold would certainly present the Riddler as a serious foe to The Batman. Of course, there would need to be another villian in the movie. Every other Batman movie usually has another villian that plays second fiddle at times and then has their time in the spotlight to inflict serious damage on Batman. Ra's Al Ghul and Scarecrow Joker and Two-Face The Riddler and ???

Krazer on Aug 15, 2008


Excellent fan art!

Bry from Chi on Aug 15, 2008


Riddler and Talia Al Gul

thecomedian217 on Aug 15, 2008


#9 - you have some of the worst ideas I've ever heard. Robin Williams as the Riddler would be an absolute DISASTER! I'm surprised you didn't mention Jack Black as The Penguin...

Batdick on Aug 15, 2008


Johnny Depp as the Riddler!

David on Aug 15, 2008


The dude who made this is probably going to land a sweet job, like that person who made the Simspons anime graphic on deviantart.

AL on Aug 15, 2008


70: fraid I agree totally with 9; Nolan has already got a chilling turn from Williams with Insomnia and his ability to turn from sympathetic conflicted man to crazed Riddler would be brilliant. He isnt the obvious choice, thats what is so fascinating about it, I mean admit it, you frowned when you heard Ledger of A Knight's tale would play the notorious Joker, didnt you. I did and am happy to admit i was incredibly wrong.

thecomedian217 on Aug 15, 2008


Riddler: Daniel Day Lewis Catwoman: Eva Green Oh, and great poster. Kudos to whoever threw that together!

Michael D. Hafer on Aug 15, 2008


I think Joaquin Phoenix might be an interesting choice. He hasn't sunk his teeth into a good villain role since Gladiator.

carly on Aug 16, 2008


i'm not sure if this is beating a dead horse, but this is PROOF that Dent is dead.

Matt Suhu on Aug 16, 2008


Absolutely amazing! This would be a bad ass poster to actually use!! What do ya say WB?

Conrad on Aug 16, 2008


David tennet should do

Ross on Aug 16, 2008


Wow!!!, I never thought fans could be soooo creative... Not bad.. The poster is really good. Warner Bros don't have to squeeze their brains for a teaser poster. They juz can use tis...

steven on Aug 17, 2008


The Poster is pretty good. But as far as some of the other comments go, I agree that catwoman should be left out of this. The Penguin will not make it into the third film because Nolan had stated very strongly that he absolutly hates the character and will never use him. Bale had already said he will only do another film if Nolan does it, and if there is no Robin. He said something along the lines of "I'll chain myself to my house and refuse to come in." Id like to see the riddler, harly quinn with Ivy, Clayface, Black Mask, or the Mad Hatter. Maybe even someone else that hasn't been used before.

The Dude on Aug 17, 2008


I am not impressed. The newspaper was actually a promotion for The Dark Knight. I happen to work at a movie theater and we handed them out to people seeing it the IMAX. All I see is bad photoshop work to add things related to the Riddler. The images added with photoshop don't even seem to blend well at all. A for effort, C for quality.

Jason on Aug 17, 2008


very, VERY nice poster! personally, i feel the next character in the line of villains SHOULD be The Riddler. ....& Crispin Glover should play him.....PERIOD!! ..originally, when i heard that production was about to start on "The Dark Knight", i said that Glover should play The Joker...& i still think he should've - with all due respect to Heath Ledger(R.I.P.), as his take on The Joker was quite groundbreaking & poignant - Glover would've added an even crazier edge/mood of The Joker., i'm going to put my cards on the table & say that Crispin Glover should play The Riddler. Johnny Depp's a wonderful actor...but - as his role as Willy Wonka in "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" proved - he's not good in every film & i don't think Depp could really bring the puzzling chaos that The Riddler should provoke. but here's another lil' something, though...seeing as The Joker didn't die, i believe Nolan was going to bring him back(especially after the dynamic performance Ledger gave), if that's still his plan, let Glover do it. ...folks, BELIEVE ME!!...Glover would rock ASS in either role!!

rant! on Aug 17, 2008


awesome poster but one problem superman vs. batman comes out that year

me on Aug 17, 2008


If they intend to use this title, the REAL villain of the film must turn out to be a big blue bully with a red cape who works for the government.

Why Not? on Aug 18, 2008


Clayface...they need to do clayface ...he has yet to be done and its a sad story and twisted as well

Derf on Aug 18, 2008


people think in batman 3 like a fusion of zodiac and saw and hope like hannibal lecter if the joker has so brilliant plans riddler has to be better not only that just imagine if they do again a viral marketing now using the riddler it will be so cool jim carrey don it great in the number 23 so i think they can give him a second chance and other villians that could appear i think catwoman, black mask, bane, think in villains that they are not like super mutants like mr frezze, poison ivy, clayface. because how nolan make them real if you see the ones that have appear are villians that could be real

Emm on Aug 19, 2008


people think in batman 3 like a fusion of zodiac and saw and maybe a mind like hannibal lecter if the joker has so brilliant plans riddler has to be better not only that just imagine if they do again a viral marketing now using the riddler it will be so cool jim carrey don it great in the number 23 so i think they can give him a second chance and other villains that could appear i think catwoman, black mask, bane, think in villains that they are not like super mutants like mr frezze, poison ivy, clayface. because how nolan make them real if you see the ones that have appear are villains that could be real

Tomas on Aug 19, 2008


NOOO! they better not name the next movie as The Dark Knight Return they should save it as the last movie make 2 or 3 more movies with him young have robin come in the next movie have him die in the one before the final one and have the final movie follow Frank Millers the Dark Knight Returns

Dj on Aug 19, 2008


Robin Williams as the Riddler in Shadow of a Bat!!!

tahir on Aug 19, 2008


I don't think any of the names mentioned are worthy of any of these characters. Keep in mind that Christopher Nolan goes for the ACTOR, not the movie star. Heath Ledger was a star, yes, but not a HUGE star (he didn't open with huge weekends outside TDK). Chances are Nolan will find the best, most unpredictable actors. I think Johnny Depp would suck because he'd be way too obvious a choice.

Paul on Aug 19, 2008


If the riddler's chosen for the next flick, he's got to start out a detective or private eye who becomes obsessed with finding batman to the point where he becomes a vigilante himself and then a criminal. All business & sophistication; no jokes, no laughs, just ice water running in his veins. Also, in this realism-driven world of batman how can you justify animal-themed characters? their names alone are corny. maybe an actress playing a "catburgular" or the character of Cobblepot as an antagonist, but we have to realize how grounded the movie-world is before we can just start throwing out bad guys & scenarios that simply don't work for Nolan's storytelling.

jmoney on Aug 20, 2008


wow, great poster. had a similiar visual idea of the Riddler as the villian with his whole body covered in tattoos of questions and symbols (rather question marks on green spandex!), but something he can cover up, cause maybe by day he's someone who's looking for answers. Detective or P.I. is too obvious, someone more like a priest or evangelist or something, and he starts to see the Batman as a question God is asking him directly to answer, a riddle he must unravel as it in turn unravels him In that vein I reckon Daniel Day-Lewis would be a phenomenal Riddler, give gravity to the role That's my ten cents, use it, don't use it

alasdair on Aug 21, 2008


The movie opens at Arkham Asylum. Falcone, Maroni, Victor Zsaz, and the Scarecrow are passed by as the camera goes to a dark room. The only thing visible in the cell is the smile on an otherwise silouhetted Joker, who is laughing to himself about how he wouldn't be here had his mother stopped him from playing with scissors as a child. A loud scream can be heard from down the hall, grabbing the Joker's attention. The lights shut out and a struggle insues between two people close by, and when it ends, the victor's footsteps are heard coming toward the Joker's cell. "Who's There?" asks the Joker. The footsteps continue, and we see a hint of nervousness on the Joker's face, which quickly turns to a smile. "Ah, the psychiatrist. I knew you'd see things my way. Now get me out of here." A gun shot is heard, and the screen fades to black. The next 2/5 of the movie focuses on the mystery of who killed the Joker. Riddles are left throughout the city, giving the Police Department clues to who the killer might be. The Batman has the Comissioner's phone sonared, so that he can keep updated on the clues. When the Riddler and Batman finally meet, it is revealed that Ra's Al Ghul is still alive, via the ancient pit of Lazarus, and that the Riddler, who is terminally ill, had taken Bruce's place, initiating the attack on Gotham City. The Riddler is the one who killed the Joker, which was the trigger event for an even larger war against Gotham. In exchange for helping Ra's, The Riddler would be given permission to use the Lazarus Pit, thus healing his cancer. The Commissioner overhears this, and secretly allies himself with Batman, as they prepare for the Ultimate battle with the the Riddler and League of Shadows.

JFRIX on Aug 22, 2008


I think the Riddler should be played by the same guy who did it last time. Jim Carrey. Reason: I don't see ANYONE who can capture the essence of the Riddler better than he did. Disagreements?

theratman on Aug 23, 2008


the riddler is the only villain i can see that would fit in to nolan's batman

matt on Aug 23, 2008


Now that would be impressive! I got chills up my spine when I saw that makeshift poster. The kiddie drawing of Batman is hillarious! The hands with ink remind me of Kevin Spacey's nutjob serial killer from SEVEN. That raggedy question mark is eerie as hell hinting at a sociopathic Riddler much unlike the one Jim Carrey portrayed. And I just love how The Batman is still grabbing headlines but from the other side of the fence! Whoever made this poster is a visionary! I wonder if this person is a screenwriter or perhaps just a very talented graphics artist. Very cool poster and a killer concept!

Tony on Aug 24, 2008


I've heard names like Johnny Depp, Edward Norton and Crispin Glover thrown around for who will play The Riddler. If I might have my say so, I would love to see Matthew Lillard play him. He's got that red hair and the trademark smirk. He was in SCREAM and SCOOBY DOO so we know the guy can do horror and comedy. Couldn't you guys see Shaggy going off kilter as a cunning sociopath who exists only to reveal the true identity of The Bat! Now that would be priceless. A nice little parallel to The Joker storyline. And with The Nolans at the helm, a dead-serious psychotic Riddler!

Tony on Aug 24, 2008


yo i read everythhing even down to the tiny print-u did this to every detail-u make me think u might actually know sum people over there in the WB....

Jay on Aug 25, 2008


I think Jay is onto something! This could be The Nolans playing with us. Teasing us. And I keep hearing Depp's name attached to The Riddler! You guys remember that Rory's Last Kiss stunt?

Tony on Aug 25, 2008


WHOA! It just hit me like a thunderbolt! Vicki Vale's name on article. She(Vale)will get the public to believe in The Bat again through her reporting. Riddler is staring at articles on Batman and Dent. The Riddler will find Dent(maybe he is still ALIVE) and maybe team up with him? But now it sounds too much like BATMAN FOREVER huh? HMMMMM....The Mystery continues! Nevertheless...

Tony on Aug 25, 2008


I think they're gonna go with Johnny Depp as The Riddler because A)The girls love him. B)The guy sure can act. DONNIE BRASCO,etc. and C)Johnny Depp=Box Office. Ka-Ching! I hated Depp in WILLY WONKA but I loved him as Sweeney Todd so I'm rooting for the Depster to play the Q man!

Tony on Aug 26, 2008


I don't think Catwoman would work at all in Nolan's universe, it took a large portion of Batman Begins just to explain why Batman wears his costume and frankly cats aren't exactly the most terrifying of animals. I thought that the third film could pick up approximately three months after The Dark Knight and follow the theme of redemption (the title "Batman Redemption" is one that I could see happening). Bruce Wayne has not fought crime as Batman for three months and the police department are vigorously hunting him, scavenging on any clues they can find. The public has lost faith in Batman although the impostor Batmen still believe in him and continue his struggle with little success. Gotham City is confused and no longer has anyone to believe in after the death of Harvey Dent. The police department has hit a dead end in their Batman search but a series of crimes soon are being committed by an unseen man called The Riddler who gives the police clues about the next crime he is going to commit and encrypts his codes in a series of riddles and puzzles (similar to Kevin Spacey's character in Se7en) which have all the information needed to prevent the crime if they are decoded. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne having to no longer deal with his role as Batman has begun to invest large amounts of time in the future of his company and has become more cynical and reclusive in the process. Bruce still feels guilt over not being able to save Rachael and Harvey and his relationship with Alfred and Lucius has become strained. Bruce pushes Wayne Industries into taking over a company run by Roman Sionis, Roman resists stating that his father started the company and that it will destroy his father's work. Bruce merges the company into Wayne Industries and must contend with the fact that he and his company are becoming something that his father would not approve of. Roman has dinner with with Sal Maroni who was a friend of his father's and uses his mob connections to wreak havoc on Bruce Wayne and his company. Black Mask can be unique because his fight is not with Batman but with Bruce Wayne. The Riddler's clues are too difficult for the police to solve and the crimes continue to terrorize Gotham and after much reflection and turmoil Batman returns to stop The Riddler's crimes but the police continue to chase him. The Riddler only supplies his clues to the police department and Jim Gordon who is becoming the new White Knight of Gotham secretly supplies Batman with the clues leading to an investigation into the police department workings. Black Mask begins to unite the mob who are in tatters after Dent's crusade against them and plans to attack Gotham's economic infrastrucuture by terrorizing big companies and bringing the mob back up to it's once untouchable status. Bruce Wayne gets back into his social life and barely survives an assassination attempt in public by the Black Mask. After recovering, Batman begins to fight back against Black Mask's new mob who has been sabotaging Wayne Industries and other companies. After foiling his plans Black Mask captures Coleman Reese who publicly announced that they knew who the Batman was. Reese has been denying to the police that he knows anything (Bruce Wayne did save his life after all) and states that he merely did it to get attention and is now in protective custody after the Joker fiasco. Black Mask makes Reese divulge that Bruce Wayne is Batman which further enrages his hatred against Bruce and decides to end everything once and for all. With The Riddler and Black Mask simultaneously terrorizing Gotham, Batman must redeem himself in the eyes of the public and work to be the great man his father wanted him to be. Batman could possibly work to redesign a sleeker Batmobile (and one that could possibly turn into a boat to evade the police - I believe the production designer stated this was a possible idea). The Joker is still alvie (if they have extra Heath Ledger footage or just recast him)and kept in the highest level security in Arkham Asylum where doctors fail at trying to rehabilitate him. The Joker isn't a major role in the third film but he quietly reaffirms his menacing presence. In the conclusion of the film Batman confronts the Joker in Arkham and the Joker painfully reminds him that as long as he lives, Batman must exist because the walls of Arkham are not going to keep him in forever - The Wayne Mansion will be halfway rebuilt and The Riddler could be tweaked by secretly playing both the police and the mob or something along those lines. The Riddler will not be seen until the concluding act of the film and I could see Crispin Glover playing him as a cowardly and physically weak man who has an ultimate plan I have yet to think of. Johnny Depp is not being seriously considered by the producers, that was a rumour started by the National Inquirer. Black Mask will launch far more personal attacks on Bruce Wayne and make him confront everything he has become and although his revenge story is a bit cliche, Nolan could add some of his own flare to make it realistic and unique. Jim Gordon could be charged with aiding a criminal (Batman) and the stakes will have to be higher than The Dark Knight.

SlashBeast on Aug 26, 2008


What an amazing poster! I hope the person who made this is being consulted for storylines too 🙂 I would love to see a trilogy made of the series but I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Nolan decided better of it. Why, when you consider the evidence, would Nolan and Bale want to be involved in a third that will probably end in reviews entitled "Good but not as good as The Dark Knight". Let others fail in years to come is my advice and be proud of two outstanding films.

Ross McKelvie on Aug 27, 2008


Greed has never stopped the machine Ross. Just look how they milked the old Batmans to death!

Tony on Aug 27, 2008


#15 hit it right on. a riddler whose crazy like jigsaw but without the traps of the saw series. but also like jigsaw who has complex moral issues such as giving the people he puts in life-threatening situations a chance to survive by way of major personal loss

jim on Aug 28, 2008


#15 hit it right on. a riddler whose crazy like jigsaw but without the traps of the saw series. but also like jigsaw who has complex moral issues such as giving the people he puts in life-threatening situations a chance to survive by way of major personal loss. and GREAT poster

jim on Aug 28, 2008


Whatever the case,The Nolans got their hands full trying to surpass the success of THE DARK KNIGHT,let alone equal it! All us fans can do is wait,anticipating their next move.

Tony on Aug 30, 2008


hmmmm. Robin williams is an interesting choice. Hes a bit too old, but that doesnt mean he wont do a good job! Look at his performance in One Hour Photo, he was frickin scary. But my number one choice would be depp. Also, that poster KICKS MAJOR ASS! That poster should be used, and the creator with large credit no doubt about it. The words on the riddlers fingers should be used too. For the riddler to be the right villain, he should be psychotic, twisted, and at times a bit funny. What im concerned about though, is his outfit. I have no idea how theyre going to perfect that. but i have complete faith in Nolan. :}

Moviefan on Aug 30, 2008


I think two things should be included in the movie. Dont show the riddlers face for quite a while. The rest of his body, but not his face. OR, hear his voice in recordings or messages. i dont know...just a thought.

Moviefan on Aug 30, 2008


They(The Nolans and Heath Ledger)got The Joker right. His green hair was long and uncombed. His pancake makeup was smeared on. And he had eyes like a raccoon with that blood red smile covering his scars. Perfect! And his suit was still purple(like the comics)but toned down. He wasn't loud like Nicholson's Joker was! I think the perfect look for The Riddler was captured on the phony movie poster titled GOTHAM KNIGHTS. Go check it out and see what I mean.

Tony on Aug 31, 2008


This is really a good Poster, Thank you for shearing the posters

Buy Posters on Sep 1, 2008


Whether it's intentional or not, I've really enjoyed the breadth of genre Nolan's explored with the first two films... Let me explain: Begins was a drama. The focus was set on Wayne, his troubles and the growth of his character, making mistakes and fixing them, while at the same time saving Gotham. Learning the whole "Why do we fall down... to pick ourselves back up" bit. The Dark Knight was obviously an action flick. With Batman upping the ante on crime, it's only logical that the whole escalation thing occurred. The spectacle we saw was testament to that, making TDK arguably the best action-oriented comic book movie of all time. Now, one of the main reasons why the Riddler would be a great choice for the third installment is that the film could be written into becoming a very smart, suspenseful murder mystery story with insane plot twists. For one, this is right up Nolan's alley... and two, it would make such artistic sense to continue building this franchise into a collection of genre jumping films. There's no reason the Riddler wouldn't work. The Joker has begun the transformation of Gotham's crime community from organized mobsters to insane masterminds and villains... through his own appearance and, more importantly, turning Harvey Dent. Joker was the catalyst (Scarecrow doesn't count because he was just a goon... a middleman between Falcone and Ra's) and through the Joker is the doorway in which all others villains will follow suit. So, after starting the wave, who better than an ego-propelled manic to take the vacant mantle, leaving the city stumped and helpless? IMO, it'd be the one who truly believes he has brilliant enough a mind to do it. One theory that I share with some of the posters here is that Two-Face is alive. TDK merely depicted the demise of Dent. They left the door open, however, to the birth of Two-Face. There's no reason why they can't reveal, in a suspense/mystery thriller, that Two-Face had a hand in whatever was going on during the course of the yet unwritten film. There's no reason that they can't justify the possibility that Dent survived the fall, but locked him up like a caged animal in Arkham to protect his "white knight" martyrdom... especially after having put so much emphasis on protecting that image. And I say "caged animal" because it's a fact that he carries enough resentment after TDK... imagine a Two-Face after breaking out of a padded room he was locked in for an extended period of time... Could be the kind of muscle that a villian like the Riddler could team up with. So bear with me and imagine a murder mystery-based plot that focuses on allegiances: A series of murders begin to occur in and around Gotham, all left with mysterious, encrypted sheets filled with symbols. Seemingly, there are no relationships between the murders, other than that they are all public servants, from attorneys to beat cops. Eventually, the killing spree continues with Maroni and his mob, then the MCU cop Ramirez. All of these murders are also left with encrypted messages that leave police stumped. Gordon notices the pattern of murders, and with no one left but him and Batman knowing the true story behind it all, he gets scared because he starts to notice a pattern. Batman decides to keep close watch and finally saves Gordon at the last second, both barely escaping Gordon's death plot in a fiery battle. They secretly work together to solve the mystery, where it is revealed that Two-Face did survive the fall in TDK and ended up getting locked up in Arkham... and escaped around the time the murders began happening. The entire plot was a scheme between the Riddler and Two-Face, with both getting something out of their evil alliance: Riddler assists Two-Face's revenge plot against the "real monsters" of Gotham... in other words, everyone involved in ruining his life and all the people involved in the "White Knight burial"... those who covered up the truth in order to save face. The Riddler received inside info from Two-Face as to who would get in Riddler's way of becoming Gotham's new powerhouse criminal entity. They worked together to eliminate the right people they needed to in a similar way that Gordon works together with Batman to figure out who is behind all this, and how to solve the mystery/problem. In the end, Dent is exposed by the media and Batman's name is restored, thereby giving him the freedom to openly work with the police once again in ridding Gotham of its true enemies. However in the end, despite the defeat of the baddies, the Mayor's office (and possibly the police dept?) ends up losing the trust of the people of Gotham because of Dent's cover-up, and gets blamed for months of dangerous streets without Batman's protection and presence. The relationship between Batman, the people, and Gotham's public servants are again at odds. For part four, we'd be stuck in a position where these three establishments have trust issues. And this might sound like a far cry, but imagine a villain who could have the power to persuade people, and use even the most random and innocent bystander to do his bidding through mind control, thusly destroying the relationship between all? Imagine the media frenzy with Both Batman and the Police hurting seemingly good people, though trying to fight an unseen yet greater evil? How bout it folks, the Mad Hatter? I think it'd work and, if told like a horror story, it'd definitely fit the "genre jump" pattern. Anyway, just a random contribution by a fan to this already great list of ideas. Keep sharing, everyone!

Javier1277 on Sep 2, 2008


Angelina Jolie and CHER both want to play Catwoman. Johnny Depp is rumored to play The Riddler. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is rumored to play The Penguin. Catwoman is hinted at in The Dark Knight but do you guys see a director like Nolan putting up with divas like Cher and Jolie? I sure don't! Secondly,if they do use The Riddler don't you think The Nolans are going to go with Guy Pearce? After all,Pearce was the star of Memento. Directors like to use people they have worked with before and Depp is too big to play The Riddler. Remember,Heath Ledger was no box office Bonanza when he was tapped to play The Joker! And third,Christopher Nolan has stated that The Penguin character is too far-fetched for his vision of Gotham. And besides,Hoffman's PR people say he has not committed to The Dark knight sequel. Neither has Nolan...

Tony on Sep 3, 2008


Nolan's Batman franchise should be kept as a trilogy, there's no need to continue it past a third film. I don't think both Two-Face and The Riddler should be in the next one because it would just make it feel like a revamp of Batman Forever. Johnny Depp is also too big of an actor and his involvement was an unsourced myth started by the National Enquirer. The Riddler should not be seen until the concluding act of the film and he should also be physically unimposing and cowardly to differentiate him from The Joker. I'd also prefer to see a villain that hasn't been used in past films and the one who's not really receiving attention is Black Mask who could mesh perfectly into Nolan's universe. I also think Nolan's not going to heavily rely on the villain in the promotional campaign, Batman Begins' ads did not focus on Scarecrow or Ra's Al Ghul vs. The Dark Knight which heavily relied on The Joker. I believe the third film will put more focus again on Batman's character instead of the villains.

SlashBeast on Sep 3, 2008


Harvey Dent is dead... TWO-FACE LIVES!!!

Bob on Sep 3, 2008


Well Bob I think Two-Face is dead too. Yeah,he looked pretty dead to me. I went to the Public Library with my children and guess what I saw folks? An issue of BATMAN. #4 of a 7 part story on THE RESSURECTION OF RAS AL GHUL. Yep. I think The Nolans will finish what they started in BATMAN BEGINS. That makes perfect sense doesn't it? A final resolution to a conlict unsolved.

Tony on Sep 4, 2008


To quote David S. Goyer and The Nolans. "We have 70 years of Batman History to pore through," said Goyer. "We are going to select a villain from those past 70 years." Added Nolan,"We want to utilize villains THAT HAVE NOT BEEN UTILIZED ALREADY in the Batman films." End quote.

Tony on Sep 4, 2008


So I doubt we will be seeing Riddler or Penguin anytime soon folks.

Tony on Sep 4, 2008


Awsome on Sep 4, 2008


Once again, BLACK MASK!!!

SlashBeast on Sep 4, 2008


I doubt it will be Black Mask because if that were the case wouldn't we have met Roman Sionus in BATMAN BEGINS? The Nolans like to keep things tidy. You know that!

Tony on Sep 5, 2008


Nah! If I were Christopher Nolan, the plot should go like this. If he were to put The Riddler on the sequel to The Dark Knight, I do think Johnny Depp could be quirky, awesome and crazy enough for the role. But, hey, I could be wrong. If he were to put The Riddler in, The Riddler a.k.a. Edward Nigma should be like an assistant of Lucius Fox or a new employee of Wayne Enterprises. He just bugs the hell out of the company by saying all these things of what changes or what new things should happen around Gotham. Then Lucius Fox or Bruce Wayne we have to reach their Whit's End by firing him by saying, dude your too crazy or something. To make the plot make sense, we got ourselves a start. Then Nigma goes out of his mind and becomes The Riddler. Getting minions and mobs together by just bugging the hell out of Bruce a.k.a. Batman. Then The Riddler just shoves down his changes or his crap down Gotham's throats and stuff and goes out of his freakin' mind and Batman tries to stop him. So, hey, that's my opinion. What do you guys think? But, Christopher Nolan could have something even more interesting up his sleeve. I don't know. We'll find out. I'm just saying, that'd be awesome.

Nick Oswald on Sep 5, 2008


... Heck, I don't like the title. It should be something more interesting and epic. I mean, "The Dark Knight Returns"? Sounds kinda lame and sounds like it's starting over from where Batman Begins started. How about something like "The Batman" or "The Knight's Eve" or "Eve of the Knight" or something. Hey, that's all I got. The name given right now is just really stupid. The Dark Knight is taken. We don't need to add Returns at the end of it. We need something more interesting and epic.

Nick Oswald on Sep 5, 2008


As for a title, I think Batman Redemption is perfect (who says we can no longer have "Batman" in the title). The whole Riddler being an employee of Wayne Enterprises makes him too similar to Mr. Earl and Reese and it sounds too similar to Batman Forever. The Riddler should be a kind of unseen mastermind behind a series of crimes. The reason I think Black Mask is more plausible than some other contenders is because he was already part of the script for The Dark Knight but removed later. Besides, I think it's better to let the light shine on some villains who have been shoehorned by the tv series and films.

SlashBeast on Sep 5, 2008


Have you guys read the one shot RIDDLER AND THE RIDDLE FACTORY? That was awesome!

Tony on Sep 6, 2008


Dark Knight Returns is to throw people off! Dark Knight Returns is already taken and most likely Zack Snyder will direct it! I think Dark Knight will be contained in the title. We can only guess as to what the actual title will be. Dark Knight Rising? This would signify Bruce Wayne rising from the ashes like The Mighty Phoenix to kick some serious ass! Dark Knight:Requiem? Bruce Wayne is on the run from the police,people fear The Bat. The Villain(s)make their move on Gotham! Dark Knight Triumphant? Bruce Wayne restores respect to The Bat and order to Gotham City...for now anyway!

Tony on Sep 6, 2008


Very cool poster!!! I really dig it!

DJ SID on Sep 6, 2008


It is a cool poster. So is Gotham Knights poster. Check that one out too. Hmmm. I wonder if these guys are Chris Nolan's nephews or brothers-in-law! LOL!

Tony on Sep 7, 2008


i think daniel day lewis should be the riddler. he would be the perfect choice

roy on Sep 7, 2008


I'm no comic book expert, but in the graphic novel 'The Dark Knight Returns' I'm pretty sure that the Riddler doesn't appear. Unless the creator just wanted to use the name, and in no relation to that particular comment. That said, the design is amazing. I've seen it at SHH. However, the theme relies heavily on the already stylization of The Dark Knight, which seems somewhat redundant. OK I look silly criticing a fan made graphic but still, lol. 🙂

angela on Sep 8, 2008


The Dark Knight Returns was written by Frank Miller. A 60ish Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement to battle The Mutant Gang. His sidekick Robin is a 13 year-old girl. He goes after an escaped Two-Face and finally puts an end to the mad laughter of The Joker. Not always seeing eye to eye with Boy Scout Clark Kent,The Bat throws down with The Super One in an all-out brawl. Dark Knight paved the way for 1989's Batman and revived general intetest in comic books. Director Zack Snyder told Miller he is interested in doing the movie adaptation. Miller said Snyder can direct it anytime he wants! Most likely,Dark Knight Returns will hit theatres after the trilogy wraps up.

Tony on Sep 8, 2008


How about you do a bit of reserch before you start posting like an idiot in all caps: tWO-fACE IS NOT DEAD! Eckheart said it himself. He's dead. Gone. Kaputt.

VickyD on Sep 9, 2008


Yes,we get it. Two-Face is dead. Sheesh! I don't know,guys. This is all too weird. Chris Nolan has not commented one way or another about all these rumors about the sequel. Hell,is he even going to do the sequel? He hasn't signed on that dotted line yet. Then we get two "fake" movie posters. Both feature The Riddler. One has the famous green suit standing in the shadows,faceless. A caption reads GUESS WHO? The poster is titled Gotham Knights. In the other poster(the one everyone is talking about)we see Riddler's hand covered with graffiti. He comes off like that cpeepy John Doe from Se7en. A far cry from the late Frank Gorshin and the silly Jim Carrey. His hands rest on a tattered newspaper. Two articles catch his eye. One on the manhunt for The Batman. The other on the one year anniversary of Harvey Dent's death. Written by one Vicki Vale(played by Kim Bassinger in the now classic Batman of 1989). Hmmm. Could these two "artists" be onto something? Is Two-Face being hidden somewhere? Will Vicki Vale champion for The Bat and restore his respect? Will The Riddler pick up where The Joker left off? More importantly,were these two jokers(no pun intended)fired for leaking Nolan's stories??? As they said on that GOD awful TV show that I watched as a kid,STAY TUNED BAT FANS!

Tony on Sep 10, 2008


Angelina Jolie as catwoman? Im a huge angelina fan, but i would like to see her as any super human anything really. Halli Berry wouldnt do such a bad job again. The movie CatWoman itself bombed, but her acting in it wasnt bad at all. We could always grab danny devito for another penguin pitch.... and i Would LOVE to see Jim Carey come back as the Riddler. Uma thurman as Poison Ivy.... but yea. WHat evs

Celeste on Sep 11, 2008


Haha, you just want a huge medley of all the past Batmans then?

VickyD on Sep 11, 2008


Nah The Nolans are keeping it fresh! They are a far cry from Burton and Schumacher. They gave us Scarecrow and Ras Al Ghul. Never been done until Batman Begins. Then they reinvented The Joker and Two-Face with The Dark Knight. And Batman is darker,meaner,and tougher than we have ever seen him before! The Nolans told Jack Nicholson to take a hike so what makes you think they would revert to casting former actors in their famous roles? They took a big chance with Heath and it paid off! Bring back Berry,Carrey,and Uma?? LOFL! Please. How about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? She is sexy,she breathed new life into Agent 99 and Get Smart was a hit! How about Guy Perce from Memento as The Riddler? How about Oliver Platt to play The Penguin? Hell,he looks just like him! Go check it out! Get someone like Alicia Witt to play Poison ivy! Now that's casting! Fresh and original. Not the "same old faces" in "been there,done that!"

Tony on Sep 11, 2008


I wish Heath didn't die, because I really want to see Harley Quinn in a live action movie, but she wouldn't work without Joker.

VickyD on Sep 11, 2008


It can still be done. Most people polled say Brittany Murphy should play Harley Quinn. I say Alan Cumming or Adrien Brody can play The Joker. Johnny Depp could probably match Heath's Joker. They could put Harley and Mr. J. in the next movie or even give them their own movie! Base it on MAD LOVE. There,problem solved! And Vicky I hope you see more to the tragic death of Heath Ledger. The real tragedy is that Heath died just as he was about to peak. But my dear that's how legends are born...

Tony on Sep 12, 2008


I'm sorry if I sounded cold. I am deeply saddened by Heath's death.

VickyD on Sep 12, 2008


Harley Quinn cannot be adapted with the Nolan's Batman universe. I loved her in the animated series, but not every lovable character can translate into live action. Give Harley and Joker their own movie? Um, okay. kind of ruined your argument when you suggested Anne Hathaway for Catwoman, after you just said Nolan supposedly "done something that's never been done before". Well of course, it's a reboot, so they're going to introduce new characters in Batman Begins. Thee Nolan brothers aren't going to cast actors from previous Batman films, Tim Burton didn't cast anyone from Adam West's show, so I don't see why some fans are suggesting the likes of Jim Carrey to play the Riddler again LOL. I don't think those type of fans (and you know who) understand the nature of Christopher Nolan's vision of Batman. That includes Harley Quinn. She stays in the cartoon where she belongs.

angela on Sep 12, 2008


Maybe one day I can finally see Harley live action.

VickyD on Sep 12, 2008


Bane is the next character they must reinvent...Batman and Robin's depiction of the guy that put batman out of commishion in the comics is just plain sad! He is not the dumb ape and sidekick of poison ivy they show him to be. Now the question is who could play that massive man?

Heath on Sep 12, 2008


Harley Quinn's chances of appearing aren't that great. Speculation often gets out of hand when fans start listing everything THEY want but don't take the time to consider what would WORK in the actual film. Although I have nothing against valid specualtion, being a fan myself.

SlashBeast on Sep 12, 2008


I know Harley will not get in, I just want her to. We need the Joker as well for Harley to be in, so maybe in 10 years, when Nolan is done and a new man takes up the privilege of making batman movies, we can see Harley.

VickyD on Sep 12, 2008


Yo Vicky, with the current success of The Dark Knight, I think it's more than safe to say that we will be seeing a Joker spinoff as well as an appearance by The Joker in the next installment. Joker=Box Office, babe! AND IT WON'T TAKE TEN YEARS EITHER! You obviously don't know this business as much as you prefer to think you do! Do your homework. Check the stats. Catwoman,Elektra,etc.

Tony on Sep 12, 2008


Yah, but Nolan is different. He is one of the few people in the business thats an pure artist and not a money maker, and Nolan has almost all creative control. Nolan will do whatever the heck he wants, and I don't think that Harley is in his plans. And didn't Catwoman and Elektra bomb?

VickyD on Sep 12, 2008


Quite true, Vicky. Catwoman bombed,even with a catfight between a scantilly clad Halle Berry and an aging but still sexy Sharon Stone! BUT Cher wants to play Catwoman,so does Angelina Jolie! Cher took some pics and sent them to the Nolans! Joile interviewed a porno star to play up Selina Kyle as a dominatrix! IF the Nolans do decide on Catwoman(she is Bruce Wayne's most intriguing love interest)she will be portrayed(most likely)as a Ninja-like cat burglar and less of the Cat Lady portrayed in Batman Returns(1992). This would fit more into Nolan's Gotham don't you think? As for Elektra,they tried to off shoot her from Daredevil but it tanked as well. BUT now, they are talking to Jason Statham about a Daredevil sequel! It's like I always say,GREED feeds the movie machine!

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


As for the issue of Harley Quinn Vicky,they polled people on the net(why the poll?)about who should play Harley Quinn. 25%(the highest number)went with:Brittany Murphy(8 Mile,Downtown Girls). So don't be surprised if we meet the Nurse Harleen Quinzell anytime soon...

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


As for Catwoman, a woman who dresses up in a LEATHER cat costume ( and therefore could easily be shot, stabbed, beaten severely, i.e. DIE) swinging from rooftops like Indiana Jones is not realistic. Batman's suit works because it is BODY ARMOR, Fox said so in "Begins." It was an infantry bullet proof design that was tailored to look like a bat, not the other way around. Unless Selina Kyle can have access to the R & D part of Wayne Enterprises and make a military suit look like a cat, she would not last one night on the streets of Gotham; it's not plausible.

SlashBeast on Sep 13, 2008


Yah, I really don't want Catwoman. Much rather have Riddler even though he's been done.

VickyD on Sep 13, 2008


LOL are you serious? Those rumors are all bogus. Angelina Jolie, Cher, etc. have NEVER expressed any interest in playing Catwoman. Christopher Nolan isn't even signed up for another Batman alone, only Christian Bale and Michael Caine (to my knowledge) have. You, and other people like you, are talking about casting for movies that don't even exist yet. All this talk only adds more fire to more silly rumors of a new movie sequel to a film that hasn't even been out for more than 3 months yet. A Joker spin off? A villain spin off? How does that even work? Not that only that, it'll be a cheap and a sad attempt to make money. I can't believe this is what some fans want (maybe it's just the no0bs). And I can tell you that cast & crew of Batman Begins/Dark Knight will not take part in it. The Joker has only been in the cinema 3 times, each separated by more than a decade -- Batman 66, Batman 89, Dark Knight 08. Let it go already! It [Joker] won't be recast, and Harley Quinn will never be in a live action Batman movie unless Joel Schumacher directs again.

angela on Sep 13, 2008


1. You make it sound like there is defiantly not going to be a Batman 3. Its not official, but its sort of taken for granted that Nolan, as unwilling as he is, is coming back. And he probably will. 2. I don't want a Joker spin off. If you read my posts, you would know that I have accepted the fact that Harley Quinn will not be making an appearance under Nolan, and it would be stupid if she was a lone villain. She needs either Joker or Poison Ivy to work. 3. Who are you to say that Harley will never be featured in a live action Batman movie. The next person who takes on Batman 10 years from now will have huge shoes to fill after Nolan and will have to stray from mainstream Batman such as Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Twoface, ext... I didn't include Joker because there are so many ways to portray him. 4. Why are you telling us to stop speculating on a website about speculation? I won't explain this point because there is no point on explaining it.

VickyD on Sep 13, 2008


Hey The Bitch Is Back! I am of course referring to that cunt Angela who has her own web site but comes in here and throws her weight around to inflate her ego! The rumors are bogus? BITCH do you even READ the NET. I do. I know for a fact that veteran actress Lee Meriwether(she played Catwoman in the old TV show)stands behind Jolie to play Catwoman! In her statement and I quote her: "If anyone owns this role,it is Angelina Jolie! She IS Catwoman!" So you have the former handing the reins over. Did I make this up? No I did not! LOOK IT UP YOU LAZY WITCH! Do some research before you criticize OR is that all you are good at??? Those you can't criticize so I guess that sums you up huh? Do us all a favor and stay the fuck off this thread! Go back to your site!

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


Man this Angela has her head up her fucking ass! GO READ MAD LOVE and then tell me how a spinoff wouldn't work!

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


I agree with Tony. If you are going to criticizes people for voicing their speculations on a speculation site, then why are you here? Its like sining up for the math team and calling them all geeks and going on and on about your football stories.

VickyD on Sep 13, 2008


I never said Catwoman was going to be in the sequel!!! I considered the possibility. It's what I do. I am a visionary. AND THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL WITH OR WITHOUT NOLAN! Mark my words. 513 Million Dollars is nothing to sneeze at! And yes Titanic The Dark Knight is gunning for Number One. Sorry, Jimmy Cameron! And HEATH LEDGER WAS BETTER THAN JACK NICHOLSON TOO! Sorry,Jack! Loved you in The Departed,though. I WOULD LOVE A JOKER SPINOFF!!! I can't get enough of The Joker. That guy knew how to control a room! And I would love to see Harley and Mr. J. kick up some dust! Hell,I'll even write the godammed movie! A fun-house version of Bonnie And Clyde! GIVE THE FAN BOYS WHAT THEY WANT! As for the sequel,um I think The Joker was intended to come back but a sad thing happened. Heath Ledger took too much medication and he died...

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


RIP Heath. Sayonara Angela. See that square over there? It's called a door. Use it!

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


Dude, are you alright?

VickyD on Sep 13, 2008


Wow! Who knew the internet was that serious? You seem a little obsessed. I wasn't criticizing anyone, just giving my opinion in general. I wasn't talking about Lee Meriwether, I'm talking about Angelina Jolie herself. I've never heard her specifically say she's interested in the role. That's nice if Meriwether has a suggestion for casting in a future film. But it's as if saying Catherine Zeta Jones wants to be Wonder Woman, which to my knowledge she has never spoken about, only that Lynda Carter suggested that should would be a good candidate. I wouldn't want to see a sequel if Nolan isn't apart of it. Who knows, he could want to take a break from Batman, which I wouldn't give him slack for. Although I doubt he would leave, I don't think fans would be paranoid of another repeat of the last 2 of 4 Batman films. You can't compare Jack Nicholson to Heath Ledger, the characterization and movies were too different to compare. I prefer Heath, but Jack had a lot of iconic lines and scenes ('ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?' being my favorite). I read Mad Love, thank you. I don't think a spin off would work, not a live action. A woman dressed up as a full body suit Harlequinn would look ridiculous. It'd remind me of Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. That and, nobody could do the voice like Arleen Sorkin, it'd be just a bad imitation. The only director I can picture putting Harley Quinn in a live action Batman film is Joel Schumacher. He has a taste for things like that; he could be over doing the make up and what not. The neon colors of Batman and Robin, for example. And what does my website have to do with anything? LOL. I think you need to step away from the computer. But I take it you took a peak, so thanks for visiting! 🙂

angela on Sep 14, 2008


No Vicky I'm not...I forgot to take my little green pills...or are they yellow? Or blue? I sometimes forget!!! LOFL!!!

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


man...dude. calm down. you sound like a psychotic masochist.

Eric on Sep 14, 2008


Angela, Angela, Angela. Sigh. Where do I start??? Obsessed am I? Considering that I've written screenplays off and on since I was 20? A TAD OBSESSED YES! Angelina Joile and CHER are interested in playing Catwoman. It's on the net. Cher wants to revive her career but I think she's too old to slip on that spandex. Jolie wants the coveted role(Madonna once did as well as Sean Young and Marissa Tomei)but I think she's too much of a "diva" for Chris Nolan to put up with. And Nolan looks like a no-nonsense type of guy! A lot of people point to that cat reference by Morgan Freeman in The Dark Knight. That's how this all started by the way...It's entirely up to Nolan if he wants to direct the sequel! Even the studios back him on this! His wife co-produced The Dark Knight as well as all his previous films. With all that money taken in,Nolan can retire sweetheart! HE DOES NOT HAVE TO COME BACK and you know something people? I would not be surprised if he bowed out! This is a fickle business after all...The issue of Harley Quinn. Man you are one ignorant bitch aren't you? Let me pause to laugh at your stupidity. So let's get this straight now. You have no problem with a thirty-something man dressing like a bat? You have no problem with a grown man wearing a potato sack over his head huh? You have no problem with a man wearing clown make-up, lipstick smeared all over like a derranged Bette Davis and donning a ridiculous purple suit? BUT you have a problem with Harley Quinn dressed as a Merry Minstrel? WOW! Just wow. LOL! Oh boy!

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


scratch that....a psychotic misogynist

Eric on Sep 14, 2008


Lithium in pharmacology refers to use of the lithium ion, Li+, as a drug. A number of chemical salts of lithium are used medically as a mood stabilizing drug, primarily in the treatment of bipolar disorder, where they have a role in the treatment of depression and particularly of mania, both acutely and in the long term.

Eric on Sep 14, 2008


Yes, Eric, you dolt I was standing on a pile of razor blades as I wrote that and, uh, I was barefoot!!! LOL! You people are something else...and I didn't mean that as a compliment!

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


Amisulpride (brand-name Solian) is an antipsychotic drug sold by Sanofi-Aventis. Amisulpride is a selective dopamine antagonist. It has a high affinity for D2 (Ki 2.8 nM) and D3 (Ki 3.2 nM) dopaminergic receptors. Its dosage ranges from 200 to 1200 mg/day. Lower doses (less than 50 mg) preferentially block D2 autoreceptors that control the synthesis and release of dopamine. This results in an increase in dopaminergic transmission. This dopamine increase is hypothesized to cause a reduction in both depressive and negative symptoms. Higher doses of the drug block the postsynaptic dopamine receptors resulting in an improvement in psychoses.

Eric on Sep 14, 2008


Eric shove your psychology dude! I never killed anybody! NOT YET ANYWAY...TEE HEE...

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


The difference between a fan and a fanatic is that while both have an overwhelming liking or interest in a given subject, behaviour of a fanatic will be viewed as violating prevailing social norms, while that of a fan will not violate those norms (although is usually considered unusual).[2]

Eric on Sep 14, 2008


Advances on Eric with blood red lipstick smeared across his face. WHY SO SERIOUS ERIC? His blades catches the light. LET'S PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE! Slashes the air. Eric falls...

Tony on Sep 14, 2008



Tony on Sep 14, 2008


your last screen play? - judging by your view of things - IF you were a screen writer, you'd be nothing more than a glorified hack with delusions of one on this site gives a flying fuck if you wrote a script....

Eric on Sep 14, 2008


Ferocious, ain't I? TEE HEE...

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


ferocious? moronic - yeah that about covers it.

Eric on Sep 14, 2008


Cuts off Eric's testicles and force feeds them to him...laughing the whole time he does this...

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


Homicide is a real tension breaker.

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


Tony, dude, what the hell is wrong with you. I was on your side until you ruined your argument with all your moronic statements. Angela has a much better argument by now than you

VickyD on Sep 14, 2008


There's a lot of debate going on but I feel that people aren't looking into the facts of the problem. - A Joker spinoff feels like kind of a cash grab, some have said that it would show his origin etc. but this defeats the purpose of the role of the Joker in The Dark Knight. The writers specifically left out an origin for the Joker to portray him as absolute with no shades of gray. - MAYBE Harley Quinn could work but I don't think her chances of appearing are very good. The only time she would work is if they recast the Joker in the 3rd film. But this is the main problem, the Joker is largely a lone wolf in The Dark Knight and often kills off his own henchmen. Why would the Joker need a counterpart??? He, like Batman, works much better by himself without a partner to distract him.

SlashBeast on Sep 14, 2008


That was the beauty of MAD LOVE, Slash. A female counterpart to drive him crazy! And with Harley Qunn at his side,The Joker would be twice as dangerous. They're both crazier than two hens in a shit house!

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


Do you even know what your typing some times?

VickyD on Sep 14, 2008


Vicky you still here??? Thought I told you to GO FUCK YOURSELF!!! You need some help or what?

Tony A. on Sep 15, 2008


Yes I am. I am here to have a smart conversation on possible ideas for the next Batman. If you really have nothing better to do than tell random strangers to go fuck themselves, well then I can't help but think either one A) your the saddest dip shit in the world that gets bullied on a regular bases and needs to go feel tough on some random forum, B) are truly retarded in witch case I apologize, or C) are just the worst and most pitiful excuse for a human being in the world.

VickyD on Sep 15, 2008


You know something Vicky? Why couldn't it be YOU instead of HEATH?

Tony A. on Sep 16, 2008


i duno, thats a good question.

VickyD on Sep 16, 2008


I'm full of good questions.

Tony A. on Sep 16, 2008


among other stuff

VickyD on Sep 17, 2008


david tennant would be great! but does anyone knows who is it going to be?

Ari on Sep 18, 2008


No, there have been no confirmations of anything to this day. The only semi-confirmation is that Michael Caine (Alfred) said that the executives of the studio really wanted to grab Johny Depp as Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Penguin, but this is Nolan's baby and I doubt he'll want the Penguin in his movie. It would be awesome though.

VickyD on Sep 18, 2008


There's some villains who should just not be adapted to film. Penguin - Not in the least bit intimidating and he's jsut too "normal" to compete with Batman. Mad Hatter - We want to see a Batman film, not an Alice in Wonderland lover. Killer Croc, Clayface, Man-Bat - Not happening. Catwoman - Most people I spoke to laughed at her inclusion. Hush - Too whiny. Harley Quinn - The Joker's a lone wolf, he doesn't need an accomplice. On the other hand, there are several villains who could work. Black Mask - A mob enforcer. Rupert Thorne - A politician with mob connections. The Riddler - Even though he's been done before, he's the most realistic of Batman's greater known villains. He could be a villain along the lines of John Doe in Se7en who left clues for a masterplan. Deacon Blackfire - The people of Gotham look to a new hero in the war on crime. Deacon is a false prophet who organizes a cult similar to the Batmen.

SlashBeast on Sep 18, 2008


Vicky when you gonna do us all a favor and slash your wrists? You're nothing but a miserable cunt. End your sorry,empty,shallow worthless life now. Then I can piss on your grave! HAAAA! The Joker is back, get used to it!

Tony A. on Sep 18, 2008


Just go draw a hot bath Vick and let the blood flow...

Tony A. on Sep 18, 2008


your pain is my pleasure!

Tony A. on Sep 18, 2008



Tony A. on Sep 18, 2008


Oh, and if I were Nolan,I would steer clear of Johnny Depp and The Riddler just to cheese everyone off! But hey that's just me! Fuck all of you! Kiss my ass! I'm out of here! Vicky, go commit suicide! The world would keep rotating on its axis without a miserable emo bitch like yourself. Bye assholes! The MOVIEBUFF has left the building...

Tony A. on Sep 18, 2008


Why do you even come here? Do you have any other purpose besides ruining this conversation for everyone else?

VickyD on Sep 19, 2008


hmm. Let me see................................................Nope.

Tony A. on Sep 19, 2008


Alrighty then, knock yourself out 🙂

VickyD on Sep 19, 2008


Everyone wants The Riddler. I want more Joker. No disrespect to Heath. I think Depp could pull it off.

Tony A. on Sep 21, 2008


I think he could too. I told my friends that if the Joker absolutely had to be recasted, then make it Depp, cuz his joker probably would have been close to what Heath did.

VickyD on Sep 21, 2008


Wow,we finally agree on something! As a side note,Alan Cumming looks just like the comic book Joker. Adrien Brody was turned down in favor of Ledger. Now,alas,that Ledger has passed on just maybe Brody would get the part...

Tony A. on Sep 22, 2008


I duno. The executives are still going back and forth on deciding wither to recast Joker. It all depends on what Nolan wants. They did recast Rachel Dawse, so may be we might see Joker again.

VickyD on Sep 23, 2008


No one was ever turned down in favor of Heath Ledger, Ledger was what Chris Nolan wanted from day one. I still remember nearly everyone had panicked and didn't even give him a chance when he was officially casted/confirmed it wasn't a rumor. Now it's a whole 180. I didn't know who he was besides he was nominated for an Oscar for 'Brokeback Mountain' and was Australian, so I was neutral.

angela on Sep 23, 2008


Uh, for your info Angela(my old nemesis) Adrien Brody and Sean Penn,among others,tried out for The Joker. So, yeah check your resources there!!! Ledger was the FINAL choice you dolt! Sheesh!

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


I think what you mean to say, Angela, is 360 :D. Any way, more people did try out, but Nolan had pretty much maid up his mind even before the try outs on Heath. Your both right.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


From what I understand. I read somewhere that Brody was their second choice. Now,The Joker is still alive at the climax of The Dark Knight. Joker was the epitome of Dark Knight. He stirred the pot so to say. Many people who saw this movie agree that it was all about The Joker. He pushed Batman to his limits and created Two-Face. He even tells Batman "I think we were destined to battle each other forever..." So all I'm saying is this. We will be seeing more of The Joker. His story arc is not complete. Order cannot exist without chaos to reign over. The Joker told Dent "I am an agent of chaos." Brody will play The Joker. Batman and Joker will meet again. Maybe this time,it will be final.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


While I regret the passing of Heath Ledger,I think an Oscar-winning actor such as Adrien Brody can nail the late actor's Joker dead on. I hope to GOD that Heath Ledger gets his due come the Oscars!

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


There is a method to Joker's madness so to say. Read THE KILLING JOKE and you'll get a better understanding of the man's psyche. They almost make you feel sorry for the poor bastard. And since this IS a Riddler site,I reccomend the one-shot RIDDLER AND THE RIDDLE FACTORY.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Yes 360!! That's what I meant LOL. If he is nominated again for The Dark Knight, detractors will just say (and already have) he is only nominated because "he passed away". But Heath Ledger was nominated for an Oscar before for Brokeback Mountain, and I'm pretty sure he was alive and well at the time.

angela on Sep 24, 2008


Very true. Lets save Jony for another vilain. Putting Jony Depp in as joker would be way to noticable and bothersome.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


Here's a tidbit for you fellow movie buffs. Go to AOL images of Heath Ledger. In one frame we see Heath in a straight-jacket. Hmm. Alternate ending perhaps? Me thinks it is. In another frame we see Heath in his Joker get up instructing someone in the backseat of a car(presumsbly a cop car). Hmm. A deleted scene?

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Yes a lot of people will say that Heath will get an Oscar out of simpathy and that no one else had a chance because they didn't die. I say that no one else had a chance because Heath was just so damn good and no one could match him. Like I said, they are still going back and forth on Joker or no Joker. If they do have the Joker again, it sure as hell is not the executive's disision. THe executives have spoken and they want Depp as Ridler and PSH as Penguin. If Joker comes back, its all Nolan.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


I just read(at Wiki)that The Dark Knight is coming to DVD(brace yourselves)on Dec. 9th 2008. Now,if these assholes want to beat TITANIC,they would postpone that release date and reissue The Dark Knight in full release sometime after The Oscar noms are announced!

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


@ Tony: Yes I have seen those. I read that they were demo screen shots and are probably just some preliminary deleted scenes. The one with the Joker in the back seat was one of the first Ledger Joker screen shots to appeer on the interweb to calm people down and prove that he was a great choice.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


I don't care whether TDK beats Titanic or not, it's not quantity that concerns me. I am ecstatic that it'll be on DVD soon. Time sure flies by fast (Iron Man and Sex In The City movies for example are recently on DVD). Remember back in the day we'd have to wait YEARS for movies to go to video? After the theater I remember we'd groan about how much we wanted to have it on tape, and routinely remember it would be at least two years until than. Kids don't know how great they have it today, really, lol.

angela on Sep 24, 2008


I just want TITANIC to go down because it sucked so bad! And yes it is vastly overrated! Just for the record,my favorite film of all-time is THE GODFATHER. The uncut version.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


I only disagree with Tony in one little aspect: I have always liked Heath. I loved Knights Tale and Ten Things I Hate About You is the only chick flick I will ever admit to liking. On the other hand, me being a homophobe, I had to ignore the fact that he was in Brokeback mountain. However Tony, I really don't see what your argument against Angela is. She stated that she can't wait for TDK to be on DVD. You stated that you thought Ledger was awesome. What exactly are you two fighting about at this point? Who is king of the site?

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


I think The Joker is and always will be the Greatest Batman Villain. Sorry,Riddler! Hell,The Joker even has his own "Greatest Hits" Graphic Novel. LOL! Let's face it,people. Joker is to Batman what Lex Luthor is to Superman. Right? "Kill you?...No...I don't want to kill you...(laughs) complete me!" Utterly hillarious!

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


And yes Tony, Titanic is extremely over rated. Gayest movie of all time.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


I think Joker might be a tad bit more deep relasionship wise with Batman than Lex. Sure Super Man and Old Lexy were best buds, but the Joker is.... I can't even explain it.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


Hey Vicky,I'm a lover not a fighter. I think Angela is just warm for my form!

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Try this, Vicky. Joker and Batman are two sides of a coin. Okay? Batman is for law and order. Joker craves chaos and disorder. Look how he fucked up Gotham City! "Look at what I accomplished with some bullets and a few cans of gasoline." Batman is the protector of Gotham. Joker is the bad guy who comes to town and shakes things up. Look at it this way,if Bruce Wayne is a self-imposed Messiah so to say then The Joker is his AntiChrist! That's how they complete each other. Two parallels in one universe.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Yup, thats close enough. Its still kinda hard to explain it fully 😀

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


Batman #1 featured The Joker. Not the Riddler. Just saying.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


You know, truthfully, if its only going to be a trilogy, I say go for fresh villains, but if Nolan would get off his high horse and do like five or six movies, then I think there is more room for Mr Joe Ker.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


And you know, I really do hate Catwoman. No fin' Catwoman please.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


And since the "relationship" between Batman and The Joker is such a paradox,that is why it has endured for 68 years. Right?

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Well Vicky I'm a screenwriter and I say fuck the movies. Do a TV Show. For Cable. On HBO. Then ALL the villains could be showcased. It would be dark and serious like Dark Knight. It would be for adults not the kiddeis. Call it,quite simply,GOTHAM.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Sounds great, but there is a flaw. TV special affects are not as good as movie secial effects due to financial reasons, so I don't think it would work.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


Back in '92 I wrote a rough draft for BATMAN III. I broke a Cardinal Rule. Never kill a main character. I killed off The Catwoman! LOL!

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I would love to see a movie in witch Catwoman's single appearance is going on a grab mission for Joker and as with all his minions, by by Catwoman. But please, now I need to know. How did you kill her?

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


It could be done. HBO is owned by Warners and they spared no expense on THE SOPRANOS. That's why that show was so good. Too good for TV. Batman continues to be a fan favorite,so there is a built-in audience.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Well Vicky my villain was FREEZE played by Robin Williams. Near the end of the movie,Catwoman kisses Batman. Dying Freeze goes for his Ice Pistol. Catwoman pushes Batman out of the way and cracks her whip back. Freeze lets her have it. Encases her in an icy tomb. I killed her off for "dramatic effect" and to tie up her storyline. Although you got to admit the dichotomy of Bruce Wayne/Batman and Selina Kyle/Catwoman is an intriguing one. I did explore their odd relationship.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Plus,I have seen some cool FX on shows like X-FILES, SMALLVILLE, HEROES and FRINGE so I got to disagree with you on that issue.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Interesting, but by the sounds of it, Catwoman was in the film to long. Kill her of as quickly, grusamly, funnily as humanly possible.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


I just don't think that a TV show could reach nearly the same caliber as the movies. And do u have any idea how high a cost it would be? Its got a city setting which equals a butt load of extras. Then its got a bunch of main characters and a shit load of secondary. I'm not even going to factor in all the computer animasion required and the cost of that. The budget would have to be fuckin high.

VickyD on Sep 24, 2008


The Dark Knight pulled in nearly a billion dollars worldwide. Look at SMALLVILE(a minor hit). They have pulled it off for what? Eight years now? Looks pretty pricey too for network TV.

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Tony trust me, I am not warm for your form. - I don't see how not wanting to do that many more Batman movies makes Nolan being on his "high horse". Sometimes less is more. - TV special effects aside, a character like Batman doesn't require a lot of special effects, he doesn't have any super powers to be gotten. Besides, CGI has improved over the years immensely, although many old television show's effects have aged well.

angela on Sep 24, 2008


Besides,I liked how Daniel Waters and Wesley Strick captured Catwoman and Penguin for Batman Returns. I think the quality of the Batman movies declined when they fired Tim Burton as the director and brought in new writers. The Riddler came off as a fag in Batman Forever! Two-Face was just silly and Arnold's Freeze was overblown. Uma Thurman was wasted. Bane was retarded!

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Angela is not warm for my form. What a sigh of relief! LOL!

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


As for old TV Show FX. You can tell that Captain James T. Kirk is fighting someone in a rubber suit. And my 12 year-old daughter laughs her ass off at old episodes of Twilight Zone! And don't get me started on that cornball Batman TV Show!!! Recall those dixie paper plates with string! LOL!

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


Richard Dykstra and his FX team blew everyone away in 1968 with 2001: A Space Odyssey. FX were advanced even further in 1977 thanks to George Lucas and his team on Star Wars. The rest is history...

Tony on Sep 24, 2008


pathetic fuck-stick...why don't you go right your fake make-believe script and keep up w/ your meds...and tell the doctor to up the milligrams on your lithium.

jimmy schlong on Sep 24, 2008



jimmy schlong on Sep 24, 2008


Jimmy Schlong? LOL! Let me guess. Porno star reject right? Fake script? Sigh. Whatever. Is your schlong fake? Do you come up short in your pants as well as your IQ? LOL! Lithium? I don't touch drugs BUT I am borderline. Want to find out just how crazy I am? Yeah. I didn't think so...

Tony on Sep 25, 2008


How about I take that so called schlong of yours. Take it,cut it off and shove it up your fucking ass? Huh Buddy? TEE HEE. You want crazy? Huh? Mother Fucker! Come on big man whip it out...

Tony on Sep 25, 2008


make you Jimmy Stump! LOL!

Tony on Sep 25, 2008


Please stop writing conversations with yourself... Stay on topic and discuss the poster please!

Alex Billington on Sep 25, 2008


"On this job application,can I list Homicide as one of my hobbies?" HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Tony on Sep 25, 2008


I come here to talk shop(movies),Alex. Assholes fuck with me!

Tony on Sep 25, 2008


Hey Alex you want me to leave,I will. See you on the streets Jimmy!!!

Tony on Sep 25, 2008


Way to go Jimmy, you went an fired up Tony again for no good reason. Um... Tony, I think Alex is a moderator. Arguing with a mod never ends well.

VickyD on Sep 25, 2008


Thanks for being in my corner Vicky! Smiley face. And I wasn't arguing with Alex. I told him I would leave this thread if he wants me to. At least you believe in what I do. Or at least want to accomplish.

Tony on Sep 25, 2008


No problem dude 😀

VickyD on Sep 25, 2008


Hey Vicky go to Remembering Heath Ledger At Pop Watch Blog if you want to read my memorials to him. Okay?

Tony on Sep 25, 2008



VickyD on Sep 26, 2008


Hey Vicky are you that gal from over at Gather?

Tony on Sep 26, 2008


First of all, what a cool poster! i hope it its official. Second of all, The Riddler would be AMAZING villain/hero in Batman 3. Possible story could be: Edward Nygma, who works at Wayne Enterprises, figures out that Batman is actually Bruce Wayne! He then becomes The Riddler whose "mission" is to help the GCPD as a Private Detective to find Batman. Then at some point Batman finds out Riddler's true plans (that are not good) and trys to show Gotham City his true face. At first he doesn't do that well, but eventually he succeeds and shows Gotham The Riddler's plans(while still not knowing Riddler's true identity and that Riddler knows his ture identity). While doing that people of Gotham understand that Batman is still needed in Gotham. But still Jim Gordon has to arrest Batman and put him in jail. At some point a "worried citizen" comes to see Batman in jail. He says that he knows that Batman is not quilty in the murders and that Two-Face is. When Batman asks him why he thinks that, men answers that he witnessed it. he also says that he is going to help Batman out of jail if Batman tells him why did he took the qiult. After Batman has answered, the citizen leaves. Few days later when the trial-day arrives and Batman is brought to justice, the same citizen walks in. He says he has info about the case. His putten to the witness satnd and he starts to talk about the night of the murders. The way he discribes the situation, makes Batman suspicious. He begins to wonder is Harvey still dead. Later when batman is back in his cell, Alfred comes to him. Batman tells Alfred about his suspicion about Harvey Dent. Alfred agrees that it's very interesting situation. After Alfred leaves, the Citizen comes to talk to Batman. When Batman asks him who is he, the man takes of his mask(similar to Tom Cruise's mask worn in "Vanilla Sky") and reveals him to be Harvey Two-Face. Next day, back at the trial, Citizen walks in and is again putten to stand. When asked how he knows these details, he reveals to be the real murderer and asks himself to be arrested when Batman is freed of all charges. So Batman gets freed and Two-Face arrested. At some point Jim Gordon goes to talk with the Citizen asking him to take off the mask and reveal himself or be shot(Gordon is threating him with his gun). Two-Face takes off the mask, grabs the gun and shots Gordon. He then puts his mask back on, puts Gordon to his policecar and drives him to hospital. Gordon´s fate is not revealled. Bruce Wayne goes to see Gordon in hospital and finds Two-Face sitting there. Harvey then reveals to him that he isn´t going to Arkham. He tells Bruce to find Batman and give him a letter from Harvey. He then says that shooting Gordon wasn´t his plan and that it was an accident. When Bruce asks himt what will he do now, Harvey says that he will do what Batman can't: kill the corrupt cops of Gotham. Then the Riddler is shown to be in Arkham Asylum. He is visited by masked Two-Face who says that he can get Riddler out of Arkham if he agrees to help Two-Face with his mission. Answer is not revealled. THE END Possible cast of Batman 3: Bruce Wayne/Batman: Christian Bale Harvey Dent/Two-Face: Aaron Eckhart Edward Nygma/The Riddler: Johnny Depp or David Tennant Jim Gordon: Gary Oldman Selina Kyle/Catwoman: Angelina Jolie or Michelle Monaghan Alfred: Michael Caine Harley Quinn: Jordana Brewster or Jennifer Garner Lucius Fox: Morgan Freeman Appearing Characters For Future Batman-films: Mr.Freeze: Vin Diesel Poison Ivy: Lindsay Lohan Clayface: Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger Black Mask: Nicolas Cage The Joker: Robert Knepper Rachel Dawes: Jordana Brewster or Katie Holmes(flashbacks) The Penguin: Philip Seymour Hoffman or William Shatner or Michael Moore or John Travolta Talia Al Ghul: Jordana Brewster or Michelle Monghan or Lindsay Lohan or Cameron Diaz Bane: Vin Diesel Batgirl: Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Biel Scarecrow: Cillian Murphy or Nicolas Cage or Bruce Willis or Justin Long Batwoman: Famke Janssen Robin: Frankie Muniz or Jamie Bell Jason Todd: Hayden Christensen Tim Drake: Brad Pitt Barbara Gordon: Ali Lohan I wolud be glad if you would let me konw what you think of my ideas. My e-mail is "". Let me know. Be Cool!

The Phantom on Sep 27, 2008


@Tony: I'm a dude, so no, I'm not the chick ur thinking of. @ The Pantom: Its alright, but its not the best possible. Your sort of on a good track though.

VickyD on Sep 27, 2008


Vicky,my bad. Phantom,whoa!

Tony on Sep 27, 2008


No problem Tony, easy mistake 🙂 Ya Phantom, you've really thought this through. Are you really an executive in WB and are telling us a prevew of the plot? Its good, but it needs some polishing. The more I think about it, the more I like the basic idea, but it just doesn't seem like there is room for much action. And wouldn't Batman's mask be taken off if he was in jail, and I'm sorry, but Gordon can't die.

VickyD on Sep 27, 2008


Oh, by the way,for all you people saying Johnny Depp should play Riddler. I just read in the papers that Depp is committed to Disney. He will play Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's film version of Alice In Wonderland and he's going to play Tonto in The Lone Ranger! Nothing about WB or Batman sequel... Hey Phantom let's go pitch GOTHAM to HBO! LOL!

Tony on Sep 27, 2008


haha Tony. Best of luck in that little excursion. Is there really going to be a Tim burton Alice? Thats odd. But Johny did say that he thought it would be "fun" and "interesting" to play Riddler.

VickyD on Sep 27, 2008


No shit Vicky but wouldn't a cable show about Gotham City be oh so sweet??? While Depp would consider playing The Riddler it's all in the hands of David S. Goyer and The Brothers Nolan. The WB is waiting on them...

Tony on Sep 27, 2008


It would be cool

VickyD on Sep 27, 2008


You guys seen Batman Lego Video Game? That shit looks funny! You guys hear about Newman? Another legend gone. I would like to see Guy Pearce play The Riddler. He's "kin" to The Nolans.

Tony on Sep 27, 2008


Awe man. RIP Paul Newman. I hope that you, Brunei, Richard, and Heath have a great time in the sky.

VickyD on Sep 27, 2008


Lest we forget. Brad Renfro,Bernie Mac,and Isaac Hayes...

Tony on Sep 27, 2008


Ah ye, I knew I had forgotten someone my obituary. Isaac Hayes flew right over my head. Sorry, o king of R&B. And I had Bernie in there, I just spelled his name wrong.

VickyD on Sep 27, 2008


Halloween's coming. It'd be interesting if The Nolans gave us a little treat. A hint or a little teaser or something. Maybe that's what these posters are all about. Throw us fans off track,keep us guessing!

Tony on Sep 27, 2008


I have a friend in WB. If you have any ideas about Batman 3, you are free to send me a e-mail at

The Phantom on Sep 28, 2008


So you are an executive, or have connections. I knew it! Please keep me updated 🙂

VickyD on Sep 28, 2008


Nolan and co. are on a well-deserved vacation and he's most likely going to work on another film project before he works on Batman 3. I'm just hoping that it'll be out by 2011 and I can begin counting down the days. The TV show idea is a really interesting one that I think is possible either through live-action or animation. I'm just hoping that it'll keep in the same vein as the Nolan-verse and give a realistic reimagining of Batman's most famous enemies. For the villains in Batman 3, The Riddler is the most realistic and easily adaptable of Batman's greater known foes but he'll have to go through major reworkings. His story (being angry at being fired) is really cliched and it could be changed to make him more of a genius with a serious obsessive compulsive disorder. I've also heard that he can be reimagined as a police aid and that's an incredibly interesting take, so far no villains have sided with the police.

SlashBeast on Sep 28, 2008


Yeah, the new TV Show was my idea. I figured it could be called GOTHAM. And yes it would be serious in nature and dark in its mood pretty much like The Nolan films which preceded it. You would have Bruce Wayne working in conjunction with Commissioner Gordon as The Batman. Alfred Pennyworth tends to Wayne. Lucius Fox is his supplier. Just like the movies. No Robin. Just Batman solo. Vicki Vale is a reporter and Bruce does not date her right off the bat(no pun intended). Talia Al Ghul runs a museum which features The Al Ghul family artifacts. Bruce takes an interest in Al Ghul because of her family name. Selina Kyle is a cat burglar who has her eyes on The Cleopatra Exhibit being displayed at The Al Ghul Museum. Oswald Cobblepot is a wealthy industrialist with a shady past. He claims he is reformed. As one of Gotham's noteworthy businessmen,Cobblepot announces his intentions to be The Mayor Of Gotham. Bruce Wayne's childhood friend Roman Sionis faces financial ruin as his company is being investigated by The SEC. To make matters worse,a killer is draining the blood of his victims and you know who is getting the blame...TO BE CONTINUED...See? This ain't Smallville!!!

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


NARRATOR: Bruce Wayne was a child when his family was taken from him. Now,as a man,Bruce Wayne fights crime as The Batman. So if you're on the wrong side of the law. You had better beware. Because The Dark Knight rules these streets. The streets of a city called "GOTHAM".

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


You missed one aspect there Tony: Dr. Harly Quin, after the Joker crisis, watches the Joker from afar and begins to understand that Gotham needs criminals that will spread chaos sense chaos if fair, and goes clinically insane as her obsession with the Joker increases. She doesn't have to be the Joker's love interest or accomplice, just someone who the Joker managed to taint and embodies the fact that even a respectable doctor can be turned on Gotham.

VickyD on Sep 29, 2008


Valid point. BUT LOL I already got like 10 or 11 storylines going in the pilot!

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


And I am remaining faithful to the comic books.

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


Oh! Better story for Harly Quin, even though it strays away from the comic book further, but it would really make her out to be an awesome character. Have you seen the movie "Mr. Brooks"? Basicly there is this guy that kills for the hell of it and one night, he kills a couple having sex. Well there was a perv that use to spy on the couple because he had a huge rush from it, but when he saw Mr. Brooks kill them, he got the biggest rush of his life and forces Earl Brooks to take him along with the killings. Well, basiclly, Harly is watching the news and up pops up the tape of the Joker robbing the bank. For some unexplainable reason, she gets a huge rush of excitement. Then she is in her car, and all of a sudden, she passes by the Batman vs Joker exchange when Harvey Dent admitted to be Batman. She gets an even bigger unexplainable rush. Then, when Joker says that he is going to blow up a hospital, Harly disides to drive there. When she witnesses the hospital blowing up, she gets such a huge rush that she discoids to become Harly Quin as we now her. Inbodiement that the people of Gotham can be as messed up as The Joker and there for making the Joker the winner. This can cause a small wound to open every time Batman encounters Harly Quin.

VickyD on Sep 29, 2008


Intereresting. So Harleen Quinn is a voyeur? She has criminal inclinations?

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


How about Harleen Quinn as a profiler for The Gotham City Police Department? She's a psychiatrist who figures out what makes criminals tick. This mysterious Joker intrigues her to no end...

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


Precisely, Mr. Tony. Nolan always made his villains as messed up as humanly possible, why should this one be any different. Gives Dr. Quinn a more dark and sinister and messed up look, don't ya think?

VickyD on Sep 29, 2008


Hmm... interesting concept Mr. Tony. Now your thinking up ways to kill the "OH! She, so adorable!" stereotype that has ruined all of Quinn's chances of being featured in Nolan's film.

VickyD on Sep 29, 2008


Glad you approve.

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


Ya, I like any idea that makes Quinn look deep and adaptable into the Nolan style Batman. Naturally, I like my idea better, cuz its my idea, but your the screen writer.

VickyD on Sep 29, 2008


I agree with you that Harley Quinn should be adapted to the big screen. I would love to see a film based on MAD LOVE. Hell,I would love to write it! Who am I kidding???

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


Angela stated that Harley Quinn is too far fetched. Um,there are villains in The Batman Universe that are pretty far fetched compared to Harleen Qunn,the nurse who becomes Joker's lover. The Killer Croc and Clayface are OUT there if you ask me!

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


Ya and Crock and Clayface are among the top most requested villains that are not Riddler out there among with Mad Hatter.

VickyD on Sep 29, 2008


I could see Jack Black playing The Mad Hatter.

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


I'd make him a serial killer who picks his victims from the phone book. All blondes. Named Alice...

Tony on Sep 29, 2008


"what did you do with harvey dent?" the cop asks me. "me?i was right here." i show my hands to prove my point. "who did u leave him with? your people. assumming ofcourse they r still your people and not - meronies. does it depress u commisioner? to know just how alone u really r. does it make u feel responsible for harvey dents current predicament?" "where is he." now this sounded more like a command than a question. and i don't like to be - commanded. but i answered anyway. "uh.what's the time?" "why does it matter?" "because depending on the time he can be in one place... or several."

britt on Sep 30, 2008


You writing the film novelization?

Tony on Sep 30, 2008


I still think she should get sexual pleasures from committing Joker type crimes.

VickyD on Sep 30, 2008


I think Harley Quinn lives to impress Mister J.

Tony on Oct 1, 2008


The Joker never raped Harley Quinn. Not in a physical sense,anyway. Joker raped her mind and stole her heart. True to his style. Joker pulls her strings. That's why Harley resembles a puppet...

Tony on Oct 1, 2008


Go check out Sammilky's poster concept over at PhotoBucket. That's a little more telling!

Tony on Oct 10, 2008


What would you think of rebooting Batman? Who should play there? Specially would like to know who could play Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox. Send some answers on my email(above).

WB on Oct 11, 2008


Den of cunts in here! its a great poster, or has everyone forgot about that?

James Bond on Oct 11, 2008


Wow wow wow! What the hell did I do to you?

VickyD on Oct 11, 2008


Ah Vicky, it's not you it's that this idiot who calls himself James Bond has a really small penis and he's ticked off about it! That's all!

Tony on Oct 11, 2008


Hey James Bond I'm on the rag. Wanna eat my jelly roll? Huh,asshole???

Tony on Oct 11, 2008


I mean after all,only a complete loser would dare call himself James Bond...

Tony on Oct 11, 2008


You have woken up the wrath of Tony. May God protect us all.

VickyD on Oct 11, 2008


I know dude.

VickyD on Oct 11, 2008


The Wrath Of Tony? LOL! You know me all too well!

Tony on Oct 12, 2008


Haha, well u do have quite a colorful personality.

VickyD on Oct 12, 2008



Tony on Oct 13, 2008


Think I'll be The Joker for Halloween...

Tony on Oct 13, 2008


I was thinkin' the same thing, but meh. Its too much work.

VickyD on Oct 13, 2008


oh god what a sad bunch of individuals, are we going to discuss the posters qualities or...? it has shades of zodiac about it, especially in the far right corner. p.s leave bond alone, he cant help his name and i think he may be onto something? i bet you check this every day 😉

Pete on Oct 14, 2008


Wow wow wow, just like I told Bond, what the fuck did I do to you? And for your information, I don't check this every day, I get emailed when someone posts, thank u.

VickyD on Oct 14, 2008


i apologise for my previous outburst, you haven't done anything to be fair.

Pete on Oct 14, 2008


Hey Pete do you have James Bonds' dick in your mouth right now or what??? I think you and James make a cute couple! Prop 8 dude! LOL!

Tony on Oct 14, 2008


Cool poster but I want to see more of THE JOKER!

Tony on Oct 30, 2008


All the Batman posters are really, really populare after the Dark Knight release. Buy cheap posters here:

Cheap movie posters on Jan 11, 2009


Awesome movie! I've seen it 10 times, and I'm going to see it at least one time a month this year.

Demovarer on Feb 1, 2009


I couldn't agree more. It's long, but its so awesome that it's ok.

On demand movies on Feb 14, 2009


hey i did not read all the posts so i dont know if this was mentioned but why not go with a little of the story line from dark knight returns graphic novel? its so awsome... it would transition well and you can spice it up with the riddler(though hes not originally envolved much if any).though there would be some plot gaps its a cool idea.

roger on Sep 6, 2009


Darin Blackwey watched the little children playing from the shadow of the alley, His Cigarette little more that a short stub. The wire Garrotte dropped around his neck and quickly tightened - lifting him from the gritty stone beneath his feet. Blackwey could only flail in the edge of a shadow as he was strangled to death. The Batman had come for him at last. There would be no escape from his brand of Justice. Blackwey turned slowly with every twitch of his body as it jangled on the wire. He could only just see the predator above him as it dropped into the alley using Blackwey as a counterweight. Was that Perfume? A scent caught his attention as his executioner descended past him to the alley floor and tied the wire off on a pipe protruding from a wall. A young girl, her body tight and firm with the coming flower of maturity, emerged from the alley dressed in a Blackened Harlequin Costume and waved at the other kids in their Halloween costumes who waved back. "Animal..." was all she whispered. Blackwey could only imagine that was what she had said as he died, a Puppet left hanging by his wires.

Sean Meaney on Dec 13, 2009


Very nice poster. Excellent 'atmosphere'. 5 Stars. Would more than love to see Riddler as the next villain.

Cheap Posters on Jul 11, 2010


Seen this a few places a while ago too.

Bob on Sep 4, 2010


I think clayface would make the best sequel. His character has so much emotion and depth that it could make for a very interesting movie. I think the riddler is a bit too jolly and similar to the joker, so having the riddler as the next villain will more or elss result in a movie with the same plot as the Dark Knight. Mr. Freeze or Clayface for the win.

Carmen on Dec 28, 2010

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