Check This Out: Badass Ping Pong Playa Poster

August 12, 2008
Source: Cinematical

Badass Ping Pong Playa Poster

You may be wondering why I'm supporting this little indie movie so much and the answer is simple - it was awesome! Ping Pong Playa was one of my favorite movies of last year and has remained in my mind ever since. Now it's finally getting a very small theatrical release on September 5th in only New York and Los Angeles, so pay attention if you live there. Cinematical has debuted the final poster and it's a perfect fit for the feel of the movie. This is something that I'd be willing to even put up on my wall at my place to enlighten any visitors that stop by. And if you haven't seen the trailer, do yourself a favor and watch it right now! You never know - you may find that Ping Pong Playa will be one of your personal favorites this year.

I'm not the only one who loved it - Monika Bartyzel from Cinematical did as well: "If you go into Ping Pong Playa expecting a light, predictable comedy, it would be hard to come out unsatisfied." I think the reason why I'm such a fan of this poster is because it will cause people to go "what the heck is that?" and take an interest. Even the catch phrase is hilarious: "Don't just win. Destroy." Full-size on Cinematical.

Ping Pong Playa Poster

Ping Pong Playa is both co-written and directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Jessica Yu, of In the Realms of the Unreal and Protagonist previously. The film was written by Yu and the film's star, Jimmy Tsai. Ping Pong Playa premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last September and was eventually picked up for distribution by IFC Films. Ping Pong Playa currently arrives in theaters starting on September 5th later this year. Give this a chance and I guarantee you'll be laughing your ass off, too!

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I didnt know that ping pong consisted of devouring small children

CHICKImonkey on Aug 12, 2008


I'm sorry, but I find this movie as boring as Mall Cop, at least as far as I've seen. I think Ping Pong is not for comedy movies, because balls of fury was also terrible. But, what else can I say? Oh, the poster, I think it's stupidly cruel, chineses make great epic movies about ancient warriors, but I don't find them hilarious at all

Spideyfan84 on Aug 12, 2008


i dont trust this site's recommendations anymore,among the major disappointments i actually caught after seeing them recommended on this site american teen pineapple express dark knight i would've seem them anyhu,but the way you rave about them-i would try to be a bit more impartial,and maybe find some fucking taste yeah,you guys have awful taste in films and i mean that with all the honesty in the world. "Even the catchphrase is hilarious".I mean,c'mon...

sad on Aug 12, 2008


You're telling me that you were let down by Dark Knight, American Teen, and Pineapple Express? Sheesh, the problems seem to be with your and your own taste of movies not our recommendations. I think the majority of the people who read the site would say they were NOT let down by these three movies (if they saw all of them)...

Alex Billington on Aug 12, 2008


Dark Knight and Pineapple Express were great. #3 has no taste.

Reverend on Aug 12, 2008


#3 is a wrist cutting emo (what kind of name is sad?) Don't like the site? Go Away.....

Mr. Pockets on Aug 12, 2008


overall ur reviews are pretty good, i don't know what these people are whining about. The trailer for this movie looks funny, I for one enjoy sterotype movies especially of asian people, cause that shits 3 obviously has bad taste in movies cause 2 of those movies are 2 of the best of the summer.

Vin on Aug 12, 2008


This movie looks like ass-shit. And as #3 stated, if you think that that catchphrase is funny, then you obviously know nothing about comedy and that explains why you would like this garbage in the first place.

Jesus on Aug 12, 2008


#3 and #8 are trols. Batman says "there is too much time for so little brain" Robin says "where is the beef"

Buttons on Aug 12, 2008


I don't quite understand how one would "know nothing about comedy", I feel as though comedy is something that is more understood than anything.

Mike on Aug 12, 2008


I liked Balls of Fury, which was only limited released in Australia, where I am. It was dumb, bad but kinda funny...

RORY on Aug 12, 2008


#10, You're right! When something is funny -- you laugh! When something is not funny -- you don't laugh. The catchphrase "Don't just win. Destroy." -- Not funny. Especially not funny enough to announce: "Even the catch phrase is hilarious!!!!"

Jesus on Aug 12, 2008


Man, "Sad's" tragic life is bringing me down. Knock 'em out, Billington!

DCompose on Aug 12, 2008


I think the movies shown on this site are strictly for a 18 to 34 slacker type male demographic, the same dudes that watch adult swim and can relate to the films of Kevin Smith. #3 is probably just realizing now that he is not that kind of person

Kail on Aug 12, 2008


18-34? i went to superbad with my grandfather and he laughed just as much as me. And i did check to see if his hearing aid was on.

Buttons on Aug 12, 2008


@2, You are going to just dismiss this movie because "Balls of Fury" was bad? And this one must also be bad because they have similar subject matter?

Will S. (Co Springs) on Aug 13, 2008


hahaha, I want you all to realize how catty and immature this entire list of postings is. We all sound like 500 pound, live in mom's basement movie geeks with nothing better to do than post on forums about how we disagree with the OPINIONS of others by using terms like "ass-shit". I should note that by contributing to this discussion at length, I am not excluding myself from that demographic. Case in point, if you don't like what these guys have to say... don't read the site, plain and simple. No one really cares if you're not planning on recommending it to others, I would hope who ever you spoke to would be smart enough to check it out for themselves either way. And if you don't like this site so much, why are you checking it often enough to contribute to the comments within 6 hours of it being posted? Movie watching is ENTIRELY subjective, even from the academic/educated point of view. The point of this site is not to be the end all be all of what is good in the entertainment world, but rather to express the opinions of a few movie lovers who have made it their life's work to share their knowledge and opinion. If you think its wrong, at least articulate why. Otherwise you look far more pretentious and moronic in your opinion than any of FirstShowing's people ever will.

emil Lamprecht on Aug 13, 2008


The movie looks funny, the poster looks AWESOME! If I had the wall space, I'd get one. Perfectly timed too. Replace Jimmy Tsai's image with Michael Phelps and you could probably sell a million of these to pro-USA Team Olympics domination flag-wavers. 🙂

kevjohn on Aug 13, 2008


I hope this movie is boycotted. It clearly disparages Asian Americans, and reinforces a negative stereotype of Asians and ping pong. As someone who watches kung fu movies, I feel assaulted by the existance of this movie and its inherent offensiveness.

Colin on Aug 13, 2008


Looks hilarious i gotta check this movie out, hopefully its the movie Balls of Fury should have been.

Curtis on Aug 13, 2008


You know what guys. You're right. I'm actually sorry for all the comments I made. Looking back on it, I see how ridiculous and childish I was. Everyone has their own sense of humor and to say something is 'not funny' to someone else makes no sense. If it's funny to you it's funny to you, right? It's fine to disagree, but what I should have said was I PERSONALLY did not find the poster all that funny and that I probably will not see the film and left it at that, but I didn't and I am an idiot for that. So if this thing is funny to you, awesome, and I hope the film is enjoyable for you too. There's no need to bring it down like I did. My opinion that I don't think it looks funny doesn't make it a bad film by any means. That's ridiculous. And I mean, how many movies have I ever made? (hint: zero). I'm sorry Alex and everyone.

Jesus on Mar 24, 2009

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