Check This Out: Battle of the Batmans Video - Who Wins?

June 29, 2008
Source: SlashFilm


It's Sunday, you've seen both Wanted and Wall-E, you've got nothing better to do, and the foremost thought on your mind is most likely: The Dark Knight is only 20 more days away. With that, let me introduce the video Battle of the Batmans today. Black20 has made great video cut together using footage from all of the contemporary Batman films that pits Michael Keaton against Val Kilmer against George Clooney against Christian Bale. I wasn't expecting much, but this is an awesome video that I highly suggest to any Batman fans or anyone looking for something truly entertaining. The video is cut together very well and does such a great job of reminding us why (and how) Batman has become an iconic character over the years.

This video really reminds me why I love the character of Batman so much and how far he has come over the years. Although we will never forget Adam West, Batman truly began back in 1989 with Michael Keaton and has worked his way up to Christian Bale. As much as I love Spider-Man and Hellboy separately, but Batman is one of the most well-represented comic book characters to ever grace the big screen. And with The Dark Knight arriving in a few weeks, he's going to become the ultimate superhero yet again.

Who wins the battle? Who is the best Batman? Who is the best Bruce Wayne?

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wow, that was very well done and highly entertaining! only a few more weeks!

taurinh24 on Jun 29, 2008


so the serials don't count for anything? I mean, they're terrible, but they are the first appearances of Batman in cinema. And didn't Batman "truly" begin back in 1939 with Bob Kane and Bill Finger?

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 29, 2008


WOW! That was AMAZING! Thanks so much for finding that. Awesome 🙂

Ryan on Jun 29, 2008


hahahaha. you should get adam west batman.

Darrin on Jun 29, 2008


very nice! i like!

ray on Jun 29, 2008


that was edited amazingly

Brian Ricci on Jun 29, 2008


Michael Keaton!!!!!!

alex on Jun 29, 2008


It's a shame that Clooney was saddled with that horrible movie...I thiink he could have presented us a much darker Batman than he was allowed to, particularly after seeing Syriana and Micheal Clayton. Great video, though. There is also a video on the web of the first Batman movie trailer running with the latest Dark Knight trailers soundtrack. You should post that, too.

kitano0 on Jun 29, 2008


Kitano0 you might be right there about Clooney, or maybe he just sucks, yeah thats what Im going with. So far I think Bale, then Keaton, then ah maybe valmir, i don't know anyway Bale owns them all.

Richard on Jun 29, 2008


@ 2, didn't Alex say this movie was cut from the modern day Batmans? And doesn't it kind of make sense to limit the video to just THOSE Batmans, seeing as how many people nowadays don't really remember Adam West?

Reza on Jun 29, 2008


c bale is the bat by far

jono on Jun 29, 2008


That was fucking awesome!

The Enchanted One on Jun 29, 2008


amazing work !!

Pauline on Jun 29, 2008


From first time I saw Michael Keaton and then Val Kilmer I had the idea that they use them both just because their lips ...they have an open lips under the mask of Batman ... but when Clooney came I thought no I was wrong ... and now Christiane bale ... I think before were mostly about how the Batman Look ... but now it is bout how Bruce Wayne look !!!

Shero on Jun 29, 2008


Crazy editing guys.

Flavio on Jun 29, 2008


Bale has an awesome Bruce Wayne presence, but his "Batman voice" is a little weak. My only nit pick complaint. Other than that, the movie "Begins" couldnt have been better.

L on Jun 29, 2008


Man George Clooney was a poor batman - Bale is without doubt the best followed by Kilmer.

dom on Jun 29, 2008


16, I couldn't disagree with you more. I feel like Bale has the best Batman voice. One of my favorite things about Bale's Batman is that fact that he is two different people. As Bruce Wayne, he is the millionaire play he is supposed to be. As Batman he is the darker personality he is supposed to be and he growls his voice so people can't say, isn't that Bruce Wayne's voice. Anyway, just a thought....

Drew on Jun 29, 2008


That was freakin' insane!!!! All I can really say is, so long old Batman music, hello new! Everyone say thank you to Hans Zimmer!!

Brian on Jun 30, 2008


Michael Keaton is the best one hands down. I also like his suit and his bat mobile best. The new bat mobile looks clumsy and slow.

Shige on Jun 30, 2008


Keaton was a great batman. The first two batman movies were very dark. I would love to see Keaton play a villain this time around.

Eric on Jun 30, 2008


Wow, that was edited amazingly. I love the scene between Kilmer and clooney. Really good

Bryan on Jun 30, 2008


What with Bale's Batman voice it is amazingly dark and it is sounds nothing like Bale actually sounds, The Welsh in him is hidden in the majority of films hie does and anybody willing to drop 60 lbs abd get that weight back and then some is in no contest a bad ass, now his voice as the dark knight is outstanding and people need to lay off, its supposed to be dark and sound nothing like Bruce Wayne.

Xerxex on Jun 30, 2008


Well, I think Christian Bale is not THAT good as a Batman. I can think of many other actors who could go deeper into the darkness of the character (although he is a great actor). I think the real merit goes to Christopher Nolan: the man knows what he's doing with the franchise. Think about it just for a moment: in the new movie, we're all excited about seeing the final result as a whole, I mean, we all want to see the GREAT job that Heath Ledger did before he sadly passed. We all want to see how Aaron Eckhart turns into Two Face, and we all want to see the particular somber atmosphere of the movie that is shown in the trailers. Just some thoughts...

Jorge Leiner on Jun 30, 2008


I saw this the other day, I re watched it 3-4 times its well put together and a hell of a lot of fun to watch, Christian Bale beats out all the other batman's par none.

Curtis on Jul 1, 2008

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