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May 23, 2008

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If you're in need of one final reason to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this weekend or just need a reminder regarding how awesome Indiana Jones is at least in the classic sense, then we've got some trailers for you. As part of the final few days of Indiana Jones Week, we're sharing all three of the classic trailers for the original Indiana Jones trilogy. These are just plain fun to watch and great ways to remind you, in about six minutes total, how brilliant and enjoyable Indiana Jones has always been since the beginning. If you're about to head to the theater to catch the new Indy, then fire these up as a quick precursor before the newest adventure.

Trailers have definitely improved over time, but I will say it's very nostalgic to watch these and be reminded of a time when movies like Last Crusade weren't even out. What was it like anticipating the release of that film instead of Kingdom of a Crystal Skull? Was everyone wondering whether it would live up to the first two? How long did it take after the release of the first three for them to become remembered as the classic trilogy - was it instant or did it take a few years?

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Released in Theaters on June 12th, 1981

[flv: 502 282]

Production Budget: $18 Million
Opening Weekend Box Office: $8.3 Million in 1078 Theaters

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Released in Theaters on May 23rd, 1984

[flv: 502 282]

Production Budget: $28 Million
Opening Weekend Box Office: $25.3 Million in 1687 Theaters

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Released in Theaters on May 24th, 1989

[flv: 502 282]

Production Budget: $48 Million
Opening Weekend Box Office: $29.3 Million in 2327 Theaters

And of course, the last trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull can be found right here. Now that the movie is officially out and the anticipation is at its peak, we hope you've enjoyed one of our last features as part of Indiana Jones Week. It's this kind of excitement that keeps us running every day. And if you have already seen Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and care to voice your opinion, you can do so on the Sound Off.

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Just saw KOTCS. Better than most critics reviews imho. Although it did not best any of the previous three, it was well worth the ticket. Without any spoilers the movie was exciting for the most part but was a little dull midway through. Overall a must see for all Indy fans.

Mike Balrog on May 23, 2008


18 - 28 - 48 Million Budget !!!!!!!!!!! and now they spend 200 Million and they still can't make a movie like Spielberg .... that is the answer for their question .... the movie was with a low Budget !!!! It is not about money it is about the Artist .... Still don't know how much cost Spielberg for the 4th one ....!!!????? But I am sure it is not 200 million .. 🙂 Alex I think you should make this as a topic for what make Indiana Jones with such low budget better than other 200 million budget movies .... Oh sorry we know ...the answer : Spielberg !!! 🙂 The what make Spielberg better than others ??? Now it is matter of discussion .. 😉 Maybe because he is so economy in his works !!! who knows

shero on May 23, 2008


IJ 1 cost 18,000.000 IJ 2 cost 28,000.000 IJ 3 cost 48,000.000 IJ 4 cost 125,000,000 = 219 000 000 $ .... Spider man 3 cost 258,000,000 Even I like Spider man 1-2 but the third one was not that great .... but sorry it is really a game of stealing money .... no more words about this matter ... !!!

shero on May 23, 2008


Ah... these old trailers really bring me back. Thanks for posting them! So what do you think? Is Crystal Skull just an attempt to put a master stroke on an action-adventure career, but has developed a bit of a pot-belly, and spends too much time hearkening back to other career highs (Close Encounters, E.T., etc...) Oh! I have a GREAT idea! Let's do E.T.- Part Two! Except we'll do him ALL w/ CGI, using Lucas's in-house guys, who come for cheap. THAT way, we maximize profit! (Yeah, the scripts okay, but the box office is really about merchandizing anyway. THAT's what the Schwartz is!)

Djo. on May 23, 2008


Shero makes a great point: It is about the artist and not the budget.

Quanah on May 23, 2008


IJ 1 cost 18,000.000 IJ 2 cost 28,000.000 IJ 3 cost 48,000.000 IJ 4 cost 125,000,000 = 219 000 000 $ …. Spider man 3 cost 258,000,000 I think you have to remember to adjust for inflation, keep in mind the last Indy film was nearly 20 years ago, $48 Mil was probably more like $100 or more at the time. Im sad to see the CGI touch on Indy 4 though, I wish film makers would use CGI as a tool instead of a crutch as most films do now. There used to be a time (Indy 3!) where real stunts were done for real with no touchups. That is what made the originals fantastic

interl0per on May 23, 2008


dear god! the last crusade trailer is amazing! it should've been indy's last movie and go out through the front door with a bang!

bltzie on May 23, 2008


I watched "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" the other day in preperation for this weekend. And I began to think about any future "Indiana Jones" film that may be in foreseeable future. River Pheonix was perfect in his interpetation of Harrison Ford and would have been the person to pass the torch to, hands down. They probably would have had at least 3 other great films about Henry Jones Jr., out by now. But he decided to overdose on a sidewalk, sometimes I hate this town.

Scorpio on May 23, 2008


I love that Last Crusade trailer 🙂 A lot of those sound bites are in the 1993 Williams pinball game -- "You call this archaeology?"

avoidz on May 24, 2008


I just wrote a blog about the 3 other movies of Indiana Jones 24th May 2008 .... it is a bit about me and How I first know about Indiana Jones and what is the first things that come in my mind when I remember the name Indiana Jones 🙂 hope you like it ...

shero on May 25, 2008


I found these on the Indy box set I bought months ago, but waited to open until my pre-Indy 4 marathon I held last week. If nothing else, these really show the evolution of the movie trailer over the past 30 or so years! The Raiders teaser trailer is even more quaint and amateurish than the full-length trailer shown here.

kevjohn on May 27, 2008

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