Check This Out: Final Poster for Summit's Push!

December 22, 2008
Source: IMPAwards

Check This Out: Energetic Final Poster for Summit's Push!

We've been waiting to see the final poster for Push, the sci-fi thriller from Summit. They've finally put one hell of a ballsy poster, featuring no faces, no big names, just a vivid image designed to attract the attention of action-oriented moviegoers. I know at least a few people who are very excited for this. Or at least, it's the only fairly good looking movie between now and Watchmen. That being said, I'm still skeptical, especially based on what I saw in the trailer. Will this poster attract any new moviegoers? I doubt it, but I commend Summit for putting out something very different, as it's refreshing to see.

Thanks to our friends at IMPAwards for first debuting this. Check out it in full below!

Push Poster

Push burrows deep into the deadly world of psychic espionage where artificially enhanced paranormal operatives have the ability to move objects with their minds, see the future, create new realities and kill without ever touching their victims. Against this setting, a young man and a teenage girl take on a clandestine agency in a race against time that will determine the future of civilization.

Push is directed by Paul McGuigan, of Wicker Park and Lucky Number Slevin previously, with an original script written by David Bourla, of Nostradamus and Larceny previously. Summit Entertainment is debuting Push in theaters everywhere on February 9th. Will the first half of the year be friendly to Push?

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sweet poster. =)

finch on Dec 22, 2008


2009's Jumper

Fox on Dec 22, 2008


#2, I agree, somewhat. It does have the potential to suck like Jumper... Maybe it will be better.

Nate on Dec 22, 2008



Tom Brazelton on Dec 22, 2008


it is 2009 jumper but it won't suck.

darrin on Dec 22, 2008


if you are lying Darrin, I will hunt you down when this movie flops

Chris W on Dec 22, 2008


I loved jumper, well the concept anyway, just Hayden Christensen ruined the damn movie. I'm always ready for him to burst out in tears(does anyone esle things he is always about to cry! lol). I also really liked Lucky Number Slevin so I'm def gonna check this out.

Faust on Dec 22, 2008


I actually liked the trailer, but I remembered here that McGuigan is directing this. Knowing that Wicker Man is supposed to be garbage and I've seen 'Slevin and that was garbage too, I'm predicting this will be a wash as well.

Conrad on Dec 22, 2008


I saw the trailer for this when i went to see Bolt, Weird place to see that trialer but it look like a wanna be heroes-anime. Ill still go see it, The poster sucks ASS. why does the guy look like a cartoon, it looks like a videogame, completely not the way you would want to convey the film. Anyhow, it looked a bit cheesy, they may even try and go the same route as collatarol with the grit and shakey cameras. But enjoy the show!

THERBLIG on Dec 22, 2008


Anything with Chris Evans and sci-fi is usually always cheezy, save for Sunshine. But that's not a bad thing as he makes those movies still very entertaining, for example: Cellular. Not a great movie, but very entertaining.

9001 on Dec 22, 2008


if anything this movie will be hella fun, nuttin like superpowers colliding and making collateral damage without any repricutions unless they die(dam hackcock was the SHYT)......

ill will on Dec 22, 2008


Push it out of the thearter and into video quickly.

crabby on Dec 22, 2008



Ryan on Dec 22, 2008


worst tagline ever

Not You on Dec 22, 2008


I love Camilla Belle and Djimon Hounsou

Scott McHenry on Dec 22, 2008


err this sounds just like a rehash of Cronenberg's Scanners.

jman571 on Dec 22, 2008


I can hear the trailer now: "This year..." Expect a bunch of CGI object being thrown around the screen *yawn* That said, it's a rental for me (if it's any good).

avoidz on Dec 22, 2008


Can safely say that at least Chris Evans is a better actor then Hayden Christensen, but yeah, it does have the potential to be this years Jumper.

N on Dec 22, 2008


reverting back to that sunday discusiion two days ago, summit prolly will not market this very well and therefore not make a lot or money. granted, twiligiht was a hit, but they only ran two or three commercials for it knowing the cult fans would see it anyway. not the case with this one, even tho it does look like another jumper. so if this feb's push is last feb's jumper then this jan's the unborn is last jan's one missed call this feb's jonas brothers 3d is last feb's hannah montana 3d this march's monsters vs. aliens is last march's horton this year's i love you man is last year's sarah marshall this may's wolverine is last may's iron man this nov's new moon is last nov's twilight anyone see a trend here?

LeeMan on Dec 22, 2008


LeeMan - That is Hollywood for you! Not only are they unable to do anything original (like shift release dates) but they execs are so frickin' nervous about their movies they put them in spots that were proved to be successes last year. Look at your list again... Feb the studio switches from Fox to Summit; March it switches from Fox to DW; comedy it switches from Uni to WB; May it switches from Para to Fox... Obviously the studios just follow each other. One does it "well" last year, the next one follows in suit the next year. This exact thing pisses me off SO much. I wish studios would be so much braver in their release decisions! So much smarter I should say! Cloverfield and 300 were the smartest "off-kilter" releases in the last few years. I predict Watchmen is going to shake things up again in 2009...

Alex Billington on Dec 22, 2008


Ohhh! I hope they show Chris' butt in this one!!! I was so mad in "Not Another Teen Movie" where they covered his butt crack with whipped topping! I need to see everything. He is so sexy, I would definitely suck his toes!

Dan Link on Dec 22, 2008


Wow that last comment was disturbing.....anyway. This poster doesn't do a great job selling the movie, but it's better than the typical star power focused posters that are so common for these types of movies. It kind of reminds me of the book covers of a lot of teen novels like the Animorphs. But perhaps thats the type of crowd they're trying to attract. I think this movie is going to be fairly popular. It's got a young cast, a slick look, and a comfortable home in the sci-fi genre. Plus it's kind of original, a nice break from the re-hasing we're getting accustomed to.

ImaginaryVisionary on Dec 23, 2008


The Wicker Man credit has me nervous, but I enjoyed Lucky Number Slevin so I'm conflicted. And yes #22 the comment on # 21 was disturbing...

Peloquin on Dec 23, 2008


Looks extremely close to Heroes...

jep on Dec 23, 2008


I hope this will be good! I like movies w/ superpowers 🙂

Susana on Dec 25, 2008

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