Check This Out: First Saw V Teaser Poster!

June 27, 2008

First Saw V Teaser Poster

This is just sick! Lionsgate has released the first teaser poster for the upcoming Saw V. Thus begins the hype yet again for the next installment in the Saw series, which I will say continues to impress me with its consistent box office performance for five straight years in a row. If you haven't seen Saw IV, you won't get why this poster is what it is. But if you have, you might get the same combination of thoughts: ridiculously gross and awesome at the same time. This is why I love the Saw series - they continue to push the boundaries of accepted filmmaking and marketing in Hollywood. If you've got the stomach to handle it, then check out this poster, but if not, I'd suggest you stay far away.

Thanks to STYD for debuting this. I wonder if it will be banned once people start to realize what it is?

Saw V

In Saw V, Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) is seemingly the last person alive to carry on the Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) legacy. But when his secret is threatened, Hoffman must go on the hunt to eliminate all loose ends. The full cast also includes Scott Patterson, Betsy Russell, Mark Rolston, Carlo Rota, Julie Benz, Greg Bryk, Laura Gordon and Meagan Good.

Saw V is directed by production designer David Hackl, who will be making his directorial debut. The script was written by screenwriting duo Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan of Feast and Saw IV. As is always the tradition, Lionsgate will be releasing Saw V in theaters around Halloween - October 24th.

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even if i wanted to "stay far away" from the poster, how could i? i get the basic idea of the image right there on the homepage - before the jump. what else is there? the odd-shaped torso? cool poster, though.

derby on Jun 27, 2008


Nice poster ...but they had to put some blood too under the mask it is not that creepy 🙂

Shero on Jun 27, 2008


pretty creepy to me

James on Jun 27, 2008


Not working for me. Understand and enjoy the concept... execution is too realistic for poor photoshoppery. They should have tried the same thing with more abstraction.

dRailer on Jun 27, 2008


Tobin Bell has to be one of the creepiest actors in Hollywood.

3nigma331 on Jun 27, 2008


Holy crap awesome poster. Love it. But, Im not to sure about the movie loved the first 3, but the 4th one fell off.

Andrinis on Jun 27, 2008


So this is Halloween V? Lol, because that is how they advertised it. I just love how pretentious movie advertising can be to make the movie titles as ambiguous as possible.

Alex on Jun 27, 2008


I'm always amazed at the poster designs for these movies. I believe this is the best one yet. I wonder if we will see this image in the actual movie, or if it is there to simply symbolize a relationship. No matter how lame the Saw series gets, I'll keep on going.

Jace on Jun 27, 2008


Not even the word "Saw" is on it. This is a very strong franchise and that is an EXCELLENT poster.

Ryan on Jun 27, 2008


I did a political spoof of this poster 🙂 I couldn't resist!!

Aleks on Jun 27, 2008


were they really that good? i figured they'd get old and boring like all the other "scary" movies...

blake b on Jun 27, 2008


Aleks .. good work man .. 🙂

Shero on Jun 28, 2008


seriously, thats disturbing

Ck on Jun 28, 2008


wow, a new holloween mask. where can i get one.

Darrin on Jun 28, 2008


I've seen the first one, and it was decent. I've never seen the others. I think it's extremely cool what they are doing with the directors, tho. The people who have worked on the previous films as the production designers, 2nd unit guys, etc, get to show their chops on one of the sequels. That's just a bad-ass idea, and I gotta hand it to Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures for giving the new blood a shot like that.

Squiggly_P on Jun 28, 2008


My 2 cents. 1,3,4 were good. 2 totally sucked i thought. I may have to see this if the trailler is any good.

Heckle on Jun 28, 2008


LUV IT!! Bring it on!! saw 5 - yeehaw

philthyphil on Jul 1, 2008


thats not sick.. its retarded!

karl on Jul 3, 2008


poster makes sense if ur a fan of the series and just seeing it and the "V' u know exactly what it is

Recian on Jul 13, 2008


I liked the SAW series up until SAW IV. They should have stopped after SAW III. It was a good way to tie up all three movies into that one. But then they made SAW IV and brought a character back from the first one. Why wasn't he mentioned in SAW III??? It's like their dragging this series out like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Halloween. Some movies are better left alone after the third installment. Just my opinion.

Wood on Jul 22, 2008

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