Check This Out: Hulk vs Abomination Fight Scene Clip!

May 23, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Check This Out: Hulk vs Abomination Fight Scene Clip!

We don't normally feature clips here on, but I'm breaking that rule today to bring you an awesome new clip from The Incredible Hulk. Now with Indiana Jones out of the way, Hulk is the next big action movie on this summer's line-up, due out in theaters on June 13th. Two other sites have some awesome clips as well, specifically IGN and MTV. However, I'm featuring my favorite of the three released today, which shows Hulk and Abomination fighting. These three clips today go to show that The Incredible Hulk is going to be non-stop ation and fighting from start to finish. And I must say, these clips are all very impressive. The CGI looks great and the action looks smooth. My excitement is definitely increasing as we count down the days to Marvel's second film this year. Enjoy!

Watch this new clip for The Incredible Hulk:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch this awesome Incredible Hulk clip in High Definition on Yahoo

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The script for the film was originally written by Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, X-Men 2, X-Men 3), but after joining the film as the lead character Bruce Banner, Edward Norton himself took over the reigns and re-wrote the screenplay. The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13th.

The Incredible Hulk Poster

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u now get it. it was awesome and abomination talks

Darrin on May 23, 2008


Holy Hell that was awesome. Hope sweet hope!

Icarus on May 23, 2008


Awesome! This flick is gonna rock!! I can't wait!

Spider on May 23, 2008


omg that was fucking cool this is going 2 be cool

jono on May 23, 2008


yep...i'll say it again....HOLY FREAKING GOOOD!!!

Leon on May 23, 2008


holy shit that was so wicked, this movie is going to be off the hook and action packed!!!

Curtis on May 23, 2008


Yes it's awesome but do you think they can keep it that goodfor half an hour?

Silver on May 23, 2008


OK, I've been one of the many Hulk CGI bashers for good reason & did not believe the rumors about improving them before the films release date. I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. These new improvements are much more than mere touch-ups in my opinion. The lighting, the shading, building & skin detail, fires / explosions &, yes, THE HULK all look 100% better. If all you see is the tattered clothing strewn over the upper body, you must have terrible vision or, even worse, be very closed minded. Djo, don't let it go to your head but you were right. See ya there brotha.

Sinner on May 23, 2008


heh i hoped this would get its own news (i posted it in the Cap america comments) and remember the clip is only 40 seconds of a promised 15min+ fight...

chrisUK on May 23, 2008


I love how they got The Hulk's musculature right, his muscle striations and contractions and all that stuff, just right, and the more time they have to work on him, the better he's looking, he looks better than his appearance in the earlier clips. I'm looking forward to it all over again now.

Steven on May 23, 2008


SMASH! That was a very cool 42 sec fight scene!

egghub on May 23, 2008


if u thought that was cool check the one on ign, and the one in the ign one was pretty cool.

darrin on May 23, 2008


now this is the true hulk nature! HULK SMASH! =]

PHATBOY_x on May 23, 2008



Cyfer1 on May 23, 2008


I just Hulk Smashed all over my pants

cmurder on May 23, 2008


I agree this is the best of the Three. the other ones are lookin' pretty darned good, too. This is effing awesome. I think I've been waiting my whole life to see this~ Sinner: Honestly had no idea how right I'd be proven. Jaws on the floor. Being that I'm studying this stuff though (just beginning) I could tell we were getting isolated sequences, and the real, nice key frames take a little longer usually. Ex/ the Hulk running past the camera must've had 3 teams: -Close up shot rendering. -Hulk ripping car (wide shot- less detailed) -transitioning. As this shot displays (in spades!), all elements are undeniably coming together. Quite NICELY at that.

Djo on May 23, 2008


this hulk film looks and most probably is better then the last one! Maybe because of the fact they have edward norton in it im not sure.

Adam Araujo on May 23, 2008


@Adam Araujo This movie is going to be a hell of alot better. Mainly cause this stick more closely to the Comic Book than some Arsty crap Ang Lee thought up. Plus theres a REAL bad guy! Awesome clip, Thanks for sharing 😀

Grazatron on May 23, 2008


I loved that. Anyone know if Banner becomes Grey Hulk or becomes Hulk permanently and Hulk starts talking?

Tyler on May 24, 2008


I would imagine he will just be the green hulk as is accepted in the comic, I dont think there is every any indication he was ever gray after they changed his color near the beginning of the Hulk comics was there? Sorry, never really read the comics. Looks cool, Ed Norton is good, so this should be I hope. I actauly liked Ang Lee's version, though like many I felt it coud have gone without all the arty shots of moss growing on rocks and more action. I remember sitting there going "when is the Hulk going to start breaking sh*t?" A question that should never come up in a Hulk film 😀

Breach on May 24, 2008


all the Abomination needed was the fin ears then he would be PERFECT! he already has the two toed feet, just needed the Fin ears! T_T

The Delightful Deviant on May 24, 2008


#20 he became the Gray Hulk a second time after they successfully separated Banner and the Hulk, but it left a rampaging Hulk and they were both dying without each other, so Banner reabsorbed him with some machine he made and then afterward whenever it turned night he'd become the Gray Hulk. the Gray Hulk is smarter and more cunning but also brutish, selfish and arrogant, he went on to work for a mafia boss in Vegas under the name Joe Fixit or Mr.Fixit, he remained like that for a good while until they discovered the Hulk is actually a Multiple Personality Disorder and they fused all personalities into one which was known as the Professor Hulk, all of the Hulk's strengths with Bruce Banners intelligence but also Mr.Fixit's arrogance.

The Delightful Deviant on May 24, 2008


I totally agree. When I approach a Hulk film, I'm not looking for a super engaging story for 1 1/2 - 2 hours. I want to have some substance, but more smashing. I think as long as they can keep Hulk on a lot with incredible "no pun" feats of strength, and look realistic persay, I couldn't be disappointed. This trailer gives me much hope.

L on May 24, 2008


Hulk will Rock. Plain & Simple. TdK is not even in competition w/ it, but measured against it's obstacles, I'd say Hulk is more than rising to the occasion. By winter, when all these DvD's are released, you'll be able to put Iron Man, Hulk, AND TDK side by side, and each will stand on it's own, holding its own weight. *Cheers to Movies that meet even the wildest Comics Makers imaginations! The biggest mystery though: Who will Stan Lee have a cameo as?

Smedley on May 24, 2008


ok, when i saw the trailer online for the hulk, i was scared because the special effects looked not too good. then they updated them and i still wasnt impressed. then i saw another trailer in the theater before Prince Caspian, and was like, woah. NOW, after seeing this, i am sure that the special effects will blow the other AND most movies coming out special effects. Indiana Jones looks like crap compared to this (special effects wise)

Josh on May 24, 2008


Special Effects SHMECKS. I want to see some real actions - not stuff i've done in a video game

DUSTYMAN1505 on May 24, 2008


That looks awesome!!! hahaha I can't wait!!

Nick Sears on May 26, 2008


This rocks! But where are the vehicle's fluids? I didn't see any anti-freeze sputtering out nor gasoline from the ruptured fuel tank when the hulk hits the abomination.

Pickle on May 26, 2008


DustyMan- 1505: Here are examples of "Special Effects" you'll NEVER get in a video game, that this film is poised to deliver: -TOP NOTCH ACTING -AN EXCELLENT SCRIPT -PARCOUR-STYLE ACTION SEQUENCES (By A Director Who is NOT FAKING that Shit) Shall I go on? It's a Movie, Not a Video Game. Get over yourself, put your controller down- Grab a Bag o' Popcorn, Kick Back, and Enjoy the Show!~

DustyMan Needs to Wake Up & Brush Off the Dust on May 27, 2008


there is a hulk clip on msn. worth checkin out.

Darrin on May 27, 2008


I love how the camera shakes as if the Earth were shaking, every time he hits him!

Hobbes Ian on May 27, 2008


He looks like the Red Hulk in that screen capture, up top! Nice Pic, Alex!

Phillip Crandon on May 27, 2008


One word - Awesome!

jimi on May 28, 2008


Dude! Freaking awesome!

Chris @ on May 28, 2008



David on May 28, 2008


That was really nice ... this movie will be great as I said from the beginning... OK now I think we had to talk about CGI here ...because it is high level modeling ...Animation ...Lighting...Texture...Dynamics... Rendering .... You will not see stuff like these in games until maybe next 15-20 years .... why ? Because every video game use a low poly "modeling" objects to animate make it easy and fast working ... and most of the background it not real ... let's we do not forget something so important and it is the rendering and the motion blur that the object will get in the time of movement ... and of course every nice movie like Hulk will get the real Lighting that will change by every small or big explosion or fire or even police car lighting "red -blue" as we see in the clip ... and the most important the fire that you see in the clip are real and not CGI and that is better because still it is impossible to make realistic fire in 3D programs .... the important about the Hulk and the Abomination is both of them get enough deformation and dynamic transformation of muscles and that is high modeling and controlling in CGI ...that give you the real look you want without breaking any natural body move rules .... and that is why I think this movie will get high and it will worth watching more than one time

shero on May 30, 2008


i love what you're saying shero. i watched this clip a couple of times and im still impressed.

Darrin on May 30, 2008


Can't get enough of this clip!!! Want more now!!!! THIS MOVIE BETTER COME OUT SOON OR I"M GOING TO EXPLODE ! ! ! ! !

Ricardo MontalBomb on May 30, 2008


That looks awesome!!! It reminds me of the Hulk Hands move in the the PS2 Game Incredible Hulk - Ultimate Destruction. I love that game..

Dasugo on May 30, 2008


EXCELLENT New Trailer popped up. Really gets the idea across - and focuses more on Banner, while giving plenty of Hulk-age as well:

Sun-Rah on Jun 2, 2008



fragilebob on Jun 3, 2008


that is fraking awesome!!!!

hunter on Jun 5, 2008


cant wait looks like nuber 1 movie. but it sucks they took away 26 mintes into 15 min

dan sich on Jun 6, 2008


i hope this movie is as good as it looks because if it is, than its about time the Hulk gets his due.

Ralph on Jun 10, 2008


can anyone spot cap america in this scene really hard to catch

james on Aug 23, 2008


its very hard againts abomination.for you that already now how 2 fight him expain to me.okey?please i need your help!

stanly on Oct 31, 2008

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