Check This Out: James Cameron's Avatar Na'vi Creature Design

July 11, 2008
Source: Market Saw

First Look: James Cameron's Avatar Na'vi Beings

We haven't mentioned James Cameron's Avatar in a while, and that's probably because we're in the thick of the summer, Avatar is still 19 months away, and we'd rather talk about how awesome The Dark Knight is than speculate about the future. However, after picking up my shiny new iPhone today, an e-mail came my way from Jim Dorey at Market Saw. He happened to get some exclusive photos of the official crew shirts from the production. Why is this important? Well they feature the first unofficial silhouette looks at the Na'vi, the beings that inhabit the planet Pandora that most of Avatar takes place on. This is a little bit like sifting through sand in search of minuscule flakes of gold, but I'll admit it is a pretty cool first look at the beings that we can expect to see in full detail a mere 19 months from now.

As you can see from the photos, the Na'vi creature has three toes and a tail and wields a bow and arrow. I've heard this mentioned before (but I don't remember where), but alas, details like this don't mean too much considering it's a silhouette and we don't have the context of this character in relation to the story and the entire universe it's set in. But alas, take a look at the character below, because it might just cause your imagination to run wild when you think about what Cameron might be doing.

James Cameron's Avatar Na'vi Creature Design

Thanks again to Jim at Market Saw for sharing these. As everyone knows, I'm expecting Avatar to be one of the most groundbreaking films in recent history, which is why I'm always curious to know everything about it as long as I'm not spoiled. I was intrigued enough to feature these designs because we finally have some true definition to the characters we'll see, but not sure how much they change my opinion. Anyone else more excited for Avatar because of these?

Avatar is both written and directed by revolutionary filmmaker James Cameron, of everything from Aliens to The Abyss to Terminator to Titanic previously. In the future, Jake, a paraplegic war veteran, is brought to another planet, Pandora, which is inhabited by the Na'vi, a humanoid race with their own language and culture. Those from Earth find themselves at odds with each other and the local culture. Avatar will be presented in full 3D arriving in theaters on December 18th, 2009 late next year.

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Silhouette does not equal Creature Design.

Tyler on Jul 11, 2008


It's a furry. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Nettle on Jul 11, 2008


Nice job incorporating how you got an iPhone Alex 🙂 (I gots one 2!)

Ryan on Jul 11, 2008


ugh...not looking forward to this crap.

Garrett.king on Jul 11, 2008


Ryan - I had to boast about my iphone somehow! I love this thing... 🙂 Garrett - Why not?? Is it the shirts that threw you off or are you genuinely not at all excited for Avatar?!

Alex Billington on Jul 11, 2008


Cat woman archer? Really? This movie had better be about an ocean.

DCompose on Jul 11, 2008


lol You retards are getting all bent out of shape over a silhouette on a TEE SHIRT!?!? Its Cameron guys and will kick ass by default.

Short on Jul 11, 2008


wow, imagine this is the film thats going to be the new No.1 film of all time. too bad marvel comics and dc comics. too bad transformers 2.

Darrin on Jul 11, 2008


Hey Alex, I haven't been excited about James Cameron's Avatar ever, the first description I read sounded great..but I think it's going to be a giant flop.

Garrett.king on Jul 12, 2008


Short (@7) yeah, it will kick ass by default...cuz Titanic kicked SO much ass (rolls eyes) that was lucky for him, but it was crap.

Garrett.king on Jul 12, 2008


Wow, this officially starts the hatred 19 months before the movie release, are you kidding? One year from now, were all gonna be talking about this film!

Hector N on Jul 12, 2008


im still confused is it going to be 3d that you need 3d glasses for or a composite of various aspects that makes it 3d on the screen

Jont on Jul 12, 2008


In my perfect world, the movie never comes out, so it becomes a cloud of negativity and shit talking with no place to go. And then we'll shoot it into space. That's a movie I'd pay to see.

DCompose on Jul 12, 2008


Garrett.king(#10), I wasnt even really thinking about Titanic, but since it is the highest grossing film EVER, you have to give it some degree of respect. I was actually thinking more along the lines of Terminator, Aliens and the Abyss.

Short on Jul 12, 2008


When the Titanic actually started sinking, it was awesome, hehe

L on Jul 13, 2008


The design below the figure looks similar to female reproductive organs (ovaries & fallopian tubes- how disturbing). Is that some hidden message? Shit talking:Cameron spends way too much money bringing us his "genius visions". I'll give it a chance but no I'm not Excited by that image. Thanks for reminding me to schedule an appointment with my OB Gyn!

NC L on Jul 14, 2008


People are already talking about how bad this movie is after seeing one silhouette. Just wait and see what it is about. I have no opinion about this movie beceause I don't know much about it, I barely know anything about it just like the people who aren't working on the film. But after "The Terminator" 'Aliens" "The Abyss" "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" "True Lies" and offcourse "Titanic" I think that James Cameron might just give us another spectaculair movie. Our "Iron Jim" has made A lot of great movies so I think we should wait and give this movie A change.

real good looking guy on Jul 25, 2008


Cameron is equal to moviemaking revolution, so of course any serious cinema fan must be excited about avatar, I know I'm am, despite my real dream is Cameron was still involved with Terminator...

overmatik on Jul 25, 2008


So, praising a movie with no trailers or images released yet is good, but having doubts is unacceptable?

Notyetconvinced on Jul 26, 2008


That's not what I meant "notyetconvinced". I never said it was unacceptable, I'm just saying that you have to give it A change. People have only seen A couple of posters and A silhouette of one of the characters and they immediatly call it A stupid idea. Sure you can have "doubts" but you can't have an opinion about it, not right now.

real good looking guy on Jul 26, 2008


This is weirdly Matthew Barney-esque: the creature itself looks remarkably like Aimee Mullins' Cheetah/Sphynx in The Order sequence from Cremaster 3, and the abstract design resembles one of Barney's Cremaster logos... A Cameron/Barney collaboration? Now *that* could be fun...

Flaubertine on Jul 29, 2008


I don't think that is a tail on the Na'vi, I think it might be a long arm. I hope Cameron put major thought into the evolution of these Na'vi, like what kind of planet do they live on, and what creator's did they evolve from to make them look the way they do. Or why do they have three toes, for swiming? tree climbing? what? And if that is a tail, why, we human's lost are tails long ago, tail's are for balance, so why do Na'vi's need that kind of balance. I hope Cameron thought it through and did not just say, hey a tail whould look cool and hey let's have three toes for no reason.

Film 101 on Aug 10, 2008


I mean to say... and what type of animal did they evolve from to make them look the way they do.

Film 101 on Aug 10, 2008

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