Check This Out: More Dark Knight Sequel Fan Art - Harley Quinn!

August 21, 2008
Source: deviantArt

Batman Fan Art - Harley Quinn

A couple of my comic book friends have demanded I feature these photos because they look so damn good and you all deserve to see them, too. Separate from the other fake fan created Dark Knight Returns poster that we ran last week, Australian artist Josh McMahon has designed numerous mock-up versions of additional Batman characters that could appear in a third movie. Included in his designs are photos of fan favorite Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn, Marion Cotillard as Catwoman, and David Tennant as The Riddler. Now don't get too excited, like that other fan-made poster, these are all just fan-created images, meaning there is absolutely no truth to them. But because they are so well done and because I'd love to see this happen with these actors, I decided to feature a few of them here for your enjoyment.

Thanks to Peter from SlashFilm for first pointing these out. You can head over to Josh's deviantArt page for a lot more great images he's created, including of Anne Hathaway as Batgirl. Thoughts?

Josh McMahon Dark Knight Fan Art

Josh McMahon Dark Knight Fan ArtJosh McMahon Dark Knight Fan Art

Josh McMahon Dark Knight Fan Art

To be honest, I had never even thought of Kristen Bell as Harley, but that photo above proves that she would be perfect. If they did choose her, it would be another example of inspired casting like Heath Ledger and I think she would do an amazing job. However, it just doesn't logically make sense to have Harley if Joker is locked up, does it? Additionally, Marion Cotillard seems like a good choice, but for some reason, Anne Hathaway as Batgirl does not. All of these fan-created images are so great to see because it just shows how much inspiration a masterpiece like Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight can provide for fans. And even one full month after the release, we're still talking about it - which says a lot. Do you like the art?

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Very interesting and creative.

John on Aug 21, 2008


wow they look great i didn't think of it but Kristen Bell makes a great Harley but i dont really no if she has the acting chops to pull it off i could be wrong though but like you said it doesn't make much sense to use her if Joker is locked up. as for Catwoman she also look really good i could see her dressed like that on the big screen im not sure if i want her to be in the next installment but the picture looks great and if Nolan wanted to go in that direction i would deal with it. As for the Riddler im not sure if it really work could be just me though. As for Hathaway as Batgirl i think it looks horribly bad and should never happen.

Curtis on Aug 21, 2008


Wow that is so fucking epic!

CSpuppydog on Aug 21, 2008


this is so bad- it's so not nolan- give us a break

vic on Aug 21, 2008


OMG I LOVE Harley Quinn. Good stuff!

Joshua on Aug 21, 2008


no offense, these are pretty bad, i liked the first fan art of riddler u ran last week but this is just like..

djw on Aug 21, 2008


Love the pix!! Just what we were thinking actually.....i'm seeing Mena Suvari bringing a certain dirty/insane but cute/sexy element to the Harley role...but yeah Kristen Bell - she's the perfect age....i would like to see this movie go even darker....and the girl element is essential, but they best be careful not to cheese it up...but from what we've seen i'm sure it will be amazing!

e on Aug 21, 2008


The Doctor as the riddler would be awesome.

Jesse on Aug 21, 2008


David Tennant as the Riddler. Sold.

DCompose on Aug 21, 2008


For those criticizing, post some of your fan work and then talk.

Joshua on Aug 21, 2008


I'd say go with Quinn for a femme fatale, Catwoman is overrated, Kristen Bell looks like she could maybe pull it off. If Nolan decides on Casting a Harley Quinn the writers could do a back story on Quinn being either a massive Joker fan, or his crazy ex girlfriend or a copy cat, There are endless possibility's for this character.

Xerxex on Aug 21, 2008


harley quinn was acctually the jokers girlfriend and she is upsessed with him

Funkeymonkey on Apr 12, 2011


Catwoman is a joke and has been done time and time again. I dont think Catwoman could survive in Nolan's Gotham City. AND it would be an insult to the Dark Knight to put something as ridiculous as Batgirl. If they do Robin or Batgirl I will stop watching. Nolan is a genius, but those characters do not fit in his world. Stick with the Riddler (Jonny Depp) and Harley Quinn. And I agree...Kristin Bell seems like a good choice. However can she follow in Heath Ledgers Joker footsteps?

one on Aug 22, 2008


Although some of the castings are clearly off the mark, I was curious as to how Nolan might costume Harley Quinn or The Riddler. And, I must say, well done artist. The Riddler is mighty close to looking very believable as Nolan's version. Harley Quinn, too.

Nate on Aug 22, 2008


.... I have no words for how awesomely fantastically thrilled i would be if David Tennant aka the Doctor as the Riddler.... no words...

Sam-Graeme on Aug 22, 2008


also I just noticed the hopeful name for the possible third movie as "Gotham City" ... prefect straight to the point and what other words can be thought of to connect to the Batman series as Batman or Dark Knight .... very clever

Sam-Graeme on Aug 22, 2008


whatever they try for the next episode, it is going to fall far short of Heath Ledger' show stealing performance as the Joker....going back to BS like Catwoman will lose fans and $$$ find a villian that can hold the adult atmosphere created by TDK is going to be a chore indeed...I really dont think they can do it...jmo....

moldybread on Aug 22, 2008


These are awesome. I love the ideas. They have to have the Riddler in the third movie? It's the best "suited" for the world Nolan created, also I think he should go with someone he knows and has worked with already in previous films (i.e. Guy Pierce as the Riddler; possibly Carrie Anne Moss as Catwoman if they use that Character). I also believe Harley Quinn could be in it. It would make for a great storyline, plus you kind of keep Joker in it (somewhat). If Johnny Depp was in it I would never go see it. I don't care how good he is. NO, means, no. Anyone keen to the idea of calling the next film, simply, "The Batman". It's a good title; straight to the point, and it could let "The Dark Knight" stand on it's own. As it obviously will.

Brian on Aug 22, 2008


David Tennant is a great choice for Riddler casting. Kristen Bell is a good choice only because she would still look hot in the Jester outfit! I dont know if she could cut it in the acting department though, but I thought the same thing when I first heard that Ledger was cast as the Joker...

radioactvman on Aug 22, 2008


I would like to see Casey Affleck as the Riddler

Kaiser on Aug 22, 2008


I don't think they could have Harley Quinn in the movie without Joker being in it, so I can't see that happening.

P on Aug 22, 2008


Kaiser, Casey Affleck is a good choice as the Riddler. I was also thinking Guy Pearce, just because he was excellent in "Memento," and I believe he could pull off another epic villian for Nolan like Heath Ledger did.

John on Aug 22, 2008


Casey Affleck or David Tennant would be awesome in Nolan's Batman films. Doctor Who is wank though.

Jon on Aug 22, 2008


Harley Quinn would be solid for the role. This art is bad-ass, I still think Depp as The Riddler would be the best choice. I dont know how they could make the third installment as good as TDK, holy crap was that an epic movie.

big r on Aug 22, 2008


the doctor as the riddler...perfect, Casey affleck would be amazing as well

alex on Aug 22, 2008



Bry from Chi on Aug 22, 2008


THESE LOOK CHEESY!!!! Sorry guys, good effort just looks bad.

THERBLIG on Aug 22, 2008


Love it ! The artist is just using those actors as 'models' not so much as his 'perfect' casting choices. I think Harley works without Joker physically being by her side if it is played strongly enough by the actor. Love the Riddler costume but disagree on Johnny Depp- some people want him in. I want to get lost in the world of Gotham and he character of the Riddler. All we would see is Johnny Depp- it would be near impossible to not have random Captain Jack thoughts. As far as casting Harley- I would love to see Isla Fisher as Harley but I think her Harley Quinn interpretation would need Mr J by her side because she is so good at playing off her male co-stars. So as a stand alone villain Harley- Amy Adams(Enchanted) or Michelle Williams(Heath Ledger's ex) as Riddler- Jay Baruchel(Tropic Thunder) or Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in love) I don't want a CatWoman in Nolan's world but if it had to be someone : Charlize Theron and ultimately Philip Seymour Hoffman or Paul Giamatti as the Penguin

Citizen-of-Metropolis on Aug 22, 2008


the smeared makeup has been done, i like the Harley Costume but the makeup should be more straight instead of the Heath Joker smear.

The Delightful Deviant on Aug 22, 2008


The others are alright, Harley Quinn one looks awesome but I still don't think Bell would be able to do it.

Ryan on Aug 22, 2008


I don't understand all the hate towards Catwoman. I think Selena Kyle would fit well in Nolan's universe as Batman needs a new leading lady anyway. Plus the love angle and history between the two characters is one that's most memorable. Handled correctly they can emit a chemistry on screen that Daredevil and Elektra epically failed to pull off. I'll bet anybody that she'll be in the third film. I do agree that she looks ridiculous in this fan art though. Everyone else looks pretty well-grounded, but I agree that Harley Quin looks a bit too manic when she's supposed to be the sexy/cute but dangerous character that made her so popular. Where's Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin, though? BTW, Gotham City as the title works. It's synonymous with and as well known as the Batman name.

Frame on Aug 22, 2008


Oh, I love these. Harley Quinn is one of my favorites. Wasn't she created originally for the animated series, and the backstory is that she was a doctor who tended to the Joker? I think it could work if they used that as the basis and, like another commenter said, had her become a crazed Joker fan who wants to continue his legacy. I hadn't even thought about Harley as a villain in the movies, but I love it. The more I think about it, the more I agree that David Tennant could be an excellent Riddler.

Holly on Aug 22, 2008


Tennant as Riddler? Awesome. Cotillard as Catwoman? Scrap it. Catwoman is overdone. Bell as Harley Quinn? I'll entertain the idea, but I've not seen her in enough movies to gauge her effectiveness in a a role which needs to be incredibly deranged. Philip Seymour Hoffman as Penguin? Hoffman is a good actor, but the Penguin is too comical a character for this reimagination of Batman. We have to keep in mind that the director wants real life villains: no mutants or special powers or the like. He was things that could happen. Julian Day (Calendar Man) would be a good villain in this regard, as his crimes take place on a certain date. Firebug would be another good one, as he's a bomber.

Colin Dean on Aug 22, 2008


The Riddler - Jude Law The Penguin - Tim Roth Harley Quinn - Ellen Page Catwoman - Scarlett Johansson Robin - Scott Wolf

Noodles777 on Aug 22, 2008


Penguin wouldn't be a mutant or anything- just an arms dealer crime boss and I like Tim Roth as Penguin(good call) Ellen Page? I don't think she fits to play her psychiatrist alter ego but who knows right? Scarlett as Catwoman... its not that I don't want Catwoman- but I would rather Harley Quinn and Baby Doll because they have never been on the big screen. In Nolans world Catwoman isn't needed to further Batmans' growth as the Dark Knight detective but Riddler is a character essential to Batmans' mythology because while Joker was the agent of chaos, Riddler could be the controlled,precise serial murderer that can push Bruce to use his mind more than his brute force. I think Nolan is planning it that way considering that Joker told him 'with all your strength you can't save them'(during the beatdown in the interrogation room). Harley would be a great way to not let the death of Heath Ledger totally eradicate the Joker from Batman's world.

Citizen-of-Metropolis on Aug 22, 2008


Wow, this all looks like shit. Not to be brash, but... actually... yeah, it looks like shit. especially the posters.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Aug 22, 2008


Yeah, it all does kinda look like shit... all those characters would suck with the way the new Batman is set up; they're all way too cheesy. With how the new Batman movies are going, the villains don't have to be over the top as far as costume and makeup. I would rather have some somewhat dark looking normal guy simply call himself the riddler and have his actions do the talking rather than some loser dressed up in an extravagant costume... we've headed down that road before (Batman Forever...) I really hope they don't use something like this... the movies need to stay dark and somewhat realistic

Not Impressed on Aug 22, 2008


well The Riddler has to be a serial killer theres no doubt about that because there is no other way to spin his way that he can be a villian because he would copy the joker because the other way is if he believed in anarchism just like the joker and i saw the other pics anne hathaway as bat girl hell no that girl can't act but Kristen Bell as Harliey Quinn is the right choice and in a intervierw i heard that she would play harliey quinn and i really really like that idea

Darren on Aug 22, 2008


Bell and Tennet:good Cotillard: maybe Hathaway: hell no

Ajax on Aug 22, 2008


these are really nice. two thumbs up!

Sell homework online on Aug 22, 2008


these are pretty for what they are, but so against the spirit of Nolan's vision. IMO. also Quinn is just a weak character. the Riddler has always had so much potential. If the character had elements of Spacey's character from Seven and Hannibal Lector. Not a suit full of question marks... they ruined Dr. Who by putting question marks on his lapel. ridiculous. but i digress.

jaunty on Aug 22, 2008


I plead with all you photoshoppers out there to make this happen...THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: Batman: Leslie Nielsen Joker: Eddie Murphy Phatwoman: Eddie Murphy in a fat suit Robin: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Two-Face: Eddie Murphy in half of a fat suit Mutant leader: Hulk Hogan Commissioner Gordon: the old man from The Wedding Singer Lady Commissioner: Rosie O'Donnell Superman: Chuck Norris Ronald Reagan: Brian Denehey

lulz on Aug 22, 2008


I have to say, the Harley Quinn and Riddler(?) in the photos look excellent, but I really hope they go with Mr. Freeze and undo the horror that was Batman & Robin. C'mon, Patrick Stewart as Mr. Freeze? Fucking awesome.

Brandon Mendelson on Aug 22, 2008


While I think Kristen would be a good Harley, I believe Brittney Murphy could be another choice.

Dylan Phillip Kenniston on Aug 22, 2008


David Tennant would be awesome as the Riddler. I only saw Dark Knight three times, I'd have to go four or five times if that were to happen.

Rhawk187 on Aug 22, 2008


Wow amazing artwork Chris Nolan will be in touch

Alex on Aug 22, 2008


All terrible choices. I think the art itself is fine. Clearly some talent went into it. I just think those actors would blow those roles big time. I think Nolan has proven the casting is best left up to him.

Rico on Aug 22, 2008


Harley as the villian with the joker locked up makes perfect sense. Plot is basicaslly her as his psychiatrist, followed by her going crazy and trying to break him out. Unfortunatly I don't think she makes the best harley quinn, something about her seems a little off for the part.

jeff on Aug 23, 2008


Daniel Day Lewis should play the Riddler

David C on Aug 23, 2008


Looks too much like Ledger's Joker.

zeeol on Aug 23, 2008


Nicely done artwork indeed, but Harley as a villain, would just be a watered-down Joker. Movie goers deserve a better class of criminal. ~_^

Sudynim on Aug 23, 2008


Daniel Day Lewis could play the penguin and pull it off...somehow

Cody on Aug 23, 2008


The Riddler - David Tennant Calender Man - Anthony Hopkins...seriously. the Harlequin manip is excellent.

Isshiah on Aug 24, 2008


Even if Nolan cant work in Harly Quinn, it would still be cool to see a reference towards her. Gordan could reference Harleen Quinzel as Jokers psychiatrist in gothams mental institution.

Kavanaugh on Aug 24, 2008


Tennant would suck; Robin williams or Adrian Brody as riddler. Kristen Bell is brilliant as Quinn, the last image is freakishly real. Cotillard intersesting as catwoman but should that character appear (unlikely) there is only one who should play her.

thecomedian217 on Aug 24, 2008


assholes yous a all wankers chris nolan will pick which villian he wants so leave it at that nerds have faith in the man

jono on Aug 24, 2008


I think it'd be excellent if the Joker was locked in Arkham after the Dark Knight busted him in the last one, and Harleen Quinzel (later known as Harley Quinn) falls in love with him and she busts him out. During that time, the Riddler could reek his mischievous havoc in Gotham. I can't say who will be cast as what, because, well, nobody knows. But for now I agree with jono, we have to want for Nolan's decision and respect it.

anonymous on Aug 25, 2008


David Tennant as the Riddler could work if the have him as the "sleuth-extraordinaire" version of the character as he is in the comics now. He could still have his own agenda and make him the secondary villian. The cops could hire Edward Nygma to solve the insolvable crime. "Who is the Batman, and how do we capture him." Personally, I would like to see a tie-in to the first film and have the Femme Fatale be Talia Al Ghul. They could do more flash backs to Bruce's training and their budding relationship. During which He jilts her when he decides to return to Gotham. That way they could bring back Ras al Ghul and we could hear her call Batman "my beloved" in that sultry voice. She could come to Gotham to seek revenge on Bruce and to finish the job that Daddy failed to complete.

Rosencrantz on Aug 25, 2008


The pictures look really obviously fake. Besides, Batman doesn't need another female presence in the 3rd film to fill in for Rachael because he'd most likely still be mourning her death.

SlashBeast on Aug 25, 2008


I say NO to Kristen Bell! She's too valley girl imo. Harley Quinn's a bad idea too and ranks last on my list of characters I want to see. If there going to suggest this nonsense then I say why not bring back Robin? Not the comic book version (there's no way anyone want to see that) but a darker/vengeful Robin. Maybe he could even be an ex-memember of the League Of Shadows who turned thief, hence the name "Robin" (dumb idea?), but still wants justice/guidance for some tradgey that happened in his life, similar to Wayne's experience (no circus bs though). Maybe he could even be working undercover for the League with a triangle relationship involving Talia Al Ghul, but in the end he ends up befriending Batman. There's a number of possiblities with a character such as Robin in Nolans's inventive mind I'm sure.

RobERob on Aug 25, 2008


I don't know about having a harley quinn in such a dark themed movie. I think it would make her lose some of the quirky innocence that makes her such a fun character. I mean, she is one of the joker's cohorts, but the fact that she has a sweet innocent 'center' so to speak... I don't know. I think that the character would get lost.

Ellie on Aug 25, 2008


First off I don't think they should touch the Bat Girl character right now. Second as the Riddler Character I think Johnny Depp would be amazing. I also agree with Kristen Bell being to "girly" for this kind of a movie Milla Jovovich on the other hand is an amazing actress and a hardcore bad ass, what would any of you think of that?

Baloo on Aug 25, 2008


I think that brittney murphy should play harley Quinn and a way to bring robin as knight wing being another maske hero that like the others commented that he would be apart of the league of shadows but left before Wayne came then dick grayson came to see his parents for their last acrobatic show but the riddler wasn't taken seriously as a criminal and he ends up killng the grayson and blah blah Blau and he whole arkum asylum and joker and hardly thing I like so yeAh that's my prespictive and dick becomes knight wing then works with batman

darren on Aug 25, 2008


I hope the riddler is British and like jack the ripper without the killing of prostitutes hahahaha

darren on Aug 25, 2008


I think Zooey Deschanel would make a really good Harley, although I could definitely see Isla Fisher doing an awesome job too.

WillardNation on Aug 25, 2008


first off....i would not use harley quinn in the next installment....maybe a cameo.....i would love to see the joker make a cameo in cgi of for the riddler, it would be awesome as i would love to audition for the role....david tennant doesnt do if for me....i would like to see robin introduced, maybe a darker role for him, so he can be taken more seriouly.......for a great backstory i would like to see catwoman introduced but not as a love interest, change it up a bit, maybe make her a actual villian....this story could go on and on, a good thing to and also maybe keep the dark tone, people take the franchise more seriouly.....

brandon on Aug 26, 2008


I could totally see Bell as Harley. Having been a fan of her since her days on stage (back in her college years), she's an awesome choice. And she's gone so far as to say she'd accept a chance to play Harley without even looking at the script. As far as her acting chops, I think she'd be able to do it. I mean, look at her three most known roles: Veronica Mars, Elle on Heroes, and Sarah Marshall. The three are as different as they get. And we did see that she can play crazy with Elle and her sociopath tendencies. Granted it'd have to be turned up quite a few notches for Harley, but I think she'd be able to do it.

holly on Aug 26, 2008


it's best to just leave the final decision upto christopher nolan - he's done a fantastic job so far so im hoping he'll keep raising the bar with these films and surprising/impressing us with his acting choices. Kristen as Harley is quite a clever choice as she does look the part and her versatility was impressive as veronica and elle but it would also be interesting to see how michelle williams handles the role. wow have so many people in mind for the riddler, it could kinda go in any direction and be almost as unexpected as heath ledger's casting. johnny depp has proven his acting prowess but comparisons of reminiscences of jack are inevitable. jack sparrow should've won the oscar instead of sean penn!!!(no offense) and the joker deserves one too because he was genuinely outstanding! honestly, gabriel macht came to mind first for the role. odd choice i kno but maybe im biased because i was amazed by his performance as lawson when i watched a love song for bobby long the other day 😛 he's in the spirit atm isnt he? anyways i do love david tennant as the doctor and he was great as barty crouch in harry potter 4 but im also thinking of another brit: jude law, as the riddler. he was creepy yet superb in the road to rendition. others picked guy pearce, which is another great choice - ha all these guys are great actors..wht to do ^_^ random suggestion: James marsters as the riddler; any takers?? and daniel day-lewis should be cast somewhere, anywhere, he's such a powerful actor who could really add a new element of darkness to nolan's world. as for anne hathaway as bat girl, and the possiblity of angelina jolie as catwoman- HELL NO. they're both good-looking but they would not be able to pull off their roles. even scarlett johansson does not fit with catwoman. How about charlize theron? maybe it's too early to put catwoman in yet..aah je ne sais pas.

Severance on Aug 28, 2008


Y dont they make harley quinn have a small role as the jokers psychiatrist, while focusin the movie on the next lead villian (riddler?).. and as the movie comes to a close, her curiousity of joker leads to a growin affection.. the last scene in the movie could be a news brief on tv saying, "the notorious joker has escaped from prison and dr. harley quinn has been reported missin..." Then in the following movie she will be revealed as the makeup wearin protege everybody knows. Why the hell did they kill off Two Face?!?! He wasn even there 4 long! If they continue with the dark and twisted yet comical plot with the future movies then i agree wit Severence, johnny depp and jude law are perfect 4 the role! No need 4 alota makeup, jus the look of a typical reporter (glasses, hat, ask alota questions, harmless yet mysterious look).. y not throw anotha comic hero in the mix.. Robert Downey Jr... Makin Marvel's Ironman famous, he'd b perfect 4 DC's riddler.

Adam on Aug 28, 2008


Well, I quess they could have Harley in a film with out Joker as a deranged fan of the Jokers work who is enraged by Batman for locking up her 'God'. Haha rambleings of a fan. I love these mock ups, they are wonderful! Huge insperation to me as a artist too. David Tennant as the Riddler? Hell yes, he would nail that role!

Mongoose on Sep 5, 2008


I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks these posters look terrible. Quinn looks more like a depressed mental patient. The Riddler looks like a butch lesbian, and Batman and Catwoman look sad and gloomy. The characters are supposed to be exciting and full of life. Better luck next time.

LuciLoo on Sep 13, 2008


The whole Batgirl thing sucks. But the idea of Kristen Bell is a groundbreaking thing. She would rock. She has proved herself to be an evil, perky thing in Heroes and VM. The role as Harley would be epic for her. It's great. If they DO decide to have Harley Quinn in the movie, they have to at LEAST consider her.

Melinda on Sep 13, 2008



JJJ on Sep 22, 2008


Anyone who thinks Kristen Bell doesn't have the acting chops can't have seen her in Veronica Mars. She has incredible acting range, and can completely turn a scene around with the smallest gesture. Still, I don't think it's time to go back to the Joker well for the next movie. David Tennant would make a terrific Riddler, but I don't know if that's the right place to go either. For a villain that would fit in perfectly in Nolan's dark world, what about Clayface? Dude is seriously creepy.

AN on Sep 24, 2008


I THINK that HARLEY should be the joker's psychiatrist and during the course of the film she slowly starts to pulled into his world and then she falls in love with him and goes crazy, doing these crazy assignments for him. that way, the joker could still be the mastermind, but we wouldn't have to see much of him, but just knowing the fact that he's there would still be great. as for the casting, i could see kristen bell playing her but i think BATGIRL blows. they should not use her at all. as for ROBIN, i just can't see him working out in batman movies at all. it just wouldn't work. i can, however, see CATWOMAN but i don't think she should be decked out in a hardcore suit like batman, she should just remain in a jumpsuit type suit because she's more agile than a tank like batman. i do think they should continue looking around for someone to play her however, i don't know about the one lady in the artwork. as for the RIDDLER, i have mixed emotions. i definetly would not want him if he was the only villian in the film. he doesn't do too well on his own, he's not really i fighter. but if we had a plethora of villians that would be cool. i want SCARECROW back too. let's not forget he's still around. well that's all i got.

colton johnson on Oct 5, 2008


i love the harley!!! im actually going to try and pull it off as a halloween costume Harley was a doctor at Arkham while the Joker was an inmate so putting her in would work. But ive heard that they dont want to recast the joker so...that wont work without the joker

crys on Oct 11, 2008


as for harley and riddler, they look cool....but for a creepy halloween costume harley is totally cute and cocobananas so she shouldn't look sad, remember she pulls off crazy stunts and pranks and no matter how dangerous they are, she always squeels in excitement and has a blast, the deadlier, the better, which is why she should have a role in a movie because she can give it so much exhilaration and interest the riddler is good without all the question marks

corrupcion on Oct 13, 2008


The design is good, but the costume set for Harley is a big NO NO NO NO If this gets looked at by any big movie producers I am begging you DO HARLEY RIGHT!!! Harley should have a MASK not tons of eyeliner, the lipstick SHOULD NOT spread out like that, that was Jokers deal not Harley's, (She did not have a scared/cut face JOKER DID) the hat should stick out more, the collar is WHITE not red, and she should be smirking not frowning -_- As most likely already said, she was not a depressive looking character, even when she was pissed off, she looked CUTE not scary!!! that was the whole dangerous appeal to her, was she was cute but deadly! Please anybody continuing to do fan art, because Ive seen this being done a lot, she did not have scares/cuts on her face like Joker! I realize this may come off as mean or harsh, but I'm just frustrated of copies being shown over and over and over again of this fan art! Pretty soon the producers are going to think that most of us agree and like this design for Harley and they will do it that way. The way that they made Joker was awesome, I loved it, but please when making Harley human do it the right way too!!

Kytto on Oct 22, 2008


Its been said that Johnny depp has already signed up for the role of the riddler YEY i cant wait to see him play that

Nicole on Nov 19, 2008


Do you know what would be terribly bizarre, but keeps running through my head? If Rachel was still alive. and became Harley Quinn. OH NOES. and the Riddler doesn't seem like a great enough villain to follow up the Joker. The Riddler and Penguin always seemed more comical to me than a threat. Gotham vs. Batman? Who knows. But when any word comes out on the next movie, I'm going to pee myself, most likely.

whatwhat on Dec 1, 2008


i agree with #77 the joker had his own distinct style, let harley have hers. it would be interesting if the sequel maintained the presence of two villains or perhaps even three...but maybe that would overburden the film (and batman!) honestly, i dont think that there is any greater villain than the simply cannot beat the ultimate bad guy! however it would be cool to see nolan place a couple of lower-key villains - it would really highlight the actors' abilities if they pulled them off superbly. thalia al-ghul is a good idea compared to catwoman.

Severance on Dec 3, 2008


some of you people really do cry like titty babies. like the ones whining about negative comments. everyone should be able to post their personal opinion, no matter what that opinion is. personally i think the posters are pretty awesome, but if someone doesn't agree, i can handle that. It'll all be okay. Life will go on.

Haley on Feb 16, 2009


the pics are good but not a good movie . to top the joker u gotta have a great plot cuz joker is the best villian hands down.i can see the name "Gotham City" bein used tho. how crazy would it be for batman to be in the middle of a mob war. The Penguin on one side and a new russian outfit lead by The Red Claw on the other. no need for catwoman,bruce wayne could fall in love wit red claw unknowingly since no one ever seen her. Meanwhile The Riddler randomly goes on a Jigsaw type killing spree. One of his victims would be the graysons thus, batman would take in a young dick.Jus when shit cant get any worse Red Claw puts a bounty on batman's head ..which leads to him bein hunted by Bane....once batman kills bane locks up riddler,red claw,and penguin... harley appears at the end to free joker to set up The Caped Crusader...holy shit !!

therealBatman on Mar 10, 2009


i love it but do u really think joker and harly should be n the next 1?

prize on Mar 29, 2009


OH MY GOSH, the fanart for Harley is PERFECT! I've been saying since the last Batman movie that Harley would be perfect! If they truly want to go off on the Joker then the Harley saga would be perfect!

Ryan on Apr 23, 2009


Harley would be the most amazing villain for a third movie. But I would prefer Brittany Murphy over kristin bell. She would be better. Also if they really wanted to add the joker, then they could get the guy from thejokerblogs at YouTube. He is quite amazing at portraying mr j like amazing Heath. Either way I can't wait.

boo on Jun 3, 2009


Here's the PERFECT BATMAN 3 outline: 1. Joker is incarcerated in Arkham, but you only get secondary views of him, in a straightjacket. 2. Harleen Qunzel is his psychiatrist. 3. Joker messages are being communicated and executed by "costumes", which are taking control of the (former) Mob empire 4. Edward Nygma is a police consultant assigned to aid Comissioner Gordon in the quest to control the costumes

Jean Paul Valley on Aug 15, 2009


actually, it would be the perfect oppurtunity to introduce harley, cause she met him in arkham. just gotta start with dr. quinzell. it would be more a sub plot really i spose, but would work very well i could end with her aiding in his escape or something like that. if u keep him locked up but involved with her it would allow a new villain (RIDDLER!) to take the stage for a movie and then number 4 could be a joker comeback aided by Harls

Allison on Sep 20, 2009


i still think that miss kristen bale should make a great harley quinn, villan, in the the dark knight 3 gotham city aka shadows of the bat, aka dark knight 3 gotham city, the 2010 movie, with crispin glover as the joker.... and with halle berry as catwoman, in the movie, and with hugh laurie as the mad hatter, yes,..... and with kristen bell as harley quinn, ina whole costume , but make her breast in the costume huge,... and with robin williams as the riddler,... and with ben affleck daredevil,... and with the watchmen heroes,... and with tails miles prower/tailsko, please she got to be in the movie, please mister, christopher nolan,... and with liam nielson ras al ghul henri ducard ,... and with paul williams as the penguin,.. and with the arkham inmates,... and with aaron eckhart as two face, in the movie,.... too,... yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, says brandin lee detroy, from, desoto, texas,.... and with evil anti sally acorn but, make her bigger, and her breasts huge, please, mr. nolan, she has to be in the movie,... and with sonic hedgehog female sonic,.... please, mr. nolan she has to be in the movie,...... let it be filmed in the corrupt streets of chioago, aka old gotham city,... thanks, mister christopher nolan,..

lee brandin detroy on Nov 8, 2009


in the 2012 movie batman 7 i want sarah michelle gellar to be as the big breasted villan harley quinn, with the whole costume in the movie, yes, and with halle berry as catwoman in the movie, and with crispin glover as the joker in the batman 7 movie, yes, get rid of that david tennant guy, i hate him, and with micheal ansara as mister freeze in the movie yes, and with tom welling as superman in his red cape and his red tights in the movie, and with the gotham city thugs in the movie, and with the arkham inmates, and with aaron eckhart as two face in the movie,

lee brandin on May 14, 2010


i want sarah michelle gellar to be harley quinn and with johnny depp as riddler, in the 2011 movie batman 3 shadows of the bat with tailia al ghul in the movie, and with crispin glover as the joker get rid of heath ledger, please, he is dead, gone, get rid of that david tennant, please, i want hugh laurie as mad hatter, in the movie, and with aaron eckhart as twoface, get of that kristen bell, i hate her, and, i want angellia jolie as catwoman in the movie, and with halle berry, as catwoman patience price, in the movie, i don't victor zzasz in the movie, and with robin williams as the penguin, tails tailsko, female sonic, big breasted rouge the bat and female anti-tails, evil anti bunnie rabbot,

brandin lee detroy on Sep 8, 2010


in the next batman 7 2012 movie i want tails tailsko, female sonic, female anti-tails evil anti rotor, evil anti sally acorn, halle berry as catwoman arnold schwartzenegger, as the joker, arkam inmates, reba mcentire as live wire, and the corrupt gcpd police officers, and with robin williams as the penguin, thomas dekker as robin bale as batman, yes, and micheal ansara mr.freeze,

brandin lee detroy on Sep 8, 2010


Here is my plot for Gotham City. It is fan-made, but if you think it's cool, tell me. Dr. Harleen Quinzel is a psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum. The Joker(Who has, like, long hair covering his face, he can be made with CGI, the voice wont be too hard) is one of here patients. To prove his insanity, he manipulates her at first. She becomes insane herself and becomes Harley Quinn. He lets her go, do her own thing, and bombards the city. Edward Nigma has always loved questions. Clues. Mysteries. Especially about crime. These thoughts completely overwhelm him, bbut not like Harleen. He is still sane on the outside. But a world of chaos in his mind. He creates life for Gotham and Batman a giant mystery. A crimefilled mystery. He dosent need no makeup, just a black blazer, and a green button-up shirt with a pupped-up collar, some rectangle glasses and a whole lot of Depp. A smooth persuasive voice that nice touch. He creates codes and clues all over town, and Batman is the only detective who can stop him. With, of course, mobs and mobs of angry citizens trying to stop him. By the end of the movie, Edward Nigma commits suicide, but his final words reveal that he has one more riddle up his sleeve before presumably dying. Harley Quinn probably gets thrown into Arkham herself, happy and insane as a little child given ice cream. I agree with some people that Thalia Al Ghul should be refrenced. Maybe, as someone said, her smooth haunting melodied voice haunts Bruce Wayne. In the middle, Edward Nigma creates another riddle. There is a happy circus going around. The riddler has planned to kill the main act-the grayson family. Dick Grayson, a young 15 year old, is watching his parents perform when there is two falling bodies and blood spill. Their wires are burning and cut off, leaving his parents murdered. Batman is too late, but he is seen ominously going through the circus, whixh leads the public to believe that the batman strikes again. At the very end, Batman is in the Batmobile, riding to that warehouse he operates in with Alfred. He talkes with Alfred through the Batmobiles speakers(Ya know, the ones that can connect to your phone and the person your calling can be heard through the car). Bruce just cant stop feeling very sorry for Dick Grayson. Then he comes up with a nice idea. "Alfred?" "Yes, master Wayne?" "Have you ever pondered the thought about a sidekick?" Then the credits roll. And so lives on the legacy of The Batman. after credits (possibly): The Batmobile stops at a narrow alley. A man named bruce wayne gets out of the car and walkes down the alley in Gotham. there, behind many crates is a sad adolescent boy. "Are you Dick Grayson?" "What do you want?" " ever wanted to be a superhero?" A dark, damp cave is shown. an arm popps out near the caves wall. The arm is burnt and cut, with a long bloody, open scar going down it. Anoher hand grabs a rock and implaes it into the scar. With the blood on the pointed tip, the man etches a bloody question mark on the wall/ "One last last riddle..."

Julian on Sep 22, 2010


i want sarah michelle gellar harley quinn, in the dark knight rises 2012 movie, yes, do it, nolan, and i want crispin glover as the joker in the movie, do it, nolan, yes, and with his gotham citythugs, yes, do it, nolan, and with the arkham inmates,yes, do it, nolan, get rid of that marion coliatard, please, and i want johnny depp as the riddler, do it, nolan

Guest on Apr 12, 2011

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