Check This Out: Rambo Kill Chart

January 23, 2008
Source: LA Times, SlashFilm

Rambo Kill Chart

The newest Rambo movie hits theaters this Friday but unfortunately I won't be able to see it until I'm back from Sundance. However, it doesn't mean all of you who aren't here in Park City can't go watch Sly Stallone go on one more giant killing spree. LA Times writer John Mueller has put together an impressive kill chart looking at all of the kills, deaths, and other wacky stats from the four Rambo movies. I'm not sure how to respond to this chart: is it good, is it bad? Do more deaths in this latest Rambo movie mean it will be better? Either way, you need to see this impressive kill chart.

If you haven't seen Sly killing countless victims in the first few trailers yet, then make sure you hit those up, too. The first one is here and the second one is here. Despite these ridicilous stats below, I'm actually hoping Rambo is pretty good. We'll see soon enough, but at least this confirms it's just one big killfest.

Rambo Kill Chart

If you happen to catch Rambo this weekend, make sure to chime in and let us know what you think!

Rambo is directed by the one-and-only Sly Stallone, who also directed Rocky II through Rocky VI (known as Rocky Balboa) last year. The film arrives in theaters everywhere on Friday, January 25th. The poster for Rambo is featured below.


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best chart ever, amazing

Alexander on Jan 23, 2008


HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH That was really a great chart ......... I can't stop laughing 🙂

shero on Jan 23, 2008



Nick on Jan 24, 2008


Like the first "Rocky", the first "Rambo" movie was actually quite good. The others, um, not so much. I think this will be a netflix-whenever-I-get-it-I-get-it kind of rental.

William Mize on Jan 24, 2008


Who the fuck is Rambo

Mike on Jan 24, 2008


Poor Rambo no sex at all. No wonder he's so violent

Bob on Jan 24, 2008


who the fuck is mike?

steve on Jan 25, 2008


Who the fuck is Steve!? The only person better looking than Rambo in this film is a guy named Ken Hagedorn - a real life Johnny R.!!!

bill stoeckmann on Jan 25, 2008


Who the hell is Kenny Hagedorn!? The only real life Killer I know is a tough guy named Paul Boak - a real National Guard bad-ass, or is that fat-ass . . . it really don't matter. Those National Guard boys can really sling those doughnuts!!!! - Rambo could use their help in this movie!!!!!!

Davey Cabot on Jan 25, 2008


who the heck is Paul Boak?? are we talking about killers here? LOL. *just had to continue the ignorance...* I'll wait for Rambo to come out on dvd.

sneebee7 on Jan 25, 2008


i guess stalone wont stop dragging out the only movies that made him real money and got his name out there..

wtf on Jan 25, 2008


Go John J. Movie kicked butt. Could have been a little more deep and had some more build up behind the knife he used, but hey, more blood than any horror movie. Stallone was awesome!

Christopher on Jan 25, 2008


The movie was actually really good I suggest if the theater is selling tickets for a decent price go and watch it. P.S. lots and lots of killing

Duff on Jan 25, 2008


A very violent movie, but I love the way that guy sitting beside me kept cheering and jeering.

Trufant on Jan 26, 2008


hahaha great =)

jacopKane on Jan 26, 2008


Great! Love action movies, loved the first Rambo, so will probably like this--Rambo needs sex. Laughed a lot at chart!

Josephus on Jan 26, 2008


if you like rambo, then hands down, you'll like this last one come round full circle. cheesy and unrealistic? yes. bloody and sweet? yes. I don't think the movie purports to be anything than what is expected, and doesn't try to do anymore. does exploit modern day civil crisis, that's my only major contention to this film

henry on Jan 26, 2008


I find that quite amusing.

Dr.Duvel on Jan 28, 2008


Ditto with most of the above. This is the most fun I've had @ the movies since Tombstone. No joke. Stallone ripped it. To those talkin' sh!t on his age; you know he could beat your ass with one arm tied behind him. Can you say Yoked?!

Sinner on Jan 29, 2008


Regardless of your afinity to Rambo, I have only seen bits and pieces of the others, if you are any kind of fan of action movies. Then this is as good as it gets. I dare say the best action movie of all time. Think the first 10 minutes of Saving Private Ryan extended over an hour and a half. Or 300, on steroids (literally since stallone used HGH for the role), with .50 caliber machine guns. For those without military experience, .50 cals are primarily used to destroy things like buildings, aircrafts, trucks, etc. Not on humans. The fact that every vehicle in the movie had one (plus the sniper) just is amazingly and awesomely absurd. i disagree with henry, if anything, actually exposes places like Burma probably better than any other medium could, cuz obviously newspapers and news networks aren't broadcasting it.

JR on Jan 30, 2008


i wonder how many people visit this site because they saw it in the guardian on saturday. i know i did.

wondering forever. on Feb 3, 2008


I wonder if this is worth adding another column to the chart?

John on Feb 3, 2008


Great movie. I'm a big fan of SLY. RECOMMEND to watch it. Great action sequence, great cinematographic and realistically potrayed the genocide in Burma

Khan on Feb 5, 2008


this is the best film chart i av eva seen

bobberly on Feb 21, 2008


this is the crapest film eva

james on Feb 21, 2008


@james #25 - if this is the "crapest? film eva, maybe you should stay home and watch glitter for the 100th time, wake up.

jeff s. on Mar 12, 2008


I am a huge Sylvester Stallone fan. In fact, Sly is my life. Of course, I really enjoyed RAMBO 4. I thought it was better than RAMBO: First Blood. As a Stal-loner, I cant say that I thought that any of the RAMBO movies were bad, because in my opinion they were'nt. I thought RAMBO 4 was the best out of the series so far. If you go to Sylvester Stallone's website, you will see that there is a RAMBO 5 on the way. Keep on the look out for that too, I heard it is soon to be better than RAMBO 4.

Sylvester Stallone Fan on Mar 14, 2008


who the fuck is bambii?

Z-bud on Apr 23, 2008


Sylvester Stallone fan if you what you say is true, then I'm already standing in line for the next one, because the 4th one blew me out of my shoes, so if the 5th is gonna be better then I will be ancy everday until Sly applies the bandana and knife for the last bloody chapter in Rambo

RamboFan86 on Sep 15, 2008


So judging by this chart you can see that Rambo is going to have use a bomb or never let go of the trigger for his next film to keep his killing rampage going.

italkfilm on Dec 3, 2008


It's a horrible but wonderful movie! It's worth for watching for many times.

Remeeka Harris on Jun 16, 2009


Hmmm, I haven't seen the fourth one yet, but now I have extra doubts ... Rambo doesn't kill ANYONE with his shirt off...

Tsujigiri on Jul 28, 2009


in one of the movies there was a sex scene i forget which one either 2 or 3 where he remembers his time in Nam it was a deleted scene nothing major just something id like to share just thought it interesting

pat on May 27, 2010


I don't know about this chart, I don't recall Rambo killing anyone in the first movie. There is a part where he throws a rock at a helicopter and a guy in it falls out and dies, but I don't know if it should be credited as a 'kill' because it's not Rambo's intent to do it, it was in self defense, and the chopper pilot and passenger's irresponsible behavior are at least as large contributing factors as Rambo throwing the rock.

Bill Carson on Jul 22, 2010


they should also include BO numbers and have the same chart for all movies. would be interesting.

discount theatre tickets on Mar 12, 2011


good job you guys. keep rooting for stallone to resurrect all his dead and overdone work. i predict a 'judge dread II', as well as 'over the top again' coming our way.

London Cheap Theatre Tickets on Mar 26, 2011

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