Check This Out: Teaser Poster for Alex Proyas' Knowing

December 3, 2008
Source: Ain't It Cool News

First Teaser Poster for Alex Proyas' Knowing

Forget Roland Emmerich's 2012, Alex Proyas' Knowing is the apocalypse movie we should be all looking forward to! Ain't It Cool News has debuted the first teaser poster for the film that thankfully doesn't feature the face of Nicolas Cage anywhere on it. You might've already forgotten about the teaser trailer that we ran for Knowing way back in early July, so do yourself a big favor and watch it again. This poster is pretty slick and I'm sure it's going to catch the attention of quite a few passersby. Though we're all still wondering whether Proyas has made another great movie, since most believe he lost his touch with I Robot, although I personally disagree. And will Nic Cage recover his own downward trend? What do you think?

Knowing Poster

Knowing is directed by Alex Proyas of The Crow, Dark City, Garage Days, and I, Robot previously. The script was written by a collaboration of screenwriters including Ryne Douglas Pearson ("Simple Simon"), Juliet Snowden (The Need, Boogeyman), Stiles White (The Need, Boogeyman), and Stuart Hazeldine (upcoming Paradise Lost). Summit is releasing Knowing in theaters on March 20th, 2009.

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Except that it involves Nicholas Cage in something other than a comedy or drama like Adaptation...which means his acting will suck.

Itri on Dec 3, 2008


Cool poster....think I'll go watch the teaser again!

Conrad on Dec 3, 2008


This poster kicks ass! I think Proyas is on to something here and I think Nic Cage's cred will be re-established! I'm looking forward to this flick!

Spider on Dec 3, 2008


WWWOOOOOWW!!! That's amazing. Beast since TDK's poster

Bob on Dec 3, 2008


The poster is amazing, but I doubt the movie will be as great.

Hyacinth on Dec 3, 2008


Woot nic cage time. lol. I am actually not looking forward to this, this movie will definitely be a "watch online" movie.

Red Buttons on Dec 3, 2008


That Ain't It Cool article also confirms my suspicions that this WAS originally going to be Richard Kelly's follow-up to Donnie Darko before he went and made Southland Tales.

Sean Kelly on Dec 3, 2008


why is everyone so impressed with this? i don't remember anyone being this impressed by steven speilberg's war of the worlds poster and this is essentially the same thing with a little eclipse thrown in...

fanboy d on Dec 4, 2008


I don't it.

Daniel F. on Dec 4, 2008


i think most of the people that come to this site don't like ANYTHING. all i ever read are complaints about movies. sure, i don't like some stuff, but come on! most of you people seem to hate on everything. that being said; the poster is pretty cool - fits with the movie theme. i'm looking forwared to seeing where they go with the story. sorry alex, i didn't think "I, Robot" was a great movie. the look was really cool but it ended up being another will smith vehicle. it was worth a watch but nothing i'd own. as far as will smith goes, "seven pounds" looks to be really good.

dan on Dec 4, 2008


I don't know, maybe I, Robot wasn't a great movie, but it sure as hell was a lot of fun. It could have been more, but with Will Smith any movie is likable.

Itri on Dec 4, 2008


I laughed when I saw Nicolas Cage at the top, what a joke

Scott McHenry on Dec 4, 2008


Nice poster! I do not recall what the Cruise/Spielberg "War of the Worlds" poster looks like. I saw the trailer for this and it actually looks good. So what if some peeps hate it. Big Deal! I will be seeing this. ***"I Robot" was a summer popcorn film designed to open doors for Proyas to make films like this!

Pickle on Dec 4, 2008


I don't really understand how Cage will figure out where these disasters are going to happen, I guess he just got lucky when the plane crashed in his backyard...I wonder if there will be a lot of traveling around in this because I can't see how it would work if he stays in one area unless every disaster just happens to occur in his town.

Peloquin on Dec 4, 2008


It reminded me a lot of the War of the Worlds poster. The concept, the colors... This one is a little more crisper though.

Reuben on Dec 4, 2008


CGI on the poster looks cheap but it is a cool design.

Ryan on Dec 4, 2008


The should put a hairpiece on top of the Earth in that poster to remind us Nic Cage is in it.

avoidz on Dec 4, 2008


Yup, they should put a hairpeice on top, a mail order bride and a hybrid brat with a dumbshit name on it.

Steve on Dec 10, 2008

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