Check This Out: Will Smith's Seven Pounds Official Poster

October 31, 2008

Will Smith's Seven Pounds Official Poster

Seven Names. Seven Strangers. One Secret. Sony has unveiled the official poster for Seven Pounds, the upcoming Will Smith movie. It's not much to look at, but for those interested in the film or for those who appreciate sleek design, it's worth checking out. I'm hearing quite a bit of under-the-radar buzz for this, from those who really want to see it and expect it to be fantastic, but aren't really talking about it. I'm still not even really sure what it's about or what Will Smith's "secret" is, but I guess that's part of the experience. It really does look like one of the better movies still left this year. Check it out!

Click the photo below for a extra large version of the poster. I also suggest everyone take a quick look at the trailer for Seven Pounds, especially if you haven't actually watched it yet - it's definitely worth watching.

Seven Pounds Poster

Academy Award nominee Will Smith reunites with the directors and producers of The Pursuit of Happyness for the emotional drama Seven Pounds. In the film, Smith plays Ben Thomas, an IRS agent with a fateful secret who embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.

Seven Pounds is directed by Italian filmmaker Gabriele Muccino, of One Last Kiss, Remember Me My Love, and The Pursuit of Happyness previously. The original screenplay was penned by newcomer Grant Nieporte. Sony is releasing Seven Pounds in theaters on December 19th this holiday season.

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Clean, simple, and intriguing. That's how you do it.

sleepykid on Oct 31, 2008


MEN IN BLACK III??? That would probably pop in my for a moment if I saw the poster from afar.

Frame on Oct 31, 2008


I'm incredibly excited for this movie. Great trailer, intriguing poster, and Will Smith. Game, set, match.

Will S. (Co Springs) on Oct 31, 2008


I'm very intrigued by this. I have my own theory on what it's about, we'll see.

tzarinna on Oct 31, 2008


Will doing his shit and lookin good and exciting. Its going to be another 100 mil thing.

shige on Oct 31, 2008


Its cool cause when you look at one of the names in the poster i looks like it fades into the background and another one pops out in your peripherals. Dead George Ristuccia in the bottom right and then Nicholas Adams pops out, Its cool!

ha1rball on Oct 31, 2008


Meet Joe White (Will Smith) Meet Joe Black (Brad Pitt). The Grimm Reaper or someone not human with spiritual/religious powers. Will Smith is someone note alive, or is he. Or an Alien like the Kevin Spacey movie K-PAX.

Ken Masters on Nov 1, 2008


Looks like a Scientology poster-boy.

avoidz on Nov 1, 2008


What is it tzarinna? What is it?! I get more and more confused every day...

Alex Billington on Nov 1, 2008


Well I read something in ew yesterday so that's kind of got my theory all screwy. The penance part I had in my head was right.

tzarinna on Nov 1, 2008


Okay, okay, you're going to think I'm crazy. Well, I was figuring the 7 lbs has to do with his slender stature, he's dying, somewhere in there 7 lbs must come into play. "Every last soul must pay a last toll", it's going to be a tear jerker no doubt about that. For some reason I'm getting a few happy cries as while a full on blubbering uncontrollable cry out of this one. So either 7 lbs is money or both weight and money. Crazy, I know. 😕

tzarinna on Nov 1, 2008


I heard is that he is going to commit suicide and picks 7 people to give his organs to, but I could be thinking of something else.

Ryan on Nov 1, 2008


I thought it was released that he's an IRS agent that gives money to seven people he wronged.

tzarinna on Nov 1, 2008


# 12, I think you may be right. He did say in the trailer that in seven seconds he changed his life forever. I think the guilt he is feeling is so overwhelming that he has decided to give the "gift of life". But along with him donating his organs he decided to give all of his wealth away also, his home for example. I can't figure out what he plans to give Rosarios character, but whatever it is I think he screws up and starts to fall for her. Then comes the problem of him still wanting to "pay" for what he did and him now finally forgiving himself at the same time. Thanks of course to the help of Rosario.

jvj590 on Nov 1, 2008


So, are we thinking assisted suicide due terminal illness?

tzarinna on Nov 2, 2008


Well from what I have gathered, the movie - which is based on anovel, I believe, is about an IRS agent who kills seven people in a tragic accident and becomes suicidal as a result. He decides before killing himself that he will first help /assist seven random strangers who he considers show sufficient need and appear deserving of his assistance. (I guess his IRS job gives him access to relevant data of individuals) This stuff was being thrown arouns early in the summer when this film was being shot and first being discussed by fans online. As for the title, maybe a reference to the "pound of flesh" he feels he must pay times seven? Just a guess. Hopes this helps.

Seven Pounds movie on Nov 3, 2008


ok, from reading all of the comments, this is my take. will smith is an IRS agent, who in seven seconds, gets into an accident from carelessness, maybe drunk driving, and drastically alters 7 peoples lives, he is now looking for redemption to help better their lives, may it be sacrificing his or something of that form. the people seem to be in hospitals or injured. seven pounds could signify the "weight" of the seven lives he changed/damaged that he carries around. just my thoughts.

taurinh24 on Nov 4, 2008


As above, he must have caused an accident that killed seven people while drunk driving his 64-67 Corvette Coupe. His help/assistance is in form(s) of financial and organ donations (eyes, heart, etc.) He contracts someone to kill him on cue, but falling in love with one of the seven poses a problem with the suicide/assassination. I thought that I read somewhere the title was suppose to be weight of human heart.

skiprx on Nov 20, 2008


Can't be the weight of the human heart...It weights 12 oz for men and 10 oz for women...

Matt on Dec 4, 2008


just as I predicted, wil smiths' film Seven is a flop opening in 2nd place at 16mil, damn what a comedown, and how the mighty have fallen: finally people are realizing the downright bad actor, overactor smith really is...failure, failure, failure, it's about time!

Johnny on Dec 22, 2008


Seven Pounds DOES stand for the human heart. It usually weighs about Seven Pounds &15 ounces... You know its called seven pounds for the human heart because the biggest thing of the movie is how he has given his heart to Emily, or Rosario Dawson.... Hence the "seven pounds." Good movie; Sad, but very well done. Not his best film though, I will say that.

Marissa! on Jan 15, 2009


But question, Who were "Nicolas Adams" &George "Ristuccia"? I know he helped Holly, Ben, Ezra, Emily, and Connie, But who were the other two of the seven??

Marissa! on Jan 15, 2009


Nicolas and George, the little boy and the ice hockey coach.

Staralfur on Jan 20, 2009


Seven pounds is the average weight of a human heart. Seven pounds to save a life; Seven souls he took, seven lives he will save. Poetic.

Illuminaughty on May 17, 2009

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