Chris Pine Talks Briefly About Playing Captain Kirk

October 26, 2008
Source: Variety

Chris Pine as Captain Kirk

Curious as to why we haven't heard too much about (or even really seen a trailer for) J.J. Abrams' Star Trek yet? "That, to me, is the part that's the most frustrating -- having something that is not in a state to be seen, or publicly reviewed, getting out there. I'm keeping things secret ultimately for the audience," Abrams said in an interview with USA Weekend. If Abrams isn't talking, who can we hear from? There's one actor that hasn't spoke much about Star Trek yet and that's Chris Pine, the man actually plays Captain James T. Kirk. Thankfully Variety (via TrekMovie) got Pine to speak about his role very briefly.

Of all the things Pine could talk about regarding his role as Kirk, it's about how he decided not to emulate William Shatner's mannerisims. "All I was doing was heaping upon myself an incredible amount of responsibility, weighing myself down with 'You must remember to act this way' and such," Pine recalls. "That's when I was really able to let go and accept the parameters that J.J. set forth in the beginning, which was to bring what was special and unique about us to the roles." As Variety mentions, that meant focusing more on Kirk's personality (e.g. "charming, funny, leader of men") rather than his physical characteristics.

Variety's feature on Chris Pine identifies him as one of "10 Actors to Watch." Although he admits that he's "not really a sci-fi buff," it was Kevin Smith who already praised Pine after seeing an early cut of Star Trek. "The guy that plays the lead is an instant star. That dude is going to be so famous. He is so wonderful," Smith said. So how did he pull off that kind of performance? "Just try to be human," Pine says, adding that, "I got to do everything: yell, shout, cry, laugh, take charge and be vulnerable. I pulled the lucky straw." I for one can't wait to see if he indeed pushes Shatner out of way and takes center stage next May.

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Im excited for this myself. The new characters should have a worthy performance. I wasnt really expecting a trailer at least for another month or so, whether a teaser or full. If they show a trailer soon then we can expect one for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen soon after :))))

big r on Oct 26, 2008


JJ had some decent although rough reviews his last two films (Cloverfield and MI:III). Correct me if I am wrong if he had made more than that. Semi-blockbusters at best but enough to be good popcorn movies. I'd like to see how the reboot of this Star Trek would turn out. As Kevin Smith stated, so to say, that this movie and even Watchmen was not as highly regarded as The Dark Knight I would like to see what the reaction to this movie would be. JJ will make or break this franchise. I guess we'll find out in about 8 months.

Ken Masters on Oct 26, 2008


#2 You have to remember thought that TDK was the 2nd highest grossing film of all time. So the comparison would be in Star Treks favor because its just shy of such an amazing film. But like you said we'll see

big r on Oct 26, 2008


If he's that good it will be interesting to see if people who aren't really Trek fans can generate interest in the film. I'd be interested to see what kind of crossover appeal he contributes. I think having a non-fan as the lead is a very good idea.

django on Oct 26, 2008


just a little footage, that's all i want

fanboy d on Oct 26, 2008


STAR TREK 90102!!!!!!!!!! STAR TREK OC!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you remember how solid looked Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca? She was only 24 Y.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah they will be fresh pot of Academy but that doesn't mean they should look like just quit the diapers!!!! YEah Star trek at the academy with this cast would be great, but not commanding a ship!

Rolando on Oct 26, 2008


This movie is either going to be terrific, or it's going to put the Trek franchise on the shelf for another 20 twenty years. I hope they're not just going to try and emulate The Wrath of Khan in terms of theme and intensity (that photo of Eric Bana made me think "Nemesis", ugh). I was worried Abrams isn't a Trek fan coming in to this, but then neither was Nicolas Meyer when he arrived to direct Star Trek II. Really looking forwards to seeing this full trailer, though! 🙂

avoidz on Oct 26, 2008


Kids running around saving the universe. Good viewing for male teens. Can't see it going much beyond that. Hope it will be good but I think it will just be ok. JJ has not done anything that has blown me away, particularly his movies.

Craig on Oct 27, 2008


I really do not understand why people are so jazzed about this revamp of Star Trek coming out. I have personally observed discussions on this website where Hollywood is being criticized for running out of ideas and simply be in this phase where nothing new or original is coming to the plate ergo; Star Trek. Plus, as I have mentioned before (in various previous posts) J.J. Abrams is an extremely overrated producer and director. Everything he has been involved with has been mediocre at Best! Mission Impossible 3 was more of an action movie w/Mr. Cruise himself rather than an actual Mission Impossible-esque story line AND theme. Not to say that John Woo's part 2 was any better - cause it wasn't. LOST has only managed to annoy its viewers by asking more and more questions and not answering half of the questions they've asked (both themselves and the audience), Cloverfield was garbage, i don't care what anyone thinks. - Does anyone else think that the little creatures that came from the larger creature looked EXACTLY like the bugs from "Starship Troopers"? If you want to see a proper camcorder horror/thriller, go watch "Blair Witch Project" and "[REC]". The best thing about this upcoming movie is Zachary Quinto as Spock. - Bar none.

Conrad on Oct 27, 2008


did anyone make him out in smokin aces. he was great in that movie

Drake on Oct 28, 2008

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