Chris Rock to Butcher a Personal Favorite - Frank Oz's Death at a Funeral

November 7, 2008

Death at a Funeral

Chris Rock will star in and co-write a "re-imagining" of the British comedy Death at a Funeral that hit theaters last year. For those who've never heard anything about the film, not only was it my favorite comedy of last year, but it was one of the films featured on my controversial Best 19 Movies You Didn't See in 2007 list. Instead of a direct remake (thankfully!), Rock and company are planning to simply steal the concept - an ensemble comedy about a funeral ceremony that leads to the digging up of shocking family secrets, as well as misplaced cadavers and indecent exposure. How's that for originality in Hollywood - instead of a remake, they just steal the concept and "honor" the original by crediting it as the inspiration.

Co-writing with Rock is fellow "Everybody Hates Chris" writer Aeysha Carr. The same production company that made the original, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, is back again producing this version. They're currently looking for a director and are hoping to start up production next spring. Even if they find a good director, I'm seriously opposed to this. It's very rare that I instantly have a negative opinion towards a new project, but this time I'll make an exception. Death at a Funeral is an incredibly underrated comedy classic and to see it only get exposure in a re-imagining isn't too exciting. I'd rather suggest people forget about this news (for now) and take a moment to rent or buy Death at a Funeral as soon as they can - it's worth it!

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It's not my imagination is it? I mean... that is a freakishly long arm, right? "When Photoshopping Goes Bad"? In regards to the remake, I don't see the point ripping off a year old film. If the concept interests anyone, they should definitely see the 'old' one. Peter Dinklage is hilarious in it, as is Alan Tudyk.

Chris on Nov 7, 2008


Hmmm... Chris Rock rewriting an ensemble cast picture? How much you wanna bet it's chock full of ridiculous black stereotypes that "poke fun" at urban culture? What is it about really good films that make other people decide to steal the idea and make inferior versions of it? Can anyone honestly point towards a "remake" or "reimagining" that was vastly better than the original film? Nothing is coming to mind at the moment. I'm so tired of famous actors/actresses/directors trying to cash in on someone else's movie.

Peter on Nov 7, 2008


No kiddin' #2! I agree with ya! However, it'll be another Chris Rock movie no one will see anyway! I smell a huge stink bomb!

Blue Silver on Nov 7, 2008


i saw this film . i laughed my ass off. dude's dad was

Darrin on Nov 7, 2008


Yeesh, not a fan of the film at all. Seemed very derivative of other dinner part films. " You mean those pills weren't for my headache?!"

Doug on Nov 7, 2008


No. After his big Comedy stand up I found the guy very un-entertaining, so taking one of the funniest Comdies and re-hashing it will be a sin to make!

Xerxex on Nov 7, 2008


whats with the hate on chris rock ?? im flabbergasted,lol #6 clearly has no sense of humor,pount, and # 2 get over it,stop getting tired of it because most movies are remakes, numbnuts nothings oringal anymore the diff. n movies now is the tech. ......never heard the film, neither has anyone outside great britain,so how can someone butcher it if the only person whos seen it are...all of thee above...chris brings in ,ummm money,lol thats just how it works,sluts

elllo on Nov 7, 2008


Money? An ensemble British comedy, rewritten and starring Chris Rock of all people? Oh yeah, kerching! As you say... lol.

Chris on Nov 8, 2008


To # 7 Hello Ello, what I mean by Rock's stand up is the fact that every joke was repeated over and over and over and over that I just got mind fucked, C.R. is one of my favorite comedians, and I love the guy, but "Kill The Messenger" was just not funny, to me and I'm the guy who laughs at anything dry comedy or in your face comedy! Death at a Funeral" was beyond all words funny, and taking a moive a year ol and doing a rendition of it is not smart, Rock can do better, so thats why I say no. And I'm not a slut I'm a whore! A movie Whore!

Xerxex on Nov 8, 2008


#7 You are the slut! Chris Rock stopped being funny a decade ago, errrrr he actually is annoying! He brings money??...or loses money? 'CB-4', 'I Think I love My Wife'?,'Bad Company'??..'Head of State'?? You love him, cool! I'm not a hater but I have better taste than that!

Blue Silver on Nov 8, 2008


Just disgusting that a film that was released just over a year ago is already being remade. If it ain't broke, don't fix it... Studios have clearly given up on original films, it seems all they're doing is snatching up every single comic book property or remaking modest independent and foreign hits. I mean even Spielberg is attached to an Oldboy remake, and not to mention Let The Right One In, which has just been released. Hollywood is just getting lazy.

OJ on Nov 8, 2008


"Instead of a direct remake (thankfully!), Rock and company are planning to simply steal the concept" Hilarious.

IK on Nov 8, 2008


@ #2, to answer your question about remakes/re-imaginings... The Departed was vastly superior to Infernal Affairs as a single picture. The Ring was a much more effective horror film than Ringu. Dawn of the Dead 2004, although void of the original's social commentary was essentially a much more entertaining movie and was directed expertly. Without question Ocean's Eleven 2001 was without a shadow of a doubt better than the original trash. And for "re-imaginings" I think we can count Nolan's Batman films as those. As for this little project, no comment from me.

Frame on Nov 8, 2008


haha i freakin love it!lol thanks for the response to my comment ,needed a good laugh, dont get all your panties in a bunch,haha siiiick

ello on Nov 8, 2008


Love you too Ello!

Xerxex on Nov 8, 2008


The British version was awful, so a remake can't be any worse.

avoidz on Nov 8, 2008


well said ello. everyone seems to be the guru of all films when it comes to every damn movie that comes out. haha. losers. someone has to put their 2 cents in. its amazing none of you have won any oscars or even made a movie besides the high school film you made in drama class that ran approximately 6 and a half minutes and earned a solid C. wow. i forget, you classify that as an independent film. haha. if you're so tired of all these movies that you see now. go make one. im sure that uwe boll will take your idea.

ello #2 on Nov 9, 2008


To ello # 2 fine I will, and you will be my lead. And the film will win every possible oscar, because your words of wisdom have inspired us all here on

Zepplin on Nov 10, 2008

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