Christian Bale Officially Signed On for Three Terminator Films

May 20, 2008
Source: BBC

Christian Bale

Despite the questionable PG-13 rating, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (aka Terminator 4) gets a nice little boost of positive news today. Derek Anderson of the film's production company, Halcyon, spoke to the BBC at Cannes and said in glorious black-and-white grandeur, "[Christian Bale] read the script and he loved it, so he's signed on for all three." We've known for some time that the next Terminator installment would set up a new trilogy for the franchise, and that Bale is to assume the role of rebel leader John Connor in the 2009 film; but it's certainly news that Bale will provide such a great degree of consistency and completeness in this sci-fi classic's reboot. So will Bale become the new face of the Terminator franchise, replacing Arnold's ever-present mug?

It's an interesting question, because for the next installment (and presumably for the follow-on films) Bale's character of John Connor isn't the central figure, exactly. Rather, newcomer Sam Worthington, who received a nice recommendation by none other than James Cameron himself, is set to assume the role of a new rebel fighter by the name of Marcus - "a bad ass… think along the lines of Riddick."
So will news come shortly of Worthington signing on for the additional films as well? I'm thinking yes.

Production on Terminator 4 has already started in anticipation of the May 22nd, 2009 release date. And despite rumoring, there's no word yet on whether Arnold might make a cameo in the new film; although if that happened, it would obviously be pretty bad ass. Similarly, and surprisingly, lacking definition is who will play the central Terminator adversary. Let's hope it's someone fitting of Bale and Worthington. Director McG has previously hinted at folks ranging from Russell Crowe to Eric Bana to - gasp! - Josh Brolin.

On a side note, is this not shaping up to be the prettiest Terminator film yet, what with Bale and Worthington starring along side hotty Moon Bloodgood? That's not exactly an ugly cast, and certainly a set up from the likes of Claire Danes and Nick Stahl. Maybe this is the first manifestation of former Charlie's Angels director McG's influence on the film?

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Arnold can still be in it without "being in it" via CGI. What I and I think most T fans want to see is the next 3 movies all taking place in the future this time, lets actually see the war and aftermath, the time machine and the terminator factories! (which would be a good place for alot of cgi arnolds being manufactured.) The closest we ever saw of this future was in the T2 3D attractions at Universal parks.

john on May 21, 2008


I don't see how Bale couldn't be the face of the franchise. He must be getting a pretty penny for the role, so I doubt he won't be marketed as the lead, at least for the first film. With Bale's confirmation for three films, Worthington will undoubtedly do the same. This is shaping up to be pretty good. At first I despised the thought of Bale joining this seemingly washed-up franchise, but he has not taken a bad role in years, so I trust his decision making. This should be great!

Keith on May 21, 2008


Although I'm not a huge fan of Bale i do hope that the next trilogy will bring back the essence of the first terminator.

hanalex on May 21, 2008


I can see him as John Connor. I'm just not so sure about more terminator movies. Granted these movies will take place in the future during the war so it may work.

john on May 21, 2008


if your going to pg-13 the terminator franchise to cash in, i think it will be a failure.

jeff s. on May 21, 2008


terminator 4 sounds great but 3 movies ?? I thinks it is a little bit too much ...

Pauline on May 21, 2008


I huge Term fan.. but the news of this going PG has got me a little worried... I'm also a C Bale fan... so I'm really on the fence... As far as the "lacking definition is who will play the central Terminator adversary" They should consider Kevin Durand from Smoking Aces, and is on a couple of episodes of LOST right now... He can probably handle the role...

R1000 on May 21, 2008


right on #7...Durand would be pretty fitting. And I'd say that I'm less worried about the PG-13 rating. of course, I totally miss the grittiness of T1 and T2, but I found T3 a pretty good watch; and I've even enjoyed the Sarah Connor Chronicles on TV. it's less an of an "experience" -- if that makes sense -- but still pretty good

kevin on May 21, 2008


This is so lame

Andrew Wickliffe on May 21, 2008


Christian Bale is not taking a starring so he can focus on other, better movies. Good for him.

Djo-Bot on May 21, 2008


the rating shouldnt be a problem, the first 2 probably would have been pg13 if they came out today, i dont expect much sex scenes or excessive gore and swearing, lots of explosions and robots and can go to the limit of that pg13 rating and kick ass, and it can reboot the franchise by drawing in more audiences and the next 2 can go R because theyve already brought the crowd in T4 dont see how bale cant be lead but sounds good hes signed on for all of them

harrison on May 21, 2008


Well, as Bale doesnt typically do crappy movies I am very hopeful for this. Also being in all 3 for sure will keep things consistent unlike the last two films. Could be good, so many ways they could screw this up though...

interl0per on May 21, 2008


Arnold is and always will be the Terminator. I am a little weary about this franchise though. Is Bale becoming the "go to" guy to reboot a franchise. Granted I am a fan of his work from his early days, but something doesn't seem right this time. And McG is a Televison/Video Director, and he is a McDirector. (i.e. no vision or creativity) I am not worried though about the "PG-13" rating, it seems that lately the envelope has been pushed in the "R" sense. So if you think about it "Terminator 2" would in todays standards, would be a PG-13 film. Sorry to bitch but I am getting sick and tired of cookie cutter remakes and reboots, Batman excluded. But lets be honest is Hollywood really out of ideas?? It's all the same shit with different lighting.

Scorpio on May 21, 2008


Arnold is and always will be the face of Terminator. But if they go with the rumor of Brolin being the terminator it might be good. Bale is a gifited actor, (Anybody willing enough to lose weight at a rapid pace just to fit the part, is a good actor) and he may be able to endure the hate that fans of the original, it will probably do good. I'm just worried about McG doing all three.

Xerxex on May 21, 2008


i just dont want the new trilogy to end the way Matrix revolutions did

wozy on May 21, 2008


This project has a lot going for it AND against it. I trust Bale but still....Pg-13?? It sounds like a move FOX would make.

Ryan on May 21, 2008


"Maybe this is the first manifestation of former Charlie's Angels director McG's influence on the film?" Hopefully prettying up the cast will be the ONLY major influence McG has on the film.

kevjohn on May 21, 2008


Now, if McG puts Christian Bale up against Crispin Glover, then we'd have the REAL Batman vs. Joker casting! (although Heath seems to've done perfectly well, I truly believed Glover was borne for the part. Just picture it!)

Djo. on May 21, 2008


I have a wicked man-crush on Christan Bale. I hope this movie kicks ass!

MrSatan on May 22, 2008

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