Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby Adaptation Already Casting?!

August 31, 2008
Source: Film School Rejects

Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby

"Imagine a plague you catch through your ears." As we've said before, all of Chuck Palahniuk's books are going to be adapted soon enough. Although Lullaby has supposedly already been in development for years, we only recently have an update on the book that's worth mentioning today. When I first heard of Lullaby, I excitedly asked my Palahniuk-loving friend what it was all about. The short answer: a poem that kills people. Sound like the start a twisted horror movie to you? Our friends at Film School Rejects talked with Palahniuk last week and picked up an update on Lullaby and its current development status. The good news is that it's apparently in the casting stages, which means we might see this Palahniuk adaptation next.

They report that the financing is place and casting has begun, although Palahniuk doesn't know who they've got in their sights. Back at Sundance, Peter from SlashFilm talked with Palahniuk and got the name of the director, some Swedish guy known as Rolf Johansson. Apparently this guy doesn't exist, or at least doesn't have much recognition in the US, but with that kind of sketchy information, I'm a bit concerned. We'll see how things develop and if any other solid information arrives, but for now we'll rely on all of these tidbits. If you're interested in finding out more about Lullaby, here's a detailed synopsis.

Assigned to write a series of feature articles investigating SIDS, troubled newspaper reporter Carl Streator begins to notice a pattern among the cases he encounters: each child was read the same poem prior to his or her death. His research and a tip from a necrophilic paramedic lead him to Helen Hoover Boyle, a real estate agent who sells "distressed" (demonized) homes, assured of their instant turnover. Boyle and Streator have both lost children to "crib death," and she confirms Streator's suspicions: the poem is an ancient lullaby or "culling song" that is lethal if spoken--or even thought--in a victim's direction. The misanthropic Streator, now armed with a deadly and uncontrollably catchy tune, goes on a minor killing spree until he recognizes his crimes and the song's devastating potential.

I'm definitely interested in this, like all of Palahniuk's adaptations, but I'm still not so sure about the director. I hope a visionary filmmaker can come along and turn this into an intense thriller, because that's what it deserves. If this mysterious Rolf Johansson is the guy, then so be it. The concept sounds awesome it just needs the right cinematic creative team to succeed. I think we've all seen enough boring thrillers, but a Palahniuk thriller is definitely on a new level. Until we hear more, we'll be anxiously awaiting the theatrical debut of Choke. We'll keep our eyes out for any more news on any of Palahniuk's books that we can find.

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what the fuck ^^^^^^^^^?

sean on Aug 31, 2008


Hmm, maybe this will make a better movie than book. I have loved every chuck book that ive read, even gone far enough to read a couple twice, but this book i hated so much that i couldnt finish. tried 3 times to read it, get about 50 pages from the end and just say fuck this book and throw it across the room. Invisible Monsters or Survivor needs to be adapted first not this one.

Alexander on Aug 31, 2008


@ 3 I've seen this on another site too, people saying this is his weakest book. But I really don't see how, it's got a great rhthym to it that's hard to put down, and I think Diary (and really, Choke was there for a while) was his weakest. I'm pumped that we're finally getting more Palahniuk-based films! And I defintiely agree that Invisible Monsters AND Survivor need to be made because those two were amazing. Choke looks awesome, I think Lullaby will be awesome (esp with some Fight Club-esque voice overs for the lullaby).

Matt on Aug 31, 2008


Alex, I think you're a bit off on this one. It really doesn't sound like a twisted horror movie, and the book doesn't read like a twisted horror story. In fact, this has to be one of my favorite Palahniuk novels, simply because of the pacing, the characters, the storyline, just everything about it is truly incredible. I think it would make an excellent film, but I'm not familiar with this director Johansson. I kind of always imagined the film being directed by Danny Boyle or possibly Alfonso Cuaron. Either of them could probably do the book some serious amount of justice on the big screen.

Josiah on Sep 1, 2008


I enjoyed this book, and am looking forward to choke(its the most anticipated movie of the year for me......after the dark knight...which isnt too anticipated anymore) i think if done tastefully right, this movie could be really good, but only if done right, like all the other chuck books that have been adapted.

RedStrine on Sep 2, 2008


Man go ahead and make every single book he has into a movie.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 2, 2008


Apparently the next of Chuck's books that will hit the big screen is: "Is Lullaby going to be the next of Chuck's book made into a film? Find out more about the Lullaby Project here:" What do we think? Personally, I love the book, think it could make a great film if done properly

mikeinamelody on Jul 26, 2012

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