Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino Trailer - Get Off My Lawn!

October 24, 2008
Source: Apple

Gran Torino Trailer

We've seen an enormous amount of new trailers this week, so it couldn't be more fitting to see Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino trailer wrap up the week. Warner Brothers is debuting this trailer in front of Eastwood's Changeling this weekend and after USA Today premiered the poster a few days back. Given this is another Eastwood directed film, I don't have anything negative to say about it, and in fact, I think it it seems like another solid Eastwood film, albeit not based on a Dennis Lehane book. It looks like old man Eastwood will get his revenge on a bunch of gangster kids, but at the end it'll have a good message about life, and I think that is what will make this stand out about other revenge movies. Take a look!

Watch the trailer for Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Gran Torino trailer in High Definition on Apple

Gran Torino is directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood, of Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, and Changeling. The screenplay was written by newcomer Nick Schenk (I Shot Myself) with story assistance from first-timer Dave Johannson. Warner Brothers has scheduled a limited December 17th release for Gran Torino, which puts Eastwood and company into Oscar consideration again. Will audiences be able to appreciate two Eastwood films in one year?

Gran Torino Trailer

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badass poster

Tristan on Oct 24, 2008


Hmm throughout the whole trailer I was thinking cool, dumb, cool dumb, so I'm not sure which side of myself is gonna win out so I guess I'll go with the cool for now.

Richard on Oct 24, 2008



Big BALLS BRUNO BRUTUS on Oct 24, 2008


I loved it! Gonna be awesome

Mubariz Ahmedi on Oct 24, 2008


i think it could be good, even great, but every time he growled i could only think of dmx.

Zach on Oct 24, 2008


HOLY F*CK, AWESOME. I rarely get surprised by a movie but ole man Eastwood has it.. a few cliche lines, especially near the end but damn, this is going to be fantastic. For a moment I thought oh no, he's going to break a hip, but even he got me scared for a few moments, amazing.

Matthew on Oct 24, 2008


caught this before pride and glory. looks great

bret on Oct 24, 2008


Seriously Fucking Awesome!!! Its Dirty Harry in his retirement years lol

?? on Oct 24, 2008


I am overwelmed after seeing dirty harry going charles bronson on there asses. can't wait

dac on Oct 24, 2008


Thank God in Heaven for Clint Eastwood.

vegeta on Oct 24, 2008


Holy criminy this looks good.

Reverend on Oct 24, 2008


That shit looks fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REAL6 on Oct 24, 2008


What #8 said, seriously fucking awesome, Clint's agrression is back baby.

Ali on Oct 24, 2008


Simply awesome! Most enticing! Can't wait to see it!

Seexeng on Oct 24, 2008


It'd be better if he had a mobility scooter and did drive by's with it.

Crapola on Oct 24, 2008


I'm gonna be all "OHHHH SNAP!" probably this entire movie. Clint hasn't missed a beat and no doubt he's gonna go out with a bang. mwahahaha!

Nick Sears on Oct 24, 2008


That GT trailer is completely, utterly & totally kickass. It has everything you could want in a movie - action, drama, comedy, a classic car & a resonant theme about letting go & moving on. A word of caution for those rushing to say'But it looks predictable.' So did the trailer for Million Dollar Baby but nobody could have predicted the direction that one went in. Eastwood has an excellent instinct for a story (one of the things that makes him superior to overrated directors like Scorsese). You can practically bet the farm that Gran Torino has a few big surprises up its sleeve.

Dave on Oct 24, 2008



Tim Mitchell on Oct 24, 2008


Looks pretty good but possibly surrounded by a mediocre supporting cast from what I saw.

Itri on Oct 24, 2008


DAMN! Never expected that from C.E. This is a MUST SEE film... definitely! Now! GET OFF MY LAWN!

miracle disease on Oct 24, 2008


Sorry, it looks pretty bad. Like "TV Movie" bad.

Kevin on Oct 24, 2008


his face stays the same but he gets older wtf look ok

j on Oct 24, 2008


Clint Eastwood kicking ass once again! I can't wait!

Blue Buttons on Oct 24, 2008


crazy old man, kick some ass

harrison on Oct 24, 2008


A taste of Unforgiven, perhaps? And I agree....awesome!

Mike on Oct 24, 2008


Clint Eastwood proving perpetuating his own stereotype HELL YEAH!

Postma on Oct 24, 2008


All the buzz for Changeling is because star status of Angelina. But this is the one to watch. "CRASH meets Million Dollar Baby"? Do not count out Mr. Eastwood for Best Director and Actor slot. Who knows. Perhaps another statue in his mantle for Best Actor.

Rolando on Oct 24, 2008


Clint still has all the moves even iff they get rustyer by the week. Anyway, I love the way the man plays his roles. Looks f**king great. Keep em comin' Clint

hateorloveit on Oct 25, 2008


I like it, I like it alot 🙂

Enola on Oct 25, 2008


@22 Man, what TV movies are you watching, because I'd totally tune in to the Lifetime Network or the Sci-Fi Channel if their productions were like this!

John D. on Oct 25, 2008


I miss Clint the actor,film looks good.

leo on Oct 25, 2008


I loved it! Good for Clint! 78 and still kickin ass! Love the character he's portraying. Grumpy, racist, old, hard ass! LOL! Definitely be seeing this one.

K on Oct 25, 2008


Eastwood's voice is just like Old Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4!

Breno on Oct 25, 2008


Come on! This looks absolutely terrible. Those kids would have tied that old man up and dragged him from their car. Eastwood has never been know for being a great actor. Director? Yes. But the story and premise here is utterly ridiculous.

Film Fan on Oct 25, 2008


I love when he does that God-like voice.

Mario Tenorio on Oct 25, 2008


Looks f**king badass!

Ryan on Oct 25, 2008


Seriously, how many 78 year old directors put out two films or so a year. Not many. Not good ones like Clint. And he composes alot of the music too.

Bryanmakeup on Oct 25, 2008


Man, Clint is a fucking badass.

Adam on Oct 25, 2008


two words: BAD ASS.

jman571 on Oct 25, 2008


Clint is a fucking OG

raider98 on Oct 25, 2008


You said, #1-#41!>

Xerxex on Oct 25, 2008


Correction to number 42: You Said It #1-#41 :>

Xerxex on Oct 25, 2008


Finger bang! Clint Eastwood is a badass

a-dog on Oct 25, 2008


Eastwood films r all great! this one...great story...can't wait to see it

CowBoy dA 3rd on Oct 26, 2008


Looks pretty good. Eastwood can't stop directing movies can he? its just one after another these days and he's in his 70's! "Get off my lawn" - love it

Conrad on Oct 26, 2008


God clint is such a badass, this looks like one of those movies that will build up the whole time and have like one AWESOME action scene at the end.

Cody on Oct 26, 2008


Dirty "Get Off My Lawn" Walt

Not You on Oct 26, 2008


dude, so cool dude..awsome man...narleyyy...puh-lease. I'll wait to see it for free on the net.

Desiree on Oct 26, 2008


Way to go! Uncle Clint is going to kick some ass in good old style. Dirty Harry is far from retirement. M-1 Garand is also legend. 30.06 is better than this .44 Mag. handgun noncence.

Batica Shishko on Oct 26, 2008


There is no chin under Chuck Norris's beard... there's only another first. Oh wait, nvm. Clint Eastwood just broke all of Chuck's chin-knuckles.

LW on Oct 26, 2008


I just shit my pants in excitement.

angryKid on Oct 27, 2008


#51: Hell yeah, though you meant Chuck has another fist.

Roy on Oct 27, 2008


Eastwood needs to hang behind the camera. As good as this probably is, he's really hard to look at and I'm not at all convinced he'd scare anyone. Most would have more trouble understanding him than anything else. Sorry ... just sayin'...

moviewheez on Oct 27, 2008


Clint is a badass

ohaithur on Oct 28, 2008


Dirty Harry? You mean Paul Kersey.

HektikLyfe on Oct 28, 2008


looks great!!! FYI, the scene with the preist (facing the camera and Clint Eastwood), my uncle is an extra behind him. great stuff.

michael on Nov 11, 2008


I don't think I would call him Dirty Harry in this one, maybe Dirty Walt, but Christopher Marlowe once said, "Comparisons are odious." Just go see the movie when it comes out, or wait for the DVD, but don't not enjoy it because it is a new work of art and not something you have already seen before. Clint is a true artist. His whole film crew moved to Metro Detroit for the month of August and I got to be on the set one day and watch him act a few scenes on the porch. Wow, when he came out with that shotgun, it was such a thrill. I am so glad he is still act it. Maybe I should become a vegetarian so I can be as healthy as him at 78! Mike Wrathell, Esq. & Modern Fine Artist

Mike Wrathell on Nov 14, 2008



Briz D. on Nov 26, 2008


sounds like old snake

tw on Nov 30, 2008


There is no such thing as ole'man eastwood. Clint is ageless... and bada$$! Love anything he does.

Yelba Sandigo on Dec 12, 2008


This cannot be a Dirty Harry Sequel, Dirty Harry is a Police Inspector/Detective/Lieutenant and his full name is Harry Callahan. However, the character Clint Eastwood plays in this Movie is a racist Korean War veteran, and is named Walt Kowalski.

hello on Dec 14, 2008


it seem`s the older Clint Eastwood get`s the more of a bad ass he becomes. it is good to see that he is still kicking ass. and not too mention he is a hell of a director also. keep on kicking ass Mr. Eastwood.

Ray on Dec 18, 2008


Let's pretend that the Chinese gang is really the bankers and the hedge fund dudes and that other NY guy who stole 50 bil. Maybe that's what ole Clint was thinkin, hmm? Yes! Can't wait to see -- just what we wanted for Christmas.

Franny on Dec 22, 2008


It's about time Clint put another kick ass film out. His best films are the Josey Wales-Dirty Harry Type. You rock Clint.

Valerie on Jan 1, 2009


I think that Mr Eastwoods performance is brilliant once again. I don't think this movie as anything to do with his Dirty Harry movies and certainly does not have anything to do with those? This is a solid performance of good acting and good film making...also the theme song'Gran Tarino' is brilliant I often just listen to the song at the end, love it. Hope we see many more from the great man

Ronald on Jan 2, 2009


He pulls some snappy shit From that bag of Words he's got carrying around that was such a diss on the little boy there Well I prayed they would show up But nothing happened OUCH! Slapping god in the face

Jones! on Jan 7, 2009


I went and saw this movie just the other night and I would recommend it.It's a good movie

Shalene on Jan 18, 2009


Dayam. Badass Clint! Bad Ass.

ucsdmike on Jan 30, 2009


Yes, Clint is a bad ass moe foe! I got to be on the set one day courtesty of Larry Stelling who is in the credits and saw Clint act a few scenes on his porch and coming out of his house in Highland Park, Michigan with his M1 rifle. It was exhilarating. He seemed very happy and carefree as he walked past me on the sidewalk and chummed it up with a few people, petting the two yellow labs in an SUV with its back hatch open. I guess the dog needed a stand-in for some of the stunts...... I am an artist from Michigan, by the way, so hope you check out my art. Clint is gonna direct a movie in South Africa next. Have fun there, Clint and frack the Academy! You rule! Go Mickey, since you are not in the race!

Mike Wrathell on Jan 30, 2009


Clint Eastwood hits on target here, just by the trailer, we see an American senior, a bunch of punks, immigrant culture, American traditional values (not yet robbed from us by change) and the M1 Garand. The trend for the government to protect everyone selectively and disarm the vulnerable is leading to the success of the troublemakers and the killing off of the vulnerable. This is the social change we were promised. Disarm the legal and let them be wiped out and the scum will eventually rule. The movie clip shows the spirit of blocking this change in a way that preserves old values. Everyone should pay attention to this and pay attention to those that preach that self help and self defense are not good.

Stephan on Dec 10, 2009


---STOP being taken in by stale appearances! FACT IS ---having made BILLIONS upon BILLIONS catering to the franchise slum denial needs of history's --MOST-- awesomely genocidal regime -bar none ---ACROSS the Pacific --(70 million exterminated decades AFTER WWII ---entirely in 'peacetime') --the 60th Anniversary of the staggeringly, urgently relevant KOREAN WAR is, once again, being 'mysteriously overlooked' by Hollywood and media --across the boards. As Eastwood, after having been drafted, did time in the service during that conflict, and as he NEVER saw combat ---wouldn't it be mre than nice to remember those who did ----and STILL do? -AMEN-

tiger tim on Jun 4, 2010

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