Cloverfield Hype Continues: Another Full Length Trailer!

January 2, 2008
Source: Cloverfield Clues


The one thing I'm looking forward to more than almost anything this entire month is J.J. Abrams' Cloverfield. Finally after 5 months since we first met Rob and saw New York City get attacked by some mysterious monster, we will get to experience the full Cloverfield. I still remember being absolutely blown away and shocked when I first saw the trailer and then the endless buzz that followed. I hope that hype continues to pick up as we count down the days. As of now, there's 16 days left and thanks to Cloverfield Clues, we've got the latest (and likely last) full length trailer.

Watch the last trailer for Cloverfield before it hits theaters on January 18th:

[flv:cloverfield-final.flv 400 300]

What do you think? Are you excited for Cloverfield again? Or has that hype died forever? Are these final few trailers and clips building the hype or is it only the first trailer that's most prevalent in your mind.

Cloverfield is directed by Matt Reeves (The Pallbearer, "Felicity") and written by Drew Goddard ("Lost" and "Alias"). The movies arrives in theaters on the same day that it actually takes place - January 18th, 2008.

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Doesn't show much new stuff which im sorta happy it didnt. We should know as little as possible. Looks good still.

Heckle on Jan 2, 2008


OK... Films that are made in such a real way, totally freak me out, and I absolutely freaking love it! Even if in the end it is totally lame. I can already tell that this movie will have me on the edge the whole time. The hype has done nothing but make me more excited. It doesn't seem they are giving too much which is nice, trailers now a days tell the whole movie.

Breebaby on Jan 2, 2008


woooooo damn i havent posted on here in a looong time i have been seeing the commercial spots allot recently saw one on mtv weird? idk but i love em all i hope they dont make anymore new ones i dont want them to reveal to much of this movie before it comes out if you ask me they have reviled just the right amount to make any one go see this u can clearly see its a monster destroys new york movie and a good fuckin one at that and thats enough to get any one in to a theater to see it i cant wait any one plan on a 12 midnight showing ha i know i am 😛

bam on Jan 2, 2008


personally, and I hate to say it, but I have a sneaking suspicion the movie isn't going to live up to the bad-ass energy & hype over the last few months. it's one thing to hold details back and leverage the excitement of the unknown. but in seeing more and more spots for this, I feel that the recipe we've seen might actually bake something far below expectations. I could be wrong, but I'm interested to see it nonetheless. I just hope Abrams can truly perform.

kevin on Jan 2, 2008


What I think is there is NOTHING in this trailer we have not already seen. Maybe one extra explosion but that doesn't count. Damn wish it was 1-18-08

Atomic Popcorn on Jan 2, 2008


I am curious how this will fair in Box Office and with the critics, with this massive amount of hype. Looks good, but I just hope that the shaky camera thing won't be too big of a distraction for such a feature length film. Looks good, and a smart casting decision with relatively no names, except one or two that most people still wouldn't know. But it sucks that this is going against 'Mad Money' because anything with Queen Latifah I'm there :)! *Sarcasm, no one gets it anymore....or I just suck at it*

Ryan on Jan 2, 2008


GamaGodzillaBlairWitch-o-rama... with pretty young people. Will there be snakes on a plane? Will the monster have suckers? Or will they be sitting in the seats?

Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Jan 3, 2008


Is it me, or does it look like this is a Godzilla movie?

Hilander on Jan 3, 2008


i cant wait feck the hype,, !!!!!

Mikey on Jan 3, 2008


"Die here...die in the tunnels...or die in the city." Nice. Other than that not much else new. I don't think anything could surpass the "WTF?!?!" moment from the first trailer.

jason_md2020 on Jan 3, 2008


This movie is gonna be rather fly

Kail on Jan 3, 2008


still looks great, probably try and see it on opening day its good theyre not showing too much, i like going into a movie not knowing what im going to see(unless its a musical) i hope rob doesnt miss his flight

harrison on Jan 3, 2008


If this is a new Godzilla movie, I hope the first person to be squashed in the movie is Roland Emmerich. (I don't think this is Godzilla, though.)

avoidz on Jan 4, 2008


Absolutely over-hyped. I don't understand the appeal of a 'real' movie that is obvioiusly still just a movie. Same idea as Blair Witch Project, except in that case people thought it might have been real (at least at the time I went to see it). This is just going to be another Godzilla/doomsday/end-of-the-world flick with a bunch of shaky handycam shots...pass. Besides, the shots in the trailer showcase unbearable dialog/lines that would sound out-of-place in real life. Maybe the movie will be better, but I doubt it.

CCyanescens on Jan 6, 2008


- CC - I'm with you on the hype. The film might be very exciting ... or it might be a lame letdown. What if?:

Norm S. on Jan 7, 2008


pause the video right at 44 seconds. right before/during you hear the man say "I saw its a lion its huge" and at 44 seconds frame, you can actually see some type of "creature" face or something. In a way it almost does look like a lion or develish type lion creature looking thing. Sorry if this spoils for anyone, but I know I have been def trying to figure out what the hype is all about and what it really is thats attacking them. But is this really what it is? If not, what? And where did it come from? And what does it want. Obviously we still have to wait to see. 🙂

david on Jan 8, 2008


the comment is actually "it's a live" (not "a lion")...folks talked about this early on when the original trailer came out

kevin on Jan 8, 2008


All I hope for is that this ISN'T another Godzilla movie; it's been done too many times, and would be disappointed if it was another of those movies. I think JJ Abrams has more creativity than just reviving the said monster.

Josh on Jan 8, 2008


Im with david on this one he clearly says LION. listen to it a few times people he says LION with the 'N' not LIVE with an 'E' on a different note I hope it doesnt do the shaking all through the movie though

tory on Jan 12, 2008


i have to agree with josh this kind of film has been done many times and i hope this film isn't dissapointing

lee on Jan 14, 2008


I heard a rumor that the evil monster in this movie is James Earl Jones in drag.

mike on Jan 17, 2008


In the last 13 seconds, I see a golden tent in the background that becomes the focus of the shot. There looks to be a woman, at first, being consoled in an army tent, all via shadow, but then her head starts swinging back and forth, which you can tell by all her curly hair flying about...then instead of one military person in front of her, ther appears to be one behind her too, and then it looks as if they attack her...maybe like a "body snatcher" type situation. It goes by very quick, and at first, the person in front of the girl, looks like military, because the uniform warn, seems to have head gear, then it changes as the subject moves closer to the female in the middle of the tent. This could all be a play of lighting and shadows...but I haven't seen the movie yet. Any info for me?

Corey on Jan 19, 2008


i would like to state that this movie is probably the best movie ever made, i am not going to go much into the story because i dont want to ruin it for the people who havnt seen it. But when i saw the trailer for this when i went to see transformers my imagination took off, i put this movie on a pedestal before i knew anything about it, and it rose way, WAY past my expectations for it. I would also like to state that i am not usually a fan of giant monster films or shaky cam films like hte balrewich project. But this movie is a masterwork. Go see it if you havent!

dallon on Jan 20, 2008


(spoiler)!!!!!@@@@ She was bitten by (something) 😉 and they got to a military medical camp. They took her back there after a few words with a military soldier, and she kindof blew up from the inside. pretty sick. I've seen the movie so i know what im talking about. sorry if I spoiled anything for anyone.

Ray on Jan 29, 2008


That was for Corey

Ray on Jan 29, 2008

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