Cloverfield's Matt Reeves Remaking Let the Right One In

September 25, 2008

Let the Right One In

Last week at Fantastic Fest in Austin, I caught an amazing Swedish horror film called Let the Right One In. I praised it in my review and called it one of my favorite films of the year, which is definitely still true. The moment I got out of the screening, I immediately thought to myself that this was going to get an American remake by the end of the year. I was right - but it only took a few days for the announcement to hit. And this news about who's directing it couldn't be any better. Matt Reeves, who burst onto the big screen directing Cloverfield earlier this year, will direct the Let the Right One In remake. If I can admit, this is some of the best news I've heard all week. Reeves is definitely a near perfect choice!

The remake is being developed by Overture Films and Hammer Films, with Reeves set to both write and direct the remake. Hammer Films picked up the rights back in May when the film won the Best Narrative Feature award at the Tribeca Film Festival. It went on to win the Audience Award in the horror category at Fantastic Fest earlier this week. "I was immediately taken by both the novel and the Swedish film of Let the Right One In, which are just so unique," Reeves said. "I found them not only terrifying but incredibly moving, and I am very excited about adapting them into an American context." He's definitely right about that and I'm glad someone who has so much appreciation for the film is handling this remake.

As exciting as this news is, it's sad to know that most people will probably end up more familiar with the remake than the original. And this is one of those films (like [Rec]) where the original really can't be topped, no matter how much bigger the budget for this ends up being. Although Reeves will most certainly do a good job, it won't live up to the original, which will still have a place in my heart. If you're reading this news at all, you should really make sure you see the original before you read any more about this remake. It will hit limited theaters starting on October 24th. We'll definitely be following this project very closely, although Reeves is still staled to start production on The Invisible Woman before moving to this.

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Isn't this the same kind of story as "Twilight"???

Spideyfan84 on Sep 25, 2008


Trust me, this remake bullshit is not gonna even hold a torch to the Swedes... Twilight was horrible...

REAL6 on Sep 25, 2008


Not that I care about Twilight, but how did you already see it? I thought it wasn't coming out till later in the year.

Peloquin on Sep 25, 2008


hey lets get an original script for once. I'm really tired of all the comic book adaptations and novel adaptations.

Darrin on Sep 25, 2008


NOOOOOOO REMAKES. This movie was awesome, now it will be Clover-Crapped on. Nothing like Twilght, not even remotely close.

Scorpio on Sep 25, 2008


Twilight is to Let the Right One In as Harry Potter is to Hamlet. That's not to say that you ca't learn something valuable from the texts, or interrogate them within an academic context, or even plain old enjoy them - but they are very different narratives and completely alien genres.

Carmilla on Sep 25, 2008


Amazing, amazing film. Breaks my heart that it's being remade this early, especially since I was personally not a huge fan of Cloverfield. That being said, there are far worse options for directors than him.

Rahat on Sep 26, 2008


Nooooo this has nothing to do with Twilight. This is a wonderful movie on many levels. Sad - funny - romantic - shocking - grim - hopeful. The actress who plays the girl is sooooo good. They should just give up on the remake right now -- the original is perfect.

airchinapilot on Oct 7, 2008


I think it's sad that all these great foreign flicks are being remade. I always like the originals, since they are the first ones I watch and remakes I end up forgetting about a week after watching them.

pyro on Nov 3, 2008


this is horrible horrible news. this is the best film of the year so far. case in point, you dont see sweden remaking no country for old men, you dont remake movies you cant make better

tyler on Nov 4, 2008


It's heartbreaking to learn about the remake. Matt Reeves, leave it alone.

Vernie Oliveiro on Nov 26, 2008


Cloverfield was a nausea-inducing heap of dung & no matter how hard they try, or how big the budget is, the remake will suck. Just my humble opinion, of course

Hanne on Jan 27, 2009


What's the whole remake story anyway ? Don't like european/japanese imports ? Can't stand the fact that "outside hollywood" makes better movies ? Can't read them subtitles ? Really, there is something wrong with this "americanisation". I'm definitely not seeing this whenever its finished, i'm rather happy having watched the original.

Stupid hollywood on Feb 28, 2009


The last commentor is pathetic, that person should check their sources or at least do some small research before risking to say something stupid like that. Its nothing like Twilight. It's like no other story in history in my opinion. And anyway, I watched the original and re-make. I prefer the original, the remake ruined it.

Ela on Apr 8, 2009


I pray to god that some miracle happens and they decide to not remake this movie. This movie was amazing and i would hate to think that they are going to butcher it. Cloverfield was freekin horrible. Why cant they ever just let a original film be original? Have we all lost the ability to read captions? They are going to ruin this movie when they do the remake...Just like quarentine...the original film was amazing and they had to ruin it by making a english version with bad actresses and actors.( Rec.) <---check it out its the original. Anywho, its pretty sad that alot of people never watch the original foreign films, 20 out of 21 people never even know that what there watching is a remake. *tisk tisk* mainstream sucks.

Sophie on Apr 22, 2009


This really scares me. Why would anyone want to to this? Let the Right one In is by far one of the best swedish films ever made, but it's a horror movie so naturally that results in a remake. What makes this a good idea? Doesn't americans know how to read subtitles? I don't know how they will succeed in recreate all of the cultural aspects in this movie, it just seems to me very swedish, which I really like. Since they are going to write a new script if might not be very similiar to the original, but it will never be as good, no matter how it is, a copy is always a copy. But I hope people will ignore this stupid remake and focus more on the original and the new movie "Handling the Undead" which is based on the second book by John Ajvide Lindqvist. It is a weird and spooky zombie-movie set in modernday Stockholm, it will be out in 2010! 😉

Erika on Apr 22, 2009


This is a sad day for such a grossly gripping and moving film, to be remade into what will be a shamble of a film living the shadows of this Swedish masterpiece. As notably many people have said above, why even attempt to remake one of the best pieces of cinema i've seen in a long time? Anyone ever watch the American adaptation of The Ring? speaks volumes. I don't care who directs the remake, i would like to think any self respecting film maker would understand there is no need to even touch this.

Darren on Apr 23, 2009


If someone involved with the movie reading this, please consider these suggestions: 1. Keep Eli as a Swiss or East European having been smuggled into the U.S. I think keeping the accent will add mystery to the character. 2. This is different from the book, but let Eli be an actual 12 year old girl that was turned long ago. This will keep the essence of the youthful innocence and avoid the turn off many Americans will have about gender-bending situations with children. Plus, you won't need the one body scene--no longer relevant. 3. Already said, but THEY MUST STAY at the ages as in the book. 4. As the Swiss film did, avoid the Pedophilia of Eli's adult helper. Let the audience decide their relationship. 5. Pleease take a long long time to find the right characters for Eli and Oscar. Don't go with name, go with the talent to pull off the feel that the original gave (particularly from Eli). Oh yes, she must have beautiful and haunting LARGE eyes. 6. R-rated. Just can't do the story justice at a PG-13 rating. DO NOT try to make this a Twilight variation. Thanks.

creoledap on Jun 26, 2009


American horror is dead. Truely.

ryantrioxin on Jul 16, 2009


nothing can top the original. This movie is going to be trash.

AAAAOOOOOO on Jul 24, 2009



oh my god on Aug 5, 2009


nothing is going to top the original. american horror is not scary at all. matt reeves is going to ruin the whole beautiful story of "let the right one in". he could just go make a better version of an american pie-movie. that's the only crowd this movie'll ever get. i'm SURE of that.

ole//wombat on Aug 26, 2009


I just watched this movie, and why anyone would want to remake it is beyond me. The story, acting and cinematography is perfect the way it is. This is art. Twilight? TRASH!!! ALL AMERICAN HORROR/ SCIFI/ ACTION/ ECT FOR THE PAST 10-20 YEARS OR SO IS LIKE WATCHING RERUNS OF MCDONALDS COMMERCIALS. FU**ING TERRIBLE!!!!! THE REMAKE WILL BE SHAMEFUL!!!!!

WHY? on Nov 28, 2009


Hopefully this won't be a disaster. Then again the original was perfect the way it was, what's with all the remakes of movies?

Tia on Jan 10, 2010


To creoledap (comment 19) - the film is SWEDISH and the girl also SWEDISH. Not Swiss! Christ, when will the mixup between the countries stop?

Carina on Jan 14, 2010


I just don't get it. Why is it that Americans remake foreign movies that are marvelous as they are and then make a bastardized version which cannot even be compared to the original? Can't the American public handle the subtle messages and provoking themes of the movie (gender-bending, false love, pedophilia, etc)?

Maria Fernanda on Jun 20, 2010

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