Comic-Con 08: Disney Debuts Tron 2 Trailer!

July 24, 2008

Tron Lightcycles

As Disney was finishing their one hour panel at Comic-Con on Thursday afternoon for the upcoming Race to Witch Mountain, they announced that they had some "special footage" to show the crowd. The lights dimmed and a loud rumble began to blast through the Hall H speakers. From the moment the footage was presented to the audience, the cheering was very loud. Finally, for the first time, Disney had presented new and exciting footage for Tron 2 after it was announced back in September. The visuals were stunning and it looks as if it will be an exciting addition to Disney's line-up. From a light cycle duel to Jeff Bridges appearance, Tron 2 seams as if it were poised to make a grand debut. Without seeing the trailer yourself it's hard to describe the trailer, but I will do my best…

The trailer opens with a man running from an approaching light cycle. As he continues to run, he makes a Matrix-style leap into the air. When he reaches the peak of his jump, he leans forward, and a light cycle forms around him. A chase ensues through a multi-level Tron playing field, leading to a narrow run through a cavern. One bike makes it through and one releases these wing-like flaps that raise it up over the top of the cavern. As the first cycle exits the cavern, the second lands directly to his right, gains speed, and cuts off the first cycle. As the second cycle cuts off the first, his light trail turns into a wall like in the games and the first one hits it, flying into the air, destroying his cycle in the process.

The next cut is to Jeff Bridges' character (an older version of Kevin Flynn from the original) who is overlooking the playing field. Cut back to the two players in the battlefield - the one that has crashed slowly back-crawling away from the other player walking towards him. The crashed player yells out something along the lines of "you win man, it's only a game!" Player two pulls up his visor, revealing that it is indeed Jeff Bridges himself and that Flynn is controlling one of the players in the game. His response to the helpless player is some sadistic line such as "so what" or "not anymore." It was truly badass and it was the perfect ending to what seems to be a great sequel that is definitely now very highly anticipated in my own mind!

I can't wait until the full trailer hits online sometime in the future - you all will enjoy it! Until then, my so-so description of something amazing will have to do! It definitely caught us off-guard but was an incredibly awesome surprise that has left all of us excited for the arrival of Tron 2! Stay tuned for our continued coverage of Comic-Con all weekend long!

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I'd rather see a big lebowski 2

dac_fan on Jul 24, 2008


HOL-LEE BALLS That's incredible! I can't wait for the trailer!

Rob G on Jul 24, 2008


Can't wait to see the trailer, get it up as soon as possible!!!!!

movieraider321 on Jul 25, 2008


Cant wait for the trailer!! Man, lots of good news coming from comic con this year 😀

Nikhil Hariharan on Jul 25, 2008


Have you guys seen this? TRON gets "Sweeded":

Django on Jul 25, 2008


Ooooo. Tron 2. exciting! I'll definately have to see that. I'm not sure if it'll be great, but I'll have to see it. Woot! and on that, find the reference to Tron in this webcomic:

dave13 on Jul 25, 2008


This can't be! A non-Pixar movie from Disney that I actually want to see?!?

kevjohn on Jul 25, 2008


is it just me or jeff bridges is making comeback movies, 1st iron man now tron 2.

Darrin on Jul 25, 2008


Greetings programs! First saw TRON in the theater in 1982 - the summer before 6th grade. It completely blew me away with its groundbreaking visuals (for the time) and cool subject matter. A computer wiz - digitized into cyberspace (before the term "cyberspace" even existed) and forced to fight for his life by playing video games on the *other* side of the screen! TRON remains my absolute favorite film of all time to this day. I'm both excited and worried about the sequel. I'd love a sequel, but it has to be done right. Jeff Bridges is on board, so that's a big step in the right direction. I hate spoilers, but accidentally read bits of some while poking around articles about this news. So far, what I've read seems very interesting. I'm getting chills just thinking about how cool this might be... I'm such a TRON-nerd and DAMN PROUD of it! 🙂

TheReelTodd on Jul 25, 2008


Unfortunatley I couldn't make it to SDCC, but I can't wait to see the trailer put up on the net on YouTube or some other site! BTW, The "Tr2n" title is difficult to say, "Tron 2" is easier said.

Iain Robbins on Jul 25, 2008


While it may not be in the Tron canon, you guys should play Tron 2.0 if you get the chance. A great shooter infused with the Tron look and feel.

yh on Jul 25, 2008


My very favourite ever Tron-themed webcomic has to be this one...

Chris on Jul 25, 2008


Who cares about Tron? It was a horrible movie....get a life everyone

crabby on Jul 25, 2008


The teaser of tron 2 has leaked online. It is available at

Tron 2 Trailer on Jul 26, 2008


Crabby. There is no words to describe the mind numbing stupidity you portray.

Anti-Crab on Jul 26, 2008


It seems odd how the effects will be for some audiences comapred to today's standards. I feel conflicted.

Ryan on Jul 26, 2008


holy shit!! the trailer looks cooler than you described it to be!! i loved the first film and this is what i've been wating for since i l;eft the theaters so many years ago! awesome awesome awesome. on a side note, i would however like to see the original remade with todays technology behind it and i think it could be even cooler than it was when first released

thejugfather on Jul 27, 2008


Here's a zoomed and stabilized version of the bootlegged trailer:

TR2N on Jul 27, 2008


Here's me flipping the bird to those guys that recorded the trailer. Seriously, fuck you guys. The more trailers and footage that leak online, the less the studios want to show footage, so you guys ruin it for those of us that actually attend comic-con. On a side note, Eddie Ibrahim director of programming for Comic-Con, said that this is the only footage we're going to see of Tron 2 for another year.

Keith on Jul 27, 2008


hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.

andar909 on Aug 10, 2008



rick on Mar 2, 2009


Actually, those flaps weren't wings of any sort...they were a form of air brakes. Once they open and he begins to decelerate it shows him skidding to a quick yet short stop very close to the cavern with the blue light cycle trail directly next to him. He then turns his lights out and then heads off in a direction where he obviously knows how to get on top of the cavern. They didn't show how he actually got up there but as the camera looks down through the crack in the cavern at the blue light cycle you see the other light cycle(with lights still off) flash across the caverns crack from left to right of the screens orientation.

Schizoid on Mar 20, 2009

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