Comic-Con 08: Friday the 13th Poster and Trailer Debut

July 29, 2008
Source: IGN

Comic-Con 08: Friday the 13th Poster and Trailer Debut

We've been talking about the upcoming Friday the 13th remake for quite a while but have only recently begun to see the first photos of the new Camp Crystal Lake and its resident serial killer Jason Voorhees. I decided to catch the panel on Sunday afternoon at Comic-Con for the remake just to check out any new footage that they were showing and damn, was I in for a treat. I've never counted myself amongst the Friday the 13th fans, but after watching the trailer they put together for Comic-Con, I'll genuinely admitted that I'm pumped as hell. The way the trailer ends should leave any appreciative horror fan completely riled up for this remake. Not only do we got an early look at the previously mentioned trailer, but we've got the first high resolution look at the teaser poster straight from Comic-Con below.

Although it wasn't necessarily a full house in Ballroom 20 on Sunday, the crowds were energetic and loud enough to earn the trailer a second viewing - a rare feat at Comic-Con. Additionally, the new teaser poster seen below courtesy of IGN also debuted during the panel. They've said it before, but the producer's reiterated again that this Friday the 13th is a stand alone film, not designed to setup sequels in any fashion, but of course continuable if its successful next February. However, I don't think my words speak any louder than Jason's machete, so we'll let you enjoy this leaked version of the Comic-Con trailer below. I don't normally mentioned leaked trailers, but I thought this time it might be worth checking out.

[flv: 480 360]

I absolutely love the shot at the end of the girl on the ground and Jason running up at full speed about to hack the crap out of her. When you watch this in full high resolution, that scene is intense as hell! It's not just a "wimpy" little Jason like the very first 1980 Friday the 13th, this guy is hardcore! He moves fast, swings hard, and has no remorse, just like Jason should. True fans should wait to give this a real opinion until the see the trailer in high resolution and not just from a cellphone bootleg. It honestly looked great and I can't wait to see an actual trailer in theaters as well. Hopefully this will start converting fans!

Friday the 13th is directed by ex-music video director Marcus Nispel, of 2003's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Pathfinder previously. The screenplay for this reboot was penned by writing partners Damian Shannon and Mark Swift of Freddy vs Jason previously. Although this Friday the 13th is not a sequel, it is technically the 11th film in the franchise and follows Jason's last apperance in Freddy vs Jason in 2003. Friday the 13th is currently set to open on Friday, February 13th, 2009.

Friday the 13th Poster

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REAL6 on Jul 29, 2008


feb 13 is my bday. uh oh

cheater on Jul 29, 2008


It's ok! Nothing to jump up and down about.

Spider on Jul 29, 2008


"It's not just a "wimpy" little Jason like the very first 1980 Friday the 13th" Huh? You mean when he popped out of the lake at the end as a child? I'd imagine he wouldn't be to hardcore as a pre-teen.

StabmasterArson on Jul 29, 2008


You hype it up way to much. What the hell is up with you saying this?! "It's not just a "wimpy" little Jason like the very first 1980 Friday the 13th, this guy is hardcore!" Your an idiot. Have you ever even seen the first movie? Hold on I can answetr that for you... no.

JD on Jul 29, 2008


I have seen the first movie! Plenty of times! And Jason is pretty damn wimpy... Well, the whole movie is! Sure some people get killed, but it's not intense and it's not crazy (like this trailer). In later sequels it definitely did get to that point, but I was comparing this to the original (it is a remake). I honestly think this looks fairly awesome and I'm sorry that so many of you can't get over that!

Alex Billington on Jul 29, 2008


If Jason wasn't wimpy he wouldn't keep getting killed yizzurd?

DCompose on Jul 29, 2008


I agree. The first Friday the 13th was awful. This looks way better.

Reverend on Jul 29, 2008


Well Alex if you have seen it you would know that the traditional hocky mask Jason isn't even the killer in the first movie. His mom is. So I guess you could say this Jason is more bad ass than Jasons mom.

JD on Jul 29, 2008


Michael Bay should not do horror. Hollywood should not keep remaking classics that were done right the first time. How short are our memories supposed to be anyway? Michael Bay should not do any more movies. Michael bay should not be allowed to hold a camera again. Seriously...did Hollywood just give up? What's with all the remakes. Horror is dying and this is why. Michael Bay should really just rent an apartment with Uwe Boll and play X Box all day. That is all.

Barry on Jul 29, 2008


Your welcome for the scoop to the file - sent last night to you!

Atomic Popcorn on Jul 29, 2008


From what i saw i liked it alot! It wasn't too clear but i will love it when i see the trailer infront of a movie at the theater. On another note i feel that alex gets alot of hate from some of you guys. I go on this website every single day looking for new news and updates. You guys should give credit where it is due, i respect and thank alex for everything he does on this site. Some comments just prove that someone can't make EVERYONE happy.

big r on Jul 29, 2008


i like the fact that jason runs. the slow walking thing doesn't work any more.

Darrin on Jul 29, 2008


Looks like Jasons faster.

Jesse on Jul 29, 2008


Alex, I read a lot from this site and usually enjoy what I read...but this was terrible man... continue to represent the good films. I think you can agree some of the things hollywood is producing these days is well i'll use crap for censorship purposes but promoting it only continues the snowball effect. We need to change the face of this game to represent our own art of film for our generation. I am not trying to sound like some film school revolutionist but I think its about time we created something new. This isn't a comment to trash the site I truly enjoy your posts... just a heads up to say either someone's producer here is running out of ideas or they're just not looking hard enough towards the future of film.

t.pfeffer on Jul 29, 2008


Formula for a horror remake... 1. make monster(s) FASTER (i.e. Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th, TCM) or... 2. make monster(s) "more scary looking" (i.e. Hills Have Eyes) or... 3. just take an Asian horror movie and remake it with American actors Bottom line is Hollywood is pathetic for making this stuff and we are arguably more pathetic for eating it up. Just for arguements sake, the ONLY horror remake that is any good and actually surpasses the original, AND is one of the best horror movies overall (still to this day) is John Carpenter's The Thing. Agree/Disagree?

tommyturner on Jul 29, 2008


@ 15... I see where you are coming from but one can agree that neither of us have seen the movie yet. Granted we saw this trailer and we see the direction it's going but let us give this a chance. I'm enthusiastic about movies in general just like the next guy, but i like to watch a movie sometimes before i make a pass/fail judgement. Besides i grew up on Jason and therefore will give this a chance. I do admit Hollywood seems like they've ''lost it'' sometimes and this is a new generation of movie goers, we do need to be taken more seriously. I can't wait for every new horror movie to come out because i want to see if it will be ''that'' horror movie that'll take me back to when they were really really good.

big r on Jul 29, 2008


Wow, all the shit this trailer and movie has been getting it would seem like M. Bay and Co. are shitting all over a beloved classic.. Well guess what, the original wasn't that great. The series itself isn't some untouchable horror classic. They were pretty shitty films, entertaining and fun as they are, this isn't some sacred horror series that sent shock waves into the genre. The series has always been about nothing more than cheap thrills and gore. It basically run itself into the ground over the course of the series, and then well into self-aware humor with Jason X (which played with the self-aware cheesiness). It's not like when Halloween was remade, which actually was a good film butchered and completely misunderstood by Rob Zombie. Who cares if he runs now? OH NO, HE'S RUNNING INSTEAD OF FUCKING TELEPORTING! Like I said, the series was never high art, it was always about slashing teenagers. They've gone on record stating this isn't as much as a REMAKE as it is a combination of 1/2/3, how else would you explain the mask, which doesn't even make an appearance until number three. This isn't a straight remake, its a loose re-telling of the first three movies. I'm sure it won't be great, but I bet it'll be at least entertaining, I'll hold judgment until, oh I don't know, I see the movie?

tuwhitt on Jul 29, 2008


At least this looks better than the lame original "Friday......". A faster, meaner Jason debuting in the reboot instead of his mom sure looks like a step in the right direction. I'll go see it. 😀

Pickle on Jul 29, 2008


It seems to me that the people badmouthing the original Friday must never have seen the original when it first hit theaters. This was one of the original "slasher" movies. It had lots of blood (for the time period), was actually scary, and had a twist ending that no one saw coming. Yes, if you are a youngster who grew up with Saw and Hostel, it would seem pretty tame, but for the time period it was awesome, and set the stage for LOTS of immitators. And, yes, Halloween came before it, and was also suspenseful and scary, but lacked the blood. Give the original the credit it is due.

tommyturner on Jul 29, 2008


I wonder what should have been in the trailer to make the majority of people who visit this site happy? Everyone knew when they first started talking of doing this remake, then everyone wanted to wait for a trailer. Now the trailer is here and there are alot of negative feedback. Hence why i ask the question in the beginning of my post.

big r on Jul 29, 2008


Something original like........a different movie.

tommyturner on Jul 29, 2008


I don't understand how this is a remake of the original. Jason drowned as a result of the camp leaders negligence as so his mother went on a killing spree. Jason wasn't the antagonist in the whole movie with the exception of the final last second scare as the end and according to the commentary on the DVD was only initially a gimmick which unintentionally exploded after it's release and became the whole basis for the sequels. ...So technically, wouldn't this be a remake of FT13th pt2 and 3? - That's my analysis of the trailer anyways.

Carl on Jul 29, 2008


I saw the trailer at Comic-Con (I think I was actually sitting about five seats to the right of Alex) and I have to say, it looks pretty bad ass. I was never a fan of the original series as it always felt boring, like it was missing something. I'm actually fairly excited for this after seeing the trailer. BTW, this isn't a remake, it's a reboot. They're rebooting the series (well, they said they are only planning the one movie but who knows) centered around Jason because he's recognizable and the most marketable aspect of the original. A running, slashing, non-mystical Jason is infinitely scarier than the original magical lumbering Jason to me. Groov

GroovieMann on Jul 29, 2008


Seems to be the right ingredients... For intense effects - sprinkle a smidgen of harsh lighting at a direct angle* * - specially extracted from Dr. C. Every two years, of course when stocks for the ipod are on the down, product specialists are assigned to physically redesign the exterior of the ipod. Only to ensure that the consumers like you and I, don't become bored with the old and also to keep up with the competitors more recent similar design and functionality. Occasionally they bump up the gigs, change their color, etc. Anything to get a step ontop. But occastionally, they come out with something real nice, the iphone, new layout features and touch screen...people go nuts. Everything is fine and glorious until the paton on apple's original product design expires allowing competitors to also use the advanced touch screen and layout. Then the two years is up. It's all a cycle. I'm just sayin...welcome to the wash.

t.pfeffer on Jul 29, 2008


Never been a fan of Friday 13th flicks either. This looks like it could be better thatn the crappy hollywood horror released recent years but let us not get the hopes up. I liked The Hitcher remake and thought it was pretty awesome. He was a total badasss in that film. However The Amityville horror and texas chainsaw remakes were bland and boring. The Hitcher remake was made after those other horrible remakes so I hope Bay and his production company have learned their lesson and make this as good as The Hitcher.

Shige on Jul 29, 2008


Crap in a bag.

Crapola on Jul 30, 2008


I've often wondered if these slashers don't run as to not expend that valuable energy they're going to need for the slaughtering. How old is Jason anyway? Is he really going to be able to keep up with, much less overtake, a scared, adrenalin pumped teen? Nah. Better to use your stealthy knowledge of the woods to your advantage. And that's what they do! Sure, it's scary that this new, improved Jason can run you down, but isn't it just as scary (for the audience) to wonder just where the hell he is he still trying to catch he in front of me, lurking in the he already back at the cabins, waiting in the shower for me to strip down to my panties and prance around a bit before striking???

wetworks on Jul 30, 2008


so michael bay is really doing this, yeah? for a moment i did not trust my eyes. i'm really excited for the scenes when the military is taking on jason and everyting blows up and all the other michael bay specialities to make a crappy movie... why doesn't anybody stop this retard?

TN on Jul 30, 2008


The trailer looked great, but Im going to hold back on saying I'm pumped for the movie because when was the last time there was a good remake of a horror film? I think the best part of the panel was seeing Jordana Brewster sitting in the press section just to the left of me 🙂

Keith on Jul 30, 2008


Sheesh... they let Michael Bay ruin Transformers, now they're going to let him try his hand at messing up a perfectly good horror franchise... nice.

Gord on Jul 30, 2008


Don't you idiots understand he's not MAKING the movie, his production company is making it. I'm sure Michael Bay is involved with it, but it's not his baby. A perfectly good horror franchise? The Friday the 13th films are anything but "perfectly good". Yes, Jason is a horror icon, and yes, the movies themselves are entertaining and a big part of horror icon history, but the series got itself into a serious rut for a long time.. I really can't fathom how someone who is a true horror fan can look at this remake and claim it's ruining the franchise. Like I said before, you people are complaining about him RUNNING, but had no problem with him TELEPORTING all over the fucking series. How about having an entire movie end up being just a copy-cat killer, not even Jason himself.. But GOD FORBID he runs!

tuwhitt on Jul 30, 2008


LMAO @32... u saying how he teleported just blew me away i'm sorry. But it's true he used to be everywhere at once

big r on Jul 30, 2008


I do enjoy horror movie remakes. I hope this one is good.

daniel on Jul 30, 2008


A bit blurry. But I thought it was sweet of you to do that. 🙂 Thanks.

daniel on Jul 30, 2008


i prefer the original jason, slow but a confident killing machine who does'nt have to run and kill, he knows that he has cornered his prey the moment he sets his eyes on them !!!!

bharadwaj on Aug 3, 2008


OMG!!! I'm a great fan of Friday the 13th! This made me feel so excited! I can't wait to see it!!! By the way, this new Jason looks way better. I love that he moves faster, that will make it even more intense

Louis on Aug 5, 2008


This film is gonna KICK ASS! LOVED the new trailer! That last shot is spooky as hell! I'm a huge fan of the series! This is gonna rock!!!

Conrad on Aug 18, 2008


You know I go to sites like this so I can see what is up and coming and get an idea if it will be worth the price of admission. What really gets me is how everyone slams the movie before getting a chance to see a good clip, read a review, or even see the movie. People slammed the new Halloween, yet it turned out pretty good. Taking the rout of showing what happened to Michael Myers from the time he killed his family as a child until he breaks out going for the little sister. Yes they are playing with fire re-creating a classic; however, let’s wait a little bit before slamming it because you might be writing back saying wow that was good. Lastly, considering Jason is in this movie wouldn’t it technically be a remake of Friday the 13th part2?

Sidney on Aug 22, 2008


ENOUGH WITH THE REMAKES/REIMAGINING ALREADY! Next thing you know they'll remake Jaws!

Boddy on Aug 24, 2008


Jason is probably my fav pop culture icon. Like some others I grew up on the series heavily. I can't wait for this. I admit the older films weren't good films overall but great horror films. I think this has the potential to be not just a good horror film but a good film overall. They have him grounded in reality which is lovely in my opinion. Anyone who is as much as a Jason head as me will have their popcorn ready with extra butter, large soda, and their easily scared girlfriend(lol) sitting right next to them on Feb 13th 2009.

Steez on Aug 28, 2008


I'm a huge Jason Voorhees fan. I can't wait for the remake. The previews remind me of the Jason Voorhees of old that was relentless & would kill everybody!!! My last name is Voorhees & I live in New Jersey where the original movie was made. I wish I knew where they came up with that name??

Ralph Voorhees on Sep 2, 2008


@#10 you are one stupid motherfucker for saying michael bay sucks that guy is good and for saying that you should dig yourself a hole and and die and this trailer from what i could see clearly looked pretty good

raider98 on Oct 1, 2008


that actually looked like a remake of Friday the 13th part 2

lvmnky1 on Oct 5, 2008


Stop the pandering Alex. Are they paying you? are you trying to GET them to pay you? oh and for you Raider98, Michael Bay is cinematic AIDS and your opinion is about as valid as a Sarah Palin speech. Die. on Oct 8, 2008


wow have u people read nothing about this movie its not a remake of the original its a re-imagining of the first 4 movies and everyone has there opinions on remakes I personally love them its a new spin on a classic it doesnt take anything away from the original CAUSE THE ORIGINAL STILL EXISTS if u dont like remakes dont see them its not a tough concept people really could not care less about the negativity u have to spread about these movies go write blogs about movies u want to see rather then wasting peoples time by bashing this movie nobody wants to hear it

Mikey J on Oct 9, 2008


Thanks Comic-con 08 for showing the teaser trailer to the new "Friday the 13th" movie. I have seen all of the past films. Now I am 45 years old and I am still going to see this new movie and throughly enjoy it at my local theatre with popcorn in hand. I must admit though, this movie preview did put a fright in me. Can't wait to see it.

James McDonald on Oct 13, 2008


This Jason looks Okay, they are mostly all the same stuff in each movie. I mean you can't keep remake and remake and remake. Come on it just gets to old.

AJ Roberts on Nov 13, 2008


I don't mind remakes. Who cares if a great sacred movie is remade? All it is is someone elses interpretation of the original. From a DJ standpoint, sometimes remixes of tunes are better than the originals. (sporadically, but it happens) IF the original is a masterpiece, it will bodyslam any attempts at a taking of its' crown. However, if someone could show us a new side to things we haven't seen before, it could make headlines. (ex: I thought Batman Begins and the Dark Knight were AMAZING) If Christopher Nolan never made a run at Tim Burton or any other Batman predecessor, we wouldn't have Nolan's amazing work. That being said, it seems as though Michael Bay is making more of the same. It doesn't seem like the 13th is being told with any new angle or style. (just a bigger budget) I would've liked to have seen DARKER and SCARIER!!! I would like to see MORE REALISTIC!!! No more jacked, juiced, diesel SUPERHUMAN Jason with the posture of a linebacker. I would prefer to see a moderately athletic guy with a hockey mask murdering his prey in a perversely smart fashion. The guy doesn't have to set up "Jigsaw SAW Traps," but not grabbing a guys head and crushing it with his bare hands. The scene at the end of the trailer looks pretty cool. (him running at the girl on the ground) I also like him popping out of dark holes, etc. I'm starting to ramble so I'll stop. I won't run to the theatre, but I'll eventually check it out.

Matty B on Nov 17, 2008

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