Comic-Con 08 Live: 20th Century Fox Panel!

July 24, 2008

20th Century Fox

We're currently sitting in Hall H (just barely) and are waiting for Fox to begin their first presentation of Comic-Con 2008. Their panel this year features first looks at The Day the Earth Stood Still and Max Payne as well as an exclusive sneak peak at X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Guests in attendance include Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Scott Derrickson, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Ludacris, John Moore. Live coverage will begin soon below, so start following our live updates. We expect an exciting presentation since Fox pulled out last year and has an awesome line-up this year. We debuted new posters for The Day the Earth Stood Still and Max Payne yesterday, so be sure to check out those as well. Let the events begin!

The Day the Earth Stood Still:

11:38AM - Still waiting for the events to begin. Delay because the curtains in the back fell off of the wall…

11:44AM - We're still delayed, but everything is ready to go… A few more minutes and we should be 100% good to go! Stay tuned for our coverage - looking forward to Max Payne and Wolverine!

12:09PM - Finally the lights darken and it's time to begin! Almost 45 minutes late this year… Not off to a good start? Standard "don't record" and put it on YouTube announcement. They also mentioned that for the first year ever they have True HD projection on the screens.

12:11PM - Screens show the Fox logo, then go to static… Then we hear Klaatu Baradu Nikto. And Keanu Reeves steps out to immense cheers!

12:13PM - Mentions that they have two clips and a trailer to show all of us today. Everyone else from the film comes out on the stage, including the director Scott Derrickson and Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly.

12:15PM - First question - you had a close encounter with Robert Wise? Derrickson made a short film and he went to the program director and asked him if he could meet Robert Wise. He set up a private dinner as a film student, which was a "seminal event" for him. He told him that The Haunting and Day the Earth Stood Still were his two favorite films. And he told him he wanted to make his first film a horror film.

12:15PM - Producer's story: after Speed had been released, he was in the president of production's office and behind his desk was a poster for the 1951 Day the Earth Stood Still. And he said, forget about what I came into here to talk about, let's do this movie re-imagined with Keanu as Klaatu. Fifteen years later a draft showed up on his doorstep.

12:19PM - Derrickson: "If you're going to remake any film, you have to have a good reason to do it. For me, it depends on the particular movie and why. In this case, it was the script, it already existed in some form and still had a ways to go. When I read it, the original was so a product of its time… it commented so well on that early Cold War era and what was happening with humanity at the time and was such an interesting and original film. The idea of updating it made sense. The issues that the first film was dealing with are not as pressing as now. The story opened up some opportunities to do some things we haven't seen before, like the first one did. And it's such a good story… What was amazing is how few people have actually seen it and a majority of the moviegoing audience deserved to see it again. It's basically about an alien who comes to Earth and assesses humanity."

12:20PM - There are few movies where we see ourselves as aliens or we where see things through the point of view as an alien. That's what is unique about this story. First scene being prepared and introduced…

12:21PM - The interrogation scene… Part of what we've seen in the trailer. Eventually he shocks the guy asking questions and wears his suit and walks out of the room. Looked fantastic! Very thrilling, a lot of intensity in a very short clip and trailer, seems like it will keep moving.

12:24PM - Keanu: "He was an entity trapped in a human body." Talking about playing Klaatu and why he wanted to take on the role.

12:25PM - Producer explains that he's trapped in a human body, so when he emerges from the spaceship, he may not look like he did in that scene. Hinting that he comes out as an alien of some sort and eventually takes over the Keanu Reeves "body" that we see later. He walks out in a space suit, as the director just said, and it's "not human." Derrickson: "We tried to come up with visual design to support that idea" from the original that these things like the spaceship and space suit were not human at all.

12:27PM - There is an intricate story of a family being in trouble. Asking Jennifer Connelly to talk about her role and the story about her family as the experience the events as they unfold. "The relationship between Helen and her son is much more deeply explored." They used the interaction between them to provide an illustration for Klaatu about how humans treat each other. In the beginning, they're in a lot of conflict and what is the evolution of their relationship - they spent a lot of time talking about this. "I think it really grounded the film." We have all this… but at the core it's about something, a film about the human spirit, about how we care for each other.

12:30PM - Small scene to give us a taste of the relationships… A quick scene of talking between Keanu and Jaden Smith in the back of a pick up truck. Very interesting scene about the relationship between the kid and Keanu. At this point "he's having a little bit of a conflict with a decision he made earlier in the film." Maybe they're starting to think humans aren't so bad any more (at this point in the movie).

12:32PM - Derrickson: "It really wasn't still I started cutting it together… that I saw it was a story about an alien becoming human… What it is about humanity that's remarkable. And to capture that is difficult, but I think we have it in this movie." One of the biggest questions is about Gort. What can they tell us? Will it remind us if the 1951 one?

12:34PM - Gort is definitely in the movie. It wouldn't be The Day the Earth Stood Still without him. Big questions were about how to update Gort and they went through hundreds of images of possibilities. They ended up coming back not far from the original in the concept. Weta is doing all the visual effects and they're still in the process of doing all the visual effects and getting the details down.

12:35PM - For the space ship design, you didn't go with the standard design. The idea of the space ship, the space suit, and Gort, the idea of them having an organic biological base starts to make sense… These other civilizations may not be into industrialization like we are. So the ship is based more in a biological system… That's not anything new ti sci-fi literature, but new to sci-fi cinema. Final clip of several minutes of footage… A majority of the visual effects aren't done yet, but he wanted to give "this audience" something that they wanted to see - so it's a full reel to give us a fair representation of "what the movie feels like."

12:40PM - Awesome extended trailer! Very thrilling, very epic!

Max Payne:

12:40PM - Introduction clip from Max Payne where he looks for some guy in his apartment and gets attacked. Really "flashy" kind of action. He gets beat up and every punch is flashed, not fully carried out in frame. Very interesting concept, but still looks good. "It's not Minimum Payne, it's not Medium Payne, it's MAXIMUM PAYNE!"

12:45PM - It's unique because you've got to follow the story and "we knew it was going to be good because it has a great story." There's a lot of point of view shots in the film… You've got to give players something of equal value in adapting from a video game. They've got to give them something kick ass so they did something highly subjective and made you feel like you're Max Payne. So "let's kick the shit out of the camera and make you feel like you're Max Payne."

12:46PM - Mark Wahlberg: Read the script and wanted to "kick some ass again" and he wanted to do it again more than he's done in Departed. The guy's driven by emotion and people will find out how it all plays out… Felt he was credible enough to take on the role.

12:47PM - Wahlberg talking about the story. People will be very satisfied seeing the havoc he wreaks on the world in the movie.

12:50PM - Watched a scene with Mark confronting some "thugs" in the bathroom and beating them up. Looked good… Talking to Mila Kunis about "kicking ass" as well and getting weapons training with guns and a baton.

12:53PM - Asking Chris "Ludacris" Bridges if he speaks Russian, too. Twilight fans are cheering for Wahlberg speaking in Russian. Wahlberg saying Ludacris is the "next big brightest star" to come out of hip hop. "He took on a role that was really written for an actor and he did a fantastic job." He's an internal affairs agent at the police department and he does something "really wonderful" with the role and turns him into a noble character.

12:54PM - He gives Wahlberg hell in the movie while Payne is giving everyone crap. As the story unfolds, he's on Max Payne's heels the whole movie. He's definitely the dominate figure in the movie. He's very proud to work together with Wahlberg in the movie. He had a lot of fun and was very excited for it

12:55PM - Asking director John Moore about shooting slow motion. Talking about the "phantom" camera that can shoot 1000 frames and is basically a digital harddrive strapped to a camera. They didn't want to imitate Wachowski's or John Woo, so they invented something new to start from scratch. They didn't have any wires because they just would film on this.

12:57PM - A special full extended trailer for all of us to watch again. Full trailer with "Whole Lotta Love" song overlaid on top of it. Great trailer, but still not better than Day the Earth Stood Still. Was exciting, but the style seemed sloppier. I'm still excited, but now I'm really worried that this is another Hitman.


1:03PM - Hugh Jackman has just stepped off the plane and makes an appearance! He's waited years and he said there's "no way" he would miss out on coming here! He just had to be here. Without "you guys" he wouldn't have a career. Saying "thank you" for making this phase of comic book movies what it is. Okay, Hugh Jackman just tried to walk into the audience and the Twilight fans SWAMPED him. This is CRAZY!

1:06PM - One of the best comic book characters ever created and as an actor it's a challenge to play. I still feel there's more to find out and thanking the original creator Len Wein. Two words that he knows we want to hear. If he can describe the Wolverine movie, it's: badass. A long time he's wanted to make it and he's wanted to hear and we're going to see a lot of Bezerker rage. He says they "literally" just wrapped filming. He grabbed a whole lot of footage and "glued it together" and not what we'll really see. He's showing us a lot but there's no way he was not coming here showing us something. Fox has finally delivered!!

1:11PM - Full trailer! Scenes with Gambit throwing cards. Stryker comes and asks to put together a "special team" of superheroes. Shows the relationship with Wolverine and Sabertooth together and the development of the team and the adamantium program that Strkyer puts together. Really AWESOME footage! Looks incredible - some good fight scenes, but it still needs a lot of polishing. It almost looked too glossy and too colorful, but this is very early footage. Either way it looked awesome.

Confirmed team members: Blob, Deadpool, Gambit, Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Emma Frost. Lots of action scenes including a moment where Wolverine jumps from a truck to a helicopter and grabs on and attacks it. Younger cast, but very flashy and colorful and great scenes of action. A lot of cool scenes where Wolverine was fighting in the adamantium lab. Fight scenes of Wolverine and Sabretooth where he shoves his claws into Sabretooth's chest. All-in-all it looked amazing - and I'm not the only one who thought so!

1:13PM - The panel has finished up today and we've shut down so far. Great presentation from Fox - lots of awesome footage!!

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Colin, for many many years now Comic-Con has been more than just comics, its about movies, television, video games, selling crap, and other non-traditional outlets joined by unusual masses.

Ivan on Jul 24, 2008


Alex I am sorry but why the hell do you have high expectations from max payne? You had high expectatiosn from hitman and then it didn't deliver. If your expectations were low then it would have been good movie for you. I think Max Payne won't be amazing but it will be solid.

Jojo on Jul 24, 2008


I cannot believe it. Fox is becoming my favorite studio now. I hate them so much but damnit lately I have been happy with the stuff they are showing and their posters and stuff.

Jojo on Jul 24, 2008


I still hate the concept behind TDTESS - eco-awareness, humanity not valuable as the planet, a destructive Klatuu. Thought Max Payne looked very cool and Wolverine looked pretty damned good to me. Vic on Jul 24, 2008


@Screenrant I support Environment and I would like all you guys to as well otherwise I hope those who hate anything to do with Environment and eco-awareness should perish.

Jojo on Jul 24, 2008


Dude, just READING stuff about scenes in the Wolvie movie game me chills, can't imagine what the actual trailer will do to me, haha. Overall, I'm quite interested in all 3 movies. Oh and yeah.. what shero said... pics pics!!!

Alfredo on Jul 24, 2008



Steve on Jul 24, 2008


From what you said I have a a even bigger good feeling about Wolverine next April.

Darknight on Jul 24, 2008


Shero - we have photos but will get them up later... Really strapped for time! At the Red Sonja panel now but I don't have an extra way to upload them yet. Stay tuned!!

Alex Billington on Jul 24, 2008


i so want to see a wolverine trailer. anyway whats with the twilight fans. Did they see the trailer for twilight. it doesn't look too interesting.

Valeska on Jul 24, 2008


@Jojo The reason why ScreenRant is none too pleased with the theme of the movie is the exact reason why I'm not thrilled either: It completely changes the entire point of the film from the original. For that reason, I'd rather see Klaatu tell us to quit killing each other or else we're all getting wiped out as opposed to getting The Happening 2. I've got nothing against an environmental message like in Wall-E, I just lash out against films that try to beat me over the head over it like Happy Feet, The Happening and possibly this remake.

SG Dave on Jul 24, 2008


I have to say TDTESS looks more and more interesting to me. A remake doesn't need to be the exact same way the original was! Period! If it was a write up of the original some "fans" would be complaining. If it is different, those "fans" would still complaining. The description of the scenes seems great and I love the fact that Klaatu is very different from the passive guy of the original. Folks, times changed! It was the 50s, TWO guards were protecting a spaceship in the movie, remember? We are in 2008, no way humans would accept an "alien amjbassador".

Sam on Jul 24, 2008


Sam, I agree with you to a point. If you're going to remake a movie (and why don't they pick crappy ones and improve them!), you have to make some changes in order to make it relevant to today's world. At the same time, if you're going to update it AND change the entire central theme to the movie, you really have no business calling it a remake anymore. Keep changing it a little bit, give it a new title and actually come up with something original! Are you really going to try to tell me that audiences wouldn't connect with the message that we need to stop killing each other?

SG Dave on Jul 24, 2008


Holy smokes, the presentation by FOX sounds insane and totally awesome!!

Jess on Jul 24, 2008


SGDave, maybe I am having comprehension problems, but I understood for what I read until now that they are dealing with the destructive nature of the human being. Yes, they will talk about how humans destroy each others AND the planet they live in. So, why wouldn't humans destroy others planets IF one day they had the technology to conquer those places? How is that SOOOO different from the original plot? The original idea still there, that's why they won't change the name and make another movie of it (people would call it a "plagiarism"). For real, the enviromental angle didn't exist in the original (it wasn't a problem back then), but that movie IS about the destructive human actions and how we are a threat to each other and other species. Everything I read about the remake talks about it. You guys are picking only the enviromental angle (and that AICN script review - that seems more and more a review of an EARLY draft, so, not reliable) and forgetting that director, actor and producer already said the movie isn't ALL about it. The description of the scenes showed at the SDCC are enough to sustain my point, at least for now.

Sam on Jul 24, 2008


No Dragonball wtf is wrong with fox. oh yeah thanks for the info

steven B. on Jul 24, 2008


FOX IS THROWING DOWN! Will the other studios pick up the challenge? I remember that Paramount wasn't going to have a big presence this year. Have they changed their minds? It's about time for a big Trek scoop isn't it?

D. on Jul 24, 2008


stop...just had me at Mila Kunis...

wetworks on Jul 25, 2008


Day the Earth Stood Still (DESS for me, from now on :P) -- 12:15PM (the second one).... that's where things usually go wrong. Take a hot actor, in this instance Keanu, and try to build a movie around him. As opposed to finding the best actors for the roles, you're going after big names to put on the marquee. As Robert Altman would say "No stars, just talent." That's a better way to make films. Great recappation, Alex! Man, we're going to have to do something about these Twilight fans once and for all! lol

kevjohn on Jul 25, 2008


If you are making a remake... It should be the same. If you are making something else... TAKE THE TIME TO COME UP WITH A NEW NAME! Don't do all the hard work of making a new story/movie/experience/book/whatever and then just go, "Oh, well, I can't think of a good title, what's an old movie you like dude? All right, let's buy the rights and call it that, tell the editors to fix it." Half the time I swear remakes are literally some talentless hack going, "Hmm, how can I polish this turd I just dropped into my type writer? Okay, here we go, grab a license!" -Mike

RanmaSolo on Jul 25, 2008


FOX really is picking up on their marketing, though they were always the best in that department. So jealous 🙂

Ryan on Jul 26, 2008


TDTESS was a good panel, Max Payne was a let down in retrospect, Wolverine looked fantastic. Coming from Quantas airlines... What a surprise to see Hugh Jackman there, the crowd went fucking wild when he came out, then he ran into the audience right in front of my camera to meet Len Wein. I wouldn't say the Twilight fans swamped him, persay, because he was able to get through the audience without being stopped by fans, but every single girl in H Hall was trying to reach out and touch him I kid you not.

Keith on Jul 27, 2008

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