Comic-Con 08: Summit Pictures' Exclusive Look at Push

July 25, 2008


Upon our arrival here at Comic-Con, we weren't quite sure what to expect from the newly founded Summit Pictures. What I saw during their presentation earlier today, however, made me feel like they have been around for quite a while. Much to Alex's dismay, most of the fans were there for Summit's winter film Twilight. The good stuff was all before Twilight as we found out - Push delivered! Push is directed by Paul McGuigan (of Lucky # Slevin previously, a personal favorite of mine) and stars Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Sunshine), Dakota Fanning (Man on Fire, War of the Worlds), Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond) and Camilla Belle (10,000 B.C.); all but Fanning were at the panel today. This was the second big panel in the line-up this year at Comic-Con and it surely didn't disappoint with some great footage!

PushFrom what we saw (they had a three minute or so video with intro to the film) it looks like it's about a select group of people on the planet that have psychic and telekinetic abilities. The video (voice over was done by Dakota Fanning) explained that the German government began doing experiments on those who claimed to have psychic abilities in WWII. Their end goal was to create some kind of a psychic soldier to use on the battlefield. The video continues on to say that even after the war had ended, testing continued. In fact, it had spread to other governments around the globe. Everyone wanted to get their hands on these psychics. It appears that the premise for the film is that some government entity is after physics in the now. The actors described certain abilities that different psychics have. They seem pretty interesting, so here is the list of all of them straight from the actors:

» Movers - Can simply move objects.
» Pushers - Can push thoughts into the minds of other people making them believe they're real.
» Watchers - Can see into the future.
» Bleeders - Emit a high pitch noise that can disable or even kill people.
» Sniffers - Can see a history of anything they smell.
» Shifters - Can change the shape of objects around them for a short time.
» Wipers - Can wipe the memory of those around them.
» Shadows - Can clock themselves in a shadow, almost as if they're invisible.
» Stichers - Can heal others.

Evans said that his character was a mover; Hounsou said that he was a pusher, and it was mentioned that Fanning's character was a watcher. While this all might sound a little X-Menish, let me assure you that what I saw it looked extremely cool and very unique. The director, Paul McGuigan, said that the "characters are not superheroes." He continued on to talk about this was in no way a superhero movie, but a movie about people with extraordinary abilities. I was extremely impressed with the cast and the director, and the confidence and excitement they all had towards the film made me even more excited than before.

PushAnother clip they showed featured Nick Grant (Evans) and Cassie Holmes (Fanning) meeting for the first time. They were talking about something that didn't have much context, so it was hard to understand exactly what was going on. They were sitting, eating, and chatting for a bit at a downtown market in Hong Kong. After a minute or two of dialogue, they both stood up and began to walk, when Holmes has a flash of an imminent future where her and Grant were being attacked by a few of these "bleeders." Sure enough, they come and begin to attack Holmes and Grant and they attempt to flee through this market that was filled with fish tanks! This was a crazy scene because the bleeders were screaming and causing the tanks to burst open and Holmes was having her quick flashes of the future that kept her and Grant one step ahead. After an intense three or four minutes, the scene was over, but I wanted more!

What was offered here was a great taste of something that looks amazing and I am sure we will hear more in the next few months! I really feel that so far Push is shaping up to be something that many will want to see and I'll be first in line. I, of course, am an optimist! What do you think? I was incredibly impressed and I hopefully have caused you to take an interest in what looks to be a fantastic film as well.

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We demand trailers

OCP on Jul 25, 2008


Push, Next, wa'eva...

wetworks on Jul 25, 2008


I think its about time we see a 'mutant' style of film that is not a superhero movie. Although it sounds like a cross with X Men and Heroes it sounds interesting. I'd like to see more of a synopsis for this. And almost any movie with Djimon is worth seeing for me, this man has presence.

Darren on Jul 25, 2008


this isn't based out of any comic book right. cause i'm really tired of those. the only one i want to see for the rest of the year is punisher

Darrin on Jul 25, 2008


great cast and sounds like it has an exciting interesting story. Wipers when i saw that i had a good chuckle.

Curtis on Jul 25, 2008


This story reminds me very slightly of the Marvel comic series 'Runaways.' However, more in the feel/presence I get from the story. Its def completely different, but still. I don't know why it made me think of it. Maybe b/c of Fanning matching the cute young blond girl in Runaways. Anyway, seems interesting. But the question is, can it deliver? Other movies similar in a way to this just don't often do well, in part because they don't actually become the kind of movie that they have the potential to become. I predict a few twists in this one for sure. And thats always good for a fun ride.

dave13 on Jul 25, 2008


Yay Layla Miller the Movie Peter David will be proud

PimpSlapStick on Jul 25, 2008


I read this and I'm down. I'm sorry but I loved Chris Evans in F4 and Sunshine. I'll admit I used to make fun of F4 till I saw the movie and now it's one of my fave comic book movies. And as for Sunshine, I think it's one of the best sci-fi movies ever (except for the ending.) For anyone who hasn't seen it, I highly recommend it if your'e into spacey stuff. But seriously this does sound interesting and I do wanna see it. Ahhh. If we only had a trailer.

vu on Jul 25, 2008


SOUNDS FANTASTIC! I was so curious what this was going to be. Sounds like it will make a good book too. Fanning WAS supposed to be there though, right? I found that pretty surprisng. This movie is definitley on my most anticipated now. As I mentioned before, Summit Entertainment may be a new high-power studio...

Ryan on Jul 26, 2008


Are you sure Hounsou said he was a pusher? I thought he and chris evans made mention that he (hounsou) was a shadow? Maybe Im wrong, Ill check my footage and get back. They did make mention that Camilla Belle's character is a pusher, and that pushers are the 'worst' of all psychics, which I think means most powerful and dangerous. The footage was fantastic; the acting was top notch; the scene with Dakota and Chris in the fish market looked very promising. Definitely my favorite panel from Summit Pictures, this movie looks like it will be good.

Keith on Jul 27, 2008


Yeah, Hounsou is a pusher, and I don't know if you remember, but they had that clip where he convinced that guy he had no bullets in his gun, and that he should put the gun in his mouth to try it. They showed that one! 🙂

Andy Adair on Jul 28, 2008


this was a great panel! I loved the footage and hearing from the actors. I'll definitely see this movie when it comes out. I wish there was a trailer, too.. even a WEBSITE for pete's sake! I can't find anything official on this movie other than blogs and imdb stuff.

kelz on Jul 31, 2008


omgosh! When I saw the pictures on imdb I was freakin out (in a good way)! I knew about this movie a while ago cuz I go on imdb daily. I'm really excited about Camilla Belle. I'm becoming a bigger fan of her since When A Stranger Calls (though the movie wasn't as good) I liked her. I'm so excited for the trailer! And Dakota is lookin really awesome!!! So excited!

Eric on Aug 1, 2008


Can't wait! Bout time that the actors in this are given some recognition! Chris looks in great shape (as always!) Movie sounds the business!

Hayley on Aug 7, 2008


In response to #4 Darrin, What the hell are you thinking. Punisher? Why waste your money? The first one sucked and the second one will suck even more.

JL on Aug 7, 2008



XXX on Aug 11, 2008

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