Confirmed: 30 Days of Night Getting a Sequel!

November 5, 2008
Source: Bloody Disgusting

30 Days of Night

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that they've confirmed a sequel will be forthcoming to David Slade's wintry vampire tale 30 Days of Night. Steve Niles, the original film's screenwriter and author of the comic book series, and Ben Ketai (writer for a "30 Days of Night" prequel TV series that I never knew existed) are tentatively on the roster to script the follow-up. No word on whether Slade will return as director or if Melissa George will be back, who played Stella in the first film, the key survivor of the small-town slaughter. Interestingly, Niles told MTV back in August that a sequel "hinges on Melissa George, since she played Stella, and [they] can't just recast the lead." I guess that means she is, in fact, on board?

Niles' original comic book series actually spanned three issues, so there's already a continuation of the story out there, titled "Dark Days". Essentially, it involves Stella publishing an account of what happened in Barrow, Alaska, which brings her to Los Angeles. Her travels catch the ire of regional warm-weather vamps, through whom she learns there might be a way to bring her slain husband, Eben, back from the dead. Not a bad extension of the story if you ask me. Although, I can't say I was totally thrilled with the first film. For a good ole horror tale, it was solid enough; and the Alaskan setting was pretty artful. But in terms of plot and resolution, it seemed a might tidy and rushed. I'm certainly up for a sequel, however, and hope Slade will return as director. There were some finer touches in the original that are worth watching over and over.

One point I'm very interested in digging up is whether Ben Foster will return as the wandering stranger that helped the clan of vampires out in the first film. Foster is incredibly creepy and well-suited for roles like this, and you don't exactly see him killed in the original (although his character is killed off in the comic). Shortly after the film was released last year, one of the screenwriters spoke on the possibility of Foster returning, saying "I'll just tantalizingly say it is possible you might see more of [his character] in the future." That will probably be a stretch to bring his character back, but I'd love to see it happen.

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30 Days could have been one of the coolest vampire movies ever, but it did fall short. During the LOOOONG scenes where the characters are in hiding, I started to wonder if I wasn't watching a horror version of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Mordo on Nov 5, 2008


I thought 30 days of night was a great movie and one of my top 20 all time horror films. chuck on Nov 5, 2008


Yes, it could have been the coolest vampire movies ever, but for it doesn't take away from the fact it was an awesome movie.

Avaris on Nov 5, 2008


30 days of night was a great movie... i didn't mind them hiding, i'm sure if i was placed in such a situation most of my time would be spent hiding too nice to see a sequel to something that was actually good

Janny on Nov 5, 2008


I also enjoyed 30 Days and the hiding made sense for those circumstances because where the hell are they supposed to go? The ending was kinda weak though...

peloquin on Nov 5, 2008


If you haven't read Dark Days I would suggest going out and picking a copy of the trade at your local comic book store. You know how Alien was graet, but Aliens is kick-ass? We'll that is how Dark Days plays out. Stella is hellbent on vengence and there are more twist and turns than a country mile. Really Dark Days is the best of the series.

goudos on Nov 6, 2008


I loved this comic but the movie was absolute shit. I hate the way the action was directed. So choppy, indistinguishable and way too dark (as in contrast) all designed to cover up the shoddy job that went into making this shitty vampire movie that couldve been way more timeless and bone-chilling. Unless Sarah Palin turns out to be the head vampire, count me out.

Voice Of Reason on Nov 6, 2008


First one was great, i agree, this is one of my favorite horror movies ever. If David Slade's on board again, so am I. His "Hard Candy" was also solid.

Conrad on Nov 7, 2008


Pat: well this might be an interesting movie if they do it right though.....well idk how they are going to do it at the moment but it might work....but they would have to start off in a new town w/ new people b/c if they make this gay ass movie where the blonde hair chick starts hunting down vampires and killing them, well that would be without a doubt the stupidist idea, not only is it not very creative but its also very bland and non-creative,but heres logans comment Logan: good point pat. a sequal could be good if done right but only under the right ideas. but if there was one thing thay should bring back is the creepy vamp kids... that was bad ass. Pat: yes i thought it was pretty creepy, but maybe they can have an entire kid possy thing man hahahaha but w/ that.....we must let you go....until next time....peace....goodbye 🙂

My name is Patrick and my friend here is Logan on Nov 7, 2008


You guys should have seen it on IMAX!!! b/c all the sounds were up (i mean when that machine hit STella's truck not 15 min. into the movie that SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME) now watching it again at regular theaters it was SOOOO BORING i admit i could barely hear the sounds that freaked me out in IMAX. I remember when they kept peaking through that hole EVERYONE WAS LIKE DON'T DO THAT IDIOT and I swear we were expecting an eye to be looking at them when they did it again. But on the regular version (second time watching) I was like what was I scared about sheesh. so IMAX did it's thing, too bad for everyoen that didn't see it first on IMAX i'm telling you I was freaked and I don't get scared. You know what watching Blood trails online when it first came out, that was scary and i know that reminded me of the IMAX version...

Bobby on Nov 15, 2008


i loved 30 days of night and i love the book seies. I just finished reading 30 days of night immortal remains if the sequels go that far it would make a great movie.

Dan on Dec 11, 2008


3o days of Night was a kool vampire movie and it was much different than the typical vampire movies. Yes I would love to see a sequel to this movie and I hope it comes through. I also loved Underworld Trilogy, hmmm I hope to even see 30 days become a trilogy

Baker Boi on Jun 18, 2009


I liked the movie pretty well and would watch the sequel. If they have issues getting the chick back, set the new one 3 to 5 yrs in the future and have the little bro writing the book and kicking vamp @ss.

Laura-K on Jun 24, 2009

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