Confirmed: No Plans for Chronicles of Narnia After Voyage of the Dawn Treader

April 19, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia

A few weeks ago we posted an unconfirmed rumor regarding the future of The Chronicles of Narnia franchise. The article mentioned that Disney had plans to "dump" the franchise after they finished a trilogy, which would end with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Following the post we were contact by Disney and told that the rumors were "entirely false." However, an update from the New York Comic Con proves that they were true! Read on to hear what Narnia producer Mark Johnson had to say today.

Producer Mark Johnson made an appearance at the New York Comic Con this weekend alongside of Prince Caspian stars Ben Barnes, William Moseley, and Peter Dinklage. Johnson specifically stated that they have "no plans" at the moment to continue on past Voyage of the Dawn Treader. But of course, it is all dependent on the success of both Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader. He also mentioned that they are planning to start shooting Dawn Treader in October of this year for release in May of 2010.

I don't think this is at all a bad thing, it just shows that Disney wants to focus on finishing the trilogy first instead of pushing for a full series based on all seven books. However, it all depends on box office performance and for all we know Prince Caspian could be a huge hit this summer. Those are the only updates we have regarding The Chronicles of Narnia from the New York Comic Con, but stay tuned for more coverage of Prince Caspian as it hits theaters on May 16th.

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I wasn't a big fan of the first one, but will probably still see the subsequent films. It wouldn't bother me if they stopped after completing a trilogy. I think it was more interesting that not only was someone from Disney reading the site, but took the time to contact you to try to correct your information. Even if your information was accurate to being with.

Jedi on Apr 19, 2008


wasn't that big of a fan of the first one it was a good film but haven't watched it since the theaters. I dont mind them stopping after the trilogy i might not even see the second one in till it comes out on dvd even though it looks a lot darker and kooler then the first.

Curtis on Apr 19, 2008


Well this article seriously lacks some information. It is clear they haven'T fixed plans yet for the other ones, because they are producing 2 movies at the same time right now. They are watching as how they do at the box office and if the series continues to make them some $$ they'll surely produce more movies.

Ray on Apr 19, 2008


I agree with you Ray. But when (however I will say IF, because I believe they will be a big hit but my friend doesnt) the films make big bucks I am sure Disney will try to make more.

Ryan on Apr 20, 2008


I would like to hear what Mark Johnson had to say in context. As you reported in your update to the March 18 article, Disney reps were contacting Internet Media outlets saying the rumors about not completing the series were not true. I agree with Ray (comment 3), "this article seriously lacks some information." A fourth movie would be 3 or 4 years out, so it is not surprising that one has not been officially "green lighted." That would be foolhardy. But, given what other Disney and Walden "big wigs" have stated publicly, it seems to me that more movies are assured unless something very strange happens.

Mark Sommer on Apr 20, 2008


Alex, there's a big difference between having "no plans" beyond the next installment of the franchise and Disney "dumping" the franchise. It's just really intensive to make one of these movies and I'm sure that Johnson and Disney are busy trying to make sure PRince Caspian gets finished and preparations continue to get started on Dawn Treader, rather than worrying about a fourth or fifth movie which will require more casting, probably a new director, etc. I expect that if Caspian does as well as I think it will, we'll have more announcements by year's end but it makes little sense to play that far out. Heck, I'm sure that if Harry Potter 3 or 4 failed to find the success of the first two, Warner Bros would be rethinking doing the whole Harry Potter series but they also are generally only planning one movie ahead at a time and that's how it's always been.

Edward Douglas on Apr 21, 2008

7 Disney had thought that NOT doing the entire Narnia series was a good idea why? Seriously, it would be stupid for them not to complete the series. They made A LOT of bad choices under their former CEO (like not picking up CSI, and almost not doing the Pirates trilogy), I feel that dropping the ball on this one could lead to Disney kicking themselves later on. I mean, they do still consider themselves a family oriented company....right?

Matt D on Apr 27, 2008


I'm so annoyed that they haven't kept to the original order of the books, but i must congradulate Disney on the Prince Caspian film, they've really out done themselves! But yea, Matt D is sooo right! ūüėõ

Laura on Jun 27, 2008


Actually, Laura, they have kept to the order in which Lewis wrote the books. The thing is, Lewis never wrote the books in chronological order. he first wrote "The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe", "Prince Caspian", and "Voyage of the Dawn Treader". "Then he wrote the other three later on, after readers asked about the beginning and ending of Narnia.  

Stephen Bogan on May 3, 2012


i thinks that you guys should do all seven books ecspeicially the ones after princess caspain and the horse and has the children in it i will be mad if the don't do all seven books cuase they really should do all seve ttyl

charitye on Jul 29, 2008


I am pleased with how the movies have been made so far and understand why there has been tweaking of the content and deletion of certain books. My family would be disapointed to not see at least the prequel (Magician's Nephew) and The Last Battle filmed after completion of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We anxiously await each movie release! My 4-year-old will be quite old by the completion, but at least by the end of the next movie or two, she'll be able to read the books too--which should ultimately be the goal--lead the kids to the books and "the rest of the story".

jodijean on Dec 11, 2008



Rae on Mar 4, 2009


Rae, you are reading old, outdated news from last year. Yes, Dawn Treader is being made. Variety confirmed the December 10, 2010 date.

Mark on Mar 4, 2009


Also, Walden Media is committed to making all seven movies. Disney is no longer their partner; 20th Century Fox is now the distributor.

Mark on Mar 4, 2009


NNNOOO!! They have to do Silver Chair too! C'mon! I agree that Prince Caspian was a huge letdown ... mainly 'cuz I don't think the guy they picked for Prince Caspian was all that good, and I grew up on the BBC version where Prince Caspian was like 10ish. But, but ... Chronicles of Narnia! The first one was spectacular, and I was kind of hoping they would do all of them, including The Horse and His Boy all the way to The Last Battle. Just because they picked the wrong guy for Caspian and didn't get all the money they wanted, doesn't mean that they should not do at least the Silver Chair after Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

Beekers on Dec 26, 2009


Beekers, Please note that this is a very old article. Much has happened since then, and the information reported was not exactly accurate. Walden has continually said they would keep making movies as long as there is adequate support (i.e. people buy enough tickets). Walden even continued the series when Disney announced last year at this time that they were pulling out. My guess is that we will indeed see Silver Chair.

Mark Sommer on Dec 26, 2009

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