Confirmed: Rob Zombie in for Halloween Sequel - H2

December 16, 2008

Rob Zombie in for Halloween Sequel - H2

Just two weeks after the rumor first hit, Variety is reporting today that Rob Zombie is officially on board to write and direct a sequel to his 2007 re-imagining of the Halloween classic. The film will be titled H2 - not to be confused with 1998's Halloween H20 - and is intended as an October 2009 release. Given this timeline, the film is to start production as early as March, which means Zombie has a lot of writing to do to get this ready - a fact that worries me a bit, considering that French directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Muary had also put in a good deal of work on the script when they were attached previously. Variety claims that H2 will pick up where Zombie's original left off, and will follow his new vision for the story.

Shortly following his 2007 film, Zombie's claim that he would not return for a possible sequel was broadly reported. However, the man now says, "I was so burned out. (But) I took a long break, made a record and I got excited again. Now, we'll be hauling ass, and that's the problem making a movie called Halloween: If you come out Nov. 1 or after, nobody cares. If it was called anything else, I'd be fine." As a show of progress, I suppose, Dimension Films also released a teaser poster for H2, as seen below, though nothing about it speaks to progress on the film. Hopefully the expedited schedule won't affect the final product, but only time will tell if Zombie can deliver as well as he did the first time around. What do you think?

H2 Poster

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Great news!!! Nothing against John Carpenter at all (the original is classic and will forever live in history as one of the greats), but Rob Zombie took it to a new level. I hope he is able to stay on point for H2, considering the time constraints they've given him. I would rather wait for a quality product in 2010 then be disappointed in 2009.

Mike on Dec 16, 2008


Terrible poster, but good news. As I've stated numerous of times already, this can really be the modern Halloween that I've been craving for, for so long. No more excruciatingly boring introductions, but a full-grown sadistically inhuman Myers full-stop. Awesome.

Angelo on Dec 16, 2008


i agree that i would rather wait it out than see a rushed film, but i believe i heard that zombie's first halloween was made under similar time constraints. so maybe it will be as good. im still a little bummed not to see the bustillo/maury version of the movie, but, oh-well. though i hope they change the title, H2 kind of sucks ass

adamsweet on Dec 16, 2008


That was the real poster? I thought it was a fake. Wow. Bad signs ahead. And spoiler didn't he get fucking shot in the head at the end?!?!?!?! What's the twist? She shot the ground or the gun was full of blanks or it was a dream? COME ON!

Ryan on Dec 16, 2008


that can't be a real poster... wow when it came out in august i thought it was gonna bomb and the movie was gonna suck, ubt i've heard many great things about it. now i hear this news, so i'm gonna have to put it on my netflix queue. maybe they can actually release this around halloween this time so it can pwn the played out saw franchise, cuz if zombie doesn't get it out by october then we're gonna have to wait a shitload more time

LeeMan on Dec 16, 2008


Horrible news. That movie blew. Any good filmaker could see that was a crap movie. Is Zombie wasent attached no one would like it. Its just the name.

Ryan on Dec 16, 2008


I sure hope he doesn't turn in a half baked script and a sloppy sequel.

Pickle on Dec 16, 2008


don't screw it up like the texas chainsaw massacre: the beginning

Darrin on Dec 16, 2008



Daniel on Dec 16, 2008


Rob Zombies adaptation of Halloween was amazing! It was very well written which he did, the production was top notch, which he did, and the directing which he also was a style all his own. I think he's the only original mind in Hollywood right now, he thinks for himself. yeah , its a remake, but its so much more than that. He gave us a look at young michael Myers and thats what an audience needs to be scared nowadays...we cant just watch people getting hacked up and be scared anymore. He perfectly illustrated Young Myers as a serial killer in the making, then we watched his mind shutting down...then...well you know the rest. I was going to be incredibly pissed off if he he didn;t direct the second installment, but I would have been just as content leaving it alone. But then some other shithead director would've been apointed by the studio to do it...and as for waiting it out to see a rushed film, I worry very little. Rob is an incredible writer and will not dissapont...and to comment number 4-----Go to blockbuster and rent some horror flicks!!!You are aware how these movies work right? He's killed then he's not, he's killed then he's not...continuously, forever....I hope they dont make 15 sequels but two more would suffice I think. Im glads robs' back, its the only way I could support a sequel; which they were going to do anyway; at least this way it wont suck....He's come along way since House of 1000 corpses, and I think it's going to be great.

CHICK on Dec 17, 2008


This goes out to number 6-------I want to know what you thought about is was so bad...was it the well articulated script? Was it the Musical score(thats already over 30 years old)? I got it!!! You didn't like the perfectly assembled cast!!! Was it the perfect ensemble cast?!?! including Dee Wallace, Malcom fucking Mcdowell and horror icon Brad Douriff? Hmmm.......dunno, I cant put my finger on it. I loved the way you said that nobody would've seen it if Rob Zombie wasn't attached to it. I laughed so hard I sharted... The majority of people DIDN'T see it because he WAS attached to it!!! THEY WROTE HIM OFF AFTER HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES...Halloween made them think twice, especially production juggernauts Harvey and Bob Weinstein whom have ahd a piece of every box office smash since the mid eighties

CHICK on Dec 17, 2008


#11 I guess you REALLY UNDERSTAND the meaning of a 'good horror movie'. You understand it so perfect that you think 'Halloween remake' actually meant something? Something worthwile? Bravo... P.S. 'Don't Look Now', 'Carrie', 'Dawn of the dead' (original), 'Texas chainsaw' (original), 'Halloween' (original), 'Rosemary's Baby', The Thing', 'Evil Dead 2', The Shining', 'The Descent', '28 Days Later', 'Eden Lake'... P.S.S. 'Halloween 2 or whatever' will be shitty as every other Hollywood horror-movie these days. Except maybe 'I'm In Hell'. Maybe.

m4st4 on Dec 17, 2008


You can't just stick a knife in someone's guts and call it a horror genre...You just can't. And Zombie is really good in sticking knives.

m4st4 on Dec 17, 2008


michael myers is the fucking coolest killer ever and i would pay 100 daollars to see it

michael on Dec 17, 2008



Sean Kelly on Dec 17, 2008


I trust that a horror movie fan as big as Rob Zombie wouldn't make a remake of a sequel unless he believed he could expand on the first. He did that with Halloween. Although i object somewhat to a sequel, i think if anyone can change my mind he can

Chris on Dec 17, 2008


I'm w/ #2 this is a terrible poster. If they're planning to get this out before Oct. 31st of '09 they are going to have to make this at break neck speed at the least!

Conrad on Dec 18, 2008


Halloween was a true work of for mike being shot in the head,remember that evil don't die like a man dies.

Rodney on Dec 29, 2008


This is HORRIBLE NEWS, the remake sucked ass. Sorry, but it did. They should just stop with the damn remakes already and continue with the original stories, MAKE MORE ORIGINAL FREDDY'S JASON'S, AND MYERS!! No one wants to see anymore remakes.

GreenWawi on Jan 6, 2009


omg. i cant believe people are dising Halloween. Micheal Myers rocks =)

kalyn. on Jan 14, 2009


I AM in complete fucking shock. I just found this all out now by mistake and.... wow. I don't even know what to say or how to feel about this. I liked the first one but...jesus.

Vitto on Jan 24, 2009


Oh whatever with you haters This is horror all the rest off this shit they call horror like the grudge and lady in the water and so on and so forth you haters are the one that suck cause when it really comes down to it he is the one making the money and the movie not you get a grip on your selves and look in the mirror that will scare you

Victoria on Jan 28, 2009


All of Rob Zombies so far have kicked ass!! Some people just don't know what a good movie and director are.

Cherrise on Feb 7, 2009


too me i think remakes are just telling you that this franchise stood the test of time which many did like psycho F13 TCM ( texs chainxaw massacre ) MBV ( my bloody valentine ) THHE( the hills have eyes ) prom night black christmas and of coures halloween and sequals to it means that they are better like THHE2 and H2 and this movie is gonna be awesome

Kyle on Mar 8, 2009


In this day and age, remakes ruin the ideas of the originals. What made Michael Myers frightening? It was the fact that we as an audience knew very little about him. He was raised in a nice area, by good parents, and never went without. Still, he killed. In Zombie's remake, there is nothing left to our imaginations. It comes as no surprise that Michael turned out to be a killer. Zombie spelled it out for his audience. Perhaps he has little faith in the audience's imagination. I found the remake to be brutal, but Michael Audrey Myers was just an ordinary looking young man with an ordinary build. Still, he was strong beyond words. Zombie's Michael was a hulking beast of a man, and I sat in the theatre chuckling to myself. The remake didn't scare. It didn't make me turn on the lights in a dark room. The fact that Zombie is doing a sequel is mere cash-in fodder. Zombie is a talented man with good vision who needs to stick to his own ideas instead of butchering the already established ideas of others. He can do it. A horror film of his own making would certainly get me to the theatre.

toderyk on Apr 20, 2009


the new halloween will %1000 times differrent thsn the first one, with the exception of the cinematogrophy and cast list. Its going to be a lot more spychological and it will delve deeper into the psyche of myers, which is going to be a mixed bag. Not knowing some of the things that make myers tick is half of the scare factor. The main problem with this one is going to be too much exposure into myers head. They showed just the right amount in the first one.. But the trailer is showing premonitions of his mother telling him to kill and destroy everything asnd everyone...seems kind "jason" if you ask me, but Zombie had not let us down yet and we should reserve all further slander til after the release

chick on May 2, 2009

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