Contest: Where Could The Dark Knight Go Next?

July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight

With the entire world wrapped up in The Dark Knight this weekend, I thought it would be fun to hold a contest for fans who can't stop thinking about Batman. The Dark Knight was such an amazing follow up to Batman Begins, that I'm not sure how another sequel could even be made. However, considering it's about to break box office records, I'm sure Warner Brothers is willing to pay whatever it takes to finish this trilogy. With that in mind, I'm wondering what kind of story we might see in a third film? What villains would work? How might Batman get himself out of the predicament he is in at the end of the second film? How could anything ever surpass what Christopher Nolan just created with The Dark Knight? We've decide to host a writing contest to see who can come up with the best story for a third movie.

The rules are simple: write the best story for the sequel to The Dark Knight in 500 words. The stories will be judged by our resident comic guru and Batman fan Roman Chavez and contributing writer Andy Adair. The best stories will be published later this week and one top winner will receive the following prizes: a hardcover copy of Batman: The Killing Joke graphic novel as well as three full-size Dark Knight posters (painted wall, burning building, Bat Pod). To enter, all you need to do is send an e-mail to with the subject "Dark Knight Sequel Story" and the story contained within the e-mail. Entries are due by Midnight on Tuesday, July 22nd. Please check your grammar and spelling, as those could count against your chances. Good luck and have fun!

The Riddler? Penguin? Robin? Catwoman or Batgirl? Who would Batman fight? Would he finally save Gotham City? Send in your story ideas now before it's too late! Our favorite Batman story will win!

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Haha, cool idea. I'll try to come up with something if I find the time. Lots of rumors going artound that CATWOMAN will be in the next one because of Freeman's line about the suit how it will stop a cat.

Ryan on Jul 20, 2008


with Batman now being hunted it's perfect timing for characters like the Reaper from Batman :year Two, maybe Azrael, Bane would be perfect if written properly and not made into a freaking mexican masked Wrestler like the TAS tried to do. for those who haven't read Batman Year Two, the Reaper is an old gotham vigilante who is basically the mirror opposite of the batman, he has two scythe like blades in each hands and is very similar to batman except he does KILL, he kills the criminals he encounters instead of capturing them. the may Nolan keeps touching on Batman: Year One, it would be a good way to introduce Catwoman. in BY1, Catwoman is a prostitute, Reaper can kill prostitutes making her don the costume, which of course also resembles batman. just dumping out my ideas, i'm not a very good writer so i didn't enter the contest.

The Delightful Deviant on Jul 20, 2008


how could the ever surpass the dark knight you ask? simple, bring back arnold schwarzenegger to reprise his role as mr. freeze. obvously.

Mike on Jul 20, 2008


fuck catwoman, and duck halle berry as catwoman.

Steve-O on Jul 20, 2008


Oh Where Could Batman go? HMMM maybe find the cure for his blue balls ...yes...that's it...The Dark Knight cures Blue Balls. I am sorry this movie is a great psycho hark to the original dark comic strip and I have given over $30 ( yes, I saw it three times - once in IMAX) Each time this movie reminded me of Clint Eastwood characters who save women in distress. Why Luke never got Leia but she wanted him for another five seconds - he was shorter than her. Where the hell could Batman go except to be killed by Superman over Lois Lane. Sorry but my tongue may be stuck in my cheek- why are you so serious...who cares where it goes. I am a little disgusted by the who CGI and far far reaching implications of new developing technology ( do you think the government isn't using sonar technology now...mmmm I got a bridge to sell you ). The most frustrating part is that there is no other place for Batman to go...the joker can't be revived unless there is more footage of Heath Ledger and that will blow a lot of people away ( can you imagine the*^&T! he did two movies after death crap ). Also there has to be better editing, it didn't make sense why Bruce takes Dent away when he asks Rachel to get married. How did he know about the death threat. Also, now too many people know about the real identity of Batman from the hokey accountant finding the tumbler designs ( what hiding it in the cookie jar wasn't a good idea? - WTF?) Sorry, but the money was spent and I ate it up like candy much like the cows who stood in line Thursday night for a midnight showing in the harsh of sunday morning I am disappointed...Batman doesn't get the girl...doesn't get with a girl...that's like Spock getting the girl- UGH. Oh, yes, I am going to see it again today except I am not paying for it this time...what is there anything like a free movie? mmmmm I am going to play some poker...

Patricia on Jul 20, 2008


Just saw on MSNBC that "The Dark Knight" hit 155 million this weekend topping Spider-Man 3 to have the biggest opening ever. No one has anything online about this yet that I can find.

TCox on Jul 20, 2008


For those who say there's nowhere else for Batman to go, you have absolutely no imagination. The obvious next step is Redemption, getting his good name back, etc. Hmm, I may actually enter this thing.

Nick on Jul 20, 2008


Ty for the info TCox.. And Patricia, whats ur final point? U say the movie has flaws but u saw it thrice & u r gonna do what? Anyway, nice idea for a contest.. Have Fun..

Gdn | TD on Jul 20, 2008


WARNING: DARK KNIGHT SPOILERS BELOW For the next movie I would bring back the Penguin and give him a real story. He wasn't a deformed freak in the comics, so Nolan can go back and undo the mistakes that Burton made. I know at one point there was a mention of him being brought into the movies as an arms dealer, which makes perfect since to me. A perfect casting choice I think would be Paul Giamatti. Here's a plotline: With Batman on the opposite side of the law due to Harvey Dent's actions, the Gotham Police seek outside help with weaponry to bring Batman to justice. Enter Oswald Cobblepot as a shady character who fills their needs but ultimately takes over the crime organizations after the Joker has been brought to justice. A perfect premise would be for Cobblepot to keep his Penguin identity a secret, thus allowing for his duality to be played out onscreen. Batman must use his detective skills to track and identify Penguin. They could even keep Penguin identity conceiled to the audience (even though we would know...just for good storytelling). Think of it like Episode III. Cobblepot being the Chancellor, and Penguin being the Sith lord. Batman uncovers Cobblepot's plan, indentifies him as the Penguin, takes him down, and is redeemed with the people of Gotham. Along the way, evidence of Two-Face's crimes come to light, allowing Gordon to clear Batman of all wrong doing. By this time, the Joke has been away for a while, so the Harvey Dent "white knight of Gotham" will not be as important to maintain. Even though there was a funeral for Harvey, I found it hard to believe he couldn't have survived the fall. Especially since he lived through getting half his face burned off. Another eliment to the follow up to The Dark Knight would be to have Two-Face secretly re-emerge midway through the movie, and have him almost compete with Batman to bring Penguin down. Of course, Harvey's willingness to kill, and Batman's respect for life would play out in a big way. Ultimately Batman would have to kill Harvey Two-Face to stop him, and to uphold Gotham's memory of "White Knight" Harvey Dent.

TCox on Jul 20, 2008


FYI - I don't care about the contest. I already have The Killing Joke, and don't have a need for poster. That's why I'm posting it here for all to see. If someone's got some writing skills, they can take my premise and build upon it. All I ask is that the credit me on it. They can have the prizes.

TCox on Jul 20, 2008


@ #7 i actually saw that also, i saw it on yahoo actually. The Dark Knight took in $155.4 mill

big r on Jul 20, 2008


here's the box office results

TCox on Jul 20, 2008


He should go to therapy and deal with his screaming anger issues.

Brian Ricci on Jul 20, 2008


Three words - No Man's Land. Like what Alfred said, things have to get worse before they get better. Gotham will fall, be it through a natural disaster or a large scale attack by criminals. With the streets in a mess and the cops barely able to do a thing, the people put everything they have on The Dark Knight as their only hope of salvation; the latter who has routine sessions of self-doubt throughout the film. Batman battles from organized crime lords to the desperate people turned into criminals, and engages in a psychological battle with a major villain based on the Joker's philosophy of "When the chips are down..." The movie ends with Batman and Bruce Wayne rebuilding and ushering Gotham City into a new era, and inspires the Gothamites to have faith in the city and the Caped Crusader once more, thus completing his objective since the first film, recovering Batman's reputation from the second, and nicely tying up the trilogy. The name? Batman Begins The Dark Knight Gotham

JT on Jul 20, 2008


Bring in Thalia al Ghul. That could make things interesting by tying it to the first one.

Spencer on Jul 20, 2008


I think it would be cool to continue with the jokers idea of he and batman being the same. Now that batman has been cast out of gothams favor, this film could be about how he realizes how similar he is to the costumed villians or "freaks". This would be made worse by the people he is trying to protect also associating him with them, so he ends up becoming confused and lost in this limbo between people who accept him but he must fight and people who hate and fear him but he must protect. The problem with this is that with heath ledger dead i dont think they should do the joker again, and he is the main reason why batman has any connection to the "freaks". Joker is the dark side of batman and without him he wouldnt be able to see their similarities or his place among them.

Lono on Jul 20, 2008


So with the introduction of mister reese ( Mysteries...the riddler), since he knows that batman saved him while the whole city is attacking him for him to tell them who batman is he won't tell them and will become the outcast of the city right along with batman. he will then become the riddler i imagine and the third movie will revolve around batman running from city and trying to prove to not only himself but the city that he is fact a beacon of light and all the while MR. reese will be slowly taking over the city.

bobo on Jul 20, 2008


Ok so the question is how can you make a movie better than TDK. simple, bring back TIM BURTON. If the plans were to make a sequel with the joker in it, it's gonna be hard to replace Heath Ledger but i think Johnny Depp would make a good joker. If not then they can put Jack Nicholson, they can just say he was in jail foreverr and escaped. They shouldn't hesitate to make a 3rd movie, yeah it's true a lot of movies go down the toilet after a sequel but anyone that went to the movies in 2007 can realize that there CAN be successful trilogies. Have you heard of The Bourne franchise? maybe the Mummy?? or how about some Pirates of the Caribean? maybe SpiderMan?? even though the 3rd one sucked it's still made some serious money.

Jesse on Jul 20, 2008


the name of third installment should be the chronicles of gotham. And the villan should be either one of the following riddler,bain or scarface.

Darrin on Jul 20, 2008


I'm wondering if Nolan can tell the story of Robin properly. It will be tough, sure, since the mainstream non-comic book readers can't take Robin seriously. But based on the success of Dark Knight, I have a feeling that Nolan _can_ bring out Robin properly. I think the key to a good Robin storyline in this case would be relatability. But who would play Robin? I also think a 3rd film would also be a good chance to introduce Renee Montoya and the first Clayface. .... ((with Penelope Cruz as Montoya ((IF!! She can take the role seriously)) and Denzel Washington as Clayface))

LW on Jul 20, 2008


The joker should be played by johnny depp if they do it again or have the penguin come back

mike moggs on Jul 20, 2008


And to #21 Edward Nygma is the Riddler... not Mister Reese.

LW on Jul 20, 2008


Is this contest open for countries other than the US?

Vik on Jul 20, 2008


I completely agree with using Thalia al Ghul, and by association, Ras al Ghul. It's always nice to bookend a narrative cycle. Not only that but its very feasible. A) He "died" off screen, and B) Even if he did die he can be resurrected via the Lazarus Pit. Option B actually leads me to hope for one of my favorite Batman comic scenarios. Batman fights his way into Ras' inner keep and is only moments from stopping him when Ras points to two figures hanging over the pit. He tells Batman he understands what pushed him to become this way-and if he'll look the other way just this once he can have his parents back. Heheheh. . .evil bastard!

KiCowboy on Jul 20, 2008


#10 was actually a very good idea :] I can see Paul Giamatti as Cobblepots, and Batman vs Dent trying to bring him down... I bet something awesome can totally come out from there...and hell...throw in a 3rd villain just to spice it up... lol what about that one guy who carries a dummy with a tommy gun?...

Carlos on Jul 20, 2008


All right, we all know the ending, Joker doesn't die and Harvey "Two Face" apprently does. But since Ledger died, the possibility of Joker coming back as the main Villian is extremely limited, So I sat bring back Harvey "Two-Face" Dent to prove to Gotham that the Batman is the true hero of Gotham. I mean it sounds good on paper but on the silver screen probably not, just an idea. Or how about no more films the second was so good how could a third fair in its shadows. Not since Empire Strikes Back and the Godfather part two as a sequal been perfect in every aspect. Besides what Nolan does is make the villians of Batman possible to be real. Mr. Freeze to much, Poison Ivy Blah, Batman and Robin never! The Riddler might as well just be a Joker knock off. Harley Quinn. Now in one scene The Joker said he had a "Wife" you could spin it and make Harley Quinn his estranged wife who hates Gordon and Batman for taking her husband away and she attacks Gotham in a revenger like way? Nah. I don't know its to hard to see someone surpass Harvey "Two Face" and the Joker as the best villians on hte Batman universe.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2008


I think that the next villian should definetly be the riddler. This i believe could work the act that they choose for the role just can't play the riddler to much like the joker. Yes we all know that riddler and joker are similar but if they can get an actor to bring out the distinct differences between them it could work. The actor that i think could pull it off is Johnny Depp. If not give it to Jim Carey again why not? Or Connan O'brien jk jk.

benje81 on Jul 20, 2008


Great idea, Alex. Can any of the citizens of Gotham sue Batman for property damage? I think they should do what made the first film so great and pick lesser known but very treacherous villains. They're out there, too. I just think if you do Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, etc., it's a little safer. And so far, they haven't done anything safe.

Colin Boyd on Jul 20, 2008


I gonna keep going with Harley Quinn bare with me. In the wake of Rachel Dawes' Death Bruce Wayne meets a woman whom he seems to like. But is overshadowed by trying to keep the police off Batmans trail. no! I don't know but Quinn is highly popular, and it would be unexpected in the end. Give it a chance and mull it over, sleep on it and somebody come up with an idea.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2008


Nice #16 going back to the original story is a good idea.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2008


this idea could work. batman becomes infected by a radioactive slime from another planet, splits into an alternative batman with a white suit, fends off catwoman and the penguin all in time to dance down the street pointing and jestering with a earnest message about truth and caring at the end....

bassbin on Jul 20, 2008


Sent mine in! WOO!

movieraider321 on Jul 20, 2008


So in the third one Edward Nigma is a genius working with apes. An ape bites him and he gets a bizarre strain of AIDS that causes him to speak in the form of a question, all the time. As a reult he decided to start robbing banks. He's pissed off all the time. He sends a one-page letter to the Joker wherein he says the word "cock" seventy five times. On the other side of the city, Selina Kyle is raped by a black drug dealer she was trying to buy some cats from. She decided to dress like a cat so she can buy guns from her blind-yet-audial-sensitive arms dealer (The Penguin? Wanda Sykes?) and go kill the guy. After she kills him she decides that she can kill more people robbing banks. The Riddler and Catwoman run into eachother while robbing a bank. Catwoman sucks Riddler's dick while he punches her repeatedly in the face. Batman shows up, and before he can catch them, he is struck in the face by "Riddle Gas," which is a green fog that makes you quesstion your own fallacies. That's all I got right now.

DCompose on Jul 20, 2008


With Batman Evil in the eyes of Gotham there is only one solution turn to Metropolis for help Superman VS Batman DC Comics ties the 2 in, Just like Marvel is Doing With The Avengers, Mark my words.....

Fish on Jul 20, 2008


i think bringing back two face is the obvious choice , especially with this conflicting personallity he has to deal with , and then introducing a new villian as well , because i dont think two face died , especially when nolan showed his coin landing on heads when him and bale fell over the side , so i dont think he is dead .

vanstone on Jul 20, 2008


Nothing like a contest to bring out the best in the few and the absurdly worst in most!!!! Some folks are just being plain stupid with their posts!!!

Pickle on Jul 20, 2008


I have seen Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and I believe that there is a few possible ways to take this franchise. First, Just end it with the dark knight because it was amazing. Second, make another film and bring in someone like the riddler, the mad hatter, or the black mask, those are all characters that christopher nolan could definately work well with. I mean the joker doesnt have to have a black suit. This is a new era and nolan could even introduce a new character or a lesser know character to the trilogy. Lastly, make a movie that spins it in another direction, yes batman becomes a villian and jus like in spider man two gives batman up for a little while which could give time for a an archenimy to form and rise. I think Christopher Nolan will shock and suprise everyone with the way he takes this trilogy. Jus forget about Catwoman and the peguin its not goin to happen itle screw up everything these two films have built. And in my opinion Batman begins wasn't the greatest but it was still way better than any of the previous batman movies. Batman begins had to be made to start the franchise...

Kayleb on Jul 20, 2008


nothing will compare to the joker as the villain 🙁

matt on Jul 20, 2008


I think that they should stick with mob bosses who can now rise to power now that Batman and Harvey Dent are out of the picture. What about having the character "Hangman" trying to kill various member of the Gotham Police Department who helped Harvey Dent rise to fame. This may help Batman become the hero again like people mentioned before which would make a good ending to the trilogy. I didnt catch it when I saw the movie but Alfred's line about stopping "cats" is a pretty big foreshadowing of whats to come...

radioactvman on Jul 20, 2008


they should have the riddler be a serial killer type just like kevin spacey in the movie "Seven"

gold on Jul 20, 2008


"The Dark Knight" has already made $195,340,000 Worldwide!!!!!!!! And most people HERE, still haven't seen it, yet!!!!!! And it is still yet to be released in the UK. This movie is incredible!!!!!!!

Brian on Jul 20, 2008


#38 Two Face died because of 2 seperate reasons*irony?* The coin he flipped was for Gordon's Son not himself, he flipped his coin earlier and said 'Well I'm safe" also at the end of the film Gordon was eulogizing him. THE END

movieraider321 on Jul 20, 2008


#10 Pretty good idea, but remember Batman told Gordon NOT TO TELL ANYONE about Two Face EVER! Because Batman can take the heat, he can be hated, but Harvey Dent needed to remain a good symbol for Gotham City.

movieraider321 on Jul 20, 2008


The mobster that batman dropped and broke his legs (falconie?)....walking around with a cane now....sounds like the penguin to me...

Foxen09 on Jul 20, 2008


patricia is a stupid whore who i hope dies

greg on Jul 20, 2008


Okay, Jesse #22, either you are completely joking or you are a complete idiot. That being said, here's my take on things, and this is not considering Heath Ledger's untimely death. They probably can't replace him, and I don't think they should, but in a perfect world I think the Joker needs to come back for the third installment, and I am pretty sure that those were the initial plans. You don't create such an iconic character and NOT kill him off at the end. I think there was obvious intention to bring him back... So finally, here's my angle: Two-Face is clearly the villain to lead into the third film. The entire focus of TDK was on Harvey and his transformation. We will now get the opportunity to see what this villain is truly capable of. He's not just a common criminal. We had Ra's Al Ghul in the first film whose goal was to cleanse societies of their filth and corruption to create a pure and better world from scratch. We had the Joker whose goal was the complete opposite, as he tried to reveal the weaknesses of people, exploit them and create chaos to intentionally turn people against one another for no true purpose other than his own enjoyment of watching the destruction of the human psyche. Now, with Two-Face we have a completely new kind of villain. A man who started with a grand and commendable vision, but whose great loss was the tipping point for him to turn against those who he had helped and hoped would be their to save him and those he cared for. This isn't just revenge. This is taking the demon in all of us, and setting it free. He is a huge threat to Gotham. He knows the inner workings of the city. he knows what buttons need to be pushed. He was the DA, a sly and methodical person who can manipulate things for his own case. And most importantly, he wants Batman dead. But I don't think he can do it alone. He needs someone's help. I think he is afraid to try and free the Joker, who could easily take things in the wrong direction. So he invests his time into finding a professional who has control over the side of things he knows little about. Warfare, terrorism, arms, etc... The Penguin. So introduce the Penguin (I think Philip Seymour Hoffman would be PERFECT), a former CIA operative gone rogue as a blackmarket arms dealer. An cunningly intelligent man who has let the corruption of the world destroy his morals, and who gets a thrill in contributing to an organized plan of attack. But I think this is where things go wrong. The Penguin is too cunning for Two-Face's own good, and takes things into his own hands. Two-Face loses control over his own grand scheme, and the Penguin heads the movement to take down Gotham. By the end of the film, Harvey Dent's Two-Face comes full circle, regretting his turn to evil and helps Batman by revealing key locations and people involved with the destruction of Gotham. I am convinced that there were intentions to bring The Joker back into the mix, and what better way to round out this trilogy than to bring him back in a trial throughout the film, then break him out of prison for an incredible last third of the film. He doesn't like what he sees. He doesn't like that Two-Face has lost control, and he especially doesn't like this Penguin fella taking control of things. So he should be the one to take out the Penguin, leaving the ultimate showdown to Batman vs the Joker. And I don't mean Batman just so happens to find the Joker in some lame construction building. The Joker lures Batman into a huge trap, making him a part of his unfinished game. But this time, the Joker wants blood. Or at least that's what he thinks, but he can't kill Batman when he gets the opportunity. He can't destroy his equal. In some accident at the end of the showdown though, something happens to the Joker, Batman tries to save him, but it's too late. The Joker is dead. Now, of course we can't forget about Batman himself. He is left extremely weak in the end of the second film. The people of Gotham will be after him. As Bruce Wayne settles back into the mansion, he will have to rethink his approach. He can't hang up his cape and cowl yet because Two-Face is about to let hell rain down on Gotham, but he takes a huge risk by doing nothing and watching his town burn to the ground. This film would be about a true hero who has to fight for what he knows is right, even if the masses are against him. It would be about discovering that even a symbol has limits, and that your strength has to be within your self and not dependent on something or someone else (Rachel). I think Batman will stand to stay in Gotham by the end of this film, realizing that the world is a better place if it can take care of itself, but that the duty of a hero is never done.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 20, 2008


Christopher Nolan is certainly one of the best directors to have graced Hollywood in recent history or ever. He is now faced with what only a few have been faced with. Can he match this movie, doubtful, but he can make a third film that solidifies an open story to one of the greatest trilogy's ever. With the box office numbers coming in so strong, I think of James Cameron and how intimidated by his Titantic success he was. Who wouldn't be. Goyer said he does not no how they could make a third as good, and Nolan said that they put everything they could come up with in this film to make a sequel that would be better than the first. I think they are telling the truth, but sat the same time that is certainly spin. They clearly have an agenda for the third. The arc of Harvey Dent was the central plot line to the Dark Knight, but the idea of Dent being Gotham future was only meant to shadow the sub plot, that Batman is the Gotham city's true hero, sacrificing everything he has for the peolpe he cares about, faceless and nameless peolpe. A man who grew up with everything in the material world a man could want, but was robbed of what all decent men yearn for( love/ family). His pain and suffering are the hopes of Gotham and Batman is her future. In the third film the show down for the soul of the city will come to a head. Harvey Dent is not dead, we know that from the interviews with Eckheart. Batman will battle Harvey to realize his own destiny and understand the true scope of his contribution as batman. The city will find that there greatest gift was man who takes no credit for anything he accomplishes and always put the needs of the people first. He will battle Harvey and in the search for indentity, Batman will win. Over Harvey, Two Face, and Bruce. I could see the riddler or the penguin as characters, and either way I would like to see Edward Norton play the character. I think that making Norton the penguin as an arms dealer that is a little more cool and smooth, and working with dent would make for good fun, and serve the true purpose of the story, to solidify Batman's Legend. I would love the title to be Batman:Legend or simply Batman since he will have found his true place hoisted upon gothams buildings by its citizens. Nolan will do a third, knows what he wants to do on some level, and is going to make sure that he gets paid very well, just like Favereu did with Iron Man. They both deserve it.

Tyler on Jul 20, 2008


The key thing to remember here is what Nolan has done with the series. As with Spiderman 3, it's a BAD idea to make things more supernatural. We all love Venom, sure, but his institution into Spiderman 3 (along with The Sandman's shaky back story) detracted a lot of the realism that had been generated. Nolan won't do something like Clayface or Mr. Freeze because they don't play into his style. It's hard to imagine the Penguin being brought back, either. Although, his darkness might fit the mold. It's kind of sad because with Ledger still alive, there's no end in sight. With the Joker playing main fiddle, the villains could be endless. With him gone, it's hard to imagine who could carry the "dark" side like Ledger's Joker did. The bar is set ridiculously high now.

Nate on Jul 20, 2008


Just submitted my idea. It's about Bruce giving up the Batman costume and isolating himself, but after a string of bank robberies from a "copy cat" criminal he puts the mask back on, and meets this new female "copy cat" villain who's apparently a puppet in someone else's big scheme. I'm not gonna say who my villains are, only the person who reads my e-mail and whoever they tell will know, but I'll give you a hint. The female isn't Catwoman.

Kail on Jul 20, 2008


#48, I think your Hoffman arms dealer character is the villain from Mission Impossible 3. And... I think he died in that movie.

Alfred on Jul 20, 2008


If Nolan decides to continue with the third installment...he will do it without replacing the Ledger with another actor. Consider the Joker finished for the series...unless he's simply mentioned from here on out. To keep the series realistic and marketable is the introducing a minor character that mainstream audiences do not know would be a long stretch. do so would not be a step towards attempting to step the series up. Let's not say we're trying to do better than TDK, but that we're looking to keep it relevant and comparable in scope. We're going to need to two villains. The enemy will now come from within Gotham. With the manhunt on for Batman and Gordon being the only one who knows the truth, it'll be a tough one for the commissioner as well. He faces competition and distrust from his own police officers...especially the new head of the special crimes unit that he used to head up. The new villian will be in league with the cops and will use an external force (another villian) to lure Batman in. This external force could be The Riddler...really only a puppet...but still a factor of "elevation" which requires Batman's attention. In the story the Riddler, though a serious threat, could end up only being a ploy---an actual attempt to recreat the panic of the Joker by an internal threat. This internal threat could be posed by Black Mask or Thalia Al Ghul among other possibilities. There is also the possible threat to Bruce Wayne...not just Batman. He could have competition from another billionaire, whom will use criminal means to become the next "prince of gotham". This could be Oswald Cobblepot's chance. "Penguin" would have to be the name his competitors and associates give him based on his physical appearance...which would make him very self-conscious and eventually ruthless. It would be feasible. I think both of these plots could work well.

Parr on Jul 20, 2008


I would really, really like to see Nolan avoiding characters with mysterious special powers or anything too cartoony. I like what he's doing with the series. Then again, the Joker seems cartoony, right? But he pulled that off and made him a living, breathing, believable being.

Shoop on Jul 20, 2008


Hmm... seems I'm the only one to mention Robin so far... :/ Oh well, I guess after, "Batman Forever", it's hard for any non-comic book reader to take Robin seriously :/. Too bad really.

LW on Jul 20, 2008


500 words minium or max? And with the way nolan is running things I cant see a lazerus pit or a soap opera cop out like bringing two face back from the apparent dead.

Rodan8812 on Jul 20, 2008


batman vs. chuck norris!!

mike on Jul 20, 2008


I'm not a comic book reader but I think I know enough to say or put my ideas out there for all of you! I think that the joker should be in the 3rd flim but the bar as joker is set way to high for another actor to replace him. The joker is the main villian of batman because they are complete opposites of each other! They should have more two-face in the 3rd movie because TDK showed how he became two-face and how he thinks. Two-face should team up with the riddler and I think Edward Norton would be a great choice for the riddler. But some how there must be away to have the joker in this flim and have the joker break outta of jail and find out who is trying to take over his job has the main vilian of Gotham!! it should end with a battle with the batman vs. joker infront of the the city if gotham and its citizens to show them that batman is the hero that protects them and takes no credit for it!!

wild weed on Jul 20, 2008


I vote for Harley Quinn as the next villain. They can't continue the Joker without Ledger, but they can continue the Joker's spirit through Harley Quinn. I say they build on the success they've had with the Joker as a villain and continue his story with Harley. Whoever plays Harley would definitely need to be inspired by Heath Ledger's role as the Joker.

Musicman on Jul 20, 2008


I haven't gotten to read all the posts, so if anyone's thought of this already, forgive me. What if they bring in Harley Quinn, and tie her character to the Joker's origin story about having a wife with a carved face? Sure it would stray pretty far from the original character, but would make a great movie.

TCox on Jul 20, 2008


Yeah, I'll agree that a femme fatale should be part of the third film. It is really the one element that could make Batman's character even more vulnerable and susceptible to defeat. I think Two-Face is a given though. He didn't die. it looked like he did, but there is no evidence that he actually did. And the more I think about it, Bruce Wayne needs to be openly at risk here as well. If it is just Batman then we are just following the other films. But to follow the progression of Batman as a character, we need to not only put Batman at risk, but Bruce Wayne as well. His character hasn't really evolved and seems far to separate from his dark alter-ego. The two need to come together both physically and figuratively.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 20, 2008


A bit too much like Batman Returns with Catwoman, but I do think something along this dynamic needs to happen.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 20, 2008


Two-Face didn't die he was still breathing look closely his stomach is raising. when was there a funeral for Harvey? the movie ended as Batman got onto the highway i don't recall seeing a funeral. I posted my story its called Shadow of the Bat (a title i got off DC comics message board) my story is basically two years have passed since Dark Knight the number of freaks in gotham as grown and the mob is trying to rebuild thus a war against the mob and the Freaks (Paul Giamatti as Penguin hmm good idea) collateral damage brings Dick Grayson into the picture (The kid from sweeny todd the demon barber of fleet street (the costume from Jim Lee's All-star Batman and Robin before he went old school with it)) it ends with Batman restoring his name and all that stuff. it begins a new chapter of the Batman begins series (as BB and DK are one chapter) number 6 i agree the cgi wasn't all that good for Two-Face but as for Batman knowning about the death threat number of possiblities he saw joker and his thugs on an elevator camera or he has the bat computer moniter for things like that maybe alfred was in the kitchen and saw it on tv and warned Bruce. Nolan and company were already pushing it with the time he said they shaved off like ten minutes from the film just except things happen of screen besides he's Batman (not a perfect excuse but in the comics he knows everything and we never find out how he just knows) and Bruce just took the tumbler wasn't to concerned about someone blackmailing him as it didnt pertain to the mission; and Bruce is always alone its the price of being Batman he cant have a normal life. I think Nolan could do Robin justice honestly just keep move Robin into Batman's dark bleak world and not move Batman into a child's fantasy world. 21 while we have no way of knowing until the sequel (if and when) but Joker letting someone who knows Batman's idenitity live is very unlikely. Taila's last name is Head not Al Ghoul. and instead of lazarus pit right before the train crashed Ra's closed his eyes how about he transfered his spirit? like Ken Wantabe was the real Ra's until he died in the temple fire and transfered his spirit to Ducard? For a romantic interest I say catwoman (the whole secret life thing they both share) and bring in all the villians its do able it really is.

Samuel Anderson on Jul 20, 2008


What about a fem fatal? Not Catwoman, not Posion Ivy, but Harley Quinn. Now I know that I've said a lot about this possible plot line but it holds a lot of ideas. Bruce Wayne lost Rachel Dawes, the woman he loved. Now Quinn could come as his new love interest and betray him in the end and he is forced to bring her down. I know Joker and Quinn have a sort of Romance invloved in the stories. Now Nolan could make her Joker's number one fan, and try to copy cat him. First demoralize Batman/Bruce Wayne, second start attacking Gotham, attacking the people. And finally attempt to become Jokers counter part, as the most vicious enemy Batman has ever fought against. Its an idea that needs more time to grow. NOW DOES ANYBODY SEE THIS AS A POSSIBLE STORY LINE FOR BATMAN?

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2008


I think you should put in Bane, Robin, and Clayface. I also think they should bring back Ra's Al Ghul. He isn't dead because he has the Lazarus Pit to keep him immortal. The life of Clayface should be told and he should be in right away. Defeat him right away and try to get him help. Then, have the story of Robin. When Bane comes in, have Robin leave like he does in the comics. Make Bane hard to beat. Then have Ra's jump in. You don't fight him until the end. Then, have Clayface break free and have Robin come back as Nightwing in the end to help take out Bane and Clayface. Then find Ra's in the end on his new island of League Of Shadow ninjas and have Ra's almost destroy Nightwing but Batman comes back and they both fight Ra's and put him in prison.

Matthew Kraning on Jul 20, 2008


Isn't Ra's Al Goul imortal? i dont think that train wreck killed him. after the joker the penguin is a bad idea. ridler would have to be like the villian in Seven for it to b good. no robin. two face is dead. catwoman is a waste. scarecrow maybe. topping ledger will b tough. i think nolan will find something.

Foxy on Jul 20, 2008


#46 - That was Sal Maroni. In the comics, he was the one who scarred Dent's face with acid. And it's not clear if he's even alive after the car overturned in TDK. #64 - Her name is Talia al Ghul. Talia Head is an alias. Anyways, I think this contest is a pretty cool idea, though I can't think of a story to write myself. And while I would be a big fan of the return of Ra's al Ghul, I think the idea of a Lazarus pit might be too far-fetched for the universe Nolan has created. I think that's also why he won't use characters like Freeze and Ivy.

Navo on Jul 20, 2008


Er... three posters I've already seen and a Hardcover copy of a thin graphic novel that I've already read... is it really worth it?

Xypher on Jul 20, 2008


Maybe i'm being too arrogant, but i think its pretty obvious where a third could head. Given that the Nolan's and Goyer are hugely respectful of the Frank Miller initiated take on batman one might assume a 'dark victory' type storyline where the freaks emerge from everywhere to rule the city. Yet given the Begins & TDK style i think we would be loooking at something much deeper, ala the dark knight returns. Except batman is not older. This type of storyline is given more weight when one considers the emergence of the copycat batmans in TDK. So essentially the city falls into chaos as the established orders (as in mob, DA, Police force, even the batman) have now been disrupted, as predicted by the joker, ordinary citizens do progress to turn on themselves and various gangs emerge. In a small section of the community the batmans actions have unintentionally inspired an army of followers who have lost all faith in gotham, they act on his examples yet without his blessing. For whatever reason (insert preferred villain with grand scheme here), the city becomes completely isolated and plunged into darkness. The various gangs create havoc, causing the batman to enlist the help of his followers to re-establish order. They succeed, batman defeats (insert preferred villain), all just as the sun rises in gotham. Thus the batman is redeemed, the city is allowed to save itself (which is what the league of shadows wanted, yet batman is vindicated in achieveing the same goal without killing), and batman becomes something more than one man, a symbol and a legend, forever watching over gotham. This is also quite nicely tied into the themes of the previous two films while still allowing its own independant progression to the story.

Rick on Jul 20, 2008


There was a funeral for Harvey Dent. James Gordon was eulogizing him at the end! I don't want to be rude, because I'm actually a pretty nice guy, but seriously... did you guys watch this movie, or was the 2.5 hours too long for your attention spans? That should be evidence enough for any sane person to believe that Harvey Dent will not make another appearance as Twoface in the third movie, unless you're foolish enough to actually think that all of the cops at the warehouse, including Jim Gordon, just up and left his body there and he got up later. I mean, seriously? I guess when he was eulogizing his friend, the coffin was empty and he was like, "Well, oops. Guess we forgot him at the warehouse. Oh wellz! He'll be back!" Do you walk out of well-explaned movies with thoughts like this in your head? They don't have to make a whole scene out of something for it to be "explained". Use critical thinking to fill in the rest! R?'s al Gh?l was something of an immortal in the comic book series, yes, but if you've noticed, Nolan's films have been all about making the campy seem as realistic as possible. To accomplish this with R?'s al Gh?l, they merged him with an entirely separate character from Batman comic mythos, Henri Ducard, which made the character but a mere mortal. And he died a mortal's death at the end of Batman Begins. He won't be coming back. Scarecrow would have been a decent choice if they hadn't made him such a farce in TDK's opening scenes. Still, maybe there's room for redemption as a respectable villain in the third film, who knows. Catwoman is a likely choice for the third movie. The "cat" reference in TDK all but confirms this. Halle Berry's disaster of a movie has tarnished the name of Catwoman, and you can just imagine David S. Goyer and the Nolan brothers scheming about how to make that character seem less ridiculous by introducing her into their new hit franchise. The movie was an obvious setup for a Joker return, but that idea is now marginal with the death of Heath Ledger. Don't expect anybody to even think about writing a script, directing a movie, or choosing to act as the character after such an iconic last performance to Ledger. Nobody would freaking dare to look like such a Hollywood huckster. As for my guesses about the story, I think that they will attempt to wrap things up in the third movie. I think this will be a self-contained three movie story arc, as somebody has to realize that we'll go straight to schlock once again after Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale bow out of the series. Batman dying or Bruce Wayne being exposed could possibly play into that, but overall, I can just about guarantee you'll feel some closure in some thematic way by the end of the third movie. My guesses as to the villains would be Catwoman, Black Mask, and Holiday and/or The Hangman. These are the remaining villains that best play into Nolan's dark themes.

James Silveus on Jul 20, 2008


Batman would never enlist the help of others.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 20, 2008


#60 HARLEY QUINN should be brought in for a love interest for BRUCE and an enemy for Batman, she can hide her evil alter ego from him and battle him on the side. Then they both learn of each others secrets and then the rest could play out. Somebody finally is on the same page!

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2008


~Batmans Demise~ Ok... a few things about the movie first. I was reading above and saw that someone else saw that Harvey "Two Face" Dent was still breathing, which could possibly be an accident who knows. Anyway they have not officially killed him just yet. Aaron Eckhart is way to good of an actor for director Christopher Nolan to pass up on. Even in Ledgers real life death which was a tragedy, the joker could be anybody due to Heath Ledgers amazing make up artists. The Joker has and will always be Batman's greatest villain. The Joker was last seen hanging upside down dangling over the busy streets of Gotham city. The Batman makes a hasty escape when flashlights come up the stairs possibly the police or Jokers henchman. Either way the Joker is out and back on the town. In the middle of the movie Joker gave the police and Batman a choice. Save Rachel "Maggie Gyllenhaal" or Harvey Dent "Aaron Eckhart," Batman chooses Harvey for the reason he can save Gotham city. One lives and one dies were lead to believe that Rachel is the one that perishes. The Joker hurts people by attacking their hearts not always trying to kill them. For instance, the bank at the beginning of the movie when Joker had put a grenade into Harvey Dent's mouth; we were lead to believe that it was a explosive grenade which we know its just smoke. Now whats the one thing that will bring The Batman to his knees, Rachel. Lets say the Joker lied and she was not on the street that he told Batman she was on. The explosion of her building was just a set up to make Harvey "Two Face" Dent hate The Batman, which inherently worked. The Jokers next move is to make Rachel believe that Harvey Dent is dead because of Batman. After a long while the process works thus introducing the next villain, Jokers right hand women. Harley Quinn "Maggie Gyllenhaal" who has the face and the body to tackle the role of Harley. Here we have one hell of a plot. The traditional Batman vs Joker and Harley Quinn who Batman does not know is Rachel. At the same time Batman is challenged by Two face who is still angry he let Rachel die. The Joker struggles to keep "Two Face" from knowing Rachel's alive, and they all want the same thing "kill the Batman." Now how about that for a triple threat. In the end Harvey finds Rachel is alive which sparks her memories of him. Bruce Wayne is forced to let her go, and the Joker is the only one who basically gets "bitch slapped." Sorry thats a lot to read.

Jay Baldridge on Jul 20, 2008


i agree with #16 going to original is the best nolan will surprise every one with the third one tittle should be gotham some how have johnny depp in the story

alan on Jul 20, 2008


People reading comments into a discussion whose premise is "where will the new Batman series go next" should assume spoilers by default and avoid the conversation altogether. I have no sympathy for anybody who is spoiled by anything I or anybody else here has said. In any case, in response to the counterpoint to my argument, yes.. they could, if they wanted to throw sense out of the window just to give Twoface some more screentime. But should they, or would they? It's doubtful. Harvey Dent was the main character of The Dark Knight, essentially. I didn't bother timing, but it at least felt like he had the most screen time out of every principal character in that movie. He was the real counterpoint to Batman/Bruce Wayne, the Joker was more like a force of nature or deus ex machina; without rhyme or reason (or even a backstory, he frequently lied about his just to prove that to us!), he moved the plot and gave context to Batman's exploits, but it was Harvey Dent's spiralling fall into becoming Twoface, a sort of dark mirror to Batman's own origin story in the first film, that was the meat of the film. My question is, beyond it not only be practically unsensible to "resurrect" Twoface just so he can flip coins and shoot folks in the third movie because HE DIED in The Dark Knight, why do you need to see him do that? His story is complete, and it was fantastic just the way it was.

James Silveus on Jul 20, 2008


to #73 Dr. Harley Quinzell is Harley Quinn, not Rachel 🙂 Dr. Quinzell was raped by the Joker and manipulated as well.

LW on Jul 20, 2008


i think # 73 has a good idea three against one

alan on Jul 20, 2008


ok, this needs to be settled. DID TWO-FACE DIE OR NOT? i say he died.

Matt Suhu on Jul 20, 2008


to #70 The funeral, the way I see it, is a cover-up for Harvey Dent having become Two-Face. This way, whatever Two-Face does in the future, it will never tarnish Dent, cause people will just be like, "I swear that guy looks so familiar", ((in which case Two-Face will flip a coin and kill him/her after)). Batman is willing to go to extremes to protect Gotham's 'White Knight', so a cover-up funeral isn't out of the question.

LW on Jul 20, 2008


71... There was no funeral, and if there was, it was a coverup. Batman made it clear to Gordon that they couldn't reveal what happened to Harvey Dent and had to portray him as a savior. So as far as I am concerned, this eulogy was put together to keep the people of Gotham content and hopeful. In fact, this is exactly what happened. And I don't believe they would take an entire film to set up and develop a tragic character like Two-Face (in fact the entire focus of the film was on Dent) and just off him in a matter of minutes. We explored his good side for an entire film and how it was turned to evil. Now is the time to explore his tragic side, which given the emotional exploration they put into TDK, means Two-Face will realize his mistakes by the end of the 3rd film to round out his character emotionally. Of course this will all come before he dies in some tragic manner. Nolan is too smart to have made Dent a disposable character for TDK. And I really think that Two-Face has a LOT of potential for film 3 to really go off the deep end and become a terribly dark villain. As for Catwoman, I say no way. She would have to be a love interest of Bruce Wayne's and it's been done already. I think Nolan will go in an unexpected direction. And yeah, you're right I think. The Joker was set up for a third film. What a damn tragedy! Now HE would have rounded out the trilogy with a bang. Call me crazy and throw tomatoes and bricks at my face, but if they could pull off the Joker in 100% convincing CG and dub his voice, I would say do it. but this is my wishful thinking. it's not possible, and it would be stupid to try. But in a dreamworld, I would say they should consider it.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 20, 2008


They ARE covering things up already, they're covering up the killing spree he already did in TDK. The funeral was there to help cement Dent's image as "The White Knight", while Batman takes the heat for killing people associated with the Joker in the wake of his warehouse and hospital bombing. Why does this all have to be an elaborate ruse for a Twoface return? And moreover, what do you expect him to do in the third movie if he was brought back? Don't you think that the emotional impact of his lapse into Twoface would be shamed if he came back? For example, look at the way Batman is handled in the second film. Because we've moved out of Batman's origin story, the movie starts out with the cops dealing with Batman under the tables. The emotional impact of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman is mute, and it's more like business as usual. That's part of the reason why he's plays third fiddle despite being the movie's apparent headliner and main character. The whole movie was about the tragedy of Harvey Dent's final days, and how situations and manipulations can make even the best of men go bad. There was an emotional impact in Twoface's last moments in the warehouse with Gordon's family. Does it make sense to just bring him back like they did Scarecrow in TDK? Flip some coins, shoot some folks, get taken out? Business as usual. It would do a disservice to the entire second film.

James Silveus on Jul 20, 2008


73... Rachel is dead buddy. The flames rushing toward her ugly little face told me so... Secondly, when did the Joker out a grenade in Harvey Dent's mouth in the beginning? Do you mean in the bank, with the bank manager? That wasn't Harvey. And not a real grenade, just smoke? Why do you think a line was strung from the grenade and into the bus? Where did that big explosion come from? From the bank manager's mouth, that's where. Go watch the movie again.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 20, 2008


I gotta go with #79 on this one. I felt like it was more a cover up than an actual funeral. It was such a big deal for Batman to protect Dent's image, that he himself took the blame for Harvey's murders. With the dath of Ledger, it seems logical for the Nolan brothers to do what they do and make the impossible seem possible. With all the twists and turns in The Dark Knight, it should be obvious to everyone who has seen it, that nothing is exactly as it seems. As I said before in #10: Bring in Penguin, and have Harvey Two-Face resurface. Another thing to consider is: Where did all the money go that Lau hid? He was locked away, and the Joker didn't have it. Someone knows where it is. Why not let that be a starting point of Batman 3? The Penguin could very well be the man in possesion of the money (and power) and the remaining (or should I say living) crime bosses could be trying to get it back. The logical explanation for The Jokers absense in the next movie would be to just say that he was apprehended and sent to Arkham Asylum. I like the idea of Harley Quinn being worked in somewhere. Maybe she could be the one taking over Joker's operations while he's away.

TCox on Jul 20, 2008


81... I would just argue that we only see the transition of Harvey Dent into Two-Face. He does not yet understand the potential he has and only plays around with his uncontrollable emotions in the end of the film. There is no exploration into the dynamic of who he is as a villain now. The entire film was a setup for Two-Face. We have no idea how extreme he can be and how deep his hatred runs.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jul 20, 2008


This is not a suggestion or idea for a third film, but it is a thought: Wether we like it or not, Catwoman plays a huge part in the Batman saga. And like I said, I'm not saying, "put her in the third film" or anything... all I'm saying is that Catwoman is a major character in Gotham. Maybe... maybe one day Nolan can make a film called, "Catwoman: A Gotham Tale", ((or something like that)), with the obvious magic Nolan-touch and bring back some dignity to her character like he did with Batman... maybe. Also, on a side note, before it can be bought up: Not Black Canary. Her storyline is far too locked and interwoven within the DC Universe, with so many characters, that it's impossible to just have 'explained' in a third Batman movie. and to #83 That money was burned. You probably missed it... I don't know how.. it was a huge scene! lol

LW on Jul 20, 2008


** sorry, meant to say: and to #83 That money was burned. You probably missed it… I don't know how you missed it.. it was a huge scene! lol

LW on Jul 20, 2008


#73: "Save Rachel "Maggie Gyllenhaal" or Harvey Dent "Aaron Eckhart," Batman chooses Harvey for the reason he can save Gotham city." "For instance, the bank at the beginning of the movie when Joker had put a grenade into Harvey Dent's mouth; we were lead to believe that it was a explosive grenade which we know its just smoke." just curious, did you watch the same movie as the rest of us...?

ok_wtf on Jul 20, 2008


BIG QUESTION -- -- How did joker get the money to burn? I thought Lau had transported all of the mob's cash to Hong Kong. -- -- Don't get me wrong. I think the movie is a master-piece, and I'm all about suspending my disbelief, but this was the one thing that I couldn't fill the gap in for myself.

Ryan on Jul 20, 2008


84.. I would respectfully disagree, as Harvey Dent was written for the screen in a more traditional revenge film style, and reintroducing him into the third film would be The Road Warrior to Mel Gibson's Mad Max. After accomplishing what his psyche transformed to do, he drives off into the night, to become something incredibly more overproduced, predictable, and boring. This is coming from a guy who thought Eckhart's performance in TDK was the most deft, if not as iconic and scene-stealing as Ledger's. It is perhaps this respect of his performance and the amount of screen time the character got that I feel his story, in cinematic terms, is satisfactorily closed. If this were a TV series or a comic book, I'm sure he'd be back the next issue and would go on dying and coming back for decades, but in the context of a film series, I think I've seen enough of Twoface. There are still many villains of the Batman mythos that can be reworked into believable characters and placed into Nolan's series. Black Mask was actually rumored to be in the second film in its early stages of screenwriting, but was cut by the final draft. I'm going to continue to argue his likeliness of appearing in the third film.

James Silveus on Jul 20, 2008


SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!! Hey James, maybe he will pull a joker and pretend to be dead in a bodybag? You never know, he could overtake Gordan really easy and just run, or gordan might escape with him and take him to like arkham and keep him there. I just can't see anybody could be so positive he is dead, you didn't see a coffin, him being actually dead, or anything. And Nolan showed us DENT being dead, by batman showing just his good side, which i took it as meaning Dent is dead, but two face is alive.

Coolness on Jul 20, 2008


i'm still editing mine cuz its really long, but there's nothing like a little Oswald Chester Cobblepot to wreak havoc upon Gotham. him and his cronies will eventually take over Gotham now that Bruce is in hiding, and the only way to stop Penguin is to convince Batman to go to his crime-stopping ways. there's nobody better to do that than gordon, who if u remember was told by Batman at the end that dent as right, he has lived long enough to see himself become the villain. after countless attempts to convince Batman, he agrees to help the men who were just out to get him take down Penguin and his mob. please dont be any batgirl or catwoman! i'm begging you. since Batman needs a love interest, i chose Poison Ivy, who can control plants. she is taken in by Oswald, who is amazed with her ability and thinks it can come in handy. she is instructed to seduce Bruce until he is lured into the Penguin's hands. since she has a love-hate relationship with Batman, she has a sudden change of heart, this leaves Penguin to do the job himself, leading to the climax at the end between Penguin and Batman, where he ultimately prevails and restores order once again to Gotham City. since no sequel will ever compare to that of the dark knight, this contest seems to be useless, but if they are gonna make a trilogy, excluding the Penguin would be a huge mistake. i also think it would be cool if the writers left their own mark in the Batman saga and created their owen villain instead of just the same old same old

LeeMan on Jul 20, 2008


Riddler and Catwoman!!! Nuff said!!! Please don't bring back the Joker... and as someone mentioned earlier, don't bring back Two Face either.. cause this Batman world that Nolan has created is geared more towards the real world, it'll be too cheesy to bring him back from the dead.... well at least that's the assumption.

Omega728 on Jul 20, 2008


To #90 Sorry, that plot is nowhere near the origin stories of Penguin and Poison Ivy. I heavily... heavily... heavily...... heavily, disagree with those paragraphs. Plus Batgirl?! She's just a wee baby in 'Dark Knight'. So she's already in there, wether you want her to be or not 😀 lol

LW on Jul 20, 2008


to #88 - I don't remember *where* Lao said he put it, because AFAIK, he didn't actually say in the film. No reason it couldn't have been within an hour of Gotham, or even in a warehouse at the docks?

Greg on Jul 20, 2008


There wasn't a funeral, but there was a press conference announcing his death.

DCompose on Jul 20, 2008


Health Ledger jumps outta the closet and says "Surprise"

Tyler on Jul 20, 2008


ok # 87 it wasn't Harvey that had a grenade put into his mouth by the joker... just so you know!...idk how you thought it was harvey but whatever haha!

joker_BA on Jul 20, 2008


I know where it shouldn't go. Any Regal Cinema theatre. Just got back from (attempting) to see TDK. The big conversation between Bats & Joker in the interrogation room starts AND THE FUCKING FILM JUMPS THE TRACK!!! So we're sitting there for 15 minutes, they finally get the film running again only now there's NO SOUND. So the theater tries to make up for it by giving free passes. (In a stroke of genius my wife tells 'em we're in a party of six people scoring four extra passes) We stand in the back of another showing waiting about an hour to pick up where we left off. THANK YOU REGAL CINEMA FOR FUCKING UP THE FILM EVENT OF THE YEAR!!! Cinematic blue ball really hurts...

jason_md2020 on Jul 20, 2008


Is it minimum or maximum. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

gmanb282 on Jul 20, 2008


Any way enough of the rant. Joker & Riddler are two different motives. Joker said he's not a "schemer" where as the Riddler is nothing but. Here's an Idea for Riddler: Get Kevin Spacey to do it. And before you ask, I'm not thinking of him as Lex Luthor in Superman Returns. I'm thinking more along the lines of John Doe in Se7en...

jason_md2020 on Jul 20, 2008


I completely agree with #100. The Joker and The Riddler are completely different villains. The Joker is choas. The Riddler is opposite in that he is a brilliant criminal strategist. I think that Nolan could do a great job with this character, taking him beyond the Jim Carrey version that is the common view the masses have of him. He is an incredibly obessesive complusive with his riddles and puzzles, his complusions would be an excellent source of drama for the character. I also agree with 100 in that the actor should be someone, like Kevin Spacey, who is well-known for his darker roles. An actor like that could bring such depth to the Riddler.

movie_madness2345 on Jul 20, 2008


In terms of realistic villains that can be thought about: Riddler The Ventriliquist Azrael The Penguin Catwoman (anti-hero more like) Doctor Death (one of Batman's earliest, EARLIEST villains) The Monk (another early, early villain) Talia Al'Ghul and Lady Shiva Deathstroke Deadshot, (eventhough I can see Deathstroke beating the crap out of Deadshot later on in the film) Harley Quinn Hush, (too early?) The Mad Hatter (too controversial since he's a pedophile?) The Riddler Bane Calendar Man Cat Man In terms of villains that are still quite possible and can be used to tell grand part of Batman's life: Man-Bat Mr. Freeze Poison Ivy Clayface(s)... ((that's right... with a plural)) Killer Croc, (in the comics, he starts off as a circus freak who filed his teeth down and killed people) Blockbuster Dr. Hugo Strange Batzarro ((yep... I went there. lol)) and dare I add... Lex Luthor. What a 'Superman' tie-in _that_ would be! 😀

LW on Jul 20, 2008


The Joker tricked Batman into saving Dent. He told him Rachel was at this location but really he had Dent there, Batman said he was going after Rachel, and the cops were going for Dent, Ipso Facto, Rachel Died and Harvey Lived!

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2008


I have one word for the charicter they need to introduce in the next batman movie!!! BATMITE!! haha...jk... There are 3 major villains nobody have mentioned and they have never appeared in any of the films HUSH Killer Crock The Ventriloquist and Scarface. As far as a plot line I agree..Batman Redemption. They need to continue the cycle and complete the series...if anyone wants to make another Batman they will have to start their own saga...FINISH IT!

matt on Jul 21, 2008


To #83, Don't mean to be rude to you, but really did you fall sleep during the movie? Batman CHOSE RACHAEL!!. The Joke made Batman to choose the wrong person!!!

Joe C. on Jul 21, 2008


I seriously think that the Joker should be a part of the next movie, he is the fundamental Batman villain, and there has to be some sort of closure to his state in TDK, you can't just say "He is in Arkham" because it's nothing for him to bust outta there. Yes I do realize that this trouble only arises because of Heath Ledgers untimely passing (R.I.P.), but I don't think that it would be impossible to create. I just loved the way Nolan(s) developed the character of Joker, yes he was portrayed MAGNIFICENTLY by Heath, but the development had to come from somewhere. There is just so much more material left for Joker, it would be a shame to waste.

liam on Jul 21, 2008


I think with the name Riddler being thrown around alot, it's safe to say that Christopher Nolan should pick the Riddler as the next possible batman villain. As to who would play him, my bet is on BRAD PITT! Look at that the darker roles he's played: Se7en Twelve Monkeys Fight Club The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford And what would be an excellent role to come, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Christopher Nolan should make the Riddler an obsessive compulsive as he was portrayed in the early days of comics. Also, he should mix elements from Memento, where he puts the various main characters into situations by his clues.

James Valentino on Jul 21, 2008


Bring back the Joker; the character is way too important to the series not to. I think the Johnny Depp direction would be great, can't think of anyone else who could pull it off and actually make us believe he was it all along (absolutely nothing against Heath Ledger's performance, this was the greatest acting performance I have ever seen hands down) but if anybody could do it like he did it's Johnny D. And the Joker HAS to come back, they can't let this tragedy effect this potentially legendary story. Besides with the makeup and the voice it wouldn't be like replacing Bruce Wayne himself like before. And Harvey Dent isn't dead; his funeral was a cover-up by Gordon and Batman. Dent is locked away deep inside Arkham. My idea would be, the Joker goes through trial and sentencing between films, we find out his real name and story, and the third film would start him out in prison for life. Batman is currently in hiding and with the Joker away crime is down in Gotham (for the time being). But from the ashes of the Joker's destruction comes a sort of copy cat criminal, a joker obsessed enthusiast no name who starts to make a name for himself with "double homicide, armed robbery" that sort of thing just like the man himself. He visits the Joker in prison as basically a fan, and the joker snubs him, makes him feel like nothing, doesn't want anything to do with him. And just like a rejected obsessed fan, he hates the Joker after that and turns into his enemy dressing in a similar style suit as the ex-idol, but green, with bright orange hair. He starts pulling off major bank robberies, infiltrating the mafia, and taking police hostage. One day he crashes a Wayne Enterprise board meeting killing several board members and taking Bruce Wayne hostage. After every bank robbery, burglary, murder, kidknapping he leaves an envelope with a riddle in it as to where the police can find him or his hostages; it's at that point that the people and the police of Gotham call him "The Riddler" which is a name that he hates and fuels his rage even further. While in prison, the Joker starts to take notice of these happenings and decides he NEEDS to get out now, so Joker being the Joker he devises a plan to escape, which works. With Bruce Wayne in his possession, the Riddler calls for Batman to come out of hiding, and every day he doesn't someone dies. The Joker sees that on the news which naturally infuriates him because that's his play. Bruce Wayne makes contact with Lucious Fox who locates him and extracts him and the others with the help of the police, but not without major opposition from Riddler who eventually gives up and gets away. And then comes the best scene in the whole movie; the first encounter between the two villians which will be hilarious and seriously scary at the same time. A conversation, a fight, whatever; they eventually part ways, but not without a promise on both parts that the other is going to die before this is all over. Bruce Wayne finally makes it back to the newly rebuilt Wayne Manor where he kicks the Batcave back into gear, and the new Batmobile is revealed. The crime fighting begins and from that point on Batman has total control unlike in TDK. The Riddler breaks into the asylum and presents Harvey Dent/Two-Face with a proposition to take down the Joker "and Batman too" says Dent "yeah that too, obviously" replies the Riddler. And all this will lead up to a climax of epic proportions with {The Joker vs The Riddler and Two-face} vs Batman} vs the Police. The Riddler dies, Two-Face dies after Batman tries to save him and The Joker gets away which will lead to a fourth movie which will be a Batman/Joker showdown that will be the end of both characters to wrap it up.

Matt on Jul 21, 2008


I think you guys who think two face will come back have missed some important things. Firstly they pretty much say he is dead when they talk about him being the hero they needed, but that doesnt matter. The reason he cant come back is that the point of the movie was that batman can be someone hated, so he took the blame for harvey. If twoface comes back people will realize he is not dead, so the police are liars so maybe he killed the people and batman is not the villain they say. This would totally contradict the ending, thereby making this movie much less substantial. Also to the idea of the riddler, he is such a dumb character. He has no menace and is absolutley silly. I dont think he could hold a movie at all on his own, especially not the final movie. And as for the joker, i feel like he could be redone, but it would have to be very delicate. I think if they could find a suitable actor, they could play him in a different way as opposed to trying to emulate heath. The joker is an essential character to batman and it would be a shame to have to sacrifice the story. I doubt thats what heath ledger would have wanted, who was so dedicated to the role.

lono on Jul 21, 2008


now that you mention mementto, why not (and this only if it is the riddler the next villian) have that dude guy pearce play him? i think he could pull it off, he has th right look....and they could probably go berserker and do ´war games´series with black mask making his film debut

araiza on Jul 21, 2008


Has any one mentioned The Mad Hatter? Or a return of Scarecrow? Personally, I'd be fine without a third movie. Too many possibilities - Robin, Catwoman, etc. I trust the Nolan brothers, but a successful follow-up is gonna be tough. Guess we'll have to see in the next few years what they come up with.

Delvis on Jul 21, 2008


#107, Matt, I like your thinking, The Joker is simply epic.

liam on Jul 21, 2008


#107, Matt, I DON'T like your thinking. You just went out on a limb and 'made-up' a backstory for the Riddler. You're also basically saying, "yeah, Nolan should just make stuff up about Riddler and stop using the books as reference". Like, who do you think Nolan is?... Frank Miller? lol ^^ #110, Yeah, with 112 posts now I guess it is kind of hard to keep track now 😀 lol

LW on Jul 21, 2008


If Edward Nygma were to return I would more envision Steve Buscemi for that kind of role considering the dark and gritty nature of the film. But then what about a trifecta of females - like the Anti-Charlies Angels: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman.. maybe some new female mafia/cartel of sorts?

Psybil on Jul 21, 2008


Do you think it is maybe to be understood that the joker DID die in the film? Maybe out of sympathy for Ledger they didn't show the actually death? After all he did somewhat foreshadow falling with the line about gravity and what goes up must come down while hanging upside down, and we did not see him after that.

beau on Jul 21, 2008


If Johnny Depp was to take over the role he would have to study over everything Heath Ledger did for a long time, study the posture, the voice, the laugh, the walking, read over Ledger's writing, watch him over and over and over again, Dress the same, do the same licking of the lips like Ledger did, It would be a lot of work and Depp could probably pull it off, over studying for a couple of years, like everybody said the Joker is the ultimate villian and Ledger's Joker makes Jack Nicholson's look like a third rate two year old baby's birthday clown. So if Depp is chosen to fill in for Heath Ledger he needs to study and maybe he could do what Heath Ledger did.

Xerxex on Jul 21, 2008


Okay, that's enough sillyness: A lot of you have to understand that's there's a lot of good source material out there that dosn't have to be tossed aside. For a third film, why would Nolan suddenly decide to drop all the source material and start making stuff up?! 'The Long Halloween' and 'Year One' have been working really well for him lately, I don't see why he'd just stop using such storylines as reference. Batman dies? Joker dies? Two-face dies? Riddler is Joker's copycat? Plop in Joker's "backstory"? SERIOUSLY?!?! I mean... is there something 'wrong' with the way Nolan is using the books right now or something?... sheesh

LW on Jul 21, 2008


It's funny how some of you are not entering the contest and you make it sound like your idea/story is going to get published somewhere else bigger! Hahahahaha...... don't hate, just having fun. Anyways, #109 I totally agree with you, Guy Pearce as the Riddler. Catwoman, either Kate Beckinsale (can't go wrong with her in skin tight suits) or Scarlett Johansson if they decide to go blonde (mainly for looks).

Omega728 on Jul 21, 2008


The mistake Burton made with his bat films was he killed villians Nolan wasn't going to make that mistake secondly two-face dead? Are you serious? So batman can survive the fall but not Harvey? He was still breathing Harvey died but two-face lives. It makes perfect sense for the funeral to be a cover up to protect Dent for all of gotham. It be disrespectful to Ledger not to continue with joker as they planned and after watching Charlie and the chocolate factory and pirates of the carribian (however its spelled) Johnny Depp can do joker easy. I don't know how any sane person wouldn't figure that they would try and protect Harvey's image anyway? Why doesn't that make sense to anyone? Catwoman needs to be redeemed after catwoman movie and they aren't taking the stories from any certain batman book its a combination of books. Yeah the movie did focus on Dent quite a bit but Bruce couldn't decide if he should continue being batman as the effect it had on gotham copy cats and joker killing people to get at batman. Secondly that guy who worked for Wayne enterprises becoming riddler is highly unlikely because joker letting someone how knows batman live highly unlikely but they never showed it. Why would two-face come back for a third? Because Harvey believed in Batman he isn't going to allow him to take the fall for him so he returns to clear bats name. My story idea involved poison ivy so since she shouldn't be able to control plants and poison kill how about she creates things that give her a poisoness touch or a dust that makes her able to control someone thru suggestions or pheramones that make people attracted to her? For actors. To play characters I don't kno there names but the kid from sweeny Todd as robin Johnny depp as joker the main character from memento as riddler. Paul giamatti as penguin (if I'm thinking of the right person but he was in shoot em up short guy usually has a beard and glasses) Kate beckensale as catwoman scarlet johannson as poison ivy. Big show as killer croc (or wolf from American gladiators) hugh jackman as mad hatter Aaron Eckhart returns as two-face and Sarah silverman as harleen quinzel no Harley Quinn yet

Samuel on Jul 21, 2008


I have heard so many good ideas for a third movie that it' inspiring. However; I won't enter the contest for such puny prices. MY own favorite story for the third and final installment of the trilogy would come from," BATMAN SON OF THE BAT ". However; it would not involve Ra's Al Ghul. I agree with the commentators who stated that Mr. Nolan is interested in Dark but believable story lines. I also agree with the commentators that believe a movie with an Al Ghul would be a great bookend to the trilogy. Ra's Al Ghul is dead. However; his dream of Batman becoming his heir apparent can still live on with Talia Al Ghul. Batman is on the run from the police and gets wounded and can't get to Alfred. Talia has been keeping a track of him and come's to his rescue. She is now left with fulfilling her father's wish. In Talia's eyes ; The Batman is the perfect man for the job. He is now considered a criminal by the authorities. She tries every thing in her power including sexual seduction and love? Batman is tempted. He can use the resources of her vast empire for the benefit of Mankind. The Batman goes international. He fights crime on an international scale. This gives Mr. Nolan even more villains to add to his pool. I trust Mr. Nolan will use a dark international villain and crime cartel. I would use an intelligent " Dark Bane"who is both the ruler and the leader of an international crime cartel. In the ensuing battle; Both Bane and The Batman fall into a water fall inside the countries rain forest.( I propose a Sherlock Holmes vs Professor Moriarty death l;ock scenario.) The film allows The Batman to find love with Talia. However; instead of choosing incorrectly; he sacrifices himself to save Talia. After the credits; you see Talia holding a male baby.( The Iron Man Movie did this type of scene really well) The Dark Knight Trilogy ends with The Death of The Batman but leaves open the door for a future director to resurrect him as his son.(The Phantom Comic Book did a great job replacing the dead Phantom with his son) The end of Bruce Wayne will be tragic but the possibility of his son carrying on his tradition also leaves the audience with hope.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 21, 2008


I forgot collin murphey returns as scarecrow just to complete the rogues. as for giving joker a back story he's said he cant remember it right so nolans explaination is perfect he doesn't need one anyway he's a force of nature the unstoppable force to batman's unmovable object

samuel on Jul 21, 2008


if they decided to bring the joker back i dont think they should use a big name actor like depp or any of the others mentioned. not that they couldnt do it justice but when you look and listen to the joker in TDK you cant even tell that it is ledger so i think get some lesser known but very talented actor to take up the role.. i think it will just make it seem less like there is someone new playing the role even though we know it is someone new than if say depp did it. but if they were to use depp, which i doubt they will cause they wont bring the joker back, he would do a good job. if you think about it they left it open for the riddler semi early in TDK, when the guy(cant remember his name) who finds the blue prints for the batmobile/tumbler when he confronts fox and say he wants all that money or he will expose bruce but then fox just mocks him, you can see him gettting very agitated and then when he is on tv about to say it he never gets the chance then either so he is slowly going crazy. so why not in the third film have him leave riddles for the police and everybody else about who the batman is and and then batman will have to take him down so that he is not exposed. all the while that the riddler is leaving these clues he is mad cause fox mocked him and he was never able to say what he wanted to say so he goes after fox and alfred because he knows that bruce is batman so batman has to stop him and then obviously the riddler would be committting crimes so that he gets the polices attention then they cant deal with him so batman has to. so then throughout the movie batman has to deal with the police and all the citizens of gotham plus the riddler. they should bring in a female.. talia al ghul would be killer just cause she hasnt been done before and like other posts she could kind of round out the al ghul part of the story im just not sure how they would work her in becasue there was no indication that ras alghul had a daughter or anything in batman begins. catwoman is a good bet thought just because of the foreshadowing in TDK but that might just be somehitng tho throw us off.. who knows. they wont bring in super natural villains cause thats not nolans style, he will keep it as believeable as possible also the idea of the riddles being a copycat of the joker just wont work, the riddler is completely his own character and wouldnt want to copy the joker. who knows it fox will even be back cause if you remeber he hated the whole survalnce of all te people in gotham and said that as long as it was in wayne he wouldnt be.. even though it was destroyed in the end but still you never know. and i agree with #117 why change whats already working?

Drew on Jul 21, 2008


xerxex seems to be the only one with any real vision for the meaning and understanding of these movies. I agree with you 100%. To end Batman though, Im almost thinking Gotham will be cleaned up to the point where the police can handle it and wayne retires batman but knowing hes always there if needed. OR, his true identity is revealed and he is taken into custody to "answer for his crimes" as stated in the movie, even though the public and the officials applaud him for his actions. but then again, if that happens all of wayne enterprises will be audited and pry shut down, so I dont know. But as far as villians... back to xerxex, right on man. I dont know who could even compare to joker. its a tough one.

HOLY SHT on Jul 21, 2008


LW Sig Heil! Herr Fuhrer The Aryan #117 Call's us silly. An Ad Hominid attack on me (Batman dies?) So you are The Superior Aryan who wants a Fourth Reich where only you get to express your comments But no one else can express themselves. Why don't you tell me your true name instead of hiding behind LW. Maybe you and I can meet and you can read Mein Kampf to me and I can read you The USA Constitution and Bill of Rights. I'm currently on leave before I go back to Afghanistan but I will take some time to meet you at a place near my home town of Vineland, New Jersey. How about The Cumberland Mall? You email me your email and I will email you mine. Then we can exchange personal information and meet in person. You lousy cowards who would shit in your pants if there was a draft always think you are so superior. Well you are nothing but a fascist coward!

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 21, 2008


#117LW: I am still waiting for your reply to my invitation. What's your answer? Are you still going to hide. You know my name. What is yours?

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 21, 2008


#59------i had the same idea as urs, i truly believe that if nolan directs the next one he won't replace ledger with no matter who! he will respect his memory and use some of the unused footage to some how incorperate him in the new one! you say how...with the copycat character he can use ledger as a mentor for her and connect the dark knight with the new movie....and Talia al-Ghul must be in it too, her character should use the riddler to lure batman and thus connect it to the first nolan batman (begins). Now i don't want to think about plots but those are the main characters and again truly believe after much thinking that heath's joker should be in the next movie and won't be replaced by nolan! of course heath's joker won't be a full fledged character but just appears for a brief time to move some plot lines and inspire our new villain(s). which lead me to the conclusion that he will use unused footage(if its available)!.

Salieri_ on Jul 21, 2008


LW, I didn't make up a back story for the Riddler, he is an up coming criminal just like Nolan portrayed The Joker. There is a back story to the Joker, but Nolan went completely against that in TDK with MAKEUP instead of dyed white skin which I DO agree with. Nolan's version is much better and REAL. And I think he can do something along the same lines with a similar, yet completely different character with his OWN attributes (to those of you who don't like my copy cat criminal idea). I'm saying the Riddler starts out as an admirer but evolves into his own character throughout the movie.

Matt on Jul 21, 2008


to #126 I'm talking like, reference wise. Riddler's beginnings starts out with a crapload of child-abuse and at the same time, he was a kid-genius. Child abuse and child genius combined... not a pretty combination. He was also a criminal for as long as I could remember and never worked at Wayne Tech. I do agree though! That Riddler's obession with riddles and puzzles makes a very interesting character to potray on the big-screen. Also, for a short time, the Riddler reforms in the comic and I think if they are to do Riddler, having him lead up to that point in the film would be very interesting to see. to #123 Don't I have the freedom of speech to disagree with film possibilities that I whole-heartedly... disagree with? ... nuff said

LW on Jul 21, 2008


to #119 I agree with you Samuel 😀 . And yes, they do use a combination of various good books as reference points. An obvious good alternative to using no books at all XD lol

LW on Jul 21, 2008


Johnny Depp as the Riddler.

TylerM on Jul 21, 2008


#122 I like the idea of having The Riddler in the third film, but I don't think that man that was talking to Fox could or would be him really. I just can't see that guy being the riddler, especially after Bruce saved him from getting hammered by a truck while everyone was trying to kill him and acknowledged him for it. Also, Fox will be back. That's why it cut back to him at the end when he typed in his name and the system was destroyed. His faith was rewarded as Gordon said. For the third, I think after the death of Harvey (I don't think they should bring him back as he served his purpose in TDK by proving The Joker right) they should introduce The Riddler on some aspect as well as Thalia Al Ghul.

Kaitlyn Von Kat on Jul 21, 2008


... *sigh* Anyway, I noticed I havn't really set down who my choice villain duo would be, but I agree with Talia Al'Ghul, as well as Lady Shiva, ((I can see Kelly Hu taking the Lady Shiva role)). Talia would be more of the dramatic villain, with Lady Shiva being her action-oriented assassin villain... as for the secondary major villain, I'm at a tie between Killer Croc and Clayface. Now, notice I said 'secondary villain'... that's because I'm thinking Talia Al'Ghul and Lady Shiva would be like... 'a one package' deal. .... and that ends my ideal Batman 3 fantasy... for now 😀 lol Oh! Also... the introduction of Robin... if his story is told in the right way.

LW on Jul 21, 2008


to #130 i see where your coming from with that guy not becoming the riddler, i just think it could be a cool way to tie it all in and i agree that there should be no harvey dent/two face in the next one and yeah fox probly will be back, im just saying.

Drew on Jul 21, 2008


i gotta say. i want to see a robin. no villian will be better then joker. and u can make a whole movie on just bringing robin to be takin seriously. im not a huge batman buff. but that kid at the end who two face was gonna kill. thers your robin. he idolizes him already. he will be the only one to never give up on him. robins got my vote.

Joseph. on Jul 21, 2008


#122 Drew, you might be on to something with using a lower profile actor to play Joker if they so choose to bring him back. While Depp would obviously do an amazing job, it might be too obvious knowing that it's him. Not that he couldn't pull it off the way Ledger did, he could. It just might call more attention to the fact that it's not the same guy being Johnny Depp and all.

Matt on Jul 21, 2008


#127 LW, that sounds like a perfect fit for keeping to Nolan's dark theme. A childhood of abuse, a boy genius, a life of crime. If they wanted to make a back story for the Riddler, why change that? It could make for some great dramatic flashback scenes. In Batman Forever he was obsessed with Bruce Wayne, in the new one I would propose that his obsession lie with The Joker.

Matt on Jul 21, 2008


LW#127: What do you know about freedom of Speech? You silly coward. You attacked me personally as well as the rest of the commentators. You threw down the Gantlet! Now be man enough to tell me to my face that I'm silly. The right to free speech is not absolute. The Supreme Court has ruled that that Freedom of Speech may be limited or banned in cases of libel (The communication of false statements about a person that may injure his reputation) This includes fighting words and words that present a clear and present danger of causing violence. Don't you even dare to try to say that what you said is protected by The 1St Amendment to The Constitution. While you sit on your ass calling people inflammatory names; my men are dying to protect the likes of you. You discuss me and you dishonor my fallen brothers with your snobby, effete comments. You should pause your reading of comics and read The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. This is not over yet. Meet me face to face you coward!

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 21, 2008


to #134 Robin is Dick Grayson actually 🙂

LW on Jul 21, 2008


to #136 Thanks 🙂

LW on Jul 21, 2008


is the contest over? i'm a bit confused as to which midnight we're talking about.

Matt Suhu on Jul 21, 2008


No Robin please. I like Nolan's Batman the way he is, no sidekick.

Omega728 on Jul 21, 2008


Here is my idea: ' Jonathan Bane, a former U.S. Green Beret and secret agent was captured and imprisoned on the corrupt island nation of Santa Prisca. There, he was experimented with using steroid like substances the country was planning on using for their military. The drugs, which gave Bane incredible muscular strength also has unwanted psychological side effects, including psychopathic like rage along with physiological and psychological dependence. Upon his escape, Bane returns to Gotham hoping to find and establish a relationship with his estranged daughter, Rachel Dawes. Upon learning of her death, Bane enters into a rage like state, fatally killing Gotham residents on the streets during the night using nothing but his superhuman strength. Before the police arrive, Batman swoops in to rescue a 16 year old homeless individual from sure death. However, Bane’s military training and incredible strength prove to be a formidable match for the Dark Knight. As Batman is knocked to the ground in dazed state, Bane attempts to flip a car over, onto a helpless homeless girl teenager. As the car begins to fall Batman quickly rushes in to save the girl and as a result falls is crushed by the falling car rupturing a part of is spinal cord. Police sirens sound, and Bane flees the scene. Those around and able help Batman into a nearby building since Batman is still a wanted felon. Upon the recuperation of Bruce Wayne a new twisted villain emerges. Gotham residents now live in fear of a serial child abductor, capturing young children, torturing and killing them, and leaving them on the steps of their local schools, dead with a stuffed teddy penguin clutched in their arms. Batman is ready to return to Gotham’s aid after his 4 month recuperation. What the newspapers are calling “The Penguin” serial child abductor has just finished with his second victim, however, “The Penguin’s wealthy financial state offers him protection. Meanwhile “Bane” is still at large, robbing hospitals for materials including opiates, and banks to afford steroids; Bane is able to synthesize the drug he became addicted to. Additionally Bane is torn between his drug addiction and a new female who begins to tear down the tough emotional wall of Bane who is beginning to reflect some good. Batman is attempting to go after the Penguin but is skeptical of whether he can accomplish such a rescue. Can former military hero Jonathan Bane begin his path towards redemption, join forces with Batman and rescue the missing daughter of another family to spear them the agony he now goes through? Maybe the guy in No Country for old Men as Bane, and someone really greasy for the Penguin

Kevin Orrell on Jul 21, 2008


to #141 Relax, what kind of Robin are you expecting from Nolan anyway? 😀 A twelve year old boy, going on thirteen, who's golly-gee happy that his parents are dead? lol! Have some faith in the Batman saga to pull out a empathy-filled, overwhelming and gut-wrenching tale about Robin, if it happens 😀 to #142 There's a few things that make your plot dangerous to fans... not saying it's not creative! Just saying, because of your brand new back story for the Bane character... it's like you're making a Bane for an "alternate" earth or something... very, very alternate. Bane's identity is never known in the books... never known. He has a face, a voice... but no true name, kind of like how Joker dosn't have a real name. He does however, have a backstory that's already fairly epic. And seeing as how Nolan has been using the creme-de-la-creme of Batman stories for his movies... he'd probably use the story of when Bane broke Batman, (it's a very popular tale)... but who knows!! Maybe the writers have a even better Bane story already researched... who knows!! :/ _But_ if they do use the, "Bane breaks Batman" story as reference, I don't see how they would pull it off without Azrael... or Robin for that matter. And as for the Penguin, despite Danny DeVito's performance, (which is good by the way), he's actually a gentlemanly criminal. Not oily as you described... in fact, think Carmine Falcone, except with more manners, short, fat and with a beak like nose. Is he disturbed? Definitly... Sadistic as well! But compared to most Batman villains... he's the _least_ likely to kill and torture kids for the hell of it. You could even say he's the most in-control villain around.

LW on Jul 21, 2008


I suppose I was wrong.

Matt Suhu on Jul 21, 2008


they wont use the penguin because nolan has said publically that he doesnt like the penguin character if you read the story on the website in the address listed a few comments back nolan says that the riddler is the next villian.. howevere whon knows how reliable that website.. for all we know its all BS so who knows. if nolan decides that he doesnt want to do a third batman i dont think that they should do a third.. but then again whoever takes up the mantle will hopefully do it justice. i stick with the idea that the guy who found the blueprints will become the riddler and if the joker is brought back they should use a lesser known actor or johnny depp.

Drew on Jul 22, 2008


IVE SEEN IT 3 TIMES NOW, AND ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS WOW. hollywood is starting to realise that the bigger earners are ,sci-fi, fantasy,comic book movies etc from batman,star wars, iron man, LOTR, pirates of caribian. THERE all in the top 20 of greatest movies of all time, and most earnt. and the fact that DC and marvel are pumping out these movies is a testamant to that. its hard to remember a day were a mainstream tom crusie, brad pitt, movie raked in the same figures. as much as ppl want to watch a cut throat thriller we would much rather lose our selves in a brilliant universe such as batman.

the critic on Jul 22, 2008


What about the ultimate battle Robin vs Batman?

Kwan on Jul 22, 2008


to 142: I realize may story is not 100% parrallel to the comic books, but I think I speak for everyone that for the next movie, since no villain is going to top the Joker, than the stakes have to be raised regardless of who is the villain..... I think it's time to bring Commisioner Gordon's son in as a main character (but not as Robin).

Kevin Orrell on Jul 22, 2008


#143 Just a personal preference. I just think that in the Batman world that Nolan has created, Batman looks and works better by himself. Of course that's not counting Fox and Alfred. There's plenty of story for the Batman alone without bringing in the boy wonder. I don't want this to turn into Spiderman 3 where there's too many characters/story to try and put in one movie. If they bring in Robin then that means that they'll have to introduce at least two new villains in the next movie, unless they just bring back the Joker and introduce just one new villain. Plus I feel that it's too early in the series to bring in Robin, maybe if they do a fourth film then they can introduce Robin. If not then you have Batman Begins, Batman vs Joker/Two Face, then Batman and Robin already? Again, it's just more of a personal preference. I just want to see Batman going solo for at least one more film before they bring in Robin. Riddler and Catwoman are still my picks.

Omega728 on Jul 22, 2008


to #149 I agree with you. It's Batman's beginnings, not Batman's first-half, milestone, before the middle :). It would be nice to hear Bruce Wayne say, "I hear the Flying Graysons are in town next year", or something like that though. to #148 I disagree good sir! That story is actually 0% parallel to the Bane OR Penguin backstories 😀 . And those are dangerous words to throw around. You may not know this, but Nolan has been using a lot of good source material as reference for the last 2 Batman films... why would he stop now?

LW on Jul 22, 2008


on #125 i wrote that noln will not replace the joker but at the same time needs him for the new movie!! does anyone agrees with me? and what other ideas you have to use heath's joker in the next movie?? and i'm also sure nolan WILL NOT use a villain with super powers, hell, even tim didn't use any in his movies.! oh and somebody mentioned guy pearce for the riddler....WOOOW...pls nolan make it happen!!!

Salieri_ on Jul 22, 2008


Only one other person came close to mentioning it #113 but my idea is a trifecta of women. Since most of what Nolan is putting up on screen is from Frank Miller stories with a little Tim Sale here and there he should not discount Catwoman. I think everyone who hates the idea only knows her from the bad movie portrayals. Besides Joker and Penguin she is his most well know adversary. My idea is to do something else that has never been done in summer movies. This one was a drama more than a action/popcorn movie and it pushed the bounds of violence. I say go the opposite way. What is opposite of violence, why sex of course. I'm not saying that he has to have sex with the Cat but sexual tension would be good. Now who are my other two women in this little plot. Black Canary, you can be very real and dark with her. Batman is on the run, this will be more "Year One" and "Dark Knight Returns" plotting, so he needs someone to fill the gap if only for a little while. Or he and we find out that since there are more villains there are also more heroes. Now here's the great thing about having the Bat, the Cat and Canary. Batman has always had a thing for Selina and back before Ollie got in the picture he and Diane had some feelings. This comes from old story lines and the more recent Frank Miller Batman and Robin the boy wonder series, which is excellent by the way. So you create and sex tension love triangle between the three of them. This could also go on out of uniform with the ladies and Bruce. Selina, in the later telling of her story, started as a prostitute then became a cat burglar. Very down to Earth kind of story and in keeping with the more realistic approach of these movies. Besides the canary cry Diane is a street fighter. The third femme fatale is a toss up I think. I like Ivy but she may be a little to out there for this direction. Although she could add a fourth and make it a love square, Frank hinted she had a thing for Selina in Hush. Speaking of Hush, #72, you need to read it if you think that Batman doesn't need help. The idea of Harley is great though too. She is a newer villain in the DC universe and very popular among fans. She could definitely be just a disturbed girl who may or may not have admired or had a some relationship to the Joker. I do think it is almost certain that Catwoman will be in the third film, that or all of us put to much into Fox's comment about cats. If this one was Empire than the third really has no choice but to be Jedi. It won't be as good, in the minds of those who have built this one up so high, but it will be good and it will be interesting and entertaining. I have no doubt. One more thing. If you've always hated Robin I recommend you read Batman and Robin the boy wonder by Frank Miller and Jim Lee, it will change your mind. It takes nine issues for Dick to become Robin but it's great and it is very, very dark. Their take on Green Lantern is priceless as well.

Moviegimp on Jul 22, 2008


Did you guys hear that Christian Bale got arrested in London yesterday for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister?!

Matt Suhu on Jul 22, 2008


The story I sent in involes Riddler,Poison Ivy,Catwoman. The first two working together untill Riddler brings in Catwoman which angers Ivy. They fight at the end to their apparent "death". Riddler gets sent to jail and Batman becomes vindicated. Believing he may finally be done he tells Alfred at the end "It looks like my work is done." Thats when The Joker escapes Arkham with the help of assiatant head theripist Harley Quinzell. Alfred tells Bruce dont be too late we have tickets to circus tomarrow. Batman drives off in the new Batmobile which he built with the remaining parts of the car he crashed in the film. to play the roles Riddler- David Tennet Catwoman- Kate Beckinsale would have to dye hair Poison Ivy- Rachel McAdams With this you wouldnt need to recast ledger or even cast harly

rodan8812 on Jul 22, 2008


Ok, just sent my idea in! I think Catwoman (with her Year One origin) and Black Mask as the new Crime Boss would be great. Plus, those two have a history in the comics, so they would complement each other well. Half an hour to an hour in, have an earthquake hit Gotham and start a No Man's Land/Katrina type story. And have Batman regain the trust of the city.

Jeff on Jul 22, 2008


To #152 Black Canary is a hard sell!! Is it possible to tell her backstory within Nolan's Batman universe, while keeping true to the heart of Black Canary's origins and character? And it would have to be about Black Canary's mother, the original Black Canary. The modern Black Canary story has too many ties within JSA and JLA and I think fans would reject her if the modern Black Canary was just.... rewritten. Anyway... I guess all I'm saying is that if Black Canary is to appear, then... good luck... lol! That's all I can say about that 😛

LW on Jul 22, 2008


this is what i submitted. i know it's not the best, but i couldn't resist as a bat-fan. The Dark Knight Returns Both cops and criminals are hunting Batman. Bruce distances himself and hides in his new Batcave. A serial bomber surfaces who likes to leave the police with a riddle as a hint to where his next bomb is. Gordon is being investigated as an accomplice to Batman, but he finds a way to contact him. Batman solves the riddle, but is too late and more people die. A new riddle is found. An arms dealer, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, arrives in Gothom. The mafia calls him The Penguin because he is short, overweight and wears a black tuxedo. He hires an assassin named Bane who is intelligent and skilled in weaponry and the martial arts. Wanting to kill them both, The Riddler contacts them and informs them that Batman is someone who works at Wayne Towers. Bruce cracks the riddle which says the bomb is in Wayne Towers. Batman rushes to Wayne Towers to find Bane waiting for him. A huge battle ensues and Batman is severely beaten. The bomb explodes and Batman is crushed by a collapsed ceiling. Bane is unhurt and leaves believing that Batman is dead. Batman recovers and finds that Lucius Fox is among the dead. A new riddle surfaces, but Bruce is injured and demoralized and refuses to help. Gordon and the cops are clueless and many die from a bomb at Wayne Hospital. Gordon's wife is a nurse there and is in critical condition. Gordon blames Batman for not helping. Alfred chastises Bruce for his cowardice and indifference and tells him that instead of relying on armor and gadgets, that just like his father, he should use his mind and heart to help people. Another riddle is found and Batman deduces that Gordon will die. Batman also discovers that The Riddler is Edward Nigma, a genius. He was abused as a child and ended up killing his parents. Batman rushes to Gordon's police station, fends off the cops to disarm the bomb, and regains their trust. Batman finds and interrogates The Penguin who reveals that Bane was hired from Asia. Bane returns and kills The Penguin for snitching. He then contacts the Riddler who tells him that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Gordon gives Batman a new riddle and immediately discovers that Bruce Wayne's butler will die. He rushes over to Wayne Mansion to find Bane holding Alfred hostage. Batman tells Bane he knows that he's from The League of Shadows to avenge Ra's al Ghul's death and to take over Gothom. During the fight, Bane rips off Bruce's mask. Batman beats Bane and frees Alfred, but then a bomb explodes. The Riddler arrives to finish off Batman, but Gordon saves Batman and fights and arrests Nigma. Nigma is obsessed with Batman and views themselves as lost brothers. He threatens to reveal Batman's identity, but Batman is unconcerned and tells him that a riddle is not good if everyone knows its answer. Gordon says that he can't see without his glasses anyway.

Matt Suhu on Jul 22, 2008


Ok, sadly in this version Gordon's kids are too young, otherwise we could use Barbra Gordon. With Lucius Fox retiring as Bat's technical adviser, and also with Nolan's more realistic take on things, I'd skip the Batgirl character altogether and have her start in her Oracle phase. This would give Batman some one to dig up info for him when he's out in the field. (Not to mention hack security cameras to make him truly dissapear!) What do you guys think? Oracle a good idea or not?

jason_md2020 on Jul 22, 2008


Just submitted mine. Even if it is not chosen, I think it is a great tone for Nolan's vision. Based in reality with hyperbolic circumstances.

mrpink on Jul 22, 2008


to #158 Too early... much too early for Oracle! 😀 I highly doubt Batman Begins is also, "Birds of Prey Begins" 😀 to #157 Not bad! But Lucious Fox dying is a big no, no for me... that's like killing Alfred!

LW on Jul 22, 2008


It's hard to write a sotry for a batman sequal as short as 500 really is

Bryan on Jul 22, 2008


The Caped Crusaders 1. Maroni is released from a local hospital and reinforces the crime family. 2. Mayor Garcia and Gordon set the GPD and Squat Team on Batman. New DA is Marion Grange. 3. Thug, Danny Zucco is denied payment by Circus and kills the Grayson’s. 4. Bruce Wayne takes in orphan teen Dick Grayson. 5. Bruce Wayne retires Batman for sake that it’s to risky with all of the authorities. 6. Bruce Wayne adopts Dick and trains him to be the replacement of Batman. 7. Danny Zucco and Rupert Thorne rise in the ranks of Gotham crime lords. 8. Garcia is killed by a Thorne thug and in comes Hamilton Hill. Hill is a trusted friend of Thorne, giving Thorne the upper edge for control of Gotham. 9. Gotham is overrun by corruption and organized crime. 10. Robin becomes new hero of Gotham and is well liked. 11. Danny Zucco kills both Thorne and Maroni for control of Gotham. Zucco now controls Hill. 12. Robin begins to stop fighting crime and just seek revenge from Zucco. 13. After it becomes to personal Wayne warns Robin of seeking revenge from Zucco. 14. On the night Robin attempts to kill Zucco but Batman intervenes and saves Robin. Robin is upset at Batman for getting in his way. 15. Zucco is put away to jail for life. 16. Hill resigns from Mayor and Grange steps in. 17. side plot: Gordon and Grange form an alliance against political corruption. 18. Robin forgives Batman. 19. Batman is forgiving by Gotham for crimes he did in “The Dark Knight” and he and Robin become the Caped Crusades of Gotham.

Franz Ross on Jul 22, 2008


No kidding. I tried, but if I could have used more words it would have been much better. Too vague. #157 I liked it alot! Very dark and entertaining for that matter. But yeah, Lucius dying would not sit too well for me. Like LW said, it would be like killing off Alfred.

Kaitlyn Von Kat on Jul 22, 2008


#157 I would love to see that play out but in an alternate reality. Very twisted and dark but I like fox's role to much to let him die.

SVS on Jul 22, 2008


The title of this Batman story is "The Broken Bat". The Riddler emerges as the main villain of the movie, by setting up his gang and staging elaborate bank robberies. While Batman can handle some of the robberies, the Riddler unleashes his secret weapon, the villain Bane. The Batman takes a pounding from him and the Riddler soon takes control of most of the city. Midway through the film, Tim Drake (the 3rd Robin as most fanboys would know) is introduced as a huge Batman follower, and, after getting a few tips from that page in "The Dark Knight" who knows Batman's identity, tracks down Bruce Wayne. Bruce, realizing he will need help on defeating the Riddler, reluctantly allows him to join as Robin. After a massive battle, involving a mob of angry citizens fighting the Riddler's gang, the Riddler is defeated, while Bane decides to go off on his own as a force of good. Bruce, realizing that the city needs a "good hero", decides to hang up the cowl, and help out as Bruce Wayne, leaving Robin (who probably should be cast as a collage student) to watch over the city.

Ajax on Jul 22, 2008


to #165 Why would would you skip Dick Grayson? :S. Not a bad story! Just... skipping Dick?

LW on Jul 22, 2008


I'm sure another Penguin-Catwoman based story could be used in the future. Underboss Oswald Cobblepot becomes the new Don of the Maroni Crime Family at the same time another powerful criminal organization is taking a foothold in Gotham resulting in a mob war. After Cobblepot's men successfully assassinate the rival boss, Selina Kyle assumes control of her late father's orgaization. Dark Knight had some inspiration from Godfather and Heat. I think this flick would be along the lines of Black Rain. Batman's caught in the the middle of the mob war. Amidst corrupt officials, politicians, cops. His only option is to compromise his moral grounds and team up with one evil to defeat the other at the same time secretly preparing to bring down his allies. Oswald could be one of the old school gangsters. A ruthless mafioso who wouldn't think twice about wiping out his enemies and their families, at the same time possessing a sense of loyalty and honor towards those who earn it. Good ally for Batman. As for the Catwoman. Being the sole heir to her father's empire the "Little Princess" acquired the necessary business and leadership skills. along with rigorous physical and weapons training. Ever since she did her first professional hit at age 15 she splits time between feeding her cats, killing or doing business overseas for daddy. Selina's not the typical Catwoman. She's a baroness simply called The Cat (as she had been at her first appearance in 1940 ) Instead of her traditional costume she prefers luxury clothing although she dons a protective leather outfit for fight scenes. She has no whips, just knives, guns and garrotes. She's one of the new generation mobsters, totally business minded, never to be trusted. Deadly with a smile. It would be neat to portray Hugo Strange as an associate of The Cat working as the head of Arkham Asylum where Batman is captured and tortured.

Nukes on Jul 22, 2008


to #167 Hmmm... yeah, dosn't fly with me either :/. I can see the Penguin being the gentleman mobster that he's protrayed as but.... 1940s Catwoman? Like... Golden Age Catwoman?... the same Catwoman who marries Batman and gives birth to 'The Huntress', Hellena Wayne?? Even then, that's like the farthest parallel of Catwoman I've ever heard... especially! If you're talking about Golden Age Catwoman. No whip? A mobster? Father's empire?... like... no man, just... no. lol! I whole-heartedly disagree 😀

LW on Jul 22, 2008


Well, since the hour is growing close, here was my submission: With Batman taking the blame for Harvey Dent’s crimes to preserve Gotham’s perception of him, Gordon and his peers at the Gotham Police Department have no choice but to chase the Dark Knight, treating him like the extravagant villains he has been saving Gotham from. The public reacts in anger and fear, causing the “copycat” problem to escalate until finally a vigilante emerges with the intelligence and capacity of Batman—the Reaper. Meanwhile, with the Joker’s incarceration, the mob has once again been left without a leader. Following a psychotic breakdown and partially inspired by the “masks” his peers, enemies, and most citizens of Gotham seem to be wearing, Roman Sionis dons the alias of Black Mask and takes the mob by force. Amidst all this, the Gotham Police Department gets a major boost in help on their Batman hunt when a mysterious figure calling himself the Riddler begins leaving clues at crime scenes that seem to be pointing to the true identity of Batman. A series of child abductions is also plaguing the city, executed by a creepy figure the media refers to as the Mad Hatter, named after his appearance. It soon becomes apparent that the Reaper does not share the same moral code as Batman, as he rarely leaves the criminals he faces alive, usually killing them with is scythes. Not only must Batman take down the increasingly intense and ruthless Black Mask and subdue the spiraling villainy in Gotham, but he must prevent the Reaper from doing the same in such a way that Batman sees as unjust. With two vigilantes running around it seems like it would be pretty easy to juggle more villains, provided their storylines were treated as minor ones versus the whole "Batman stopping reaper/redeeming himself" one. I think by the end of this film it would allow the citizens of Gotham to see the way things are and the way they could be, and finally "get" the purpose of Batman. It would empower Gotham and, while Batman's work is never truly done, it gives a sense that the wheels are in motion and a nice feeling of closure to the trilogy.

The Shakedown on Jul 22, 2008


#169 I like how you incorporated the copycat problem from TDK and out comes The Reaper, and the Black Mask character seems plausible. But having the Mad Hatter (or any character) abduct children would simply overshadow all the other plots with its serious tone. I'm quite certain that a child abductor would not fly with DC, let alone with the PG-13 ratings that Nolan aims for. And what exactly is The Riddler's purpose? And where is Gordon and Alfred in this mix?

Matt Suhu on Jul 22, 2008


#162, sorry but that story won't work. You're missing one BIG thing. A major Villain! Just my two cents... I honestly don't know why so many people want to see Robin in the next installment already? Just two films ago we barely had Batman Begins, and we just saw Bats in one complete solo movie, now it's already time for Batman and Robin? Again that's just my thoughts....

Omega728 on Jul 22, 2008


You don't have to be graphic with child abduction, but the mere implication is sinister enough to mantain a dark tone and show just how serious Gotham's problems are. The Riddler is there as more of a catalyst in the impending threat against Bruce Wayne, as obviously both of his identities are at risk. I've heard a lot of ideas tossed around about the Mr. Reese character from TDK becoming the's not "accurate," but in the story I suggested it would make sense. The Riddler is very minor in this story anyway, as I feel he should be. Gordon is, of couse, struggling with a duality of his own in pretending to track down someone he really doesn't want to catch. It's also no secret in the GPD that Gordon worked very closely with Batman, so all eyes are sort of on him from an internal level. Alfred is where he always is--the concsience and the comic relief.

The Shakedown on Jul 22, 2008


#170 they actually talked about releasing a R-rated batman but i agree that abducting children probly wouldnt fly. i like the idea of scarface and then incorporate him somehow into a plot with the riddler and talia al ghul

Drew on Jul 22, 2008


#171 i totally agree...robin does not belong in the near-realistic world that Nolan tries to portray in his films.

Matt Suhu on Jul 22, 2008


To #169 and #170 I like it! Nice setup for the Black Mask. But it's not just these, "others" that inspire Black Mask. It's also his parents, who play a huge role in his origins. Not to mention, he does know Bruce Wayne personally, since his parents always kissed Wayne-ass, lol! 😀 And back-talked them a lot as well. However, in these movies, Nolan always likes to start from the beginning I noticed... IF they have a backstory, (ie. The Joker... who dosn't have a true past and a character that Nolan could just let loose from the start). So, I don't think he'd just plop in the Riddler and Mad Hatter... that's just one-too-many villains 😀 ... unless one of them just cameos, like Zsasz, in Batman Begins. The Reaper's story is a very dark and dramatic one. Aren't you worried that his story might attempt to shadow over Black Masks'? or vice-versa?... I mean... that's like 4 villains in your tale and each one isn't... less important then the other. Know what I mean? Oh! And DC is a very open-minded comic company, so child abduction tales are alright with them. Have you not heard of DC Vertigo? 😀 Anyway... yeah, still... gotta maintain that 14+ age rating.

LW on Jul 22, 2008


#171/#174 me too

Drew on Jul 22, 2008


R-rated batman? that'd be awesome...imagine what a frank miller script can do with an R-rated batman, the possibilities are endless!

Matt Suhu on Jul 22, 2008


to #174 No, no!... Robin belongs. It's a question of how and when ^^ As in, "How would it happen, in Nolan's film" and, "When would Robin be right to be set in? Is the beginnings of Batman too early for the beginnings of Robin?"

LW on Jul 22, 2008


to #177 This might be my inner-fan talking... but I'd feel a little betrayed if I saw full on tittage in a Batman movie. I'd be thinking to myself... "wtf are those doing there?", through out the whole movie. 😀 lol! Some tasteful nudity perhaps!... Like... a half-Talia Al'Ghul-boob shot or something. Very like... teasingly tasteful. lol

LW on Jul 22, 2008


#175, The point is that the Reaper IS the main villain/storyline and everyone else is basically minor. All of their actions are more catalysts for drama and having that final showdown actually mean something. And because everyone is so minor, I think they can all fit in and, yes, be less significant than the Reaper storyline. In the case of most villains, I find origin stories to be rather boring when played out on screen, but I did omit Black Mask's roots due to the limit on how long your submission can be. His background can be touched upon to help the audience understand him but I don't feel it needs to be spoon-fed. In the case of the Riddler and Mad Hatter...who says they can't just appear and be criminals?

The Shakedown on Jul 22, 2008


actually the more i think of it.. i like the abducting children idea it would totally compliment the dark tone ofTDK and then some.. and if they were to go the r-rated direction they could easily pull it off cause like #177 said the possibiliites are enless.

Drew on Jul 22, 2008


to #177 if they were to do an r-rated it wouldnt be so much that there is nudity in there that makes it and r-rated acause i agree i dont think id want it in there either but with batman there are so many under lying themes and diffrent ways that could make it an r-rated film without having to put in nudity. and obviously by looking at the way TDK was done nolan could pull it off without any nudity and still get the r-rating. i dont think id want one tho.. just cause it might be a little to intense ahah.. but still you never know.

Drew on Jul 22, 2008


Since time is just about up, I thought I'd post mine here as well. I really wish I had 1000 words =( Shades of Gotham The hunt is now on for The Batman; the law has turned its full fury against him. Gordon, his position precarious due to his association with the now wanted criminal, can do little to arrest the tide of ill sentiment. Criminals begin turning up dead in droves, killed by bladed instruments. Batman takes the blame for this as well. Compounded upon this is the alarming swiftness with which a new lord of the underworld is seizing influence, a man known only as The Black Mask. He is systematically eliminating his competition, as well as those cops that can’t be bought. He also seems to hate Wayne Enterprises, whose personnel and property he targets ruthlessly. Politicians are meeting untimely ends, and being replaced by those favoring cowardly appeasement policies with regards to the mob. Bruce Wayne, the entire city turned against Batman, his business suffering greatly, is in poor shape. Lucius has refused to do any more work for Batman, stating simply that “power corrupts.” With Alfred and Gordon the only ones still in his corner, Bruce continues to patrol to the best of his ability. One evening, the Batman comes across a mugging where the criminal is stopped and dispatched by a black-clad woman wielding a short blade. He pursues her until she turns to meet him and they exchange blows, her greater agility proving a near match to his superior strength. She reveals herself as Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s and new leader of the League of Shadows. She is aware of his identity, and says that she is here to observe him. Her father would have wished her to kill him outright, but her views are not quite as extreme. Prove to me, she says, that your naively idealistic methods can serve true justice, and I will leave you be. A newly motivated Bruce Wayne sets out to deal with this supposed Black Mask. The Mask, infuriated at the loss of many of his men (at the hands of Talia,) plans his revenge: releasing a “secret weapon” of his at a dinner celebrating Commissioner Gordon’s appointment whilst simultaneously planting a bomb elsewhere in order to distract the Batman. Fortunately, Bruce manages to get Talia’s assistance. The bomb is dealt with, and they jointly tackle the “secret weapon,” which turns out to be a monstrous brawler named Bane, drugged out on experimental steroids and heavily armored. He is finally subdued, but dies due to the stress on his system. The Black Mask is exposed and convicted as a result of these crimes. Batman’s actions have greatly swayed public opinion back in his favor. Talia says that she still finds Bruce’s methods to be grossly inefficient, though agrees to leave Gotham in his hands for now. She departs the city, though not before they share a night together, and she indicates that he’ll be seeing her again. The movie ends with Bruce reflecting that having “a sidekick” turned out to be more useful than he would have thought.

Rudy on Jul 22, 2008


First off r - rated or not, Nolan can pull anything off. Im thinking on the back of what has become of the jokers chaotic plan, the black mask, comes in to take over the jokers mob. and grab the momentom on batman. mean while ras al gul's daughter (jeniffer connely) comes to gotham to seek revenge, and hires deadshot, or reaper. (sumone of batmans level - you could use bane but id be afraid that he would be portraied as a dumb brute and not inteligent like he was in BATMAN : NO MANS LAND) while this is happening talia falls fall batman as her "love" and dead shot etc, wont be called off and goes all rouge on his ass. plus having the gotham police on his ass. now by then end of the moive batman has defeated dead shot, who he found say breaking into the bat cave after some cleaver detective work. batman has to use whane tec to get tall his equipment. so he back tracks everything to bruce. tali kills him after he is defeated and locked up to protect her love. mean while batman cans her, goes after the black mask in a final show down at a circus were dick greyson is performing as a college student. dicks parents get the chop from balck mask as a get away distraction. batman sees all these simularitys between then and the fact that he is a great athlete. (by now its in the last 1/4 of the movie) So batman takes him on. defeats black mask and gives dick a chance to kill his parents killer. having not batman takes him on as robin. movie ends. its a bit rough but remember batman is only a year or so into the crime gig, and had only defeated ras, and the joker in the comics coming off his 7 year sabatical. so he is still a X factor to gotham friend or foe. and he is being hunted by the cops. thats when he meets dick greyson, which would be great. the next movie can then have them both. or you never know two face could be in this movie instead of balck mask. batman lived after the fall why not him, and they hid harvey two faces crimes they could have hidden him. batman and gordon wouldnt of killed him, they would have put him some were safe. but he escapes and rules the city under the jokers rules.

the critic on Jul 22, 2008


To #180 But what have Nolan's Batman films been about then? If not, beginnings? Batman Begins and Dark Knight are both strong origin movies and none of it was boring to me. Like... I dunno, but... seems like, kind of a cruel call to say... "sorry, but Reaper suffered more, so he gets more screen time then.... Riddler", lets say. :/ ... Anyway, just putting that out there *arms up in surrender* To #183 Not bad! Not bad! Seems pretty interesting 😀 . But Talia Al'Ghul playing second-potato to Batman, when she's like... the League of Assassins vice-head-honcho... dosn't sit well in my head 😛 . Oh! And Lucious dosn't quit. (SPOILER ALERT!!!) I believe he said he _would_ quit if the computer Batman made was still around when he came back. Batman then tells Lucious the auto-destruct sequence, and Lucious leaves satisified. (END SPOILER)

LW on Jul 22, 2008


#184 Deadshot will not work because he was a villain in the new anime dvd, Batman: Gotham Knight, which was supposed to bridge BB & TDK together. Batman beats the crap outta Deadshot.

Matt Suhu on Jul 22, 2008


#185, Hehe, not attacking you, just explaining my logic in a little more detail than 500 words allows. I definitely see your point and I'm not saying origin stories are bust, but sometimes criminals are criminals and the "escalation" theory from the prior films suffices for minor instances. You get your "beginning" here with Black Mask, and another can be touched on when the identity of the Reaper is inevitably revealed, but the true "beginning" here is that of the Gotham that Bruce Wayne/Batman has been fighting for.

The Shakedown on Jul 22, 2008


LW: Thank you very much. You may be right about Lucious, though that's a small plot element. As far as Talia is concerned, she's only 2nd potato within Gotham itself. Worldwide, she's far more powerful than Batman could hope to be.

Rudy on Jul 22, 2008


To #186 Really?? "Batman: Gotham Knight" links towards 'The Dark Knight Returns'?? wait... Let me wiki... Omg, you're right! I had no idea ^^ I just thought it was a really cool series of Batman animations 😀 . Anyway, now that I know this, I'm filled with even more bursting glee that I saw it :D. Now I wish I could've seen more Crispus Allen in, 'The Dark Knight', lol ^^. Eventhough we did get to see plenty of Anna Ramirez.... who is aka, Renee Montoya to me... I wonder why Nolan decided to replace Renee Montoya with Anna Ramirez now... hmm...

LW on Jul 22, 2008


what if the guy that found the tumbler blue prints was to turn to the penguin insted of the riddler? cause he physically looks more like you would think penguin would look like minus the red hair and also he works within wayne enterprises so for all we know he could be someone who works within the weapons department.. even tho in the movie he did seem like he was just a grunt.. and also his name isnt cobblepot but its just another interesting angle.. cause there could be motive since he cant get bruces name out as batman

Drew on Jul 22, 2008


Nevermind, found a article that answers my questions.

LW on Jul 22, 2008


to #190 .... no.

LW on Jul 22, 2008


To #187 and #188 Thanks ^^

LW on Jul 22, 2008


i know its not realistic but its just another angle they could go anywhere with it really no need to hate

Drew on Jul 22, 2008


just a though because i know it would never happen, but if burt mccracken of the used learned how to act, he'd be a pretty good joker stand in, hell he's kinda crazy regular, in that joker kind of way, write him in as a copy cat joker who was in the gang and wants to be recognized as the top and no one does and have him wreck hell all over to show what he isnt, just a thought two face is coming back, gaurenteed, other than that i need to think a whole hell of alot still.

aust on Jul 22, 2008


Wow just wow I'm loving everyones ideas especially involving the reaper especially since everyone thinks Batmans a murder by the end of the Dark Knight and penguin as an arms dealer is even better fit for the charcter I submitted my idea and getting 500 words and the plot your story is trying to get across is very hard. Hey for the role of the Riddler how about John Cryer from two and a half men? He seems to really fit the bill of nigma perfectly I didn't mention this in my story idea but my plot was mainly how ones love for their parents could lead them down the wrong path Batman's love for his parents inspired him to be Batman as sofia Falcone's love for her father leads her to take on her fathers empire and I just mainly wanted to bring together elements from the first movie and the second and bringing about the new breed of criminal to gotham joker mentioned and doing away with the old ways once and for all. I'd love to see Batman take on the Reaper in another solo film and just because I think nolon could so it jusice bring robin in then bring in Talia for another film where she kidnaps robin to prove batman's worth to be her father successor and her husband. Then after that movie black mask and catwoman because as someone mentioned they have history and maybe leave black mask in power for another film and he hires bane to take out batman I know it was planned as a trilogy but we all know WB will probably try to make it continue right? And I didn't know child abduction in a film would come under an R rating blood be nice nudity think is going a bit far

Samuel on Jul 22, 2008


Here was my submission: This sequel will take place about a year after The Dark Knight. Wayne Manor has been rebuilt and the upgraded Batcave promised at the end of Batman Begins is complete. The Gotham City Underworld has been overtaken by a psychotic criminal known as Black Mask. His real name is Roman Sionis and as a young man he killed his parents and carved a mask out of the dark wood from his father's coffin. The movie could open with Batman breaking up a hostage situation and then being pursued by a SWAT team that was present. They go through The Narrows and we are introduced to Selina Kyle and Holly, two prostitutes (we're going with Catwoman's Year One origin for this one). Batman escapes and Selina decides to retire from her profession so she knocks out her pimp and takes Holly with her. She becomes a thief to support herself and Holly (and she wears an outfit like her current comic book one). Batman and Commissioner Gordon are meeting in secret to plot the downfall of Black Mask and lament that taking down the other crime bosses in Dark Knight led to the rise of an even worse gangster. Selina starts stealing from Black Mask and encounters Batman for the first time. There’s mutual attraction between the two. When Batman asks who she is, she tells him ‘Catwoman.’ Black Mask discovers that Catwoman is the one who has been stealing from him and decides to punish her. In the midst of all of this, a massive earthquake hits Gotham City . The Batcave collapses. Blackgate and Arkham are destroyed, releasing all the prisoners and Gotham is declared a disaster area (this will be like the No Man’s Land arc crossed with Katrina). Government resources are not coming fast enough and Gordon and the cops are working 24/7 to instill martial law. Gangs are running rampant. Batman and Catwoman are helping as many as they can. Batman’s legend grows as he saves more and more people and takes down more criminals. Floyd Lawton, an ex-marine sniper snaps and starts sniping people and cops. Batman takes him down after a chase through the ruined Gotham . Black Mask discovers who Catwoman is, kidnaps her and Holly and then kills Holly in front of her. Batman fights through a building full of Black Mask’s enforcers and then takes him down. He releases Catwoman and she kills Black Mask. Batman sadly delivers her to the police. The government finally arrives and restores order. At the end of the movie, Gordon fires up the Bat Signal and Batman knows that he is the city’s hero once again and has regained their trust.

Jeff on Jul 22, 2008


If there's one thing that's clear from these postings, it's that Black Mask is the fan favorite and next logical step as far as introducing major villains. People also seem to have some sort of fetish with the Penguin but I believe Christopher Nolan has made it extremely clear that this character will not be appearing in his version of Batman...

The Shakedown on Jul 23, 2008


even tho my last post was a situation for the penguin to come in that was just a thing to talk about because i dont think penguin would be good to bring and yeah exactly nolan said publically he doesnt like the character of the penguin.. he also said he doesnt want to bring in robin.. just so you know(those of you who want him anyways) but yeah #198 the black mask has actually showed up like a hundred times in different posts. that would be sweet but im still behind the riddler

Drew on Jul 23, 2008


To #198 I think the reason that Nolan won't put in the Penguin is... how much could we reveal about him? I mean, yeah... Penguin had a pretty rough upbringing and no one questions his twisted psyche. The Penguin, to me anyway, is like the Hannibal Lecter of the DC Universe... minus the cannibalism. Like, Hannibal, the Penguin is a gentleman, he has manners, he's well spoken and at the same time, he has a monstrous soul. Lets face it... someone with the Penguins shape, could never be taken seriously for how he's presented in the book, by a general public, who _may not_ have even seen the Penguin prior to the live-action version that Nolan theoretically would protray.... kind of makes you understand the Penguin's pain 🙁 Anyway, on a side note: Two new original animations from DC in 2009!! 😀 Can't wait! Wonder Woman and Teen Titans, ((both originally done, so Teen Titans will be much different then the kid's show))

LW on Jul 23, 2008


Oooh I hadn't heard about the Teen Titans flick but every DC Universe film thus far has been excellent and the Wonder Woman promo seems to uphold that level of quality. I'll be excited to watch anything they produce!

The Shakedown on Jul 23, 2008


Oh and yes, regarding the Penguin...I'm sorry but I'd have to agree with Nolan--I think if you do the character as realistically as everyone else in Nolan's universe, his character just wouldn't be interesting enough. It would be great to deal with him on a very minor level as a morally questionable arms dealer, but I just couldn't see his role as being any bigger than, say, Falcone's in "Batman Begins." Just my opinion, though.

The Shakedown on Jul 23, 2008


to #202 lol, well... not saying Penguin isn't interesting of course! 😀 Cause he is! Most Batman villains are 😀 It's just that the general audience may not recieve him well, is all ^^ The only non-interesting Batman villain that Nolan shouldn't do is.... Polka-Dot Man. LOLZ!!! ... Actually, I take that back. Polka-Dot Man as Batman's next villain!! 😀

LW on Jul 23, 2008


The sequel to the Dark Knight will have the villian Clayface. That is how Batman will be exonerated from those crimes. No catwoman, no penguin, no riddler. Given the tone of Batman now, we need the super crazy, super demented like clayface, more mafia,

Matt Damon on Jul 23, 2008


Omg... you know what would be _really_ cool?... If Al Pacino did the voice for the Ventriliquist's "Scarface". 😀 ... that and Polka-Dot Man

LW on Jul 23, 2008


Hehe...I've found it pretty funny that so many people have seriously mentioned Ventriloquist. The whole split-personality thing is a bit redundant in the Batman universe and in this case is executed in a rather silly fashion. We're much better off with villains like Two-Face exploring those themes. Frankly, they could cut all the other villains if they wanted to do a Reaper storyline. I think with the direction Nolan is taking it, the Reaper would be the most compelling storyline and definitely paves the way for Gotham accepting Batman.

The Shakedown on Jul 23, 2008


I submitted 162 and the reason i didnt use any major villians is because there really insnt anywhere you could go. Poison Ivy: i suppose you could say she is defending global warming. But Ivy just sucks as a villian. Catwoman: I suppose you go with her it would just be tough to go there with the ending of the dark knight. Riddler: To much like the joker. Mr. Freeze: Worst batman villian. Penguin: Penguin is just step down from Two-Face and Joker that it wouldnt be worth doing. Azrael: This is the only one I semi support. If you've ever seen Robin's Reckoning from TAS. Thats kind of the story I was thinking of as a base if you know what I mean. With more of political corruption and GPD+Squat chasing. I dont know its just that Robin has always been there and its about time he gets into it.

Franz Ross on Jul 23, 2008


To #207 They're all good villains. ... that is all.

LW on Jul 23, 2008


#207 Mr. Freeze is an excellent villain. he's one of those villains where he's misunderstood and makes all the wrong choices for the right reasons to save his dying wife. his reality-based version would be quite difficult to pull off, but his origin and motives are very intriguing.

Matt Suhu on Jul 23, 2008


I don't need 500 words to described what the next batman movie should be. They should wait 10 or 20 years, wait till Bale gets all grizzled and old (or just use an older actor) and just make a kick ass adaption of Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns. Lets face it Joker is the magnum opus of batman villians, theres no way you can top him, so using Millers arch is the only way to finish the triology. It shows the humanity of batman and how old age affects his crime fighting abilities. Nolan would have to down play robin, because well robin is gay. Couple that with potentially awsome scences of batman snapping old joker's (which would have to be played by someone else) neck and a climatic battle with Superman, theres no way this couldn't not Kick Ass.

mad on Jul 23, 2008


To #210 "only way to finish the triology"? "robin is gay"? "batman snapping old joker's neck"? ... What have you been smoking?! lol. There's many ways to finish the trilogy! Not just pulling out an alternative future from the, "Dark Knight Returns". And how is Robin gay, at _all_!! Dick Grayson gets ridiculous amounts of poon-tang, (ie. Huntress, Starfire, etc...) and if you're talking about Robin from, "Dark Knight Returns"... It's a 13 year old girl! And don't even get me started on just Batman killing Joker.... So... I parry your thrust, good sir! ^^

LW on Jul 23, 2008


to #206 not split personality, but he can suffer from being bipolar, you know? and have him, in his mind, believe that the dummy is an extension of himself....that could work...something along the lines that in a dinner party where the ventriloquist is performin, a robbery or hostage ensues. batman walks in to stop it, but in the midst of all the chaos, the dummy breaks apart. the ventriloquist gathers the pieces and thus scarface is born. obviously he blames batman for the incident and begins a manhunt (bathunt) of sorts that ends up with a lot of people dead. in his searching he bumps into another man that tells him he'll tell him the identity of batman, only if the ventriloquist does some things for him first and every time one of his endeavors is succesfull, he'll reveal one more clue (or riddle) that'll reveal the batman true self. the ventriloquist is not a bright mind, so he gets frustrated over this riddles (which all conect to the previous jobs he did for the riddler, like after each job he gets a clue and the answer to the clue relies on an element of the crime he just commited) and in his frustration his killings become more and more sadistic. of course the ventriloquist has no memory of this, because all along he thinks it's the dummy doing it (he is so out of it that not even a lying detection machine reads him). police take him in, not batman, batman is to busy himself running away from cops. in prison, he meets the joker (this could all be voice over work) which leads him to be even more psychotic and breaks out of jail. he then finds the riddler again and says he's done with games, he wants to take down the batman. riddler is ok with this, as he has plotted all along to have the batman killed for all this time he has not only given clues to the ventriloquist but also to batman at the crimes scenes. it all leads up to a confrontation involving the ventriloquist, the riddler and batman. batman makes the ventriloquist see the light and he snaps out of it, dropping the dummy and now turning to the riddler for using him as a pet. the ventriloquist gets killed, and the riddler flees the scene after a bomb goes off, nearly killing batman (he gets out before the thing explodes, but in doing so he left the ventriloquist behind).....riddler now goes out of proportion leaving riddle after riddle all over gotham to point out the batman (and wrongfully accusing other folks at the same time). the city is chaos, all are killing all in hopes of getting the hated batman. when the riddles makes all of gotham gather in a spot just so he can blow them all to smitherings, batman resurface, takes on the riddler, disarms the trap and gotham now see that batman has been actually a good guy all along (a cute little scene here with gordon's kid going "that's what i've been trying to tell you people!" or some like that). that was just my thought on how you could probably develop the ventriloquist and make him believable in a way.

araiza on Jul 23, 2008


Penguin or Two Face should show up. An old school villain, no bane or whatever and no way in hell should catwoman appear

Hans on Jul 23, 2008


IF, and that's a big IF, Nolan does come back...he would NOT bring in the Penguin. He said he is the most un-realistic of the villians. Also, Hoffman as the Penguin? Are you serious!? Johnny Depp as the However, Depp wouldn't impersonate another actor. He would create his own character. He would have to. There is no duplicating Ledger's performance. For one it wouldn't work and as an actor you don't do that. Some good ideas, but the casting is terrible.

Anthony on Jul 23, 2008


To #212 Once again... making up an origin for Ventriliquist... like we can tilt the DC balance, like we're DC's top writers or something and hope the fans will accept it sitting down... I say no :/ .... HOWEVER!!... not a bad tale ^^. The Ventriliquist actually has Mutiple Personality Disorder, ((bipolar is when you can only get things half-done... can you imagine that? lol ^^, "Batman! I will shoot you till you're dead!... *sighs* or half-dead... at least..... *sigh* or a quarter dead... *Batman stares up blankly*)) Anyway, one thing about the Ventriliquist's doll, Scarface, is that there's actually a 'supernatural' element to him. Not saying Nolan should put that in or not! But, it would be really fun to keep the audience guessing if Scarface is possessed or not, just through like... small hints and small suggestions here and there 😀 .... Really amp up the 'creepy' factor for Scarface! 😀 To #213 Nothing wrong with Catwoman. She's as old school as it gets. Has the recent Catwoman movie scarred you for life?... me to... *pats your back* To #214 And I'll say it again... knowing that, we now understand the Penguin's pain....

LW on Jul 23, 2008


it have to be riddler. riddler is the only villan that could possibly be better than heath ledger joker. he could be like jigsaw from saw. Just he gives riddles.

Valeska on Jul 23, 2008


you cant have the riddler. mr frezze, ivy, cat woman etc. their all pansy "light" characters. the riddler would be the only one to work. and that is if if did his riddle crap but went complete heath ledger joker crazy at the same time. the successs of nolans fils have been cause the villians so far are like batman, dark brooding, complex, out casts of the shadows. their also smart and cunning like batmans. ras,scarcrow,joker. tim burton had it right. when he left they continued with ice cube,ivy,riddler,etc and it ruined the films. it may have been differnt if they used, reaper,black mask clay face. etc. also true the director sucked!!!!! for them last two films.

the critic on Jul 23, 2008


To #217 ... wow... you're a fool. There was nothing wrong with those villains... the movies were just bad. If we were still talking about making the, 'Dark Knight', you'd be talking about how Two-Face wouldn't work because of how Tommy Lee Jones depicted him... *shrug*

LW on Jul 23, 2008


notice how i never said two face was a crap character. but i did accidently leave him out of the good character line example of nolans choice. scarcrow,,2face,joker,ras.

the critic on Jul 23, 2008


#217 "'re a fool." tell em, LW!

Matt Suhu on Jul 23, 2008


it would be sweet if it was just catwoman or jsut thalia.. no riddler or any of those villains. it would be a cool and unexpected way to round out the trilogy

Drew on Jul 23, 2008


To #219 Notice, how _I_ notice, that you didn't even fully read my reply before replying. To #220 Easy there Matt, not trying to insult the guy ^^. I place 'fool' among words like, 'cad', 'rascal' or 'whippersnapper'.

LW on Jul 23, 2008


#221 no, it would not be cool because neither catwoman or thalia pose a threat to batman which would present a very boring movie with no suspense and drama. both are considered more as love interests in the comics than villains or adversaries. the movie would be more of a romantic comedy than anything else.

Matt Suhu on Jul 23, 2008


nolan could pull it off

Drew on Jul 23, 2008


Nolan cant pull miracles

Darknight on Jul 23, 2008


I think it'd be pretty cool if the Joker continued playing a role in the next movie, but was represented by Harley Quinn. She's do all of his dirty work while he's off doing Joker things. Ya. And she has to call him Mr. J.

Nettle on Jul 23, 2008


What's with all the hate toward The Penguin? To me, Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman are the only logical choices for the next movie. Sure, Black Mask is cool. So what? Most people don't know who he is, just like Ras. "Batman Begins" was a success without using popular villians. "The Dark Knight" so far is destroying the box office. Not only did we get Joker this time, but Two-Face as well. We even got a cameo from Scarecrow. Logic dictates that the Nolan brothers aren't going to back peddle and use characters that are lesser known. Sure, the Penguin isn't as over-the-top as Joker, but he's a great character. What Tim Burton did to the character in "Batman Returns" was goofy. If that's what most people are basing their opinions on, then I can see why no one wants him in the next movie. Think about this though: The Penguin has some pretty cool umbrellas, and was good in hand to hand combat. He wasn't a freaky little troll like in Burton's movie. I mentioned in my post #10 that I'd like to see Paul Giamatti as Penguin. Someone else mentioned Philip Seymour Hoffman, which would be great too. Another actor who could fill the bill nicely is Bob Hoskins (who is British). If you've seen "Unchained" with Jet Li, then you know Hoskins would be great as Penguin. He could pull off the gangster stuff too. I'm changin my mind! I want Bob Hoskins for Penguin!!!!!! Just to go back and respond to some posts: #85 I didn't miss the scene where the money was burned. If you'll recall, the Joker clearly stated that he was only burning his half. Where's the other half? #104 What? I think you put down the wrong post number. I never said anything about Rachel in my post.

TCox on Jul 23, 2008


227# the major reason begins was such a hit was that it was the creation story of batman, his origns. over his travles. training, and seeing ras as a batman of sorts but with different views. the making of the suit car,cave. etc. it was always gonna be a hit. and having the mob, and scarcrow was a sweet bonus.

the critic on Jul 23, 2008


To #228 So... Ra's Al Ghul wasn't a bonus? Zsasz and the man who possibly could be, "Sensei" isn't a bonus? ........ I see. Excuse me while I... rethink my life.

LW on Jul 23, 2008


TCox: Both Phillip Seymour Hoffman AND Bob Hoskins expressed interest in the role of Penguin, but neither will get the part because Christopher Nolan has said he doesn't want to use the character. Now matter how you want to spin the character, the facts remain in tact. LW: We both know how much you love origins, but Christopher Nolan did quite a bit of retooling as far as the origins of Two-Face and even Batman. They also left out a great deal of Scarecrow's, but none of this seems to bother you. So what's wrong with taking the same approach to new characters in new movies?

The Shakedown on Jul 23, 2008


Alot of people are hating on burton who actually did the movies pretty well. Granted Returns not was "amazing" but it was good. Now Schumacher, thats a guy whos head I want. Batman & Robin and Forever were just umbareable.

Franz Ross on Jul 24, 2008


If they want to REALLY go over the top for the 3rd one, they should do ARKHAM ASYLUM. That would work with the non-sequel titling: Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Arkham Asylum. But it would absolutely be something unmarketable to kids... Hm... You know someone at Warner Bros. is thinking JLA tie-in (as a litmus test for how far they can go with Nolan's treatment of the character). I think the shortlist of possible characters (b/c you'll need multiple to top Joker) are: Killer Croc (escapes from Arkham) Catwoman (compels Bruce to don suit again) Talia Al Ghul (Son of the Demon sideplot) Rhas Al Ghul ... but you need someone else ... I dunno, gonna have to think on this one. Otherwise, their only choice is to do something that was never done in the comics. Batman Meets the Transformers. (Nyuk)

Django on Jul 24, 2008


To #230 Ahhh... you seem to think I want an absolute origin in a fan-boy-ish manner. Nolan stayed true to the source of The Scarecrow, Two-Face and the Joker. The exception being Ra's Al Ghul... but even then he used the character well. That's what matters here... staying true to the source. Perhaps you noticed that I've been mostly, "rude", (I guess) to stories that are less then parallel to the villains in them. If that's the case, I'll tell you this: They were 0% parallel... not parallel at all.... not true to the source at all.... at all.... at... all. You think Nolan _has_ been making stuff up, 100%? He hasn't... he took the heart or source of the origin and tweaked it enough to fit the movie or fit it in, 'Earth-Nolan', (If anyone here knows what I mean by that 😉 ) To the stories I've been nice to... once again, good stuff 😀

LW on Jul 24, 2008


I reckon the main villian is the riddler but is more of a mob boss then a phyco. He becomes like the godfather of the criminal underworld. The riddler seizing his chance holds the city at ransom and unleashes his 'freaks' upon gotham city. ALso have a new hotshot who joins Wayne enterprises board of directors. Midway through the story have the new hotshot murdered by the riddler, batman trys to prevent the murder. the police show up and gordon is forced to shoot batman(who falls in slow motion off the building and in to the river). With batman recupperating the crime goes up gothams citizens realize that they need batman. Meanwhile the riddler blows up arkham asylum and other landmarks in gotham. For the finale the riddler and batman face off in a massive fight scene the riddler using the weapons left over from wayne enterprise weapons division. Batman angry in rage holds a batarang to riddlers throat, just as batman is about to kill the riddler he sees gotham citizens coming towards wayne enterprises shouting batman. batman realizes that he cant break his rule. the riddler then blows up the building. batman and the riddler are blown out of the building. batman glides down and catches the riddler. everyone loves batman lah lah lah. for the final scene it shows the riddler in the back of a police van. the driver of the van turns round and shows her face it is a woman and she has jester makeup on she says "howdy my names harley" she flips the van. The riddler injured scrambles out the van and is walking backwards away from the van and harley. he bumps into someone and turns around. it is the joker(note we dont see his face) he says something about him being the real villian and shoots riddler in the head. harley runs over to and they both walk away. Harley then says dont forget to leave your card honey. The joker throws the card over his shoulder and laughs. the card lands near the riddler . the camera zooms in on the card its the jokers obviously blood slowly seeps on to it. the ensd

oscar on Jul 24, 2008


#234 nice idea only problem is that you have to make another mmovie after that and show the joker in the next movie. Its end on to much of a cliffhanger, you know. Nice idea, just fix the end.

Franz Ross on Jul 24, 2008


yeh but it just leaves it open like yeh batmans been excepted but he has still got a long way to go and its gonna be tough and in a few years you could possibly get the dark knight returns soughta thing where batman has to come out of retirement and save gotham from the older joker

oscar on Jul 24, 2008


I say #73 has a brilliant idea. Although I'm completely distressed over the fact Heath Ledger will never play The Joker again (becuase we all know that was the director's intention and implication at the end) I think The Joker was way too great a character to pass up for another film. I truly hope they do bring the Joker back, becuase Heath put too much passion into that part in order for it to succeed only to fail with his untimely death. I say it would be great to find someone perfect to honor his role, and we all know Nolan won't let us down.

wizza miller on Jul 24, 2008


to #234 Nice idea... but you killed the Riddler.... and you made him completely out of character as well :/ Riddler is a master of traps, so... it'd be more like Batman vs. SAW, then Batman vs. "new mob guy". And Harley Quinn just appears? Leaving the audience going, "ohhh... who is she? Harley Quinn... damn, I get to go home and tell my friends that she WASN'T raped the Joker, at all". Then that audience member will come home and have to sit through an hour of nerd-babble after he tells a nerdy friend of his or hers about the movie... what a horrible fate you've given that audience member oscar.. for shame 😛 lol, kidding ^^ but seriously, I don't see it working that way personally 😀

LW on Jul 24, 2008


You know... I heard Adrien Brody was actually interested in playing the Joker before Heath. Although, he'd look more like the iconic, Jim Lee's Joker then Ledger's Joker. Do you guys think Brody could pull it off?

LW on Jul 24, 2008


#230 - I hadn't heard about Hoffman and Hoskins expressing interest in the role. That's interesting. I know Nolan is saying he doesn't want Penguin, but that's not what this forum is about. This was just a little game for us to come up with ideas for the next flick. I still say Penguin should be given a proper big screen treatment. After Ledger's over the top performance, I think the next movie should come at it from a different angle. The next big villian should be the anti-Joker. Penguin could very well fit the bill. The Riddler would come off as a Joker copycat. Sure, they could use the "escalation" plot device again, but I'd rather see something different. These are all just opinions folks. Who so serious?

TCox on Jul 24, 2008


#239 - I thought Brody would have made a great Joker prior to Ledger being cast. Now that I've seen "The Dark Knight", I don't think he'd be a good replacement. A lot of people have already said this, but Johnny Depp is my top choice. Other actors to consider if they do in fact bring the Joker back: Matt Damon Leo Decaprio Josh Hartnett Shia Lebouf (I know I'm gonna get some hate for this one)

TCox on Jul 24, 2008


To #240 the critic never said that, I've read his comments and he's a good guy. I just disagree with him, is all. And please... this isn't 16th century France. I'm not going get a parrying rapier thrust through the heart for saying, 'fool', while we duel in foppish silk clothes. To #241 lol, I agree 😀 I think Hoffman and Hoskins would both pull off wonderful Penguins. But you know... rethinking Riddler copying Joker... that in itself could be a big riddle! Like, Riddler leaving things behind as Joker, in itself, is the huge riddle. So it could work! Accepting or course, Riddler is Riddler.

LW on Jul 24, 2008


Sorry, I mean: **Accepting _of_ course, Riddler is Riddler.

LW on Jul 24, 2008


Just read this on Wikipedia: In response to speculation that Philip Seymour Hoffman was approached for the role of the Penguin, as a British arms dealer in The Dark Knight, franchise director Christopher Nolan said he considered the character difficult to portray on film, explaining, "I'd be more excited to have Philip Seymour Hoffman in the film than to have the Penguin. There are certain characters that are easier to mesh with the more real take on Batman we're doing. The Penguin would be tricky."[3] Recently, viral marketing for The Dark Knight included a Gotham Times newspaper, featuring a newspaper ad for the Iceberg Lounge, one of the Penguin's businesses.[citation needed] Prior to the release of The Dark Knight in 2008, David Goyer ruled out using the Penguin or Catwoman as a villain in a future film, preferring to use antagonists from the comic that had not yet been portrayed on the big screen.

TCox on Jul 24, 2008


New Villain Ideas, what do you think? CatWoman: Kate Beckinsdale Penguin: James Gandolfini Riddler: Paul Bettany

Batlizard on Jul 24, 2008


to #245 That's really cool TCox. Maybe the Riddler for the third film isn't as set in stone as we first thought 0_0 . I feel though, no matter what villain we hope for and expect, Nolan will pull out some unexpected surprises for us either way... ... like Polka-Dot Man.

LW on Jul 24, 2008


LW: First Showing has allowed you to get away with insulting the other commentators either directly or indirectly with sarcasm. You haven't responded to The Critic's challenge.Since it has been deleted by your friend at First Sight but not from my e-mail; I will quote it. "ok numnuts explain how the fuck I am a fool. And don't give a lame answer. go into it." You stated that you use the word as cad, rascal or whippersnapper. The Online Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the meaning of the word fool as follows: 1.a a person lacking in judgment or prudence. 2.a A retainer formerly kept in great households to provide casual entertainment and commonly dressed in motley with caps, bells and bauble.b one who is victimize or made to appear foolish : Dupe. 3.a A harmlessly deranged person or one lacking in common powers of understanding. b one with a marked propensity or fondness for some something<a dancing fool . They defined dupe : one that is easily deceived or cheated: Fool. I believe that you are a terrorist. We have been looking for an Al Qaeda operative whose name when used as initials are LW.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 24, 2008


One thing they could really do that they're only beginning to explore in the first two films is Batman as an International adventurer. If Rhas Al Ghul were tied to some arms dealing for mobsters, I think it'd be great to put Batman against more of Ghul's henchman & even go against him on his own turf again. Talia could be a connection to that, and their developing romantic interest would certainly be more palpable than anything w/ Maggie or Katie. Then he'd have to of course break into Arkham itself, probably in the first act. It'd create a nice symmetry to the trilogy: Far East to Gotham, Gotham to Hong Kong to Gotham, and Gotham to the Far East. Who could play Talia?

Django on Jul 24, 2008


This was my entry: After the events of The Dark Knight, Batman must defend Gotham from the extreme crime mentality introduced by the Joker, despite the city’s new disdain for the dark knight. Harvey Dent is revealed to be alive, although only in the persona of Two Face. He is found in Arkham Asylum (his consignment there kept under wraps from the city) where his dependence on his coin to make decisions is explored. Meanwhile, Roman Sionis (whose parents were old friends of Bruce Wayne’s) is suffering financial troubles with his cosmetics company after some products that he rushed into production contained a lethal toxin. Roman has no choice but to publicly accept money from Bruce and Wayne Industries to stay afloat in running his company. In a conversation about the issue, a bitter Roman explains to Bruce that his parents actually hated the Waynes, but proceeded to wear “masks” in public and pretend they liked them. Roman was always hated his parents hypocrisy and their neglect for him as a son. Deeply humiliated by having to accept the money from Wayne Industries, Roman becomes the Black Mask to build up a criminal organization and exact revenge on Wayne Industries. During a financial meeting, Bruce meets an accountant named Talia Head. The two become romantically involved although she is constantly pressuring him about his mysterious bruises and absent nights. Roman Sionis discovers he has a great aptitude for crime, creating the False Face Society, whose members must where a mask at all times. After building up the society’s power, Black Mask begins to set his crimes against Wayne Industries as well, torching Wayne properties and kidnapping Wayne employees. A master of torture, Black Mask even kidnaps his former fiancé to torture her and force her to reunite with him. Black Mask specializes in the use of masks coated with the toxic cosmetics his company manufactured to torture his victims. In one of his raids to obtain new members for the False Face Society, Black Mask breaks into Arkham Asylum and discovers Harvey Two Face alive. He urges Two Face to come with him and into the criminal underworld of Gotham. Two Face leaves the decision up to the coin and goes with Black Mask. Black Mask offers Two Face a position in his Society, but the coin ahs Two Face decline. Two Face falls into the criminal underworld, running his own jobs determined by the flip of his coin. As Batman investigates the strings of crimes committed by the Black Mask and works with Commissioner Gordon to apprehend and rehabilitate Two Face, he is saved one night by a mysterious woman in black, who appears to be very skilled in the same Martial Arts as him. This femme fatale urges Batman to kill False Facers and do what is necessary to rid Gotham of crime. Batman uncovers her to be Talia Head and realizes that her identity is Talia ah Ghul, daughter of his original adversary, Ras al Ghul. She explains that her father instructed her before he left for Gotham to have Batman/Bruce succeed him as head of the League of Shadows. Upon hearing that Batman had murdered criminals she thought he was ready to assert his position, although now her love for him has her torn between Batman and her father’s wishes. Something along those lines. and two face could have some redemption at the end saving batman because his arc wasnt really complete after dark knight. to play Talia i think someone like Rachel Weisz or Eva Green would be good. and for black mask, maybe someone like Clive Owen?

Slick on Jul 24, 2008


To #249 Call me crazy... but Angelina Jolie. Maybe we're tired of her, maybe we're not... but she's the first name that comes into my head for Talia. ... and if Lady Shiva were to accompany her, then Chris Yen... aka, Donnie Yen's little sister... I'd say Michelle Yeoh, but she's 45 now.

LW on Jul 24, 2008


OK, looking at what was set up in the previous film, Joker, Catwoman, and the Riddler have all been potentially set up as future villains. And Batman has fully embraced his role as Gotham's champion, personal costs be damned. So, here goes: Spurred by the death of Rachel and Harvey, Bruce Wayne has embraced his role as Batman with a fever pitch. But he soon faces competition from a new vigilante with brutal methods. This new vig kills his mobster victims, and keeps their money for himself, but leaves curious clues at the crime scene. Some of these clues begin to point back to Bruce Wayne, and he is forced to cover his trail and pursue "the Riddler" without help from Gordon. Lucius points him in the direction of Mr. Reese, whose identity is revealed to be false. He believes himself to be honoring Batman for saving his life in TDK, by slowing drawing Gotham into his game of cat and mouse. Ultimately, Riddler wants to reveal Harvey Dent as the true killer in Gotham, despite Batman's coverup in TDK. Meanwhile, the Catwoman makes a name for herself in the underworld, hired by one mob boss (Cobblepot?) to steal from the others, keeping the best prizes for herself. When the Riddler sets his sights on her, Batman is forced to save her, prompting her to fall for him and vice versa. For the first time since Rachel's death, Bruce feels a human connection with her and longs for her to leave the world of crime. While she unite with the Batman? And will either survive the inevitable mob/freak war set up by the Riddler? PS- i loved number 73- very Nolan-esque twist!

mister reese on Jul 24, 2008


To #250 Well done! Solid! 😀 To #252 This wouldn't work I think :/. I'm not even worried about names anymore, since I recently found out Nolan renamed Renee Montoya to Anna Ramirez. But even then, I don't think Nolan would side-step why a villain does what he does and replace it with a completely new reason that's untrue to the character at all. And I don't know about you but... I'd be very perturbed to see Catwoman just randomly appear in the third film stealing stuff. I'd just be thinking like... "who's this random, unimportant brigand?" Anyway, it's alright 😀 . It's fine for the next animated Batman film perhaps if you place it like that. ^^

LW on Jul 24, 2008


To #252 My apologies for the last post, I wanted to add: If... Catwoman _were_ set up like that for the next film: It would have to be more like the Joker's introduction, "bank robbery" scene, in order to really establish her personality and character in the first few moments. Not exact! But similar.

LW on Jul 24, 2008


Hey that idea about Taila coming to recruit Bruce as her father's last wish that's a great idea but how about mixing it with the reaper or possible the wrath and have one of them murder Taila because she doesn't know Bruce is batman but with the copy cat killer thinks it wrath or reaper as she dates wayne they become incredibly close to where she reveals she knows about. His other life but not if he's batman or the murder around gotham they fall in love as she is torn between her father and Bruce and compramises by promising to pull her resources together with Bruce's mission. But she is murdered and has unknowingly revealed Bruce's idenitity to the murder who. Decides to destroy Batman as well as the rest of gotham and assumes control over the league of sasssins. Gordon has to deal with they mysterious murder who resembles batman (decided to go with wrath) so he believes it maybe Batman murdering all the cops in gotham Joker breaks out of prison to see if batman has changed sides. Can throw pengun in as an arms dealer batman is after in the begining and riddler as wrath's partner who's a detective hired by the GCPD to find the murder as he helps wrath stay on step ahead of the cops investigation

Samuel on Jul 24, 2008


Possible takes on the characters? Poison Ivy: Sinister socialite, more of a threat to Bruce Wayne than Batman... Catwoman: potential ally, but twisted motivation. Is a thief really worth the Bat's wrath? Mr. Freeze: Awesome physical threat and one of my personal favorites, but how do you make him realistic? Riddler: Good, but the Joker was better... And is he actually much of a threat to Batman? Clayface: Make the Joker look nice! Too bad he is completely unbelievable, though... Penguin: Nolan doesn't like him. Plus, he's kinda boring. My list of "realistic" favorites Bane: insane Arkham inmate? Or possibly similar to the hired gun from "The Batman" Hush: Great possibilities and a physically threatening presence. Deathstroke: 'Nuff said. Black Mask: Eh. Red Hood: awesome, but you'd need to explain Robin first.

mister reese on Jul 24, 2008


LW said in #254 "If… Catwoman _were_ set up like that for the next film: It would have to be more like the Joker's introduction, "bank robbery" scene, in order to really establish her personality and character in the first few moments. Not exact! But similar." Maybe she could break in to a wealthy persons home like say...Wayne Manor? 🙂 also in post #239 you said... "You know… I heard Adrien Brody was actually interested in playing the Joker before Heath. Although, he'd look more like the iconic, Jim Lee's Joker then Ledger's Joker. Do you guys think Brody could pull it off?" I disagree with that. I think Brody would kick-ass as Riddler!

jason_md2020 on Jul 24, 2008


to #243:This is The 21st century and we don't duel and you wouldn't get a parrying rapier thrust through your heart. However; You can wear foppish silk clothes if that's your choice. It is close to midnight here in Afghanistan and I' m going to get some sleep. I will continue our conversation when I'm back to BOOs.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 24, 2008


To #255 First things first: That storyline is wayyyyy too messy >_< . To #256 Honestly though... would you 'avoid' the next Batman movie if your favourite villain isn't in it? And that you, personally, think the next villain wouldn't work? Cause I'd watch it even if they put in Man-Bat 😀 Assuming it's well done of course.

LW on Jul 24, 2008


Id love to see man-bat but like freeze probably wont happen

Rodan8812 on Jul 24, 2008


#257 I actually thought that Brody would've been a good fit to play the Joker (look wise as mentioned). Though I can't see Brody trying to pull the same Joker Ledger did, but I still believe Brody would've been able to create his own unique Joker. If anything, I thought Brody would've made a better fit as Dr. Crane (Scarecrow) than Murphy, I found Murphy to be a bit short and he looked too clean cut. Isn't Scarecrow suppose to be thin, tall, and awkward looking?

Omega728 on Jul 24, 2008


To #260 Really?! I thought Cillian Murphy was plenty, lanky and awkward, (no offense Murphy. lol! ^^). And I think he pulled off Scarecrow very well. He's also dedicated, seeing as how he appeared in the Dark Knight, giving us a, "usual night for Batman" type scene 😀 .

LW on Jul 24, 2008


#261 Don't get me wrong, I like Cillian as an actor, but I guess my vision of Scarecrow is just a bit different than what Cillian and Nolan put out.

Omega728 on Jul 24, 2008


I know no one is talking about this anymore but I just saw the movie again a moment ago and wanted to address some things said earlier Arkham was reopened Harvey mentioned it that is where falcone is At the bank I don't think a bomb went off it was just the bass of the music notice no one reacted to it Lu never said he moved the money out of gotham but somewhere safe but still joker did say he burned his half As for the death of Harvey Dent no body no casket as shown so my guess they're playing it he died in the hospital explosion With someone else playing joker in the comics he's explained to have a super personallity he can change it at his whim hence why in the comics he'd be all funny one appearence then murdering maniac the next this could easily explain joker's character and behavioral change for the next film Oh with Resee I think I'm the only person who thought this but at the end when Joker threatened the city he was video taping was the talk show host who was interviewing resee besides he was on a bus and one did disappeared after the hospital exploded so Joker couldn't of driven Resee mad unless your saying the situation of everyone trying to kill him drove him mad. Oh with Riddler going the saw route trying to get revenge or whatever his motive when Batman stops one of his traps and riddler tries to figure out who he is by going after Resee. but if I was resee I'd get the hell out town they are all crazy in Gotham!

Samuel on Jul 24, 2008


Oh... my god... I just realized who could play the perfect "SAW"-esque Riddler... Jeffery Combs, of Re-Animator fame. Just imagine him with green buttoned-up shirt, rolled up sleeves, black pants, black silk tie, black leather gloves and a smear of green paint... just a smear... across his eyes. As if he dipped his hand in a green paint-bucket then dragged his hand across his face like a maniac. Anyway... that's just me. lol!

LW on Jul 24, 2008


Prepare to hate me! I think the only way to close is with a love story with Catwoman. But still have Batman kick ass here and there to satisfy movie goers.

chris on Jul 24, 2008


Whatever is done in the next one, it will be great.

Angelina on Jul 24, 2008


Chris, they would have to re-develop catwoman. I don't like how she comes to be. Cats bring her back to life or pocess her? Is that how it really is?

Angelina on Jul 24, 2008


To #267 No Angelina, that's not how it is at all... thankfully. lol! So feel free to toss those Catwoman references aside 🙂

LW on Jul 24, 2008


To 258 Trying to clean it up a bit A copy cat that looks like batman is killing cops. Gordon is stuck trying to figure out if its really nayman who he's been out of contact with since DK. Batman tries to investigate but the cops are inpeading his investigation. As for Bruce Wayne he is being stalked by Taila Head at different parties he attends when then he finally confronts her he falls for her and vice versa (not instant but over time) after they've spent a night together she reveals she knows about his night life (but never actually revealing she knows he's Batman because she doesn't know for sure) Bruce pretends to think she is crazy and throws her out. Riddler who at the start of the movie was hunting people who've wronged him after escaping batman (who never got a good look at him) he runs into Wraith and ends up working for him. He goes to the GCPD as a detective assisting them in capturing the cop killer. Batman continues his hunt for the murderer as Talia wrestles with doing what her Father wants or her love for Bruce. After a confrontation with Batman, Wraith runs into Taila who reveals to him that Batman is Bruce Wayne (thinking he's Bruce) and that she wants to combine her league of shadows with his mission. Wraith takes advantage of this by killing Talia and tells Ubu and Shiva that Batman killed her and he has Ubu and Shiva take the charge of the league to destroy the Batman. Wraith attacks the GCPD to finish what he started in the beginning. Riddler while staying at the GCPD transforms the building into a death trap but he sent a riddle earlier and is discovered the rest of the cops take out riddler as Wraith grabs Gordon. Ubu and Shiva with the other assissins attack Wayne manor and enter the new bat-cave which is set up for attacks and defends itself Alfred takes out Ubu with a tranquilzer gun as Batman fights Shiva who reveals Wraith's plan. Batman takes the bat plane and races to GCPD where he rescues Gordon and fights Wraith for the last time where he reveals his origin and after he's beaten refuses to be arrested and pulls the pin in his grenade blowing himself up. (or so it seems) in the end Talia is still alive and realizes Batman is Wayne she wants to tell him she's alive but recieves a call telling her to come home she responds yes Father. (I just thought of it but Joker plays a Hannibal Lector role to Batman's Claireese (or however you spell it in helping Batman catch up to Wraith)

Samuel on Jul 24, 2008


Well then how does she become Catwoman?

Angelina on Jul 24, 2008


To #269 Umm... when I said messy, I was talking more about the kind of muddled plot, as _well_ as your spelling mistakes >__< Worse yet, you start calling Wrath, Wraith!! And why would Talia sleep with Batman? Are you going for an alternate Damien? But most of all... spelling mistakes!!! AHHHH!! If you could fix up all that writing, I'd give it a definite nod.

LW on Jul 24, 2008


To #270 I was thinking of a way to type out what I know, then I decided, "what the heck". Here's a wikipedia page 😀 I recommend the modern day origins, more then the 'Golden' origin ^^ lol. Golden Age origins are just... not used anymore 😛 . Hopefully, it will help some of you Catwoman haters out there, know how insanely dark Selina Kyle's life _really_ is.

LW on Jul 24, 2008


Sorry I usually do all this from my phone and usually mispell my words when texting it. And no no son of the bat set up just how much she gets to him. But idea is batman versus Wrath. Tailafalling in love with Bruce Wayne but not sure if he's Batman or Wrath. Riddler setting death traps ends up going at it with the GCPD. Wrath takes control of the league of shadows tries to destroy Batman and kill Gordon Batman saves the day the people love him again

Samuel on Jul 24, 2008


aahh love.

vu on Jul 24, 2008


To #273 Ahhh... much better 🙂 Still a few typos though, lol! I don't think Riddler is trying to kill Batman, as much as he's trying to, "solve the mystery" that's Batman though ^^ . You gotta remember, Riddler is more obsessed with ultimate puzzles then insane killing sprees. 😀 and oh yeah... ahh...loveee.... 🙂

LW on Jul 24, 2008


Hugo Strange, anyone?

Franz Ross on Jul 24, 2008


So I missed the deadline for the contest, but decided to post my idea anyways, just for kicks. Hope you enjoy. BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT or GOTHAM UNDERWORLD In keeping with the theme of escalation exercised in The Dark Knight, the story would pick up directly where the second installment ended, with Batman being on the run. With Gotham’s mob scene in upheaval after the effects of Joker’s systematic chaos, as well as Dent’s revenge upon Sal Maroni, a new leader emerges in the form of the sinister Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask. This keeps with the theme of using villains from Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery not yet seen in this medium. Most of the source material would be drawn from the War Games comic storyline. The focus should be on Gotham trying to revive itself after the major events from The Dark Knight. Batman, reeling from the loss of both Dent and Rachel, struggles to pick up the pieces in his life, forcing him to push his cape and cowl into the background and spend more time as Bruce Wayne. He has to be both citizen and savior, and with one persona marred as a vigilante, he seeks redemption in the eyes of his people, a turmoil that must be carefully considered as the course of the film progresses. He is in many ways alone, taking upon his shoulders the entire city, trying to determine if one man can really make a difference, or is his a battle that cannot be won, merely subsided till the next psychopath comes along. Alfred will continue juggling between overseeing the rebuilding of Wayne Manor and attending to Batman’s needs as a second pair of eyes and ears. Commissioner Gordon will have his own trials and tribulations dealing with being Batman’s one ally in the GPD and struggling with the gulf dividing him from his family as he immerses himself in the struggle to bring Gotham back to order. I’m not sure there needs to be a love interest, though it would be interesting to bring in a young Selena Kyle or Talia Al Ghul. The primary femme fatale of the film however will be the infamous Lady Shiva, newly appointed as head of the League of Shadows, recovering from Ra’s Al Ghul’s death in Batman Begins. Her motivation in this film is not only revenge, but also to aid Black Mask in his quest to rein control of Gotham’s underworld. The teaser ending could incorporate our beloved Joker now committed to Arkham Asylum under the careful watch of Harley Quinzel as a clever prelude of things to come. The film should end as though there might not ever be a 4th film, but leaving the audience and fan boys alike with the feeling that yes, Batman has saved the day, but his fight is not over and may never be over. Perhaps as with the first movie, his battle is just begun, and that is forever his tragedy. He has the will, the technology and the fortitude to withstand the evils of Gotham, but the sad part is that Gotham’s evils will outlast him.

David Hernandez on Jul 24, 2008


To #277 Yeahhhh... pretty good 😀 . Wouldn't Talia be in charge of the Assassins, instead of Lady Shiva though? And I guess you'd have to go with 'Gotham Underworld' since 'Gotham Knight' is taken for the animation 😀

LW on Jul 25, 2008


When are the winners announced?

mrpink on Jul 25, 2008


I was kinda zoning out at lunch today at work and kinda cme up with a backstory that would work for Catwoman in the Nolanverse. I know the backstory has her as a prostitute who's had enough, but in addition to that you could have her working at a mob strip joint like Bada-Bing in the Sopranos. You think that the mobster's pay attention to the strippers while they talk buisness? It would be a great way for her to get info on the mobster's lives. Set it up so she goes to a mobster's home to teach him a lesson after abusing one of the girls in a VIP room, on the same night that Batman shows up to pump the guy for info... Whaddya think?

jason_md2020 on Jul 25, 2008


To #280 Then what about her thief persona? Doing jewel heists and stuff?

LW on Jul 25, 2008


heres my thoughts : use elements of the Knightfall saga and the rhas al ghul story arc with bane and talia ( cant remember the name ) with a proper fleshed out Bane and bring him to gotham using Talia seeking revenge for her fathers demise and joining forces with Bane to bring batman to his knees. This can be told in a flash back at the start with banes escape and Rhas recruiting him like he did bruce wayne. Follow the plot of bane making Gotham and the Bat's life hell by breaking out and enlisting other criminals to break the Bat. We have seen zzzzass, scarecrow and had hints of others so you could place them into this story arc showing the rise of the "super villian" in the wake of the joker as he says give them a new level of criminal. the fact is you could make this into a two part film with the fall of batman and Gotham as the first part ending on a real down note and the second part being the resurgence of the Batman and end it with his final acceptance as protector of gotham. And in the best traditions of Hollywood leave a cliffhanger and also a tribute by showing a shadowy figure in some dark alleyway and all you hear at the end as he watches Batman finally defeat bane and Talia is "Welcome home batsy hahahaHAHAhhahaHAHAHAha."....... then cut to batmans hagard face as he realises in this moment of triumph that it has only just begun.......fade out, credits and thats a wrap !! So Part one is called "Batman - knightfall" and Part two is called "Batman - Year Zero" thats it a sure winner !

Fenris on Jul 25, 2008


To #282 Uhhh... not quite all there >__<

LW on Jul 25, 2008


To #233 Ohh! Damn!! An entire paragraph seems to have been skimmed off of my last comment :S My apologies 😀

LW on Jul 25, 2008


*** the last comment was adressed to #282 ((sorry again))

LW on Jul 25, 2008


whats the record for most comments for a post, cuz i think this is it! anyway when do they announce the winners?!?! i wanna kno if mine won

LeeMan on Jul 25, 2008


by the way, 242 all of those actors are terriable for the joker. You need a quirky guy to play the Joker. Hartnett has a monotone voice and no versatility. DiCarprio is great actor thats just not his thing, you know. Shia Lebouf is just a like a striaght man. And Damon another good actor but hes an action star not a character actor. Also when I say quirky I dont mean Depp! If anyone could pick up where Ledger left. Or even scrape the surface would be the other Gyllenhall.

Franz Ross on Jul 25, 2008


LW and Jason-Md 2020. Good job!

Christopher vu on Jul 25, 2008


I read a few of these and I didnt see anyone mention the Black Mask. He is easily a perfect fit. The first reason being he hates Bruce Wayne(not Batman). 2. He has just as much money as Bruce Wayne so while Batman is on the run you can have both these two take sides(bruce defending batman of course). On the flip side have Black Mask funding criminals to take over the city behind the peoples back while he acts like hes saving them by trying to kill Batman. Then he can hire someone like the Riddler or Bain to takeout Batman(just to add a second villian.

Ohio Knight on Jul 25, 2008


To #289 Then re-read it 😀 To #288 Thanks... for whatever I did a good job on. lol!

LW on Jul 25, 2008


To #289: My story at 183 uses the Black Mask.

Rudy on Jul 25, 2008


@288 Thanx! (What the hell did I do?)

jason_md2020 on Jul 25, 2008


Alright, here goes. A dream movie that can top TDK. With Batman on the lam in Gotham, Bruce and Alfred decide to set up in NYC while things cool off. On the flight over, they are pretty shaken by an unusual thunderstorm, but manage to arrive safely. Bruce moves into a penthouse in New York, but he gets bored and decides to take his batgear out into the night. Eventually, he comes across a costumed figure tying a couple of guys up, and assumes that he has some sort of malicious plans for them. Batman tries to get the jump on this new "villian" but he proves to agile. As this new guy jumps into the light he's revealed as the amazing Spider-man!!!! Batman and Web-head duke it out for awhile, until Spider-man quips about how he's supposed to win since he is the good guy. They soon come to understand each other. The next day Bruce tries to make contact with Lucius in Gotham only to find that it doesn't even exist. He attempts to reach people that he knows in New York City, but no one has ever even heard of Bruce Wayne. Now, he's concerned. There is only one person in the city he has any contact with and Batman sets out to find him. As Batman scours the city for his one ally, our friendly-neighborhood Spider-man has trouble of his own. The Sinister Six have once again assembled and they are after Spidey's head. Batman runs into him and now the duo square off against the Six. Spider-man and Batman together are able to turn the tables on the Sinister Six. Batman explains his predicament to Spidey. He figures its some dimensional thing that is beyond him, but he knows someone that may be able to help. Bruce and Alfred meet up with Dr. Strange who sets up a portal for there plane to fly through. As they enter it the screen goes black and then blinding white. Alfred opens the curtains in Bruce's room. As he drops off breakfast, he notices a Spider-man tradepaperback laid open on Bruce's chest. And quips, "Aren't you a little old for that." Credits. It could happen. Maybe. . . in an alternate universe or something.

skinny on Jul 25, 2008


To #293 ... Ack! *dies from epic heart attack*

LW on Jul 25, 2008


Post 263 "As for the death of Harvey Dent no body no casket as shown so my guess they're playing it he died in the hospital explosion" ARE YOU RETARTED? After the hospital explosion he was in the last 30 minutes of the movie as TWO FACE! He was at the last part of the movie with Batman and Gordons family. Two face shot batman. Batman knocked him off the building. DID YOU WATCH THE MOVIE!

chris on Jul 26, 2008


Jason md 2020 I liked your idea, it really does sound cool. LW You have a point about the thief persona.

vu on Jul 26, 2008


To #295 lol, you'd better apologize chris 😀 He's talking about the Gotham Police making it _look_ like Harvey died in the hospital... he's talking about the cops covering it up basically 😀 Hurry! Before it's too late! lol!

LW on Jul 26, 2008


no no no 295 i know that I mean as 297 pointed out that the cops covered up Harvey's death by using the Hospital expolsion. Maybe i didnt word it right sorry. Also while Black Mask is a great idea after the Joker the mob has had enough of "freaks" running the show. Unless Sinonis (However you spell it) does it without a mask and that comes later at the end of the film.

Samuel on Jul 26, 2008


sooo... when are they going to post the winners? its been like a week hasnt it?

shoopdawoop on Jul 26, 2008


290, I read the about the first 10 or 20 and didnt see it....sorry I dont have time to read 250 STORIES guy 😉 .

Ohio Knight on Jul 26, 2008


Ohio in the house! Even though I don't live there anymore unfortunatley.

vu on Jul 26, 2008


#285 i dont get your meaning ?? whats not there ?? the full script as its just a concept..... Please elaborate so i may answer

Fenris on Jul 26, 2008


To #302 Yeah man, I had like, a full-on paragraph written out >__<

LW on Jul 27, 2008


Okay... wtf?!?! HAPPENED AGAIN!!! AGHHHH!!! I swear, replying to you Fenris is like, jinxed or something >_< IT KEEPS DELETING MY PARAGRAPHS!!!!! *destroys keyboard with teeth*

LW on Jul 27, 2008


hahaha see my plot is awesome its the Joker back to wreak havoc !! muahahahahaaaaa !

Fenris on Jul 27, 2008


why haven they posted the winners yet?

chris on Jul 27, 2008


The winners will be posted either on Monday or Tuesday this week! If you haven't noticed, we've been at Comic-Con since Tuesday! 🙂 We tried to get this done by Wednesday, but alas, Comic-Con took priority. The two guys judging it, Roman and Andy, have been in comic heaven for the last 5 days. We fly home tomorrow and expect to have the winners and their stories posted in the next few days. Stay tuned! And thanks for your patience!!

Alex Billington on Jul 27, 2008


I agree that to give to have your storyline ripped off by movie producers, and all you have to show for it is a "Killing Joke Hardcover" is very sad. That novel was created in the "80's" beginning "90's" and it wasn't that good. Brutal, but not that good. Posters are good to have, but you can always get posters! Why not a cash prize? Like for $1800? Then the winner can at least go out and purchase some movies, games, and a new tv!

RSH on Jul 28, 2008


I like the "plant lady". I can't remember her name, and also Hugo Strange with the ventriloquist and his dummy. I remember a great story in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, with Hugo Strange. I think Brian Bolland was the artist. Early 1990's?

RSH on Jul 28, 2008


To #309 "plant lady" is most likely Poison Ivy. lol ^^

LW on Jul 28, 2008


#287 - You're right. Gyllenhall would be perfect. I completely forgot about him. You got admit, though, that it would be a little weird seeing him take over for Heath after "Brokeback Mountain". Maybe they could open the movie up with The Joker smelling a shirt.

TCox on Jul 28, 2008


In the next movie they could have joker kind of in the background, lurking amid Gotham like a ghost, while they introduce a select few new characters and further develop existing ones. It would be smart to start the next film in Arkham, and perhaps portray both two-face and joker in there, as Batman catches someone like Killer Croc. Then advance to a shadowy female vigilante assasin - namely Talia Al Ghul, who brings news of her father's plans w/ the Lazarus Pit. As Batman tries to prevent his resurrection in the far east, Ghul's henchmen hold Gotham hostage, and their disruption creates an opportunity for several Arkham inmates to be set loose. Batman, Talia, Gordon, and a double crossing two-face will seek to wrap things up around the inmates, while Ghul works his way up to kidnap the mayor. Batman alone will go after the mayor, while Talia guards Arkham. Ghul has a nuclear device, several mass threatening toxins ready to go. And Batman tells him he loves his daughter before kicking the living snot out of him, mano-a-mano. Talia's meanwhile kidnapped IN Arkham, by the inmates, and Batman goes in after her. The movie will be called - due to its bookend conflicts - Arkham Asylum.

Django on Jul 28, 2008


To #312 Talia is neither a vigilante or Batman's love.

LW on Jul 28, 2008


I have an interesting twist... They should bring in the penguin but totally revamp him as the ultimate mobster who wants to suck gotham dry. Make him a cross between al pacino in scarface and Robert deniro in the untouchables and make him truly despicable...I think daniel day lewis could pull it off.

Jeff on Jul 28, 2008


i just read an article in the daily news and it says that the original catwoman wants angelina jolie to play the part in the sequel

LeeMan on Jul 28, 2008


#314 Too bad daniel day-lewis isnt short and fat and would be the worst possiable choice for the part. I mean why not pick bruce willis for catwoman while your at it. And btw, only 200 people on this message board have hade the idea of mobster penguin. be original.

Franz Ross on Jul 28, 2008


To #317 Quick note: Let it be known though, that on 'Earth-One', (the main ongoing DC Universe), that Damian is actually a test-tube baby 😀 lol .

LW on Jul 28, 2008


Jezebel is presently Batman's love. However, he is also attracted to Zatanna, Catwoman and Talia. In addition; he has a son with Talia. A son named Damian. Talia still thinks of him as her beloved and will do anything to protect him. Damian is also protective of his father. Since the story of "BATMAN:SON OF THE DEMON", Batman spoke of Talia as his love. The following is a direct quote from the story: Talia,:beloved, a word...? Batman,: Can't it wait, Talia? Talia,: It cannot. Batman,: Now, Talia, What's so impor-- Talia,: Beloved, I am with child. Batman,: With chi--Talia,: I am pregnant. Batman,:You're ......Pregnant? Batman,: That is wonderful! Talia,: Isn't it?Batman, : Thoughts: :A child. We'll name it Thomas...or Martha, if it's a girl. It'll be the happiest baby in the World.Talia,: Beloved,I have never been so happy.Batman,: Neither have I. Batman,: As a matter of fact, I have never been happy at all. I like it. Talia,: I'm glad. It is sexist to think that A. Talia and her organization of assassins can't be dark. B Talia and her league of Assassins can't be formidable villains. I'm willing to concede that Bane and Batman fighting to the death was not a good story line. However; I still believe that a woman can be a formidable foe. I have lost men to women wielding AK-47's and suicide belts. Women can be deadly whether its here or abroad. My vote for the next Batman Villain is Talia Al Ghul. LW: Please proceed with your ad hominid attacks. My men read all your comments and they perceive you as a person who has spent his whole life studying Batman and believes that he is the authority on the subject. We have seen men who are fresh out of the naval academy who believe that they too are the authority on the subject. These men have either self destructed or are hated by their men.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 28, 2008


To #317 You are absolutely right! Let's forget Damien as part of the story.1st; I still would like to hear you opinion as to why can't a female like Talia Al Ghul can't be made into a dark,formidable villain. 2nd; why does the main villian have to be a man. I'm thinking of Underworld's dark, formidable female vampire. lol .

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 28, 2008


To #317 No, no, you misread I believe: "Talia is neither a vigilante or Batman's love." , is what I said 😀 Talia Al Ghul would be a very good villain. She, especially, like Ras, believes that what she is doing is right, _even though_ she's conflicted about it, being extremely loyal to her bloodline and being in love with Batman, (and forgive me if I say this, but in a very stalker-esque way). Have Lady Shiva follow her around, (the woman who defeated Batman in hand-to-hand combat), with some talk of Lazarus pits once or twice, (not really explaining it, kind of having it mentioned like some kind of movie-trivia perhaps... like a "cameo word") . Personally, I think Nolan could come up with something wicked using her as a villain... but who knows :/

LW on Jul 28, 2008


... and by using Polka-Dot Man... of course.

LW on Jul 28, 2008


Re: Ivan - Thanks for the vote on Talia. If they go the Jolie route (which hopeefully they'll be more creative than to fall for) I certainly hope they'd make her into something more than Catwoman. Maybe this way, instead of doing the predictable "Superhero Sequel" thing and pitting him against more bad guys, the drama can be multiplied by pitting him against Two femme fatales. I for one, think that'd be hot, hot, hot. And I think the girls'd go for it to, if they play it right. Of course, you could balance that with 1 Rhas Al Ghul, his league of assasins, and guest appearances by all our friends in Arkham. 😉 Oh, and I don't think Polka Dot Man would have survived, if he were admitted to Arkham. Post Script: Ivan - Marine? Army? Navy? No matter the case, your contributions are a welcome addition to the board. Cheers to you & your men

Djohnson on Jul 29, 2008


Ahhh... the grand question:

LW on Jul 29, 2008


Btw- just saw Dark Knight the 2nd time last night, and my suspicions were confirmed. Bruce Wayne does not utter a single true word in the entire movie. The only time he ever says anything true, is when he's talking to Gordon, as Batman (whom he's not completely honest with either. Clearly demonstrated after Bruce crashes his car.) In fact, the only character that tells the truth consistently- is the Joker. Because Batman knows better, than to trust a single word that the politician (and man who stole his love) says - based on the very first conversation he has with him. Batman uses Bruce Wayne's personality to get information from people. He's a chess master - a true Dark Knight. More than a man - which, by this point, would lead me to believe he wouldn't simply fall for the whims of a fetishist in a leather catsuit. Talia's the girl for this Bat.

Django on Jul 29, 2008


The theme of "The Dark Knight" was escalation. Bruce Wayne decides on a plan of action, which causes the mob to react by hiring someone to kill him. Screenwriter David S. Goyer told interviewers that he's decided on a theme for the third movie. And since Goyer is rightfully known as "The Prince of Darkness" (he wrote a JSA comic book using the name) it doesn't look hopeful for Bruce. Christopher Nolan said he wants the third movie to be "head and shoulders" above the first two. which means, if I take it right, that he doesn't want to repeat the experience of "The Dark Knight." How to make it better? James Cameron has one solution. "All of my films are love stories." Bruce Wayne falls in love, and love pulls him back from the abyss. Allows him to put away the Batman costume forever. But... alas, Goyer. No happy endings for a Prince of Darkness? My entry had Bruce falling in love with the daughter of a crime lord... and when her parents are murdered, Bruce realizes that his own feelings about the murder of his parents became pathological. By helping her, he helps himself. And when he realizes that she is basically the same as her father.... motivated by a need for power and control... and the murder of her own parents was only a smokescreen in her plan to kill all the Gotham crime lords... not put them in prison, but in graves.... then Bruce realizes that her twisted logic actually offer him the solution to his own problem. If the wife of Bruce Wayne kills all the criminals in Gotham city, the city won't need a Batman.

Bill Hays on Jul 29, 2008


C'mon Bill. Be real here for a second. Is Bruce Wayne putting an ad in the singles section, saying: "Single White Male. Parents murdered. Looking for same." ? I like that her twisted logic offers Batman the solution to his own problem, b/c Batman is nothing if not a brilliant opportunist. Daughter of a mobster? I don't think so. Daughter of the Assassin who TRAINED HIM? ... yeah ... that's a little more like it.

Django on Jul 29, 2008


To #321 After reading your earlier comment; I did misunderstand it. Who is Polka-Dot Man? lol

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 29, 2008


I left out part of David S. Goyer's comment. He said that he had a theme for the next movie. Assuming that Christopher and Jonathan Nolan don't substitute one of their own, they're going to write out a treatment. And then they will pick a new villain from the 70 years of Batman comics. Yes, I agree that Goyer might pick the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul. But I don't like it. Too much baggage with the League of Shadows devoted to total chaos, or whatever Liam Neeson's character babbled about at the end. Gotham City has a criminal element. Bruce Wayne wants to get rid of criminals in Gotham City. The first and major question is, does Nolan want Bruce Wayne to succeed in the third movie? Or, does Bruce Wayne find someone else to be the new Batman? When I saw Chris O'Donnell in the Robin costume, I thought, "What a waste! With Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne has found someone he can trust to put on the Batman costume and convince people that Batman is NOT Bruce Wayne." My choice... would be to have the personality of Bruce Wayne re-emerge. Think of Batman as a journey. At the end of the journey, Bruce Wayne comes back home. Just like the Hobbits returned to the Shire after destroying the ring and the Orcs. But... and a big question... at the end of LOTR, there was a huge let-down. Story over, time to go home. If Nolan truly wants to make "Batman 3" a much, much better film than "The Dark Knight"... I don't think he can end it with "and they all lived happily ever after." You end it like "The Sixth Sense," when Bruce Wayne realizes that his faithful butler Alfred was actually the ghost of his father. An ending that makes our jaws drop as the end credits roll. And if I told you what it was, it wouldn't be a surprise and you would hate me.

Bill Hays on Jul 29, 2008


I actually like the idea of Bruce Wayne returning to his own life, not as an expression of personal desire, but more as a matter of strategy. He can monitor Gotham, as Wayne, and wait for the day that Batman must return again. Which perfectly sets the stage for the eventual screen treatment of : The Dark Knight Returns.

Django on Jul 29, 2008


I'm agreeing with Django more... on the grounds that if he agrees that Talia would be more of a 'stalker-esque' love interest. 😀

LW on Jul 29, 2008


I'll try to find a Cliff's notes on "Hamlet" and re-read it. But MY concept is... Bruce Wayne wanted to bring down the crime families in Gotham. Getting involved with the League of Shadows was a huge detour in the wrong direction. In "Batman 3," Bruce falls in love. I mean, we let the guy find the girl who will make him happy. Happy as Bruce Wayne, NOT as "playboy Bruce Wayne" or Batman. As Robin Williams said in "Good Will Hunting," the goal isn't to find the Perfect Women. The goal is to find the woman who is perfect for you. This would be a woman who (still working this out) has been fighting crime in Gotham for years, in her own way. By killing people. She does the one thing Bruce refused to do because.... (drumroll) it actually solved the problem. And she didn't have the resources of Wayne Enterprises. And when she sees Bruce Wayne, she figures him out. Reads about the death of his parents.... and she sets up the murder of her own parents, right in front of Bruce. If she's the daughter of Ra's Al-Ghul, she can't set up his murder. She has to be the daughter of two parents who are very similar to Bruce's parents. And then, she plays the role of a female. She doesn't go to the gym and bulk up, or spend years learning how to disable an opponent with one punch. She marries the Prince of Gotham. Which creates problems for Bruce. He hires an actor to impersonate Batman, wear the actual costume, so his wife won't suspect... I'm thinking he hires George Clooney. "You use to play Batman in the movies, right?" "Well, that was a long time ago." "Maybe you can do something that will make up for it." I'm thinking that she spent years at a good college and got a degree as... a psychiatrist. Why? Because Bruce's father was a doctor.

Bill Hays on Jul 29, 2008


Mr. Hays- Go for it. You'll just have to get a different director, for yours. Try the guy who did "Love Actually". Bottom line: As a young man who has in fact lost both his parents, I've met girls who've gone through same - and let's just say, it doesn't necessarily make for two peas in a pod. (necessarily) She's gotta have a little more something to her than that. Talia's Dad IS dead. AND reborn. How's that for a head-scratcher? In reality, complicated people are MOST attracted - to MORE complicated people.

Django on Jul 29, 2008


To #333 Ahhh... well, even though Nolan changed so much... he still stayed true to heart of the characters of the Batman universe and who they are. In fact, even when Ras did train Bruce in, 'Batman Begins', Bruce had already been through numerous training everywhere, all around, (it's even evident in 'Batman: Gotham Knight'). And I _love_ Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow ... the whole burlap sack over the face thing just looked so awesome to me. My only complaint would have to be about 'Anna Ramirez'. Nolan once said that he had to change her name for the purposes of the movie. I don't see why these changes were necessary, but I admit it didn't effect the movie too much for me. Anyway, as for your main question umm.... Batgirl is obviously too young, (she's still very, very young in 'Dark Knight'). I guess the deeply disturbed rape victim, Dr. Harleen Quinzel would make a pretty nasty villain. I'm sure the origins of Catwoman would be very emotional if done by Nolan. As for a heroic equal? ... the Huntress? lol ^^ It maybe still a bit early for a equal female vigilantes right now, unless Nolan talks about Black Canary just the right way... even then I have my fearful doubts. ... I'm honestly... with the way Nolan has done things... am very ready to except the existence of, 'Earth-Nolan'. ((You'll know what I mean if you understand the current DC Universe right now. lol!))

LW on Jul 29, 2008


On 'Earth Nolan', Rhas Al Ghul was indeed one of Bruce Wayne's trainers, yes. That is what I was referring to. Not Earth Adams, or Earth Aparo, or Earth Dixon, or Earth Miller, or Earth Morrison. Earth Nolan. That's what this thread's all about, isn't it? The real question is, What will the theme of the next film be? If this one was escalation, will the next one be _____ ? Pursuit, perhaps? (of his love, and Gotham of him?)

Django on Jul 29, 2008


To #322 Django, That's why I made the reference to the line from "Good Will Hunting." You don't have to wait for the perfect women. You'll do much better if you search for a woman who is perfect FOR YOU. Look at the women that Bruce Wayne (in his foolish playboy identity) dates. He can't afford to let any of them get too close, or they might discover his secret. During the fundraiser for Harvey Dent, two people saw his secret entrace to the... whatever. One thing we know about "Batman 3": Nolan will have a budget to create a new BatCave and a new Wayne Manor. He won't have to borrow a penthouse from Hotel 71 in Chicago and have Alfred explain "The new Wayne Manor hasn't been rebuilt yet." In "Batman 3," the new BatCave will be a characer in the movie, just like the city of Chicago was a character in TDK. In MY version, the perfect woman for Bruce Wayne has been fighting crime for years. She's been killing criminals who posed a threat to her father (who is a retired drug lord with people everywhere)... and the police have labeled every one as an Accident, a Suicide, or an Unsolved Crime. In other words, she's taken down dozens of criminals in Gotham, and the police don't even have a vague suspicion about what she's doing. That's why she would be a perfect match for Bruce Wayne... IF she can get his true personality to re-emerge. And... the dilemma. When Bruce Wayne discovers that she has murdered criminals, what does he do? Turn her in? His decision will reveal his inner character. I'm thinking Julianne Hough from "Dancing With The Stars." A girl so happy and beautiful, everyone falls in love with her. And she could change costumes. She could be The Riddler, Harlequin, Catwoman, the Huntress.... In Gotham society, an heiress would never let herself be photographed in the same dress twice. Not exactly sure WHY she would put on a costume, but maybe her parents host a Costume Ball for Halloween... and she uses the costumes to get Bruce's attention. Just read the contest winner. Since the contest "rules" said: The Riddler? Penguin? Robin? Catwoman or Batgirl? Who would Batman fight? Would he finally save Gotham City? I don't think just giving "The Riddler" without a story is enough.

Bill Hays on Jul 29, 2008


Thank-you Django! LW: Ahhh...the grand question: Marine. Mr. Nolan changed all the characters in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Returns. Ra's Al Ghul did not train Batman. Batman had many trainers. Henri Ducard who also trained the present Batgirl was just one of Batman's many trainers. The Scarecrow didn't look like the comic book scarecrow. If you have ever seen the horror movie "Scarecrows " ; they are much scarier then Nolan's Scarecrow. Ra's Al Ghul and his league of assassins were completely changed for the movie. Talia who is an integral component of Ra's Al Ghul and The League of Assassins was completely erased. Renee Montoya's name and personality were changed. She is also an integral part of The GCPD. The name of the GCPD was changed too. Where was Bullock? The origin of Two Face was changed. Commission Gordon's family was changed. Hush(A doctor under his mask) was Batman's best friend. His best friend was not a girl. All the changes Nolan made to Batman: Year One,The Dark Knight returns and The Long Halloween are his own take on the comic books. They are nothing like the actual comic books. Batman doesn't even wear a costume in batman year one. He wears a ski mask and clothes. The Joker in the movies is not like the Joker in The Long Halloween. The joker that looks a little like the Heath Ledger Joker is the one in The Dark Knight Returns. The Dark Knight Returns book is in the future. Nolan is no god. Heath Ledger's untimely death and his portrayal of The Joker made the movie do so well. Nolan is sexist if he continues to have Bruce Wayne's female interests always end up damsels in distress. Bruce Wayne/Batman's Women are all strong women who can take care of themselves. Zatanna, Catwoman, Talia Al Ghul, and Wonder Woman. As for Jezebel ; I don't know enough about her to either add or subtract her from the strong women who can take care of themselves. Comic books are notoriously sexist too. Finally; LW Is there any woman who you think could be either Batman's heroic or villainous equal? lol

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 29, 2008


coming from somebody who has never read the comics, but was uttterly amazed with Batman Begins, and deeply disturbed by the darkness of themes in The Dark Knight, yet utterly blown away, i can only suggest one angle. To those of you who insist that Harvey Dent's rise and demise is too good to throw away and not further develop in a third film, all i can say is you have a darn good point and ill never say never. But i am too scared, like many at this point, to even think about another single film to top this one. I want to revel in TDK for many years to come. I am thinking along the lines of the Nolan brothers planning a potential Joker and Two Face return in third, but Ledgers' death have scuppered any sort of exploration down that route far away from realistic do-ability. It could possibly be done, but would require extreme precision. Maybe all these loose ends were intentional but now cannot be done. In one mind, I would like to see the importance of the Joker remembered and emphasised with villians taking his extreme philosophy and wreaking havoc. But i for now am only prepared to hope for "gotham has been damaged by the joker - and we need him (A hero, and or batman?) now more than ever. Batman s recovering from his ordeal, and maybe his depth is explored further - a human. Regarding Robin (i have seen the one with george clooney, and now laugh at it!) bringing the legend into the series in an appropiate way would be very satisfying. Would Robins history reflect well upon the dark themes of the series? Could the Nolans pull it off? I have no doubts in whatever they decide to do next, THEY WILL DELIVER. Closure. And triumph for our favourite Bat. By the way, was you surprised by the way the Batmobile entered as a giagantic 4x4 monster of sorts? What do you think they should do in the next one? Should a throwback to the classic elaborate sports car be used? I doubt it with nolans style, but would something SMALLER like the bat pod (i LOVE the way it emerged! LOVE IT!) return? Regardless, all these ideas are just incredible. I really must invest in the DC universe. I sure am in for a treat.

alan on Jul 29, 2008


Simply call it "The Dark Knight Returns" and make it a loose adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel of the same name. To sum it up: Two-Face didn't die; he was simply captured and secretly put into Arkham Asylum. Bruce Wayne retired Batman shortly thereafter and had no reason to come out of retirement until Dent was "reformed" and released from Arkham. Meanwhile, the aging Batman coming out of retirement convinces the formerly lethargic Joker (played by another, older actor -- Daniel Day Lewis, perhaps?) to tell his psychiatrist that he's reformed. From there, things could spiral completely out of control until Wayne is finally forced to fake his own death and permanently retire the suit. It'd likely work very well, despite being a lot like The Godfather Part III. They'd have to exclude Superman and potentially Selena Kyle (Catwoman), of course, but that wouldn't be all that difficult to do.

An Informed Person on Jul 29, 2008


To #338 Cutting 'Earth-Nolan' a little short aren't we? And deep down inside, I don't think this is the kind of plot you want for the third film. lol ^^

LW on Jul 29, 2008


Just a quick show of hands, who thinks, 'Earth-Nolan' should be incorporated into the DC Universe?

LW on Jul 29, 2008


My immediate reaction is thumbs down, because the Comics DC puts out these days are utter shite. But if they started making Batman comics under the Vertigo label -which was created as a Writer-Centric branch of DC - then I'm all for it. I just don't think Earth Nolan should be brought anywhere near DC and its multiple earth's B.S. But that's just me, coming from Earth Me.

The Police on Jul 29, 2008


To #341 *totally drop-kicks the police*

LW on Jul 29, 2008


I don't know if this idea has been brought forward yet, but I think it would be really sweet: Have the riddler in the third movie, entitled either "The Dark Knight Returns" or "Shadow of the Bat". The riddler isn't THE central villain, only a means to the end (like Scarecrow in Batman Begins). Nolan has a real interest in reusing good actors... (The Prestige was Batman vs. Wolverine with magic tricks) ... so the Riddler should most definitely be Guy Pearce. Instead of being a laughing maniac that resembles the Joker, he should be a calm, detached prisoner of Arkham that is just as interested in solving riddles as he is in giving them. (He could have the question mark carved as a scar in his chest by his abusive father). It'd be cool if Commissioner Gordon compromised his standard by using an imprisoned riddler to deduce who Batman is (as Batman hides in the shadows, 'retired' after TDK) To complete the story arc in the most unifying way, the film will allow Batman to once again become the protector of Gotham, not necessarily appreciated by citizens, but feared by criminals. The Joker will be referenced in the film as laughter carries through the walls of a Arkham cell, or perhaps Batman will find another Joker card at the end of it all. I think Hush would be a great villain because there is an interesting backstory that could be tailored to the needs of the third film. Hush's motivation could be tweaked so that he also wants to be the most feared man in Gotham, (but I'm sure some of you that know these comics better would think I'm pissing on batman lore). Anyway, just some ideas.

Connor on Jul 29, 2008


Well... I guess I'm alone then. I enjoy DC comics *shrug* ^^ lol. I hate Infinite Crisis, but I'm loving, 'Final Crisis'... anything Grant Morrison touches is gold. Anyway, I'll leave it at that.

LW on Jul 30, 2008


LW lol: I do understand the current DC Universe. I don't like The Final Crisis Ripoff any more that I like The Marvel Universe's Skrull rip-off. They both are ripping off their fans with these maxi-series and the multiple miniseries. The books that have Batman include Batman, Detective, Trinity, The Justice League of America, Batman and The Outsiders and Superman/Batman. They are not as dark as I want them to be. I agree that Nolan's take is darker then any book in the Current DC Universe. I don't believe that women can be in today's Marines. We are no longer considered part of the regular armed forces. Our other members also don't accept women.Our other members in USSOCOM include : Airborne, Rangers, Green Berets, SEALS, Air Force Special Operations, and other Special Forces. Killing women insurgents and having them kill my men has left me with both hatred and respect for warrior women. None of our regular forces allow women to participate in the killing of our country's enemies. I agree that it is probably to early for Nolan to bring a woman as either a hero or villain. Earth Nolan Dark DC World is definitely more to my liking then DC's light

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 30, 2008


DARK KNIGHT RISING by Anthony Lee Arguien. Lt. Trask(Samuel L. Jackson) arrives in Gotham City. As head of GTS(Gotham Tactical Support) he vows at a press conference to "bring The Batman to justce dead or alive!" Alfred The Butler watches his TV in new Wayne Manor. He looks distressed. Lucius Fox muses at his TV in his home. Commissioner Gordon looks worried. A scruffy man in a filthy grey sweatshirt watches TV in a display window. "Come and get me then," says the homeless guy who is actually Bruce Wayne laying low in the slums of Gotham. We meet a nerd data processor who idolizes Mussolini and Hitler because they knew how to work a crowd. A French man contacts Alfred about a special suit he was asked to design for Bruce Wayne. Bane loads a safe into a van and climbs in. The van speeds away. Selina Kyle is a smart-ass streetwalker when we first meet her. Preston Cayne studies a picture of Bruce Wayne in his tuxedo at a Charity Event. The police drag Batman from an alley and remove his mask. It's just a drunken bum who laughs and insists he is The Batman! The Police then raid Wayne Manor much to the consternation of Alfred! They tear the place apart! Bruce Wayne fights GTS bare handed! He disguises himself as a GTS trooper and puts a gun to Trasks' head! "Call off your dogs!" he tells Trask and leaves Trask handcuffed to his steering wheel! Wayne steals a Police motorcycle and the chase is on as a copter targets him! Shacks are blown to hell as Trask chases him in a helicopter firing rockets! Bruce takes refuge in an abandoned warehouse but the Police blow it to smithereens! Wayne wakes up in an underground dwelling surrounded by homeless people. "Where am I?" he asks. "You are in the pit." says a dreg. A shaman appears and offers him an elixir. "Here white man, drink this!" Bruce has visions of an Indian shape shifting into eagle bear and wolf...A scientist works feverishly to find a cure for his dying wife being kept alive in a water tank! Nurse Quinzell reports to work at Arkham Assylum. The Joker watches images of Bruce Wayne on the TV as he drools in his strait jacket. A costumed hero breaks up a bank robbery. A cop asks the hero "And who might you be?" The hero replies "I am Nightwing," and simply walks away as the cop scratches his head! The Penguin examines some jewels with his special viewing glass. "You did good, you did real good!" he tells Bane. A chemist studies an unusual strain in her microscope. Commissioner Gordon plays a video of a man called The Riddler hosting an illegal game show where conrtestants die if they answer incorrectly! A nerdy ventriloquist bombs in front of his impatient audience! YOU SUCK BUDDY! GET OFF THE STAGE! TO BE CONTINUED...

Tony on Jul 30, 2008


To #346 Your plot is a mess Tony. And a plethora of random new characters?... what the f? ... I hope that you were just kidding around >_< lol

LW on Jul 30, 2008


Grins at LW. Grin fades into a glare. Joker mode: I'm not kidding...

Tony on Jul 31, 2008


People are shelling out ten bucks for a movie ticket pal! Give them the godamn Rogues Gallery! You know that's what the people want!

Tony on Jul 31, 2008


BTW, who the f*** is polka-dot man anyway???? Sounds like a lame Saturday Morning Cartoon Character!!!!

Tony on Jul 31, 2008


Yes... Polka-Dot Man is very, very lame. lol!! ^^

LW on Jul 31, 2008


I have a suggestion. . . NOTHING. Batman Begins was a really good movie that happened to be about Batman. The Dark Knight was an excellent movie that happened to have Batman in it. Let's be honest it wasn't about Batman - it was about Harvey Dent. That is not criticism, it's actually a compliment. A new Batman movie at this point in this "universe" that Nolan created would be . . . a let down. Maybe I'm just twice shy from years of having my favorite fictional hero mishandled on the big screen, but I'll be honest here . . . it's enough for me. Christopher Nolan did it right. He handled it beautifully in a serious manner without winking at the audience or insulting the source material. I have now seen a realistic Batman be born on screen. I have seen him face his greatest challenge and make a huge sacrifice for his city. I'm not gonna be greedy. No story they tell now will be as intricate or important. So why bother? Really. A "Penguin" story would pale in comparison to the Joker. Any "Bat villian" would. Reading the comics I always felt that the fact that the Joker could show up at any moment made all the other villians in the "gallery" more dangerous. Bats could take half the bad guys in Gotham out by himself in about 26 minutes but there is always that threat that a maniac clown will show up to monkey wrench his plan and turn the world to chaos. In Nolan's Gotham - that threat is gone so any new story would seem . . . pedestrian. That being said - Angelina Jolie would be the hottest Catwoman ever. Hands down. Maybe the move for Nolan and company is to fast forward 40 years into the future and tell the story of an elderly Bruce Wayne training his replacement ala the Batman Beyond animated series. That might be kinda cool . . . as long as they don't cast Shia LaBeouf as the new Batman. Seriously - how many franchises can that kid inherit?

Brian on Jul 31, 2008


To #352 HEY.... ........ Shia LeBeouf is awesome... 😀

LW on Jul 31, 2008


Love ya Lw, but no he's not. He doesn't possess as the french would say the "Shoono-say-quaw" however the hell they spell it. I wonder who he's related to, or who he knows in the entertainment biz to get to where he is.

vu on Jul 31, 2008


Ok so, the villians? Two-face back into the mix with harley quinn. Everyone thinks Harvey is dead, the city is in mourning and out to get the batman. So who should happen to be on the roof of MCU? None other than the Commisioners daughter. She confronts Batman knowing the truth about the night when Twoface was going to kill her brother. Reluctant at first, Batman takes her on and trains her. Meanwhile, in gotham, we learn that Dent is not really dead and has a hot new assistant- Harley Quinn( who has to beplayed by someone who could make her just as crazy as Joker was). Dent and Quinn are planning to break Joker out while the city hold a parade. Like in Burtons first movie, Quinn and Dent gas the city so they can break him out. Dent has only enlisted Quinn as he thinks that when she gets Joker out he could kill Batman. So with the whole city in dire panic, its up to Batman and Batgirl to sort things out. Actresses for Harley Quinn>> Eva Mendes/Jessica Alba?? Actresses for Batgirl>> Dakita Fanning/Anna Sophia Robb

Callum on Jul 31, 2008


To #354 He had his start in a small show called, 'Even Stevens'. Which I watched.... .... ((for Christy Romano)) BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT! After watching, 'Disturbia', I have a whole new respect for Shia LeBeouf. To #355 - Batgirl is still in early elementary or pre-school in, 'Dark Knight'. - Dr. Harleen Quinzel is not tan ... that's all I'll say

LW on Jul 31, 2008


If they made a sequel where Batman has to take on a gallery of villains instead of your routine 2 or 3 baddies per movie then I assure you all that that one movie WOULD BLOW STAR WARS OUT OF THE WATER! I shit you not!

Tony on Jul 31, 2008


first off, tony nothing TOUCHES STAR WARS AND NEVER WILL. everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr second. i agree on some level about the rouges gallery. if you get a mass break out of arkham asylum. like dent is alive and joker on the inside work to brake them out. or some thing like that.

the critic on Aug 1, 2008


Do you know how many people would blow their wads on that trailer???

Tony on Aug 1, 2008


Hey CRITIC,uh for your info ET was once #1. Yeah till TITANIC sailed over him! And uh STAR WARS was like at number 3 till it got reissued and diplaced ET. So uh for nothing touching STAR WARS James Cameron and company DID!!!

Tony on Aug 1, 2008


Not me... the appearance of Batgirl and "Nightwing" will make me research if Nolan had been replaced or something >_<

LW on Aug 1, 2008


Hey LW don't get all negative on me! The reason you say that is because BATGIRL sucked so bad in BATMAN AND ROBIN. No argument there. But who says she has to be a teenager huh? Let's call her oh I don't know Betty(like Betty Kane the original Btagirl) and let's give her the last name of Gordon. Betty Gordon the niece of Comissioner Jim Gordon. Hey now we're going somewhere with this huh? Let's give her a job now. Uh let's see...hey I got it! She's the new girl at GPD. Yeah she's a CSI! She's sexy, she's tough, she's brainy. A far cry from Alicia Silverstone! And what do you have against NIGHTWING anyway huh??? He's way better than just plain old ROBIN! Oh by the way LW I AM A SCREENWRITER! Just thought you'd like to know...

Tony on Aug 1, 2008


Tony asks The Joker do you like this LW guy? The Joker shrugs. "The guy just doesn't get it!" How about you Two-Face? What do you think of this LW bozo? Two-Face sighs, plays with his coin. "We're kind of split on that one!" LOL!

Tony on Aug 1, 2008


To #363 Tony, you can't just plop in 'Batgirl' and 'Nightwing' just because they're 'cooler' :S ! That's all I'm saying >_< The problem isn't Batgirl being a teen... the problem is that Batgirl is still a 3ft tall munchkin in 'Batman Begins' _and_ 'Dark Knight'. For crying out loud man, we see her as a baby girl in a high-chair in 'Batman Begins'! Are you trying to extend the Gordon family tree or something? :S Did you not notice her in either film? Even 'Robin' was 12-13 before he started striking guys in the throat :/ And Nolan already decided not to do Robin anyway, it's way too early for him it seems. And if it's too early for Robin, aka Dick Grayson, then it's obviously wayyyyyy too early for Nightwing.

LW on Aug 1, 2008


Now as for Robin. I liked the way they brought him into the fold in BATMAN FOREVER but they blew it with BATMAN AND ROBIN because it was too much like the gay TV show! Right? Now we all know that Dick Grayson went on to become Nightwing. Shit, Nightwing got his own comic book series! But poor Jason Todd was just too gay so the readers gave him the thumbs down and The Joker killed him! As for Tim Drake(my Robin in my BATMAN III script) he went solo and had his own comic book series. WHOO! Now my point is this, the people(from what I've read) are sick and tired of Robin so I suggested bringing in a kickass Nightwing to help clean up Gotham City. This sets us up for a spinoff! See? The people like Nightwing! Go read the posts! Me? I give the people what they want. Batman asks Nightwing "Why are you here?" Nightwing replies "The Justice League sent me." JUstice League Movie anyone? At the end of the flick Nightwing leaves. Gotham belongs to The Bat. He knows his boundaries. What next for Nightwing? Go solo or perhaps captain The Teen Titans? HMMMMM! See? I'm a visionary...

Tony on Aug 1, 2008


Woah, woah, woah!... slow down Tony! ^^ lol I'm sorry, but I'll still have to disagree. Sorry >_<

LW on Aug 1, 2008


To #359: that has to be one of the most laughable things ive read any of these dark knight sequel boards. that is extreme overload and sounds like a joel shumacher batman on crack. No, disrespect, but if your a screenwriter you might realize that to have a realistic batman movie, you couldnt cram all of the characters into a 2 and a half hour movie and have it be half decent. i dont know how well that could fly in a comic or cartoon even, but for a realistic and decent movie, that really could not work

Slick on Aug 1, 2008


Okay Slick you asked for it! Anarky goes after Gotham's computers since he's a hacker. Jean Paul Valley designs a suit for Bruce Wayne and puts it to use as Azrael in Batman's absence. Bane works for mobster Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin. Betty Gordon aka Batgirl is a CSI at GPD. She's the niece of Comissioner Gordon. Selina Kyle gets revenge on her abusive pimp as The Catwoman. She steals to support Holly, her runaway friend. Preston Cayne aka Clayface is a washed-up stage actor who can assume anybody's form! Selina Kyle gets revenge on her pimp as The Catwoman. She steals to support her friend Holly. Deacon Blackfire brainwashes a wounded Bruce Wayne ala BATMAN THE CULT. Freeze wants to punish Gotham for the death of his wife. Nurse Quinzell aka Harley Quinn falls for The Joker and busts him out of Arkham ala MAD LOVE. Nightwing pops into town at the bequest of THE JUSTICE LEAGUE! Penguin wants to control Gotham's underworld. The Riddler needs Pengy's cash flow for HIS BIG PLAN. The Ventriloquist and Scarface prove to be a thorn in birdman's side as they knock off the mob. Oh, and Poison Ivy is Penguin's main squeeze. WHY WOULD THIS NOT WORK? IF IT DON'T FIT INTO 2 AND A HALF HOURS THEN FUCK IT MAKE IT INTO TWO MOVIES BACK TO BACK!!! SHIT MATRIX DID IT! PIRATES DID IT! LORD OF THE RINGS DID IT! Sheesh!

Tony on Aug 1, 2008


Too many naysayers on this thread!

Tony on Aug 1, 2008


Matrix and Pirates don't have a long series of books backing them up. Lord of the Rings is a trilogy of books... thus a solid trilogy of movies... .... *shrug*

LW on Aug 1, 2008


I have a question for anyone that could help me. Does anyone know the chronological order of the modern Batman story? I was planning on reading them, starting off with Batman: Year One, but I don't quite know what comes after that and in what order.

kaitlynvonkat on Aug 1, 2008


Umm... I wouldn't worry about that at this point kaitlynvonkat ^^ I suggest just picking up a book like HUSH for example. Even going to a comic book store and asking around will get you some pretty good Batman graphic novels.

LW on Aug 1, 2008


#373 LW can help you with your request. LW: I like Final Crisis too. What I don't like is the mini-series that are as lame as the miniseries in Infinity Crisis. I only asked my girlfriend to get me the 7 issue Final Crisis Series. The predators in the first third of the movie is The GCPD. Commissioner Gordon will be on his side but GCPD will be using helicopters and every thing else in their arsenal.I loved the scenes of Batman Beating up GCPD's SWAT team. Batman is on the run and the city returns to anarchy when Nolan's choice of Batman's rogue gallery escapes Arkham Asylum. I will leave the details to Nolan. Batman is now the prey of both GCPD and his/Nolan's choice Batman's Rogue Gallery that escaped The Arkham Asylum. Again Nolan can use whichever psychopaths and fashion them in the same way he fashioned The Joker and Two Face. The more of Arkham Asylum's escapees he captures; the more the GCPD start taking Gordon's view of The Batman. In The end; he returns all the escaped psychopaths to Arkham Asylum. The Gotham City residents, The Mayor and the Police department finally accept him as the unofficial Guardian of Gotham. Nolan can come up with a title that fits the movie. I like "Batman Redemption". What do the commentator think. Remember before your ad hominid attacks that I am leaving the choices of villains to Nolan. I believe that he can turn any member of Batman's Rogue Gallery into as great a pair of villains as his Joker and Two Face. He can also come up with a great explanation as to whom or what caused the escape from Arkham

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Aug 1, 2008


Yeah BATMAN REDEMPTION is a good title! Hell he needs to reeem himself after the end of THE DARK KNIGHT! LOL! As for your Arkham escape angle...Nurse Quinzell busts out her "pudding pie" The Joker. Joker can't wait to meet up with his "soul mate" Batman but alas Bruce Wayne is on the run from The GCPD. The Penguin is The New Crime Czar Of Gotham City. The Riddler is his business partner. Okay? Now the two hate each other. Right? Penguin admires Riddler's intellect and Riddler needs some moolah so he's smooching Oswald Cobblepot's ass! Okay? Well guess what kiddies? The Joker is BORED! He lost his playmate! LOL! So The Clown Prince Of Crime sets out to start WORLD WAR THREE between The Penguin and The Riddler! Mayhem ensues. Batman "returns" to his city and cleans it up. Thus he is redeemed! What do you think? GOD I'M GOOD!

Tony on Aug 2, 2008


Drops his checkered pants and invites LW to kiss his ass!!!

Tony on Aug 2, 2008


Do not try to second guess me fellas. I'm...a man...of my word...HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Tony on Aug 2, 2008


The Nolans like pulp like THE SHADOW. So they'll probably do THE BLACK MASK or present THE PENGUIN as AL CAPONE. They like the supernatural too(Scarecrow) so we might just see THE VENTRILOQUIST. Could you guys imagine that dummy smoking a cigar and barking orders? Delicious! Reminds me of CHILDS PLAY and MAGIC! And if they got Gandolfini or DeNiro for the voice of SCARFACE? Perfection!

Tony on Aug 2, 2008


There will never be a Robin in Nolan's Batman universe. Personally I don't think the character of Catwomen would work either so my best guess would be the riddler. If it is don't expect the camp Jim Carrey version instead I can see something like the character Kevin Spacey played in SEVEN. Highly evil and intense. The trick for Nolan in his Batman 3 is keeping the intensity he created in The DARK KNIGHT. I have faith he can do it! on Aug 2, 2008


Dark Knight introduced a variation of "The Sons of the Batman" from Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, could there be large groups of Joker-inspired criminals running around Gotham now? This is where Harley Quinn emerges. But the main villain is Riddler. Gotham's politicians bow to public pressure about finally catching Batman and bring in an outside consultant to head up the investigation. Riddler could be the villain that Batman hasn't faced yet; an antagonist that matches his intelligence. In juxtaposition to Lucius Fox in Dark Knight, Riddler is given unfettered power and knowledge to catch Batman but ends up using it for personal gain. Obviously Batman swoops in and saves the day, somehow absolving his "sins" from the last movie. However, Nolan may go ahead and turn the former Wayne Enterprises employee, Mister Reese, into Riddler (as it seems this is where the story line is going). If that's the case, then Riddler would be a second tier villain to someone else (more than likely using his leverage over Batman to commit crimes without interference). Joker/Two Face seem unlikely for the next film but down the line? If the series does continue beyond a 3rd film Joker could return after a decade of being locked in a cell by himself. How much crazier could he be? And an older/varied version of Joker would probably be more accepted now that the character has to be played by another actor.

Jason on Aug 2, 2008


First off I agree with a lot of Jason's stuff. I would have Mr. Reese as the Riddler...Here is my version... In the sequel to The Dark Knight, Batman has to salvage himself. It is stated that he (Batman) is the hero Gotham deserves but not the one it needs right now. I like all other suggestions, however I say it's time to bring in The Riddler... Gotham finds itself in an extremely hostile situation brought upon them by the Riddler. They have shunned Batman for as long as they can stand it, but after Mayor Garcia is kidnapped, they don't know what else to do. Commissioner Gordon builds a new bat-signal, symbolizing Gotham's need for it's silent guardian. The Batman returns, and has an epic battle with the Riddler, (I'm sure Christopher Nolan can create some more jaw-dropping scenes) and ultimately, The Riddler is taken into custody. Here is where it can get interesting... The Riddler is put into the same prison as the Joker and, if you need ANOTHER sequal, there it is... Thanks for Reading, Steve Kolber

steve on Aug 2, 2008


Oh and My Cast: Bruce Wayne: Christian Bale Gary Oldman: Jim Gordon Michael Caine: Alfred Morgan Freeman: Lucios Fox Lester Carbonell: Mayor Garcia Joshua Harto: Coleman Reese aka The Riddler

steve on Aug 2, 2008


Okay... so none of the people on this thread have ever taken a scriptwriting course, from the looks of it. That's okay, regular Hollywood is full of bullshit artists anyway. Unfortunately, the Nolan brothers have basically proved through their whole careers that they don't play around like that. They won't make plot points unless they have character basis to back it up. The formula's simple, but you need to vary it & play w/ it throughout the film to make it work. Character driven drama works like this: - (Inner) Conflict - Inciting incident -Point of No Return -Coalescence/ Transcendence/ Transformation -Climax, denoument Anyone is welcome to disagree with this. But since this thread is showing some legs, as more & more people find themselves compelled to speculate where the open-ended chess match that is The Dark Knight could go next - especially in order to TOP ITSELF - I suggest some of you think along these lines, and try to come up with something interesting, compelling, and even elevating both for the fan and the audience member. I'm pretty sure that so far, Nolan & co. have committed to doing those things from the very start. And starting at the point they're obviously starting from might be a good idea. Oh - and one more thing. Your scripts should not only have this arc - but EVERY SCENE should have a micro-arc just like this. If you want to attract the best performances from top notch actors - as Nolan's Batman movies have, thus far. Good Night. And Good Luck.

Djo on Aug 3, 2008


Oh - and this should go without saying. The actor who played Kyle Reese, while he may be someone that many of you relate to, as the single most ordinary person in the entire franchise - he may be set up with the vengeance motivation against Batman to become the Riddler - but that actor will have to grow some serious cojones, if he's to take the *unbelievable* jump, from whimpering sour-puss, to City-Seizing criminal mastermind - all within the transition from one movie to the next. The guy's unlikable. The guy's completely despicable. (as so eloquently pointed out by Morgan Freeman - ' and your plan is to Blackmail this person? ... Good luck.) Not to mention the guy's a timid little nothing of a wimp. Riddler might, on a slow day, seek his help out and try to find batman's secret identity through him, but I think for someone with the clout to uphold the name Riddler, or even Edward Nigma, they wouldn't be caught DEAD wasting their time with a red-headed stepchild the likes of Reese. Try. Harder.

I've Heard Enough About Reese. Drop Your Hopeless Causes and Use Your Goddamned BRAINS for a Change. on Aug 3, 2008


FUCK THE SCREENWRITING COURSES. Half the time everyday writers have better ideas than THE GODAMN HOLLYWOOD EXECS. Yeah I fucking said it because I have the balls to say it. Execs just see THE PROFIT MARGIN. Me? As a screenwriter, I WRITE FROM MY HEART. DJO what have you written pal? What have you sold? Are you a teacher or something? You ever read a Syd Field book? I write screenplays because it's something I enjoy doing. I know about ACT 1 2 and 3 and all that other crap! As a screenwriter I follow these rules: Grab your viewer within the first 20 minutes. Make your characters interesting. Your heroes easy to relate to. Your villains as nasty and despicable as possible. In other words, your audience has got to love your characters. I always know how the godamn movie is going to end going in! And the older I get the wiser I get and your dialogue improves with age. If you can't write a scene a day then as Chef Ramsey says "Get the fuck out of the kitchen!" Sylvester Stallone wrote ROCKY in a span of 6 months. Noone wanted the script. Paramount said no way! Universal turned him down! Columbia passed on it! United Artists took a chance. The rest is history. Stallone is a mega Superstar. ROCKY won Oscars for Best Picture Best Director and Best Score. The lesson here kiddies? Stallone gambled it all on his script. The gut wrenching story of an Underdog. A loser who gets "the girl". A big zero who goes the distance. You see? I'm like Stallone in a way. I write from my heart. AN ALIEN IN THE BARRIO. MASS HYSTERIA. RIPPER. A spec for NIGHTWING. Rough drafts for GODFATHER IV and BATMAN III. A spec for BILLY JACK. YOUNG AMERICANS. HOME FIRES BURNING. Some spec scripts for MIAMI VICE. GANGLAND. PRECIOUS TIME. I've been writing for 21 years. I'm not a star like Sly Stallone. But. I AM NO FUCKING QUITTER. Either. My dream? To win an ACADEMY AWARD for BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY. Dreams are golden. Don't ever let anyone take them from you. Anyone! Ever!

Tony on Aug 3, 2008


To #385 I was about to just give up on the whole, "no Reese as Riddler" thing since I've been epic-ignored, so thanks for backing me up 😀 Seriously though, they changed one character name in the whole "Earth-Nolan" Batman... and that was Renee Montoya to Ana Ramirez. Do you really expect Nolan to change even more names just because of that one change?... Even then!! It was for very specific purpose to the plot. 'Joe Schmo' as Mr. Freeze? 'Mizz Lady' as 'Catwoman'? ... 'Dick Inmias' as Clayface perhaps? ... I don't think so.

LW on Aug 3, 2008


** the "Seriously though" part wasn't addressed to #385.. sorry >_<

LW on Aug 3, 2008


You know something people? Forget the naysayers like LW and DJO and Kellie! Fuck them! If you got a story to tell or share, then tell that story. Share your story. Just make sure you have good grammar and spelling. I shit you not. Producers have no patience for illitercay. I am articulate in the English language. I once wanted to be an English Teacher! When I write my scripts I lose myself in THE STORY. I BECOME MY CHARACTERS. As a screenwriter you are taking the viewer by the hand. Come here. In here. Have a seat. I want to show you something. And you take them away for 90 minutes, 2 hours, 3 hours. Whatever! Now me? I HATE 90 MINUTE MOVIES! I feel like I'm being "gypped" for want of a better word. I'm paying 10 dollars for a 90 minute movie? FUCK NO! Why? Because I feel you cannot fit "it all" into a mere 90 minutes. That's why. For instance, let's look at my BATMAN III. You want inner conflict? Bruce Wayne wants to hang up the cape but he knows Gotham needs him. How's that? You want a romantic angle? Okay. Bruce Wayne is in love with Selina Kyle. He wants to marry her. So he gives her a diamond ring. "That's one ring you don't have to steal!" he tells her. Selina is touched. She loves Bruce. Her eyes water with tears. "We could never be,Bruce," she tells him. "Why?" asks Bruce. He's at a loss. Selina explains that she can't resist being Catwoman and that he Bruce Wayne will never "kill the bat." So they go their own ways. Sad huh? You want conflict? Toss in ROBIN WILLIAMS(yes I said Robin Williams) as MISTER FREEZE. In my version Freeze was George Newby. Newby was a loser toymaker who invents a Polarizer for The Mob. They kill him and steal his invention! Boy! Talk about gratitude! A freak accident involving electricity brings George Newby back to life as the venomous MR. FREEZE who warns a sleepy Gotham City "Beware for a storm is headed your way!" So I had a tortured Bruce Wayne in love with a tortured Selina Kyle. Threw in Mister Freeze. Shake well. Freeze(much like the icy imp in YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS) gets revenge on HARVEY KEITEL and JON POLITO the mobsters who double-crossed him. Batman investigates. Breaking up a bank robbery, The Bat runs into a fresh faced teenager named Tim Drake. Drake saves the life of a little boy as The Batmobile loses control on an icy road. Batman is taken back by young Drake. Then someone starts following The Bat as Freeze puts his evil plans into motion. One night there is a break-in at THE BATCAVE. It appears young Drake has compromised Batman's Security Clearance and invaded his inner sanctum! Bruce is not at all happy! Alfred is amused! Tim explains that he is a student at Gotham Prep and he wants to be you guessed it a detective! "Maybe you two could work together!" offers Alfred. "Stay out of this!" says Bruce. "Why not?" asks Tim. "Because I don't want your death on my hands!" says Bruce. Alfred drives a somber Tim home to his dorm. They leave Bruce alone in the shadows. Alfred gives Bruce the file on one TIMOTHY DRAKE. It appears that Drake is an orphan just like Bruce Wayne was! Bruce is moved by this. He reconsiders his actions. Bruce and Alfred go to Gotham Prep and take Tim for "a ride." They end up at the old Drake house. Tim recounts how two burglars conned their way into a younger Tim Drake's bedroom and killed both his parents as he watched. Bruce and Tim are the same right down the middle after all. At a press conference Batman announces his new partner ROBIN to all of Gotham. Freeze watches on his TV set. So Batman has a partner huh? Okay! Freeze enlists the aid of THE FIREBUG. Arsons flare up all over the city. Freeze puts out an out of control chemical fire with his ice cannons and lo and behold is given THE KEY TO THE CITY. At a roast for Gotham's New Hero Bruce reveals to Freeze that he's onto him. THE FIREBUG is dead courtesy of Freeze's Ice Cane and Bruce does not trust this man for one minute! FREEZE: You intend to stop me? BRUCE: Yeah I do! FREEZE(laughing) You and what army? BRUCE: An army of Bats! FREEZE(grinning) The Batman??? BRUCE: Oh you heard of him? He's a good friend of mine. Real close friend! FREEZE(realizing) You and and the same! BRUCE(grinning) Shhh! (Looks around) Don't tell anyone! FREEZE only sputters. He is stunned. BRUCE(patting Freeze on his back) Don't choke on your roast beef there! LOL! Right? BRUCE JUST BLEW HIS COVER. FREEZE LOOKS LIKE HE'S HAVING A CORONARY! Freeze is infuriated. He knows The Bat has a soft spot for The Cat...Selina comes home. Freeze is waiting for her holding her costume. "Selina Kyle!" blurts out FREEZE "Or shall I cat you Catwoman?" Freeze takes Catwoman to his ICE PALACE. In the Batcave Batman and Robin plan out their attack on FREEZE. Gorg The Behemoth overpowers Batman. Freeze knocks out Alfred with a Snowflake disc! The Bat Copter is frozen and the goons take off with Robin in tow! In his icy lair, Freeze reveals to Catwoman and Robin that he has several ICE MISSILES. He will Freeze JAPAN if he does not recieve ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Catwoman seethes he's just another cheap criminal! The missile is launched to show his power. Bruce regains consciousness and sends Freeze a video. Bruce and Alfred shoot down the ice missile with WAYNE's KILLER SATELLITE! Freeze is enraged! Robin mocks him. Freeze pushes a button. The floor opens up to reveal THE ICE CANNON. "If I cannot freeze Japan I will freeze Gotham instead! Why Mister Drake you have stopped laughing!" Bruce removes a tarp to reveal a 1942 SHERMAN TANK. A few modifications. VOILA! THE NEW IMPROVED BAT TANK. "Follow me in The Bat RV, Alfred!" instructs Batman. Catwoman and Robin disable The Ice Cannon. Catwoman is chained to a wall and Robin is placed in THE ICEBOX, a glass chamber kept a brisk 17 degrees. Freeze stands at control panel. "Who's the man?" he asks Catwoman. She replies "BATAMAN!" Wrong answer. Freeze moves the dial. "It is now 10 below zero in that box! Shall we try again?" Robin turns blue on the video monitor! The Bat Tank takes out Guard Towers and blows down the Barrier Wall. Freeze has set traps for The Bat. The floor opens to reveal a high drop and jagged rocks below. Batman escapes death with a mighty leap and swing from his Batcable. Then a Polar Bear Robot attacks Batman and "bear hugs" him. A grenade in the robot's circuit box takes care of that! Freeze is pissed off! Even his CHEERLEADERS are rooting for "THE BATMAN"! Batman takes out a gun(!) and proceeds to shoot down Freeze's Security Cameras! Then Freeze shows Batman the video of Robin dying in The Box. Batman falls to his knees. Defeated. Robin is dying. His fault. Freeze laughs on THE PA SYSTEM. "Look at you fluttering your wings! Flap flap flap! A lot like bamging one's head against a wall really! Tell me Bats what keeps you going? Because I really want to know!" Batman rises defiantly. "Hope, Freeze! Hope keeps The Bat alive!" Batman instructs Alfred to find the CD recording of BATS and play it to THE MAX on the RV's SPEAKER SYSTEM. "That could set off an avalanche Master Bruce!" warns Alfred. "GODAMMIT! JUST DO IT, ALFRED!" orders The Bat! The Ice Palace bucks and shakes violently. The cheerleaders run away screaming. Freeze's men desert him. "TRAITORS!" he screams! The ICE BOX is blown to smithereens. Water gushes out and Batman carries a lifeless Robin to The Bat RV. Catwoman chastises a defeated looking Freeze. Alfred and Bruce race to revive Robin in The RV. Robin comes to. Bruce is grateful. "Let's go...get him..."says Robin weakly. Freeze looks on his video monitor. BATMAN AND ROBIN are coming to kick his blue ass! Catwoman pleads with Freeze. Tells him to unchain her and she will kill The Bat. So he unchains her. She gets her claws. Swipes at him. WHACK! Deflected by Ice Cane. Batman and Robin split up to outflank Freeze. Freeze sicks his timberwolves on Robin and attacks The Catwoman. "HEY YOU!" Freeze looks up and gets a face full of BATFIST. Batman launhes Freeze into his video monitor! KRRRASSH! Robin fights off the wolves and climbs up slide. Batman and Catwoman engage in a kiss. "I hate Kodak moments!" says a wounded Freeze and reaches for his ice pistol. He fires...Catwoman shoves Batman away and cracks her whip...a second too late! Catwoman is frozen in a tomb of ice! Batman roars NOOOOOOO! Robin launches an icicle like a javellin striking Freeze in his chest! BULLSEYE! Freeze lays dying on instrument panel. Pushes BIG RED BUTTON. "We all die!" The clock ticks down...Robin wraps belt around Batman's waist...Freeze staggers to ice pit...Robin shoots grappling gun towards glass ceiling...Freeze "" and he falls into pit...Batman and Robin shoot up and away as ICE PALACE is blown to Kingdom Come. Batman tears off mask and Bruce watches the explosions with Robin and Alfred. "I saved Japan." says a somber Bruce "But I could not save Selina." Batman goes into mourning for awhile. Tim is worried about his mentor. Alfred assures him Master Bruce will come around. The Bat Signal dances in the evening sky. A beaten Bruce Wayne stares at it. The Red Phone rings. Bruce stares at phone. Batman appears "Someone stole some Laughing Gas!" Tim offers "Sounds like The Giggler is back in town!" Batman holds up Robin's costume. "Only one way to find out!" Batman and Robin race to The Batmobile and climb in. The Batmobile tears away. THE END. Pretty cool huh? WB turned it down. ASSHOLES! I even had The Catmobile and a funny scene when Robin meets Catwoman for the first time. Robin shoves her away. Catwoman asks him "What's the matter kid? Don't you like pussy?" LOFL! BATMAN FOREVER couldn't live up to 1989's BATMAN. BATMAN AND ROBIN tanked in 1997. LOL!

Tony on Aug 3, 2008


I wrote BATMAN III in 1992. It was 146 pages long. That comes out to 2 hours and 26 minutes. And that's not including the film credits. I write long movies. What can I say? Do I think its funny that the Original Batman films fell flat after awhile? I think it's fucking hillarious! HMMM! Could it have been bad writing? In BATMAN FOREVER Riddler came off as a fag and Two-Face was a clown! And don't even get me started on BATMAN AND ROBIN! BATMAN BEGINS started off slow but when Batman came out(the docks scene) that movie rocked but the Nolans blew it with Scarecrow. He has NO BACK STORY and he came off like some bumbling ass(the horse scene) and that whole deal with Ducard and Ras A' Ghaul! I mean come on! That was like some SHADOW shit or something! But THE DARK KNIGHT comes along. I've seen it twice. Man I didn't really care for The Two-Face angle but I loved the way it ended. Brilliant writing. Better than BEGINS. Better than 1989's BATMAN you ask? HMMMM. That's a hard one. 1989's Batman is a CLASSIC let's face it! But I would give THE DARK KNIGHT three and a half out of four stars. And as for the Nolans? They would be kissing Heath Ledger's ass if he were alive today BECAUSE HEATH LEDGER MADE THIS MOVIE WHAT IT WAS! I now wait with baited breath for the end to the Nolan Brothers saga of The Bat!

Tony on Aug 3, 2008


Tony - with all due respect, I think we get the picture. You're pissed they didn't produce your movie. Being that I'm currently producing a play I wrote, and recording music for it, I don't have the time to read your Batman III summary this morning. I did notice you had the balls to say that DK would be next to nothing without Heath's performance. I think Nolan realizes the essential ingredient of an unforgettable villain, and structured this entire film around his performance. But the film was still Batman - not the Joker. It would be an interesting thing to ponder, if they would've saved Two Face's transformation for the next film. He's such a good villain and Aaron Eckhart is such a fine, talented actor. Have any of you seen In the Company of Men? Classic. One of those indy films that's not necessarily something you want to watch more than once, since EVERY character's despicable - but a film that leaves an impression nonetheless. My response to you is simply that I agree screenwriting courses are nothing gold. I will correct myself and say I don't want anyone to be discouraged from writing - I was in fact in the middle of a party, checking email & quite a few drinks into an unforgettable night when I posted those comments. I agree that dreams are pursuable - but don't let Tony, myself, or anyone tell you how to realize them. You have to realize them for yourself. That being said - I have no idea what the age range is of posters here, but this entire contest is entirely more interesting and applaudable as an exercise in interactive fan-blogging than anything any other movie sites have put up. So congradulations to all contributors & contenders. Fictional stories absorb us specifically because they involve us passionately in their characters & stories. Keep writing - keep learning - keep practicing. I've got some editing to do. If anyone's interested to know what I'm working on, we'll be shipping the making-of documentary to film festivals after it hits the stage in Philadelphia, Aug. 30th & 31st. This is the first piece I've directed after years touring as a musician & freelancing as an artist. The publishers asked me to tell the whole story in one sitting - so we made a play out of it, and we're making a movie about the making of the play. At any rate. I need something to eat. Thanks for the tips, Tony. I'm on a rate of 2.5 scenes a day, due to deadlines & just my own desire to turn this shit out like hotcakes. My only advice to any of you who seek to create your own characters is that you leave room for your actors to own them. As Tony said - a script is just a script - but a fine film/play/show will find no subsitute for a talented cast who can run with the material & bring it all to life. I'm blessed that, right now, that's exactly what I'm working with. (And they're inspiring all sorts of re-writes & edits w/ every rehearsal. I love this profession.) I also take back one statement - I never say Good Luck to artists. That implies luck has anything to do with the process. There's only one thing a knowing artist will tell another artist: DON'T STOP. KEEP. GOING. That's the only advice I can ever give anyone that'll make any difference, in the long run. Keep up the good work folks. Sorry for the drunken post last night. Peace.

Djo on Aug 3, 2008


I honestly just give up. I've started an arguement on the internet of all places :/

LW on Aug 3, 2008


Hey DJO good luck with your documentary, man! Ivan keep your head up and keep fighting the good fight. BATMAN is fiction about a superhero. But you are a real hero. Obviously the head of a Marine Platoon in Iraq or Afghanistan. Wherever you are stationed, GOD speed to you and your men! Thank you for keeping us assholes safe! LOL! Peace. Out.

Tony on Aug 3, 2008


Thanks Tony: I had an ongoing debate with one of the naysayers by the Name of LW. However; My men made me realize that LW leads a very sheltered life. While I have traveled to various hot spots all over the world. They told me that he is just a comic fan boy who doesn't deserve so much of my attention. Since no one challenged him before besides myself, he has attracted a fan base of naysayers. These other naysayers are embolden by his nauseous criticism of their main target. You are their main target. The fact is that my scenario of a break from Arkham Asylum is a very realistic scenario. In 2001; I was attached to the special forces that were involved in putting down the attempted outbreak of a prison in Afghanistan. We were in danger of loosing containment. What saved us was the B-52 's bombing of the prison. I don't think that The GCPD have the ability to call air strikes by B-52's. LW will say that the inmates in Arkham didn't have weapons. Neither did our prisoners; They took the guns off the CIA operative and the guards from the Northern Alliance. I don't give a damn that this thread is suppose to be about Nolan's World. Batman is not from Nolan's World. He is from DC World. Saint Nolan fucked Batman Begins. First, Henri Ducard was an expert at hunting human prey and a brilliant marksman. Ra's Al Ghul is Asian not white. The whole Ra's Al Ghud pretending to be Ducard and teaching Bruce Wayne shows Nolan's ignorance of the DC World. The chronology of Batman's training in martial arts is in the following order: 1.Kirigi He also taught the league of assassins and Cassandra Cain(Batgirl) 2.David Cain. He had a child from Sandra Wu San. This child is Cassandra Cain. Sandra Wu San changed her name to Lady Shiva. Lady Shiva also trained her daughter, Cassandra Cain. 3.O-Sensei Lady Shiva is his granddaughter. He also taught Cassandra Cain.4.Wildcat from the Justice Society also taught Batman how to Bow. 5. The Bronze Tiger also taught Batman. Since David Cain was a member of the league of assassins for a period in his life; Nolan could have used the white Liam Neilsan to play the actual Cain. The Asian Actor whose name I can't remember but who I saw in The Last American Samurai and other movies has the acting ability to play Ra's Al Ghuh. I remember when Wizard thought that the Asian Actor was going to play Ra's Al Ghuh. They and I were delighted. We were all fooled by Nolan. His so called faithfulness to the characters is just bullshit. Nolan changes the DC characters and is not true to the DC characters. The Depiction of Ra's Al Ghuh, the secret identity of Ra's being Ducard, The fucken stupid mask of the scare crow which wouldn't scare a 5 year old, The misuse of the League of Assassins, having that female prosecutor be Bruce's best friend , etc was a disaster for a third movie. It eliminates Hush since he was Bruce's best friend as a child, it eliminates David Cain who really should have been Liam Nealson's character, The Asian who should have been Ra's Al Ghuh who could have been taken to the Lazarus Pit and revived by his daughter , Talia Al Ghuh, Cassandra Cain(Batgirl), Lady Shiva,Wildcat, Bronze Tiger, and any one trained by Batman's true trainers such as Robin, Nightwing , etc. Nolan's success in The Darknight Returns was mainly due to Health Ledger's death and Acting. I believe that if you take a poll of the movie attendees that were not fan boys or members of Nolan's World Cult; they will tell you that they saw the movie because of Heath Ledger. Some because of a morbid interest in a dead actors last film, some because they were Heath Ledger's fans and others because of his brilliant portray of The Joker. Frankly; I hope this is Nolan's last Batman Film. I'm looking forward to The Watchmen as directed by Snyder of 300 fame. Afterwords; I would like to see Snyder take on the job of bringing The Justice League to the Big Screen. I don't care if Nolan or Christopher Bale don't take part in the movie or not. If Snyder does a good job with The Watchmen; Christopher Bale and Nolan will move on to other projects. Anyone can make a movie with superheroes in dark costumes but it takes someone with mayor balls to make a movie with colorful superheroes. So in the Balls department; Snyder has bigger balls then Nolan. P.S.To Tony and the other commentators that are not naysayers -Semper Fi !

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Aug 3, 2008


Three Rules To Live By when you think you have completed your screenplay. Rule One. Rewrite. Rule Two. Rewrite. And Rule Three. Rewrite. Am I stoned? No. Am I being funny? No I am not. Rewriting is vital to a screenwriter because it allows you to add or change scenes. And you find your mistakes(mispelling,etc). You can delete scenes that are unecessary to the flow of your STORY. Or you can change up some dialogue. Remember your STORY is the backbone of any script. You got no story flow hey Jack then you got no movie! If you cannot spell learn how to. If your script looks like it was written by a 3-year old then brother, or sister, your script is going into the trash can. I shit you not. HOLLYWOOD EXECS DO NOT MESS AROUND. The dynamics of any good script are THE STORY. Look at THE GODAFATHER(the greatest film ever period) storyline. Michael wants wants nothing to do with his family. The Turk orders a hit on Michael's father Don Vito. Luca Brasi is murdered and Tom Hagen, Michael's half brother, is kidnapped! It's an all-out gangland war and NOW Michael wants in. He kills The Turk and a slimy cop in the now classic restaurant scene and lams it to old Italy. Sonny, Michael's brother, takes his father's place back in the states. But Sonny is too much of a hothead and this leads to his violent demise. That bloody Toll Booth scene. Tom tells Vito that Sonny is dead. A tired Vito decides it's time to make the peace. There is a sitdown where Vito subtly warns his rivals not to touch one hair on Michael's head. Michael comes home, marries Kay and takes over The Family Operations! He sucks up to his brother-in-law Carlo and even his rivals! With their guard down, Michael strikes out at the opposing crime families and has Carlo killed for setting up Sonny! Connie, Michael's sister, confronts him in his study about the mob killings. Then it's Kay's turn to ask. Michael lies to his wife and is christened The New Don! WOW! Now that's a fucking story! Francis Ford Coppolla and novelist Mario Puzo took home Oscar Gold for their powerful screenplay! SECOND DYNAMIC. CHARACTERS. Some memorable Charcaters of note are Clint Eastwood's Strong But Silent Man With No Name. The Smooth Easy-Going Private Eye Jake Gittes. The Ice Cold Nurse Ratchett. The Great White Shark from Jaws. The Never Say Never Boxer Rocky "The Italian Stallion" Balboa. The Tough No-Nonsense Dirty Harry. The Cunning Hannibal Lector. The Muderous Joker Of The Dark Knight. The Tough Guy Everyman Stanley Kowalski. The Crazed NewsMan from Network. The Crafty Killer from In The Line Of Fire. Alex The One Night Stand From Hell in Fatal Attraction. The Rebellious Fun-Loving Randall P. MacMurphy. The Tough Burnt Out Don Vito Corleone. The Moody And Regretful Don Michael Corleone. The Tough Guy Safecracker From Thief. Just to name a few. THIRD, you need a CONFLICT. In JAWS, the conflict was a 20 foot Great White Shark munching on tourists at a resort community. Police Chief Brody(the late great Roy Scheider) knew there was a shark but The Mayor wanted to cover it up! In THE EXORCIST. Father Karras(an outstanding Jason Miller) is having a crisis of faith. His elderly mother has died and she haunts his dreams. A little 14-year old girl just may be possessed by The Devil but Karras' faith in GOD is weakening. This is an example of INNER-CONFLICT. A conflict within a character. RECCOMENDED READING: SCREENPLAY and THE SCREENWRITER'S WORKSHOP both by Syd Field. My main rule? Shut up and write!

Tony on Aug 3, 2008


So Tony is for real [I think...] and easily offended. LW doesn't have any idea what he's gotten himself into and will probably never return. And Djo is the Socrates of posters. However, LW and Tony have one thing in common... they're both kittens! [Fighting over a thread]

Kevin Larz on Aug 3, 2008


^o^ Pwned.

Nettle on Aug 3, 2008


LOL LW! Good pun, friend. See you on The Dark Side Of The Moon! TEE HEE A HA HA A HO HO! "And I thought I told bad jokes!"

Tony on Aug 4, 2008


I'm as real as it gets baby and nobody owns me.

Tony on Aug 4, 2008



Tony on Aug 4, 2008


As in the real world so in Gotham. The most profitable crime is in the trafficking of contraband, especially weapons and drugs. Many of the world's richest earn a side from profits like these (besides if you aren't in the game, some other mob will be at your expense). There was an early post in this thread suggesting the Penguin as the next villain. Paint this bloke as some gentleman-British type who just happens to be a major arms dealer and narcotics trafficker, with Bane or Killer Croc as his enforcer.

Night_Light on Aug 4, 2008


So does this mean TDK is averaging 1 comment on this post for every million dollars is made at the box office? Have another dollar, Dark Knight! Interesting note: I told one of my actors, after our requisite TDK conversation, that he had permission to throw just a tiny 'dollop' of Heath Ledger Joker into his character, and the guy literally EXPLODED when he did his scene. Note to all directors: Heath Ledger's Joker has now become shorthand for Going Completely Apenuts. Saved me hours of method-acting direction. Hah!

Djo on Aug 4, 2008


This movie just continues to make history. Too bad Ledger didn't live to see it but now we have his legacy. Audiences are dazzled. All the critics love it! It blows away all those other "superhero" films! It just might rank up there with HEAT and THE GODFATHER!

Tony on Aug 4, 2008


are they seriously still going on with this contest or what? i sent in my submission on the deadline and its been over two weeks since then. wtf? did the people in charge just drop the whole thing because it turned out to be TOO popular? now theres over 400 comments of people giving their own stories and tearing down others and blah blah blah. if you guys want to pretend like you're going to be the next big thing in hollywood then go to starbucks with your laptop like everyone else. i mean get real. Your ideas don't matter because you're not David Goyer or Christopher Nolan. Their ideas are either going to be incredible or 3 is going to be the next "Return of the Jedi". Either way theres no reason you guys should have such huge egos over concepts that are basically the same thing as 10 other ppls but in a different over. but yea... when are they going to post the winners?

thugnasty25 on Aug 4, 2008


THugnasty - follow the threads. They posted the winners a week ago. When I read posts like that last one, in response to thugnasty - I HAVE to ask myself the age of the people on this thread. Let's just say if you're over 18 and posting stuff like that - with ALL due respect - you have some seriously misdirected aggression. This guy wasn't even attacking you. He's just a random guy who walked in off the street, who's asking a question. Like I said. They posted the winners about a week ago. We were just going on about writing & submitting scripts to hollywood or whomever else.

Djo on Aug 5, 2008


Are you for real man? DJO go back and REREAD thugnasty's letter very carefully. That's a blow to every writer on this whole entire thread. Seriously misguided aggression. HMMMM! You Freud now or what? LOL! People like thugnasty need to watch their step...

Tony on Aug 5, 2008


You don't go onto a site with over 400 posts and insult the entire thread! You just don't do it!

Tony on Aug 5, 2008


Oh, and for the record I read some pretty good ideas on this thread! I think thugnasty is just miffed because he lost the contest. It's okay though I'm not going to let some wannabe gangbanger or hack filmmaker stand in my way...

Tony on Aug 5, 2008


Personally, for the fun of it, i'd love to see 2 or 3 villains plaguing gotham with batman trying to mediate. The villains always have their own plans and batman gets in the way, so naturally seeing him try to stop warring villains from out doing each other would just be wild fun. Oh and i'm sure someone has addressed this here, but the idea of coleman reese as the riddler is silly. The riddler's main motivation has always been "who is batman". With that answered, what would motivate the man?

James Alexander on Aug 5, 2008


oh...also, read this up there somewhere and it's interesting, i say: Dent isn't dead. He's MCU's dirty little secret. He's been put away at Arkham. So we all know that when he breaks out all of Gotham would turn upside down and all they (batman/gordon) have done to conceal his crimes has failed. secondly: harley quinn, wouldn't it be most entertaining to meet her at arkham. her history was a nurse that falls for the joker, and with him locked up at arkham, she breaks him out. thirdly: for more fun, Gotham Knight is my pick for the films title. regardless of the blu ray animated title. it won't happen, but it'd be a nice book end title. the subtext in the phrase is just beautiful. oh: and all this is going on while the events in the comment above (410) are pressing on. hahaha. poor batman.

James Alexander on Aug 5, 2008


There were three villains in BATMAN AND ROBIN(Bane,Mr. Freeze, and Poison Ivy) but that movie sucked so bad! LOL! I was rooting for Batman vs. The Rogues Gallery myself! Now that would sell tickets!

Tony on Aug 5, 2008


OK, I like TCOX's storyline with the Penguin being an arms dealer, but he has to completely take over Gothom City with his weapons and mayhem. The city turns to the reviled Batman to save them because they have no choice. Now that Batman no longer has a love interest enter Catwoman with their love hate relationship. You could write in some steamy almost sadomasochistic scenes. She could also fight the Reaper with his whore killing ass. I also say bring in a bad ass Bane that kicks Catwoman's ass resulting in her having to be saved by Batman. Later in the movie she could return the favor when Batman is fighting the Penguin and all of his minions. Alas, their teamwork is short lived as the two can never get along for any length of time, but since they know each others identities they must remain at least somewhat civil. By the end of the movie Batman redeems himself and is loved. The public has a short attention span will not hold a grudge with Batman saving their collective asses again. Just a quick thought since I'm up at 2:30 in the morning. Rosho

ROSHO on Aug 6, 2008


Tony, Tony, Tony. You're still trying to prove you own this thread. When you should simply accept one thing: I. OWNED. YOU. I have no hopes for you, because there IS no hope for you. The best of your writing will clearly remain on these threads. I don't have to wish any curse upon you. You've wished it upon yourself. Before you insult a complete stranger w/ your insecure playground antics again. I suggest you return to your WIFE. Since I don't have one, I'll be returning to my LIFE. Yeah - you might want to get one of those.

Djo on Aug 6, 2008


i really think that the joker needs to come back in the 3rd installment. its so unfortunate that heath ledger died. no bullshit he honestly made the movie great. his performance alone was the reason i enjoyed TDK so much. so before i go on i think its important that i stress that whom ever they get to play the jokers role please duplicate heaths performance as closesly and percisely as possible. having some other actor fuck something as good as heath's performance by not living up to it would destroy this movie before it even gets started. ok now this is something i would like to see. i would love to see the riddler come into play. BUT !!!!!!!! have him come into play along the side of Harley Quin. the two will be friends and make it known that both these villians are obsessed with the joker and view him as a role model. have the two break the joker out of prison or where-ever they decide to keep him and then start throwing some twists in. the joker is all about not controlling anything and leaving chaos wherever he goes. The riddler is the opposite. its important that you give the riddler a strong background, he has OCD and this will break the two apart. the joker will refuse to do things as the riddler wants and his OCD will annoy the joker. so the Joker will eventually try killing the riddler but will not suceed. this will make the riddler hate the joker and they will become rivals. the joker will at first underestimate the riddler and the riddler will come out on top during thier first encounter as enemies. of course harley quin will take the jokers side and stab the riddler in the back one way or another. the riddler will then seek help from two face. this will create a very interesting plot and leave room for the actual writers to do some amazing writing. lol. i would like to see harley quinn killed by the riddler and two face killed by the joker. or maybe some sort of twist that is similar. in the end batman will have two very psycotic masterminds that will most certainatly keep him busy.

Josh on Aug 6, 2008


Perhaps the new Riddler is Mr. Reese, and the reason for the name change has to do with a total re-imagining of the Riddler. He is a pathetic attorney/accountant, employee of Bruce Wayne (though not quite a Wayne Enterprises employee) who's big opportunity for fiscal success was was stymied by a fear of the Batman. After Batman becomes a wanted man: Mr. Reese's' knowledge of Batman's true identity makes him tremendously valuable to the police, crime syndicates (perhaps being quietly taken over by The Penguin who fills the void left by the Joker and Two Faces brutal murder of the crime bosses in TDK), even the now imprisoned Joker: giving the Joker a reason to target Mr. Reese's' sanity which would create an opportunity for a psychotic and manipulative Riddler to appear (We saw the Jokers potential for this already). Many of people on this forum say the Riddler sucks because he's too much like the Joker. Thats what makes him work! The People of Gotham see the police turning to a manipulative Riddle talking twit who reminds them WAY TOO MUCH of the evil Joker and arming themselves with newer weaponry purchased from an English arm's dealer named Mr. Cobblepot who is clearly not entirely on the level. The People of Gotham see their police becoming more corrupt than ever before and at the end learn through the Riddler (who was at some point close to the Joker) of Harvey Dent's real fall from grace at the end of TDK. The People rally behind a beaten and hurting Batman and recognize him as the real hero of Gotham. I have no doubt that a scenario like this would allow the Joker to be used in the sequel without having to be seen or heard, thus allowing the character to remain in the story without having to recast the part which now belongs to Heath Ledger

That one awesome dude on Aug 6, 2008


I also realize that the contest is long since over. I chose to share anyway because I've nothing better to do on this glorious Wednesday morning

That one awesome dude on Aug 6, 2008


Djo, there's nothing you can do. The levies have broken and FEMA ain't comin'. Get out while you still can if you are considering posting again. Tony, Tony, Tony. You really are an asshole... I'm not trying to insult you, I'm just pointing out what you referred to yourself as previously. You too should give up while you're ahead. It almost seems as though you are intentionally provoking people on here, but I shouldn't jump to conclusions like that...

Kevin Larz on Aug 7, 2008


Kev the feelings are mutual bud! Hell we are all assholes. We all shine on, dude. Lennon was right! You can suck my balls by the way! I'll cut a fart and blow you a kiss with my ass! LOL! None of you assbites are going to keep me off of here so give it up already!!!

Tony on Aug 7, 2008


Douchebag Asshole Nutbag Scumface. Arsefuck titsack hosehole scarfwad. If you can't beat 'em. Join 'em. The last thing I want you to do is get off - whether it be on this thread, your own ego, or whatever. The remarkable thing is that you seem to have backdoor buddies at firstshowing that delete my comments, and not yours. All I know is I've got too much work to do than to waste more time on the likes of you. Choke on a muffler, Bloat-Nuts.

Djo on Aug 7, 2008


What's interesting is that the same tactic Tony's using to defend his "Territory" is the same means that Bush kept his position in office: there is nothing reasonable to say to a man who refuses to act like a man, and use his brain. There's no comeback that he can't turn into a rebound. No logical argument, or reasoned excuse one can fathom, that he won't be fully armed and ready to hit you back over the head with, using his 5th grade reading level. It's really quite remarkable. I'd venture to say, Tony - you'd be better served running for President than hacking it out as a scriptwriter!~

Djo on Aug 7, 2008


wow, and you guys said i was immature... Oh and by the way tony, im not a wanna-be gangbanger. IM THUG LIFE FO REALS SUUUUCKKAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! G-G-G-G-G-UNIT!!!!!!!!!

shoopdawoop on Aug 7, 2008


^^^^^^^^^^^ im thugnasty25 btw

shoopdawoop on Aug 7, 2008



shoopdawoop on Aug 7, 2008


G-Unit huh? So I guess that means you are stationed in IRAQ???? LOL!

Tony on Aug 7, 2008


Wow tony you must be having a really hard time with the dont ask, dont tell thing!

shoopdawoop on Aug 7, 2008


and btw you dont have to capitalize lol everytine you write it.

shoopdawoop on Aug 7, 2008


Thugnasty 25 or shoopdawoop, whatever you call yourself. When you first came on this thread, I thought you were some punk ass wannabe banger shooting off his mouth. I had no idea you were OVER THERE. I took offense at your Starbucks remark. I guess you hit a little too close to home with that one. I trashed you in my reply post which was pulled by the way. DJO defended you and came down on me. Now me and him are at war. The insanity of it all is this. You are over there. Away from your family and friends. In the middle of a scorching hot desert. Bullets flying. Bombs going off all around you. You don't know who you can trust when it comes to the villagers. They don't want us over there! It's like VietNam all over again! Even the leader of Iraq wants to know when the U.S. is going to pull out of there. Stateside, we're in a darkened movie theatre watching THE DARK KNIGHT and then going on this thread and fighting each other. You see, I have nothing but respect for our soldiers because you men and women are somwhere we don't want to be doing something we don't want to do! That is why I'm writing you this post! GODSPEED to you and your company. The G-Unit! Git er done guys! And then come back home...T.

Tony on Aug 7, 2008


They didn't print 430 right away! That's why I wrote 431.

Tony on Aug 7, 2008


BTW, I all cap LOL because that's what they do in the chat rooms!

Tony on Aug 7, 2008


Peace. Out.

Tony on Aug 7, 2008


THE DARK KNIGHT is a great movie but I guess we sometimes forget who the real heroes are...

Tony on Aug 7, 2008


I guess it goes without saying you've never taken a look at what a fool you're making of yourself. That's cool, Tony. Ignorance is bliss. My brothers a Marine Captain. Glad to have him back and proud of his service, obviously.

Djo on Aug 7, 2008



Tony on Aug 7, 2008


But don't rub my nose in it either...

Tony on Aug 7, 2008


G- Unit is Fitty Cent's record label and sometimes crew. Thanks for clearing that up, Ivan. I was gonna say ... Nonetheless, respect to all units. Except Tony's. lol.

Djo on Aug 8, 2008


Djo tell your brother Semper Fi for me. I'm glad he made it back and I'm proud to have a Marine's brother on this thread. lol to your brother, you and your family. There is no G-Unit in the military. One of my men try to explain what it stands for in the hip hop world. I'm not into hip hop but some of my men are into it and I respect my men. Thugnasty : 1st you have the right to voice your comment. 2nd: Tony is right that thugnasty attacked everybody on this thread. 3rd: LW and I started the arguments. I don't apologize for defending myself. 4th: I am not going to presume that LW left the thread because of anything that I said. Until he comes back and tells me otherwise; I will just accept his absence.5th: Tony ; you don't have to apologize to Thugnasty because he's a soldier. He is not a soldier. 6th: I am known for being a hard as by my men. It's hard to stop being myself since I only spend a short time on these threads and most of my time taking care of my men. DJO Your brother will tell you that keeping our men alive and well is our priority. We accomplish our mission with as few casualties as possible. There are no Rambles in The Marines. We are not heroes. We are just the best fighting Force in the world. Hoo Rah! I don't want to treated like I am special. However; I do expect to be treated with the respect due to any human being. LW: Your knowledge of The Dark Knight movie's nuances is missed. If you left because you believe that you started an argument on the internet ; Fuck it! I personally welcomed our to every commentator on this thread. All of you made my short time on this thread enjoyable.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Aug 8, 2008



Tony on Aug 8, 2008


A tip of the hat to Ivan and his men!

Tony on Aug 8, 2008


I really hope that they don't put Penguin and Catwoman in the 3rd installment. As Mr. Nolan said he would not put them in a film, hopefully we wouldn't see a remake of Batman Returns. I would love to see a new spin on the Riddler. At the same time, if they decide to bring Two Face back for the 3rd film and introduce the Riddler ....hello Batman Forever. Of course, the new films are so much better than the first ones, so they could make it work. I think a Two-Face return could work pretty well. Gordon is all tied up in trying to preserve Harvey Dent's clean image for the citizens of Gotham. With each act that Two Face makes in his twisted view of justice, more and more crimes and activities would be pinned on Batman to try and keep the public numb to the truth about Dent. Two Face could be hunting for someone to accept his new views, wanting to have support as he did when he was District Attorney, and could find that in some of the escaped convicts of Arkham. He would probably find this kind of support from a criminal who is also disfigured in some a CLayface character, who would have some kind of common ground. Just a thought. I just hope that if they do the Riddler, the casting is as good as it has been in the past films.

Brandon on Aug 9, 2008


It must be Penguin! Historically the #2 Bat-villain, he's still a worthy character.

Cobbplepot on Aug 11, 2008


We will probably see THE RETURN OF RAS AL GHUL in the next installment of The Nolan saga. Liam Neeson told Bruce he was immortal in BATMAN BEGINS. Ras(Neeson) closes his eyes as death is imminent to him. We never really saw him die! Did we? Alfred(Caine) tells Bruce that they should concentrate on The SouthEast Wing(The Batcave) so maybe we will see the best Batcave yet! The Joker is still alive at the climax of DARK KNIGHT. So he will be back. He is Batman's Lex Luthor. Think about it! Two-Face is dead. He's done with, so is The Scarecrow! The Rover was destroyed. Bruce crashed the Batpod. So I hope we finally get a Batmobile like something right out of a BOND movie. That would be sweet! Just my thoughts on the matter...

Tony on Aug 11, 2008


to 212, bi polar disorder has nothing to do with split personalities, its a disorder of manic depression, get you facts straight please, that was very offensive.

mr j on Aug 11, 2008


To all you a gangster ass wannabe thug soundin mother fuckers, grow the fuck up and excercise some intelligence. I don't care who you talk to, you sound retarded to the rest of the world.

god on Aug 12, 2008


Interesting to say the least...Are you Edward Blake?

Tony on Aug 14, 2008


Batman is on the run, Gotham's hopes have infact increased with the Joker locked in Arkham and with the likes of Commissioner Gordon keeping the Falcone crime family, now run by Sal Maroni at bay. The martar Harvey Dent has inspired Gotham to rid themesleves of corruption but there still exists a thorn in their sides, the Batman. Gordon and Ramirez (her act in Rachel Dawes death forgotten as long as she does not identify Two-Face as Harvey Dent.) are the only two who know that Batman is wrongfully accused and continue to work secretly with him, slowly but surely establishing law and peace in Gotham. However, codes have been found across the city, one to the rebuilt Wayne manor, one to the home of the mayor and one to Gotham police department, all of them riddles to dicover the location of a bomb. The result leaves Gotham City Bank in tatters with one riddle left behind, which when deciphered reads, 'I want him'. The Riddler unlike Joker has a purpose, he wants not only to know the Batman's identidy but to tear down Bruce wayne and Wayne enterprises for a reason that remains unclear. Riddles across Gotham lead to his next target but he is not Batman's only problem. With his alter ego now having to fully stay within the shadows of Gotham, Bruce wayne has turned his intentions to his enterprise, even more so with the threat of The Riddler, to convince his ceo Lucius Fox to stay and to chip away his playboy image replacing it with a beacon of hope and inspiration which once illuminated Hravey Dent, because as Batman looses his appeal to the city, maybe he can inspire people without wearing a mask and find out just who is Bruce Wayne. But as fate would have it, the downfall of his creation, begins with the arrival of a beautiful youg woman, a ruthless businesswomen who is the latest challenge to Wayne enterprise and who is strangly familiar to Bruce. Known as Talia Ducard to Bruce Wayne and the world but to the Batman inside him she is known as Talia Al-Gul, come not for revenge but to fulfull her father's wish and make Wayne the leader of the league of shadows. Bruce Wayne falls in love, Batman knows what must be done as Talia and her army promise to finish her father's work on Gothem should he not comply. But alas, talia's own feelings become intertwined with that of Batmans and the riddlers due to his discovery of Batman's identidy(thanks to one Coleman reese) who reveals himself to Bruce as Tom Rickman, a young peasent living in Gotham before Thomas Wayne took him in as his own, only to be replaced and discarded after the birth of Wayne's song, Bruce. At Wayne Manor, a final fight between Talia and Bruce(not as Batman) leaves him the winner, his love sent under Gordon's watch. Talia is then rescued not by her army, or riddler or Btaman, but a strange man with scars on his face, the notorious Joker. His escape made possible by the explosion and outbreak at Arkham, orchestrated by riddler,to call upon the prince of clown to seek vengeance on Wayne,in return for his help, riddler gives Joker the most precious gift of all, Batmans true alias. Joker hangs Talia over the edge of the building site wher Batman spared his life and challenges him, wanting to see Waynes face before causing the same pain on Batman once inflicted on him. The fight between the trio of Joker,riddler and Batman ends with Batman loosing his mask aand riddler aiming his gun at him, ready to kill only for the supporting walls surrounding him to explode leaving the ceiling crashing on top of him, smashing his skull through the floor. 'You spare my life,I spare yours' laughs the Joker, the detonator in his hands, Talia hanging by the tip of his fingers. 'Havent we been here before?' 'Oh Well' Talia falls, before Batman can save her, the Joker pulls a second detonator and the floor beneath the dark knight fals, sending him plummeting doen below,unable to save his love. Unmasked, Bruce looks to where the clown was standing but sees nothing and gliding to the bottom of the site there lies Talia's lifeless body. Behind him sirens, but only Gordon and ramirez arrive first to the scene and they see Bruce Wayne waring body armour and a cape holding the body of Talia Ducard in his arms. With the Joker and other Arkham inmates loose, Gotham again looks doomed, now, with crisis growing, no is when the people of Gotham looking at the madness of the Joker can see who their true hero is, the batman. Slowly,but surely his alter ego is growing strong again, but all that remains of his lost love are memories, and a card left in his jacket pocket, the one he wore when they first met, an address lay on it to a warehouse on the outskirts of Gotham and below were black lettering, his answer to the Joker, 'They are waiting for your instructions'. Talia AlGul : Melissa George/Olga Kurylenko Riddler : Robin Williams Joker : Adrian Brody

thecomedian217 on Aug 14, 2008


Yes,I am (March 2009 cant come quick enough)

thecomedian217 on Aug 15, 2008


For a sequel to 448; to add to the Joker, Lieutenant Ramirez of the Gotham City Police Department visits her mothers house,one late winters night, the place were she grew up, when everything seemed simpler. Standing over her old bedroom, across still lies her mother's display of wooden African masks, even at 32 she is terrified at the sight of them, her greatest fear from childhood being brought back. 'For decoration' her mother said, as much as she loved the old lady the sight of her patronising her daughter with, 'honestly, what fear can be brought from an old wooden mask.' still infuriates Ramirez, but she ignores confrontation and preceeds downstairs, when it happened. The Joker stands outside the suburban house, his thugs surrounding the quiet home, pouring gasoline over the sides as they do so, in one hand he holds a loudspeaker, in the other a match. 'Detec.. sorry.. Lieutenant Ramirez and mother may I please have your attention for just one moment.' Ramirez stares out the window, a look of horror at the startling face of the prince of crime and with a quick wave the joker lights the match and fires it onto the gasoline. A chain of devilish flames engulf the house, tearing through the inside, though not as quickly as the joker would like. Running to free her mother from the living room, the joker watches, but with no smile. 'You know being locked up all that time has changed my own patience, I just want to see carnage all the time, having been without it, so...' He takes out a grenade and tosses it through the living room window, now he laughs, hysterically, before disappearing into the Gotham night. The blasts form the grenade sends Ramirez flying out the patio kitchen door, knocking her unconscious, leaving her mother to burn in the Jokers flames. The result of the night leaves Ramirez's mother dead, her own face scarred and the house burnt to the ground. Looking over the debree, the lieutenant sees a familiar shape lying on the ground, mask, burnt black, its meaning to her changed. With Joker causing destruction and Gordon and even Batman getting nowhere, ramirez takes the mask, wearing it to show what fear really can be brought from it. Her methods questioned, more brutal than Batman or Two-face, she becomes the Black Mask, taking down criminals and in time the government, leaving a mark on her victims by cutting off their faces, keeping her identidy as Lieutenant Ramirez intact,but for how long. As for Bruce Wayne's discovery of who or what lies at the warehouse, will that debate is open to anyone, for me I think a group of vigilantes, as conflicted as Bruce Wayne and not the drones we saw in begins and perhaps people who are already in Wayne and Batman's life.

thecomedian217 on Aug 15, 2008


A woman as The Black Mask??? Now that's a TWIST!

Tony on Aug 15, 2008


Here's my idea, wish I could have made the contest in time Batman: Knightfall(?) Inspired by the antics of the Joker, and taking advantage of Batman’s preoccupation with avoiding the police, a new wave of costumed criminals has emerged to drown Gotham in acts of violence and terror. For months, aid has been offered to the belabored GCPD in the form of anonymous letters filled with brilliant criminal behavioral profiles…an unparalleled understanding of the masked criminal psyche. However, the erratic penmanship and bizarre question mark signatures of the letters have them quickly dismissed as the scribblings of a crank. All that changes, though, when one of the profiles saves the police in case that stumps them, leading them to the most unlikely perpetrator in a rough arms deal…a tiny, deformed man with an inferiority complex and an obsession with gaining upper-class status. The mocking headlines brand him “The Penguin.” The man responsible for the letters, who seems to know these masked freaks intimately, is brought in to help catch the gravest threat of the bunch…Batman. With Edward Nashton [Nigma would be referenced somewhere along the way, but it’s too on the nose] suddenly talking over half of Gordon’s investigation, the two find themselves at odds instantly. Edward is arrogant, neurotic, condescending, and worst of all…effective, and Jim fears that it is only a matter of time before Edward’s genius tracks down The Bat. That’s when the murders begin. Costumed crooks and mobsters begin popping up dead all over Gotham as Batman seems to have resumed his killing spree. Only Edward knows the truth behind the deaths, because he is the one secretly setting up these death puzzles and traps to test Batman’s cunning (finally showcasing Bruce’s intellect in these movies)—traps that both serve to frame Bats and draw him out into the open where he might be caught. When Jim sees Batman hovering over a dead body on the scene, right after failing to save the victim from one of Edward’s traps, even Jim begins to grow suspicious. Perhaps the city’s pervasive hatred for him and this endless flood of criminals has finally pushed Batman over the edge. Bruce’s only ally at this point is a mysterious woman in a sexy cat costume, who also seems to be investigating some of these murders, the mobsters in particular. Reports charge this Catwoman with breaking into mob dens and making out with cash, and the tabloids even claim that she’s a prostitute. But though Bruce fails to get a straight answer from her about what she’s really after, he still feels inexplicably drawn to her. An attraction grows to this kindred spirit…a woman who will take equally extreme measures to see that justice carried through…a woman not unlike Rachel. When Jim spots the two of them in an embrace, his fears of Batman’s guilt only deepen. However, after glimpsing Edward’s taunting sneer in the aftermath of one of his successful traps (a close call where Batman is almost captured), Bruce knows that Edward is the man responsible. He confronts Jim to try and convince him of his innocence, telling Gordon that he will take off his mask and turn himself in right now if Jim asks…but the murders would still continue. He tells Jim that he is the only friend he has left and the only man in the entire city who might still trust him. He NEEDS Jim to believe that he hasn’t become the monster everyone says he is. They reconcile, and now their task becomes proving that Nashton’s behind the riddle killings. Yet, Edward is always two steps ahead, and he senses that Gordon is on to him. He makes a big play, setting a trap that blows Arkham open…revealing that Harvey Dent is in fact alive and that Gordon was responsible for the cover-up. Locked in the dark for so long, Harvey’s psychosis has festered, fueled incessantly by thoughts of vengeance against the one that put him there, Batman. He steps into the light for the first time in ages after the blast and spots his good side reflected in the shattered glass. Standing before the newly detonated exit, he flips his coin. Bad Harv wins and Two-Face escapes with an army of the equally deranged--all bent on making Batman’s life a living hell. As the worst of the freaks are set loose on Gotham, Batman’s first question in the aftermath to Gordon is if cell 28 is still intact, and Gordon seems just as relieved to tell him it is. Gordon is disgraced and kicked off the force, leaving Edward in charge of the entire investigation with a wave of public adoration at his back. He revels in the fame, presenting himself before the public in a new lavish costume and taking the title of “The Riddler,” a handle given to him for his irritating habit of answering a question with another question and his deep, probing inquiries into what makes these loons tick when making his profiles. He promises to not only bring in Batman now but Two-Face and his roaming Arkham inmates to the justice they deserve. Two-Face leads the criminals, who re-arm themselves with Penguin’s arsenal, which has been taken from police custody by Edward. It turns out that Penguin, or Oswald Cobblepot as he prefers (a fake name assumed in his desire to be apart of the elite that rejected him), collaborated to stage Cobblepot’s initial arrest to sky-rocket Edward’s fame and place him on the Bat hunt. Having already profited from the first sale prior to his arrest, now Penguin sells these guns and signature weapons taken out of the police vaults back to the desperate criminals at a hefty price. As they prepare to ransack the town, Penguin waddles away from the rest of the low-class rabble smiling secretly to himself. In the film’s climax, Batman has to deal with taking Two-Face and his gang of villains down while The Riddler closes in on his identity. Knowing where he’ll be, Edward dispatches the cops to the scene to add to Bruce’s dilemma. Downtown Gotham becomes a war-zone, wrapped in a battle-royale between cops, Batman, the inmates, and all the civilians trapped in between. Batman is overwhelmed and nearly defeated until Catwoman arrives to kill Harvey (for good this time)…perhaps not to save Batman, but as vengeance for him murdering Maroni…her father. Her true colors are shown. She wasn’t investigating the mob murders--she was behind them (though perhaps in self-defense), eliminating all of the contenders for her father’s throne after his death and reclaiming what was rightfully hers as his illegitimate child. She asks if Bruce can forgive her and perhaps understand her need to avenge. It was about her family, and nothing is more important to her, nothing more defines her…even if she barely had a chance to know them. Batman’s love is tainted, and once again, he is alone in the fight. In the end, she sits at the throne of the restored Maroni empire, deciding whether or not to take up the mantle now that she as achieved her vengeance. Jim, meanwhile, struggles to get those still loyal to him to stay their hunt on Batman and bring down some of the rogue villains, navigating through the chaos. It’s then that Batman realizes the real scheme was for Penguin to direct all the crooks in one location to for the arms drop off, so that Riddler could kill them all at once in his final trap. And though Bruce just barely manages to foil that plan and save the scum, he’s still too late. Edward has managed to uncover Bruce’s identity. Gordon’s squad bursts in to bring Edward in. He was a huge admirer of Batman, and as he is being dragged away, he asks the legitimate question of why Batman allows these people to live and continually escape. Why he would rather wage an endless battle with them as innocent people keep getting hurt in the wake. Nashton has no confidence in the police to do the job, having witnessed their incompetence firsthand. He tells Batman that it is up to the two of them as the only people of intellect to deal with the situation by the only means available to them…even if, as Batman pioneered, those means are rather unorthodox. “That’s just what this town requires in all that it’s become…you’ve played no small part in that.” Edward claims to know why Bats won’t put them down. Edward says that Bruce craves the constant war, so that he can have a purpose. Analyzing him as he did the other mad men, he says that he does it to seek regain as sense of power after feeling so powerless, to seek retribution…for the night his parents died. He delivers that shocker as he’s dragged into the police van for Arkham. He yells for Batman to pay him 20 million dollars or he’ll reveal his identity to the whole world. Batman meets with Edward in Arkham, where we take that great scene from Hush. Riddler starts making his demands to be let free. If not, he can have a press conference ready within the hour. Bruce surprises him, saying that Edward’s right--he’s won. But Bruce counters, “After all you’ve gone through to figure it out, now the only person who truly knows who I am (unlike that Coleman Reese farce), and you’re going to give that up…share the sacred knowledge, that you and you alone in the world were able to attain, with the rest of the dimwitted sheep out there who struggle to finish the daily jumble? I don’t think you can do it. You beat The Batman, and you wouldn’t trade that for all the money in the world.” Riddler breathes hard, conceding his point that even in losing, Batman remains the victor. However, Riddler retaliates with a parting shot: “You’ve just placed me closer to my prey. I’ll kill every last one of them.” Batman parries: “Really, pull that off and I’ll pay you 40 million. Place him in cell 28.” The guard says, “It’s already occu--,” but he’s cut short by Bruce’s menacing look. Edward is escorted to his cell and suddenly his confident smirk drops, turning to a disturbed grimace. He’s shoved inside to the sound of The Joker’s wild cackle as the door slams shut. Gordon meets with Batman and notes that they dodged a bullet there with Riddler. If he had unveiled his identity, it would have been the end of Batman. Batman surveys the damage that his unleashed villains inflicted on the city, and he thinks of Riddler’s comment about why he really dons the cowl. Is it for Gotham or for himself? Bruce tells Jim the end of Batman wasn’t the Riddler’s goal, but he succeeded. He takes off his mask and declares that his time as Batman is through.

Carl on Aug 15, 2008


I like your takes on The Riddler as a crime expert and Oswald Cobblepot as a social-clibimng thug donned "The Penguin" by the papers. Making The Riddler and The Joker cell mates was a nice touch. But there are two things wrong with your story. Number One, you totally wrote off Selina Kyle. Making Catwoman the daughter of Maroni is too contrived. And second, you have Batman retiring and hanging up his cape. We all know that would never happen. People want to see The Bat rise up from the ashes like the mighty Phoenix, not give up Gotham to the Rogues Gallery! Even in DARK KNIGHT RETURNS The Bat comes out of retirement to kick some mutant ass and finally stops the madcap laughter of The Joker. Bruce Wayne can never let The Bat die because HE IS THE BAT!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


Well, Selina is hinted to be one of Falcone's daughters in Dark Victory and The Long Halloween (which TDK borrowed from), changing it to Maroni was a slight shift. And of course, that could never be the real end of Batman! It was just set up for the next film, where I figure Selina Kyle would be explored more as an emerging socialite, having reclaimed her status, who now catches Bruce's attention out of costume.

Carl on Aug 16, 2008


I think if there is going to be Penguin, Tom Hanks would be great. It would surely fit with all the other great actors Freeman, Cane, ect. The Riddler would be cool if played by Michael Emerson.

daveyy on Aug 16, 2008


Tony, do you stick around this site and point out the wrongs in people's stories? Lets hear you come up with something original with different takes on characters like catwoman. Nice story carl, awlays good to know some people have ideas of their own.

thecomedian217 on Aug 16, 2008


Lonnie Michan is a nerdy data processor who reinvents himself as Anarky. He sees himself as a sort of Zorro but in reality his morals are twisted. He targets the rich, the upper class of Gotham and sees himself as a champion for the poor and indignant. But his crimes (arson, vandalism, murder, etc) paint him as nothing more than a terrorist and therefore he is pitted against The Batman. I see Elijah Wood playing Anarky because he's young like him and he's got those crazy ass eyes! That's just one COMEDIAN. You want more???

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


Jean Paul Valley is an inventor who was secretly hired by Bruce Wayne to build him a "special suit". This suit is state of the art and looks like a futuristic Samurai outfit. Wayne paid Valley 25 million dollars for the design so Valley goes and builds it. Wayne is now on the run from the police having taken the blame for Two-Face's crime spree. Valley contacts Alfred and informs him "the suit is raedy!" Alfred is puzzled to say the least. He knew nothing of this so-called suit. Valley travels to Gotham to present his armor to Alfred and Lucius. The three men realize that Gotham is vulnerable to every sort of vermin (The Rogues Gallery) with Batman gone. Thus, Azrael is born. Valley puts his suit to use as Azrael. A new hero- and nemesis to Bane- has emerged in Gotham City! I see Steven Strait playing him. Strait was the lead in 10,000 BC. He looks right for the role of Azrael!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


BANE was once a super soldier like Rambo if you will. He and his men were captured and imprisoned by The South American Government. In a hellish prison, Bane was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. Drugs were pumped into him to turn him into "the ultimate killing machine!" Bane escaped his tormentors but now he needs the drug VENOM in order to survive. The VENOM sends him into "rages" that weaken his body but give him superhuman strength. This monster, once a man, is in the employ of one Oswald Cobblepot. But Bane is growing tired of Cobblepot's mean spirit... I see (don't laugh) the Japan Wrestler BIG VAN VADER playing BANE. Go look at Vader. Man, he looks just like Bane. And that's without all that makeup! LOL!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


This one is tricky. Barbara Gordon is Jim Gordon's middle-aged wife in THE DARK KNIGHT. And his daughter is like 12 years old. Barbara is too old to play Batgirl. The daughter is too young! So I came up with Betty Gordon. Betty Kane was the original Batgirl after all right? So I figured Betty Gordon could be Jim's niece. Hey that's better than her being related to Alfred right? So anyway, Betty shows up at Gotham Police Plaza looking for The Commissioner. Nobody knows who she is so they all treat her like shit right? She whistles and announces that Jim Gordon is her uncle. Now things change. She works in the Gotham Crime Lab much to the dismay of her uncle. "Of all the big cities, you had to pick the worst one!" Jim tells her. When Commissioner Gordon is shot by The Penguin's goons Betty swears revenge. With her martial arts expertise, she prowls the streets as The Batgirl as the papers call her even though she is a woman in her own right. One night she crosses paths with a cat burglar known only as The Catwoman because of her stealth and cat-like reflexes. I see Rose MacGowan as Batgirl. Go look at the Rated R picture of Batgirl on AOL images. As Mike Myers would say, SCHWING! A lot of people are against Batgirl. I think it could be done. After all, let's face it. Is she not the soulmate of one Bruce Wayne! They both got that Bat hang-up!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


Selina Kyle is a dominatrix in Gotham's red zone. Her pimp is Big Daddy Kane. Her best friend is an ailing runaway named Holly. Kyle is desensitized by Gotham and "all its ugly little people." She takes to robbing from the wealthy to support Holly who's like her kid sister. She DOES NOT dress like a cat but she sure moves like one from rooftop to rooftop! Bruce Wayne mistakes her at first for an agent from The League Of Shadows. The papers dub her The Catwoman after she whoops some ass in an Art Gallery and makes quick work of some of The Penguin's henchmen! This raises the "ears" of one Batgirl who decides that Catwoman needs to be watched closely. The Penguin likes her spunk, wants her to work for him. "Nobody owns me" says a defiant Catwoman and she means it! Also, Selina Kyle is wanted for questioning in the death of her former pimp! I see the sultry Vanessa Ferlito playing Catwoman. Catch her chair dance in DEATHPROOF and see why!!!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008



Tony on Aug 16, 2008


Preston Payne is a thing of the past. A washed up stage actor. A remnant from Vaudeville. His best days are behind him. His friends and family are all dead. Noone knows his real age. He is rumored to be "immortal." The blood in his veins was fused with a drug. This drug turns him into a lump of mud. With his acting expertise, he can take anyone's form. Thus, he is called The Clayface. Instead of doing good with this extraordinary talent he chooses evil. I see the highly esteemed Sir Ben Kingsley in the role of Clayface. And I would make him a sentimental villain much like MR. FREEZE.

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


Bruce Wayne is lying low in the underworld of Gotham. Literally! We are talking underground city here folks! Wounded in a battle with The GTS (Gotham Tactical Suppoort) he awakens in a dwelling surrounded by homeless people. "Where am I?" asks a fuzzy headed Bruce Wayne. "You are in the pit! And you are with us now!" a dreg informs him. A Shaman (Indian Medicine Man) appears. Is Bruce imagining him? Is the Shaman real? An Indian below Gotham City? What the hell right? The Shaman gives Bruce an elixir. Bruce has visions of a man "changing" into an eagle, a wolf, and then a bear! The Deacon Blackfire is a shape shifter! He gets inside the head of Bruce Wayne. He sees Bruce "change" into a bat! The Deacon brainwashes Bruce. "Gotham turned on you. You protected its people and yet you were cast out like a demon! You have to go back and retake your Kingdom!" The Deacon wants The Bat to lead "his people" in a revolt against Gotham City for its past crimes against The Red Man and The Bat Man! I see Adam Beach of LAW AND ORDER SVU in this role!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


The esteemed Dr. Victor Fries was working frantically to cure his dying wife Nora when an "industrial accident" transformed him into MR. FREEZE. Now Freeze needs his "ice suit" to stay alive! He commits crime, mainly jewel heists( to The Penguin's dismay). He dissolves the jewels to make ice to power his suit. He needs to stay alive to find a cure for Nora who lives in a water tank! One night a blackout (courtsey of Anarky) plunges Gotham into darkness. The power goes out in Nora's water tank. She dies and Freeze blames all of Gotham for the death of his beloved Nora. Now Freeze must punish all of the citizens of Gotham City for taking "the only thing in this big, cold world" that mattered to him. I see Patrick Stewart playing Freeze because I swear they are twins!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


Harley Quinzell was a good egg. She really was. She was beautiful and perky and intelligent. She ended up as a Nurse at Arkham Assylum. Her patient was The man simply called The Joker because noone really knew where he came from. He had no real name. And even though he looked like a circus clown there was nothing funny about this man. He would tell tales of a father who threw matches at his infant and beat his toddler son. A father who would force his son to watch him have sex with the boy's mother. One day the teenage boy tried to defend his mom and was left horribly disfigured for his trouble when dad carved his face like a jack-o-lantern. One Halloween the boy was dressed as a clown. He tied up his dad, poured some gas and lit a match! He then tells the horrified nurse "That was the greatest day of my life. It was like...Christmas come early! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Nurse Quinzell falls for The Joker's charms and she decides to bust him out of Arkham. She becomes his lover and transforms into Harley Quinn at his suggestion. The team of Harley Quinn and The Joker plays like a nightmarish clown-house version of BONNIE AND CLYDE! I see Amy Smart playing the doomed nurse who reinvents herself in her lover's mad world!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


The Joker is a by-product of genetics gone wrong. Like Michael Keaton said in BATMAN(1989) "this guy had bad wiring!" Having an asshole of a father didn't help any. Now a grown man in his thirties or forties (noone knows his age) The Joker is a homicidal maniac who takes delight in maiming and killing. He relishes in pain and torture. He tells Harvey Dent in THE DARK KNIGHT "I am an agent of chaos!" And he means it! He is a clownish imp who likes to watch things burn like the mob's money. He would burn down Gotham City if he had his way! When he escapes Arkham (courtesy of nurse Harley) he wastes no time. He pays a visit to Gotham's crime bosses (headed by The Penguin) and tells them that Batman has no fear. The mob bosses do not take The Joker seriously (they never do) and so he leaves with his own aganda. Since Batman cannot come out and play, The Joker grows bored. So he starts World War Three between The Penguin and The Riddler with his mind games and sits back and watches the mayhem. When The Riddler discovers The Bat's true identity, The Joker visits Wayne Manor in his ice cream truck brandishing a rocket launcher. "WELCOME HOME BATS! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I see Adrien Brody as a Heath Leadger type Joker or Alan Cumming if they decide to go with the neo-classic look of the comic book Joker!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


Gotham City is an effing mess! A masked crusader is spray painting A's everywhere and causing chaos. A bird man rules the crime syndicate. Batman is nowhere to be found. A man called Azrael is butting heads with the superhuman Bane! Gordon has his hands full. A Bat-like female has been spotted! So The Justice League dispatches one Nightwing "to investigate the goings-on in Gotham City." And so Nightwing pops into town. A nice cameo don't you think? When Batman does meet up with Nightwing he is none too happy about it. Batman tells Nightwing that he never asked for his help. Nightwing informs Batman that he needs all the help he can get. Batman tells Nightwing to stay out of his way and soars away. Later on, when order is somewhat restored, Nightwing leaves Gotham City to captain a fledgling unit called THE TEEN TITANS. Batman shakes his hand...I see James Franco as Nightwing. He brought an intensity to his performance of the doomed HOBGOBLIN.

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


Oswald Cobblepot was a phlianthropist who took a fateful trip to The South Pole. He did not come back the same man. He came back deformed and twisted. Now he lives to rule over The Gotham City crime syndicate. Jewel heists, bank robberies, kidnappings, arms deals, drugs. You name it, he dips his beak in it! With a beak like mouth and a waddle in his walk his detractors call him The Penguin. A name he truly detests! He arms himself with a tommy gun disguised as an umbrella. He loves classical music. He is a bird lover. He devours whole fish in one sitting! His girlfriend is the lovely but deadly Poison Ivy, an expert in toxins. His business partner is The Riddler. Now he hates the Riddler but he just loves his mind! Oswald Cobblepot is an intellectual giant after all! I would model him like the real-life cigar chomping AL CAPONE. Oh yeah he can't stand that clown with the green hair either! And there is a thorn in his side and it ain't the Bat! I see Oliver Platt playing The Penguin. It really is scary how much Platt resembles this counterpart!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


The Nolans based BATMAN BEGINS on Batman Year One. They, along with David S. Goyer, based THE DARK KNIGHT on The Long Halloween. It would be nice if they based the next movie on Hush. Then we could see Batman take on The Rogues Gallery, The Riddler in all his glory, and the start of a beautiful relationship between Batman and Catwoman!

Tony on Aug 18, 2008


You should be the next villain, you are quite insane.

thecomedian217 on Aug 18, 2008


Fuck the movies! Make a TV show. GOTHAM: THE SERIES. Make it dark and edgy. Make it serious. Not gay like that suck ass SMALLVILLE which plays like Superteen meets 90210!!! Put it on HBO!

Tony on Aug 18, 2008


Comedian I'm not insane! Just boderline (laughs nervously)! That makes me all the more dangerous...TEE HEE!

Tony on Aug 18, 2008


I do agree with you on one thing though. WATCHMEN looks fooking HOT! Read the book. Wanted to adapt it myself at one time. Could not do it. That trailer just simply blew me the eff away! Wow!

Tony on Aug 19, 2008



thecomedian217 on Aug 19, 2008


I don't think Catwoman would work at all in Nolan's universe, it took a large portion of Batman Begins just to explain why Batman wears his costume and frankly cats aren't exactly the most terrifying of animals. I thought that the third film could pick up approximately three months after The Dark Knight and follow the theme of redemption (the title "Batman Redemption" is one that I could see happening). Bruce Wayne has not fought crime as Batman for three months and the police department are vigorously hunting him, scavenging on any clues they can find. The public has lost faith in Batman although the impostor Batmen still believe in him and continue his struggle with little success. Gotham City is confused and no longer has anyone to believe in after the death of Harvey Dent. The police department has hit a dead end in their Batman search but a series of crimes soon are being committed by an unseen man called The Riddler who gives the police clues about the next crime he is going to commit and encrypts his codes in a series of riddles and puzzles (similar to Kevin Spacey's character in Se7en) which have all the information needed to prevent the crime if they are decoded. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne having to no longer deal with his role as Batman has begun to invest large amounts of time in the future of his company and has become more cynical and reclusive in the process. Bruce still feels guilt over not being able to save Rachael and Harvey and his relationship with Alfred and Lucius has become strained. Bruce pushes Wayne Industries into taking over a company run by Roman Sionis, Roman resists stating that his father started the company and that it will destroy his father's work. Bruce merges the company into Wayne Industries and must contend with the fact that he and his company are becoming something that his father would not approve of. Roman has dinner with with Sal Maroni who was a friend of his father's and uses his mob connections to wreak havoc on Bruce Wayne and his company. Black Mask can be unique because his fight is not with Batman but with Bruce Wayne. The Riddler's clues are too difficult for the police to solve and the crimes continue to terrorize Gotham and after much reflection and turmoil Batman returns to stop The Riddler's crimes but the police continue to chase him. The Riddler only supplies his clues to the police department and Jim Gordon who is becoming the new White Knight of Gotham secretly supplies Batman with the clues leading to an investigation into the police department workings. Black Mask begins to unite the mob who are in tatters after Dent's crusade against them and plans to attack Gotham's economic infrastrucuture by terrorizing big companies and bringing the mob back up to it's once untouchable status. Bruce Wayne gets back into his social life and barely survives an assassination attempt in public by the Black Mask. After recovering, Batman begins to fight back against Black Mask's new mob who has been sabotaging Wayne Industries and other companies. After foiling his plans Black Mask captures Coleman Reese who publicly announced that they knew who the Batman was. Reese has been denying to the police that he knows anything (Bruce Wayne did save his life after all) and states that he merely did it to get attention and is now in protective custody after the Joker fiasco. Black Mask makes Reese divulge that Bruce Wayne is Batman which further enrages his hatred against Bruce and decides to end everything once and for all. With The Riddler and Black Mask simultaneously terrorizing Gotham, Batman must redeem himself in the eyes of the public and work to be the great man his father wanted him to be. Batman could possibly work to redesign a sleeker Batmobile (and one that could possibly turn into a boat to evade the police - I believe the production designer stated this was a possible idea). The Joker is still alvie (if they have extra Heath Ledger footage or just recast him)and kept in the highest level security in Arkham Asylum where doctors fail at trying to rehabilitate him. The Joker isn't a major role in the third film but he quietly reaffirms his menacing presence. In the conclusion of the film Batman confronts the Joker in Arkham and the Joker painfully reminds him that as long as he lives, Batman must exist because the walls of Arkham are not going to keep him in forever - The Wayne Mansion will be halfway rebuilt and The Riddler could be tweaked by secretly playing both the police and the mob or something along those lines. The Riddler will not be seen until the concluding act of the film and I could see Crispin Glover playing him as a cowardly and physically weak man who has an ultimate plan I have yet to think of. Black Mask will launch far more personal attacks on Bruce Wayne and make him confront everything he has become and although his revenge story is a bit cliche, Nolan could add some of his own flare to make it realistic and unique. Jim Gordon could be charged with aiding a criminal (Batman) and the stakes will have to be higher than The Dark Knight.

SlashBeast on Aug 25, 2008


ANgelina jolie is catwoman

thecomedian217 on Aug 25, 2008


Hell yeah! I saw a pic of her in the cat garb and she was smoking hot! I tried looking for the pic but the a holes pulled it! So she's gotta be in!

Tony on Aug 26, 2008


But I was thinking. Back in 92 the rumors were flying that Robert DeNiro was going to play The Penguin and that Madonna was signed to play Catwoman! Well we all know how that turned out right? So it all goes to show you can't believe everything you hear! We just gotta wait and see!

Tony on Aug 28, 2008


Well they're going to have a bigger budget for the sequel,that's for sure! LOL!

Tony on Aug 30, 2008


A state of the art Batcave and a super sleek Batmobile would be nice! Maybe even the Batplane or Batsub! Johnny Depp commands like what? 20 million per pic because he raked in the cash with those "pirate movies"! The Nolans will surprise us all just like they did with the late Heath Ledger.

Tony on Aug 31, 2008


I believe the production designer was open to the idea of a Bat Boat. I could see a new sleeker Batmobile design which can transform into a boat to escape the cops.

SlashBeast on Sep 3, 2008


Well we had a Batplane in Batman(1989). I loved his Batcraft in Batman Returns(1992). In Batman Forever(1995)we got a glimpse of the BatBoat. And in Batman And Robin(1997)Batman,Batgirl and Robin all had their own vehicles! But it was at the height of GAYdom by then! LOL! Thought I was watching the freaking Power Rangers and I thought I was gonna ralph when Batman Clooney says "It looks like it's gonna be a great day!" Jesus H! Who wrote that effing dialogue???

Tony on Sep 4, 2008


Well, Nolan took crazy concepts that seemed too unbelievable and transferred them into the real world. Here's hoping he can continue his movie magic.

SlashBeast on Sep 4, 2008


Yeah if he comes back! He hasn't signed on yet...

Tony on Sep 5, 2008


TONY: lol, true, but I have no doubt that he will return, the saga needs to be completed and only Nolan can complete the job.

SlashBeast on Sep 5, 2008


I would like to see Penguin and his goons take over Gotham City ala THE UNTOUCHABLES. Now THAT would be asewsome. The Penguin as a gangster in the style of a Robert DeNiro or a James Gandolfini. PENGUIN: You want Gotham, huh Bats? You want her back huh? COME GET IT!

Tony on Sep 6, 2008


Nice idea, too bad Penguin is already on the "rejected" villains list along with Catwoman (thank God).

SlashBeast on Sep 6, 2008


Well shit SLASH!!! Anarky is too much like Vendetta. Azrael is unknown to most. Bane's been done. Seems like nobody wants to see Batgirl. Black Mask hasn't been introduced. Catwoman tanked. Clayface is too weird for The Nolans. Nobody knows Deacon Blackfire. Egghead was campy. Freeze was ruined. Harley Quinn is a possibility but she goes hand in hand with The Joker. Hush is like the fricking mummy! Killer Croc is too far featched. Ditto Man-Bat. Mad Hatter is a stretch. Nightwing is a no-go. Penguin too weird,been done. Poison Ivy zero interest. Riddler seems to be everyone's choice but its up to the writers. Ras Al Ghul is supposedly dead. Spawn was done already(played by Gamble LOL) The Clock King seems campy. The Ventriloquist maybe a bit too creepy. So fuck dude who does that leave???

Tony on Sep 7, 2008


Two-Face looked dead last time we saw him. Scarecrow is old hat. Talia Al Ghul? Lady Shiva? The Doctor Hugo Strange? Nolan's got to bend a little wouldn't you say?

Tony on Sep 7, 2008


very true, everything seems like it can't possibly work, but because a villain is relatively unknown doesn't mean they can't be used. Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul weren't very well known to casual fans or the general population before Batman Begins. Whatever the choice Nolan can rework the character to fit into a modern setting.

SlashBeast on Sep 7, 2008


Very ture, it looks like nothing can possibly work, but just because a villain isn't very well known doesn't mean they're automatically excluded. Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul weren't very well known to casual fans or the general population before Batman Begins and now most people know their characters. Whatever the villain choice, Nolan will rework them to fit into his more realistic universe.

SlashBeast on Sep 7, 2008


Sorry, I posted that twice.

SlashBeast on Sep 7, 2008


Maybe we'll see the resurgence of Scarecrow along the lines of Heart Of Hush. Or perhaps the return of Ras Al Ghul based on the story arc The Ressurection Of Ras Al Ghul.

Tony on Sep 8, 2008


Hmmm. I just finished reading the classic THE JOKER'S FIVE WAY REVENGE. This story cemented The Joker as a full-fledged psychotic,pretty much what we saw in THE DARK KNIGHT. LOL! I wonder if they had this in mind for Ledger had he lived. Now we'll never know...

Tony on Sep 9, 2008


I'm assuming that "Batman 3" will be somewhat based on Dark Victory since The Dark Knight was loosely based on The Long Halloween, but who knows, Nolan may want to take a very different direction.

SlashBeast on Sep 10, 2008


i think they should do the creeper, as james franco portraying him. The only problem is not having Heath Ledger back to play the joker. I think that would be a cool story line, but prollie woulndt even get considered.

todd rn on Sep 10, 2008


What if Johnny Depp were to play an extension of The Joker rather than The Riddler? Huh? Think about it. Adrien Brody and Alan Cumming are probably intrepid about trying to fill the late Heath Ledger's shoes and let's face it the main reason The Dark Knight made so much money is because Heath seared the screen with his Joker presence. And they can't leave it at that. The Joker hanging like a bat(LOL)and taken in by SWAT? Come on people! I think Joker was meant to figure more in the story but Heath died. So you get a "method actor" like The Deppster to pick up the mantle. And maybe he just might be able to pull it off. Hell,Depp can play "freaky"(Edward Scissorhands) he can play evil(Once Upon A Time In Mexico)and downright horrifying(Sweeney Todd). His Jack Sparrow was played for laughs(a drunken pirate)and his Willy Wonka was just plain silly(kiddie film go figure) but Johnny Depp held his own with The Old Master Al Pacino(Donnie Brasco) and that ain't too bad! In fact,it's impressive! So I bet you that right now as I write this post,Johnny Depp is locked away in an old film studio watching a copy of The Dark Knight repeatedly. Over and over. Getting down every tic of Ledger's. His hunched back. His twisted smile. His evil laughter. His contorted hands. His devilish smirk. The way he flicks his tongue in and out like some reptillian creature. Studying his every nuance so he can do some justice to the late actor. And I believe that if anyone can do this,it's Johnny Depp. Think about it. Depp was one of Heath's replacements on his last film,The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus. The girls just love Johnny and his long locks. My 12 year-old daughter has a crush on him! LOL! And the guys respect Johnny because he sure has come a long way from the now silly 21 JUMP STREET and his early days on Elm Street as well! Depp ditched being a "shampoo actor" to become a serious actor. Just like Heath did. I bet Depp even got access to that journal that Heath kept on The Joker. I would love to get a glimpse at those notes just to see what Heath was envisioning when he wrote that journal. If Depp does decide to carry on where Heath left off,then I salute him. It's not just a challenge for Depp. It's an honor to Mr. Ledger.

Tony on Sep 10, 2008


I hate it when people say they should bring in Depp because "the girls love him". Since when was Batman ever required to pander to women? Adding in a character because "girls like him" just cheapens the quality of the movie. For Depp a playin The Joker, only time will tell, I remember when The Dark Knight was still in it's infancy and everyone kept claiming that "only" this or that person could pull off the job as The Joker yet Heath was cast which through a curveball at everyone. Anyway, I'll have to wait and see what the producers and Nolan say about the third installment.

SlashBeast on Sep 11, 2008


Hey Slash do you see Steve Buscemi playing Bruce Wayne/Batman??? NO YOU DO NOT! Besides I gave OTHER reasons why Depp could(should)play The Joker! Ever wonder why Dan Castallenetta doesn't do movies? The guy's not handsome but he's made millions just by doing Homer Simpson! Hollywood loves a pretty boy,Slash. Ergo Brad Pitt,Matt Damon,and Leonardo DeCarpio! Need I say more! Do your homework pal! I'm a moviebuff! I know this industry,I know my shit!

Tony on Sep 11, 2008


There's no doubting that hollywood favours attractive people (who doesn't?) but that's the opposite of what the Joker was. Heath Ledger as the Joker proved that he was more than a pretty face, it was amazing how you could barely tell it was him under the make-up.

SlashBeast on Sep 12, 2008


It forced people to look at his CHARACTER rather than his good looks, along with Christian Bale as Batman, you couldn't see his face apart from his mouth which allowed the audience to see the CHARACTER of Batman rather than how attractive they thought Bale was.

SlashBeast on Sep 12, 2008


True but when he's Bruce Wayne,the women swoon over Bale's boyish good looks do they not? I reccomended Johnny Depp to play The Joker because a lot of people feel noone can do Heath some justice. I believe Depp can. Not just based on his charisma but on his resume and prowress as well!

Tony on Sep 12, 2008


I have no problem with Depp's acting abilities, he's incredibly skilled and if it came down to it then I would have no problem with him being the Joker (if they decide to continue the role). I just think that Depp's played similar roles so many times and there are plenty of other unexpected actors who could play the Joker even better.

SlashBeast on Sep 13, 2008


Exactly. They wanted Sean Penn but I don't know if he's right for the role. Keep in mind he's 48 now. Nicholson was 52 when he did The Joker. Alan Cumming looks like the comic book Joker and Adrian Brody resembles Heath's Joker,especially with his long hair. Cumming played Nightcrawler. Brody won The Oscar for The Pianist. Brody does well with offbeat roles(Summer Of Sam,etc).

Tony on Sep 13, 2008


Brody's a good actor but I feel that his face is too long and too unsimilar to Heath's profile. Hell, I even heard Daniel Day Lewis could be a possible candidate but he may be too old and usually stays away from big blockbuster movies. There was this actor who stared with Heath in 10 things I Hate About You and he looks EXACTLY like Ledger, I don't know anything about his acting abilities though.

SlashBeast on Sep 14, 2008


Go check out Alan Cumming. He's got that rictus smile that Heath Ledger had. Trademark of The Joker!

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


WHY I THINK THE JOKER WILL RETURN. We have been told by David S. Goyer that the Batman movies have central themes. The theme of Batman Begins was creation. We learned everything about The Bat. At the end of the movie,Batman fears there will be retalliation because of The Bat's emergence on Gotham City. In The Dark Knight,the mob retalliated by hiring the mysterious Joker to kill The Batman for them. The theme,Goyer said,was escalation. What follows escalation? De-escalation. The Joker was the catalyst in Dark Knight. He stirred the pot and got things boiling. He offered his services to the mob. He threw a wrench in the works. He tried to assassinate The Mayor of Gotham. He blew up Gotham Police Plaza. And he killed a Judge and a Police Commissioner. After taking over the mob and burning their money,he literally had the whole city in his purple grip. At the end,Batman takes the fall for Two-Face and goes on the run. The Joker is supposedly taken in by a SWAT team. Now with the third movie in the wings,the wrap up to the trilogy,we are left with many questions. Is Two-Face really dead? What will become of Gotham now that its protector is a sought after fugitive? Who will descend upon Gotham? Who will pick up where the fiendish Joker left off? First off,I think Two-Face is dead as dirt. Second,I think The Joker will escape Arkham with the help of his lovely nurse Harleen Quinn. And he will pick up where he left off. He tried to kill The Mayor in Dark Knight. I think he will succeed this time out. This will create a vacancy for someone to run for Mayor. Joker can't. He's too high profile. So who would fill the ballot? Maybe perhaps the mysterious philanthropist Oswald Cobblepot? Cobblepot becomes Mayor. Harley Quinn and Joker run wild. Commissioner Gordon pulls his hair out. Cobblepot runs Gotham pretty much like Al Capone ran Chicagotown in the late 20's and early 30's. The Batman has to finish what he started. He feels responsible for helping to create that monster known only as The Joker. He has to return to Gotham and restore order once and for all. After all,what did all that symbolism mean anyway? Was it all empty? Gordon restores The Bat Signal and Batman answers the call to duty. He is loyal to Gordon. To the city that turned on him. To the police who relentlessly hunted him like an animal. Thus,you have de-escalation as Batman and Gordon wage war on Cobblepot and his thugs. With Cobblepot dragged off to Gotham Penitentiary by Gordon,Batman heads for his inevitable showdown with the nefarious Joker to put an end to the clown's laughter once and for all and this time Batman just might break that one single rule...THE WINGED AVENGER. Of Gotham City.

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


Neat. Tidy. Final. A satisfying wrap up to The Batman Saga and leaves it open for a possible TV Show. Bam! There you go! Not too many villains,not too many subplots. Just tell the story and get out of the way. Besides,I think Batman and The Joker have got to settle their feud once and for all.

Tony on Sep 14, 2008


The theme of de-escalation is an interesting one that I haven't heard before, here's my take on the series. THEMES Batman Begins' theme was fear, how it's used to contro, people and how Bruce Wayne must overcome and become that which he fears most. The Dark Knight's theme was escalation and how Batman's very existence fuels further criminals to act and how people must go to extraordinary lengths in drastic times. - The villains in the films are very closely connected with the themes. In Begins, Scarecrow's use of the fear toxin and Ra's teaching Bruce to overcome his fear. In The Dark Knight, the Joker is a product of escalation and Two-Face is as well when he believes that he must take extreme measures to defeat the one's who are constantly gaining on him. So what could be the theme of the third film? Redemption - Batman becoming a criminal in the eyes of the public), Persevrence - Gordan issuing a manhunt for Batman, Isolation - Batman having lost everything he cared about and his hopes of having a normal life, De-Escalation - Gotham going through hell and rising back up. Those are just the one's I can think of and the writers have stated that they're looking for a theme before the villain because the villain is highly connected with the theme. SYMBOLISM There's many indications in both movies before they even get started about what direction they're going to take. In Begins the main colour scheme was Bron tones which symbolize grittiness and "down to earth" presentation. Begins also had the Batman symbol at the beginning in bats, a central point of the film as they were Bruce's main fear. In The Dark Knight the main colour was a darkish blue scheme which represents seriousness. The Batman symbol at the beginning was also blue flame, symbolizing how Gotham will burn from the Joker's rampage. - What can be used next, keeping with the dark colour schemes they may chose another similar colour such as green which can give enormous clues to the nature of the film. TITLES There's a specific reason that Nolan put the titles at the END of the films. In Begins, the title being at the end signifies how Batman has now begun his crusade. In The Dark Knight, The title at the end shows how Batman has transformed into a lonely, brooding figure from the events he's been through. Whatever title they chose, it will lend more clues as to the conclusion and nature of the film. VILLAINS Contrary to popular belief, both films in the series had multiple villains. All these villains seem to follow basic molds and if held true to form then it's safe to assume the villains in the third film will too. It usually goes: The Mob Boss, The Pawn, The Mastermind Batman Begins - Carmine Falcone (The Mob Boss), Scarecrow (The Pawn), Ra's Al Ghul (The Mastermind) The Dark Knight - Sal Maroni (The Mob Boss), Two-Face (The Pawn), The Joker (The Mastermind) If the third film follows this form then you can fill in the blanks yourself about the most logical choices of villains.

SlashBeast on Sep 15, 2008


Wow Slash, you really dissected the Batman films of Nolan! We got to meet and compare notes!

Tony A. on Sep 15, 2008


Thanks, I have no experience in film making but I do appreciate and love great cinema. I mostly learned this from a film course I took and our teacher taught us "film literacy" and I never realized that the smallest things in films hold huge significance. That being said I just had to look at the clues and use that to tell me where the next film would go. Everyone saying that the next film would have so-and-so villain but dont take the time to look at the tiny hints everywhere. With that I just trust that whatever Nolan choses to do he can make a spectacular film out of it.

SlashBeast on Sep 15, 2008


I never took a film course. I just read the books by Syd Field. I grew up in a TV Set. LOL. When my friend went off to the army I started going to the movies by myself. I would sit there from the sneak previews to the final credit! Hell,I even used to save the ticket stubs! A true moviegoer! LOL!

Tony A. on Sep 15, 2008


I was just having a discussion with my friends about this topic and another interesting potential theme could be Identity. This topic was explored greatly in Batman Begins and touched upon in The Dark Knight because the balance between Bruce Wayne and Batman is a very fine one which is becoming increasingly blurred. We also had a discussion about which villains should appear, using the usual form we thought that: Rupert Thorne - Mob Boss Black Mask - The Pawn The Riddler - The Mastermind The Joker - Recast but in a small role and pops up through the film in Arkham. All of these characters would have to be reworked to make them extremely distinct, the main problem people are having in chosing villain are that they a lot of choices are too similar to past villains in the series. The Joker largely stole The Riddler's thunder in The Dark Knight and he would have to be turned into a serious intellectual villain. Rupert THorne is also a great choice, he's capable of crossing the political and mob spectrum better than Penguin can and I recall that he even unmasked Batman once. If you look at all the unused Batman villains then the one who is the most realistic and easily workable into the Nolanverse is Black Mask, he's practically SCREAMING to be used. Although I feel that several plot elements need to be changed. Nolan has largely avoided origin stories for his villains because they didn't need them. Black Mask may need a bit of an origin but he can already have mob connections right from the get-go with Rupert Thorne. I also think the whole childhood friends thing between him and Bruce needs to be removed. A more friendly-competition adult relationship which turns sour works better because I think Batman is about moving FORWARD and not dwelling on the past.

SlashBeast on Sep 18, 2008


We shall see.

Tony A. on Sep 18, 2008


the joker is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to be the joker nurse for halloween.

nikki on Oct 16, 2008


Maybe you should be Harley Quinn Nikki. A guy in drag has more effect! Heath Ledger was priceless.

Tony on Oct 17, 2008


Tomorrow is Halloween! Going to see a lot of Jokers!

Tony on Oct 30, 2008


i dont think rachel every really died if u watch u see a strong gust obviously created by a what if she does go crazy...and become wouldn't have to explain y she wasn't in the rest of the movie because she went crazy from fear of death and left to slowly become catwoman...and keep two face...just adds to the entracasies of cinema

James on Jan 6, 2009


just the fact that the whole building was destroyed, beyond comprenshion. an that batman grabd harvey with seconds to rachel was still tied up talking on the phone to harvey even out the door. also the building blew up in her face. so how on joker painted face did she survive?

the critic on Jan 6, 2009


You guys can stop your speculating... The actors have already been decided and revealed in the Dark Knight. Look at the clues. Joshua Harto (Coleman Reese) is the Riddler. The scene with him planning to blackmail Bruce Wayne is not pointless at all.. This is where he develops his hatred for both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Not only this, but his name is Mr. Reese... "Mysteries". An alias of the Riddler. Next.. The Penguin.. William Fichtner. Disregard his bird-like appearance and there's still an abundance of clues... To start.. he's too good of an actor to be signed solely for 2 minutes as a bank owner. Secondly, while breaking into the vault, one of the guys mentions that it's a "mob bank". Penguin, in his original role, and in "Batman: The Animated Series" is a mob leader. Thirdly, he gets shot in the leg which explains the penguin's limp. And finally, the joker foreshadows the change when he says, "what doesn't kill you, only makes you weirder", eluding to a change in the bank manager. And to round out the threesome... Catwoman.. This one is not nearly as clear.. but it seems to fit. Natasha, the russian ballerina that Bruce Wayne is dating. Im not entirely sure who the actress is... But it fits the romance between batman and catwoman's aliases, and also the Russian portrayal of Catwoman in the Adam West television series. The ballerina idea also helps the idea of why she would be light on her feet and acrobatic.

Brozic on Jan 7, 2009


kudos 525!! i agree with william as the penguin. he is awsome as an actor. however. he's got a lot of weight to put on. in terms of the riddler. i read an article the eddie murphy had left retirement an offically signed on to play the riddler. as nolan likes odd choices. catwoman, i think they want but are still casting.

the critic on Jan 7, 2009


Well after reading almost all 526 comments I don't have an idea for the entire story but here goes. First off, Gotham is worse than before Batman Begins. The mob has gotten stronger than ever. However their is an emergance of a new mob in town trying to take over. However after the mob catches some of the criminal they notice that they have some Joker cards on them. Meanwhile Batman for fear of being caught and for the best of Gotham hasn't been seen in nearly 2 years. The new D.A. Is on a manhunt for Batman. Next once the joker cards have been found Gordon figures out that the Joker knows who this new mob boss is and what his plans are. So Gordon heads to Arkum to visit the Joker on death row. In this meating the Joker sits in his dimly lit cell showing just part of his face since most of his makeup has now been removed. Wearing a straight jacket bound to his seat. In this scene the Joker mentions that their will be far worse criminals than him and if Gordon wants to stop them he will have to find Batman. Next, now that Fox is gone Edward Nigma a very smart individual such as Fox has taken the new postion in Applied Sciences at Wayne Enterprises. However Edward not knowing anything about the Batman figures out Waynes identity. With this information he goes back to the new mob and makes an offer. Meanwhile Gordan is following every lead he can find Batman back. Eventually the word gets back to Alferd some how who contacts Fox who goes on a hunt for Bruce Wayne. I'm not sure where he would be at exactly but somewhere over seas since the last two movies have used that approach of not always staying in Gotham. Finally, Fox talkes Batman into returning or Gotham could be destroyed. When Batman returns he stops he puts a pretty good dent their opportation. At this point this is were batman realizes that the new crime boss in Gotham is being run by Two Face. At this point Two Face decides to hire the riddler to bring down batman. The Riddler starts leaving strange messages to Batman. The new D.A. gets wind of everything since batman is back and decide to set a trap up to catch him. Gordon implies that he doesn't want anything to do with this and wants the GPD to let Gordon talk to him 1 on 1. In the process of a 1 on 1 meating with Gordon and Batman the GPD chases Batman down in the attempt to catch him. However a sniper is able to get a shot off. At this point Batman is thought to be dead. At this point Two Face has his revenge set on Gordon and the Riddler is set on destroying Wayne enterprises. However Fox was able to find Batman and save his life. Now that Batman has survived for now he decides to pay a vist to the Joker before he is sentenced to the chair. Batman stops The Joker from going to the chair and gets the info he needs to find Two Face. Meanwhile all of the riddles Batman has been receiving finally are starting to make sense. The Riddler is Edward Nigma and he is going to destroy Wayne enterprises and all of Gotham. In the end Two Face is brought down and the Ridder is somehow as well. I know this isn't a complete story or anything but is was a lot of fun trying. Let me know what you think.

Chris on Feb 1, 2009



steve on Apr 25, 2009


After the death of harvey dent / two-face, Gordan knows he has to make it appear as if he is giving full chase for batman. He calls up a second-rate detective named edward nigma, as well as a long time freind of his, Floyd Lawton (deadshot), who has been showing signs of depression since being removed from the force. Edward begins search on batman, and during this time, goes crazy after becoming infected with fear gas ala scarecrow. Floyd goes to a mob boss named Roman Siones, who gived him a special costume so people will shoot at him. When he attempts to double cross him, deadshot shoots back, showing his incredible acuracy. Edward nigma becomes riddler and begins hunting for batman, while as the riddler, goes on as seriel killing spree not unlike the zodiac killers. Deadshot also goes on a killing spree, leaving no clues as he is usually very far from his suspected target. While all this is going on, a large string of jewelry robbings are going on. Eventually, bruce wayne gives in to his hero complex, becomes batman, and attempts to stop the diamond theft. He stops a small time mobster named Victo Fries. The riddler, watching on camera, becomes ntrigued with both batman and deadshot. He captures them both, and tells them that they can either spend there time fighting one another, or work together to find a way out of his death trap, located in arkham asylum. While the two attempt to work there way out, Edward discovers batman is bruce wayne. When he returs and sees batman and deadshot have almost completed his riddle filled death trap, he sets up one ultimate test. He arranges for deadshot to be killed, and then the exit to arkham be locked. He then tells batman that there are two bodies lying within the morgue, one of Tomas Wayne and the other of Martha Wayne, both bruces parents. He tells them there are two have of the arkham key within there body. Batman hesitates, and finds he can't bring himself to defile his parents remains. He instead rushes back through arkham, Eventually catching up with the riddler. He then attcks him, and nearly kills him. He instead stops himself. Ties him up and leaves him infront of the police commisinors office, along with the body of deadshot. Bruce wayne then sits in wayne manor, examining his batman mask. He puts it back with the batcave. Meanwhile, in the riddlers cell in arkham, we see the riddler, sitting in his room, saying "the games have just begun". he gets hisone phone call, presses operators and says "I'd like to speak with oswald Cobblepot, please". BAM!!! dramatic music, and then the title "the Dark Knight Returns".

IAmCalypso on Sep 30, 2009

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