Cool Beans! - Another New Domestic Speed Racer Trailer

March 12, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Speed Racer Trailer

These things are coming out in massive quantities now! We already debuted two differing international trailers which you can watch here, and now we've got another completely different domestic US trailer. Speed Racer does look absolutely amazing, and I think this trailer shows us the more human side with a bit of the story sprinkled in. If you're still wavering on the edge, give this trailer one last chance. I think it presents a film that looks much better than the glossy "video game like" Speed Racer that everyone has seen in the other trailers. We've only got a few more months until this hits theaters.

One particular thing that I am LOVING with these Speed Racer trailers is the music! I'm guessing it's part of the score the The Wachowski's are putting together for the movie and it's awesome. It sounds like retro electro techno all in one! At this point now that we've seen so many trailers and now that I've made my claim about Speed Racer so many times, there's not much more to say. But fire it up and watch it anyway.

Watch the new trailer for Speed Racer:

[flv:speedracer-dom-mar.flv 598 254]

You can also watch the new Speed Racer trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Speed Racer is written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, directors of the Matrix trilogy and producers of V for Vendetta. The movie arrives in theaters this summer on May 9th. The poster for the movie is featured below.

Speed Racer Poster

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With each passing trailer, I get more and more excited for this. This looks fantastic!

Jeff Warner on Mar 12, 2008


amazing yet again. i think when people critisize this for being to cheesy, they arent looking at it from the right perspective. its meant to be fully enjoyed, not over analyzed! its definately going to be a treat for the eyes and a fun flick!

Max on Mar 12, 2008


Everyone who doesn't like this movie can go to hell. It's so... beautiful I think imma have a visual orgasm watching it.

CSpuppydog on Mar 12, 2008


damn is speed racer looking really good and looking forward to it, it does sound like its gonna have a bit of cheese in it but who cares!!

Curtis on Mar 12, 2008


Looks expensive & very stupid. I won't waste my time "over analyzing it", it just looks really lame.

Sinner on Mar 12, 2008


hubba hubba! can't wait to see this.

Alfredo on Mar 12, 2008


haha. that IS cool beans! i like this trailer better than the international ones. so this trailer pushed it to the "see it" list.

craziemutant on Mar 12, 2008


I agree on the casting it wasnt done very well. Still have mixed feelings about this one.

john on Mar 13, 2008


If nothing else, this will be a definite visual treat. But I will say, this trailer got me more excited than the 2 international trailers combined.

Tom on Mar 13, 2008


Really liked that trailer, Matthew Fox looks spot on in this, I think i'll be there as soon as this opens regardless of what my mates might say.

Noddy on Mar 13, 2008


WTF ?! This more "family-oriented" trailer is the worst yet ! The dialog was so lame and over-the-top. The graphics look even worse as it exposes more of that phony video game look. Also the physics of the movie is impossible; they could've made the physics look a bit more realistic. You have cars spinning about and flipping all over the place. That breaks the suspension of disbelief every time. And, Ricci doesn't make such a cute Trixi for some reason. The graphics are "nice" that's about it. No contrast so I imagine it being tiresome after at the first 20 minutes. I've a feeling this will be a disappointment like matrix 2 and 3. Yeah, if youโ€™re like a stupid moth that likes to fly into a flaming fire just because it looks nice well then go go GO. LOL ROFL.

boremetodeath on Mar 13, 2008



louise on Mar 13, 2008


I don't think they picked their Trixi very well. So far her acting looks terrible. Other than that it looks like fun!

Nettle on Mar 13, 2008


Boremetodeath, have you even SEEN the actual cartoon? Suspension of disbelief? It's SPEED RACER, for Christ's sake. It's not supposed to be realistic.

Orange Clockwork on Mar 13, 2008


thank you #15... its speed racer, its supposed to be insane crazy! bright colors, fast action... the cgi is completely appropriate! this is one of those movies that fits a rating and look like this...

wholemilk on Mar 13, 2008


man but did you all see the incredible hulk trailer, HOLY SHIT! I liked the first hulk but i think im just gonna love the new one. Hulk and the Abomination are gonna duke it out for 26 minutes so i've read over at in an interview with the director. Freaking sweeeet.

Don P on Mar 13, 2008


and it keeps getting better. I personally can not wait to see this master piece in IMAX!!! It is hard to make every body happy but I think this is true to the original show as far as cheezy dialog but not as annoying (of course that remains to be seen). The colors and sound mixed with the old school speed racer story, how can you not love it? In the cartoon his car did insane things, you don't want to lose that, check your reality coat at the door and get a sense of humor. Now I'm not quite sold on Trixie but I think she'll be fine. Again, Trixie wasn't "stupid girl on the side lines" in the cartoon. Love Racer X and I'm not a lost fan. Go Speedy! Cool beans!

NCL on Mar 13, 2008


Not excited at all! Seeing an advance thing of this after 5mins. it gets annoying and the plot is on a shoe-string and the dialogue, well....yeah. It would make a fun 3D ride at Universal or something though.

Ryan on Mar 13, 2008


That was too much fun. I don't care if the movie ends up dissapointing now, I'll still have fun, and I know all the actors had fun making it as well...they won't be ashamed of this and I'm just going to go have a blast.

maverick on Mar 13, 2008


Great preview, Alex. But I'd like to point out a slight error, if I may - the Wachowskis didn't just produce V For Vendetta. The wrote it. Thanks and keep up the good work. This film is looking utterly incredible...

Manfred Powell on Mar 14, 2008


Quite honestly, I think they've picked the right people for the job. And it's pretty lame that people are already judging the acting. What do we get from the trailers? 5 or 6 different lines of dialogue, probably not even fully ADR'd yet. Have you guys seen the anime? It's fast, unbelieveable, INCREDIBLY fast talking (thank god they left that out, it seems) and some what cheesy. This trailer is giving me all of that and more with making it look like a live action anime. Just wait until you can rent it or illegally download it or whatever you're gonna do, because you know, as well as I do, that you're going to watch it eventually just to see if it was as bad as you thought. And when you discover that you love the film on DVD, you'll be praying for a re-release in IMAX.

Garrett on Mar 14, 2008


I've had this film on my 'see it' fro the get-go, and after seeing that, I'm more than excited to see this, I'm pumped to see it!!

David Robertson on Mar 16, 2008


Not sure why, but I'm extremely excited. My expectations are just about at seeing awesome visuals and snappy one-liners. This way if the movie is more, I'll be blown out of the water ๐Ÿ™‚

Rob G on Mar 17, 2008


It's just me or the track looks exactly like the Motorball one in Alita Battle Angel (Gunnm)??? It even has the loop and the half pipe with. I think the Wachowsky ran out of fresh new ideas, they burned their brains with the matrix... Check it, this one's the track And this one's cause she rocks

Moreira on Mar 17, 2008


The second half of the new trailer features the song Birthright from Celldweller. Its presently a free download too, checkout, and look at the Free Stuff section from the Store for the Birthright download.

Davidara on Mar 24, 2008


looks so damn gay, i am going to hate dishing out the money to see this, but hey it is speed racer... i have no choice!

FURANKU on Mar 25, 2008


Despite a few silly bits of humour... AWESOME.

Andrew Braid on Mar 31, 2008

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