Danny Boyle's Beautiful Slumdog Millionaire Trailer

October 30, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Slumdog Millionaire Trailer

Fox Searchlight has debuted the full trailer for Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire, one of my favorite movies of the year. I just saw it for a third time earlier this week because I love the movie so damn much. This beautiful trailer does a fantastic job of capturing exactly what it's all about - love. My 9 out of 10 rating that I initially gave this isn't high enough - after further consideration, I honestly think it deserves 10 stars because it's as close to perfect as we'll get. It's very hard to explain what it is or show enough to convince people that it's worth their time, but I think this does a great job of setting it up. I encourage everyone to see this movie as soon as they can! You'll be seeing one of the absolute best movies of the year.

Watch the trailer for Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the Slumdog Millionaire trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Slumdog Millionaire is directed by English filmmaker Danny Boyle, of Trainspotting, The Beach, 28 Days Later, and Sunshine previously. The script was written by English writer Simon Beaufoy, of The Full Monty and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and is based on Vikas Swarup's book titled Q & A. The film first premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and later went on to win the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival. Fox Searchlight will debut Slumdog Millionaire in limited theaters starting on November 12th this fall before expanding it wider throughout December. Be sure you catch this film in theaters!

Slumdog Millionaire Poster

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I really like this!!!

REAL6 on Oct 30, 2008


I love Danny Boyle's work. Might have to give this a viewing.

Film-Book dot Com on Oct 30, 2008


that touched me! looks real good.

big r on Oct 30, 2008


Not many trailers portraying stories of love give me chills...this one definitely did for some reason. I barely know the character and I already feel like I relate to him...that's film making at its finest.

Peloquin on Oct 30, 2008


danny boyle is a goddamn genius

kornet on Oct 30, 2008


That looks pretty good. Only one things I want to know. Danny is great at making the first half of a movie but they always fall flat near the end like 28 days later and Sunshine. Fantastic starts but lousy finishes.

jesse on Oct 30, 2008


to jesse #6 trust me you'll love the last half of this movie. That's when it goes from awesome to amazing!!

ha1rball on Oct 30, 2008


Looks simply amazing. Alex - do you know how many theaters it will be released in on November?

TonyD on Oct 30, 2008


COOL, looking forward to it!

Nick Sears on Oct 30, 2008


I dunno. the game show thing seems like a gimmicky type of thing that usually makes me groan.

justin on Oct 30, 2008


Hmm I was interested from your other reviews n stuff but the trailer makes me say meh, not too interested after seeing that. Danny Boyle is great however so maybe there's more to the movie then that trailer shows, hopefully more, I'm not into it all that much for some reason. I'm not sure I can commit to watching this.

Richard on Oct 30, 2008


This looks ridiculously good. Wow.

The Fly on Oct 30, 2008


1. Danny Boyle 2. Huge Roger Ebert praises 3. Sigur Ros in the trailer I'm in.

Derek on Oct 30, 2008


This is one of the best trailers I've seen all year, Danny Boyle is one of the great director's of our generation. Amazing use of Sigur Ros, they used this song in the Children of Men trailer too, and that one was phenomenal as well. God I can't wait for this. I want to make films like Boyle does. I love the diversity of his films. I swear he can tell just about any story in any setting with any actors, and it will be awesome.

Steven on Oct 30, 2008


#8 - SlashFilm has a good list of dates and cities in which this will be playing:

Alex Billington on Oct 30, 2008


SWEET TRAILER!!! OMG! Danny Boyle you are a champion!!! Alex, thanks so much for posting this! Seen it 3x's? really that outstanding, hmm?

Conrad on Oct 30, 2008


uh, 28 Days Later ended awesome and Sunshine was downright amazing as shit. Danny lays low, but when he surfaces, watch out. I like to think he thinks about his movies, than just pumping them out.

wm on Oct 30, 2008


Wow, now I am even more excited for this movie. This is probably one of the best movie trailers I have seen in a really long time. Dev Patel was great in Skins and I can't wait to see him grow as an actor. Can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays before the Sigur Ros song? I hope both of these songs are in the actual movie, because if they are any representation of whats played in the movie, it will most likely be great.

Anthony on Oct 30, 2008


#18, the name of the sigur ros song is hoppipolla

shaina on Oct 31, 2008


Well, Danny Boyle's a genius. I'll be there. And thanks Alex for the link of the different release dates. I'm in Montreal and i didn't found out any clues about a potential release date here 'till now! Thanks!

Gab on Oct 31, 2008


This is totally stunning. I'm so excited for this.

IK on Oct 31, 2008


i'll take ebert's word for it. also,the trailer's kind of good.

twispious on Oct 31, 2008


#19 Thanks but I asked for the name of the song that plays before Sigur Ros. I very familiar with Sigur Ros's music.

Anthony on Oct 31, 2008


#23 The song before Hopipolla is 'The Ting Tings - Great DJ' And this trailer looks quality

Mubariz Ahmedi on Oct 31, 2008


Love the Sigur Ros in the trailer!! And movie looks amazing, I will definietly see it.

Tomi on Oct 31, 2008


Ah thanks very much #23. Knew I recognized it from somewhere.

Anthony on Nov 1, 2008


AHH Sigur Rós!

McSuperfly on Nov 1, 2008


I like how Dany Boyle's movies are more about the people and less about the effects and bullshit, even though he manages to fill his movies with all this extra stuff, like great locations, sets, and believeable effects. If any of you haven't seen Trainspotting, I highly recommend it. It's very shocking and depressing at times, but it is a tremendous film. One of the best i've ever seen. By the way, #6 jesse, What the hell do you mean the second halves of his movies fall flat like 28 days later and Sunshine. Both of those movies had great endings. You know, there is usually something following the climax in a story. It's called the resolution. Danny Boyle's movies always end very well. Always.

JL on Nov 1, 2008


Great trailer. I definitely want to check this out now. and I love the poster.

Stacey J on Nov 2, 2008


loved the trailer, gave me chills...i'll watch it

desiree on Nov 2, 2008

31 Click here for a free screening!

dee on Nov 7, 2008


This one I will rent from Netflix.

RSH on Nov 7, 2008


If there is one move that you need to see, it's "Slumdog Millionaire". This movie will not only touch your soul, but make you really appreciate how precious and amazing life can be....if you let it. A must see. Not to be missed. Oscar buzz already. Ravi

Ravi Yande on Nov 11, 2008


This trailer completely rocked. And to think that the first version of the trailer was so ridiculously bad! Check out version 1 here:

Ajay on Dec 27, 2008


what's the last song on this trailer called?

Name of song on Feb 26, 2009

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