Darren Aronofsky Almost Confirmed for RoboCop Reboot

July 17, 2008
Source: Bloody Disgusting


Since the passing mention of a new RoboCop film in an MGM press release back in March, not much has surfaced regarding the questionable project. Well, we did have a mildly exciting teaser poster that MGM whipped up for the Licensing International Expo. Besides that, though, the most interesting tidbit crept onto everyone's radar last week when a rumor hit saying that the talented filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain) might possibly be helming the project. This week on Bloody Disgusting (via our friends at SlashFilm) they somewhat confirm this suspicion and additionally bring us word that the new RoboCop film apparently will not be a straight remake. Do tell!

BD learned that "MGM and Phoenix Pictures are close to pegging Darren Aronofsky." This is a bit more solid than last week's news that he was simply one of many directors in to discuss the project. So what would this mean for a new RoboCop movie? Unlike Alex (read here), I'm not overly enthusiastic about Aronosky's involvement. Yet. The Brooklyn native has certainly proven his mettle with the darker corners of storytelling, but is RoboCop intricate enough for the director to really shine? I think we can all agree that the original series certainly had its own special form of social commentary. We can agree, as well, that whatever smart drama therein was clouded by an incredible amount of blood and violence. RoboCop is not exactly a delicately told story. However, given the PG-13-happy productions of late (Live Free or Die Hard, upcoming Terminator Salvation), one has to wonder what essence of RoboCop will carry through.

That brings me to the other big news today. The new film will be set in: "Present day Los Angeles, 20 years after the termination of the RoboCop program, the city decides to reinstate the program." Readers are naturally taking that to mean the new film will be a sequel as opposed to a straight remake. But with Aronofsky involved, can we really expect a new installment in the classic RoboCop vein? Probably not. So actually, it seems like the new RoboCop movie will be half reboot, half sequel, bringing in the artful sensibilities of Aronofsky. But if I might pose a question: What do we think RoboCop will look like 20 years post retirement? I happened to catch RoboCop 2 a few weeks back and took note of how clunky he looks today. Might RoboCop take on a sophisticated exterior ala Iron Man? And come to think of it, will a new film cause the metal hero space to be a bit cramped? What do you think?

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I am a little relieved about this being a reboot. Thanks for the info.

Mario Tenorio on Jul 17, 2008


I meant Sequel, not reboot.

Mario Tenorio on Jul 17, 2008


I dunno, the first one will always be badass and classic. Robo 2 was ok, a bit hokey compared to the first I thought. Robo 3 was just drek. Maybe this one can redeem the franchise 🙂

interl0per on Jul 17, 2008


No reboot nor sequel will ever top Paul Verhoeven's 1987 classic!!!

Pickle on Jul 17, 2008


yes #4 total classic, i'll never forget being like 6 years old and freeking out seeing that dude pee in that other dudes face.

dac_fan on Jul 17, 2008


Peter Weller was so good in the original. Who could replace him for a new movie?

TCox on Jul 17, 2008


hell yeah...I love Paul Verhoeven's work..

joeg on Jul 17, 2008


Darren Aronofsky could make this "reboot" actually work. Pre this news I had zero hopes. Now 49% chance that it might be done well.

goudos on Jul 17, 2008


They should get David Cronenberg to direct. We might get a steampunk Robocop that way.

kevjohn on Jul 18, 2008


Can't beat the original... the music, one-liners, graphic action. The first Robocop was such a good movie; also that dumbass ED209 he kept fighting lol I loved that movie. Glad to hear its a continuation and not a "reboot". "You're dead; we killed you!" The movie was awesome, I'll never forget the firing squad scene where Red from That 70's Show made the annoying sound while aiming the gun at Weller's body.... nenenenenenenenenenene....nanananananana.... LOL "Does it hurt?"

Realistic on Jul 18, 2008


"Present day Los Angeles, 20 years after the termination of the RoboCop program, the city decides to reinstate the program." L.A.? The original was set in Detroit. I'm still wondering what Aronofsky's take on this would be. As for the clunky retro aspect of Robo being dated, I'm just gonna throw one word out there on how it could be updated: nanotechnology. Think about it...

jason_md2020 on Jul 18, 2008


Kevin, watch Robocop: Prime Directives. It will answer a lot of the questions you have about what Robo looks like in the future.

Film-Book dot Com on Jul 18, 2008


20 years later?!? Perfect! I want Peter Weller and i don't want to see Robert John Burke! 🙂

TechnoCop on Jul 18, 2008


Man, why can't we just leave things alone. Hollywood has completely run out of ideas. New Terminator, Robocop, every super hero idea they can dish out. Nothing from the past is sacred anymore, it's pathetic.

Ken on Jul 19, 2008


Wouldnt mind seein another 1 but im just not sure anyone would b able to pull it off like verhoeven did even though the second wasnt too bad but the 3rd sucked balls. if it had the same feel as the 1st and second than who knows. But i think u carnt change the outfit to much either coz thats the robocop we we love they will probably turn him into some slim lookin fuckwit like ironman.

Don on Jul 20, 2008


As one of the few people on the planet who really loved "The Fountain", I really hope this happens.

William Mize on Jul 21, 2008

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