Darren Lynn Bousman Dying To Make Another Leprechaun

August 12, 2008
Source: MTV


What an odd bit of news. First Darren Lynn Bousman sets himself up to take on David Cronenberg's Scanners, now he wants to bring back Leprechaun. Before anyone starts throwing gold coins at the screen in frustration, this isn't confirmed, it's merely Bousman voicing his interest. MTV talked with the director and asked him what he would want to do next - his answer, of course, was Leprechaun. After six films, including "Back 2 tha Hood", I don't think anyone wants to see that series return, but maybe Bousman has a unique idea. "It's just one of those fun popcorn movies. I would love to bring back the fun popcorn movie - extreme violence, extreme absurdity - but make it fun. [My version] wouldn't be horror."

Bousman, who put himself on the map directing Saw II and Saw III and has Repo! The Genetic Opera due out later this year, seems very interested in the series. "I would do Leprechaun in a second. If Lionsgate is listening, give me Leprechaun." And what exactly is his unique idea of the lil green fella has already ventured into Las Vegas, into space, and into da hood? "Back to the old west. You send him in a time machine and transport him to the old west. There are gold rushes. There are gunfights. It's awesome! I have the whole thing already worked out!" Remarkably, I'm not completely opposed to this idea because it sounds just plain fun! As long as we can get Warwick Davis back, this should be given the green light.

Not everyone is a fan of Bousman and his work in the horror genre, but he's one of the few refreshing directors who's always looking to push the filmmaking boundaries and experiment. A remake may not seem as if he's doing anything original, but I bet if he did make it, it would be one of the best new horror films we'd see in a long time. But could the Leprechaun series actually make a triumphant return?

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"the fun popcorn movie - extreme violence, extreme absurdity - but make it fun." Wouldn't you kind of call this the Grindhouse genre? Either way, normally this would sound extremely disappointing and dumb, but Bousman's incredible creativity behind Repo! gives him credibility in my book. Repo! looks downright badass. Give the guy Leprechaun rights, it's not like he can really hurt anything but his own resume.

Tyler on Aug 12, 2008


Repo looks terrible, and the two "hood" leprechauns were terrible. I'd like to see a leprechaun movie that wasn't based on gimmicks an "where can we put him next" ideas. How about a re-imagining of the original, it's not like he's a beloved character. And I love the first and third leprechaun movies. Just do a re-imagining, with a new group of people uncovering the leprechaun in a modern setting with no gimmicks, just a fun and entertaining ride like the original. Who needs the gimmicks?

tuwhitt on Aug 12, 2008



Darrin on Aug 12, 2008


I hope they let Joe Pesci play the Leprechaun!!! He was awesome as Wicket the Ewok!!

HOLY SHT on Aug 12, 2008


This is really old news. It's been around for a year or two.

Jesse on Aug 12, 2008


these are the lamest movies in the history of horror! what's next? a remake of high school muscical? cause i consider that a HORRORible movie franchise.

BRBomber on Aug 12, 2008


My cousin and I love the Leprechaun franchise, except for the two movies set "in tha hood." Those two were stupid. @4 - What?...Joe Pesci?...try Warwick Davis. "Try as they will, and try as they might - who steals me gold won't live through the night."

Viper on Aug 12, 2008


Who knows. It put Jen Aniston on the map, these movies are star-makers :)!!!! But seriously, I think this franchise is beyond the point of revival. When it goes straight-to-DVD it really doesn't come back to the big screen.

Ryan on Aug 12, 2008


Ok, when the franchise starts ending in "..In Space", it is time to stop, forever

Breach on Aug 13, 2008


lets just let the franchise die it was never good to begin with.

Curtis on Aug 13, 2008


no Warwick Davis was the kid in Escape from Witch Mountain, Bring on this little Italian bastard, Im ready for another kick butt movie!! And what are people trying to steal from him again?

HOLY SHT on Aug 13, 2008


Stupid idea. Number 9, this should've ended after the first one. (I remember vividly watching Saturday Night Live when this came out and they were report that this was the first movie to be released in the year 1993) - God that was already 15 years ago!

Conrad on Aug 15, 2008


And the Jason movie ended up in space and yet a new Jason movie just came out. I don't see why it should end for good. Im 19 and I love to watch Leprechaun, you damn freaks with all your negativity. Even this dumb artical assuming everybody hates it. Im sure it will get top dallors if it made it back to the big screen.

amber on Sep 2, 2009


Sure, I would love to see the little green killer again. But I think they should be leaning more along the lines of a remake or reboot. But even if they don't and continue this series, I will definitely tune in! Bring back Leprechaun!

Mr.Awesome on Jun 7, 2010


Lep in the hood come to do no good! Bring the Leprechaun back! He was awesome! Totally what got me into my Irish heritage. Freaky? I know, right?

Slharmonyharper on Mar 14, 2012

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