David Hasselhoff to Star Beverly Hills Ninja 2? Sadly, No Joke

September 17, 2008

Beverly Hills Ninja

I can stomach Hollywood making another Ghostbusters movie, even if I fret that a new installment might ruin the original shine; but what the hell are motion picture people thinking with the announcement today that there will be a forthcoming sequel to 1997's Beverly Hills Ninja, plainly titled Beverly Hills Ninja 2? To my mind, the only appeal the original film had was that it starred the then-hot property (and now sadly passed) Chris Farley. I recall seeing the movie back when, but today can't recall a single plot point. Given that the Dennis Dugan-helmed film has a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and only made a paltry $30 million, who thought this was a good idea? We at least know novice Mitch Klebanoff did, since he was the writer the first time around and will now direct the sequel.

Variety tells us that production is set to begin shortly in October in South Korea -- a location that is one of the very few interesting aspects of this production being that no mainstream Hollywood movie has yet to do so. The other morsel of news is that David Hasselhoff is set to star. As who, we don't yet know. It's doubtful that the Hoff would play the lead since the film "involves an orphaned boy who wants to be a ninja but becomes involved in a crime in Hollywood while looking for his real parents." I suspect the orphan will be played by Lucas Grabeel of High School Musical fame. But considering Chris Farley's brother, Kevin Farley's, continued mediocre rise in Hollywood, why not him? Kevin's participation in the sequel would make sense linearly, but I can't make out yet how the stories combine. What has Hollywood come to?

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You don't remember anything from the movie? How about the scene where Chris Farley tried to lead Chris Rock through the city by sitting in the back seat of the car while blindfolded and tells him when and where to turn the car using his "ninja skills." How about the scene where Farley climbs the palm tree and makes it sway back and forth so that he can jump off of it (either onto the roof, or through a window). Or all of the times where Robin Shou (Liu Kang) has to jump in to fix Farley's mistakes or save him (without him knowing it). I really like this movie when it comes on cable now and then. David Hasselhoff aside (ugh), the idea of sticking Kevin Farley in there as the lead sounds like it COULD work. Maybe he could play a brother to Chris Farley's character who was NOT orphaned. So he decides to follow his brother's lead and become a ninja too. Or something like that. No matter how this movie goes, it will never be remembered as well as the first one. don't remember it...but you get the idea.

Viper on Sep 17, 2008


NO NO NO. the first one was funny, don't spoil it

Darrin on Sep 17, 2008


Even Chris Farley couldn't save the original, it was just a bad movie. Now if Kevin Farley stars in this alongside the Hoff, then I will definitely rent it. Kevin Farley and David Spade are good friends, so why haven't we seen Tommy Boy 2 or Black Sheep 2 with Kevin taking Chris' place? If you watch Kevin in the American Carol trailer, you'll notice that he looks just like Chris and has the same mannerisms.

Drew on Sep 17, 2008


I don't think I can watch anything with Kevin Farley after seeing the American Carol trailer.

Reverend on Sep 17, 2008


What the hell happened to David Spade anyways?'s like when Chris died he took Spades career with him.

Peloquin on Sep 17, 2008


Is this dtv? If it is I can understand, if it's in theaters. Then well, I'm really confused.

Jesse on Sep 17, 2008


Things like this really make myself question if there is a G*D and proves that there is a devil.

Ryan on Sep 17, 2008


If I drink enough booze, this might start to sound like a good idea. Otherwise, uh, no.

avoidz on Sep 17, 2008


I would just like to know how anyone in the world would think this is a good idea? And where the hell do you get the idea to have David Hasselhoff to play a role in it? I kinda wanna find whoever had the idea to ruin this already mediocre film and punch them in the face. I hope is a twisted joke.

ClerksFan on Sep 17, 2008


They don't hate us because of our freedom..... They hate us because we allow jerk wads like David Hasselhoff to become famous. David Hasselhoff = dog barf. Don't let him disgrace the memory of Chris Farley.

David Hasselhoff Jr on Nov 9, 2008

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