David Zucker's An American Carol - More Than Just Satire?

August 23, 2008
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An American Carol

From Airplane! in 1980 to the recent release of Tropic Thunder, satirical comedies done right can entertain the best of us. While not every movie he makes is a crowd pleaser, David Zucker is the king of satire. Almost all of his films have been of satirical nature. His work unfortunately paved the way for such disastrously bad movies like Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans. Even Zucker's last two films, Scary Movie 3 and 4 are considered by many to be sub-par at best. Enter An American Carol, Zucker's latest satirical creation. Starring Kevin Farley (the brother of the late Chris Farley), this film is an open mockery of filmmaker Michael Moore, with Farley's character named Michael Malone. The trailer portrays Malone as America's Scrooge with a goal to get rid of the Fourth of July.

When I first saw the trailer for this film, I wasn't sure what to think. Is it a mockumentary? Is it meant to be a straight satirical comedy? One thing is for sure, when I watched this trailer for the first time, I thought it looked bad. The acting looks sub-par and the sight gags look like the same-old from Zucker and company. I have always thought that Michael Moore made interesting documentaries, and from a film standpoint, they are somewhat thought provoking. However, Zucker is obviously trying to bring out and expose what he believes is Moore's "crazy anti-American" side. I hope that this is done tastefully and respectfully, so that maybe even Moore himself can get a laugh or two. All-in-all, this film looks poised for box office disaster.

Something about the movie, however, makes me want to perhaps see it from another perspective. I keep wondering if it is in fact coincidence that the release date for this film is scheduled for October 3rd, which is exactly one month and one day prior to the presidential election. Some might still say that this film was made only to bash the American left. What if the goal and purpose of this film is to promote pro-American patriotism directly before the election? What if the film's intent is to try and make people believe again in the ideal America, land of the free and home of the brave (while of course still poking fun at Michael Moore). I know this "deep thought" is a very far stretch from what seems like a very skin deep comedy, but I am just hoping that there is something more in this film than meets the eye.

Watch the trailer for An American Carol below:

[flv:https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/an-american-carol.flv https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/an-american-carol.jpg 504 208]

An American Carol is both co-written and directed David Zucker, of Airplane!, Naked Gun, BASEketball, and Scary Movie 3 and 4 previously. The script was co-written by Zucker, Lewis Friedman, and Myrna Sokoloff. Vivendi Entertainment is releasing An American Carol on October 3rd.

Is there something more here than we are seeing? Is Michael Moore a good target for a comedy? Will you be watching An American Carol in your local theater on October 3rd?

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Looks Good and Funny, I HATED his last Movies But this could be a decent Turn around for him

Zero on Aug 23, 2008


Wow, that almost looks worse than the Scary/Epic/Date Movies because of what they seem to be trying to "say." That just looks absolutely atrocious.

Tyler on Aug 23, 2008


Doesn't look half bad. Maybe I'll check it out. The sight of Bill O'Reilly made me want to vomit though.

MacGruber on Aug 23, 2008


No, I think the presence of O'Reilly pretty much confirms the obvious- this movie is aimed at bashing the left, and I think the timing is designed to promote blind patriotism before the election, not to increase voting, but to increase voting for the right. I don't mind political satire, but this looks like ignorant political satire. Like, "hey, maybe we can use violence to knock some sense into the opposition. Then they'll think like us." It's offensive to the right and the left to promote ignorance. Looks sad more than anything.

Reverend on Aug 23, 2008


sorry....it just doesnt seem to be very funny at all....a shame, with all the talent listed to be in it....but then again, I never thought Chris Farley was funny and his brother doesnt impress me either...

moldybread on Aug 23, 2008


Why does no one cal the holiday by it's actual name? It's Independence Day. The fourth of July is just a date on a calender. You don't say "Merry 25th of December." do you?

Puke on Aug 23, 2008


Will be a box office flop but Michael Moore really is a total f**k.

Ryan on Aug 23, 2008


OH! Forgot, I really liked the quote about Zucker and then Zucker said it too. That was funny.

Ryan on Aug 23, 2008


michael moore is a tool so, i will see this. anything exposing what a fraud and moron he is is good in my book

Josh on Aug 23, 2008


Yeah exactly, I'd to see that lardy lefty set on fire on tv, if only it happened in real life. Praise Jay-zus. Without scum like Moore our word of peace love and annihilation would be plain sailing

beef shafter on Aug 23, 2008


This movie is not a spoof of Michael Moore. It is a politically conservative spoof of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," much like "Airplane!" was a spoof of "Airport." Substitute Independence Day for Christmas; Michael Moore for Ebeneezer Scrooge; John F Kennedy for Marley; and George S Patton, George Washington, and the Angel of Death for the spirits. The selection of Michael Moore as the personality to say "Bah Humbug!" to Independence Day is obviously because he is the most believable person today that could feel that way based on his comments in films and interviews. Unlike some of Zuckers more recent flops, this movie actually does have an interesting original plot (terrorists looking for a sympathetic film maker to help them make a recruiting video) and at the same time exploits well known plots from "A Christmas Carol" and even parts of "It's a Wonderful Life." I have read many comments on this movie over the past few days and find it very interesting that virtually all are reviews only based on the trailer. Those that feel they are conservative love the trailer, and those that feel they are "progressive" (only one I saw actually called herself liberal, and she actually spelled it "librul") hate it. I found one - and only one - review by a critic that said she had actually screened the film. She said that she isn't sure, but she thinks she can recall 3 minutes during the film when she was NOT laughing. I can tell you that I do not go to movies in theatres. I don't want to spend the money for a single viewing, and have a nice home theatre, so I wait for the DVD. However, this one, I won't wait for. I'll be getting together with family that have also seen the trailer - we're all going to be there on 10/3. We'll see just how funny it is. From what I have been able to find, it will be. Check out the official web site and look under "press" for more information. I've included the link...

Steve on Aug 23, 2008


Zucker is a Republican... he made some videos last election against Kerry that were run online because they were too over the top to air. So he is making a statement. But unlikely to do anything. And I'm on the other side and sometimes get mad at Moore... the answers lie in the middle not the right or the left.

Matthew K on Aug 23, 2008


I'm all for Zucker making a movie about something he believes in, but this looks like pandering crap to me. I just find it unusual that someone like Zucker who was so briliantly subversive with films like Airplane! and The Kentucky Fried Movie could come out of the gates with something like this. I'm even more surprised by the level of talent he was able to rope into it. I wonder how many of them share his convictions and how many of them did it for a paycheck.

Tom Brazelton on Aug 23, 2008


"I hope that this is done tastefully and respectfully..." Yeah, because we wouldn't want to hurt poor lil Michael Moore's feewings... How come nobody cares if the W movie is done tastefully and respectfully? Just as there are many people that dislike and disrespect the President, there are plenty of people who don't particularly care for Michael Moore.

Jonathan on Aug 23, 2008


Yeah Michael is a fat tubby bastard, he's a lefty scumbag, I'd lie to fuck him in his rape hole. But how about using an actor whose brother was found in some asphixiwank catastrophe, that's funny, I wet the bed. Who cares this films a bunch of turd rockets, fuck the lefties and the righties, hopefully armageddon will come soon.

beat meater on Aug 23, 2008


Sweet, Bill O'Reilly in a comedic role. People getting slapped. Gary Coleman talking about bacon. I feel like someone took a shit into my ass.

DCompose on Aug 23, 2008


Number 15 hit the nail on the head. Apparently it's OK to say anything about the President, but be careful about how you portray ANY liberal, even when it is obviously done comedically. Your liberal bias wonders what kind of movie this is, well what kind of movie is "W" going to be?

tommyturner on Aug 24, 2008


I honestly don't care if it hurts his feelings. I have never liked Michael Moore, but from a film stand point, I do hope it will be tasteful. I am with all of you, W. looks like trash. From what we have seen it looks like it will undoubtedly be a mockery of our President, and I wish it wasn't. I hope it isn't!

Andy Adair on Aug 24, 2008


I like Zucker, but the trailer looked terrible. I hope the film is better. BTW, did anyone notice "with Rosie O'CONNEL"!??

Film Fan on Aug 24, 2008


Yeah, I noticed "Rosie O'Connell." Who is that actress?!!! Anyhow, to add my comments to this discussion, the left is just as subject to comedic satire as the right is. Sure, this movie might piss off the left, but isn't that kind of the point? Non of the lefties seems to complain when a pro-left movie gets made that pisses off the pro-right, but as soon as a pro-right movie gets made they get their panties in a bunch. This is America. People can say whatever they want. That includes poking fun at the left. If you are a pro-left person, don't go see this movie if you'll be too offended. That's all there is to it. This is America. People can go see whatever movies they want to and avoid the ones they want to avoid.

Dan Geer on Aug 24, 2008


Bravo! It's about time the American left (or the global left in general) gets skewered. After the long list of "serious" films spreading lies about Bush and Iraq (which have all sweetly failed),its nice -- check that -- its GREAT to see the left get it for a change. If they can dish it, they should be able to take it. Kudos to Zucker! And I think it looks hilarious. It's got my ten bucks!

Joe M. on Aug 24, 2008


I have to admit it's pretty erie to see Chris Farley's brother as I never know he was an actor. The big question here will be- Who will be the audience for this film. A parady against the left. I don't really get that. Oh, one more thing - remember- Fox is fair and balanced! Yea Right!

entertainmenttodayandbeyond.com on Aug 24, 2008


I don't think the films that have been about Bush or the war in Iraq have failed because they're spreading lies. Obviously people have been exhausted by nearly 8 years of war and don't consider that to be entertainment - left or right. Frankly, I'm not against the idea of a movie the pokes fun at liberals. Being a liberal myself, it doesn't offend me. I know how to take a joke. But if you're going to go about it, do it intelligently. At least then maybe I would respect it. Does any conservative think that Chris Farley's younger, less funny brother is really going to *stick it* to the Left by falling down a lot? I mean, you've seen some of Zucker's other movies, right?

Tom Brazelton on Aug 24, 2008


What if the goal and purpose of this film is to promote pro-American patriotism directly before the election? I will give you three guesses and your first two don't count...duh

justmy2@hotmail.com on Aug 24, 2008


The best part of this is, for George Bush to be skewered, all you have to do is quote him. All you need to do is write his fucking biography. To skewer Moore, you need to call him fat and... make fun of his beard? I understand that it's cool to make fun of everyone and dish it take it yeah yeah, but why can't the right ever do it right?

DCompose on Aug 24, 2008


Aren't movies like this targeted to fourteen year olds? Michael Moore isn't anybody political, so to say this is anything more than a Tropic Thunder type spoof of Hollywood is just stupid and wrong. And if you think that Michael Moore is that much of a political minded being then you have some issues to work out yourself. Moore is a narrow minded freak, so far to the left no one important can hear him.

Dustyman1505 on Aug 24, 2008


This film is without a doubt a right-wing David Zucker comedy that takes aim at our new McCarthy era. Zucker is a Zionist who believes that American Patriots come in the form of guys like Bill O’Reilly. Truth seekers like Michael Moore are perceived as weak liberal minded freedom haters. Anyone that dares question or critique the actions of right wing conservative Neocons is labeled a traitor to Democracy. Zucker clearly enjoys bashing the left, and I think the timing of the release of this film is designed to promote blind patriotism before the election. There’s nothing wrong with political satire, but this film is catering to blue-collar ignorance, those that lack critical and analytical thinking skills. Zucker, who in the past has actually produced some clever comedies, has sunken to a new filmmaker’s low. His personal hatred for Arabs and Islam is now on screen for all to see. He no doubt embraces the policies of the Bush Administration and has created his very own right-wing propaganda to help elect John McCain so that America can continue to go bankrupt using tax payer dollars to obliterate the Middle East. Of course even during a great economic depression, a wealthy and successful filmmaker like Zucker would never feel the pains of financial disaster so what does he really have to loose? Just as long as Zionist Jews like Zucker have their revenge on Arab Muslims everything is fair game and somewhere along the line, the true meaning of patriotism gets lost among the mud slinging of misinformation. Come to think of it, What would a guy like Zucker even know about an American Carol? I thought Jews didn’t celebrate Christmas. BA-Humbug to you Zucker, you conservative old Zionist Scrooge!

Jack Novelli on Aug 24, 2008


@Jack Oh please. Moore is a "truth-seeker?" Give me a friggin' break. And I tend to wonder if you've been out there bashing piece of crap, lousy, disgusting movies like Brian DePalma's "Redacted." The extreme left is insane and deserves to be parodied. Of course THAT's ok, right? Vic

ScreenRant.com on Aug 24, 2008


Lol, MacGruber, (at your name). This looks like a great film to intro Kevin Farley!! Prob catch it on dvd. On a sidenote, were screwed ether way with McCain and obama. Its a 2 party dictatorship.

790 on Aug 24, 2008


I think this looks great. Almost as accurate as Moore's films himself. The guy's an ass, yet no one is ever gonna complain about right wing bashing movies so the only way the few right wing Hollywood crowd can react is to make moronic crap about the Left. When crap like Farenheit 9/11, W, Nixon, and every other anti Republican films stop being made the left can cry like bitches. Until then, shut up and take it.

Drew on Aug 24, 2008


It's a generalization to say Farenheit 9/11, W, and Nixon are "anti-Republican." The first two are about Bush Jr. and the latter about Nixon specifically. Nixon had his pluses if you exclude his paranoia and vindictiveness. Bush Jr., on the other hand, is one of the worst President's in modern history and worthy of scorn. Unless you're one of the 30% die-hards that think he's doing a good job?

Tom Brazelton on Aug 25, 2008


"I hope that this is done tastefully and respectfully" Howls of derisive laughter, Bruce! You guys have never had a problem with subversive, controversial, offensive comedy before. You weren't worried and fretful over CHOKE or RELIGULOUS (which is looking to be the most killer out of all of these - opens Oct. 3) and the article just above this one (in my email) is for HAMLET 2. Nothing you guys have ever reported on HAMLET 2 had you wringing your hands over whether or not it would be Tasteful and Respectful (Rock me Sexy Jesus!). Nothing you guys have ever reported on W. had you hand-wringing over whether or not it would be Tasteful and Respectful (and perhaps even Bush could get a laugh out of it too! Sniff! Then wouldn't the world be a dreamy marshmallow place?). I didn't catch any fear over whether or not Oliver Stone plans to bash the right. Or the fact that W. too, will be released in late October (an Oct. opening in the USA and France only). Other Right bashing movies to be released in mid to late October: BODY OF LIES and CROSSING OVER. So why the about face now? And why are so many on this board - who haven't even seen the movie - worrying over whether that "Zionist Jew" (Jack Novelli #26), real purpose is "to promote pro-American patriotism directly before the election?" As for Michael Moore, the man is far bigger as a person than just his waist size, and I think he can handle it.

Feo Amante on Aug 25, 2008


Mr. Brazelton: What's funny about the trailer is that they ARE doing parodies of the real people. By quoting, perhaps not exact words, but by paraphrasing what they're saying and more importantly, what they mean. Which, by the way, is what we ALL do with Bush the majority of the time with the parodies of him (most of which are HYSTERICAL... Frank Caliendo comes to mind). Oh, and your guy Obama is all full of "umms" and "ahhhhs" and incoherent, nonsensical speak the moment someone shuts off the teleprompter, so lets not start talking about idiotic quotes, as he'll have his share. But Obama won't win the White House, so it's moot anyway. Remember, as much as you hate to admit it, poll after poll after poll shows this country is 60 percent conservative. So do you really think that the moment they are in the ballot booth, they will actually vote for Obama? Do you REALLY think that's going to happen?

Joe M. on Aug 25, 2008


I love how liberals can't even accept the failure of the anti-Bush/Iraq movies as their own. It makes my chuckle. "IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!" they scream. Hollywood Liberals can't accept the notion, that maybe they are disconnected from the MAJORITY of the American people who simply don't want to see these crap political movies that say things they KNOW aren't true or are obvious leftist propaganda. Instead, somehow, yet again... it has to be BUSH'S FAULT. "We're tired of 8 years of bla bla bla". Look, plain and simple: Hollywood is painfully learning the lesson that the majority of the American people haven't drunk the kool-aid. Inasmuchas the War hasn't gone perfectly, (what war has, BTW?!) the need to have this war was necessary. I know you liberals don't believe that, but thank goodness, YOU are not the majority. History will show Bush was right. You'll see. Anyway, those movies fail because they lose sight of the one thing movies need to have: connectivity with the audience.

KS on Aug 25, 2008


KS = TOOL "FAHRENHEIT 9/11" (starring a fat lefty that "everybody" hates) Domestic Total Gross: $119,194,771 "AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH" (starring a [now] fat lefty giving a feature-length powerpoint presentaion) Domestic Total Gross: $24,146,161 "EXPELLED: NO INTELLIGENCE ALLOWED" (at last! The movie that Hollywood lefties tried to keep you from seeing! This'll show 'em!) Domestic Total Gross: $7,690,545 Where's your "connectivity" now? TOOL.

Jeff D. on Aug 25, 2008


@KS @Vic @Drew @Feo Amante Pubescent ignoramuses! You all are taking yourselves much too seriously! You are sheep in need of a Shepard. Someone who will no doubt come and save your asses. You like war, go fight in Iraq or Afghanistan. You think you're in the 10% of Americans that don't live from pay check to pay check? Well, think again. You're all living in unreality, in a society that tells you to spend, spend, spend and don't worry about problems or take any responsibility. Frankly I don't really care about Zucker or Michael Moore or anyone who's making wads of money at other people's expense. Republicans and Democrats are the same people and they don't really care about the 90% of Americans that are the working poor. There are no liberals! It's a convenient label to divide and conquer the masses. Just like there isn't a liberal Hollywood or Media. They're worth billions and want to hang on to there money as long as possible. Do you homework, read your history books and start to think for yourselves. You are not doubt routing for people that don't have your best interests in mind and are easily deceived. As for myself, I am the exception to the rule and reside in the 10% of the haves. Believe me when I say that Zucker is a Zionist and that his film is propaganda. As for Oliver Stones film 'W,' it's a piece of crap. Stone hasn't made a good film in 14 years. He's a hack. I'm just trying to give you all some words of wisdom, but if you choose to be ignorant, than the best of luck to you, especially when the hard times hit. You're going to need all the luck you can get. Hopefully there will be some good movies out there to keep your mind off things, like just how shitty you're lives have become because you didn't listen.

Jack Novelli on Aug 26, 2008


"Pubescent ignoramuses! You all are taking yourselves much too seriously!" LOL! Preach it Jack! Both Zucker AND Stone, eh? And yet you've seen neither movie! And we're the ones who are taking OURSELVES much too seriously! Great stuff! 🙂 And exactly what I'd expect of someone in the 10% of the haves. So tell us at whose expense you made your wad. Naahh! I'm just egging you on. This is a message board about a movie, not your soapbox. "There are no liberals!" Boy, are my parents going to hate to hear about that! And here they've been so committed! Go on, Jack! Pull the other one! PSYCHE! I'm egging you on again! 😀 No, go ahead! Jump, boy, jump!

Feo Amante on Aug 26, 2008


I've seen both movies as I work in Liberal Hollywood with all of the Jews Mr. Feo Amante. I made my money at your expense producing motion pictures. Doing my very best to give you your money's worth in entertainment. Even during the Great Depression we came out ahead. I'd like to think I made my money honestly. I'm grateful for what I have and frankly I've been lucky. Apparently this is now becoming you're soap box as well. However, at the end of the day I will still be in the 10% and you won't. Your attitude is exactly the reason why most of the 'Haves' don't give a crap about you and your parents. Perhaps my generous gesture to give you a taste of reality was out of line. Who am I to decide whether the masses should be awaken to the truth. Sometimes I wish I wasn't privy to the information that I possess. Life would be so much easier if I could just plug into the Matrix like the rest of you. Go back to fantasy land and keep paying to see those movies and watch your television. I appreciate the contributions from audiences, as they are my bread and butter. Sadly, the media is manipulating you and you’re completely oblivious to it. I can’t lie to you about your chances, but you do have my sympathy. Enough said.

Jack Novelli on Aug 26, 2008


@Feo Amante, I found that name calling ppl that don't see things the way you do never works, in getting them to have an open mind. Just fyi,,,

790 on Aug 26, 2008


#18 Again look at the caveats - I hope it is done tastefully. Did you care about taste with any of his other films (was Airplane "tasteful" to the airline industry? any of its sacred cows it skewered?) why is it when attacking the Right you can say/do/mock anything? But when the left is dared to be mocked suddenly we have to handle it with kit gloves and be fair. Sad Andy since we know if the roles were reversed on this film I doubt we'd have such hesitancy.

Rob on Aug 26, 2008


I am a conservative. I know its rediculous for me to wish for this movie to be tasteful. I know that the "left" has made extremly distasteful movies, most of which have been mentioned in the comments earlier. Is it really too much to ask for the "right" side of the political spectrum actually show some class? I know that Zucker isn't the one to be asking for this, but do we really need to sink to their level?

Andy Adair on Aug 26, 2008


Hey 790, What name calling?

Feo Amante on Aug 26, 2008


Sorry about that Feo Amante,,, my mistake. I was referring to Jack Novelli. Hey Jack, not everyone here is plugged into the matrix. :-/

790 on Aug 26, 2008


@790 Yeah I know that there are a few of you out there that are listening. I'm not referring to you 790. You said that we're screwed either way with McCain or Obama. It’s a two party dictatorship and you're right. I'm just one of those people that looks out for the little guy. Some folks have a hard time listening and won't open their minds to reality. They’ll go kicking and screaming, denying the truth every step of the way. They're not three-dimensional contemplators and can’t get beyond black and white thinking. Sometimes it takes tough love to rattle the illogical, fearful and uncompromising conservative mind that perceives change as dangerous. Most Americans have a hard time digesting realism because they’ve lived in imagination land for such a very long time. They don’t understand that those who defend and try to preserve the constitution are a threat to the establishment. They are perceived by the Media as traitors and Anti-American when they are actually doing the work of patriots. It’s ok to question authority and debate our beliefs. America was built of these principles. Secrecy and violating civil rights have more in common with fascism than democracy. Some people are finally starting to realize that the USA hasn’t been a Democracy for some time now. It’s a rude awakening and guys like Michael Moore are the bearers of bad news. It’s no surprise that many people dislike Moore. Who really wants to hear the truth? What person really wants to find out that they’ve been wrong about a great many thing? As painful as it may seem, I find that the time has come for Movie Going Americans to put the amusement aside and instead focus on how they can help preserve this great nation of ours.

Jack Novelli on Aug 26, 2008


@Jack Novelli, yeah I get what your saying, but most ppl don't have any idea. Its a tragic situation for sure. Have you read the Dulce book?, just curious.

790 on Aug 27, 2008


Ok, it is amazing to see how liberals react when they have their playbook used against them. The idealistic author of this piece cynically asks if this is meant to have political implications?? OF COURSE IT IS! His piece is written in the, "Those conservatives are trying to impact the election with this movie....how dare them!" Leftists have been pushing a political agenda in virtually everly film made since John Wayne died.

Mark on Aug 27, 2008


@790 Haven't read the Dulce book, but thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out. @Mark It's amazing how you label anyone who doesn't agree with you as a liberal and leftist Mark! You perfectly demonstrate the black and white thinking that I was discussing in an earlier post. Yes, of course the film is meant to have political implications. Is that a bad thing? No, because we still have freedom of expression in this country. If Zucker wants to make a political statement, than he has the freedom to do so. Yes, it's true that Hollywood is full of broad-minded individuals that take the liberty to artistically express themselves. As for the Media, the majority of it is driven by conservatives. News is entertainment and is just as amusing as reality television. One would like to think that the facts wouldn't be misconstrued purposely. Sadly, there has been a political agenda to report misinformation in this country for some time now. As for John Wayne, his films celebrated westward expansion by depicting Native Americans as wild savages or foolish children in need of salvation. Most of his Westerns did not deal with White racist policies, the violations of treaties with Indians, their confinement on reservations, their exploitation by white agents, and the disintegration of their entire culture. Wayne believed that whites were "progressive," but that they were also doing "something that was good for everyone by domesticating Indians. Sort of like what the USA is doing to the Iraqis right not. Yeah, remember that occupation of Iraq, the war that no one seems to want to talk about. Just think Mark, after the war is over, we'll have a whole slew of Leftist Iraqi Wars films to look forward to.

jknovelli on Aug 27, 2008


@ jknovelli http://thewatcherfiles.com/dulce_book.htm Its very eye opening, I reccomend for mature readers that have an open mind and a thirst for the truth. Ppl need to know what were up against.

790 on Aug 27, 2008


I appreciate the book recommendation. The material is very imaginative and would make a great TV series on the Sci Fi Channel. However, the information is really difficult to digest and reads as the Mother of all Conspiracy Theories. I consider myself open minded, but I do have to draw the line somewhere. The information borders total lunacy and it’s impossible to take it seriously. I think you've been watching too much of the X-Files. But if you’re convinced that it is all true, I wish you well in your struggle against the Alien Oppressors.

jknovelli on Aug 28, 2008


"Something about the movie, however, makes me want to perhaps see it from another perspective. I keep wondering if it is in fact coincidence that the release date for this film is scheduled for October 3rd, which is exactly one month and one day prior to the presidential election. Some might still say that this film was made only to bash the American left." How is this any different than Michael Moore timing the video release of "Fahrenheit 9/11" to be right before the 2004 election (which he admitted he did so consciously in an Entertainment Weekly" article). Or the "documentary" about John Kerry "Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry," a hagiographical depiction of the man who was destined to be our next leader, being released two months before the election? Or Eminem releasing his anti-Bush song "Mosh" a week before the election? Funny how timing issues never were addressed in those cases.

spayne on Aug 29, 2008


The writer didn't really explain specifically what he didn't like about the preview. I thought it looked pretty funny and I will guarantee you that I will watch it. Having Bill O'Reilly in this movie is certain to bring 20-30 million eyes to the screen, and the theme of actually loving the USA instead of hating it like Michele Obama is certain to resonate.

Susan Clearfield on Aug 31, 2008


I agree...it may not be a coincidince that this is released so close to the election. But didn't Oliver Stone do the same thing with his movie "W."?

M on Sep 1, 2008


Wow - everyone's so hard on each other. So far, these comments are funnier than the movie!

Richard on Sep 1, 2008


I'll definitely be seeing this movie at the cinema. What a breath of fresh air to see something come out of Hollywood that isn't anti-American. Unlike the stream of US-hating political movies that have been released in recent years, this one is likely to do very well, contrary to Andy Adair's opinion in his quite predictable piece. Of course, negative comment from Andy and his ilk will only encourage more people to go see it. The left-wing McCarthyism that attempts to stifle anything non-left is beginning to break, and with Zucker's brilliant comic mind exposing the ludicrous pieties and vanities of the Left, this movie will hopefully have some influence on the election in November.

John A on Sep 2, 2008


The left is so accustomed to having its world-view reflected in all aspects of pop culture - particularly in the movies - that it simply becomes apoplectic when someone dares to skewer ITS sacred cows. It's fine for Republicans and conservatives to be mocked time after time, movie after movie. But someone is MOCKING MICHAEL MOORE? MOCKING THE LEFT? That just isn't done. You can see the same phenomenon in the left's irrational hatred of talk radio. For decades, leftists could comfortably count on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc., etc., to tell everyone how narrow-minded, bigoted and generally evil conservatives are. Then along came Rush Limbaugh.....and their world started spinning off its axis just a bit. THEN came Fox News and you would think the apocalypse was at hand. A news channel that treated conservatives and conservative ideas with respect? That wouldn't do! All enlightened people KNOW that the only way to deal with conservatives is by depicting them as bigoted simpletons like Frank Burns, or Archie Bunker. Who did these people think they were? So how did the left responded to the loss of its information monopoly? With a collective, ongoing temper tantrum, of course. Documentaries decrying Fox News, books with titles like "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot," and hatemongering websites like "Media Matters" - all conceived by tolerant liberals, don't you know. And the coup de grace, of course, just requires one last shoe to drop for its implementation: The "Fairness Doctrine." Or perhaps more appropriately: "The Final Solution" for "The Conservative Problem." Yes, once The One is elected with big leftist majorities in both houses of Congress, they'll do away with that pesky talk-radio opposition once and for all. Do 18 million people listen to Rush Limbaugh? Tough. If a station wants to carry his show, they'll have to "balance" it with 3 hours of some Michael Moore wannabe. Except, no one will listen of course, so stations will have no choice but to drop conservative opposition voices altogether. Thus returning the world to its proper order: "Objective" (read: "leftist") news dispensed by the likes of Kieth Olberman, Katie Couric and Brian Williams, and Hollywood movies dispensed by the likes of Oliver Stone and Michael Moore. "Oh stubborn self-willed exile from the loving breast........." Ed

Ed on Sep 3, 2008


No, thank you. It's bad enough the radical right has to sling mud and vicious personal attacks at anyone to the left of Barry Goldwater on hundreds of radio stations (on airwaves which belong to the people, incidentally) without the opposing view ever being heard (unless you're such a rube to still believe the hysterical myth of "liberal media") without having to see a really dumb movie doing exactly the same thing. We've heard it all before "if you give a darn about the poor you're a socialist, if you believe in decent schools you're a socialist, if you believe in equal opportunity you're a socialist, and if you believe in any of these things you hate America." This looks like a stupid movie to start with, that it's entire reason for existance is a hilarious lie...the the mainstream media has a "liberal bias" and that views of the right are never heard...makes it all the worse. Oops, and we just accidentally HAPPENED to have it open one month before election day. Ask yourself this, America. IF an election based upon ideas and qualifications were NOT going to be won by a landslide by Democrats, why would this type of gutter politics even be neccessary? Answer: Of course, it wouldn't. The ONLY reason this kind of trash exists is that the right knows that if they tried to make this election about issues and qualifications Obama would win overwhelmingly. They HAVE to make it about mudslinging and personal attacks, that's their only chance to save their millionaire tax cuts and prevent such horrible, unAmerican ideas as equality and opportunity.

Daddo on Sep 3, 2008


Actually, equality IS an unamerican idea. Individualism, now THAT'S an American idea. No guarantees of equality, though. You're looking for Cuba, I believe, where the misery is, indeed, spread fairly equally. And are you talking seriously about Barack Obama's "qualifications?" What would those be, exactly? He had lots of practice voting "present" in the Illinois legislature and then running for President. Beyond that, though, please enlighten about this "experience." I'd LOVE to hear. But I won't hold my breath. Ed

Ed on Sep 3, 2008


It looks funnier. It is time that Michael I destroyed Cream Magazine Moore got his.

Detcity on Sep 5, 2008


Michael Moore is his own parody, so I'm glad Zucker gave this a broader theme.

everysandwich on Sep 6, 2008


Ironically this movie is closer to truth and reality then Michael Moore's films. At least this film will have some entertainment value. This writer asks, "I wasn't sure what to think?". I know it just pains liberals to see their wonderful twinkie eating, slave driving, hypocritical poster boy for their cause be put up on the silver screen and, in a funny kind of way, get a taste of his own medicine- but for laughs. A lot of people won't even call Michael Moore's films documentaries anymore because of his dismal record for getting facts right- purposely. So is this meant to be fine cinema? Of course not. But neither was "Airplane!" or "Naked Gun". But these films are fun to watch. It is really fun to watch how liberals react when they get a taste of their own medicine. "This can't happen to us, we own the right to political satire in the mainstream media...no, no, I'm melting, I'm melting away..."

Art Chick w/Brains on Sep 10, 2008


Personally, I'm quite sure this will get a nomination for Best Picture at the Oscars. In fact, it's pretty much a shoe-in to win. If not, it just goes to show the leftist bias of the Academy. Liberals - HILARIOUS that you feel compelled to defend such an ignorant, misleading, communist-supporting, anti-American traitor as Michael Moore. Even more hilarious how pissy you get when your political weapon has been snatched out of your hands for a minute.

HowCanAnyoneTakeObamaSeriously? on Sep 10, 2008


56 says... "(on airwaves which belong to the people, incidentally)" and "prevent such horrible, unAmerican ideas as equality..." Sounds an awful lot like "To everyone what they need and from everyone what they are able..." Why is it that those who complain about being called socialist expouse socialist ideas so often?

Steve on Sep 11, 2008


Can't wait. I've always just shaken my head in disgust at Michael Moore faux-documentaries, but now this is a way to actually have have blast poking fun at him and the people that buy his rubbish. It is also very telling that a life-long democrat from a Jewish family that voted for FDR and Kennedy, etc. would move to the GOP. I used to call myself a moderate until the dems moved so fanitically left and socialist. They are not the same party. It's nice to see that this will actually get released since the film industry is just a touch biased.

Catracks on Sep 12, 2008


Why is it when a liberal makes a movie to trash the right and America just prior to an election (ferenhype 911) it is filmaking and "Thought Provoking". But that of a conservative is for some other reason????

Terry on Sep 12, 2008


Besides being a half-rican, what exactly is obama's qualification? Michael Moore is almost single handedly responsible for the lack of respect for the U.S. and its values in the world via his anti-american propaganda films; full of lies. And then the scumbag limosine liberals in LA throw awards at the crap films. I'm going to see this film and will make sure all my friends do as well. At last a chance to get back at the fat pig Moore.

mike inmich on Sep 13, 2008


Do any of you find it ironic that the Republicans have most of the wealthy and don't give two damns about the poor since they've opposed everything from social security to civil rights (until they worked of course, in which case they flip flop and have always loved it and would never repeal these liberal policies), and the Liberals, who are founded on the ideals that the common man must have an equal chance to make his wealth and that letting poor people die on a cold street isn't a good idea, they're the elitists? You know who is responsible for the lack of respect of the US? The GOP. If you invade a few countries without provocation, allow torture, use white out on the constitution, and interpret the world as "Yer with us or with the terrorists", you're gonna come off dickish, for the real fact that those things were very...dickish. And I'm sorry, but I thought we were founded on the principle of criticizing the establishment to fine tune America. I don't see how its anti-America to want to remove those elements which make America deficient. The Dems have not moved fanatically left or socialist. It is the same ideology of FDR and progressives such as TR, with more emphasis put on racial equality than in the past. Its just that the GOP is getting pissy about it now because they have started to relabel anything the has long since been settled so that they can make it seem fresh and then attack it. The reasons why Liberals can criticize Conservatives and not the reverse is because the GOP are the ones that screwed up and the ones that continue to screw up. Little Ricky wanting to save the whales and gaining the wrath of O'reilly, not so much. They had control and they skipped down jackass lane screwing up everything they touched. The economy is in a tailspin, unemployment is high, we are in a war that we were mislead into, education and healthcare are completely screwed up and why? The glorious Bush revolution. Of course only 80% of Americans agree with me, so I guess I'm some "far leftist". The films that show the horrors of our modern geopolitical actions don't fail because people don't agree with them. They fail because people in times of strife want escapism. Clinton got it on in the White House, you got to criticize that and that's only fair. But that wasn't on the scale of bashing the government against the wall. When someone does something bad, or is truly mean, you can criticize them. Conservatives bash people simply because they disagree with them, who they are or if they are good people be damned. And if equality is an un-American ideal, you obviously live in some backward 1920's Dixie land. Equality is absolutely American. It is the equality in business affairs which gives a shop keep just as much ability to build up a successful business as anyone that came before him. It is the equality of people not to be judged or restricted simply because they are different and being allowed to commingle and make ensure the prosperity of their family and children. It is equality that ensure no man is above the law. "All men are created equal". Individualism is the ability of one to prosper as well as a respect for the individual. Equality in no way detracts from that.

Squizgar on Sep 15, 2008


Squizgar. Bull, do a little research. The housing crisis, wall street crisis we are currently experiencing the top 25 recipients of money from the failed organizations are DEMOCRATS!!!! How much more can Americans give worldwide? 80% of the damn world has it palms up. And furthermore if you want to see ALL of the FAILED democrat policies at work just look at the liberal utopia referred to as New Orleans!!!!! (the inhabitant were too lazy to even get out, waiting for "goberment hep") or maybe Detroit or maybe LA or maybe Baltimore!!! You are a BLIND FOOL.

Terry on Sep 16, 2008


HOW CAN YOU HAVE ANY PUDDING IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR MEAT??? This movie seems like it's going to be hilarious. And whoever wrote this article is obviously a lefty. So let me get this straight, for once, a movie comes out with a conservative point of view and you say you hope it has enough "taste" so michael moore can get a laugh out of it? You are nuts my friend. Screw every last liberal. While Michael Moore, Susan Surandon (if that's how you spell her name), Tom Cruise and Robert Redford make movies bashing America and undermining what we are trying to accomplish overseas, which is very distasteful I might add. I'll bet you never described one of those movies as distasteful. I'll bet you said they were "thought-provoking." Well I think this film will be hilarious and "thought-provoking." Especially to the youth who have been brain-washed by their parents and their hero's into believing that America hasn't done more good for the world than any other nation. People say that America's history with slavery is a bad thing. No! It is a great thing! We were the first nation in the world to abolish slavery. We were the first nation for women's rights. Maybe Michael Moore should do a credible documentary about how the Democratic Pary has fooled half of America into believing they were the party of civil rights. MLK Jr. was a bonafide conservative while Al Gore Sr. was trying to stop desegregation. But then again, maybe it would be better for America to stop trying to determine the historical significance and meaning of the past 8 years and try to educate themselves a little better on things that have had enough time for the historical significance to have been determined. The best example is that Democrats claim it was JFK that Started the civil rights movement. All respect to LBJ for signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but Barry Goldwater was the one pushing for the freedom of all people from any government control. This includes civil rights if you didn't make the connection. The only reason LBJ signed the CRA is that America was ready for it and there would have been revolution had he not. He won the election because of the emotional appeal of JFK's assasination. The youth of America are being deprived of True American History every day. Is it OK if they have a little pudding??

Phil on Sep 17, 2008


Looks great to us! Can't wait to see it! It's about time...

dalltex on Sep 17, 2008


I am a bit curious to find out that AFTER this movie is released, if most of these "has been" actors will have a harder time finding credible work.

michael on Sep 18, 2008


It truly is difficult for good actors to find work, just ask Ben Aflek.

Terry on Sep 18, 2008


I keep seeing how this is a right movie bashing the left. It's pandering. The article said it's curious it's being released a month before the election. Well, duh! It's no different than Oliver Stone's piece of crap he's putting out right before the election. It's all about pandering to one side or the other and about trying to push a bit of an agenda. I'll go see it because of the poking fun at Michael Moore. Not really a fan of his. Fact is most sane people aren't going to go see this movie, think it's the gospel truth and vote for McCain. With either movie I think the people who will see them in the theater are people who ascribe to the politics of the filmmaker. Don;t think it will make a difference either way.

ajmingram on Sep 19, 2008


Sorry, DCompose, Moore's movie "Slacker Uprising" is due out this week. And as for a possible "Gigli" joke, that's just for people who have attention spans long enough to enjoy humor that goes back a bit. "Where's the Beef?" is still used as a punchline now and then, and that is MUCH older.

Steve on Sep 22, 2008


Wow Feo....you are the man! I am your humble servant. But Pink Floyd and Phil are Nutz!

sobercity300 on Sep 23, 2008


This movie looks great! Anyone who's interested in it should definitely check out these two websites: http://www.americancarolers.com This is the republican networking site for the film, giving people with conservative views a chance to meet and interact with others who are interested in it. http://www.moovealong.org This is a humor site with a really funny blog that's also directly connected to the film, the less advertised. It's got some really funny stuff on it! Everyone should go see this movie to show Hollywood that there is a market for films with conservative values, and to have a good laugh expense of the left!

An American! on Sep 26, 2008


Hey Everybody! YAWN!

Average Joe on Sep 29, 2008


It should be funny. Everyone should chill out! Because Kelsey Grammar is always funny, Allen Haff is hilarious and I cannot wait to see Mike Farley's work. He looks like his brother which is a good thing!

Christian on Sep 30, 2008


Zack? Dude...What is it you have against Jews, man?

Satanist Stoner Bush Administration Loving Trash on Oct 1, 2008


Can't say I enjoy making fun of a man who A.) took a stand against corporations that sell guns and ammo like candy, B.) vigorously fought for health care for America's finest, C.) meticulously exposed a fraudulent administrative policy, and D.) fights like crazy to restore its good name. Hope it's done tastefully; I've always laughed till I cry at Zucker's films.

Rog on Oct 2, 2008


The movie was hilarious! Go see it, I loved it!

baybay on Oct 4, 2008


Have to say I enjoy making fun of a man who A.) wanted to gut the freedoms granted by the Second Amendment, B.) vigorously fought to destroy the world's best health care system by socializing it in the Canadian/British model that is currently falling apart, features rationing, and lags years behind ours in the introduction of cutting edge technology, C.) told documented lie after lie about every one of his tartets, and D.) fought like crazy to make the U.S. a fabian socialst state, telling whopper after whopper in the process. Good to see the left's sacred cows beaten up once and a while!! Ed

Ed on Oct 4, 2008

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