Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Headed to the Big Screen

October 30, 2008


Diana Gabaldon's popular "Outlander" series of fantasy novels are headed to the big screen. Essential Pictures is developing the franchise with a screenplay by Randall Wallace, of Braveheart, Man in the Iron Mask, Pearl Habor, and We Were Soldiers. No director has been chosen yet, although the screenplay is currently out to filmmakers. The series, which began in 1991 with the novel "Outlander", tells the story of Claire Randall, the time-traveling wife of an 18th century Scottish Highlander named Jamie. Essential has fast-tracked the project and is hoping to quickly get it into production sometime next spring.

I'm not at all familiar with the books, so we'll rely on Amazon reviewers to provide some further insight. "Outlander" appears to be a romance novel more than anything but is "filled with adventure, religion, and human conscience." Unfortunately this sounds a bit too emotional for my own tastes. "Diana Gabaldon has a true gift for understanding human emotion and translating it for the rest of us to understand." Nothing actually wrong with that, I'm just not interested in seeing a romantic 18th century adventure on the big screen. Anyone familiar with the books that can convince me otherwise?

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This is a truely fantastic book. The romance is good, but the action and historical aspects are very well-done, and the story is exciting and fast-pased. I'm not sure how much this would appeal to men, as the books were always presented as romances, but I know of very few other authors that have such a wide and varied readership. This is the Harry Potter of romance series, and it's a wonderful, if lengthly, read. Especially if you're going to invest in the entire series. But I know women that have followed it since it's beginning, more than 17 years ago. So that's got to tell you something.

RStewie on Oct 30, 2008


Like me.  I have read all the books , some 3 or 4 times while waiting on the next one to come out.  This is not just a romance!  Romance, history and a little sci-fy.   The books are fantastic and there is nothing gay about these books...well, except for one or two characters.  Wonderful series.  I hope the screen does them proud and hope that us Outlander fans won't be disappointed.

Celticheart2 on Jun 17, 2011


I have read every, EVERY book in this series. It's amazing and I've been waiting for years for it to be adapted into a film. The story I believe could appeal to both genders, if written correctly. While the romance between Claire and Jamie is the focal point of the story, there's a lot of action, wars (the Battle of Culloden in particular...when Scotland tries to break free from England), and it really beautifully describes what Scotland was like in the 1700's. If directed well, I believe this movie could be huge. It could be a huge escapism movie. And add in the mysticsm aspect of the story (how Claire mysteriously falls back in time 200 yrs after finding a circle of stones while walking through a Scottish forest in the 1940's) and it'll hook a lot of people. People love magic in movies right now. The story gets really good as the books progress, especially when Claire leaves, then returns back in time 20 yrs later (man I cried when they reunited)....and then they go to America and became patriots in the Independence War. I'm just trying to figure out who'd they cast as Claire and Jamie. Claire is British and has naturally curly hair, and is very confident. Jamie is younger (late teens in "Outlander" at least, when it starts), has longish red hair (obviously), Scottish (obviously), so they'd need an actor who could do a believable Scottish accent. He has to be tall and really buff too. Maybe Gerard Butler or James McAvoy as Jamie? *shrug*

tiffster on Oct 30, 2008


Ohhhh I am very excited, but alas I am also a female. I read these books when my Mom was done with them, since then we have discussed how this would make a great film and who could portray the main characters. There weren't many choices at the time for good actors but now, now the door has been opened for some great potential. It will be exciting to see what the producers come up with and how they decide to write the screenplay. I think in the end men and women will both be able to enjoy this movie. Yeah there is love and some hot sex (men can dig that can't they?) and the fights are all bloody as hell!!! I would say it could very well be like Braveheart - there was love and stuff in that wasn't there? Oh and BTW - This is in no way like Ever After!

Breebaby on Oct 30, 2008


I agree with you, Very much like Braveheart!! 

Shelly on May 19, 2011


the main man in the movie is named Jamie? Is the bad guy named Francis?

Richard on Oct 30, 2008


The "bad guy" is Jack Randall (Black Jack Randall), and he is evil to be sure. Jamie is short for James Alexander Malcom Makenzie Frazier, and probably the most compelling hero ever written. If done properly these books would make more money at the box office than Robin Hood or Brave Heart or any other action packed love story every written. My husband is a John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, movie fan, and he has found the audio version of these books interesting when we vacation.

Dan on Mar 21, 2011


They're not your typical bodice-ripping Harlequin romance novels. There's blood, witch trials, soirees with French society, voodoo rituals...they are fantastic books and I am re-reading the series now for the umpteenth time. I also got my sisters-in-law hooked...they're just as excited as I am about this. However, $10-40 million is not a lot of money to make a movie. Quite frankly, I'd rather see this as a 12-hour mini-series on HBO, where they can really delve into the story.

ivylass on Oct 30, 2008


First, its been optioned before, as a TV mini-series but the option expired. If this time it sticks as a feature film, how it is adapted is the real clincher as a tremendous amount of story would have to be cut to fit a movie-length script, and production costs would be high to accommodate locations, costumes, etc. But, a studio could have a lot to gain by turning a beloved book with a built in huge fan base into a good movie adaptation. (Twilight anyone?) As to the guy/girl appeal - love how you gents jump to conclusions with little to no info. The story is so rich that it would appeal to all audiences. Yes, there is romance as the two main characters meet and fall in love - but a "romance" in the strict genre-sense it is not. The history surrounding the Scottish clans, the politically charged and divided environment over who is the rightful king (think Braveheart), the fight scenes with Scots and claymores, a great English Red Coat villain, lots of wit and humor, folklore, time travel, etc. it covers it all. I'm surprised the author hasn't mentioned anything on her website.

Elaine on Oct 30, 2008


Hey men, read it before you bash it. You just might be surprised: hunting, boating, fighting, science, horses, pirates, politics, women, Indians, wars, gambling, history, camping; one of those things should grab your interest, right? I have read this series many times and will continue to do so. Many of my friends have also read the series. We are waiting for the next two books to come out. Write Diana, write! I would love, love, love, to see a movie made from this series. There is a ready-made audience and I'm sure a well made movie will do very well. I wonder if they should consider a movie per book. I can't imagine how the entire series could be compressed into just one movie and not diminish the detailed writing. If you make the movie, take your time, spend the money, preserve the story, and don't botch it!

Beth on Nov 4, 2008


I would agree with everything people have previously said. It is a wonderful series, and i too say, take your time, spend the money and do it well. There is a new actor I have seen recently on T.V's Journeyman, and Greys anatomy. His name is Kevin McKidd. I would like to say he would make a really good Jamie.

jackie on Nov 4, 2008


I agree so much with you about Kevin. He would make an awesome Jamie if you could get him to look a little younger. Great idea!

Annettestarnes77 on Apr 9, 2011



Blueagave217 on May 13, 2011


Great thinkind! I would like to see Alex Kingston as Claire 

Blueagave217 on May 13, 2011


I am very excited and a little apprehensive if they are actually going to make this story into a movie. The books are phenomenal and I'd hate to have my love for this story crushed to a thousand pieces by a crappy director. I've read the series 3 times. Yeah. I love it and Gabaldon is one of my most favorite authors.

Jennifer on Nov 4, 2008


I am a Male and I love this series. It was my mother who told me to give a try years ago and I got hooked. I would call the "Romance Novel" aspect to be very, very minor. There is so much more to this series than that. I just hope the movies can do the series justice. This is one series I've always wanted to see made into a movie. The only one I might want more would be The Dark Tower series...but Outlander could be great. As a matter of pure coincidence, I just started listening to Outlander on Audiobook this week and now I find this news. I had never read past the 4th book, so I am doing this and am anxious to get to Parts 5 and 6 which will be new to me. Enjoying them again, in audiobook so I can do it at work, and now news of the movie. I sure hope it happens!

Adam on Nov 5, 2008


Okay first off I would like to say that this series of stories is a god send, it got me hooked into looking at my own Scottish heritage and loving it all the more. I would like to point out to all the guys and gals that happen to think this amazing woman's work is just some silly paperback romance novel, and just mention she spent years doing research on a culture she had no idea about, her books are classified under historical fiction, because that's what they resolve around, the historical aspects of 18th century Scotland during the Second Rising of the Stuarts all the way to the happenings of the American Revolution. They do happen to have a thread of romance in them, because just as it was about history, it is also about the people who lived then, and how they lived, how they survived in those times. It's a story a about a marriage up close and personal. Most of all though, it's a story about life.

Laurel on Nov 6, 2008


I have read the entire series every summer for years. My vision of Claire is Kate Beckinsale and Alexander Skarsgard as Jamie. Ms Gabaldon truly is an amazing author, and I extremely excited about a movie.

Connie Vertucci on Nov 6, 2008


You have to read the books before you term them "romance" books. They are more time travel. If you like books with time travel and Scotland in the 1700s you will love these books. They are on the top ten books I have ever read.

dave on Nov 6, 2008


Alex ...I respect your opinion on the fact that your not interested in these books or the story in general but not everyone has a taste for real life tv, or crap that most tv companies try to force down your throats.... sometimes people tend to enjoy escaping to the land of books and if you have actually read them all and understand the story then you will see like many people who have read and enjoyed the series that is is a very good story and you never know the characters might actually grow on you!... dont just bother reading the back flap or inside cover spend some time and enjoy them for what they are and that is a well written story! As far as I'm concerned they have something in them for everyone! And as for making them into a movie, I will say this that even though I'm sure it will be a great movie everyone has to remember one thing that alot of the book will be cut from it to allow for the 2 and a half hour time frame it will only have to tell the story and I have read these books quite a number of times and as much as I love them I dont mind them being cut a bit so that we can atleast get to see these great characters on the big screen! I say go for it!

Ness Burns on Nov 7, 2008


I say Mini-Series!! Like Roots or Centennial.

Shelly on May 19, 2011


I understand how men and some women can be let out by the fact that there may be a story of love in a book but think about how your life moves around relationships. Jamie and Claire have a story that I beleive the whole world should know. The Outlander series are the most captivating and exciting books I have ever read. I agree that the story has so much detail that it would be impossible to fit into one film. I say that the first book titled "Outlander" should be completed in one movie and the rest of the books could follow inn seperate films. Read the first book and make the movie, the time and money to make it would be very rewarding to everyone in the long run.

Susan on Nov 8, 2008


if you liked braveheart,the patriot, lord of the rings, you would like these books made into movies

neva on Nov 9, 2008


I must say that as a college professor, the Outlander series is one of the best researched I have read in a very long time. Each text is worthy of a dissertation. Ms. Gabaldon has captured the times and the struggle to maintain identity in a time when the only identity of a woman is as the property of man. Claire and Jamie have captured my heart and I have shared their story with my students as examples of history and the struggles therein. Besides as a woman, I find this series of books a fantastic read. I just finished reading Ken Follets two books on catherdal building in the 12th century. Ms. Gabaldons books have so much more detail and believablity than ever. What a change in lief to go back to a time that has no toilet paper!

Christine on Nov 9, 2008


I have read Every book in this series and am very much anticipating the upcoming release of the 7th book - An Echo of Bones. I believe that Outlander as a movie would hold something for everyone as do the books themselves. Theres action, violence, mystery, historical fact, love, sex, get the idea. I just hope that the movie can do the book justice.

Devon on Nov 9, 2008


I was in a reading lull at the time I found the Outlander series. I had probably 100 books at home I hadn't read but nothing seemed to interest me. I went to the book store and a lady(another customer) came up to me and ask me if I was looking for a good book to read. She very hightly recommented Outlander to me. I bought it and started reading it that night. It was so good that I went back the next day and bought the other two books in the series. I have never read a book that held my interest the way that this series of books has done. They made me more interested in my Scottish heritage, taught me great history of Scotland, how people lived during those times and told me a great love story. Yes, most man think the it is nothing but another romance novel and it is BUT it is so much more that words can not properly describe. They have to be read to be appreciated. I got my very manly husband and son to read them and they both enjoyed it. They both said it wasn't what they had thought it would be. I agree with what some other people have said about making it into a series of movies instead of trying to put it all into one film. I just don't see how they could do it without taking away from the books. There is so much meat in these books. I wouldn't want to see it destroyed. With that said I still can't wait to see it on the big screen or even better to see A&E or HBO make a mini series out of the whole series. Maybe if Outlander is a hit they will make the other books into movies like they did the LOR's books. If you haven't read it go to the book store and get yourself a copy. If you can't find one then go to Ladies of Lollybrock site and tell them you want to read it and can't find a copy. Everyone who loves the books always has two or three copies of each book and would glad to send you a copy.

Norma on Nov 9, 2008


I have read the books and they are my favorite books. I have to admit that while I am a female, I absolutely hate anything too mushy and corny and these books are none of those things. These books are so full of graphic details sometimes I cannot believe it. I love Diana Gabaldon and how gutsy she is to put in all the gory details. These books are so intense, and I agree with everyone else, they have to make the movies book by book. I also agree with the person that said that the one guy from Greys Anatomy would be a good character for Jamie. The first episode he was on there I just thought "that's Jamie".

Cailin on Nov 11, 2008


I put off reading these books for years because I, like you, was under the impression that they were some sort of trashy, bodice-ripping romances. They really aren't! Sure, the first book in the series involves the two main characters meeting and falling in love, but Jamie and Claire's story involves so much more than that. Among other things: witchcraft, time-travel, history, war, adventure, sadomasochism and mystery. The second two books in the series read more like adventure novels, and the last three are more historical fiction than anything else. I really hope the Outlander books are made into a series of films much like the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter novels were. I don't really see any other way to do the books justice. It seems like that's what they are implying when they use the word 'franchise'. I also like that Randall Wallace is writing the screenplay. It seems like he has a long history of writing really good historical based, action epics. If done right, this movie could be Braveheart, meets Pirates of the Caribbean, meets Back to the Future meets the Notebook. It really has something for everyone.

Lauren on Nov 14, 2008

29 wrong some of these guys are. My breakdown of this...take all the girl characters from Greys Anatomy (Meredith, Callie, Izzy, etc) with their surgical/medical knowledge, sass, sex apeal, and dynamics and minus their girlie gossipy qualities and throw them back 200 years to meet up with a character as strong, passionate, and appealing as William Wallace from Braveheart(Mel Gibson), then send them through movies as good as Braveheart, Pirates of the Carribean, Vanity Fair, The Last of the Mohicans, and the Patriot. They are strong, smart characters and I would highly recommend that you read the books. they are so elaborate in how well the scenes are painted that to compare it to watching Ever After is silly.

alicia on Nov 16, 2008


I have read every novel in this series and I think it has elements of interest for everyone. Time travel for sci-fi fans, political intrigue, mystery, highlander history, adventure and comedic romance. The romance is one of the most appealing aspects for many women, but most of the first novel is really about the pitfalls of time travel and about the political climate leading up to Culloden in Scotland. If you can call Braveheart a silly romance, then by all means Outlander should be classified as such also.

Jane on Nov 17, 2008


I just started reading Ooutlander. I'm halfway though the first book but I haven't read the rest of them yet but all I needed to read was half of the first book and I'm stuck on it. I love the relationship they have together, its so sweet! I obviously can't wait to see the movie but when it comes to discussing who should play Jamie....Gerard Not only is he a playboy he isnt that attractive. James McAvoy?......REALLY A BIG NO! You want a guy that is attrative charming built, everything that Jamie stands for. If only Chris Evans or Hugh Jackman could pass for a Scottish highlander....... or maybe Ian Somerhalder? Either way i am really looking forward to this movie!

Amanda on Nov 18, 2008


I can't convince you, but I'm 100% sure that reading Outlander would. It's a beautifully written novel. I found the first 2 chapters to be a bit tedious but they're actually very crucial to the plot towards the end of the novel and for the other books in the series. There is a lot of humor, history and adventure to accompany the romance. Diana Gabaldon is notorious for is writing literature that appeals to both genders. The one thing that may put people off from this book is the description on the back... it makes it come off as being a chick lit romance, but it is SO much more. See for yourself. My only worry is that there is SO much detail and content to the story and I'm afraid that crucial parts will be taken out or changed to fit "Hollywood Criteria". This series is MY FAVORITE. I've reread the books dozens of times and have specific picture of it in my head, so I hope they don't spare a cent or detail! As for Ever After, yes it was movie that was targeted for women of all ages and class (hence it's fairytale connection and choice for leading actress--easily appealing). It was a good movie, but it does not come close to being as compelling or dramatic as Outlander.

Rachel on Nov 18, 2008


A early love scene, Jamie tells Claire that when meeting a new horse you are going to break you put it's nose in your arm pit, and that's what she should have done with him. Stuck his head between her legs so he wouldn't have been so skittish. Got a laugh from my husband who enjoys listening to the books although he said he thought it was gay to being with. Maybe you should be an audible listener and try a book from this series.

Heather on Nov 19, 2008


Can a screen play be devised from a narrative that seduces the soul? Gabaldon is a master at bringing you into her world. I became Clair Frasier for about 2 years...prolonging the completion of the 6 books in her Outlander Series. These are multi-sensual see, you hear, you smell, you taste...along with an historical chronology of 18th century Scotland and America. Beautifully enticing.

Sharon Havens on Nov 19, 2008


I worked in the book retail industry for several years and men who were fans of the series would complain very often about the Gabaldon books being shelved in the romance section. Yes, there are many manly men who are into this story, which truly is fantasy. As the supervisor of the fiction area of my store, I admittedly used to sneak some things into sections where I felt they really belonged. What a lot of people don't realize is that the romance genre is so broad that there are a multitude of books under that category that actually offer much much more. As an avid reader of the genre, I will not read any story that is only about a romantic relationship. For me, there always has to be more to the story. The Outlander series offers everything thing for everyone, regardless of gender. These books are dynamic pieces of literature written in a riveting style that captures your mind and imagination to bring you right there with the characters. I feel like Clair and Jamie are people I know. That being said, I believe that a decent movie can be produced, but not without a loss. They can never fit everything into the movie so there's always some part of the story that will be lost. Whenever a new Harry Potter movie comes out I always wonder what storyline(s) from the book will get left out. Giving half the story to viewers who didn't read the book robs them of the full experience. I hope they do this one justice.

Pamela on Nov 19, 2008


I am so excited about Outlander becoming a movie! I read the first book just over 10 years ago, and I have been beyond hooked ever since. In fact, I have a hard time reading any other book because I love Diana Gabaldon's writing and detail. Yeah, the story does surround the relationship of Jamie and Claire, but that by no means the only aspect! There are so many different and entertaining characters throughout the entire series, and the historical detail is amazing! There are wars, betrayal, human struggle, hunting, Kings and Princes, clans, religion, murder, mystery, and the list could go on and on for the reasons why men might like it. And there is also an amazing love story in the middle of it all. I will definitely be there opening night, and you better believe my husband will be there with me whether he wants to or not!

Virginia on Nov 21, 2008


I thought men wanted more sex and action in their lives! Well, in the Outlander series there is plenty of both. Those happily addicted to this series are so for a reason: Gabaldon's storytelling. You grow to care about the characters and through the books also come across historically significant people and situations - that's made the whole series incredibly fascinating to me - The difficulty will come in the casting. The fans of this series have their favorites - just do a search on Ladies of Lallybroch and read around in there, you'll see just how passionate the fans are about who they wish could play Jamie and Claire and so on and so forth. My advice to Randall Wallace: Best stay true to the book, mate, or you'll be faced with the torture of an irate fanbase who won't stay quiet about parts left out considered intregal to the story. The books are well worth a read - there's generally a little something for everyone. Yet still I wonder how men can use the excuse, "there's too much sex in those books!!!" as an excuse to not read them...just goes against everything we wenches had thought we knew about them. Ironic.

Shonna Gariepy on Nov 21, 2008


That's exciting news. There's no convincing anyone to read a 700 page anything, let alone five of them. But I can tell you that the characters will stay with you long after you put it down. There's Father Fogden, the pot-smoking channeler of Georgia O'Keefe's spirit; Ermenegilda's mother, who smiles sweetly while cursing like a sailor under her breath; Li Tien Cho, whose obsession with bound feet gets him accused of murder; Colum Mackenzie, whose strategies would make Macchiavelli blanch; Mother Hildegarde, a brilliant horse-faced musician who runs the largest hospital in France, accompanied by a dog who diagnoses maladies faster than Dr. House; Louis Quatorze, who accords guests great honor by allowing them to attend his morning ablutions--the most honored guest gets to wipe his backside; etc.. Then there are the characters who are chasing Claire through time, like the beautiful sociopathic serial murderess and the neanderthal shaman. Not to mention Claire and Jamie themselves, complex people with detailed histories, diverse talents, and strong drives, who, perhaps by force of their leadership qualities, find themselves in the middle of decisive battles. Calling this series merely a romance is like calling Dr. Who merely a romance. And the Dr. Who here is more like James (Frazier) Bond. If you don't read it, it's your loss.

Jen on Nov 22, 2008


The books are not classified as 'Romance', and if you read the books you will realize that they shouldn't be. There is a romantic element, due to the story being a long chronicle of a couple in love, but otherwise, historical fiction, science fiction, adventure, are all equal elements of the story as well. The books are popular world-wide, and certainly not just women love them. It a series of books that is unique and begging to be made into a movie! It's about time. No one should need to convince you. You'll eat your words if you just read the books!

Alicia on Nov 24, 2008


commenting on number 5: your name is Richard. I think the name Jamie is a lot better than the name Dick

Christa on Nov 24, 2008


Are you all kidding? this series is about the most manly man any author ever created! women love this series because this male is all the things real men should be! And could be. This a history book with real heroes, believable behaviors, and high adventure. Gabaldon holds back nothing in her development of her characters, and her command of detail is amazing. I finish each book with deep regret, hoping it won't be too long before there is a new one. While waiting, I start over again. Each builds on the last, and one has to be impressed at the richness of historical detail woven into a gripping tale that evokes every possible emotion. Much in my household is neglected while I'm reading Gabaldon. Claire's skills, personality, good humor and compassionate application of her medical skills makes one wish more of her existed in the real world. Gabaldon's brilliant ability to put the reader into the story is why these books are so engaging. She is a gifted story teller. I can't imagine what kind of idiot attempts an opinion without so much as reading a single page, so of course, your opinion, and your attitude is soundly discounted. I am, however, less than charmed by the Lord John Series. Nonstop Lord John does not hold my attention. Hurry up, Gabaldon; I'm missing all my fave characters. AND YOU: read the books. You're missing a wonderful literary coup.

Barb on Nov 25, 2008


Coming from a person who read each of those books at least 3 times, yes I like to read, these books are not just romances. Keep in mind though, Pearl Harbor, Australia, Titanic, Cold Mountain, and Braveheart, all epic movies, have romance as a basis, but not the sole characteristic of the book. There is so much adventure and history in all of the novels. I am anxious to see if a movie will actually do the books justice. Diana Gabaldon is definitely a gifted story teller...I mean I read the books numerous times, I know a lot of men who have read them, and other females who have also read these novels many times. I can't wait to see if this will make this to theatres.

Kristie on Nov 29, 2008


Though I love love this series, I am one of the few that believe it can not be made into a movie. I have yet to see a novel based movie that does justice to the book and that would be a bitter disappointment.

Juanita on Dec 1, 2008


i started reading the outlander novels when i was 17 (i'm 34 now) as you can imagine they left a big impact on me. Especially the character jamie fraser . oh my god!!!! did ms gabaldon get his character spot on, if only there were men in the world like him.Anyway as a true outlander fan i dont care what the movie is like i just want to see the characters on the big screen coming to life. Everybody has their ideal actors/actresses for the main parts but i see Gerard Butler as Jamie, Kate Beckinsale/Rachel Weisz as Claire, and just maybe Jude Law/Jason Issacs as Frank/Jonathon Randall. For me the characters should remain true to the story and nobody has a Scottish gruff voice like Gerard or looks fierce as a highlander in wig, kilt, plaid and broadsword and fortunately Rachel Weisz is Oxford born with the right accent, those particular people wouldn't have to work on the accents for the part only have to get into character. Whatever happens in regards to the movie be it a blockbuster or flop i promise when and if its on D.V.D i'm gonna be stocking up and before that make sure i have my seat picked out at the cinema til the film is finished its showing.

andrinna on Dec 2, 2008


I forgot to mention the fact that I'm Scottish myself, and makes me want to visit the highlands even more now. so a trip to Inverness beckons i think!!! The landscape in the highlands is beautiful and i urge people to visit as its so full of history. The books read like Pride and Prejudice,Braveheart and have so much sex, witchcraft,swordfights , male pride, time travel and war-like violence everybodies imagination is different but boy does it give your brain a workout and i found myself reading the books within 2 or 3 days i couldn't put them down.Even now i read them without fail each year.

andrinna on Dec 2, 2008


These are the best books I have ever read & I've read them 3 or 4 times each! The characters stay with you, you truly live them & the story. I totally agree with Andrinna, Jason Issacs is the perfect Frank/Jack Randall. I can also see Kevin McKidd as Jamie (I thought no one would ever fit for that one).

corrie on Dec 3, 2008


Why try to "convince" Alex about the quality and superb sagas of this series? Let him watch NFL, Wrestling or whatever "real men" do. He will be the loser if he skips this because of a mindset that it is "gay"...although there is a surprise deep in one of the books that may appeal to him if that's what he's into. But, I would wager Alex would actually appreciate the whole series if he is at all interested in stories that deal with war, history,hunting,ancestral lineage, family heritage, mystery, strife, and yeah, romance mixed with blood and guts to suit the "manliest man". To pass over Ms. Gabaldon's contribution to literature would be a loss indeed. I for one will be first in line to buy the DVD of the movie as well as any others that are made from this wonderful series. Will also be pre-ordering her highly anticipated newest literary offering that continues this wonderful adventure.

Sally on Dec 3, 2008


I was really hoping that the producers of The Tudors on Showtime would pick up Outlander as a series. I really think that that is what it would take to do these books justice. But still I am extremely excited to see Claire and Jamie come to life on the big screen. I totally understand why so many have said that they have read the series multiple times. Diana brings them into your life in such a way you can't possibly finnish the story and just leave them behind.

venus on Dec 3, 2008


I came across Outlander at a discount book store. I was looking for a 'beach' book as I was going to Bali for a vacation so I picked it up. I had no expectations as it had been a long time since I read anything 'meaty' and captivating. But once I read it, I was delightfully surprised by the fluidity and balance of Diana's writing. In short, I'd found a gem of a book. I enjoyed my Bali vacation but half the time I was secretly wishing to get pockets of time to finish the book. I'm on the hunt for the next book!

Irene on Dec 4, 2008


First of all, the books were NOT presented as romances, they were presented as historical fiction, just as Diana Gabaldon herself has said in many interviews. Secondly, I disagree completely that only women would find it interesting. There is, of course, romantic and emotional scenes in the book, however I don't think they overpower the exciting plot and the fascinating historical background (which can easily be appreciated by men). If nothing else, people should be impressed with her patience and ability to spend so much time on her research and writing. She makes sure to produce intelligent, witty, heartfelt, honest, gripping, and sometimes even disturbing portrayals of characters that are fully capable of being real people. She allows the readers to believe in the possibility that human beings can be so strongly connected that they can bend the rules of time to be with each other. (I am referring to both the relationship between Jamie and Claire and also between Brianna and Claire.) I commend her beautiful and eloquent love scenes, and I applaud her gruesome and intricate battle scenes. It is very easy to imagine the world she writes about and although it gives me some pause to think of a bunch of Hollywood jerks ruining my favorite book of all time (only tied with Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind), I wouldn't mind seeing a screen adaptation. For people that are skeptical, give the book a chance. If you aren't a big reader, I would suggest the audio tapes. The actors that record the voices for the books are very good and its nice to hear a story from someone who enjoys telling one. To move on, as far as those of you who think it would be better as a miniseries, ask yourself a question........Who in the hell do you know that watches miniseries on tv? Besides maybe your grandmother, whose favorite shows are Murder She Wrote and Days of Our Lives. It would be able to cover more of the book's events, but the potential for greatness lacks severely when you take away any semblance of production value. Nicholas Sparks has had a very successful run with both his books and the movies adapted from them, so why can't we have it all with the Outlander series too? So if you haven't read the books, read them. Make sure you read them in the right order too, otherwise you will be severely confused. If you have read them and don't like them or think they are "gay" (which, by the way, is a really intelligent response to anything.......and if you don't get my sarcasm then you definitely shouldn't read the books.....if you can read at all), then I believe that you are probably severely confused about a lot things. In the words of Lamar Burton, "you don't have to take my word for it". Read the book, you won't be sorry.

Jessica on Dec 4, 2008


Are you kidding me? I was forced to read this by a friend. Having said that, she will be my dear friend for life if only for making me read it. What a JOY. Yes, it has romance but it's not air-head fluff!! It is a deeply historical novel that made me feel like I was part of the time period. It sparked my imagination, made me laugh out loud and made me cry. And yes, I admit to having read the entire series (and they are massive novels) three times!! I have passed them on and have not had ONE person say they didn't love them. Now the kicker...I had my 24 year old son (whose name is Alex, by the way), read the first book, and he truly loved the story. Anyone who knows the portrayal of men of this book will rightly say he will make some woman a WONDERFUL husband some day!!

Cindy on Dec 4, 2008


Upon reading all the positive reviews of these wonderful books, I hope Alex has the courage to read the books (or even just one) and then report back to us. On the subject of screen adaptation of these wonderful works, I really doubt Hollyweird can do them justice. Perhaps it is best to keep the pictures we have in our hearts and minds of these timeless personalities forever safe there, and not destroyed by today's actors. Most screen adaptations have proved to be disasters or Milquetoast,at best. Sadly. That said, I will still be first in line to see what they have to offer. If the producers allow Diana to critique and maintain authenticity,then all should be well.

Sally on Dec 4, 2008


I have to say that I believe a miniseries would be great for these books. If it was written well and backed with the proper funding, (see Band of Brothers) it could be done wonderfully and the story would not get mutated for commerial appeal. Not that I dont think that the story has commercial appeal but I would love to enjoy the entire journey and that is extremely unlikely to happen on the big screen. My fear would be that the story would be written and marketed solely as a romance movie. My favorite thing about these books is that the romance was a part of the story but not everything. The action, intrigue and personal struggle of many of the characters is what drove me to continue reading. I like escapism in some of my reading, sci-fi, fantasy, but only one romance novelist's books have ever held my interest because they are often too "fluffy" (no offence to those who do enjoy them!)I dont think of Diana Gabaldon's books as "romance" anymore than I think of Braveheart as a "romance" movie, that too had a central love interest intregal to the plot but not the meat of the piece. I think the miniseries format has the luxury of length to carry the whole story and the flexibilty to do it right. Whereas a feature length film has two hours, three if they are willing to push their audience. Can three hours do Claire and Jaimie's epic journey justice? I dont believe so. I, of course, would go to see anything that attemps to bring these characters to the screen, big or small, but my hope remains with an extremely well funded miniseries which stays true to these wonderful beloved characters.

Amanda on Dec 4, 2008


I too am reading the Outlander series for the umteenth time. These are my favorite books ever. I love the historcal aspect and you cant help but fall in love with Jamie and Claire but I almost find them TOO gory and graphic in parts. (I have a weak stomache) I have to repeat the comparison to 'Brveheart'. That being said I dont think they should be made into a movie. I cant see how they could possibly come close to being as good as the books. I'm afraid, as great fans of these books, we would be sadly disapointed. Who could possibly play Jamie? The movie would be like 10 hrs long just for Outlander. It would be interesting, but not nearly as good.

Catherine on Dec 7, 2008


Hello, I just found out that this movie is really going to happen and I have to agree with Amanda (Dec 4, 2008) I even tried to mention it to the BBC or HBO.. It MUST be a ONGOING MINISERIES. I've read these books at least umpteen million times. Shared them with a husband that swore he would never read them. Who is now listening to breath of snow and ashes on unabridged CD's. A million co-workers, and my daughter who is dislexic and has read OUTLANDER. Reading for her is Hard. I buy her books used at any yard sale, thrift store where-ever. I give them away to potential fans, who read them and return the well worn book looking for the next. I believe a dozen new fans have come from passing her books around. This is NOT just romance, it's a story of family, friendship, heritage, love, honour, trust, betrayal. It's about history, It's about love, hate, fear, it has it all. You couldn't possibly put OUTLANDER into a 2 hour movie or even a mini series.. I never watched Band of Brothers But wasn't it like a MAXI Mini Series. The Outlander would do for a start maybe its about 40 hours of unabridged reading. I like to think if they can do Lord of the Rings. They can do these books. They have to be made as real as possible first. In movies you can make people bigger or smaller. But it has to be real... She has put a lot of scenery into it. So much discription. I think this Randall Wallace needs to do ALL the books. It is the only way to do Outlander JUSTICE! I hope he gets this. if any one out there knows how to email this gentlemen please email me at

judy jones on Dec 7, 2008


Love the books since 1997 and have waited with baited breath for each book to come. I agree all the books would make the best movies (long ones of course, but wonderful if you get the right people for the characters especially of Jamie, Claire,Bree and husband. I have been waiting forever for her next book set for release in 2009, please hurry. Thanks for taking me away for hours at a time, and then re-reading.

Anne Cornell on Dec 8, 2008


please get the latest book out asap!! thanks

Anne Cornell on Dec 8, 2008


I love Diana's books, I have read them all, and all the excerpts of "An echo in the bone" I'm dying to see what Braveheart creator can do to outlander, I agree that the movie must be one book per movie or a miniseries for TV, like the tudors. On casting sugestions, for young jamie i like Robert Pattinson (he has the eyes, the height and the accent, and the hair too) or Chris Evans, who has the looks. For young claire I'd like Juno Actress Elle page or Leighton Meester or Anne hathaway. keep in mind outlander has a 20 year separation between outlander and dragonfly in amber. for older jamie Gerard Butler does great, or Eric Dane, or daniel craig. For older Claire, kate Beckinsale (if she gains 20 pounds) she's too skinny to play Claire after Brianna's birth. I'd love to see Nathalie dormer as well, she did great in a corsage. for Brianna I like Laura prepon, and for Roger Mac, Mark Ruffalo, the most difficult casting would be Randall, I'd say Batman's Christian Bale, he's hot and he can double play Frank and Jack, and he looks like he can handle been mean and gay. or Jonathan Rhys Meyers. he's a great actor and Irish, or maybe he could be Collum, either way, the casting is hard. By the way, the complexity of the book needs a strong script writer, outlander it's not pg13 by any means. It has to be R or not be at all. Good luck to mr Wallace, he has one big fandom on his heels.

victoria segovia on Dec 8, 2008


This is what Diana Gabaldon says about the will two to two and a half hours long if it is ever made and she has NOTHING to do with it, and I quote: "P.S. Well, I can also tell you that a) yes, Gerard Butler is a fine-looking specimen of Scottish manhood, even if he is a Lowlander, but b) I think he might have difficulty playing a 22-year-old virgin; c) Keira Knightley would probably make an excellent Claire (she has the accent and the capacity for sarcasm), if she gained forty pounds, but d) James McAvoy is probably a wonderful actor, but he’s only 5’7”, for heaven’s sake." From Diana Gabaldon's website.

Juanita on Dec 9, 2008


I'm an avid reader, I am 38 years old and have read hundreds of books. The Outlander series is, hands-down, my all time favorite. The only other book I have ever read that came anywhere close, is Kristen Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset. Diana has away of telling stories that makes you feel like you are there. I feel like I actually KNOW Claire and Jamie Fraser. I think Outlander will make an excellent movie, and I think that if any one can write the screen play and give it justice, it can only be Randall Wallace. My heart soared when I first heard that it could possibly be made into a movie. I have no doubts that it will be epic. I think Keira Knightly would be a fine Claire, but finding someone to be Jamie is going to be a fierce challenge. He is so big, and gruff, and handsome, and RED! I look forward with giddiness to seeing it. Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith on Dec 10, 2008


keira knightley as claire NO!!!!!!! I think we need unknowns to lay the roles as we will then be able to belive they are claire and jamie easier. Men should read the books if only as a lesson on what women really want and find attractive in a man as Jamie fraser is the epitomy of everything i like!! I have only seen one book made in to a film that was not a disapointment and that was Misery by Stephen King, so i can be done!! I have been fascinated by the history in the books and ashamed to be english after reading about the way they treated the scottish. The way the books are written are factual, sensitive, erotic, sensual, graphic, enthralling and compulsive reading. Diana Gabaldon is a fantastic writer and if the film is made please do it justice as it is pointless making it without making the most of it.

nichola ward on Dec 10, 2008


Okay, so I do agree there, that the roles should be played by new and unknown artists. Good point, I have absolutely no qualms with that. I also agree that men should read these books. I have infact read certain parts of each of these books to my husband at night. I also discuss them with him. Often. Nobody writes like Diana, but I've been looking. Have you read "Through A Glass Darkly" by Karleen Koen yet? It's another historical fact based fiction. Set in England and france 1715-1721. Good read. I'm just starting the sequel "Now Face to Face" Also try "Kristen Lavransdatter" by Sigrid Undset. One of my all time favorites. It's also over a thousand pages, and worth every minute of it.

Rachel Smith on Dec 10, 2008


Okay so yeah all us gals are in love w/Jamie Fraser; and this is the only series of books that I have read over and over and over and well you get the picture. I know that guys may not want to see this because of the romance factor, but there is sooo much more to it. There's the conflict between the English and the Scots, there's the internal conflict that Claire has because she knows the future but she also has another husband that she loves waiting for her two hundred years in the future so does she stay and help these people or return to Frank. There's war, and witch trials, politics, raids, coruption, assination plots, plagues and two hundred year old surgical procedures. There's also family and forgiveness. I can't wait for book 7 to come out; but I too am just a little nervous to see how they are going to adapt these for the big screen. There is so much detail I just do not see how a movie is going to do the book justice. As for who should play the parts; I think they need to be unknowns or actors that are well known in the UK that maybe we haven't really heard of here. So come on guys don't judge the movie before you see a preview, there's always the possiblity that they won't focus as much on the romance and more on the conflict between the English and the Scots. I can't wait to see who they get to play Black Jack Randall!

Amanda on Dec 10, 2008


number 5. Richard, there are many bad gyes, the first being the great-great-great-great- grandfather of her present day husband. Whom she later tell's when she returns to her present that his f-ing G-grandfather was a f-ing pervert. Being how perversion hasn't changed much from then to know, perversion being just what it is. Another would be the man called Steven Bonnet, irish, pirate smuggler, and all around creep raped the 18th Century man, Jamie Fraser's, Daughter when she set out to find the father she just learned of.. Imagine what a Scottish Highlander would feel after learning this, but then finding out he just be the living hell out of his Son-in-law, thinking he was the man who had raped his daughter, What would you do. Could you sell the man to Indians as a slave. This is history at it's best and even it's worst. There has been alot of research gone into these books. Diana Gabaldon even wrote the Outlandish Companion. A book that shows her research and how to speak some Galic, Facts of actual people that lived in the 1700's Prince Charlie, for one. She has woven a story around and into history, making it believeable. Makeing you to want to know Jamie and Claire, It is an art that she has done. The pages a canvas of words that turn and twist into mystory, history, love, jealousy, vanity, witchcraft, timetravel. number 6 Ivylas HBO, yes or BBC, something where they can't smother the foreplay. And they can't take out the swearing, Jesus H Roosevelt Christ is a line that will NEVER be forgotton. I believe they could do Outlander as a 6 or 8 hour miniseries and then take the other books and make one hour show's on like Thursday nights. All of America would be at home Thursday night 8pm Central to see what Jamie and Claire are up to. Are they going along with the books? It will be bigger than Harry Potter, Bigger than The Lord of The Rings, But it can be done, and done very well after reading The Potter Series and seeing the Movies and LOTR, they did and excellent job of trying to stay close. I SAY IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband who was totally sworn against romance books, and I have read a lot of romance books, These are the books all romance authors should take thier cue from. What is romance, love, devostation, without true charactors with soul. They live in every reader that is addicted to DG's books. One reader told me Jamie is the reason she will never get married. No man could measure up to him. He is honor, honesty, humble, thoughful, deadly, fierce, proud, God fearing, superstitous, educated, a leader that has made mistakes, a thinker. My husband and I are prestenly listening to Breath of Snow and Ashes, unabridged, narrated by Davina Porter, God she is wonderful, Everyone must listen to her do the voices. I have read every book a dozen times at least and listened to all the tapes, He, my husband has read all but the last one and loves her writing. To get him to enjoy her didn't take much, just got him in the car on a long trip with Outlander on Cd and let out the line a little. Before you know it he was hooked number 8. I agree take your time, spend the money, don't botch it up. Do it right! Do a movie each book some books might need more than one movie. Like I said it can be done. You will make money on this film. GUARENTEED!!! You already have a fan club that is seventeen years old. Make the first Miniseries movie and then sell it for Christmas gifts that Christmas while planing Dragonfly in Amber. This is Great!!

judy jones on Dec 11, 2008


dear ladies and the odd gent, i have to say that i agree with most here this film needs new blood like what j.k Rowling did for Harry Potter that way we can keep that particular cast and work round them in later films, and well the do have special make-up artists and visual effects that can help alot too... also like most movies to date they can also air brush the characters these days too bye bye wrinkles and bags under the eyes lol. But ...yes unknowns would be less hassle but the accents would have to be as real as possible and hopefully the actor/actress own ......... A Blockbuster here we come !!!!!!

andrinna on Dec 13, 2008


I cant imagine the likes of Peter Jackson (who would be excellent) directing such a movie or any of the bigger directors such as Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer, so no doubt the director would be someone like Mike Newell ( Four weddings and a funeral) or maybe even Rob Marshall (Memoirs of a geisha) . Thinking about it Chris Columbus could do well...... but its gonna be interesting to see the person in the directors chair ...who knows maybe Mel Gibson might lend a hand since he done Braveheart lol .

andrinna on Dec 13, 2008


My Comment is not about the novels or the movie itself, I have read all the books in series & that's all I'll say about that. My comment goes to Alex Billington him/herself (trying not to presume you are a man by your name or intellect). Billington wrote: "Anyone familiar with the books that can convince me otherwise?". How can anyone write an article on ANY subject without doing the research??!! You would like others to read the books for you & then convince you differently, how asinine is that, Alex Billington? Read the novels, lazy dumb ass, everything you need to make an INFORMED decision is right there.

Cary on Dec 15, 2008


Hahahaha! That was awesome Cary! I couldn't have said it better myself!

Jules on Dec 16, 2008


I think the Outlander series is a bit like Gone With the Wind in the sense that everyone says "Romance!" when it's really about soooooo much more. I mean, yes, ok, there's some romance in it. But if you don't have feelings, then you're not human. No-one likes a book with robots as main characters unless the robots have feelings, of course... As for gayness. Um, a little. ok, more than is average, really. And there's the sadistical-maniacal evil kind as well as normal human and kind of nice version. in different characters, by the way. and blood and gore, oh the blood and gore!

Doris on Dec 17, 2008


A friend got me interested in the Outlander series four years ago and several copies of each book later I have yet to put them down. That friend of mine and I have even taken to giving each other items that were mentioned in the books as christmas presents. (the hardest thing to find was a hedgehog) LOL I would love to hear from others who love Dianas books too.

Carrie Attebury on Dec 20, 2008


I can't wait for the series to become a movie. Outlander changed the way I chose books period. Yeah, there is romance but it's not like "I felt his hard manhood throbbing against my thigh" sort of thing. More like "he kissed me and I instantly knew what was on his mind so I blew out the candle" then the next chapter would begin. The history, adventure, torture, fights, scandal I think would appeal to men if you just get off the couch and read it. The only thing you have to get over is that it's written in the first person from Claire's point of view. If you can get over that then you'll be just as impressed by the non-stop action this book has to offer.

Jessie on Dec 20, 2008


I've just finished the sixth book in the series (can't wait for #7)and am left in awe of the intricacy of the story lines, complexity of the characters and the amazing detail of Gabaldon's research. Her unique style brings the characters to life in such a way that I feel I have traveled through time and lived along side of them. I have never experienced a work of literature that has left me so profoundly touched. Being an avid Romantic fiction reader and also a writer myself, I say without a doubt that Gabaldon is in a league of her own. As for bringing it all to the big screen, a series of films is the only way to capture the epic sweep of the story and the time period. Each book has a central theme amid the nonstop action, drama and romance and could make an amazing sequel series if done well. I do think Kevin McKidd would be a great older Jaime, but I think casting will have to take the risk of choosing unknowns for the central roles. Fans of the books have a picture of the characters in their minds. Putting a familiar face on a beloved character in your mind immediately takes something away from the power of your imagined hero or heroine. Think Harry Potter and James Bond. We might miss Peirce Brosnan, but you have to admit, Daniel Craig stepped up to the plate admirably, despite being relatively unknown. And Alex, take a chance. You won't be sorry and you may learn some things about European and American history, not to mention expanding both your vocabulary and romantic horizons. Women love the men in these books. They should be a must read for young men as an example of how men can be honorable, dependable, tenderhearted, strong in their faith, courageous and faithful. These are traits that are sorely lacking in many men of our time and women would love to see return. I am fortunate enough to have found my Jaime, but men of such caliber are few and far between. Maybe more men should be reading Gabaldon's work.

Paula on Dec 21, 2008


I'm sorry, but these books are not romance novels. I believe Ms. Gabaldon said once that the first novel was pushed as a romance because the publishers didn't know what else to do with it. The only thing that makes it fit the description is the fact that Claire and Jamie end up falling in love. There are a few sex scenes that are incredibly hot but not the fluffy stuff of most romance novels. If anything, I would say that this series is more historical on an epic proportion. The first book starts out just before the second Jacobean uprising and the most recent book takes place at the beginning of the American Revolution. I am also curious to see how the whole Jamie/Black Jack Randall thing plays out on the big screen. Romance? I think not. Action, betrayal, mystery loads! And I think that Jason Isaacs would be absolutely perfect as Frank/Black Jack Randall. Don't have a clue about the rest of the cast, but definitely Jason Isaacs!!

Melissa on Dec 22, 2008


These books are fantastic. Plain and simple. I agree as well that unknown or up and coming actors should be playing the main roles as there are specific characteristics that each character must have in order to even start remotely putting the movie in the right perspective. Definitely I agree with Melissa, Frank/Jack Randall must be played by Jason Isaacs. You could easily like him for the first bit of the movie as Frank, but then hate him for the rest of the movie as Jack. Jamie and Claire's parts will be so hard to fill...

Sarah on Dec 26, 2008


Ok, so we all agree that casting will be difficult at best, and the fact that outlander is outlandish in terms of genre does not help the marketing. I would have to compromize by saying it's a historical novel with a core of true, everlasting romance, the characters are so larger than life and their relationship so heartfelt that it's the spine of the entire series 6 books and counting. so I strongly recomend mr. Alex Billington to read, compare with other regency romances(which I'm sure he has not read) and then do his review again. because outlander is hard core in terms of romance. about actors, again with age and features, the only actor I've seen capable of withstanding Diana Gabaldon careful scrutiny is Gerard Butler, but he is Jamie after Voyager, the younger himself must be played by someone age wise, say robert pattinson, I'm currently obssessed with twilight and I saw him on the vanity fair special issue, he is Jamie, hands down he's my image of rugged male perfection, or Travis Fimmel, who is not that suitable accent wise but has the looks. Keira Knightley as Claire, over my dead body, Claire is tall, curvy, sassy, sultry, sarcastic and beautiful in an unconventional way, her skin is opalescent and she has sherry eyes. no offense to keira, but she's flat chested, large boned with no meat on them, blonde and pretty not beautiful like claire is written to be, Jamie often claims claire's back side is very alluring, she's wide through the hips, and has curly auburn hair, does this sound like keira to you? I have thought Anne Hathaway, she's my claire, but that's just me. jason isaacs is too old to play jack/frank, and he does not look even slighty gay to me, not that he cannot play it, but the carachter needs someone capable of true evil, say christian bale, who by the way it's british? (american psycho ring a bell?) what do the ladies of lallybroch think? I want to see actors who do actually fit the description and act the part well, not newcomers, but true likeness and fine performances, after all it's a blockbuster not a small project.

victoria segovia on Dec 26, 2008


As for the actors to play the key roles, Diana Gabaldon's own vision is Keira Knightley plus 40 lbs. Robert Pattinson is too short....Jamie is 6'4 not 6'0 or 6'1. As for unknowns, I have no problem with that but I highly doubt that the producers will stick to Diana's vision. Remember in the book Gone with the Wind, Scarlett O'Hara was not pretty. The producers will take literary license and that may ruin a movie for me. All of this may never happen, it has been optioned before and nothing came of it.

Juanita on Dec 26, 2008


I love these books as a series and I can see how men would think that they would not enjoy the story, but I got my husband to read the first book and now he is on the fifth. He must secretly like them in order to get through them all. They are pretty big books! They are romance novels but there is so much more to them. There is a lot of action, war and violence as well as a great historical aspect.

Meredith on Dec 29, 2008


I would love to see this series on film. Movie, TV doesn't matter to me as long as they don't cut it to make it fit someone's time frame. Please take the time and money to do it right! I believe Clare and Jamie should be unknowns to really fill the descriptions correctly, but every time I read about Roger I see Jack Black playing the part. Can't wait for the next book.

Shirley on Dec 29, 2008


Dianna Gabaldon's outlander Series is one of the most unique book sets I have ever stumbled apon. Not only does she get her history correct she also gets her medical facts, her herblogy , her astronomy her physical locations along with every other detail such as other celtic language of the time period correct. There are very few Authors who are willing to write in such detail. Her background as a Microbiologist might have a bit to do with wanting to get the facts correct. This bonus for her readers is a major plus. Dianna is a Internet Cult Mega Star book writer, World Wide Famous along with being one heck of a tale spinner. She is one Author I do keep tabs on. I am looking foward to a series of movies. I want them to be as well done as the books though. We need the very best Directors and Producers as well as solid actors who can speak Galic, French and English. One other thing, everyone involved in the project must read all the books and keep a copy of the Outlander Companion on their bedside table.

Victoria on Dec 29, 2008


My stepdaughter very cautiously gave me Outlander as a birthday gift seven months ago, knowing I despise romance novels. She told me that it was a historical novel, with some romance, and would I PLEASE read it? She hasn't even completed the series, as she is blind, and will only "read" unabridged versions, and hasn't found the last three available for her reader, and they are far more expensive than the printed version. I normally read some historical novels, and prefer mysteries and crime dramas. One of the things that immediately impressed me was the book's length. I do not like a short read and generally will not pick up a book under 400 pages. Outlander was so well-written and such a good adventure that I found myself at the bookstore buying the next two books in the series well before finishing. Into the second book, I bought the remaining three, so that I would have them at hand. I also bought The Outlandish Companion and one of the Lord John books. To label this series as merely romance does Ms. Gabaldon a great disservice. This is so thoroughly well researched and well-written, with very greatly developed characters throughout the series. The details richly spread throughout the entire series give the reader vivid pictures of both surroundings and characters. I do see where it would be difficult to make this into any film, given that we've all likely imagined these characters' likenesses, but the stories and historical detail, and wealth of research that went into the creation of this wonderful work are so very unique that this series would make for a great epic film series. There are very few such series that don't have some romantic subplot woven within, and Outlander should be no different. We, as women and men, have been doing what comes naturally since the beginning. And, yes, there would be things left out, of course. The books are long, and rich with detail, but I think it could be done well without losing any truly important nuance.

Kat on Dec 30, 2008


Alex, I am what you would call your average guy. I like working on my car, hunting, fishing, camping, white water rafting, woodworking and other "manly" activities. A perfect meal for me would be BBQ steak, baked potato, and corn on the cob. I would not be what others would call a bookworm. In fact, I hadn't really sat down and read many books before I started reading this series. Now I read a lot more than I ever have, and have lots of favorite authors. I was first introduced to these books, when my wife got the first one from a friend. She would read me some of the funny remarks said between Claire and Jamie. She would also tell me some of the plot, knowing how I like historical fiction. I then decided I would read the book when she was done. I did not think it was like a romance novel, but more like a survival book from a historical standpoint. It shows that the history we read about, is just information. That is kind of like seeing a historical picture of someone and being told what they did on such and such date. Just the basic information, and no background knowledge of why they did what they did. The book lets you live the experiences the characters in the book and what they would have had to go through to live. Simple things we take for granted like toilet paper, bathrooms, and socks, are not something you just go to the store and buy in the story. It is a real depiction of what you would need to do to survive in those times. I don't know many people, including myself, who haven't thought of going back in time to live. If I was going to live out in the wild for an extended period of time, this is a series of books I would want to take with me. I have learned almost as much from the series, as I have reading survival manuals. It also got me thinking about other things, that hadn't even crossed my mind until I read them. It was like reading someones journal of their life. As far as the romance part goes, I would have to call it just part of the story. I didn't think of it that way at all. It's more like a description of the love between a man and a woman, and how deeply devoted he is to her, and she to him. Lot's of women I have talked to about this book seem to enter this dream-like state when talking about Jamie. They get all excited and get a gleam in their eyes. I don't understand it, but do know they do get excited about a scottish accent. In closing, I don't think any man who reads this is gay. Those who say otherwise, are probably to scared to read the book, because their buddies might tease them. I say, be a man and do what you want to do, and damn what your buddies think. What kind of buddy are they, if you have to change who you are to suit them? Remember "He who whittles himself away to suit other, soon has nothing left of himself." It would be well worth reading in my opinion. Then you can decide for yourself.

Joe on Dec 31, 2008


I've read the Outlander series several times. It will all depend on how they write the movie. If they stick closely to the book, then it will be a hit. Also, they need to JUST DO the first book -- not try to pack in all of the books in one movie. I think these books have the potential to be epic blockbusters... as long as they have quality actors and remain historical in nature (like Braveheart) versus a cheesy chick-flick romance. Just my 2 cents...

Maria on Dec 31, 2008


P.S. -- Time for another "Lord of the Rings"... only this time the story takes place in Scotland. I love the idea of that.

Maria on Dec 31, 2008


OUTLANDER is not a romance book -- it really is so much more. It's well-written and well-researched, and does NOT fit into one genre. In fact it combines several genres: historical, romance, time-travel, action, and adventure. The characters are very real, and Diana Gabaldon (the author) is clever with the plot. There's suspense and passion, and blood and's a very original and very unique book. After devouring the Harry Potter series, I didn't know what to read next! Now I am sooo addicted to Outlander -- it's my new Harry Potter for sure. And the story of Jamie and Claire is better than Twilight!!!

Shara on Jan 1, 2009


Mr. Wallace needs to be careful of overlooking the obscure, small references that do not seem important. These little pieces are actually quite vital to the story. There is so much that is not spelled out in the story and only inferred. Every time you read the book you find something new that you missed during each of the other times you have read it. These small details show up later in the story or in a later book. For instance, the skull from an archeological dig Dr. (Joe Abernathy?) shows Claire in the 1960s and the murder that takes place in the Voodoo cave in Haiti during the slave revolt in the 1700s. The details from book one show up in later books and vice verse. I cannot tell you the number of times, I had an "oh wow" moment from these stories and had to go back to a previous book and re-read whole sections. One of my favorite things about the books is the Gabaldon Time Travel Theory. Diana makes the time travel seem so real. You can actually believe that time portals exist and are the explanation for the fact that all stories start out "200 years ago" and odd occurances such as a school of fish falling out of the sky in the middle of a desert or why Nessie is only seen in Loch Ness at times. And the details of the medical procedures are outstanding! The loa loa worm!! ugh!

Michele on Jan 2, 2009


Wonderful books! There's definately plenty of intrigue, strategy, battling blood and gore for, um, men to enjoy the movie. Including plenty of tiltillating risque situations.

Conniekat8 on Jan 3, 2009


I can't believe that I have just purchase the whole series AGAIN! I loved them the first time I read them, passed them on to my daughters who are sharing them with each other, then bought them again and gave them to a friend, now find I want to read them again. So, I found a good deal on Amazon and got the whole batch so I can read them while I am snowed in. Guess I had best find a way to keep them this time as I will probably want to re-read them again after the next one is released. What a testament to the wonder of this ongoing saga. I even read the Sir John series, even though I hesitated for reasons best not said here, but was glad I did because Diana made those stories even terrific. Sir John's story is closely woven into Jamie's and Claire's that I felt his own stories had to be read as well. They do fill in a bit more of his history with Jamie, thus making them part of the whole....don't skip them for the reasons I almost did.

Sally on Jan 4, 2009


Oh, more more comment....I do agree with "Maria" in that I believe they should only make Outlander into a movie, and not try to cram the series into one movie...too much story to do it justice. It would pique interest in the other books and thus maybe more movies....just my opinion added to Maria's.

Sally on Jan 4, 2009


NO!!! Roger is almost as tall as Jamie. He has long, thick, almost black hair, and beautiful green eyes. Roger is hansome as hell. Jack Black is so NOT!!! Paul Telfer would make a great Roger. Gerard Bulter for an older Jamie, Minnie Driver for Claire, and Alicia Witt as Brianna.... she's the only one who doesn't need a good natural accent.. she was raised in boston

Rachel on Jan 4, 2009


I am 66 years old, an English major who graduated from Vassar College (which had a VERY snobby, elitist English department when I attended in the early 1960's), a former high school English teacher, a wife of 43 years, a mother of 4 and grandmother of 2. My son's girlfriend introduced me to this series and I absolutely love the first three. For Christmas my son and his girlfriend gave me the remaining three and in addition, I have ordered The Outlandish Companion. The other day I told my husband to be sure to bury me with books, just in case there is a hereafter. My choice would be The Outlander Series! All my choices for the portrayal of Jamie would be too old now!

Joyce Radochia on Jan 5, 2009


My girlfriend tried for years to introduce me to the books as romance. I never bit because I detest romances! However, I was looking for a new adventure book to read and she snuck it in under my radar... short end of the story, I'm absolutely addicted! My husband is constantly asking what's up with those two when he hears me cackling from across the room. He's already decided since he knows so much about these two, he'll be reading the books as well since he's addicted to the story line I keep feeding him. He wants to know what Jamie will do next!

Tammy on Jan 5, 2009


Most most definately Kevin McKidd as Jamie. Just look up his photo on IMDB. As far as the name Jamie sounding too feminine I admit when a saw that the main characters name was Jamie I thought I wouldn't be able to get past that. Believe me the character of James Alexander Malcolm MacKensie Frasier is secure enough in his masculinity to be called Jamie!

Liz on Jan 8, 2009


Roger's green eyes are a key component to the story. Roger must have green eyes. Moss green just like Geilie's.

Michele on Jan 8, 2009


contacts can do that! dye can fix hair. what the characters need are stature and presence! that, the make-up dept can't provide...

Tammy on Jan 8, 2009


I can't see Gerard Butler as Jamie at all... He doesn't even look like Jamie, since according to Diana Gabaldon he is supposed to resemble male supermodel Gabriel Aubrey (without the blond hair of course). Even if you look at Diana's official website, there are pictures of Jamie from the Outlander graphic novel --- and in there he STILL looks nothing like Gerard Butler. Maybe Gerry could play Dougal instead, no?

Shara on Jan 9, 2009


Definitely enough in this series to appeal to both genders. Strong romantic elements, to be sure, but also ABUNDANT historical detail (strong emphasis on 18th century American colonial life, especially in the colony of North far), war, violence, witchcraft, slavery, medical scenes -- although the one scene where Claire sews up the guy's scrotum might have a few men blanching -- farming, hunting, Indians (Mohawk, Tuscarora, Iriquois, Cherokee), political intrigue and espionage, mystery, ghosts, sea-travel and pirates, hidden treasure, naturalism,etc. They're more like (extremely well-researched) historical fiction with a fantasy twist.

Jennifer on Jan 9, 2009


I was never into the Romance kind of novels, especially the historical romances, but my mom convinced me to read the series. The moment I picked up Outlander, I couldn't put it down. While yes it is a romance novel, it is also full of mystery, wonderful historical references, and a fair bit of battleing as well. I fell in love with the characters and the story, and I even got my husband to read the books as well. He is not as in love with them as I am but he found them to be a addicting read. I have always hoped that a movie would be made. Agreeing with many of the readers, you would definetly have to get the movie characters as close to the book characters as possible. You would also have to stick to the book as much as possible. I think that if the movie is done right that it would do extremely well and could appeal to both gender's.

Chelsea on Jan 11, 2009


Diana Gabaldon's book would make a wonderful movie - like Pirates of the Caribbean - action, adventure, romance, humor, war. Something for everyone. But the actors would have to be the right ones and Diana should have say who would play the main characters.

Pamela on Jan 13, 2009


I am so looking forward to this movie! I love the books, I've re-read them 100 times and they have changed my live totally. In every case. I am not only looking forward to know who will be cast but also to the costumes, the landscape, the music (hopefully they get Hans Zimmer to do the music), the food....everything. I personally wouldn't have problems if the movie makers would not keep as close to the book as possible, as long as they manage to capture the feelings, the emotions and as long as they don't mess up with the historical facts. Now, as Robert Pattinson has already been mentioned, I've got to say that he's my favourite for the young Jamie.He has the looks (compare his face to the Jamie in the graphic novel), he has the exact age (hes 22 by now, turning 23 in May) and he's not such a wimp like other men at this age. And he's a very talented actor. Ok, he is not 6'4 but 6'1, but that really doesn't matter, 6'1 is also very tall. For the older Jamie I would love Gerry Butler. He is born for this role, he might not know it though 😉

Lisa on Jan 14, 2009


Hi, although Gerry Butler is really hot and I really like him, Scotland does have more actors than just him. Its a shame that the braveheart guy is involved but at least time its fiction as he went crazy changing the dates and events of scottish history in braveheart. It also annoyed me that it wasn't a scottish actor playing the main role. I would prefer that he wasn't ginger but scottish people aren't that keen on red hair believe it or not. My brother and my dad have read the books and loved them for the history and the action. So I think its a book for both genders. I think she has done a really good job of making it feel authentic and I love the books! From a scottish person

sase8686 on Jan 15, 2009


I can't believe I just read all these comments! I'll try to keep mine short. A couple of things: I too loooove this series and have recently converted 7 more friends, and a brother into fans. Actually it was my other brother who originally told me about this action packed series and I have since last spring read the whole shebang twice. Please don't cast Kiera Knightly in this movie. Oh please. Unknowns would be best. I'd love to see it as a mini-series, or each book as a seperate movie but if you're going to cram the whole saga into 1 picture, I think most fans would agree, don't bother at all. Once you've read the books, you'll know why. I can't wait for the 7th book and can't wait for the movie if it's truly to happen.

johnna on Jan 16, 2009


Okay Everyone!! I just watched "The Duchess" with Keira Knightly. It was a good movie, very accurate historically, but after seeing her act as the duchess I am mortified that I previously thought she would do well as Claire. I want to apologize to everyone for ever saying so. She did this awful thing with her mouth that made look extremely constipated, and it just grated on my nerves through out the entire movie. Outlander is my all time favorite book series, and while I'm excited to see it go to the big screen, I am also horrified that it could be massacred in the making. I love Claire and Jamie, I feel like I know them intimately, It would make me really angry if they were't portrayed accurately.

Rachel on Jan 16, 2009


Really, who should play Caire and Jamie are Anna friel/Demi moore (SIC! ( latin, google it)) and Eric Dane. No doubt about it.

Outiross on Apr 15, 2011


Way to go on labeling the book, by the way. Good job. You have to actually read some of the book to criticize it. So, in answer to that, read "Outlander" because it is not just a "romance novel," though I won't deny that there are a few - ahem - romantic parts. There is also lots of great history in the book, as well as some action. Not to mention that the whole series is written fantastically. Dianna Gabaldon has great diction in all of her novels. But be warned: once you start reading "Outlander" you won't be able to put it down - which is sometimes a bad thing because it is quite a lengthy book.

kay on Jan 17, 2009


I am almost through with the series and I love it! And if love scenes are too "girly" for the guys, they can easily be skipped over...they are about a paragraph each. The rest of the book is awesome fighting and cool history. By the way, I think Kate Winslet would make an awesome Claire, and I'm surprised no one has mentioned her.

Melissa on Jan 17, 2009


I thought of Kate, but she would have to wear contacts. Her eyes are VERY blue, and if you remember, Jamie refers to Claire's eyes as sometimes being the color of whiskey, and sometimes the color of sherry. Claire and Jamie will be difficult to cast. There is no question about that... I only pray that whom ever are chosen to play these parts... will do them a righteous justice!

Rachel on Jan 18, 2009


I did realize that she didn't have the right eye color, but as you said contacts are not very difficult to put someone in. I'm pretty sure its not a good idea to give someone a role based on their eye color. For example, Harry Potter is supposed to have green eyes....its talked about a lot in the book, but Daniel Radcliffe has blue eyes, and for some reason they never put him in contacts....oh well. But yes, it will be a very tough decision to cast them!

Melissa on Jan 18, 2009


Yesterday I went to see DEFIANCE. There's an actress in the movie, named Alexa Davalos, who plays the main guy's girlfriend. As I was watching her I had the thought that she'd be a good Claire. She fits my image of Claire well, at any rate.

Jennifer on Jan 18, 2009


Just have to jump on the "Outlander Express" and agree with so many before me. This story (because all 6 books are one long wonderful story) is an obsession. I have persuaded dozens of friends and coworkers to come along for the ride, and maybe 2 have not become fans, but many, many have. We have enjoyed hours and hours of discussion at work, etc about ALL aspects of the books, philosophical, historical, religious, and most of all the relationships between Jamie and Claire, Jamie and Jack, Jamie and Bree, Jamie and Roger, Claire and Frank...... I'm am, though, not convinced that one feature length film is the way to go. I think a mini-series, or even just a regular series on Sci-Fi, or HBO would be so much better, and more compelling. Also, the audio books are fantastic (although I'm not completely in love with the narrator's interpretation of how Claire speaks, usually to snippy, spiteful, dramatic, and bossy. My Claire is more subtle!) But I love listening to them, its almost as good as a movie, and gets me through a lot of traffic jams. You must read them, even if its only to learn how to "tickle a fish."

Robin on Jan 18, 2009


I too am addicted to these books. And I agree that they are NOT ROMANCE. They are most definately historical and have amazing character development. I have never been more invested in characters from a book as much as I am these characters. I have to admit I am a little scared at the idea of these books becoming a movie. I have seen some many good books made into movies that I hated. I love this story and the characters so much I just don't want to see it messed up. But hey if it is done right, go for it. Just take the time to get it right, please. And Alex, Please read the books before you pass judgement. I don't even think you have the right to write such an article without first knowing what the hell you are talking about. As far as your 'gay' comment, I would like to see you live in the times these books are in and let's just see how strong you are. Nothing about this story is gay. Don't talk crap about something before you research and read, man. And OMG this is nothing like 'Ever After' please no comparison whatsoever! I too had to be convinced to read these books and now that I have I am so glad I did. Read them and join us in our addiction.

Melinda on Jan 23, 2009


Okay, I apologize, Alex did not make the 'gay' comment. That guy Mard did but my comment about it still remains the same.

Melinda on Jan 23, 2009


I have not seen many posts from guys - and I want to let all guys know this series of books is amazing. I am well read and consider this one of the best series of books I have come across. I did find the covers a bit frilly initially but in subsequent editions and reprints they have made them more generic - now I don't cover them up on the plane. Science fiction, historical drama, romance, adventure - not sure you can classify these books. I have read the entire series through twice as well as the Lord John books. My father-in-law, brother and several male work colleagues (I am in the military) have also thoroughly enjoyed the series. Definitely not just romance novels. It will be interesting to see what they do with the screen play though as I don't think you can fit science fiction, historical drama, romance, and adventure into 2 hours. Its a shame the mini-series option expired. Eagerly awaiting Echo in the Bone.

DAVE on Jan 23, 2009


This series is awesome. It's like crack, you can't stop reading. I loved it! I have yet to read a book that a movie portrays with quality. Some stories should be left to the books and I believe that this is one of them. The producers will need someone as passionate as I am about the series to bring it to the big screen; now they have my email address!!!!!

Pam on Jan 23, 2009


Do you still need convincing. I have read the series twice and am on my third go-round so that all will be fresh in my mind when the new book is released. With every reading I pick up something new. I am amazed at how Gabaldon can keep so many details in her brain about each character tying together pieces from previous books, subtle connections. I laugh out loud, I cry, her words, her feel for them, you know them. Now in all honesty the first book is pretty much a chic book, however an excellent one. From that point on I would have to classify the rest of the series as historical fiction. Who ever is cast- it will be a tall order...i don't think any actors can portray the images she has created. Claire and Jamie are two people...we the readers know them. I will say though that I think men should enjoy the story if they get overthemselves. It is similar to Braveheart or Rob Roy with stronger female protagonists that complement the males in the storyline.

Linda on Jan 23, 2009


I think you're beginning to get the idea of how us diehard Gabaldon fans feel about these books. While Braveheart was exciting to watch, I would like to point out that the Outlander series have far more historical accuracy and intrigue for me to think of including them in the same catagory as Braveheart. As far as the actors concerned, I want to agree with Jackie who mentioned Kevin McKidd. I've had a crush on him since he filmed the Rome series. We also know from Rome that he can handle the fights scenes and looks good with a sword! I am however more concerned that the screen writer and director treat the books with respect and follow them as closely as possible. Gabaldon has such a loyal following that any deviance from her storyline will break our hearts.

Juliana on Jan 24, 2009


I don't think I would want to watch any film(s) of these books; I think it would spoil my idea of them all. They would become "ordinary people". I cant think of any actress or actor who would fit the image in my mind and I am not sure I would like any they would choose. The characters are all 'larger than life' and so would be too hard to make realistic. . Somehow the magic would be gone. Also I am sure they would cut out parts - who could blame them, as think how many pages there are in all - so far! It would become - "once over lightly". We are invited into the minds of many of the characters; how could this be portrayed convincingly? Much of the story is in the description, of places, people, facial expressions, thoughts and so on. I fear it could become banal if filmed. I prefer it to stay as the written word, where I can use my imagination. Pat January 25 2009

Pat on Jan 24, 2009


OMG!Ever since the very first time I read these books I have wanted them to make a movie! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!The best books I have ever read! I think the perfect Jamie would be the new red- headed guy on "Greys Anatomy". I think he could do perfect, but I'm not sure about his height...I can't wait for her to write another story! It just can't be the end...

Rebecca on Jan 25, 2009


not that they are the right ages but: Mel Gibson - great Jamie - sadly too old Catherine Zeta Jones - Claire (perfect figure for it (when not on extreme diet) eyes the right colour and has a bit of fire to her character) Reece Witherspoon - Loaghaire (she's spoilt and really annoying and blond and a little pretty - yes perfect!) Live Tyler - Briana (Stron build, strong woman and can do spoilt brat - though I recall that Diana Gabaldon did not seem to think she had written Briana as spoilt.) Ok I know they aren't the right ages or anything but those are my picks. (so please don't write and tell me they are the wrong ages ok) Thouroughly agree with the comment about the makers of the Tudors being a good choice for making a TV mini series - a film woudl be wonderful but would probably fall way short fo doing justice to the books. I think if men took the time to read these books they would really get into them. But of course most won't. Shame, they are missing a good read.

Gabaldon Fan on Jan 25, 2009


Absolutely love the series. Any movie is better with Johnny Depp

teacher lady on Jan 25, 2009


NOOO!!!! Alex, Please do not ruin this story with Liv Tyler, Mel Gibson, or Catherine Zeta Jones.... I will not see it. I will boycott! Jamie and Claire deserve SOOO Much more! Better! Newer!!! and Reece Witherspoon as Loaghaire? I just threw up! And there is no place in this story for Johnny Depp! I appreciate all of the before named talent, but NOT for Outlander! Outlander is a first class story. There is just nothing... NOHING! that even comes close! It's deserves the BEST, and this time that means original, new and fresh talent. It is almost imperative that the actors scottish, and english. By that I mean from England! and Scotland! Accent is very important to feel of this story. I'm beginning to regret that I ever even got involved on this board! Alex, either make the movie or don't, but read the freakin' book before you decide, it's an amazing story, and it will change your life!

Rachel on Jan 25, 2009


RELAX RACHEL! I just saw Inkheart and Paul Bettany is an excellent actor. I could see him in a supporting role-don't think he is quite Jamie. Jamie is going to be a difficult part to cast. He is so integral to the story and very mutifaceted.

teacher lady on Jan 25, 2009


And Rachel-Catherine Zeta Jones is Welsh-very close to Scottish.

teacher lady on Jan 25, 2009


I loved the Outlander series. I think it will make a great 'Adventure' movie. One who has not read the series, should not comment. True there is some romance, but there is also history and adventure.....

Denyse Marchand on Jan 26, 2009


Outlander and thesubsequent series is by far he best series of books i have ever read - please do not put in any americans doing attempted english or scottish accents - we do have actors in britain!!!!!! save the americans for when they go to the "new world". Jamie and Claire are very special characters and it will take exceptional actors to do them justice. Jamie has red hair, please make sure that he does and that it isn`t just a bad red wig!!! Harry Potter was made very true to the books - even a lot of the dialogue was as it was written in the books so we know it can be done - if the film is not going to be true to the books then please don`t bother as it will be a bitter disapointment!

nichola ward on Jan 26, 2009


Greetings Alex, Your have collected a huge number of positive opinions from the female side. Very sparse response from guys. So let me tell you this guy's point of view. I'm pushing sixty and married for over 30 years. I was introduced to the Outlander by the nurses, in my office, about three years ago. I have since read the entire series and despite Barnes & Noble's insistence on placing the novels in their romance section, they all read very well in several other categories. There are some situations that may disturb some "true men", but but in the context of movies, can be editied out without disrupting the major story line. I feel that a movie, done with native speaking actors/actresses, would do very well on both sides of the Atlantic, and may have a good theatrical run like the Harry Potter series. I agree with Nichola Ward, American actors can wait for the episode when Jamie & Clair ship out to the west side of the pond. Steve in Vancouver, Washington

Steve Engard on Jan 28, 2009


I have to agree with all the other British and Scottish actors and actresses need to be playing the roles and leave the American roles to the only one of the comments I have read did I see mention of Rob Roy...has anyone thought of Liam Neeson for an older Jamie...

Heather on Jan 28, 2009


I have read all the books over time. Just finished the 6th. I was thinking, I wish HBO or Showtime would get involved in a series. I feel that a series could capture the material better then a movie. Each novel being a new season. Like the Tudors on Showtime blood, sex, action, the details of motive in character decisions. I hate the way Hollywood chops the life out a good novel. Its hard to capture a true love in a novel to film. It went badly in the new movie twilight. Bella and Edward on film looked like they had a staring problem. Good luck hollywood! This crowd will be waiting to see a perfect red haired scott, and a wisky eyed english woman.

bethany on Jan 29, 2009


I have read all the books over time. Just finished the 6th. I was thinking, I wish HBO or Showtime would get involved in a series. I feel that a series could capture the material better then a movie. Each novel being a new season. Like the Tudors on Showtime blood, sex, action, the details of motive in character decisions. I hate the way Hollywood chops the life out a good novel. Its hard to capture a true love in a novel to film. It went badly in the new movie twilight. Bella and Edward on film looked like they had a staring problem. Good luck hollywood! This crowd will be waiting to see a perfect red haired scott, and a wisky eyed english woman. !!!!

bethany on Jan 29, 2009


Ok, Hollywood. This movie has to be treated as a series. HBO, could do this correctly. If Hollywood want to do a movie it deserves to be a series as well. Something like "Lord Of The Rings" What makes these books work like they do is simply the intelligence of Dianna Gabaldon, She has uselful degrees that taught her good reserch skills. This plus her prior writting background have given her some great writting skills. I'm a picky reader, I want my author to get the facts right. I won't read a "fluff" romantic story at all. Most read like spun suger. D.gabaldon is simply very talented with getting her facts right. Claires Abilty's with herbs are no joke. They are correct. All of the Galic is also right on. The battles read true to history. Its these backbones that allow Cllaire and Jamie to move freely through their time frames. I agree with other readers who say these parts must be played by Scotch Actors or at least English. Plus, they must be belivable in their roles. No well knowen american actors PLEASE! I wouldn't enjoy seeing the same old actors play these importaint roles at all. Please care for this saga.

Victoria on Jan 30, 2009


Dear Alex, An importaint Fact to remember is that the Outlander series is listed as NonFiction. This is due to the actual history and the correct useage of many true items in the books.

Victoria on Jan 30, 2009


I've always pictured Claire as someone similar looking to Keri Russell. Jamie is harder. I have a picture of him in my head but he doesn't look like anyone I've seen before. Maybe similar to Jonathan Rhys Meyers but a lot taller. Anyway, can't wait for the movie; but I doubt it will be able to do the books justice. Can't wait for the next book (September release I believe). Yay!!! Go Diana - you rock!

Kerri on Jan 30, 2009


This book and the others in this series are NOT romance novels-these books are historical fiction at its best mixed with fantasy (time travel), different aspects of religion-Catholic to "witchy" stuff-mystical- you have to read the book/books to understand-and I promise you guys-IF the movies are made like the book-you will enjoy them. Lots of battles/wars---blood 🙂 There is romance mixed in BUT that is not the main thread of the books. I read lots of books. I read your typical "romance" novels and this is NOTHING like that. So much adventure and mystery-so much going on. Just read or you can download the books on or itunes.

shana on Jan 31, 2009


Its got to be totaly new faces, native country-accents. from my view point, I woun't want to see the actors from showtime's tudor production. They don't do anything for me that says Possible Highlander or Possible Claire. Perhaps in the role of Randall, but thats about it. When The powers that be go looking for Actors, I hope, They consider that Claire is not a teen or early Adult. she has a background. She has lived a bit and been through a war already as a battlefield nurse. She's been around and is not some starry eyed child. We need a real womanly woman who has the brains and guts to survive where ever she lands. Sort of a loving-bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, while loving her man type woman. If they don't get Claire and Jamie right there is no hope for the rest of the actors playing other roles. To Lisa post#129 I agree! He's got a good face with a bit of mistchif in his eyes... Quite possible. What does he sound like I wonder?

VJM on Feb 1, 2009


Although I loved Robert Pattinson as Edward in "Twilight," I think that is where he belongs. It would be too hard to imagine him as Jamie when he has made such a statement as Edward Cullen. But, definintely native actors-not Americans acting as Scots or Brits.

teacher lady on Feb 1, 2009


please,please,please,don't mess with this series of books. there is absolutely no one in hollywood who could possibly play claire or jamie. i have this picture in my mind of both claire and jamie, and i know hollywood will screw the whole thing up. there is no way a movie could possibly come close to bringing out the beauty of these books. just leave it alone,and i will keep my imagination intact, and lose myself in the wonderful world of claire and jamie that diana gabaldon has created. and no, liam neeson could not possibly play jamie

gail smith on Feb 2, 2009


Well, who's afraid of having their imagination destroyed simply shouldn't watch the movie. IMO a movie only adds another dimension to a book, it doesn't has to destroy the personal imagination. And there are alot of people who want these series made into movies, me included, to see how it works on the big screen. And isn't the production company an independent company? As far as I know they are not ''Hollywood''. And even if they were it doesn't mean that the movie will be bad. You should't judge the book from the cover.

Lisa on Feb 2, 2009


By the way, does anybody know about the proceedings? Spring is coming closer and there haven't been any news about the movie since october/november.

Lisa on Feb 2, 2009


Outlander has been optioned before; there is no guarantee that the movie will ever happen. I agree with Gail somewhat. I have not seen any actor that is even close to what Diana Gabaldon's description of Jamie is. They are either too old or not near the right size. Remember Jamie can be seen by Claire across a room by his height so any other men cast would have to be 3-4 inches shorter than Jamie. A small detail, yes, but too many novels adapted into movies have failed IMO to catch the essence of the novel. My favorite movie is Gone With The Wind but the book was not followed that closely i.e. Scarlett was not a pretty girl, Vivien Leigh was gorgeous. In the book, Scarlett has one child with each husband etc. Minute detail, yes but to some readers, detractions none the less. The same can be said for most of the movies made. I will most likely see the movie if ever made but Hollywood or independent filmmakers will be looking at the bottom line not at the loyal readers. Diana Gabaldon has no say in this venture and I think the movie may suffer because of one knows these characters better than her. Outlander has been optioned not the rest of the books FYI.

Juanita on Feb 2, 2009


Has anyone considered Alex Kingston for Claire? I always thought of her as beautiful, her hair is long and brown. As to the colour of her eyes, I'm not sure. Did anyone see her in Mol Flanders? As for Jamie, I'm sure the highlands are full of talented young foxes who would fit the bill. There is just no one discovered yet who can play the part as I see Jamie in my mind.

Ruth on Feb 2, 2009


Alex, it's VERY obvious that you haven't read it, or any of the rest of the series. Catch up, guy!

Kris Edmonds on Feb 5, 2009


I am currently reading book 3 of the series. And I can't get enough! I have had several friends try to persuade me for years to read these novels. I don't know what I was waiting for! Jaime and Claire have a fascinating relationship. I love that Claire and Jaime save each other in so many ways, physically and emotionally. It's never one sided. They can both stand on their own as strong characters yet at the same time they grow so much stronger though each other. I don't think a 2 hour film will show this. I think the Outlander series would only work as a TV series (like the Tudors on HBO where they can stay true to the core of the book). As for all the actors mentioned, I agree that when I envision Jack Randall I think of Jason Issacs. I thought of Gerald Butler in more of the role of Dougal. As for Jaime and Claire, I think they would have to be unknowns. Jaime will be impossible to cast right. He has to be young (early 20s), very tall, strikingly handsome, and be a very versatile actor (witty, dramatic, romantic, and athletic). The interactions between Jaime and Randall are brutally intense. Only a very talented actor will be able to pull this off. If Robert Pattenson plays Jaime, I will cry! Not a good cry... but a cry of despair...

Anne on Feb 6, 2009


I'm so bummed they are making a movie out of this. I love this series so much, and a mere 2 hours can never cover book one. Please- none of those damn Twilight kids! *gag*

Trisha on Feb 6, 2009


Well , as a man I can say with out any hesatation this set of story's are worth the lenthy read. After finding the first one on the street and reading the first chapter I was hooked. What a fantastic adventure I was taken on. Suspence .YES. Thrills and chills. YES. if you like war guts and history, read the books. If you like Clive Clussler , REDA THE BOOKS. If youget by the so called romancs of the book you will love it. My other books were found in the action and adventure sections of my local book store. Best read I have had in a verry long time. I also learned some history to boot. To think I hatted History. Thanks Diana Gabaldon for the great READ. Bill H.

Bill on Feb 8, 2009


I just looked up Gabriel Aubry since someone mentioned Diana Gabaldon said that's who Jamie looks like. All I have to say is WOW! Definitely a good choice. Cast him immediately, and if he can't act, get Sawyer from Lost. They kind of look the same to me. I loved the one person's descriptions of the funny characters from the books. I liked some of the historical references too, like the Jewish coin dealer from Germany who told them his family went by the name of "Red Shield" since they weren't allowed surnames. When Claire asked Jamie how you say Red Shield in German, it turned out it's Rothchild. With Ms. Gabaldon's penchant for research, you know that has to be a true story. I'm a little bummed that HBO didn't pick it up for a miniseries, but I'm very happy it's going to be made into a movie. Whether it's great or not, at least people will know the story when I mention my favorite books.

Cindy on Feb 9, 2009


I've always seen Sawyer from Lost (Josh Holloway) as Stephen Bonnet.

ivylass on Feb 9, 2009


Maybe Sawyer from the first season, but now he's such a softie I just can't picture it. I never really thought of Sawyer as Jamie, but he does look a bit like the male model the author likened to Jamie, the guy named Gabriel Aubry. Google it, the guy is hot! I just thought if that guy can't act, then Sawyer would be a good stand-in.

Cindy on Feb 9, 2009


I too have read and re-read these amazing books. I am also not convinced that a single movie can do these books justice. I agree a mini series on HBO or Showtime would be much more appropriate. As for who to play these roles, no question for me it would be Gerard Butler and Kate Winslet. Butler has the accent, body and most importantly the height. Jamie is quite tall and all the other actors mentioned above are under six feet. Won't do. As for you Alex, all I can say is don't judge a book by it's so-called cover. Don't judge unless you have read. We are all challenging you to read at least the first one. I know you will be convinced after reading it and I can guarantee that you will be hooked.

Patricia on Feb 10, 2009


I have read EVERY book and LOVE them!! I got them from my boss and now I also have my mother, brother and sister-in-law hooked. I would pay big bucks to see them made, tastefully, into a mini-series. There's no way Jamie and Claire's story fits into a 2-3 hour movie. Oh, and guys would also love it. There is so much history involved. Someone mentioned Gerard Butler as Jamie - all I have to say is "YEAH, BABY"!!!!!!!

Angie on Feb 14, 2009


I'm more interested in who's directing than in who stars. Danny Boyle's my choice.

Jen on Feb 15, 2009


If you liked Braveheart, you will love a well made Outlander. This story could make an exceptional movie and because there is so much material, it could take place in Scotland or the America Colonies or both.

Beth on Feb 15, 2009


Just saw "Taken" and agree that Liam Neeson would make a great older Jamie. If make up and special effects can make Brad Pitt age from 90 to 17 (Benjamin Button), then perhaps Liam could play the younger Jamie also. I think he has the size, face and heritage for it...

Beth on Feb 15, 2009


James MacAvoy might be good, but too short. Really, though, this series should appeal to men as much as women if all the historical info is included in the movie(s) to the extent that it is in the books. Also, my husband thought these books were just more 'bodice-rippers' until he went with me to see Diana Gabaldon speak about her latest book in the series, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. After she spoke, answered questions, and gave a reading from the latest, my husband said "She should be the next president!" and then decided that he'd like to read the Outlander books. We were doing a lot of road trips at that time, so he drove and I read aloud to him. We've come to the place where Jamie, Claire and the other main characters in the books are almost like real people to us. We care about them and talk about them, speculate about them and what they'll be doing next, etc. Understand: my husband is a lawyer (as am I), very analytical, likes to fix things, like toasters and cuckoo clocks and anything electronic and, and, and.... He's no goofy romantic, but he loves this story, these books, these characters. He also loves fast action movies, not romantic comedies, and he's looking forward to these books becoming movies, too, as long as it's done right!

Lisa on Feb 16, 2009


I had to laugh when reading the comment from a man about how many women get "glazed over" talking about Jamie. As a "gay woman" who hasn't an ounce of patience for a bodice-ripper/happy ever after romance, I got hooked on these books without being inclined to glaze or sigh over Jamie. The audiobook is superb. It's the story, the writing, the characterization, the settings, the plot... sometimes they are gory and grim, but all in the service of the story. One scene of violent physical abuse in Outlander almost turned me off the book, but it was well worth staying with the book to see how the people involved eventually worked it out, and how one later on came to understand something about another's action when there was more information available. That's what's lacking in most books, I think - the characters rarely work out the difficult material, or come to understand one another and themselves in different ways over time. When Gabaldon sets up a violent situation, she works it out in complex ways that add dimensions to the characters rather than didactically saying "this character is like x or thinks y". 99% of my recreational books are from the mystery/suspense/thriller genre, and I recommend this highly to others who like that genre. This book defies the pigeonholing preferred by marketers. As a result, it's miraculous that the first one ever made it to print.

holly on Feb 17, 2009


Hello, I am currently involved in a discussion in the Amazon historical romance community and Outlander has been a popular contender for best historical romance ever read, one thing led to another and inquiries were made about if it was a movie or not and then I found this discussion so now I really really really really want to read this book and can't wait to start envisioning who I think should be in it. But I like the suggestion that it be an HBO series so that more can be delved into.

Scarlett on Feb 17, 2009


I've always thought that Liam Neeson should play Dougal. He's just got that look of Dougal! As for Jamie I think that Gerard Butler is a leading contender, Jack Randall (Boo Hiss!!) The Tudors fella can't remember his name, Lord John Grey Orlando Bloom Claire I think Kate Winselt's got the strength of character tough but gentle. Can't wait for the new book - I'm reading and re-reading the whole series for the umpteenth time.

Belfast Sheila on Feb 19, 2009


I don't understand how you can say you never read the books and yet want to make a movie from them. You cannot capture everything on film unless you actually know what the books are about. It's not just romance. I've read the books twice and will probably re read them again until book 7 and 8 come out. Making a movie of this series of books might not work. Too much would have to be removed to fit the time line of a possible 3 hr movie. I say make it a series. If you decide to make it into a movie then you need to read the books. Although the movie would probably be a big disappointment because so much would be left out. I have to agree that Liam Neeson would make a fantastic older Jamie. Henry Ian Cusick also could play Jamie from the series LOST. Or Josh Holloway from LOST also. I have trouble reading, but when I got a hold of these books I could not put them down. I read them on the bus on the way to work, on my lunch breaks and breaks. I cried and laughed while many people looked on while I was on the bus. I've never enjoyed books until now. I never had the attention span to sit long enough to read them and would give up and put the books away, but these books I would have no trouble reading a third time. Please do justice to these books if you make a movie or a series from them.

Theresa from Canada on Feb 20, 2009


I enjoyed the entire series...and my husband read them as well. There is an unbelievable love story contained in the books, but the historic aspects make them great. I am apprehensive to see them made into a movie. I was upset with the Lord of the Rings trilogy because the things that I think are important to the plot are not always important to the screenwriter and/or the producer.

Amanda on Feb 20, 2009


Does anyone have any recent news about "our" Outlander Movie. Does anyone have any tidbits of news. If someone knows something about it that is factual, I know the rest of us want to hear it!

VJM on Feb 20, 2009


Wow, not sure if I was insulted or encouraged. Still looking forward to reading Outlander but sticking to other forums. Hope it all goes how everyone would like.

Scarlett on Feb 20, 2009


If ypu are refering to me, I can assure you my comment has nothing to do with yours or anyone's individual comments. The "our" outander simply refers to everyone who loves the Outlander series. As far as asking for tidbits of news. That's because the Adam guy says its going to be made, You Tube has selected cuts which some are saying come from the movie. Yet, we still don't really know much about who is playing which roles for sure. I was just asking if anyone knew any more details. Reading this list is heart-warming for me because Its good to see so many others who love Dianna's work as much as I do. My message did not refer to yours. However, my husband loves the LOTR books about the movie he just says "well it would be tough for anyone to put LOTR on film. I sorta feel the same about Outlander. The best we can hope for would truly be a series. Peace and good will to you.

VJM on Feb 20, 2009


i have just watched P.S I love u with Gerard Butler - and having also watched him in in 300 and rocknrolla i can honestly say that i think he would be a perfect jamie, ok he doesn`t have the perfect bone structure or the slanting eye, but he does have the height and the build and he can play sentiment, emotional, caring, threatening, hard - nut characters as well - al of these things are what makes Jamie Fraser such an interesting and captivating attractive character to read - he is also scottish which is absolutely essential!!! (no dodgy accents please!) as for claire i have yet to see someone that wold do her justice - kate winslet maybe - rachel weisz definitely not! no offence to her but i just don`t see it myself, now if they wanted an additional love interest for jamie - one with red hair like his maybe, then i would be perfect - ha ha!!!

nichola ward on Feb 22, 2009


Oh I totally agree with Kate Winslet as Claire. And I think Dougray Scott could play either Dougal or Colum McKenzie. I have seen many posts that say that Kate Beckinsale would make a good Claire, but she is too thin. Claire was a "curvy" woman, and Jamie often mentioned how much he loved her "nice wide behind". Lord John Grey was only a boy of 16 when he first met Jamie, but he grew along with the story, so it would have to be someone who is young, but could be aged with makeup. What about Michele Phieffer for the "witch" Roger Mac's mother... and Scarlett Johannsen as Leoghaire... I hadn't really considered many of these, but now I am intrigued! I have been planning to re-read the series again, now I will have to see who I come up with for the characters! I'VE GOT IT! I can play the part of Claire! LOL! (I wish...)

Rita on Feb 22, 2009


I just thought of someone else for Claire. Her name is Claire Forlani and she was the medical examiner in the first few seeasons of CSI:NY and also plays Sean Connery's daughter in The Rock...

Melissa on Feb 22, 2009


I absolutely love this series, and I'm glad to see everybody else loves it too! I was on IMDB and I typed in Outlander and that sci-fi Viking film that came out recently was listed, but there was also another Outlander option that said it was coming out in 2011. I dunno if it's Diana Gabaldon's Outlander or just another one, but you have to have IMDB pro to look at it further, and alas, I do not.

Julie on Feb 23, 2009


Anyone who has had the pleasure of watching great stories coming to life on screen (small or big) such as Rome or Deadwood, Braveheart or Rob Roy will love this series and I have high hopes for the film. It is a story that cannot be pigeonholed into one genre, which is why it is a bit misleading to say its a romance, sci-fi, historical fiction, action/adventure...that's because it is all of them! Lots of sex, violence, political intrigue, and an exciting historical backdrop with jarring dialog...the series defies convention and I wait with bated breath for the film adaptation.

Jen on Feb 24, 2009


Having just started reading the series with Outlander, the images of how I see Claire and Jamie are fresh for me. But I can honestly say that as soon as Jamie was described and spoke a few lines (well written dialect--you can hear these characters talking in their brogue or accent or whatever you call it), I immediately thought of Kevin McKidd. He is Scottish, has the correct build (though not as tall at 6'1"), right complexion, and could certainly fight convincingly (just watch Rome if in doubt). I don't think he's classically attractive, but he is still appealing, which is more how I read Jamie. Cast next to a shorter than 5'6" actress to play Claire, he would be plenty imposing. Additionally, he is a few years younger than Gerard Butler, which puts him a bit closer to Jamie's age. I laugh/cringe at the thought of Rob Pattinson playing this formidable character--so completely different from his vampire Edward Cullen, who he plays well. As for Claire, it's much more difficult to identify someone who has her physical attributes (the ones that can't be faked convincingly--Keira Knightly HAH!) and could be believably complex on screen. I don't think Rachel Weisz is a bad suggestion, but I would be totally okay with someone new. Sadly, I know the movie(s) will never be as good as the book(s), but it's still fun to see a great story on the screen. I haven't even finished the first book, but I'm already looking forward to many more weeks of reading this series!

Karen on Feb 24, 2009


I totaly agree with you Karen. I wish you lots of wonderful adventures as you read the Outlander series. order or pick up somewhere the Outlander Companion just as soon as you can. It really helps to have the O.C. near by as your reading through the Series. The O.C is sort of a enyclopida for all things Outlandish 🙂

VJM on Feb 24, 2009


OOPs I hit a wrong key to have my message sent before I was really done writting. I just wanted to add that I agree with Kevin Mc Kidd being a fine choice for Jamie. He is at an age where a little time in the Make-up chair could make him look very young or old. His Body is just right, Which we know from watching ROME on HBO. I bleive his acting skills are top knoch. He is now playing a E.R Doctor on Gray's Anatomy His range as an actor knows no bounds. Clair, Oh, Clair... They have to get her done perfeclty since the whole project hinges on her. Sharp, smart glowing personality. Able to comfort those in need as well as fight off evil doers. Physicaly warm and round. Claire is a very speical woman and her daughter Breianna has gifts from both her parents. Lets not forget Breianna.

VJM on Feb 24, 2009


The movie option is for "Outlander" only so there would be no Brianna as of yet. I personally cant see Kevin McKidd as Jamie but that being said, if the actor who plays Jamie is 6'1 then the majority of the other male actors would have to be around 5'9-5'10 since Claire can always spot Jamie in a crowd because he is so much taller than most men of the time. These minute details are things that will most likely not be considered and that is why I am a little leery about the making of the movie but it has been optioned before and nothing came of it. I myself have yet to think of an actor or actress that would come close to what I think Jamie and Claire look like. The majority of actors mentioned are waay too old IMO. I finally saw a picture of Robert Pattinson and I personally dont think he would be anywhere near what Jamie would look like. Either way many will be disappointed by the producers choices and then this lovely discussion can continue.

Juanita on Feb 24, 2009


The guy from Grey's Anatomy is named Kevin McKidd....he's very big, very Scottish, and he was my first thought for Jamie too.REDA THE BOOKS GUYS! you might like it.

Susan on Feb 25, 2009


The guy from Grey's Anatomy is named Kevin McKidd....he's very big, very Scottish, and he was my first thought for Jamie too.READ THE BOOKS GUYS! you might like it.

Susan on Feb 25, 2009


I'm a straight guy (no prejudice whatsoever of any sort, though), no soppy stories fan (believe me), way into middle-age (no crises up to now), and... I love this series. Enjoyable blend of historical research, romance, and action, with superb notes of style. pace, and descriptive technique. Diana Gabaldon is awesome !! I REALLY think no one should bash it before reading it. BTW, I was surprised to know she's a true scientist in quantitative ecology, complete with a post-doctoral degree and a period as editor of a scientific magazine in her curriculum. How can a single person manage to do so many things ?????

Osmar on Feb 26, 2009


Oh, and I was very glad to know that a movie may be coming along.

Osmar on Feb 26, 2009


Alex, I've been following the posts on this website for better than 5 months now, everytime someone posts here I get it directly to my home email. What I really want to know at this juncture is.... what is happening? Are you making the movie or what? I'd like to know so that if you aren't.... then I can let it go, and if you are.... I can anxiously await the premier. It's the not knowing that's killing me. You have the comments, advice and anticipation of a good 150 fans (some have posted more than once), We are all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for confirmation. Is there any chance we might get that anytime soon? I'm beginning to feel you've been teasing us and it just isn't right! Thank you for your time, Rachel

Rachel on Feb 26, 2009


To Beth and those who read this post. Yes, your right. If we liked Braveheart we will like this production. Also, look to the stars in 2011 theaters...hopefully. I think considering that I really liked Braveheart (with excptions on dress etc.) I am going to like Outlander. The Powers that be should be trusted fairly well to follow the Outlander saga.

VJM on Feb 26, 2009


Alex, If you remain unconvinced, let me explain. The Superbowl is men playing ball on the grass. The Shelby Cobra is a sub-compact car. Notre Dame is a church. Kobe beef is dead cow. The pyramids at Giza are a cemetery. The Outlander is a romance novel.

lkwl on Feb 27, 2009


OUTLANDER IS SOOOO MUCH MORE THAN A ROMANCE NOVEL...... Romance is just ONE of the MANY different genre's that this book falls under!

Rachel on Feb 27, 2009


Iklw have you actually read the book because i`m damn sure that my idea of romanc is not being attacekd in the woods by a perverted warped individual - nor is it being taken against my will by a bunch of men!!!!! obviously you have different ideas to me - mm strange. oh and by the way,sarcastic "wit" about these books will not be well received!!!!

nichola ward on Feb 27, 2009


Ikwl have you actually read the book because i`m damn sure that my idea of romanc is not being attacekd in the woods by a perverted warped individual - nor is it being taken against my will by a bunch of men!!!!! obviously you have different ideas to me - mm strange. oh and by the way,sarcastic "wit" about these books will not be well received!!!!

nichola ward on Feb 27, 2009


Ikwl, I agree with Nichola, that kind of comment will not be well received! These books have amazing plot and character development. You need to stop trying to put everything in a neat little box, Outlander does not fit into a box. It stands on its own. It has so much in it you cannot lable it just one thing.

Melinda on Feb 27, 2009


ok everybody, i took LKWL's comment to mean that its not just a romance novel...the superbowl is not just guys playing on the grass, notre dame is not just a church, the pyramids are not just a cemetary, they are all so much more. yes they may technically be classified as such but that doesn't even come close to describing all the things they mean and all the intricate parts that make them up. Just like outlander. yes, it may sometimes be classified as "romance" but to do so is to take away all the other parts of it and everything else it stands for.

Melissa on Feb 27, 2009


Currently into my second reading of the Outlander series, anxiously awaiting "Echos" this fall (hoping!!) Pleased to see that there may actually be a visual media for all the fans out here & even more encouraged to see that someone who worked on Braveheart and Pearl Harbor is on the project. I have to say that the visual writings in the book, expanding on history, truely gave an honest feel to the book and allowed me to see not only the story but what it may have actually felt like to someone who was out-placed (Claire). I found Braveheart to not only be a movie felt, but also seen by its beautiful cinematography of the Highlands (I know I enjoyed the landscapes in LOTR!)...I can only hope that they do as wonderful a job with Outlander! I found the books very broad (in an excellent way!) in emotional experience; enjoying the storyline and the inclusion of the variety of people, even if they seemed minor, still had an impact to the entire story. This is, afterall, what life and history tend to involve. I know my only regret in it being made a movie, is that so much will need to be cut from the story to keep it down to the required time (and yes! Even just to do one book at a time into a movie!) If there are any strings to be pulled, would LOVE to see it done as a HBO or Showtime mini-series....lots of episodes(!!!) as they have done with Rome and Tudors. I will refrain from my own opinions of who should play the parts (look at LOTR, Braveheart and Pearl...can you imagine anyone else playing those key roles as well??). They will never look quite as I envision them, but with the people I see already placed on the project, I am sure my vision will adapt.

Linda on Feb 27, 2009


For those of you awaiting "An Echo in the Bone".... Release date is September 22, 2009

RTS on Feb 27, 2009


According to Diana Gabaldon's website, she does not know when the book will be published. Amazon is reporting September but she says she would certainly know before them so we will have to see.

Juanita on Feb 27, 2009


Melissa - I'm so glad to see that SOMEBODY understood the irony in my comment. Thank you. LOL! OK, for the rest of you: Of course I have read them. Put on your thinking caps, kids. Read Melissa's comment, #180, and stop being so darned touchy. Lighten up, readers. We're just chatting about a book here. Yikes.

lkwl on Feb 27, 2009


In case you have trouble with the Library of Congress link, here's how Outlander is categorized there: Subjects: Time travel --Fiction. Culloden, Battle of, Scotland, 1746 --Fiction. Jacobite Rebellion, 1745-1746 --Fiction. Scotland --History --18th century --Fiction. Form/Genre: Historical fiction. gsafd Fantastic fiction. gsafd War stories. gsafd

lkwl on Feb 27, 2009


I LOVE, LOVE these books. I have read each of them many times and am very excited to hear Outlander may become a movie, but they are going to have to be very careful not to screw it up. It is a long, very detailed book, and I am afraid to much will be cut out of the movie. Also, I believe they should not use any well known actors. I think they should be unknowns, so I personally would not be placing them, in my head, in previous roles. I would prefer Claire and Jamie to be completely their own. I have read these books so many times they have become like family and have them pictured as to how I think they look, and a well known actor would not fit the bill.

Jamie on Feb 28, 2009


I was never much of a reader until one day I was bored at my grandmothers house and picked up the book by Diana called Outlander. I read the first book about 16 years ago and never finished the second book. I always read them at my grandmothers house while visiting her, and she would not part from them. She died and the two books she had were lost. At that time Diana had only written three of her now six book series. For a while I had forgotten about the books. Until recently. I started to have time to read again. I remembered the story I read so long ago, but not the title or author. I asked my mother, who does nothing but read, but she could not recall the book. She told me my grandmother always read romance novels, by authors such as Nora Roberts. I at first did not think of this book as a romance novel, and quickly discarded the idea. I'll never find it again, I thought. For 10 years I have wanted to find this book. About 1 year ago I waited on a man reading a book at the resturant I work in and talked to him about the book I had read so long ago. To my incredible suprise he knew of the book. But he could not remember the title or the author except the last name started with G. At this point I started asking anyone who read. Two weeks ago I discovered a women reading Nora Roberts, and remembering my mothers words about authors my grandmother read I told her about the book I was looking for. She said she had not read the book personally but new her husband had. She called her husband for me and he gave me the authors name. The second I got home I looked her up on my computer, and there was my book. The #1 bestselling romance novel of all time. And It took, (two men) to help me find it again. Now tell me men will not enjoy the movie. I could only find men who read the book. i am currently enjoying the acclaimed series. PS Rachel Weis should Play Claire and the Randalls should all have Dark eyes. And Jaimie should not have facial hair the entire movie, only in the beginning to look rough. Not mean. He needs to look gentle.

cindy sharp on Mar 4, 2009


Bravo! I enjoyed your story. It was so good you read Outlander at your Grandmothers and were finnaly able to re-find them again. The series will be a connection for you:) I started reading the books when Outlander was out as a new book. Now, my Son who was just a baby at that time, has a daughter. That makes me a first time Grandma, waiting on the next book, and the first movie in the series.

Movie Information on Mar 6, 2009


I was introduced to the Outlander series years ago, and absolutely fell in love with it! My girlfriend at the time and I would read them, and I had a blast using different accents to bring the book more to life. I never saw the series as a 'romance' novel. I was struck by the history, and would try to picture in my mind the characters and places. I have never been able to put any living person to Jamie, but have always seen Claire as Jane Seymour. Don't know if she could pull off the younger Claire (well, I know she could, but would it be believable in a movie), but I still think she could do well as the series moves on. I'm looking forward to seeing it on the big screen, but agree to do it justice, the film makers need to take their time, cast it right, and spend the money needed to ensure success.

TJaime on Mar 9, 2009


I totally agree about Jane Seymour for the part of Claire. I had always pictured her in that part, with some make-up and hair "adjustments" that is. Very good idea!

Sally on Mar 9, 2009


Jane Seymour?????????????? Maybe for the last movie in the series. She is far too old.

RVM on Mar 9, 2009


It boggles my mind how much importance y'all place on casting. Directing's the thing with movies, just like writing is the thing with books. A movie poster does not a movie make any more than a character sketch makes a book. Even if you had the perfect script and perfect actors and actresses--they embody every last detail you've ever imagined-- if you get a director that can't match Gabaldon's pace or juggle her story arcs, you will wind up with an unwatchable movie and a nice poster-- and we've already got that on the front of the books.

Jen on Mar 10, 2009


Jen: Sorry if it upsets you that a LOT of us here care about WHO portrays the characters in this wonderful saga. It is our perogative to hope that they are done well by the dirctors etc. No matter how the directing etc is done, if the actors fall flat, the story does as well. Think about it before you yell at people here who care very much how the actors look and "act". No one wants to see soap opera "stars" in these parts, so we care very,very much WHO plays the parts. ok?

Sally on Mar 10, 2009


..and yes,RVM, JANE SEYMOUR would be perfect....after all, Claire is NOT a teenager in this saga, but a grown women even in at the outset, she is a nurse, a wife and fully adult. As for making her look younger than her present age, makeup artists can work wonders....think of "The Joker" and other fantastic art works in the movies. Yes, to Jane Seymour! But, in the final analysis, none of our input will matter, the makers of this saga if it is ever done will do as they please and we either like it, hate it, refuse to watch it, are disappointed when (not if) all of the characters to live up to our individual visions we already have in our minds, or just decide to accept it knowing it can never,ever be as good as Diana wrote it. Agreed?

Sally on Mar 10, 2009


Calm down Sally, I'm not a Seymour fan. I sort of see Claire possibley looking something like Kate Walsh. Kate is at a perfect in-between age. She could play Claire for a very long time. Thats a strong advantage since we are looking at a series of movies over the next several years. I'm not even sure if Jane S. is still doing movies. Is she? Im only aware of her short commercial for Zales being out currently. So far I'm quite pleased with Essental Entertainment's choices. T hey have put Outlander on to the "fast Track" thats great news for us die hard Outlander fans. The writters they annouced are Dianna Gabaldon, (Herself) and Randlall Wallace. We all adore Dianna so nothing need to be said, She is our Gold Standard. We can also be very proud E.E. selected Mr. Wallace as well. Wallace did Braveheart for the screen as well as the Rose and other very well done movies. He's a top writter for sceenplays. WHo ever ends up on the Director's list and the actor's list I am sure Essental Entertainment will select those who are very well quailifed and perfect for the Jobs.

RVM on Mar 10, 2009


I checked out images of Kate Walsh, and her looks are very close to Jane Seymour's, but her filmography is pretty skinny.....lots of bit parts and tv stuff, but not much in the way of anything memorable or in full length movies...this makes it difficult for me to voice an opinion on her acting abilities. I never heard of her at all, so had to google her name. Again, her looks would fit, but how about her ability to handle Claire? I refrain from making any comments about that as I never saw her before.

Sally on Mar 10, 2009


I could see Jane Seymour as an older Claire. The younger pictures of her look like she would make a good Claire, but I think she is too old to pull off the younger Claire in Outlander now.

Julie on Mar 11, 2009


Hi Sally and everyone, Kate Walsh is a very intresting actress, As far as I know she started her Televison Carrier on Gray's Anatomy, Then the powers that be gave her a "Spin-Off show called Private Pratice. She is That Good. The shows go back to back Thurs. nights on NBC. The two shows have done cross-overs since charaters from both shows "know" each other. Kate is a powerful actress able to be very convencing in what ever she is doing. She's young but by no means too young. Shes an adult whth a long carrier to look foward too. Since Outlander is hopefully going to be a series, They are going to want a commentment from the person who plays Clare and the Actor who plays Jamie. Also those who's roles are also pivital to the story. Anyway, Truthfully, I see them going with someone like Kate, but, Perhaps a total unknowen with some of the quailtys You see in Jane which I see in Kate 🙂

RVM on Mar 11, 2009


Have read and loved all the books in this series. I’ve been a bookworm all my life and Jamie and Claire are two of my all-time favorite fictional characters. I think Jamie is going to be harder to cast than Claire. At first I pictured Liam Neeson but he’s too old for it now as is Gerard Butler, yummy as he is. James McAvoy is a darling boy but too short. Kevin McKidd certainly should have a role in it somewhere but he’s not Jamie to me. They may not can limit themselves to a Scottish actor in their search for a perfect Jamie. I’m thinking Alexandar Skarsgard. He’s Swedish, but he without a doubt had the accent right in HBO’s Generation Kill and True Blood. He has the height, the looks, the right age, the charisma and certainly the acting chops to use a touch of Scottish accent. You don’t want the accent to be too heavy, anyway. But I wish HBO would do it as a series. If they try to cram too much from all the books into one movie, it could ruin the whole thing.

BeeJay on Mar 12, 2009


just looked up Alexander Skarsgard as i had never heard of him - he definitely has the physique and the height and with the right make-up and wardrobe could be a contender - noboy is ever going to be exactly perefect - as much beacuse we will all have slightly different ideas of what jamie looks like if anything - i have to say as gorgeous as gerard butler is this guy looks more like the jamie i my head than he does. Claire needs to be played by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha

nichola ward on Mar 13, 2009


I have always thought Kate Winslet as Claire- beautiful, fiesty, and curvy- all think of all those commnets Jamie makes about Claire's bum...The Jaimie character is harder to envision- someone like Hayden Christiansen- whoever it is has to be at least 6'3" in real life- and Hayden showed he can certainly wield a sword! I remember reading an interview woth Diana years ago and she waid she envisioned Liam Neeson but I think he is too old at this point- and the age difference between Winslet and Christiansen is just about right. Oh I can hardly wait! I have loved these books since I picked up "Outlander" back in 1992.

Kathy Reilly on Mar 13, 2009


Kathy, I so agree with you and Diana about Lliam Neeson as a very good potential Jamie. Everyone seems so concerned about the "age" thing. These characters of Diana's are TIMELESS, AGELESS, how can we pigeon-hole them into this slot or that? With the ability today of make-up artists, time and age change with the flick of a brush. The ability of an actor/actress to put passion and feeling into the part they play, to make us believe what we are seeing is the secret to success of bringing these fantastic character to life. Lliam Neeson would so much fill that bill. Another choice of talent as well as ability to take on the brogue would be Mel Gibson, who has been able to bring to life so many characters and could pull this off as well. As for Claire, the talent to "become" Claire is a challenge that not very many actresses can pull off, and the field is small. I like Kate Winslet, as well as Jane Seyour. But, I am sure that there are a few "foreign" actors who I am not familiar with who may well qualify as well. Time will tell. The fact that even Diana considers Lliam Neeson is a clue to how she sees Jamie, isn't it?

Sally on Mar 13, 2009


I hadn’t thought of Kate Winslet for Claire until reading some of these posts and now I can’t get her out of my thoughts as definitely being one of the best choices and not just because of her looks. Claire had a serene calmness at her center that enabled her to deal with the whammy kind of shock that being transported back in time would have on most people. I think Winslet could portray that admirably and she’s English, like Claire. Another possibility is an actress that I think is one of the most beautiful in films and can project that same serenity is Diane Lane, although she is around 40 now and may be too old. I’ve forgotten the precise ages in Outland but I’m thinking Jamie was around 24 and Claire about 5 years older, although I may be off on those numbers. If they’re true to Outlander, there’s an awful lot of story to film and it’s going to end with everyone wanting a sequel, so they need to start with actors young enough to be able to carry on during a second movie a few years down the road. At least I hope there will be a sequel. After seeing him as Rob Roy, it’s so natural to think of Liam Neeson (Irish) as the ultimate Scottish warrior like Jamie, both of them being Celts. I’m just worried about trying to make him look 25. Even with all the technology, it’s easier to age actors than to “young” them without too heavy a make up job. I keep remembering Jamie as a mid-twenties virgin when he and Claire married, although I must say he caught on quickly and very well, indeed. A fast learner, our Jamie. But I also think it’s imperative that the part is played by someone tall. There is so much made of Jamie’s impressive size throughout the series of books that, although they’re never going to find someone who totally fits everyone’s ideal of Jamie, I think the actor’s height is a very important factor, which is another reason that made me think of Alexander Skarsgard, who is 6’4”.

BeeJay on Mar 13, 2009


I apologize profusely to everyone for the double posting of 207 and 208! Don't how I goofed and don't know how to take 207 off, which I'd like to do. If anyone knows, please let me know.

BeeJay on Mar 13, 2009


Its very strange to me that people keep on mentioning a 57 year old man playing a 23 year old. Liam Neeson, though he may be able to play an older Jamie, could not pull off a 23 year old strapping young man. No matter how much make up is put on him, it will ruin it for anyone going to see the movie. These characters are around my age, and I could never see a man older than my father playing the role of someone my boyfriend's age. Think of how Diana describes Jamie with his muscular build and smooth skin. No 57 year old can look like that unless they computer enhance it which always looks fake and would completely ruin the movie! It's one thing to say you envision Jamie and Claire as having characteristics or appearances of these older actors and actresses (which I completely understand and agree with), but another thing to say you want 50 and 60 year olds to play a 23 and 28 year old (who is mistaken as younger than 28 by most of the other characters). That is just crazy! Maybe back in the days of their youth liam neeson and jane seymour would have been perfect, but there are people who fit the part way better that can be found now. I have yet to see a movie cast a middle aged person as a very young adult and have them actually appear believeable (with the one exception being Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter, but as it was a ghost, it can't be compared to real people).

Melissa on Mar 13, 2009


P.S. we are "pigeon-holeing" them into slots that Diana herself put in her books...namely a 23 year old virgin, not a 57 year old. and yes they are timeless, but that doesn't mean we should get a grandpa to play a 23 year old!!!!! and no 57 year old, no matter how good of an actor they are will make me believe he is my age...that is just gross. The point of a movie is not to make me work hard at believing the character is who they are supposed to be portraying... and yes Diana may see Jamie as Liam Neeson-like but she herself said that Gerard Butler at 40 was too old to play Jamie in a movie...therefore Liam Neeson at 57 is way way too old

Melissa on Mar 13, 2009


Well, after months of monitoring this website, which started out with Alex's curiosity about these wonderful books and the potential for a movie made from them. It has since then deteriorated to petty squabbles about who plays whom and who looks like Jamie,Claire etc etc. Well, folks, these are FICTIONAL characters, and we each love and picture them in our mind's eye as to how they looked,acted and felt, and NO ONE, EVER is going to match up to ANY of our expectations. There are NO actors/actresses who possess the qualities of these FICTIONAL characters we love so well. Is that agreed? That said, I am leaving this board and the ongoing yammering about something NO ONE ON THIS SITE has ANY CONTROL OVER. Our differences are respected and our input was read by everyone and immediately forgotten, unlike the wonderful saga that has come from Diana's imagination. Jamie and Claire lived in her IMAGINATION and then in ours. Let them live there,and enjoy how we each see them, because if/when they do come to the "big screen", I can guarantee that NONE OF US will be content with the choices that will be made by those in control. Even the story will not, in fact CANNOT live up to what we read. We WILL be disappointed, but perhaps we can still enjoy the ride. Live with it. Best wishes to all.

Sally on Mar 13, 2009


We All are just having fun here. Trading ideas and Enjoying the dream of seeing our Favorite books come to life on the screen. Thats all we are doing. lets all just have fun. Tonight, I watched "Castels "on ABC the network tv channel. ANd OH MY GOODNESS! I finally have a suggestion for the group about who should play Jamie! I don't think I have had a male suggestion befoe. But, Would you all take a look at Nathaniel Fillion. he is the new star male lead on Castels. Its a new show they are saying it is geared to be like Moonlighting or the Rockford files. Nathaniel has played some really good roles but, minor programs and movies over the years He was the Captian on the SERNITY movie. that was based on the show FIREFLY and he did the cult-underground internet hit Dr. Horribble's sing-a-Long. If you've seen that you know Nathaniel Can really act, sing and dance. Not that Jamie does but Its good to have a talented actor. Nathaniel has many perfect quailtys for the Jamie role. He has eyes that show alittle devil in a sweet look. He has a medium build, He has done Great fighting sceanes before as well as working well with women actors. HE might be the perfect "almost unknowen Actor" for the role.

V J M (vickie) on Mar 14, 2009


I could see Kate Winslet as Clare. She is supposed to be quite striking, but several time in the books her "full bottom" is referenced, so I don't think a wispy girl would really cut it.

Catherine on Mar 17, 2009


The only college in North America that offers degrees in the Gaelic language can be found in Nova Scotia, Canada, the gateway for a large proportion of Scottish Highlanders who emigrated to North America in the 18th and 19th centuries. It's St. Francis Xavier University, SFX, a Catholic U. Everyone is writing about the stars of an Outlander movie, but at SFX you'll find movie extras of authentic Scottish physical types at college student wages and enthusiasm, with Gaelic-language voice coaches too. Antigonish, N.S., the home of SFX U. also has annual Highland Games, so SFX has been involved with the Scottish culture for many decades. If you want to see what we Highlanders look like, Cape Breton is where you'll find us, those of us who didn't move to the US after the Great Depression, or during WW II to work in US war plants. Some of Canada's Scottish Catholic Highlanders intermarried with French Catholic Acadians, those who somehow avoided being deported down the Mississippi to Louisiana, therefore Canadian Highlanders are often fine-boned and petite. Pretty too!

Carolyn Jane Gillis on Mar 17, 2009


Alex-just do yourself a favor and read Outlander. All the other responses above say it all!

Nancy M. Daniel on Mar 18, 2009


Oh yes, while I was reading above comments to my husband (he loved the juicy sensual parts of the books-I have them all...) he said they'll probably get Madonna or Tom Cruise to be the lead actors....Hollywood never chooses the lead parts correctly.....

Nancy M. Daniel on Mar 18, 2009


Oh, let's not spoil even one of these books by turning them into film! This is a little off-topic, but did anyone ever read the Dune series and then go to see the film when it came out? What a disappointment! You just can't bring a book of Outlander's scope to the screen (anymore than they could with Dune) -- too much would be lost. BTW my husband got hooked on this series through an audiobook when we took a driving vacation from the northeast to Louisiana, Florida, and back - narrator Davina Porter is fabulous. He is a huge James Bond fan - both the books and the films - and reads a lot of what I would term "guy fiction" - W.E.B. Griffin, Robert Parker, that kind of stuff. But he did enjoy the Outlander series, albeit I don't think he'd ever read them! Those 700+ pages can be daunting....

Lisa on Mar 18, 2009


Carolyn, nothing would be more billant than to Film in the Canadian Island region or Newfoundland. The Gaelic speaking Students would add a bonus to the film. I hope Ent. has this idea too. One of my favortie trips was up the St. Lawrence Seaway through the Islands and back through Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. I wish I could speak Gaelic! I wish my Scottish Father had learned Gaelic while growing up. Sadly, the family didn't preserve the old Gaelic and tryed to blend in to the new country. My ancestors came over from Scotland during the late 1870's when nearly all the cattle in Scotland died from a disease.

Toria on Mar 18, 2009


Wow, out of 217 votes for the movie, now we have one dissenter. It had to happen sometime.

Joyscott on Mar 19, 2009


hubby loves these books....and he also loves HE-man type dont worry...the men will love it

heather on Mar 20, 2009


Hi everyone, I have been a huge fan of the Outlander series ever since I read Outlander for the second time. (The first time I was only twelve years old, so that doesn`t count. I didn`t like it because the first thing I actually read was the near rape by Jack Randall, which was a bit too much for me at that age) I must admit I never recommended the series to any of my male fantasy loving friends, because I loved the romance story so much, it was the most important part of the book to me. But I agree with the majority of the commenters here, it is so much more than just another romance series. I also loved the thoroughly researched history, the suspense throughout the action filled parts and the really well wrought time-travelling fantasy. Although a movie will never do the series justice (even at one book per movie) I am really looking forward to it. No book adaptation has ever done any book enough justice but I honestly don`t know a single book as suitable for adaption to the big screen as any one of Diana`s books. I`ll keep my fingers crossed for it really happening this time, since the TV mini series also fell through. And about actors/actresses for the main characters: I only have a very strong opinion about who needs to be Jamie, although I`d love to see Kate Winslet as Claire. She`d be absolutely perfect for it (it never occurred to me before she was mentioned in one of the earlier posts, but she would). Even though I share the opinion about previously known actors/actresses. She has had such a wide variety of parts and has been able to carry them all very well, I think she`d be able to get away with her famous face. And now, for Jamie. The actor I have in mind for him has played in a big movie, but I think he is suitably unknown enough to make us forget he`s been anyone but Jamie. He has the build, the hair, the eyes, the nose and (I think) the accent: David Wenham. Who? David Wenham, also known as Faramir of LOTR. He is tall, looks strong and handsome, he`s a redhead, has very blue eyes and a long straight nose, and if he doesn`t have a Scottish accent I don`t think it would be an effort for him to acquire one. I personally think he also has the ability to be or look rough around the edges but also very gentle, strong but also vulnerable, roguish but also intensely romantic, as we know Jamie is all that. Other plusses: David knows his way around a sword, and I don` think it would be really hard to have him look aged, so he could play both young and older Jamie. There are a lot of actors I`d love to see as Jamie, just because I like the looks of them or love their acting. But none of them can BE Jamie as we all know him. I do think David Wenham could come very close to everyone`s mental image of James Alexander Malcolm Fraser though. Any thoughts?

Anja on Mar 21, 2009


I think David Wenham could make a good Jamie, but I think he would probably be too old. Everyone is against having a young actress ( someone in their lower twenties) play Claire, but I don't see why hardly anyone has a problem with a 40+ actor playing a 23 year old Jamie. Maybe I'm just saying this because I'm eighteen, but I would rather see a younger actor play the young Jamie.

Julie on Mar 22, 2009


oh please make the movie! it would be like lord of the rings, but with a better love story.

kellyjo on Mar 22, 2009


i think we are getting to hung up on the actual ages of the characters - if u remember, jamie thought claire was actually younger than him even though she was 27 and he was 23 - this being due to the fact that people looked older than their years in theose days to to poor diets etc., therefore we dont need a younger male lead than female lead - also it isn`t too unbelievable for a 30-something to play a 20-something, we don`t all let ourselves go in our thirties!! Look at th film Grease - they were all about 30 playing 17-18 year olds and that didn`t do that film any harm! If the actors and director is right for the film then small details like ages can be overcome with a good make-up artist and cameraman - i personally would rather see the right actor in the right role.

nichola ward on Mar 23, 2009


Please let the fans decide on the characters. Myself and my sister, (huge fans of the books), would be very happy to go to Scotland Highlands to find a perfect Jamie. If he isn't truly a Highlander, it just wouldn't be the same, but if I had to choose from American actors, it would have to be Josh Holloway.

Sharon Williams on Mar 26, 2009


Or what about Marcus Schenkenberg as Jamie possibly

Sharon Williams on Mar 26, 2009


I think we all just need some fresh new news from Essental Ent. the company that's making the film as we understand it. After all, we can speculate forever on who plays what. Its the director and staff that actuly make the performers do what they do. I would like to know who the director is for this film. That would let us have an idea of the style of the coming film. I do think the actors need to have acting experence, these are not lightweight roles. I can't imagine a modle ever being able to just step into acting with these roles. It would be like taking an apple and expecting it to be an orange.

vickie on Mar 26, 2009


I have seen something about this online before. I do hope that they make the movie. If they know what they are doing, this could be a fantastic movie!

Debbie on Mar 28, 2009


If they make this into a movie, they MUST get the casting right. This book has a wonderful plot but it truly character driven. The actors must be able to deliver heavy dramatic, comedic and realistic performances in EVERY scene. PLEASE let Diana Gabaldon keep creative control of this enterprise if they turn the series into a move. Nothing will be more disappointing to her millions of fans if this movie is screwed up by Hollywood.

museler on Mar 28, 2009


r u a dumass best authoress I've read in me wee says @ 45...but seriously..Diana is an author who can put you into the equation of the story not just tell it

lady lallybroch on Mar 29, 2009


#230, "lady (not) lallybroch": Your post is way off-base and disrespectful. This is not My Space,face book or some other teen text message arena. Apologies to all posters would be most appreciated. Thank you on behalf of all posters above.

Jenny on Mar 29, 2009


and yet another cast suggestion... and this one comes after I checked essential entertainment-no mention of outlander movie whatsoever- for jamie eric dane obviously with dyed red hair, for claire Monica bellucci, for jack & frank James Purefoy, for laghoire scarlet johanssen. How's that?

victoria on Mar 30, 2009


Unfortunately, Diana already said if there is a movie, she will have very little to do with it. Although I'm excited and eagerly awaiting a movie, I feel that without Diana's guidance, it will stray from the book.

Julie on Mar 30, 2009


Diana Gabaldon has a blog on her website and she has mentioned nothing about the movie since November 2008. In November she stated she had nothing to do with the script and would keep her readers updated. I would think if she was involved in anyway with the movie she would have said so on her blog. Her book has been optioned many times before and nothing has come of it. Read her blog and the comments....she does occasionally respond to comments about the movie. FYI, on her blog concerning Kevin McKidd, she thinks he is too old to play Jamie as does she Catherine Zeta Jones for Claire. She has other comments about other actors but as she states she has no input into the movie. If things have changed, she has not mentioned it.

Juanita on Mar 30, 2009


Doesn't matter, "someone" sold movie rights. Who that is I am not sure. It could be Dianna or it could be a totaly unknowen person or entity. Dianna,Our Much Loved Author is listed as a writter on the Essental entertainment site for this movie. Try the free trial on IMBD so you have access to IMBDPRO. Look at Essental Entertainment site. I checked and its not exactly the same page as the regular web site. There everyone can see exactly what is what. Just cancil the free service before they charge you. I think its two weeks.

Vickie on Mar 30, 2009


OMG - Outlander is so much more than romance, it is brutal war, prison beatings and betrayal. The books are incredible, I only hope that the movie will compare.

t deblois on Mar 31, 2009


To Juanita, Write and ask if she is credited as a writter on this project. I wrote nearly two months ago. Or look at the credit on IMBD Pro. She is listed as such there. This is the last I will say on Dianna's envolvment with the movie. Its on line at IMBD PRO, plain as day. I just can't foward it into this group list. Wish that was possible. All in all, we want the same thing. We want our beloved favoirte of all time book to be made into a fine moive. I have more faith in people who are working at their chosen craft. I'm fairly positive everyone envolved in the Outlander Movie Project is there because they love what they are doing. People who love what they are doing generaly do their very best. Outlander should be a beatiful movie because Dianna wrote OUTSTANDING Books. Russel Scott is a very Top Knotch screenplay writter. Have faith. They won't let us down. As you can see, I'm a positive outlook person. I have faith in good people and the fine work they do. While Outlander is my all time favorite book series Braveheart is one of my all time favorite movies. So to me its the best all around for the Outlander Movie!

Vickie on Mar 31, 2009


Compared to Braveheart, it's about as romantic, gritty and bloody.

Compared to Braveheart on Apr 1, 2009


I don't think I could watch any movie/mini-series version of "Outlander" unless: I saw Kevin McKidd as Jamie. He is SUCH a man. His voice, his manner, his gait, his emotion. Has anyone seen "Rome"? He was so real. Jason Isaacs for Frank - he could do both sides of good and evil. Kate Winslet or Rachel Weisz for Claire. But for me, Kevin McKidd must be Jamie.

Linda on Apr 3, 2009


I don't classify these books as romance novels. Nora Roberts these are not! Diana Gabaldon has a B.S. degree in Zoology from N. Arizona University, an M.S. degree in Marine Biology from U.C. San Diego, and a Ph.D in Ecology from N. Arizona University. The research and detail she puts in each book (usually 1000 pages +) makes these stories as rich in history, battles and armory detail as it does romance. I discovered Outlander in 1992, and my father a WWII veteran loves them as much as I do!

AJ Fisher on Apr 3, 2009


Kevin McKidd Yes, he is very,very good. Have you seen him doing the part of a Surgon who sufferes from Post-tramatic illness after coming back from Iraq? He's a regular on GRAY'S Anatomy on ABC. in my area that's on Thursday night at 8:00. I was flipping channels and saw him in an oldie movie the other day too. He was so very young. I'm sure he would be really good as Jamie or ? He is a very fine actor.

Vickie on Apr 3, 2009


I just finished the Outlander and am surprised that it has not been filmed in all these years.Seems perfect for a big screen. I love the idea of Kevin McKidd for Jaimie and Kate Winslet for Claire. Brilliant suggestions.

Nat on Apr 4, 2009


Just finished watching Nim's Island and my vote for Jamie is Gerard Butler.

Jenny on Apr 4, 2009


I have read EVERY book twice and then some. Gerard Butler would be Wonderful!!! Dye his hair red, put a nice kilt on him and call every one lass. That will do it!

Lori Wickard on Apr 6, 2009


It's not about a's about a marriage!!

niniene on Apr 6, 2009


David Wenham is the best jamie.

Yolanda on Apr 7, 2009


I am so excited about this movie. The Outlander series of books are excellent. I have read them all.....twice! and can't wait for the new one to come out in Sept.'09. I hope they do the books justice in the movie. Cast the right people and have an excellent script, the Scottish Highlands and you can't go wrong.......I hope!

Carole Gordon on Apr 8, 2009


Despite my first name being Kelly, I am a man who is not gay, and I really enjoy this series. My dad also likes it, so it can appeal to men, but you have to have a long enough attention span to read a 10,000 page book series. To me, it seems like Diana Gabaldon does a really nice job of bringing the characters to life. I have some reservations about a movie, because casting a Jamie Fraser is really impossible. I have not seem an actor that would have the moxie to pull off the larger than life heroism and yet gentleness that the character requires.

Kelly on Apr 8, 2009


These are the best books ever written in my opinion!! Rarely do you find someone who can tell a story like Diana that makes you actually feel like you're part of all the conversations that go on, and like you're actually standing there next to the characters. Sometimes, when I have to stop reading and go to bed or to work, I feel like I'm missing a movie, like it's continuing on without me. That's how involved you get with the story, and it's people. A comment for 198, Jane Seymour is a great actress, and I am a fan of hers, but she's way, way too old to play Claire at the beginning of the story! I have to admit I'm a little nervous about this movie being made. There's no way it's going to be as good as the book. I'll for sure go see it, but I'm not very optimistic about it. I read the book The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley, also a great book and great storyteller. But a huge disappointment when the movie came out. You just can't take a book with that much detail and be satisfied at the end of the movie. I'm also a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, but I have to say that I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the movies. If Diana actually gets a say, and they don't change things, than maybe there's a chance for the movie. But I thought I read on her web site that she wasn't going to have a say in the screen play. I'm really easily pleased when it comes to movies, not as picky as some of my friends and family are, but I gotta say they're playin with fire here! If nothing else, hopefully we'll get to see some attractive people on screen, and I get a nite out!!

Marie on Apr 9, 2009


I have read, read and re-read these books. I am just dumbfounded at the authenticity of the language used. Diana has captured the very essence of the scottish jacobean persona.....(LOL I am sure of that) The story-line is unique. Take a woman from the 20th century and put her....without preparation into a very troubled time in history....200 years previously.....and have her not only survive by the skin of her teeth....but have someone like jamie fraser fall in love with her? Jamie is young and pliable... Claire makes him.....Claire has more experience....but is just blown away (over time) by Jaimie..... Therein lies the essence of their whole life.....their whole adventures.....They support each other with a love that defies description.....- only diana knows how to describe it. What a talent she has. I can't see this as a movie. With the possible exception of Gone with the wind.....I have never known a book to be truly transferred to the screen with any success...... However..... as a series on tv......yes....without the triteness of jane seymour in Medicine woman..(which was okay as a working series) ....but outlander...needs some special treatment. So much so at the risk of offending anyone....Let the British do it. They handle this thing so well.....they understate....rather than overstate the obvious. They are masters as it.... ohhh no offence to anyone....just full compliments to diana..... I am an avid reader for half a century....and it has to be the best.....historical fiction.....that I have ever read. The sheer amount of information and historical fact...wound around the fiction...rather than the other way round....fantabulous....thankyou diana...I eagerly await the next in the series Ros 9th April 2009

ros on Apr 9, 2009


Outlander as a movie would be fantastic. I have read many many books over the past few years and I have to say that the Outlander series is the absolute best. I agree with soo many other previous comments about the historical aspects of the books. I found the series to be very educational. It obviously does have a love story of James Fraser and Claire Randall behind it, but that is not the main focus of the book. I honestly believe you should read it before bashing it. These books are nothing short of a masterpiece. Diana Gabaldon is a very gifted author. My vote for Jamie is Gerard Butler. An Echo in the Bone comes out September 22, 2009.

Lauren on Apr 10, 2009


I think Alex kingston would be a wonderful Claire she has avery nice british accent. She has CURLY WIG type hair as Jamie called it . Claire described it as higgeldy piggeldy. She has that accent that Brianna Makes fun of her RATHA VULGA. She also played Elizabeth Corday on ER Perfect role for Claire. Kevin McKidd absolutely Perfect. Very intense in his role on Greys Anatomy. OOOOH and those Eyes OH lord

karen prince on Apr 10, 2009


I think that the movie should be made in at least 4 sequels like lord of the rings. It would be far too difficult to get the essence of the story into one single movie.There are far too many changes in Locale and far too many plots

Karen on Apr 10, 2009


It would be nice if the movie could have the budget of Lord of the Rings, because then I would cast it like this: Jamie Fraser: Jason Lewis for sure. Don't think so? Do a search on Google Images. He's perfect, sans the Scottish accent. But that can be learned with several tutors and some time well spent in Scotland. (Jason's the guy "Smith Jared" from Sex and the City.) Great sex appeal, strength and young enough to portray some innocence, too. Claire: Rachel Weisz -- she's perfect as well. Spunky, smart, beautiful, deep. I love her. Not much to say there. Frank Randall: Tom Welling. You'll find him on the net, too. He was Clark Kent in Smallville. He needs an accent as well, unfortunately. But I picked him because he very much looks like my pic for Jonathan Randall. Jonathan Randall: Cillian Murphy -- the Scarecrow character in the new Batman movies. When I first saw him in Batman Begins, I immediately thought he'd make a great Black Jack Randall. Dougal MacKenzie: Would be Gerard Butler, hands down. Colum MacKenzie: Vitto Mortensen is absolutely who I picture when I read the storylines involving Colum. Jenny Fraser Murray: Anna Friel (from Pushing Dasies) -- she's got the right look and is the perfect height for Jenny. She's also British, so she could pick up the Scottish accent easily, I would think. Ian Murray: Ewan Mcgregor Geillis Duncan: Naomi Watts Murtaugh: David Thewlis (Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter movies) Do Google searches on those folks -- and let me know what you think! I've mulled it over for a while now, and that's the final cast I would have. :o)

Maria on Apr 11, 2009


While I appreciate your work on this, my comment is that both Jason Lewis and Rachel Weisz are too old to play Jamie and Claire. They are both near 40 and in the book Jamie is a 22 yr old virgin and Claire is about 25. As for Frank and Jonathan Randall, these characters should be played by the same person IMO. As for the minor characters, I think they will be easier to cast since most readers have less invested in them as compared to Jamie and Claire. Jamie and Claire will be hard to cast and the casting will upset people no matter who is cast. Everyone has their own vision and I am sure for the most part, there are not many similarities.

Juanita on Apr 11, 2009


Jason Isaacs is the only actor on the PLANET to play Jonathan/Frank Randall!

Calagal on Apr 11, 2009


Calagal -- you're right. He would be a fantastic choice. Perfect, in fact. I change my mind. And truly, after thinking about it, Frank has such a small roll in the book to begin with that the same person could play both in the movie very easily. I like!!!!!

Maria on Apr 12, 2009


Post 85, above, mentions Minnie Driver as a good fit for Claire, but I think she would be much better suited for Brianna. I've seen pictures of her with her hair dyed red and she fits the part physically very well. I think the physicality of the characters will be critical. They cannot compromise Jamie's character by giving the role to someone just for a good-looking face. Jamie is sexy because of his strength - both of body and character. I think that is why everyone is drawn to Gerard Butler playing Jamie, because of his rugged good looks. However, Jamie MUST be tall and I believe Gerard is only 6'. That's tall, but not "Jamie" tall. He MUST be well over six feet. I recently saw Tai-Pan on cable TV thought that Bryan Brown would be the perfect older Jamie. He pulls off a great Scottish accent and is 6'3" with naturally curly, red hair. Too bad this movie wasn't made 20 years ago. Bryan Brown, now in his 60s, would have been perfectly matched with Jane Seymour as Clarie. And, wouldn't Lindsay Duncan (Rome) be a wonderful Gillis Duncan? The cast of Rome (HBO) has a lot of actors that could fit the smaller roles in Outlander: Tobias Menzies (Brutus) would be a great Ian Murray. Simon Woods (the older Octavian) could be Lord John. And, the boy who played Octavian the younger, Max Pirkis, could be Lord John as a boy. That's enough for now. I have a long commute to work and have listened to this series three times. Davina Porter has painted such a specific picture of each character in my mind that I will likely not see the movie. But, it is fun to pretend that I am in charge of casting!

Calagal on Apr 12, 2009


I'm throwing in another vote for Nathan Fillion. He's at a good age to be able to play a young Jamie as well as an older Jamie. He's from Canada and has a bit of rollling brouge in his voice. He would be a fine chocie for Jamie. Check out Castle at or Nathan Fillon at IMBD. About Claire, I am totally undecided as to a specific Actress. She's a Nurse having served in France During WW1. A nurse with wildly curly hair. So, in the start of the book she should look like a WW1 vintage nurse wearing her hair in a style of the day. After all, Let her look trendly for the right era. After we move on into the book I think her look should have a period-approate more carefree look. I see her as a beatiful woman withen the right time-periods If the pick a modern day sex-pot looking woman they will ruin the movie right from the start.

V.J.M Vickie on Apr 12, 2009


I could see Kristanna Loken with Contacts and dyed hair as a good Claire but also as a great Brianna. If anyone has seen the movie "Ring of the Nibelungs", you'll know what I mean 😉 I also think that Keira Knightley would be a good choice (if she gained at least 20 pounds) for Claire. Her acting has improved in the last years and Diana Gabalon also mentioned, that she would be a good Claire becuase of her acting but also because of her looks. I think, she could do it.

Lisa on Apr 14, 2009


I think Rachel McAdams should be considered for the role of Claire. While it's true she's already slated to play another Claire in a an adaption of the novel, The Time Traveller's Wife as the love interest of a time traveller, she should not be discounted. Rachel has excellent acting range with experience in dramas- State of Play and The Notebook, and comedies - Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers. However, my first choice and who I always imagine for Claire is Kate Winslet. I respectively disagree about Keira Knightley. She is a fine actress, but I would be devastated if she were cast. I don't see her as Claire at all-weight gain or not. Better to cast someone too old in my opinion. Clive Owen or Viggo Mortensen would be great options for Collum. I think Gerard Butler should play the role of Dougal and if they could find someone very similar but younger than Gerard, that person should be cast as Jamie. I like the idea of Frank/Randall being portrayed by the actor who played Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic 4 & the lead in Amazing Grace- I can't think of his name right now. SIGH....there will be no pleasing everyone in whomever they cast and what they omit from the story. Let's just cross our fingers and hope it gets made well and is released in theaters! 🙂

Shannon on Apr 14, 2009


Ionn Gruffudd is the actor who portrayed Mr. Fantastic, and yes, I think he could portray Frank/Black Jack very well. Later on in the novels, I think Jude Law would be excellent for Lord John Grey. ~Thanks

Shannon on Apr 14, 2009


Weel wee Alex, what do you think now after this extremely long thread of comments? I don't know if anyone has actually convinced you of the story's validity, but hopefully you've become a bit more intrigued. As you can see this is not a litigous bunch. They (myself included at times) can be very protective about our precious little piece of fiction. /giggle/ To be honest with you I'm not a big reader. I watch alot more movies than read, but this story (saga to be more accurate) ensnared me in its web and I haven't found my way out. Maybe I don't want to. I find Outlader series parallel to that of Shogun. They both are set in historic presidence. Both lead characters are foreign. Both stories are full of trials and tribulations for the lead characters ( acclimation into a foreign environment). They have bloody fights and battles, wars. They go into great detail of how people lived at the time. They both do have the element of romance too. The only difference is the lead characters gender. Oh and there is that little fact of time travel. That being said I hope by now you at least have been able to read excerpts from the Outlander books. I'm telling you there not that bad. To change the subject a bit. I work within the entertainment industry and if this company (E.E.) is smart they will make this movie and do a good job. This is the perfect kind of story to put out around these trying times. People want to forget there troubles and this story/movie would give its viewers a chance to loose themselves if only for a short while. As for CSA's, DoP's, directors, writers, editors, actors and the like. I don't envy these people a whole lot. Who ever they may turn out to be if at all. They will be scrutinized to the tenth power because of this stories loyal fan base. Other than should be fun.

Andrea on Apr 14, 2009


From spending a few minutes cruisng the web, there is alot of talk about James McVoy and Keria Knightly playing the top two roles of Jamie and Claire. I just can't see that being possible. James M. is far too much of a pretty boy, he is far too young and he's shorter than Jamie. Jamie should always be taller than Claire and have far more of a manly build than is present on the body of James McVoy. Keria had many of the same sort of problems. Shes too young for the role, too far off from Claire's round and shaply mature body. Claire is 28 years old at the time of the start of Outlander. Keria looks like she might be 18 at the oldest. She has a very pette body size and the Actress doesn't mesure up to the actual discription of Claire. I really hope Essental Ent. took these considerations in to mind when they started shoting the film this spring. One thing that pleases me to no end is that the movie is to be filmed in the north of Scotland! There could be no better location than to actualy film in the right location. Hurah for the right location! On Adrian Paul's site there is some considerion for having the Highlander play a supporting role. Someone like Black Jack has been metioned. I think there are a few supporting role which he could do a fine job. He can most certianly handle a very large sword with ease.

V.J.M Vickie on Apr 14, 2009


Shannon - All your choices are awesome! I never thought Kate Winslet for Claire, but she might be really good! I always kind of thought Ewan McGreggor for Jamie, but hes maybe too short? I'm not sure...That Irish actor...the one who played Scarecrow in Batman Begins (Cillian Murphy?) would be good for Lord John too I think! I would be over the moon if they made this movie, but at the same time, if they ruined the book I would be heart broken. I've read through all 6 books twice and was starting in on the third, but lent it to a friend. Everyone should get to read them!!

Meg on Apr 15, 2009


I love the idea of this book as a movie. I loved the whole series. I think the actress playing Claire must be strong-willed, tall, earthy, independant and a real fireball. I can't think who it should be, but a younger version of a Susan Sarandon type would do. As for Jamie, I would love to see Alex O'Loughlin from Moonlight in that role. He's not that well-known yet, but he has a very vocal following, and his star is beginning to rise. He is 6' 2 inches tall, gorgeous, looks great with long hair, is well built, and can do a Scottish accent. Last but not least, he is a fabulous actor and can play any kind of role.

Linda on Apr 15, 2009


WOW! 270 posts about this story.... Do you think the film makers even read any of this? My 2 cents: Incredible story telling by Diana Gabaldon that would make excellent movies. I think Cable Channel Mini-Series would be the only way to do this elegantly woven tale of history, romance, war, etc. any justice. Too much will definitely be left out, but that's the way these things go. I like some of the suggestions previously made for casting this epic, and some make me want to hurl. My only requests are: James Fraser be tall and a TRUE REDHEAD! Especially if there are to be any love scenes (if you get my drift). Clare Randall/Fraser must have a full-figure...that's sexy in the 1700's, and in the 1040's for that matter. Please let this one go well!!!!!

Optic Junkie on Apr 18, 2009


I think Alex Kingston would be FANTASTIC in the role of Claire!!!!!!!!!!!

LANNEYGURL on Apr 18, 2009


To not see this book on the big screen would be a true pitty, If it is done right. Men hear romance and think oh BLAH but there is far more to these novels than the romance. If you aren't sold by what people have to say, quit whining and read the book. Don't let us change your mind READ THE BOOK. Thanks

Tara on Apr 23, 2009


OMG! These books are not just romantic, they are adventurous & historical. Not to mention the mystery twists! Diana G. did such a fabulous job with her writing skills, that I was actually there on Frasier's Ridge with them all! I saw the glorious scenery; felt Jamie's sea sickness; felt their passion for each other & their families; & could smell the fire in their hearth! Claire & Jamie began when they were young, tight & feisty! Throughout their lives together & appart & back together again, they grew older gracefully; built a life on the Ridge for themselves & so many others. It is a story of when men were Men and women were Ladies! Tough life in the 18th century when you're a woman doctor from the 1960's - or a witch?! I can see how a man from this day & age would feel intimidated by making a film of this stature! It would take a great team of seasoned film professionals to really pull this one off!

AMcNatt on Apr 24, 2009


I fogot to mention that I would read parts to my husband. I would fill him in on their adventures, losses and triumphs during the year it took me to read the series. Guess what?! HE LOVED THEM TOO! My husband is a tall Scotch-Irish himself! Now he wants to take me to Scotland! (Can't beat that!)

AMcNatt on Apr 24, 2009


The books contain much history of the times in which they take place. I received my first book (and a few others) from a male friend who was also engrossed in the history of the stories, as well as the passion, and Gabaldon's interpretation and expression of human emotions. I do agree, the story line is somewhat romantic, but also very lively, informing and adventurous. Even the Three Muskateers had a little romance!! I'm looking forward to a screening.

Jackie on Apr 24, 2009


I wish I had the ability to write so well - usuallly the movie is never as good as the book - we can only hope~

Maria on Apr 29, 2009


If you had read any of the books in this series you would KNOW that this is a VERY WORTHY project in which to be involved! The complexity of the story is hardly able to be described as just a romance novel. It has incredible historical detail as well....acurate detail is woven into this series. DO NOT make basic assumptions about this book or those that follow. Now that I know that there is a plan to make this into a movie I can only say ITS ABOUT TIME!

laurie on Apr 29, 2009


A friend of mine gave me this book in June of 2008. I was not all that interested in it, but when I had burned through all my summer reading and this was sitting on my shelf, I picked it up. I was swept away in the first 5 minutes, and couldn't put it down. I have already read 2 of the sequels- Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager, and can't wait to get the next one. It's a romance story, at its heart, but there is so much intrigue involved in terms of Scottish/European history, politics, cultures of generations past, epic battles, well-developed characters, etc. that I am completely hooked. I can not wait to see this movie!!! This type of book is usually not my thing, and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Kristin on May 5, 2009


It is not a cheesy romance novel. Written from the female perspective, but any male who isn't shallow and daft could find the storyline valuable. It sounds like the screen writer was a good choice. Braveheart and We were Soldiers were great movies. I hope it translates well on the screen. Hollywood has a tendency to cheese it up and lose the historical accuracy.

stasi on May 5, 2009


I am absolutly thrilled!!! I hope they do the books justice.... this amazing epic love story has restored my book reading....Diana Gabaldon is an extraordinary writer who takes you back in time with Claire and Jamie Fraser. Mrs. Gabaldon's research during this time period is authentic and brings these books to life!!! I just started reading these books about 6 weeks ago, I am now engulfed in the 4th, Drums of Autum. Crossing my fingers for Gerard Butler as Jamie and Rachel Wiez as Claire! YAY! I would love to see all these books on the big screen one day. These books are riskey in some parts, to truly stir your soul and prepared it to be touched.

Elizabeth on May 5, 2009


I agree. They need to dig in the native countries to find the actors like they did for the Harry Potter movies. No one had ever heard of the actors who played the main three roles. Secondary characters, yes, pull in the Liam Neesons and Alan Rickmans and the crusty Braveheart guys. The main characters need to be fresh faces and hungry talent. DaVinci Code swirled the toilet bowl as soon as they cast Tom Hanks. Not that he isn't great, but enough already. Big names that have features in People Magazines 100 Most Beautiful People need to stay off the headline. If Us Magazine has pictures of their "baby bump", their wedding, their divorce, or their latest foreign adoption, then for the love of all things holy keep them the hell off the roster. Keep political correctness out of the casting too. Stick to the historical accuracy of her writing, and leave personal agendas out of it. Capice?

stasi on May 6, 2009


Alex Kingston...seriously? Too old for a 28 year old woman (go back to the 1st book and see her age). Jamie is early 20's, she is late 20's. Plus...pulling from the ER cast? OOF. They need to rove the college campuses and pubs in Scotland for Jamie. Gigantic manly redhead w/cat eyes. Not Girard (too old and not physically compatible other than the accent). Red Jamie can't be short with a dye job. Do it right or don't do it I say. Time for an open, public cast call through the UK.

stasi on May 6, 2009


Ruth Wilson, BBC actress who recently played Jane Eyre. English, curly brunette, young, talented, below the radar. Maybe? Just not from the cast of ER. oiy! Claire is a feisty 28 year old in the 1st book, not pushing 40.

stasi on May 6, 2009


truly, the first book would be an absolute delight on the big screen. What is the latest on any update! Is it seriously being considered? Or are we all just hoping

Aggie on May 6, 2009


Yes, its a real, true to life movie. We just about have too much information about the movie on the web rather than a lack of information. Locating that information just takes abit of creativity, think like Claire, its all on the web.

Vickie on May 6, 2009


No! there is much more to these books than just 18th century romance. There is history, time travel, witchcraft, adventure, suspense, criminal activity, scottish culture and as the series progresses, it covers immigration to the US during the Revolutionary war... so the history aspect changes to american history. I love historical period flicks..... and this one with the story itself is incredible!

Kristine on May 7, 2009


Gosh, I love to read / listen to the Outlander series. I am addicted. I have listened or read all of the books at least twice and am waiting with "bated breath" for the next. I have toured Scotland (1992) and would love to go again after the fact. The characters are written with so much depth that you start actually "feeling" for them. A mini-series or screen??? I don't know. I can be open to many actors for Claire, but not sure if there is anyone that can live up to Jamie's character. He is just too much for my comprehension. Love them both!

Laura on May 7, 2009


Alex I assume at this point you don't need to be convinced you're dealing with a "silly" romance. Frankly, my husband is the one who turned me on to the books and he's quite the book snob. I just finished the first book Outlander. I must was a remarkable and breath taking ride. The book was suspenseful, horrorfying, action packed and in some instances down right stressful. Those my dear man are the key ingredients to a great film. Calling it a romance seems somehow silly. My Husband has been reading these one after another for about a year now. These are stout books. I am so happy that I will be on the adventure for some time to come. I have more novels to read and perhaps a movie to see. Make the movie and they will come. M Spencer

Mrs Spencer on May 7, 2009


I too am a huge fan of these books. I have not actually "read" all of them, But I have listened to them all numerous times. The public library is a wonderful place to borrow these audio books since it is quite expensive to buy them. They have the unabridged versions(only ones worth having IMO) narrated by Davina Porter. She does a wonderful job. I am of two minds concerning a movie. I would love to see it, but at the same time I have seen the hatchet job done on the longer Potter books. They cut out and rearrange alot of stuff. Also as far as actor choice goes, let's just say whenever I read my Earth's Children series by Jean Auel the Ayla in my minds eye tends to look an awful lot like Darryl Hannah :\

Michelle on May 8, 2009


I think Rupert Grint as young Jamie and Kevin McKidd as older. Keri Russell or Claire Danes as Clair. Gwenyth Paltrow as Loaghaire

Karen on May 8, 2009


Must also include Alex O'Loughlin and Gerald Butler to the cast- but not as Jamie. Too many good looking men for not enough parts, I'm afraid.

Karen on May 8, 2009


I too wanted Gerald Butler, but unfortunately he is too old and not the right built. He could play another part. Like one person said before. They should go to Scotland and find Jamie there. If money is a problem to make the movie. They can use some unknowns for the main parts and use the more famous actors for the other roles. Look at Lord of the Ring and Harry Potter. Look at Darryl Hannah she was pretty much an unknown when they made Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel and she played the part well. It will be hard to pick a Jamie. I took a look at Alex O'Loughlin and he is 6' 2" . He has the lean body I think Jamie would have. Jamie's height is unusual for that time period. Back in the 1700's people were shorter. As I said before. I think a mini series would be better then a 3 hr or 2 hr movie or make it a trilogy like Lord of the Rings so we get the full effect of the books.

Theresa on May 9, 2009


" Nothing actually wrong with that, I'm just not interested in seeing a romantic 18th century adventure on the big screen." It's not just a romance. I learned a lot about the Highland History and the war between the Britt's and the Scots. It made me research more about it. I saw the movie Clan of the Cave Bear before I ever read the books. I loved the movie but after reading the books it was different. I also learned a lot about the herbs they used for medicines. It was well documented as much as the Outlander. Anytime you make a movie from a book they leave so much out that you get disappointed when the movie plays.

Theresa on May 9, 2009


i`ve said it before but i think it needs saying again - let scottish actors play the scots - english actors play the english and leave the americans alone til they get there!!! with the exception of renee zellwegger in bridget jones, most put on accents can be seen for just that, even mel gibson in braveheart - much as i love the film it would pain me to hear jamie talk like that! Gwyneth paltrow is in her late thirties and laoghaire is 16 when we first hear about her so don`t think that would work - also rupert grint is stil too baby faced - we must remeber that 22 in tjhose times would look much as 30 does in these times - people looked older than their years! as has been said many time - if this is to be done it needs to be with immense care for the characters and the detail and personality that diana gabaldon has given them and their appearances otherwise it will be a waste of time making it - it will be a flop and the series wold not be completed. as with everyone else who has read it i`m sure - i have a huge ginormous crush on jamie fraser s please please please do him justice!

nichola ward on May 9, 2009


Kevin McKidd's face is great but he's too short for Jamie...

Tina on May 9, 2009


Nadia Fares is very attractive. Claire?? Is her bottom generous enough? (LOL) And can a French actress pull off a "proper" English accent? I am not familiar with Ms. Fares. Emotionally, I resist assigning any actors to portray Jamie and Claire. I just can't see it. It's as if they are their own people and the movie a biography of sorts. Diana, help!

Laura on May 9, 2009


Alex, It was my own father who got me started on this series of books. He loved them so maybe some of the guys out there will enjoy them as well? It is extremely well written and is so exciting, with lots of action. I have been hooked on them for a very long time now.

Jean on May 15, 2009


I think that making a movie out of this series would be a challange for any director. Casting alone would be a most impossible quest. I don't think there is an actor out there who could portray Jamie Fraser correctly. I also think that there would be a lot of ladies out there who would be breaking up with their silly boyfriends, because they fell in love with Jamie. He is class, heroism, adoration, and bravery personafied. Maybe guys would step up and be men if they saw what their competition was? ha ha. Just kidding. But really, Either the movie would be a complete waste of time or it would be treasured by so many people, as the book series is. My vote: Try. What's a few million dollars eh?

cynthia on May 19, 2009


I love the series, and I hope I'll see them on the big screen in the near future. In my opinion they should choose different actors for the two different time periods. So, they'll have to find 2 Jamies (great idea, isn't it? 2 Jamies!!!). So, they have to take Gerald Butler for the 40+ Jamie and some other actor for the younger Jamie... (I'd choose Robert Pattinson...because he does look good with red hair... but then again, most of the fans wouldn't be happy, so I'd go for some unknown actor.) Claire... hmmm. Rachel Weisz for the older Claire... and I have no idea who to choose for the younger part. I'd be more disappointed if Claire would turn out to be dull than if Jamie would turn out to be just ok-looking. Sean Bean has to play Cullum, and Jude Law Stephen Bonnet... well, maybe they should just do a bbc series... that would be much easier.

Sophie on May 22, 2009


I think they should put this series on HBO or Showtime like they have done with the Tudors or Rome. Those were both well done and I think there is enough substance to segue nicely into a TV series.

Carolyn on May 22, 2009


Check out 5'10" Kyle Schmid for Jamie. Most recently in Blood Ties. I'm well over 60, but oh my.......... Thought of Jamie the very first time I'm saw this guy.

April on May 22, 2009


wow....kyle schmid looks like jamie!!!! well done

ros on May 23, 2009


Claire can't be some size 00 Hollywood actress. Nigella Lawson type --- beautiful dark curly hair and voluptuous. Jamie has to be tall, built like a basketball player, not a football player with no neck. I don't think I can stand it if they don't cast it correctly. Why not pick unknowns? Vivien Leigh was Scarlett O'Hara through and through and she was an unknown at the time.

Indiana Pearl on May 24, 2009


I'm pleased so many others have thought these wonderful books would be better served as an HBO series...I totally agree. I can't really see how they can do justice to even the first book in a 2 hour movie. That being said, I'll weigh in on the fun of imagining a cast. I loved Kevin McKidd in Rome and Grey's Anatomy, but I think he's a bit too old and doesn't have the right combination of sweetness and strength. Gerard Butler is great, but too old and not tall enough. I haven't seen the acting ability of many of the others mentioned although they may look good in photos. about Henry Cavill who plays Charles Brandon on the Tudors? Dying hair and doing an accent would be easy for him...having the acting chops is harder, but he's got that. He was favored by one of the producers when they recast James Bond, but in the end was thought to be too young. Either Jonathon Ryhs Meyers or James Purefoy would be great as Frank/Jack Randall. Can't really say I'm in love with any of the choices mentioned for Claire, but have no better ideas. BTW: In my Barnes and Noble the books are in the Literature section, not Romance. Just read that Sept. 22 is the release date for the next book...can't wait!

Shannon H. on May 24, 2009


DON'T "FAST TRACK" IT - take your time and do it damn right. I am going to be some kinda P**ssed off if the potential of this series is ruined by some corporate equivalents of Simon Cowell pump it out there to make a buck. This is my favorite book and series of all time - I hope SO MUCH it is not made to look stupid like the Mists of Avalon series, which took another fantastic story and made it BORING and unbelievably - ANNOYING. -- only a man or two could've wrecked that so let's not "FAST TRACK" it and you are idiots if you don't let Diana G. have say.

Ruth on May 25, 2009


Second of all, who cares if the MEN like it? Its' not a man's movie, let them go to Terminator.

Ruth on May 25, 2009


And hey, if it became an HBO series - I would buy HBO for the first time in my life.

Ruth on May 25, 2009


I was lucky to listen to this series of book instead of reading them. I discovered the Outlander series six months ago at my local library and started listening to 'Outlander" read by the incredibly talended Davina Porter. I totally fell in love with the story and proceeded to listen to the entire series of 6 books. I mentioned the story to my husband who expressed interest. Somewhat dubious, I however encouraged him to listen to the audiobooks. To my surprise, he became as enthralled as I had been. My husband is 61, a serious, scientifically minded type whom I would never have guessed would love a "romance" novel, but he assures me that the novels are much more than that. He particularly likes Jaimie, loves the rectitude and honor of the character so beautifully brought to life by Diana Gabaldon. He loves the action, the love scenes, despises Black Jack, and is dying to ask me questions about the unfolding plot but manages to resist the impulse to better enjoy the story. He is now nearing the end of the second book. So, gentlemen, put aside your mental reservations and give it a try. I personally highly recommend the audiobooks as Davina Porter truly adds life to a majestic and unforgettable epic.

sybil garrison on May 25, 2009


sorry but they need one person to play claire and jamie not 2 (well one each u know what i mean!!), we have to believe in these people and to change them would make them unbelievable - also i think casting one person is going to be hard enugh never mind 2!! Kyle Scmid looks nothing like my picture of jamie - i picture him more rugged and rough and not a `pretty boy`, althugh very attractive - whoever they cast needs to have a presence about them - something that makes people want to look at them and not juct cos they have a nice face - th9is will be soooooo hard! i don`t think they will every get it perfect for jamie or claire but there will be someone somewhere that comes pretty close - they should hold open auditions for both parts!!! who knows, they may discover an untapped talent somewhere!!

nichola ward on May 25, 2009


Well Alex, you're a ignorant ass for making opinionated comments about a film that is being adapted from a book or series of books that you have NEVER READ! Why bother writing about something that you know nothing about. I am sure that even you, must know at least one thing, try writing about that. How would you like it if you wrote a book that was being adapted into a film and people that think you're an ignorant ass made disparaging remarks about it and gave it bad reviews, even though they never read it??? This is America, and you are entitled to your opinion, but an opinion should be based on facts, such as, actually having read at least the first book in the series before you trash it! For those of you that actually care, I bought the fifth book in the series (Fiery Cross) at JFK airport before a trip to London. All of the books in the series are at least 700 to 800 pages, so it was great for a long flight. The book far exceeded my expectations of an historical fiction book, which is the actual genre. I do believe, if you are a man that enjoys reading more than Sports Illustrated and Playboy for the articles, you might actually like the series. The main male character (Jamie Fraser) is a real man's man, albeit with a steak of integrity a mile long, even though he is prone to break the law, more than occasionally. Claire is a beautiful, intelligent, fiesty woman that really gives Jamie a run for his money, especially given the fact that she is a woman from 200 years in Jamie's future. Their relationship is an epic love story that crosses time. The backdrop of the Scottish defeat by the English and later the beginning of the Revolutionary War, made so real that you feel like you're there, with characters and stories so compelling you will feel like you lost a friend when you finish each of the books. I don't really think that a two or even three hour film can do any of these books justice, but I would see the films if they were made, if only to support the very excellent writer of the series, Diana Gabaldon. A mini series for each book would possibly do it justice.

Sue Cruz on May 25, 2009


OMG! Gerard Butler IS Jamie! He's wonderful & would do Jamie justice! Yes - an HBO mini series is perfect for each book! A 2 hour movie wouldn't even touch it!

Amber on May 26, 2009


I agree that the books would be better suited as a miniseries. At over 700 pages in the first book alone, I'm afraid that too much would be cut for the final showing to actually give the complexity of the overall plot justice. As for Gerard Butler, ladies I agree the man is good looking, but he is actually much older than Jamie in the beginning of the series, and let's not forget how often the books reflect on the past of Jamie while him and Claire were seperated. And James McAvoy is much too young looking for the part, although his age would say otherwise. Let's face it, McAvoy looks about 15 years old in everything he's been in. And for the men readers' of this post, I do assure you that although there is mushy gushy romantical parts, the action, drama, and climatical suspense overshadows the corset ripping by much much more. My father has actually read and enjoyed most of the series so far, reading as far into it as The Fiery Cross. He is a bit tired of hearing about how...erm...majestic Jamies'....ah....member is....but let's not forget that this magnificent description won't be verbalized on screen 😉 I did say that a miniseries would do the series much more justice, but I don't think I would want it on HBO or Showtime, as those two venues are under the impression that only sex sells in the end, as is made apparent with series such as Six Feet Under or The Tudors, which, although they are fantastic shows, could have done without quite so much...anatomy.

ashley on May 26, 2009


P.S. I vote for James Murray as Jamie. Look him up on IMDB. He's not well known, but I think that's what this movie needs. And maybe Kiera Knightley for Claire....if she would agree to put on some weight 😛 if not, she could make a good Brianna.

ashley on May 26, 2009


Well, I do agree with Ashley. Kiera needs to gain some weight for the Clair role. She is the actress the rest of the web says he is now in the role of Clair.

Vickie on May 26, 2009


James Murray? I think I like him. Didn't know him until I just looked. Nice copper hare, perfect skin tone, blue eyes. Kiera Knightley was good in Pride and Prejudice. I just can't see her skinny arse ass claire. Sorry. I still like Ruth Wilson. You can roughen her up a bit from the Jane Austen movie. Make her a little less polished.

stasi on May 27, 2009


James McVoy? Dark hair but his beard comes in red like my husband's. Ewan MacGregor as a supporting role. Big name I know, but doesn't do all the mainstream crap. Jack Randall???? If that guy that played the villain in the Patriot and Malfoy's dad won't get out of my head for the mere fact that he is so good at playing a horrible bastard. I think he may be to old, though. Randall is key to the first book, he needs to be pretty, cold, and evil. Not every actor is comfortable in that role, especially the buggery aspect. This could be done well, casting is key. I for one am excited. The Showtime mini-series would have been great, but obviously it isn't going to happen. Can you imagine suffering through the summer during season breaks, and waiting almost year for the next season to come out? I think that would be torture.

stasi on May 27, 2009


I watched a few utube videos last night, made by fans of the outlander series like me....but these were made up with various actors the ones I liked most were the gerard butler he is 39 now....he's not a pretty boy at all...but he has a strong handsome face and looks like he would have depth of character just like jamie.....and...he is tall...and would have the authentic scottish accent.... As for Kiera Knightly to play way...she neither has the voluptuous figure...nor the depth of character...(or any proven acting ability (as yet) play a character like claire....) because....all of us fans....know...don't we ...that jamie and claire have so much depth to them... diana gabaldon....god bless her!!!!! told us what jamie thought....."thats the roundest arse I have ever seen" I like kiera knightly....but she's played very light characters...she suits them. Claire needs someone of depth....a kate winslet at least who has the depth, the figure and the proper english accent. Why ask americans to play british people....and visa versa??? There were suggestions on the videos....that gwyneth paltrow play loghaire.....thats not a bad idea....and cate blanchet for gellis duncan.... also a good idea.... anyway....I hope they make a good job of it.....who ever they pick.....but definitely gerard butler for jamie....who can play him from 23 thru to 53 if necessary.... well thats my view.... cheers.....

ros on May 27, 2009


I'm so sick of hearing Gerard Butler as Jamie Fraser. Yes he is gorgeous, tough, hot, blah blah blah... but Jamie Fraser is much bigger and much more rugged. Gerard doesn't have the wide smile that curves up at the corners, doesn't have the coloring. I don't picture Jamie as a really gorgeous handsome guy either. He's more rugged and magnetic than good looks. I watched some of those YouTube trailers too and the best one so far is Taylor Mane - he looks EXACTLY as I picture Jamie. For the movie, I think a 3 1/2 - 4 hr movie which begins with an older Claire telling Roger and Bree the story (sort of like a narrative like Titanic), the movie is almost all of the first 2 books, narrative ends with Claire coming back through the stones, then about the last 40 minutes or so about her returning and reuniting with Jamie. I'd like the movie reunion to be a little different than the book reunion though. Not that I didn't LOVE the book reunion but for a motion picture it should have a much bigger POW.

Sharon on May 27, 2009


Alex, Read AT LEAST one of the books first...then maybe you'll be in a position to make comments such as the ones you did. The Books in the Outlander Series CAN NOT be compared to a typical 18th Romance Novels. So, get your story straight before you start babbling.

Yuliya on May 29, 2009


I think that if these stories could come to the screen, it would be a remarkable achievement. Surely a "Lord of The Rings" type trilogy (at least) would be necessary. I have read every book twice and enjoyed them as much the second time around. For the screen, I first thought Kate Winslet for Brianna, but as the years have gone by, maybe she could suit the role of Clair. Jason Isaacs would certainly fit the role of Jonathan Randall For Jamie, Sean Bean was my first choice. Ewan McGregor in the role of Roger MacKenzie maybe. Keira Knightly, absolutely not for either Clair or Brianna, not enough oomph. I think there is a part for Clive Owen in there somewhere too. I just hope that if this movie/movies ever arrives, it is as true to the books as is humanly possible. The stories are just too good to minimalise.

Tricia on May 31, 2009


tricia.... we seem to be on the same wavelength....regarding the nature of the "screening" of this wonderful saga. I am an choice.....I can't tell you how much this is an historical 'TOUR DE FORCE' Not just a "romance" I agree wholeheartedly with the casting of characters....for claire and others.....however....for has to be someone HAS to be. Consider braveheart..... a wonderful any standards....(not historically accurate)...but a great movie...and Mel Gibson...wonderful to play William Wallace.... But the accent...let him down badly... Now the character of not just an we fans all know.....this is why all of us females are so in love with him....Can a man be that perfect???? well...just ask Loghaire...did she think Jamie perfect???? no she didn't.... It is all about the charisma between claire and jamie...that makes him appear so perfect.... Ohhh god...I pity the casting director...who makes the final choice....He/she...will not please everyone....alas alack.....sigh.... I am waiting with bated breath....more for the next book...Echo in the Bone.....than the movie.... The greatest part that is played in this epic ones own imagination!!!! I have a vivid my own mind..... I am not at all sure it wouldn't be spoilt by someone casting this with "pretty famous people" because of their drawcard.... I continue to watch the comments as they come up..... ciao for now Ros 🙂

ros on May 31, 2009


I would love to see Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond from Lost) as Jamie. His hair is the wrong color, but that can be fixed.

Amanda on May 31, 2009


Amanda, I would write your answer with a little change: "I would love to see Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost) as Jamie. His hair is the wrong color, but that can be fixed." He's Jamie in my mind while I'm reading! 😉

Lilly on May 31, 2009


A friend of mine was obsessed with the Outlander series, that's what put me off from reading it myself lol, I came across it years later as an audiobook and I must say... it is wonderful! Yes there's "romance" but there's so much more, the characters are so well written as to seem real. The historical background, the supporting characters, the book has it all! I would love to see the series made into a movie. Sometime ago I was looking through a magazine and came across a picture (I don't watch TV so had no idea who I was looking at 🙂 of a man and thought...that's the guy who should play Jamie Fraser if the movie ever gets made. It was a picture of Kevin McKidd from Grey's Anatomy. As I mentioned I don't watch TV and have never seen an episode but as far as looks... he's it, in my opinion. He's young enough to play both parts, young Jamie and Jamie twenty years later. As far as Claire, I really have no idea but I'm rooting for the movie to be made and not ruin the book for all of us converts!

Karo on Jun 1, 2009


A lot of these are great suggestions, but I still dont think any of the ones for Jamie are hunky enough! He needs to be more beefy!!! I cant say I would mind if it was Robt. Pattinson, but I think he should be much bigger. I'm ready for the movie though!!!!

Amy on Jun 2, 2009


BY THE WAY, this is the closest I've gotten to belief that a movie will be made. Anyone heard anything (besides that production should be begin spring of 2009)? It's June of 2009 and I havent heard anything.

Amy on Jun 2, 2009


Alot of people say that Jamie must not be beautiful. But why? It is mentioned so often that he is beautiful, in the Outlander Series as well as in the Lord John Novels. Gerard Butler would be so right and perfect for the post-Culloden Jamie. For the young Jamie I would suggest Robert Pattinson(fuck Twilight btw ;)he can do so much more than this) or Rupert Friend. They both have quite the looks and can play very good...they could do it. For Claire...well, Nadia Fares has the perfect face and body. But thats all I know about her. + she's french, so ... but she would make an awesome Claire -at least visually. For Brianna I think that Kristanna Loken would be the perfect choice...yeah, shes just perfect...right body, right size, shes got the strength and the beauty. She could do that...yeah...

Lisa on Jun 2, 2009


I have to admit I am still reading the series. To say it is basically a Romance novel, is demeaning. Yes there is romance, but there is trials and loss as well. In the first book "Outlanders", you meet the main charactors, and you have a mystery that unfolds with the "Stones"; time travel; the love of man and his home country (Scotland); the heartache of losing not just a war, but homeland, wife and faimly. The Series is gripping, you keep reading to find out what happens get so involved with all the charactors, wanting to know what happens to them. Dianan Gabaldon is a great writer and I am excited to see her books come to the big screen, I hope you can do them justice. To take anything away from the books would be a sin and a cheap shot. The best way to have a good opinion of the "Outlanders" Series is to pick them up and read for yourself. Don't think that just because there is romance in the novel that only women would be interested in it, for the wars and survival of the men and women in the books are just as important. Don't take my word or anyone elses, read the books for yourself, and if they do make a movie or two from the series (and stay true to the books) I would be first in line to buy them on DVD!!

Helen Tvrdy on Jun 2, 2009


I can't believe I am sitting here writing down names of potential actors for the first (hopefully) movie of this series! Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series is my all time favorite...I've read them all and I agree..."Romance" is not the correct genre. (I have NEVER been a romance fan!). But I love the relationships...and I was hooked from the get-go the chemistry between Clair and Jaime... I have read and re-read the whole series, and gone back and collected the whole series in hard-cover. I search again and again for the next book in the series, and I look forward to seeing a rendition on the big screen!

Donna on Jun 6, 2009


All the fuss about the genre of this series of books. Some of the classics were categorized as “historical romances” – think with Gone With the Wind for one. The du Maurier books, for example. Absolutely nothing wrong with having some romance in a book that’s otherwise filled with historically significance events done with the painstaking accuracy that is Gabaldon’s trademark. Except, of course, the Book Snobs will look down on any history written in fiction format. They’re like the TV Snobs that you have all met at one time or another – the “But I just never watch TV, except for Public TV, of course” people. But anyone who has ever read these books can tell you, they can in no way be lumped in with the bodice rippers. In fact, when Outlander first came out, some book critics reviewed it as Science Fiction because of the time travel! As for casting, I give up. I like Kate Winslet for Claire but Jamie almost defies casting. He has to be tall, built strong, be handsome of face. Do not cast someone short, I don’t care how cute he is or if he’s Scottish. One of Jamie’s characteristics is that he always stood taller than most everyone else around him. I’ve read with interest many of the suggestions for Jamie but the truth is that I cannot picture anyone suggested or think of anyone myself who is up to Jamie’s perfection. It’s too bad that cloning a younger Liam Neesom isn’t possible.

Beverly on Jun 6, 2009


I've been saying it for years that these books would make a great movie series. The Outlander series is not just a romance novel, it has historic value, not to mention Claire's knowlege of medicine. The books are really humerous too. I've found myself laughing while reading them. The characters are well developed also. The offshoot of the Lord Melton books are also very good. These books cand and do appeal to the male genre, since historically men were the rulers of the world in that time. The battles and day to day trials to survive the rule of the English in Scotland is definitely a page turner. I remember leaving Outlander at my desk and going to lunch. My co-worker, Steve, picked it up and started reading it. When I returned I told him he could finish reading it, and that there work more sequels to that one. Steve went with his wife to Barne's and Nobles to get the next Outlander book. Steve and his wife were amused to discover that it was listed in the Romance section. Jamie Fraser is a 007 from another time. I cannot wait to see it when it premieres.

CLK on Jun 9, 2009


Outlander (and sequels) is one of my all-time favorite novels. Yeah, yeah, it has romance and kissy stuff, but it's not a chick book. My dad really liked it, too, and you can rest assured he is a manly man. The time period; location; history--social, political, warfare; and the characters are wonderfully written. You find yourself not reading a book, so much as experiencing what happened. Please read the book before you see the film. This is one like The Bourne Identity where so much goes on in someone's thoughts or motivations that cannot be captured sufficiently on screen. The best movies of all goe on inside our heads when our imaginations kick in. I hope the film does justice to the printed word.

Debbie on Jun 9, 2009


in response to commentor Mark who believes Outlander sounds "gay" (let's ignore for a moment the offensive use of his ignorant homosexual pegoratives): Outlander is nothing like Ever After; it's filled with adventure, politics, battles, etc. Yes, romance is a part of it, but by no means the only part. These are not cheesy romance novels. They're historical fiction novels and true to their genre they are saturated with historical events such as the battle of Culloden. I'd advise reading them before you judge.

Laura on Jun 14, 2009


Firstly, we are severely lacking good historical, Scottish movies. The Highlands were full of adventure, passion, fiesty hearts and men and women bent on saving what they loved. Apart from Rob Roy and Braveheart, Scotland is not the center of any really good movies. To begin with, I was reluctant to read "Outlander" due to the fact that I hate romance novels. After picking the book up though... I can attest that Diana Gabaldon is an author that brings her words to life and yet keeps the book moving and flowing forwards. There is romance, yes... but there is also intrigue, history, folklore, adventure, incredible swordsmanship scenes, passion, true events and a story line unlike any other movie out there. This book is more than just love and a time traveler, this book brings alive so many hearts because of its ability to strike at the heart and soul of women and men. It depicts what every woman wants to be: treasured, desired, longed for, rescued. To play an irreversible role (in two places and times non the less!) and to be apart of a great adventure. For a man it brings alive the rush of battles, sword fighting, saving the sassenach beauty and taking dominion over a passionate and beautiful woman! This isnt just the typical historical novel or the stereotypical romance novel... this is something, that if done well, will become an all time favorite. The only things that I would keep in mind while selecting actors... Jamie is young yet strong, commanding, handsome, SCOTTISH, passionate, deliberate and a romantic heart. Claire is older, beautiful, has curly hair, determined, resolute, fiesty, damned to be triffled with and a zealous woman who has seen her share of blood and gore. If you choose actors because of their current appeal, their personal looks or their past movies, you could ruin the movie and have the book readers against watching it. But if you pick actors that characterize the main characters and go for authentic ability to capture Jamie and Claire, you will have a beloved treasure. Take your time in locating authentic actors (no matter how small their names now) and hand select the right actors. Gerard Butler, despite the fact that I love him and he is handsome, is NOT the right guy for the job. He is too old and he is Irish. All the other suggestions that I have seen have been too wussy, too fake, too girlie, too lame, too boring, too wrong for the part. Take time to read the novel and get a feel for the characters, they jump right off the pages to you anyway! Then go to Scotland and search for Jamie. Claire will come easier once you have your Jamie.

Paiseley on Jun 15, 2009


these books are majorly addictive, not just once, but over and over again... they've got romance yes, but hot passionate sex, betrayal, brutal wars, espionage, epic family storylines with historical ties...Diana Gabaldon is fantastic and I really hope that the movies stay true to her writing. If is ain't broke...and all that

melanie on Jun 16, 2009


I'm a 25 year old male. My wife begged me for close to 3 years to read the books. After I finally got around to it, I couldn't stop reading them. Gabaldon is a master of storytelling. The main characters are full of depth and personality. Jamie is a man's man. He's an educated, thoughtful warrior/laird/husband/father that knows the proper way to balance democracy with brutality. Claire is a good balance for him. Always copassionate and strong willed, with as much, if not more humor than Jamie. In short these are two of the best characters I've ever seen, be it book or movie. This should be a good series of movies. My only concern is that so much is packed into the books that an accurate telling of the story will be difficult to achieve in a movie. If the situation involving Jack Randall at Wentworth isn't handled very, very well, a lot of people will be put off to going to see "Dragonfly in Amber". As it stands I had a hard time getting through that part of the book. It was disturbing. To all guys skeptical about this: take it from me. If you enjoy reading, you have to read this series. In short, this is one of the best stories ever put to paper. Don't be fooled into pegging it as a romance. It has romance in it, but it's properly balanced by action, mystery, history, drama, etc.. Ultimately it's the story of the life of an 18th century Scottish Highland warrior and his 20th century Brittish wife, who is trained in modern medicine. Considering how many wounds Jamie takes from brawling, soldiering, and homesteading, this was a perfect match. Please, read the books.

Tom on Jun 16, 2009


@ paiseley I loved reading your comment and I agree with most of what you've written. There is only one thing - yes, Gerard Butler is too old for the young Jamie...but he is indeed scottish and not irish. His family has an irish background, but he is scottish-and proud of it 😉 cheers

Lisa on Jun 17, 2009


I am just stumbling onto the Outlander series and am absolutely -dying- to get to Dragonfly in Amber, which I will be going to get first thing in the morning. I cannot even begin to fathom how a feature length film can be made of this book. It definately needs at least a 12-hour mini-series on cable, or something. Better yet, turn it into a series, like True Blood. Two hours would not nearly be enough and I fear we lovers of Jamie and Claire would be sorely disappointed. It happened to me with Stephen King's "The Stand". As for who should play them, I have -no- clue who could do them justice. Although Ray Park, who played Darth Maul in Star Wars- Episode 1 would be a good choice, he's a big guy, but I don't know what his accent is like. Someone mentioned Kevin McKidd, too, from Grey's Anatomy, but he's a bit too old for the part. Heath Ledger would've made a good Jamie. Jamie is only 24. As for Claire, no idea. None at all. I always picture Jack Randell to look like Jason Isaacs' character William Tavington in The Patroit. He's who I think of when I think of Bad Guy/English Officer/Smarmy Bastard. Duuno why. Always have. Anyway, that's my two-cents. Thanks!

Beth on Jun 17, 2009


As much as I LOVE this series of books, I would hate to see it made trashy by turning it into a movie. The first book alone is worthy of a mini-series at the very least. There is no way any director could possibly make this and have it turn out anything close to the book. I think Hollywood would just ruin it. This series is way to special to mess with. As for calling it a "romance novel" , I have to disagree. It is much more in the science fiction line to me. To me it is one of the best, well written series there is, ad I can't see any of todays actresses, or actors as being close to pulling off the characters of Jamie and Claire. There are just none good enough.

Jo Vaughn on Jun 18, 2009


From What I've noticed around the web, The Outlander Series is: based apon the success of the first movie going to be a series. The Company bought the rights and they cando what they want to with the proptery. So far this movie appears to be the first of a series. It would explain alot of things after all. 1. the secret filming location. 2. the reason for going with Young actors, they cangrow and age with the series. 3. By buying a well knowen series they have a product thats good for several films. 4.They are able to keep a set # of persons with good steady jobs for several years. It takes many people to make one film if they work on a series,Its just that much better. 5. We stay with the films awaiting the next part of the series. they are working hard to make the best product possible that's easy to see by the well-knowen names which are being associated with the Outlander project. About what Dianna's books are: The Library of Congress lists them as Sci Fi.

Vickie on Jun 18, 2009


last month i started to read the Outlander series. I just happened to grab the book off the shelf and i started to read. I couldn't put it down though. Within a week, i was done and searching for the next book. It took me three days per book. At the moment i am reading The Fiery Cross. Diana Gabaldon is a genius. The Outlander books are my favorite series. All i can hope for is to find my own James Fraser. A great novel of love, proving that it can withstand anything, even time. I would LOVE to see Outlander has a movie. I would buy the tickets now if i could. The only problem with the movie would be the actors/actresses and the fact that some movies don't stick to the book as much as they would (that and Outlander is a bit detailed in the love scenes...) either way, if they do make it a movie, i am so seeing it, no matter what.

katie on Jun 19, 2009


I have read EVERY book in this series 3 times. Can't WAIT to see it on the screen.

j on Jun 20, 2009


I agree with a great many of your correspondants. This could be a great movie if done right but could be so easily ruined as was the case with Twilight. The wrong director and/or actors can break a movie faster than anything else. I've been enjoying the series very much. Although of the wrong coloring, ie;hair & es, I keep thinging of Stephan Bonnet being played by Johnny Depp. He seems able to capture a certain amount of evil while still being able to entrance the unwary. As for the other characters, I watch so little television and see so few movies that I cannot think who could best portray Claire, Jamie, Bree and Roger. Are there that many six foot and taller actors around? After all, a six foot six, slender but muscular redhead is probably as rare as a man like Jamie Fraser himself.

Patrysha on Jun 22, 2009


OMG! I am so excited! What i recently found out about the stories is that so many of the people and events are/were real. It is amazing how Diana worked them all together to fit so seamlessly. My favorite scene is where Claire goes back to Jamie after Frank dies and she finds Jamie in the printing shop. I read it over and over every time i read/listen to the books. Kate Winslet for Claire I think, but as we all know Diana has said she has absolutely no say over casting. I think maybe Gerard Butler for Jamie. He used to have a crooked smile, i am pretty sure he has braces and his smile is more straight now and very attractive, but still a manly man. Well to me any way! I just hope they stay true to the stories and don't use a lot of "dramatic license" and ruin it. Sabrina

Sabrina on Jun 23, 2009


I am one of those who have read the whole series 2 times through, and will read the whole thing again before starting the new book coming in September. I have also read the Lord John series. Not as impressed with those, but then they were so short compared to the Outlander books that they just couldn't stand up to the standard set there. I think a mini-series would be required, or at least two movies, to give any kind of justice to these books. Maybe putting the setting for movie one in Scottland, and movie two in America would work. It would be wonderful if they could use relative unkowns (unknown at least in the USA) for the actors so you are not thinking through the whole movie of the other characters they have portrayed. Using Johnny Depp as Bonnett, a pirate character?? Talk about type-casting!

Patty on Jun 25, 2009


It's more of a HIGHLANDER meets DIE HARD movie set in the 18th century Europe... And IF, (And that's a Big IF) the Script is written in a way to convey the true temperament & disposition of the novle …I mean Sure there are love sense, but there is a heck of a lot more action in the book then love’n BY FAR...

Mal on Jun 26, 2009


I made a typo in post 342 It should say: the success of the Outlander series is behind the making of the film.

Vickie on Jun 27, 2009


Outlander and its sequels are the most fascinating, absorbing, interesting, and romantic sagas that have come along in a long long time. Diana Gabaldon is a born writer, imaginative, creative, and fills her books with one adventurous event after another without missing a beat. I have read the entire series several times, and that is a lot of reading as if you've seen her books, they are all somewhat lengthy, but never ever boring. This lady can write. Fiction does not usually grab me, but due to the historical information woven into the story and the memorable characters you can't help but fall in love with, I was swept away by this series. Now, that FINALLY the story will hit the big screen I am truly looking forward to seeing it - as well as buying the DVD's. I hope the production will do justice to Ms. Gabaldon's writing in the screen iversion of the story. Outlander and its sequels will make Gone With the Wind - just that, gone, with the wind. There is no comparison between the two. Claire and Jamie make Scarlet and Rhett look small in comparison to their "bigger than life" characters and story. As for the movie - bring it on!!! I'm not getting any younger (I'm pushing 77). P.S. Gerard Butler is a talented and dedicated actor - he would be a great Jamie.

Mona on Jun 27, 2009


Well, after all, by the end of 3rd book, Jaimie is already in his 40s, so Gerard Butler would be perfect then. All we need is a look-alike for the younger Jaimie and voila! Let us hope that "they" don't butcher OUTLANDERl as was done with Michael Crichton's TIMELINE. Talk about a waste of time! Anyone who has read the series more than once should seriously consider listening to it on audio - Davina Porter does a fabulous rendition. Most likely available at your library.

sybil garrison on Jun 28, 2009


I LOVE the books. To me it's one the those that I just can't put down. You have everything here to make this a fantastic movie. You have a villian that Jamie isn't allow to kill because of the dire request of Claire (you'll find out why). You have a love story that beats all time (modern day husband vs. Jamie Fraser). You have all the politics and upheval of the 1700's. It's really, really a good book series.

Rochelle on Jun 28, 2009


Has anybody found out any more on these series being a film? I can't get any definite information from the web sites. Here's my take: Can't see Kevin McKidd as Jamie at all. Totally didn't visualize Jamie this way. I do see Robert Pattinson or Jason Lewis as somebody that would make good Jamie (they have to have a young good looking actors, but also have to have a rough/tough look about them )- also, I see Alexa Davalos or Nadia Farres as Claire. Either would make perfect Claire.

jae on Jun 30, 2009


Actually the filming should start in spring (which is over by now). I fear that the movie wont happen in the near future...I mean, the last time we got news was in October 2008, right? So what happened? Maybe they couldn't find a proper director or have trouble financing the project...I hope that they'll manage to make the movie soon...

Lisa on Jul 1, 2009


I find it hard to believe that the movie will ever be made. First of all the man wanting to produce it has never read the books. And as Dianna has said , she has received many offers to have the books turned into a movie. I think it would be too expensive for one thing and finding the right people to play the characters is another. On another note, I can't wait for the book to come out this September.

Theresa on Jul 2, 2009


It would be "exciting" to see Outlander (series) on screen and better as a mini series IMO. However, speculating which actors would fit the bill is difficult at best unless you are in the "biz". It is unlikely that all the actors previously mentioned would appear in one movie. Many of the characters, important as they might be to the story line (especially to us die hard fans), would likely be minor roles in a movie and therefore likely to be portrayed by "unknown actors", if not left out altogether. Regardless of what turns out on screen (if anything) I accept that nothing will be as good as my own mind's visual that has been spun with "Herself's" talent, time, creativity, patience, etc etc. I also encourage those of you who haven't had an opportunity to listen to the audiobooks to run to your library now and make sure you don't get the Abridged version. Davina Porter is fabulous. I am member of and was able to purchase many of the books for a reasonable cost and download to my iPod. Great to exercise or do housework to. Also looking forward to to September:-)

Laura on Jul 2, 2009


please oh please do not put robert pattinson as jamie fraser - jamie is a big man in both height and build, with a commanding presence that bot men and women alike respond to - Robert pattinson is nice enough looking and quite tall - but i bet he would fit in my jeans!!!! (i`m a sz 10), knock a few inches off him though and he would make a great Lord John?

nichola ward on Jul 2, 2009


Is there a petition that's going around that perhaps we can sign to support this to be made into big screen? If not, can somebody make it- not sure where it would be sent to???? But I really think if they do it right, it could make a lot of money for them (kind of like Lord of the Rings- that was a HUGE hit)- As far as rob pattinson, yes I agree, he is way too skinny... he would have to really beef up for jamie's role (Brad Pitt was able to do it in Troy)... I just think rob has the look of gentleness (the way Jamie looks at claire)- but rob could be rough looking as well with the bristles and wild "reddish" hair (for when jamie is the protector and the warrior)- but really, if this is to be made a movie, they probably couldn't afford the big name actors/actresses- they'd have to find some "unknowns" with talent- which I think could work. I just love the books and to actually get some visuals for some of the scenes would be absolutely amazing!

jae on Jul 2, 2009


At first I wanted Gerard Butler to play Jamie. Not now. Think about it Gerard is tall, dark, green eyes and Scottish-who fits that description??? Anyway, i think these series of books would do better as a major mini series on HBO. When i started reading them I immediately thought of North and South. In my opinion that would be best because you could get every little story in and every character.

Sabrina on Jul 3, 2009


No matter how they do it, it will never do justice to the writing genius of Diana Gabaldon and her avid readers' imaginations.

Dana on Jul 3, 2009


I just hope that if and when this movie gets made that they read the above comments so they know that they have to get it right or they are going to piss off a lot of people. The characters, the complexity, will all be ruined if this goes Hollywood. Unknown actors, real countryside, patiently laying out the complexities, I doubt whether they movie makers have the maturity for this, or think that we do. We DON'T want Claire beamed back to Scotland Star Trek style, nor do we want it flashy. We want it REAL, because that is what engrossed us in the books to the point of distraction. When they were done, we would look up vaguely depressed and shrug and think, "now what are we going to do? how can you follow that??" and then sometimes just started the whole thing over again. Kind of pathetic sounding, but honestly, it was kind of like a drug, you'd rather be there. Let's hope Diana gets to cast, she's the only one with the right, if it was Keira Knightly I don't think I could even stand to go.

Julie Reid on Jul 3, 2009


There is an Outlander movie listed on IMDb for 2011 release. The status right now has it as "in development". Details on the listing below: Production Co: Essential Entertainment Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Romance / Sci-Fi Summary: A British nurse visiting Scotland in 1945 stumbles upon a time portal that transports her to the 18th Century. Source Material: Novel Filmmakers: Diana Gabaldon - Writer (novel), Randall Wallace - Writer (screenplay), Neil Kaplan - Producer, Jim Kohlberg - Producer

Eryn on Jul 3, 2009


PS: Tahmoh Penikett has my vote for Jamie Fraser. His mouth even curls up at the ends.

Eryn on Jul 3, 2009


OMG! Tahmoh Penikett IS Jamie! How did you fine that guy? I had never heard of him but he is perfect (in my mind) So, we have Jamie and Roger. I kinda like Kate Winslet or that Anna Friel who was with Gerard in Timeline for Claire. Ok, lets insist that WE the fans have a say in the casting. Anyone have Diana's phone number?

Sabrina on Jul 3, 2009


Replies to Eryn and Sabrina posts: I, too, had suggested Tahmoh Penikett earlier. He’s very tall like Jamie, about 6 foot four inches and really a hunk. Not to mention gorgeous. He’s not a name star like Gerard Butler but does have a really solid fan base from Battlestar Galactica and has enough experience to have some good acting chops. Rent the series on Netflix and check him out. It’s the new one, not the old 1980’s series. Also, he was on a series on Fox (I think it’s Fox) called The Dollhouse and I’m pretty sure it’s been renewed for the coming Fall, so you might check him out on that.

beejay on Jul 3, 2009


beejay - I've seen Dollhouse and thought he was gorgeous but never even thought of him as Jamie until I read your post and now totally agree with you. I think having someone who is less famous play the part(s) is the smarter way to cast. Have that actor become Jamie or Claire etc. Look at Robert Pattinson in Twilight - he IS Edward because he wasn't really anybody else before. If Gerard Butler was to play Jamie (and f#*k, yes he's HOT) it would just be another role for him. Plus, everyone needs to remember that there is a budget involved. The studio cannot cast an A-lister in every role and still have money left over to actually film the movie.

Eryn on Jul 4, 2009


I have never seen Tahmoh Penikett before now. I think he would make a great Jamie just from looks and the fact that he is an unknown to me would make it all the better. Let's not let him get too old thouogh. Let's get this movie underway! What is the holdup?

Sharon Williams on Jul 4, 2009


I have to say......I'd love to see Tahmoh with long red hair!!! lol. I've just watched him speak about his upbringing in the Yukon and his grandmother with great pride and depth. (there's the hand on heart patriotism...and the "gentler" side. I had never heard of him before....but am impressed. He does have flat broad cheek bones and an upturned mouth when he smiles. He has a British father....maybe scottish relatives???? Hmmmm..... a very distinct possibility...Wonder if we could get him to read the outlander series.? He would love it I am sure. Claire....well I still think Kate Winslet, she has the depth of character, the figure....the English accent. I wonder what Diana would think of tahmoh....

ros on Jul 4, 2009


How about Viggo Mortensen for Jamie. He is a great actor, has the looks (eyes, cheekbones, physique) and proven ability. As for height, he could wear "lifters" in his shoes as so many actors have done in years gone by. Makeup artistry is so advanced, he could have a "youthful image" for the first part of the story. After all, many actors have "aged" beautifully through makeup artists' skills. Another Jamie would be our Gerard (Butler) who undoubtedly would do justice to Diana Gabaldon's Jamie character with his dedication to any roles he takes on. He already has one requirement - the Scottish accent. Both of these men have the charisma for Jamie. As for Claire, why not a lady from Wales with the beauty, speech, and figure for Claire - Katherine Zeta-Jones. Given the opportunity, I believe she would bring the character to life onscreen beautifully. We Outlander series fans want the very best for the beloved characters we've all fallen in love with. We are looking so forward to the movie(s)! ! ! !

Mona on Jul 5, 2009


so how do we find out if this is actually going to progress to big screen? I think if there's enough demand for it, somebody will listen...

jae on Jul 6, 2009


To #371-- Viggo is COMPLETELY wrong. He is too old and doesnt even look Scottish! Gerard's accent is Irish and is way different then a Scottish accent. Plus HELLO!! Jamie is supposed to be young, handsome, tall and have red hair, buffed/ athletic build and an extremely typical Scottish personality. All the actors that would play Jamie are wrong... we need someone who is not well known and who captures Jamie to his core. Even his essence must be kept in tact. Catherine Zeta-Jones is poor at acting and would leave MUCH to be desired. Better going with someone who has played in classic british movies with literature focus then to pick an actress who will portray Claire all wrong.

Paiseley on Jul 6, 2009


what about channing tatum? he is hot, with a very strong body! I know normally his roles are kind of rough, but I think there is some potential there- I mean Jamie is suppose to be beautiful and a warrior.

jae on Jul 6, 2009


Gerard butler IS SCOTTISH....not Irish....he was born in Glasgow in 1969.....have a look at him...he's rugged ...handsome...and at not too old to play jamie....with clever make up....Most of the books are when jamie is maturer anyway.... but....your unknown actor??? have a look at tahmoh pinniket.....see him speak...

ros on Jul 7, 2009


to Author: Paiseley Gerard Butler is Scottish.. He only had an Irish accent for the movie P.S I love you.

Theresa on Jul 7, 2009


Getting the top notch actors to play these parts would be too expensive and the story will never be made into a movie. As I said before. Get some unknowns. They did well with unknowns for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter. Gerard Butler although I love him to death is a bit too old to play the part and is not tall enough. Claire needs to have a nice full bottom as described in the book. British women are known for their so called birthing hips. Which gives Claire her fullness. If I'm not mistaken... Claire was 28 when she met Jamie. Jamie is younger then Claire by 4 years I think.

Theresa on Jul 7, 2009


the higher rated actor...would probably not be available for the long haul....and it would be dreadful to cast someone and then change actors mid=stream... there was only four years difference in their ages when they met.....and my daughter is 28 and looks 19....but my son looks older than his age..... and as I said before....most of the books are when they are more in fact...actors in their 30's ...would be the way to go....they can look younger...and older.... kate probably too big a name for claire...but she has the figure....and the acting expertise.. I wonder....if these books will ever get to screen given the monumental task and expense.... sigh...

ros on Jul 7, 2009


It will be nice if this wonderful series of books gets to be filmed. I’d prefer HBO so that the involving story lines don’t have to be condensed or it would also be great if it was done like Lord of the Rings with a series of 3 movies. It would also be preferable if it could be filmed in Scotland but I’ve read that parts of Canada would also be ideal. As for the leads, yes, it would be nice if they were Scottish. But the casting director shouldn’t be limited to that. Accents can be learned by a good actor. It used to be that when Brits “did” American, it was usually an exaggerated Southern accent. But now so many Brits, Scots, and Irish have learned to master different American dialects that I don’t see why an American or Canadian actor couldn’t master a Scots accent if the perfect actor or actress was found. Just get it right, for goodness sakes, no matter the nationality! Viggo Mortenson is great but at about 50 he’s way too old to play Jamie. Someone mentioned that if a name actor was chosen it might be hard to tie them down to long term commitments if sequels became an option. I think that’s true and so for that reason I may have to give up on my thought of Kate Winslet, darn it.

beejay on Jul 7, 2009


Please don't let them do this! There's no way they will get all the nuance and it will just be another sappy romance movie. I sincerely hope that they find something better to make a movie out of. How about "Lies of Locke Lamond"?

Raygina on Jul 9, 2009


Hi fellow Outlander lovers. It seems we all want the best for our beloved characters in a movie or series of movies about this outstanding saga. Keep your ideas coming - maybe they will be read and/or possibly picked up by the project's producer(s) and/or an associate. The more ideas, suggestions, and input from you, the better. Don't be timid about voicing your thoughts. Keep them coming.

Mona on Jul 10, 2009


I am an older married man and I have read each of the six novels finishing the sixth one now. I do want the book seried to become a movie series like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Diana's books should be sold by the pound she has so much detail in them. I worry that it will be a poorly made reader's digest verion of the books. It also takes place over 30+ years so the actors will need to age quite a bit. If the series does not concentrate on the Claire-Jamie romatic scenes all of the time, I think that men would really like this series. (I personally like the relationship they have). There is so much that Joe Lunchbox would like in the movie(s). Highland gathering, skirmishes and the battles with the English, science fiction of time travel, Geilie and her craziness/insanity, historical costumes and the Indians. So much more that it would take too much to mention. Remember that Jamie is tall, has a straight nose, a norse apperance, and red hair in a long pony tail. I see Claire as a dirty blond with neck length hair. Brianna is a femail version of Jamie. Roger is a blank in my imagination. I'm interested in who would be cast as Lord John. Black Jack Randall is a shoo in. Jacob Isaacs who plays Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter movies and as he brutal Colonel William Tavington in The Patriot. I hope they film the movie(s) on site in Scotland and in North Carolina for the later books.

Sam on Jul 11, 2009


Make the movies!!

Heather on Jul 11, 2009


Gabaldon is a devil of a good story-teller. The Outlander series is pure fluff, which is what entertainment should be. Who needs more realism anyway? The world of 2009 has cornered that market and left us numb to atrocities and blood. Bravo, Diana!

Bonnie on Jul 12, 2009


I have heard that a lot of men have begun reading it and found it to be as fascinating as the women have.

bridget on Jul 13, 2009


Sam - I imagined Jacob Isaacs as Black Jack Randall when I read the book! Good choice.

Eryn on Jul 13, 2009


To those who think Jason (I guess you mean him - I don't know any Jacob Isaacs ;)) Isaacs: Diana Gabaldon stated that Black Jack/Frank Randall looks nothing like him. I myself thought of a mixture of Johnny Depp/Jack Daevenport. IMO he has to be at least quite goodlooking so the audience will feel with Claire, when shes torn between Frank and Jamie. Brianna: I think that Kristanna Loken would fit perfectly into this role. She has a strong appearence, is beautiful and has this norse look. If you have seen "the ring of the nibelungs" with her in the role of Brunhild, you'll know what I mean. For those who don't and want to know: (shes the beautiful blond woman). Claire: Physically Nadja Fares matches Claire the best. I don't know if her age or french accent are an argument against her. (check out "Nadia Fares-Elles_n'oublient_jamais " via google video) But her face comes closest to my imagination of Claire. Or some kind of Sophie Marceau-type actress... Jamie: I have been thinking soooo long which actor comes closest to my imagination of Jamie. I've been thinking of Rupert Friend, Tahmoh Pennikett, Robert Pattinson, Eric Dane and all the others....but not one of them is as close to my Jamie as Gerard Butler, sorry. All those boys (though Pattinson would be my favourite from these boys - he kind of has the looks...and the eyes 😉 And hes a magnificent actor, he could pull it off best)) couldn't fill the role of Jamie Fraser. Due to what he with his 22/23 years has been through already the actor needs to have an aura of wisdom an life experience (gosh, I hope I don't sound too cheesy here 😉 ). Plus people back then looked older at 22 than they do these days at 22, I guess. So you can't take a 22, 23 or even 25, 26-year old to play young Jamie. He simply wouldn't have the right aura. So an actor in his 30s would be appropriate. But he has to have this kind of big puppy dog/warrior /passionate, just deflowered lover/storyteller - thing. He has to buzz the whole room with his presence and -again- aura. which brings me back to Gerard Butler, who has all me sick, but he still is my all-time favourite, even for the young Jamie. Make him loose some weight, get a shave and some Make-up and a soft-focus lense for the close-up ... that would be pairfect 😉 Visually and from his acting point of view. He has the height (or at least almost, which would be enough), the fierce and piercing eyes, the mouth and even the long, straight nose. He hasn't got those hig cheekbones, but you can't have everything. He even has the perfect accent. Jamies accent is described as not as heavy as the accents of the other scots, he pitches the ends of the sentences and leaves some t's etc. AND he rolls the r. JUST like Gerard. I triple-checked it 😉 Gerry IS a warrior. He IS a big puppy dog. he IS a great storyteller even with the same humour as Jamie. he HAS the aura and I am sure he is a passionate lover ;). And as he is such a great actor he could also pull off the virgin-thing. Dougal: Clive Owen or sean bean Colum: ? Geillis: Michelle Pfeiffer Laoghaire: jennifer ellison (meg giry in Phantom of the opera 2004) Roger: Jared Leto ?? Ian:Craig Ferguson or a younger Craig ferguson-type guy Jenny: Rachel Weisz Murtagh: Sean Bean or David Wenham (check the graphic novel stuff - murtagh looks like a mixture of both of them!) Lord John Grey, the older one: Jude Law Yeah...If I could cast, this is kind of how I would do it 😉

Lisa on Jul 13, 2009


I adore these books, my mom and I watch them. Personally, for a Jamie, it would haave to be Kevin McKidd. If ANYONE had been watching Grey's Anatomy lately he plays Dr. Owen Hunt, a war surgeon. He's perfect for the part I think. Scottish, red hair, massively buff, and to top it all off, can do an amazing tortured soul act. There's no compitision in my eyes, Jamie IS Kevin McKidd.

Megs on Jul 16, 2009


Great comments. Has Diana made a list of her favorites for the parts? Sorry for the misspelled words.

Sam on Jul 16, 2009


Can not see Kevin McKidd at all as Jamie- Jamie is suppose to be a very beautiful man- Kevin is not good looking to me. I think erik dane might make good jamie- he even has squinty eyes like jamie.

jae on Jul 17, 2009


Sam, Diana has only stated many times that Gerard Butler is too old to play Jamie; Kiera Knightley plus 40 lbs could play Claire and James McAvoy is too short; other than that she has said nothing and is not involved in any way with the movie. She has a blog on her website and if you go to the older posts you can read what she says about the movie.

Juanita on Jul 17, 2009


I agree thaat these books needs a series context. The BBC productions are dead-on with their historical dramas. With so many books the series could go on for several years. I have read all the books once and am now listening to tem on cd's in my car back & forth to work. I was just on UTube - there are several mini-videos - one with a shot of different characters as casted by the videomaker. They are really dead-on. Just as Clark Gable WAs Rhett Butler - so Gerard Butler is Jamie Fraser. I pray that whoever takes this massive project on does it right! The characters are so vividly portrayed by Diana Gabeldon they must be true to the author's descriptions. Catch the UTube video casting picks - they're right on! Pat

patricia peek on Jul 17, 2009


Juanita, You make a very good point with the wieght comment about Kiera Knightly and the height concern about James McVoy. These are roles they are going to have to grow allong with over the years. I think the company that actualy is making this movie hopefuly took those considerations into account when they signed Kiera Knightly and James McVoy to the contracts. The Outlander film started production in the north of Scotland this past Spring. The company name is Essental Entertainment of Hollywood Ca. If yourlooking for more information go to They may still be running their 2 weeks free promotion for the PRO membership to their website. I should mention my favorite pick for Jamie would be Kevin Mckid, However he has a good reason to not be in the lead role of this film. He is busy making the new ROME movie. ROME the movie starts where the HBO ROME seiries ends.

Vickie on Jul 17, 2009


I just can't imagine Kiera as Claire. I tried the and weird stuff came up. Vickie when you get a moment can you give me a little more info on where i might find out this stuff and so i can send them an e-mail and tell them to STOP!!!!!!!

Sabrina on Jul 17, 2009


Sabrina, I think it is the the 2 letters - D & B were tranposed in Juanita's note. However, the free trial is for 2 weeks and asks for a credit card. After 2 weeks it's 12.95 month.

Laura on Jul 17, 2009


Sophia Myles would make a great Claire. Just watched the scifi Outlander movie. What do y'all think?

Sharon on Jul 17, 2009


I am a male, not crazy about romance offerings and went through the series many years after the first book was written. Until I read these comments it never dawned on me that so many considered this a "woman's” romance story. Well, I disagree with all of you. Although there are parts we could just speed up some of the sexual offerings between Jamie and Claire, this is historic adventure on a grand level. These are battles that excite, intrigue and caused me to actually research after I read about them. Jamie and Claire, along with a few other characters are believable, yet somehow larger than life. Twice before in my life I was warned off movies because they were slow or "mushy," only to find that they remains two of my favorites. I think this could be a wonderful series. Just one other comment about the casting.....Jamie is a larger than life leader of men and Claire is a woman, despite her age, that has lived a full life packed in a few years. To miscast this movie would be a great disservice. I am reminded of Kevin Costner playing Robin Hood, which was ridiculous.

Samuel on Jul 17, 2009


Hey Samuel. I'm glad you like the books but you as a man consider some things more important to the story then I do. I think it would be foolish to "just speed up some of the sexual offerings between Jamie and Claire", as their intense relationship is the crux of the story, after all she chooses to risk her life and go back to him 20 years later. I don't think anything should be speeded up or omitted, no characters should be combined to save time and space. That is why these books should be an HBO mini series like North and South, or the Thornbirds or Rome, Tudors etc........I also think they should cast unknowns for the most part. Anyway, that's my story and i'm sticking to it!

Sabrina on Jul 17, 2009


If you havn't read from the first post on this list to the last your missing a heck of alot of good soild info about this coming movie. There is enough mention of where plenty of info about this movie is located on the web. If you want to know more just read the list, Lots of internet info is on this list. I'm sure alot more info has appered on the web since those old posts were written. A person has to be very creative to find the info on the web though. When I looked at I pulled plenty of information from E.E. but that was months ago. It's going to be an awesome good rock-solid movie.I'm So Excited!!! I have every first edition Outlander book and I bought everyone of them on the day they came out except for book #1. I am a die hard Outlander fan. This movie can only add another view to the story. Look at all the fan projects, alot are very good. They havn't hurt one bit. Let the master's work on the movie 'cause I'll bet they don't disapoint those of us who love the story. Outlander is a classic tale that only gets better with each telling. While there are some actors and actresses I can think of which would have been great choices for the lead roles, There are some understandable reasons why they select the persons who have the parts. Not everyone is able to commit to such a wonderfuly long series. Some persons have other commetments. No one can be in two places at one time. The roles are so good, Who wouldn't want to play Claire and Jamie? Considering the super-high quality of the screenwritters, The rock solid writting of Dianna Gabaldon,The fantastic studio doing the movie, The Perfect location etc. I'm dying to see the end product which I dearly hope is on track for September 2011. We have to remember this is 1/2way through 2009 already. Remember, Keria is the daughter of a very famous Scottish Romance writter and a highly talented English Actor father. She is a young actress with good acting credit to her name. I'm not going to knock McVoy untill I see how well he can handle Jamie's part. After all, I wasn't there for his screen test. Maybe he totaly blew them away. Someone else is paying to make this movie. I just get to enjoy it and pay for my ticket. I hope it wins every Oscar it can get. Yes, I thought of other actors I'm more familar with but, don't we all? Times change as Outlander reminds us. Outlander is a story of a young couple who grow older with each other lets not forget.

Vickie on Jul 18, 2009


This series of books are chock full of adventure, drama, sorcery, religious dogma and conflict, time travel, and every manner of gratuitous violence you can imagine. Just because it has been wrongly labeled as a historical romance novel all these years is no reason to pass on this. My husband picked this one. When I began to read I was so engrossed I never noticed I had stayed up from after dinner till the alarm went off the next morning. Go ahead and pass on this because you assume its mere drivel as it is written by a woman and wrongly labeled historical romance. Diana Gibaldon is the most brilliant writer of our time and I am lucky to have had access to her story. Her research is flawless, historical accuracy is stellar and the action is a roaring breath holding, heart pounding great time. When Murtagh died I cried out loud. I experienced a deep gut wrenching anguish and a profound sense of loss, all the while knowing this was a novel. Diana Gibaldon knows how to get into your very soul and elicit every emotion you are capable of having. Perhaps the problem is your inability to read one or two chapters before you condemn these works as fluf? As far as casting goes, they should all be unknowns, regionally correct accents, and not crammed into one and a half hours but this will not happen. James McAvoy is so heinously wrong for Jamie that it is safe to assume every other significant detail will be lost to the clowns in the studios. Keira Knightly is wrong as well, but a good actress. Their next choice would be Angelena and I connot begin to say how disgusted I am getting every time I see her skeletal, glowering self. Why do they insist upon using the same ten to fifteen people continuously? Stupid. I'm sick of seeing them over and over and over again. The movie studio will no doubt butcher this novel as they always do to any amazing piece of literature. I wouldnt watch it even for free. My mind is the best interpreter and I will leave my version untainted by anyone elses. Especially by ones that consider James McAvoy a suitable MacDobh.

Meself on Jul 18, 2009


I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!! Sorry I havent read through all the posts.....but is the movie out????? If it isn't what are all the clips on youtube with gerald butler as jamie?? it looks like the movie??? and it looks good......what are they if not the movie???

Amanda on Jul 18, 2009


To Amanda, The movie is currently set for 2011 September sometime. The clips on You Tube are made by fans of Diana Gabaldon the better ones do look like movies. Thats because that person is talented with video equipment, They take clips of other movies put them together and create their own movie.

Vickie on Jul 18, 2009


If they could cast the small (1,75 m) mel gibson in his mid-40s for William Wallace, a huge (1,97 m) and propably young (between 25 and 30 maybe) warrior, they can as well cast Gerard Butler for the young Jamie. Did you see him recently on the tonight show or at the premiere of the ugly truth? They woulnd't even need that much make up. He also had to loose some more weight and dye his hair. Pairfect. You need someone who has the same larger-than-life personality like Jamie. And Gerard Butler is the only actor who has this larger-than-life personality as well. Plus he has the right looks and hes an incredible actor.

Christine on Jul 18, 2009


Darn i missed the tonight show. I should have know he would show up there. I'll have to find it online. You know when Gerard is cleaned up he looks way younger, and i thought for awhile he would do Jamie proud and i still think he would. BUT now i think he would be better as Roger, now it seems it doesn't matter as the characters have already been cast.

Sabrina on Jul 18, 2009


I have never been a fan of the movie only because they rarely do the books justice but I googled James McAvoy, the rumored Jamie. The producers must be thinking of using little people to star with him since he is only 5'7" tall. Lifts can be used but 5-8 inches of lifts is laughable. I can only hope that this is a only a rumor. I personally have never heard of him but I have seen a picture and he is not how I picture Jamie and Diana Gabaldon also did not seem to think him a good choice but as she has stated she has nothing to do with the movie and either do I 🙂

Juanita on Jul 18, 2009


Oh-do not worry-the battles in these novels are enough to keep the non-romance readers attention in a film, there is humor-hot steamy sex, real death and disaster, children, old people, time travel, native americans, the historical fiction is wonderful-the best books I have ever read, second only to the Bible.

Carol on Jul 18, 2009


You must absolutely do this movie! If they're done correctly they will appeal to ALL audiences. Male and female alike. Men who loved BRAVEHEART, ROB ROY or TROY, just to name a few, for their war and politics, will like the Outlander series. These stories have it all! Brilliant and entertaining! BRING IT ON!

Cheryl on Jul 19, 2009


James Macavoy is a fine actor (Last King of Scotland and he was Tumnus in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe) and he is scottish - those are the plus points. For the negative (which i think outweigh the positive) he is too small, he is the wrong build, the wrong colouring. I think the build and the presence of Jamie has to be captured by the actor and portrayed to the audience, yes Mel Gibson did it but how much did we really know about William Wallace before Braveheart? Outlander is loved by many and we all fell for jamie (lets face it we are al in love with him!!) because of the way he was described as a person as well as his physical attributes - personally i wouldn`t want a man 1 " taller than me! Keira Knightely is probably taller than james macavoy! she is about 4 stone too thin, and i`m not sure she can convey the emotion needed to play Claire, although i have not been put off films i have seen with her in and have never thought her a bad actress i just feel this role needs an exceptional one - i have always thought Kate Winslet would be much better. I don`t think they will find anyone with everything diana described such as slanting eyes and broad cheekbones etc., but, i do think they could find the height and the build to match the acting skills. build can be worked on (think Will Smith as Muhanned Ali) height can only be worked on so much - i personally see james macavoy as Ian Murray in the later books whe he has grown up. anyway thats my opinion for what its worth!

nichola ward on Jul 20, 2009


Response to nichola ward: Just read your post and you stated it so well about McAvoy. He’s a fine actor but there’s only so much they can do about disguising height discrepancies between him and other cast members unless they try to cast only short men for every role. Throughout the whole series of books it was established that Jamie’s physical presence was overwhelming and it’s essential that the actor in the movie be able to convey that. You’re right that McAvoy might be a good Ian Murray. You’re also right that every woman who’s read these book are probably a little in love with Jamie and I think the men who have read them admire him.

beajay on Jul 20, 2009


No, can not see James McAvoy as Jamie, and not Kaeira Knightely as Claire. Both these characters are larger than life- with all that they have gone through. They'll have to be VERY careful who they cast for the main roles. They cannot mess this up. So we don't know anything more about the movie being made? Is there a petition going around to sign so that the books can be made into movies?

jae on Jul 20, 2009


If it really is more than a rumor that James McAvoy and Keira Knightely are cast for the roles, it means that Hollywood is using the book for the storyline alone, we might as well stop hoping we'll see Claire and Jamie come to life on the screen! They're fine actors, but physically both are as far as you can get from Diana Gabaldons description of the characters! Hopefully the movie will be so well made that we can all still enjoy it! The books are wonderful!

Karo on Jul 20, 2009


just to digress slightly, i have just pr-ordered An Echo in the Bone from the American Amazon website, for all us British fans the books release date is not until March 2010!!! if yu can`t wait that long the US release date is 22nd Sept 2009, the book is about £11 to but with shipping between 11-16 days at the cost of about £6-7 which is well worth it!! you can have longer delivery which is cheaper, or have it couriered but that would cost over £20, just thought i`d let u all know that you don`t have to wait until next year - mine is ordered!!!!!

nichola ward on Jul 21, 2009


My Ideal Cast! 🙂 let me know what you think! Claire: Rachel Weisz Jamie: Gerard Buter Dougal: Sean bean Geillis: Cate Blanchett Jack Randall: Jason Isaacs Laoghaire: Emile de Raven Roger: Jim Caveziel Ian: Joseph Gordon Levitt Jenny: Juliane Margolis Fergus: Oliver Martinez Lord John Grey: Jude Law Stephen Bonnet: Josh Holloway

Chloe on Jul 21, 2009


To Chloe (#415): Great selection. You did your homework and both their physical apperance and backgrounds fit the characters. Just one more suggestion for Randall (both Frank and Black Jack Randall): Keannu Reeves; and for Dougal, Liam Neeson. Now, if we could just get Chloe a job in Casting for the Outlander production, we could all sit back and enjoy the final product when it comes out.

Mona on Jul 21, 2009


Thanks Mona!! Ive put a lot of thought into it, I totally agree with your Dougal! 🙂 I LOVE these books!

Chloe on Jul 22, 2009


My earlier comment: "Sophia Myles would make a great Claire. Just watched the scifi Outlander movie. What do y'all think?" Has anyone seen her in this movie yet? To me she is so Claire

Sharon on Jul 22, 2009


Aah, just watched Gerard Butler on the Late Late Show...goddamnit, he looked amazing. If you haven't seen it yet, I got to tell you, he looks way better than he did in Ferbruary/March/April. He looks way more healthy and content. And when I saw him I just thought, Hell, he's only got to loose some more weight. Thats all he's got to do ( and of course the red hair) and it would be so believably and authentic if he played Jamie from the beginning to the end. But generally I think that the look and even the age of the actors is not that important because you can change the look of a person drastically by using contacts, dying hair, gaining weight or loosing weight, to beef up and make up can add or substract plenty of years of the actual age of the actor. The most important thing with the actors is that they have a larger-than-life presence (that term is so fitting for Jamie and Claire, I love it ;)) onscreen, that they are changable and they are great great actors. The physical appearance, save height and some basic resemblance with the characters, is inferior to this IMO.

Lisa on Jul 23, 2009


I agree with you Sharon. I know Sophia Myles work and she is perfect for Claire. She is also British and has that spunkiness that Claire has in all the Outlander series books.

Elizabeth on Jul 23, 2009


Rachel Weisz would be amazing. I was just watching a clip of Gereard Butler on Craig Ferguson's show, and I was wondering if he'd be able to play the part... I have always loved him, and truly think that he could play both young and old Jamie with the right editing. BUT PEOPLE the most IMPORTANT thing is that they cast actors who can adapt to both the young and older versions of Jamie and Claire. I am Canadian, and fell in love with the books a number of years ago. I had actually listened to Outlander on audio book/cd about 5 years ago, and then sort of forgot about it. (I really did love it though). Two year after that I was on the ferry bored out of my mind, so I went to the book store and saw a copy of Outlander on the shelf. I started to read it, and then it all came back to me. I remembered how much I had loved hearing the story. I was hooked, and then read the whole series up until the fiery cross. At the time, the other books weren't out yet. After having been OBSESSED with the books after this, I decided I was going to move to Scotland. So for 6 months I moved to the town of Stirling, and fell in LOVE with the area. This was the town where Wiliam Wallace was from, and his monument stands some 200 feet above the rest of the town. It is truly and amazing place. I highly recommend going, to all those crazy fans out there. Nothing can prepare you for the green scenery, the sheep everywhere, the amazing architecture, and the scottish highlands. SO back to this topic of the movie. I have ALWAYS thought that a BBC series would be best. I hate to say it to us North Americans, who usually salivate at the thought of High paced, action packed formulated films, with sex and violence; but the Brits have way better taste than we do. They are much classier, and the BBC offers a much better approach at writing, casting and depicting realistic historical accuracies. If I could make it happen, and wave my magical wand, I would make the WHOLE outlander series into a BBC television series, with ALL British Actors. I don't know why people are picking from the Americanized Pool of popular British Actors. There are plenty of British actors out there that are more or less unknown to our North American tastes. We just have to GO OVER TO THE UK to see them realistically. So a BBC series with ALL UK actors would be awesome. For now, I am assuming that Jamie is somewhere out there, in Scotland, waiting for his big acting break. I still do however think that Rachel Weisz would be a perfect Claire. She is English. So let me know what you think. Before you resort to HBO, and whatever else American television companies there are, look to the BBC, and note how much better they are at being creative. I was a film major while I went to school in Scotland, and hearing the opinions of the Brits in regards to how we approach filmmaking was somewhat enlightening, and shocking. My two English profs (one of them looked exactly like Ron Weasely, but all grown up) had worked for the BBC for years. They told us how, in the states, for a film to make headlines, it has to make a certain amount of money now. The bulk of this money is made during the first week that a film is shown via the theatre. In order to MAKE the money, popular films have a formula (this formula has only emerged over the past 12 years). This means that there has to be a.) a certain amount of sex appeal b.) explosions and c.) violence. This is why I am afraid for Diana Gabaldon's film project. I don't want her films to succumb to such a low common denominator of aesthetic. Anyways, I am scared, but all the while hopeful deep down. Fingers crossed. ps. James Macavoy and Keira Knightley? What the hell are people thinking??????

Danielle Noel on Jul 23, 2009


Danielle, I totally, 100% agree with you. I forgot about the great progams on the BBC! I am hoping and praying that the info about Macaboy and Knightlely is a horrid rumor.

Sabrina on Jul 24, 2009


Response to Danielle: You’re very right about BBC and how they might would do justice to the Outlander series. You’d be surprised at how many BBC miniseries I’ve ordered on Netflix that I’d never heard of and have thoroughly enjoyed. Your comment reminded me of some of the stars I have seen in some of those shows and Richard Armitage from “North and South” should most certainly have a role somewhere. I’m afraid, however, that what casting directors will mainly be looking for are star power names that will draw people into the theaters around the world. I guess we can just thank our lucky stars that the time line for the story won’t allow for any car chases or transformers or flesh eating zombies. And I, too, keep hoping the McAvoy and Knightly thing is just a rumor based on their “heat” generated in the movie “Atonement.” I can’t remember well, but I don’t think they ever showed a pic that was shot from a distance of them standing side by side unless she was, maybe, standing in a well disguised hole.

beajay on Jul 24, 2009


I'm an adventure movie, beer drinking kind of guy ... who also reads a lot of books ... I was hooked to these books like no other series I've read. Don't be mislead by the romance association. It wasn't until I had read 2 of the books that I realized they had been classified by some, as such. I still squirm to hear that. If the fact that the characters have sex occasionally makes a book romance, then so must be the James Bond series.

Cameron on Jul 27, 2009


In terms of casting, if any of you were fans of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire the actors were off on that yet they made it work. Tom Cruise played the vampire Lestat who was supposed to be at least 6'1 in the book and in his early-mid 20's yet Tom is only 5'7 and was in his 30's. The vampire Armand was played by Antonio Banderas, well into his 30's and that character was supposed to be a boy of 13!!!! They may have to age the characters to make it work. Apparently Christian Bale is an EXPERT in accents and looks really tall so he could actually make a convincing Jaimie with the right hair colour, etc. I agree with some of you who thought Rachel Weisz would make a good Claire. I actually pictured her when I was reading the books during her "The Mummy" days. She looks and sounds the part! Robert Pattinson would be good as the young Lord John in the 3rd novel when he was introduced as the prison warden. (That's assuming they would take it that far). Gerard Butler is great but would do best as Dougall.

Michelle on Jul 27, 2009


I can't believe that any one would not like these stories made in to a movie. Ever since I first read Dragon Fly in Amber I was hooked. I just had to obtain all of the books and have now read the story 3 times without getting bored. They have it all, adventure, comedy, love and romance. The characters captivate your heart. Can't wait for the movie, and I hope that they decide to take it further and do all of the stories, I can see it as the next Star Wars!! I think the character of Jamie would suit Brendan Fraser (and lets face it the name fits). Re-reading The Fiery Cross at the moment and I believe there is one more recent book out there that I will be searching for with a passion. So come on hurry up with that movie!!

Gayle on Jul 28, 2009


This is the most exciting news I've heard since I learned that Diana was releasing an additional book (An Echo in the Bone) in the series. I have been a fan of this series since I stumbled upon Outlander when it was released in 1991. I am an avid reader of all types of books and this series is one that has always left me eagerly awaiting more. As far as who might make the best leading man to play Jamie, I say the role should definitely go to a Scott.... and I'm thinking Gerard Butler (now showing in "The Ugly Truth" with Katherine Heigl). I also think there might be a role or two that might be suitable for James McAvoy. Not sure about Claire... this actress must be a spitfire. Definitely NOT Keira Knightly!! Have you read the book? Claire is definitely not the Keira type of person. I give a big NO to Katherine Zeta-Jones also. Perhaps Emily Blunt or maybe even Kate Winslet.

Barbara on Jul 29, 2009


Has anyone seen the Ulgy Truth? Gerald Butler does avery good "rouge" type in the movie.The movie's a bit of an embaresment to women to say the least. Katheern Helig's role couldn't have been made any more of an idot. Her boss contradics everything she says. Her lines are stilted and foolish. The underwear scene is horrible. The Jello girls are an old tired joke from the 1980's. I felt sorry they had to drag out such old tired sterotypes, Dumb Women Jokes are a thing of the past and We are better than that. We deserve smart, witty women roles in our films like Claire. It's so very demeaning to women the only reason I can think that the studio released it now is because there are not alot of other movies out at the moment. At least the film ends with a pretty hot air ballon scene.

Jean on Jul 29, 2009


Oh God, PLEASE, anybody else but not hat disgusting Brendan Fraser...duh, his acting abilities don't even come close to the required acting abilities an actor should have to play Jamie... I still stick to Gerard Butler...though I've got to say that Eric Dane would be a close second 😉 god, he's hot....

Lisa on Jul 29, 2009


I'm excited and a little nervous about them making a movie based on this book. For one the story is so incredibly rich and multidimensional with the makings of a greek tragedy - they are bound to fuck it up royally in a 2 hour movie. This IS NOT a harlequin romance, you may find this series in the literature section of your local book store not the smut section. This book was highly recommended to me 3 years ago (thank you!) perfectly timed so I did not have to wait for the next book to come out that would have driven me stark raving mad. I feel sorry for the ladies that read it the first year. The movie series could go on as long as Harry Potter with a 3 1/2 hour duration for each movie - ther are 6 books total to the series. Even that may not be enough time to capture the story. I would rather see a very well executed HBO miniseries instead, this does not need to go to the bigscreen. Not that my opinion matters to a bunch of Hollywood bigwigs that will make more money off the likes of me on this film. I vote for a fresh face for Jaime (not to pretty though). Liam Neesom for Column is awesome, Sean Bean as Dougal is awesome .... anyway

M B in Seattle on Aug 5, 2009


Outlander is a movie series.

Victoria on Aug 5, 2009


I have just been to Edinburgh for the weekend and how excited was i to find "The Worlds End" pub was a real place - i had to go in and have a look - fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! shame i didn`t find a Jamie in there!

nichola ward on Aug 6, 2009


Kate Winslet as Claire would be fantastic.

Nicky on Aug 6, 2009


If you are intrested in honest to god info. about the movie take a look at the Outlander subject at the largest Scotland newspaper. It doesn't matter who people might suggest for the movie, The stuido wanted actors who were able to age from the early ages where we first meet Caire and Jamie. They wanted experenced actors of correct age. That way they can grow along with the ages of Claire and Jamie. One thing I can assure you is there will not be aged actors. Sorry to Gerald Butler fans I like him too he's just too old for this.

Victoria on Aug 6, 2009


GEMMA ARTERON from Tess of the D'Urbervilles 2008 = Clare

Bea on Aug 6, 2009


Okay, I can see that they'll want actors that will age if they continue filming these wonderful books into a series of movies. That is a valid concern. I get that. But they can make an actor look younger a hell of a lot easier than they can make one look taller. And if the powers that be screw it up too badly with the casting there may not be any sequals. That's one of my worries.

beajay on Aug 6, 2009


Thats something else, your right. There are alot of really short actors out there in Hollywood-land. A couple that come to mind right off the bat are Tom Cruise and of corse, Danny Devito. Even Arnold isn't as tall as my husband. Think about Robert ONeil too. Those are the first shorties coming to mind at the moment. Nick Lashay from Backstreet Boys old group. The Camera adds weight and height to allot of folks. I'm avrage in weight and height yet, when they catch me on camera I look like an amazon.

Victoria on Aug 6, 2009


Hey Victoria! What is the name of the Scottish newspaper you spoke of? Got a link for us?

Sabrina on Aug 7, 2009


It is not just a romance it is a great story. As for the romance bit I am sure that men like a good sex scene as much, if not more, than women do. The romance is steamy and wonderful, we all could wish to have a sex life like these characters. It can take you to the edge and then back again. The historical bits are amazingly accurate down to the names of the mayors of colonial states of america of the time. These books are amazing. I read them so often that I've had to buy them over and over because I read them to pieces. I only hope that if they make a movie that they do the author justice by them. Wonderful, fantastic, amazing, can't get enough of this story!

rebecca on Aug 9, 2009


so is this really happening or WHAT

Lady Kell on Aug 10, 2009


I went to the "scotlandonsunday" website and found out that Randall Wallace - who wrote the script for Braveheart and Rob Roy....(among other things) has written a script for the first book CrossStitch and its been sent out for potential directors..... So then I googled Randall Wallace and sure enough ....he has already written it and sent it out.... Hmmm well...It said it was scheduled to commence filming in spring of 2009....which for us in coming up.... For those in the northern hemisphere...spring is in 2010.... so thanks victoria for putting me onto that.. PS.... this may already be known to comment writers here.... LOL

ros on Aug 12, 2009


and sure enough....once I had posted the last went back to the headline of this site...and there it was....Randall Wallace.....named!!!! silly me... My only excuse is that I've been so wrapped up in the comments on the casting by all of you...that I hadn't looked at the heading for months and months.... Keep up with the comments....they are great... thanks... As I am waiting for echo in the bone....they keep my interest heightened..... 🙂

ros on Aug 12, 2009


I have been following every single comment on this site since the start (like ros I too have been filling in the void while waitinf for Echo in the Bone) and look eagerly for any news on the start of production. Although I did go to the "scotlandonsunday" website, that article is outdated, surely there is updated information regarding it? They even mention that other companies might try to rival it by adapting The Timetravellers Wife into a movie - which now is completed and due for release before the end of this year! Does anyone know of any more recent developments regarding the movies or series? I would also like say that I enjoy all the comments and different opinions regarding the Outlander series of books, I can't wait for the book to come out, but I know that once I've read and re-read it, it would be another long wait till the next one. Meanwhile, I fill in the void by reading recommended books by DG herself, or scan the web for anything Outlandish! Keep the comments going............. Lena

Lena on Aug 12, 2009


Who ever managed to add in the first line in my post 422 ,we could've done without that addition. Go bother someother site. Thanks to Ros for the Thank you. I would love to read other facts about the new movie too. I should add that I wrote and checked the facts on what I have posted with Diana's personal assistant before I ever posted anything I found on IMBDPRO or floating on the internet. There was mention of other actors who tryed out for Outander roles at one time on the net but, those postings have passed away in time. At this point I am not thrilled with whoever changed my post 442 and I am not posting anything new because of that person. I don't write childish garbage like that person did. I write facts. If your looking for information currently on the web, be creative with searchs and don't expect to find Outlander Movie info under commonly used terms like "Claire and Jamie" or "Outlander" you have to be more creative than that. After all the Hollywood folks are smarter than that.

Victoria on Aug 12, 2009


Victoria....please don't stop writing your comments..... don't let someone silly put you off..... I've read everyone of these comments too...and you make valuable contribution...just like everyone....You will always get the detractors..... Come on Victoria....write some more... I've been doing all sorts of things to find more info....I was so surprised that jamie and claire have a wiki site......LOL It's funny.....I keep going back to the books and re-reading them.....LOL

ros on Aug 13, 2009


Thank you... I apperciate your comment ros. Give me a day or two to settle down and I'll post something worth while again. I didn't manage to even say what the strange person added to my #442, It was the first sentace that just isn't the way I write or talk. Such strangly worded words don't belong to this midwest girl.

Victoria on Aug 13, 2009


Victoria....I just found out you're a mid-west girl....I take it thats USA.....? I am half Scottish, half English girl ...born and bred in England....(but absolutely proud of my scottish heritage)....and have been living in Perth ...Western Australia for a long long time... (the most isolated capital in the world. Reading......has been my saviour....especially love historical books about Britain....(as well as biographies....) I now feel that Jamie and Claire are so real in my mind.....which is how I am sure ...other fans view them... Thanks to Dana for that link you gave us. It was fabulous to read all the comments on their and to have Diana Gabaldon respond to specific questions.... Wow... straight from her to us....So thanks Dana.... I don't quite know how I stumbled on to the books only 8 years ago.....but I had a lot of reading ...because there were so many books out at that time.....and now I wait and wait and wait for Echo in the Bone to come out....keep re-reading them....She has a gift....because every time I go back and read them again....I pick up on something else...... The next time I go to the UK....I will definitely revisit some of the places in Scotland....where I spent my school holidays ....staying for long summers with my Grannie and my 30 cousins..... Great times. Anyway....the site that Dana suggested....kinda brought it home to me....that we can speculate all we like....and we all KNOW....who jamie and claire are.... A movie would never be the same as the book....Could never be.... but....IF the movie ever gets made...I will go see it...but....the books are the best.... I have read a series of books by Sara Donati... Diana wrote a critique on them...and they are great too....and still going on...Maybe others would like to read them. One of my all time favourite books Lady of Barbara Erskine....its not about time travel....but about re-incarnation....fabulous historical content...and set in two time periods...She writes all of her books set in two time periods.... Also ...many years ago....I read a book called Green Darkness by Anya American still re-read that one from time to time. And now....still waiting and waiting for echo in the bone...LOL Write Victoria .....Write...tell me about other good books you've read. 🙂

ros on Aug 14, 2009


I am a man and have read all of the major works by this fine author, so there. This includes the alternate Lord John series. And I own the Outlandish Companion. The appeal of Gabaldon's writing might seem to be only to women, but the engaging tales appeal to every reader if they dive in.

Laurence on Aug 14, 2009


This series is in a league of its own. The author draws on her experience and knowledge as a scientist and professor to make her books so much more than simply a historical romance or fantasy book. She brings history alive and educates the reader with her in depth detail of the timeperiod. Her writing is superb sim;ply put. No sappy love story here; the books are gritty and graphic when describing the details of a battle, as well as the day to day trappings of 17th century life. If you want Danielle Steele, forget it. Gabaldon is far superior to most of the current authors whose books are made into Lifetime movies. It would be insulting to put her in the same category. Outlander deserves the same attention that Peter Jackson gave Lord of the Rings. This is an epic story for the big screen if done right.

mel cissell on Aug 14, 2009


Yes Mel I do agree with you!

sabrina on Aug 15, 2009


I read 5 of the books about 5 years ago I would and see how the would make the film it be interesting to see how .good and accuret the make the film hopefuly they will make the movie but will have to wait and but for now I sometimes picked up the outlander book and would read it again I guess is a habit I have to read the books over again.

tiff on Aug 15, 2009


First of all, I don't for the life of me understand anyone linking these books with "gayness". It's an absurd notion. Secondly, I am a male and fell into the series sort of mid-way, via "Drums of Autumn". I now feel compelled to go back to the beginning and read them all. Thirdly, someone suggested Laura Prepon as being perfect to play Brianna! I absolutely agree. I have always liked her "big-boned" beauty and sizzling character - much like Brianna! Oh, last but not least, the Outlander books are much, much more than romance novels. In fact that's only a thin thread. one of many, that ties them together, but in the end it is about people and events running from past to present and back again. Time travel? Sort of, I guess. But it's a very clever device to make a story concept come to life - and even plausible - and tell a huge, jarringly real and sometimes bloody tale of life, love and family. I find myself being disturbingly stressed by the idea that Claire and Jamie are supposed to perish in that fire the newspaper notice speaks of! I can only hope Diana Gabaldon finds a way to let them live!

Neil Naess on Aug 15, 2009


Diana is my favorite author and these are my favorite books. Like many, i thought they would be harlequin romance types, but was so surprised to find them full of history! The romantic moments are not smutty or long drawn out. They are breathtaking and caught up in the moment, which is so refreshing. I actually spoke to Diana a few times and she was shocked to find that her novels were being placed in the romance section in many bookstores. I have to agree with her. They just don't belong there. I have waited years for this movie and i can't wait to see it. Bravo Diana!

dee on Aug 15, 2009


These books are amazing. It seems most guys seem to think that it is just you run of the mill romance novel to keep women interested, its really not ( I wouldnt read a book like that, too predictable in my opinion). Im so happy that there is a movie coming! I love the Patriot and Braveheart so if it is anything like that I know I'll be interested. Can't wait!

MJ on Aug 17, 2009


I am not a romatic buff, but these books are addicting and worth reading. History comes to life in this series, like a backstage pass to Bonnie Prince Charlie and a variety of colorful individuals. Should they destroy Diana Gabaldon's work by putting it on film? In my opinion no, somethings are better left alone. I don't believe any screen play, nor any actors could do justice to this series.

Katie Potter on Aug 17, 2009


I am not sure that putting the Outlander books on film would necessarily "destroy" them, but I agree that it wouldn't be easy to do such a complex and multi-faceted story justice. In fact I can't imagine that it could be possible to do in a single film, if only since the the books themselves are, as such, still a work in progress. So presumably they are, hopefully, planning more than one film? I also wonder how much control Diana Gabaldon would have over the scripts, I imagine her input would be fairly crucial. For one thing, I sincerely hope that any movie doesn't turn it into some kind of time-travelling Gone with the Wind romance. After all Scarlett said "Tomorrow is another day" but for Jamie and Claire, tomorrow could be 200 years ago! It's much more of a tale of swashbuckling adventure and see-sawing historical drama than a "mere" romance story. I am a "mere male" (and I don't know why us men seem to feel compelled to keep pointing that out when contributing to these comments) but I am definitely as impressed with Diana Gabaldon's books as the next woman. Err, man.

Neil Naess on Aug 17, 2009


I have read and reread this series of books for years now. Every time I read them, I find myself discovering something I missed the first 5 times of reading the books. After 3 years of trying to convince my husband to read the series, he tried and became addicted. We are both waiting for the next book in September. I suggest, if you are a history buff or interested in old ways of the past, this is the book for you. Diana has a way of making you want to read, what is going to happen next with, Jamie, Claire, Breanna, Rodger and all the assemble cast. Diana is truly a wonderful story writer. Give it a try, its a great read.

Vicki Newton on Aug 18, 2009


I found this book(The first one) in a blue box and started to read it. I was hooked.My wife and I fight over each and every book as to who gets to read it first. Diana has heard the story of my find every time she has come to Winnipeg from everyone I have turned on to the book. The series has something for everyone. Action, adventure,Love ,romance,history and more. You cant judge this series until you read the first 3 chapters .If your not hooked by then you live a verry boring life.

Bill H on Aug 19, 2009


The fact that this post, originally written almost a year ago, has almost 500 comments and are almost all positive should tell you that this series/movie would not at all be amiss. Everyone I know who has read this series considers it some of their favorite books of all time. I myself have read them all twice in the last five years and convinced my husband to follow suit. At first he was a little skeptical, I assured him that these are not simply "romance" novels. And of course, he loved them and finished them in short order. They have absolutely EVERYTHING. I have looked for them in bookstores and libraries, and they are always in a different section because they can't be categorized into any specific genre. They are sci-fi, romance, historical fiction (both Scottish and American), murder mystery, medical mystery, action and adventure, and much, much, more. As others have said, this series has something for everyone. The only thing that could be construed as "bad" about making this into a mini-series/movie is that the first book is about 500 pages and with each new installment they get bigger. It would be extremely hard to put all of the events (which are all important to the story!) in a 2 to 2 1/2 hour movie. I would hate to see something vital to the plot-line left out because of the movie's length. It would be a delicate editing process! Also, casting could go askew. But I have faith that if Ms. Gabaldon has anything to say about it, the production company would make the right choices. In my opinion, Gerard Butler or Kevin McKidd would make a great Jamie, as both are tall, handsome Scotsmen! Claire would have to be British; really the only one who could be American would be Brianna; possibly Laura Prepon? I think Christian Bale would make a good Roger Mac, and I think even Johnny Depp could pull off a good Frank/Black Jack (I know he's American, but he's great with accents, as shown in several of his movies). I do hope that someday this series of books is translated onto the screen in a way that does justice to Diana Gabaldon and her truly AMAZING books!

Lauren on Aug 20, 2009


Lauren, Unfortunately Diana Gabaldon has stated she has nothing to do with the movie including the casting. She does have a website and if you check out her blog from November 2008 you can read her comments on the movie and casting.

Juanita on Aug 20, 2009


I think this is as good a time as any to make note that Book 7 in this series "An Echo in the Bone" doesn't even go on the shelf for just over a month and yet it is already #6 on the Barnes and Nobles top 100 Best Sellers list. I myself have had it on order since the end of May. I think that says "volumes" about the first book!

Rachel Smith on Aug 20, 2009


Thanks, Juanita, I had read that in the past but had since forgotten! Let's just hope that whomever they cast, they'll do the characters justice. We all know that the books will ALWAYS be better than the movies, but we can hope 🙂

Lauren on Aug 20, 2009


Dianna Gabaldon has said just the right amount about her work of Literary Art being turned into a movie series. She hasn't been totaly slient, she has her statments out for view, But she's very smart about what gets out to the public. She is no one's fool. She sold the rights for the movie productions. Lets remember, that is an achivement for any author. As with the selling of anything, The new owner has the right to speak and present their work which they own. Dianna still owns the vast majority of Outlander. Just not the movie rights. Her comments about the movie have been said on a carefully legal, level balanced tone. She isn't goinig to say too much, yet just enough to let us not forget who created the concepts. She is our Queen and we are her proud readers. She is doing the right thing by not speaking too much about the movie. Her comments have been made at the right time and on the right days. She understands the business process of creative works. Her's is the business of writing and selling books. Not the movie making business. She has made that point very clear. Her Jamie and Clarie are true. The rest are the actors recreating the roles for interpertation. Making a movie from a ten year printed world-wide seller is a positive step. Consider the movie a high compliment. I wish sucess to both creative enterpises.

Victoria on Aug 20, 2009


Hi Ros, It's good to "see you here", I've been thinking of you these last few days. Putting together my list of favorite reads for you is never going to be finnihed since a big percentage belong to the public libaray! I am working on it diligently. So I promise I will list some fav. books. I just saw TIME TRAVLERS WIFE at the local movie theather. I had read the book about 4 yrs ago when it first came out and I loved the book.It's not OUTLANDER but its charming on its own. TTW is well written and not just another perdictable novel. The timeline shifts back and fowared and you become involved in thier family and the love they have shared for so long. The movie is nicley done and captures the deeply felt sprit of the book. If you want to you can email me. I have a feeling we could talk for a long time:) .

Victoria on Aug 21, 2009


thanks Victoria......hey....we must exchange emails....I would love to have an american pen pal....who shares my interests.....would be great...I wonder how we could exchange emails... Ii hope you saw my earlier post of some books that I've read that are in two time lines..... If you missed it....just go a few messages's on there. I would love to hear yours.... I've heard about the time travellers wife....very recently.... I would appreciate you telling me what the book and who the author is......I would very much like to read it.... I don't know if you feel safe about giving me your email address on here......but I have a hotmail address..... so I could give you that if you'd prefer... cheers for now Ros 🙂

ros on Aug 21, 2009


Should you read these? Hmmm.... There is not much I can say that hasn't already been said. Let's see. Are you interested in Scottish History? Then read it. If not; you will be before you are done reading it. lol. Any guy who questions what women want. Read it. We ALL want James (Jaime) Fraser! He is everything a man is supposed to be. Now as for why men would want to, this book is classified as a romance but that really isn't what it is. It is the story of an outlaw with a price on his head who happens to meet a woman from the future. They have a friendship that builds over time. The sex scenes are pretty graphic and almost portrayed in a males view rather than a females so they come across much more realistic where things aren't always flowers and sweetness but the story is more about the history. I have read these so many times and I DO NOT read romance. My husband and I went to Scotland for our honeymoon and let me tell you something; I have always studied Scottish history but visiting Culloden Battlefield would never have hit me as hard without having read these. Having read graphic details of battle wounds and plans and details had me crying over the monument, feeling as though I knew those men and what they went through. I even had my picture taken at the Clan Fraser marker. Do yourself a favor and give the first book a try. If you aren't hooked by half-way through, forget it but I pretty much guarentee you will be hooked.

MJ on Aug 22, 2009


MJ, I love your comment and I totally agree with every word you've written 🙂

Lisa on Aug 22, 2009


ALL women want Jamie Fraser? He's THE man? Can I be myself and be me and hope for the best? Not being Jamie Fraser an' all? Maybe there's someone out there who "wants" me, too, even if I didn't make an appearance at Culloden. Hell, I'm not even Scottish. Good God, I just realised, there is no hope for me. Thank you, Diana Gabaldon.

Neil Naess on Aug 22, 2009


@ Neil When I say we all want Jaime, I mean that we all want our own version of him. Someone with intelligence, wit, daring, caring, loving, fierce, strong, proud, stubborn and protective. And that's how he is with everyone he cares about; not just Clair. Of course women don't expect every man to BE Jaime (he is a character after all, we aren't stupid;) we just know that his ideals, morals and attitudes are what we crave. He is a man who would go to any lengths to keep the people he cares about safe. Of course be yourself. That is the essence we love about him. He is not what society thought of as a good catch but he turned out to be the best. Just like men; women are attracted to different things. You are someone's "Jaime" just as my husband is mine. Don't lose hope. @Lisa. Thanks. 🙂

MJ on Aug 22, 2009


Neil......we women...are sure your comments are tongue in cheek......This IS a work of Character fiction......we all know MJ says...we're not stupid..... and as much as we all love jamie.....we would all like to be a claire who inspires this great love.....And you will find your "claire" (erm...if you treat her like Jamie does..) ho hum.... Theres a song by aerosmith....and the first line is.... I could stay awake....just to hear you breathing..... etc etc......I have always wanted to be that person who inspires that song....and I my man....(he tells me).... So it's understandable that all you blokes want to be is the love between Claire and Jamie that inspires us all.....Loghaire didn't find Jamie too good as a husband....and many people didn't like claire.... but between them....they had just everything.... MJ is so right in what she says... Well done MJ.... and....can't thank Ms Gabaldon enough.... I hope they don't close this site.....I'm beginning to think of all the writers on here friends....which is kinda nice... we all have a common interest. cheers Ros

ros on Aug 23, 2009


Ros and Lisa..... thanks for giving me peace of mind again. So there's hope for me and my kind after all. Of course Jamie is fictional, I knew that because I did read the books so I did pick up a few things here and there, but we can all strive, can't we? It's too late for me to become big and tall and grow red hair, but I hope and pray I've turned out to be an OK sort of lad just the same. My mother seemed to think so although my dad had had his doubts. My own background is very, very different and I can never hope to become a Scot, but then again they're kind of a fractious lot, aren't they, and seem to be fighting each other as much as they are fighting everybody else. Don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are Scottish. I think. When they speak to me I don't understand much of what they're saying, so one can never be entirely sure. I did go to Scotland once, didn't fit in. It was that tossing thing that did me in, and although I find bagpipes a joy one wonders whether there's ever been a man (or woman) who actually learned to play it....... Oh, yes, Jamie is my hero, too, because we all need role models. And Claire is the stuff of dreams.....

Neil Naess on Aug 23, 2009


Oh, Neil. I read your post to my husband and he laughed and said that with that sense of humor, you probably had girls lined up outside your door. And we both lol at the comment about Scots being a fractious lot, always fighting each other when not fighting someone else. It reminded us of the saying, “Wave a sword over the grave of a Scot and he’ll rise up and fight just for the sake of battle.” However, they also say the same about the Welch and Irish. All Celts, you notice!

beajay on Aug 23, 2009


Ros, send me your hot mail address:)

Victoria on Aug 23, 2009


beajay... just for the record, no girls beating a path to my door, I am afraid. I am well past the age of, well, girls beating a path to my door. If they ever did. Still, I've had my chances, I guess, and turned three of them into ever lasting love that wasn't so ever-lasting but good enough not to have any regrets! Thankfully, all three of my former better halves still seem inclined to like me and we keep in touch. So there, top that, Jamie!

Neil Naess on Aug 23, 2009


I have just finished the 6th book in this series, the best that I have read in a long time. When is the movie coming out? Can not wait for it. I hope you get this first movie out soon. Is this going to be a big screen or small screen production.

Mary LOU Doelker on Aug 25, 2009


I can't wait for An Echo in the Bone & especially the movie(s). I'd prefer an HBO mini-series, ~ if they stay true to each book, they can't go wrong! Please hurry.

Shari on Aug 26, 2009


This would be a fantastic series to bring to the screen. I couldn't disagree with you more that it shouldn't be -- Hollywood could use some fresh films instead of recycling and re-making films that ought be burned.

Andrea on Aug 26, 2009


to answer your question Mary, Outlander is being made for the big screen at your neighborhood Theater. Personally, I am really looking foward to seeing it. Hopefully , it will be on time, due to arrive in September 2010.

Victoria on Aug 26, 2009


I discovered the Gabaldon series this year after seeing it posted on some top 100 romance novel sites. The story line and synopsis didn't interest me at first, but I kept seeing it over and over. I'm on maternity leave and decided to read it. WELL WORTH IT. I doubt the screen version will be as good. The story telling is so rich, the characters so real, the whole plot so well written I'M IN LOVE WITH JAMIE FRASER.

Michelle on Aug 30, 2009


think Positive about the future. Ros, if you see this know that I have written to the address you gave two times.

Victoria on Aug 31, 2009


Ros, if you see this know that I have written to the address you gave two times.

Victoria on Aug 31, 2009


Hi Victoria I have been checking my email since I posted that address on here but so far have received nothing. I read it again that I had given the correct address and it is right. I am so sorry that I am not receiving yours. I have checked the junk mail too ... just in case it got sent to that file (cos your address is unknown)....but nothing it has TWO ZEROS....not one... please try again.....hope it works Ros 🙂

ros on Sep 1, 2009


Ros, With any luck you will have just recived a note from me. I sent it with lots of hope that it fairs better than the other two I sent. Hopefully after this note, the next thing I send will be a nice long chatty letter. Victoria

Victoria on Sep 1, 2009


Gabaldons "Outlander" series is not about romance! It's about survival. It's about real men in a world where the good guy doesn't always win. Its about doing what has to be done regardless of the pain and possible loss. It's about sacrificing yourself for others. Its about men and the different types of personalities that they have, good and bad yet still have their own sense of honor and duty. In these books you will experience more pain and fear, more injustices, more blows to your manhood for the sake of what is right and still you will be glad you lived it. I dare you to read it. All men should fear measuring their own manhood against both the good and bad men in these books! No movie could come close to doing Outlander justice unless it is an eight hour movie and cast with all unknown actors. CJ Mandernach

Mandernach on Sep 5, 2009


Mandernach, Your comment says it all. Very powerful. The part about doing what has to be done regardless of pain or personal loss. Sacrificing for others, Men good and bad yet with their own sense of honor and duty.. Powerful and honest writing says it all. Top Knotch Comment.

Victoria on Sep 7, 2009


While I am thrilled that Outlander is getting attention from movies makers I just don't see how they are going to put inside Claires head like the books do.

Rachel Smith on Sep 14, 2009


This is a fantastic journey and if CAST perfectly, will be THE film of the decade!!!! I have the whole series and am re-reading them, it's so historical, romantic with little twists here and there. Brave Heart tore at the very core of humanity and this will too, it's a real insight into the 17th century with a dash of modernism. Oh, I WILL be one of the very first people to be lined up to see it!!!! Anyone who has read the series has there own vision of Jamie and Claire, SO WHOEVER IS CASTING must get it right...... (I am available if you need help)

Carolyn Packham on Sep 14, 2009


Nobody is going to get it "right" because there are already too many cooks in the kitchen! It would be interesting to see what a man like New Zealand director Peter Jackson would do with this, if only because the man's own imagination seems to know no boundaries. But in he end we'll just have to wait and see and I imagine even Diana Gabaldon herself is in the same boat. She can only hope and pray they'll give the job to someone who understands the spirit of her books.

Neil Naess on Sep 14, 2009


I only buy a book when it's so amazing that I know I will read it again. I own every book in the Gabaldon series and have read every book twice. I fall in love with Jamie every time. I love the history aspect. The books make me want to go to Scotland and the fantasy aspect is wonderful. i love the books so much that I'm a little sceptical about a movie that can do it justice. All I've got to say is Jamie had better be well cast. I'd rather see the next book in my hands than a movie.

Brenda Clappe on Sep 14, 2009


This is fantastic I would love to see this something like a series in the vain of the Lord of the Rings, Twilight or Harry Potter. It needs time, money, imagination and talent to equal that of the author. It is a large undertaking but if done right wow would it be a power house. At the moment i am personally very exctied to get Echo in the Bone in my hands next week. Can't wait to see what is in store next. I will be sad when the series comes to an end. Good luck with movie prodcution this is defaintely one that is worth doing and doing right.

Beth on Sep 16, 2009


From Winnipeg, Canada I first read Diana's Outlander series when I was 13 or 14. I had borrowed the first few books from my aunt but I couldn't fully understand the characters due to my age, though I did enjoy the perspective of 18th century Scottland. I am now 23 and had decided to look back into Outlander and once I was started again I bought all of the books up to now and read through them non stop with so much pleasure. I can't wait to get my hands on An Echo in the Bone next week! And neither can my sister whom I got addicted to the series 🙂 I hope there will be a movie (or more) in the future for Outlander and the others, though movies rairly give justice to the books they are of. I agree with Beth (498) that if they would do a Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter thing, it would be the best way to protray the series. And that it would be amazing! So if there is no movie to come, I will always be able to open one of the books and enter the world of Jaimie and Claire and their adventures. Even if their adventures end with An Echo in the Bone (though I greatly hope it doesn't).

Becky A. on Sep 16, 2009


I discovered the Outlander series about 3 years ago and had all 6 books read in a matter of weeks. My husband thought I was possessed. It wasn't that, I was actually obsessed, I couldn't put the books down. Never has a series captured my heart, mind & soul as these books did. And of course I discovered my Scots/Irish heritage. After I finished the last book I felt like I had lost my best friends, I really missed Jamie & Claire!! I cannot wait for "An Echo in the Bone", 4 more days!! I am planning my first adventure to Scotland and have actually planned out a route that I think would take me along the same path (or close to it) as Jamie & Claire. I have found several very helpful websites and am so excited to walk in the footsteps (although not as challenging) of my two heros!! Alex, I don't know how you can make assumptions on books that you have never read! It is emotional, as far as what people in that century endured, things we can only imagine. Emotional as far as the loyalty and devotion between the characters. Emotional when you read about the battle of Culloden; what the English did to the Scots was horrible, putting an end to what was known as "Clan" from their bagpipes to their tartan. You have to read the books to understand what that meant to them. As for the movie(s), I hope they can do it/them justice. I would hate to see them do a lousy job with a story that will forever remain in our hearts and minds!! Connie C

Connie Coppersmith on Sep 18, 2009


Judging by the endless comments on this much beloved series, I cannot see that a production as a movie would NOT be a tremendous hit, if only someone had the courage to give it the time, money and attention this series deserves. It would be a shame to try and cram such a wonderful epic into a 2 hour movie. If we can do it with LOTR or Harry Potter then why not this? I also shake my head at the total misunderstanding that these books are mainly a romance novel, nothing could be farther from the truth. Sure there is romance but it's gut wrenching, powerful undying love, not the bodice ripping, sappy Harlequin type romance. There is sooo much more to this story, as all the comments above have stated. I just pray it will be turned into an epic of several movies while i'm still alive to see it. Diana Gabaldon is the most amazing story teller i have ever had the priviledge to read!

Nely A on Sep 19, 2009


I hope with all my heart that this outlander series is made into movies!! (with the right characters, please stick to the books descriptions xox) Its about history, adventure, family, respect, violence, good morals, culture, honour, war, deceit, skill, romance, hardship, intelligence and alot lot more. Hands down, by far one of the best reads ever!!

Charelle on Sep 19, 2009


I am a man that rarely reads books . After a long time my wife finaly convinced me to at least start reading the first book I have been hooked every since . I read each novel as soon as my wife finished it , I even bougt the last one and I still had to wait . It's not just a romance novel it's a huge adventure novel and the history was really things I had never heard about before . When you make this into a movie stick to the story too many movies are ruined trying to make a quick buck and not a great movie .

Steve Meyers on Sep 21, 2009


Just received notice from Amazon that I will receive "Echo" today, UPS!!! I'm busy packing getting ready to move and will prop the book up as motivation to finish packing. Won't read anything but the jacket until I've moved and am settled a bit as a reward. I figure it will be a bit like it was when I resisted "finding out" the sex of my children before they were born. "Delayed Gratification".

Laura Bloem on Sep 22, 2009


I believe Kevin McKidd would make a fabulous Jamie. I've read all of the Outlander series and keep up with Mrs. Gabaldon via her website. I am overjoyed to hear that Hollywood has finally taken notice of this incredible book and are going to do something with it. There is an unbelievable amount of interest and the market is definately there. I can't wait to see the movie. Please, please don't cast "just anyone" to play such an important role.

Amelia Linde on Sep 23, 2009


I headed over to buy my copy of Echo in the bones today, It felt so very good to really have the book in my hands. I've started to read it and so far "Echo" is holding my attention 100% captured, word for word.

Vickie on Sep 23, 2009


Dear Sir, I would LOVE to see OUTLANDER as a film. You would enjoy it as well: Ms. Gabaldon's meticulous research on 18th century life, on the Rising, and Highland life(my one beef is when Jamie calls his love 'mo duinne' as I don't think that might be correct Gaelic) is wonderful to read. The story is deeply involving and fascinating. I don't know of any so-called 'women's books' that have had such a long lasting appeal--unless you count the Highlander novels of Karen Marie Moning. Read the books, sir. Then give your opinion. There is much for a man to enjoy in these novels-- believe me! Until then, Slainte! And, in Irish, Siochana(Peace)... Tina

Tina Loflin on Sep 25, 2009


Everyone keeps calling this romantic fiction but actually it encompasses a number of different genres and actually my boyfriend LOVES this series. When he first gave it to me he said "Here, when you read this you'll find out what a real man should be." And God did I ever, Jamie is awesome and so is Claire. A very tough but romantic couple, it's the perfect combination. I would love to see Rachel Weisz in the role of Claire. She has that soft beauty but hardcore personality at the same time.

Johanna on Sep 27, 2009


The comment about girlfriend watching Ever After and sounds gay to me. You my friend have never read the book. I don't see you anytime soon to jump into it either. I am not a fan of romance novels whatsoever. I have tried to read Nora Roberts which people love and I can't get pass the macho man and the lady just falling all over herself to get sexed up with him. complete turn off. This book "The Outlander" doesn't do that at all. Jamie Fraser by all means is masculine man but he isn't full of himself and Claire is a very strong, and at times a stubborn woman. Diana Gabaldon takes you into this world of 1743 where you can smell the people and visualize the scenery and has some historical aspects to it as well. So don't knock this book up as GAY until you read it. I can't wait till it is in Theatres. I would like to see Gerard Butler play Jamie but unless they can do a "Benjamin Button" thing on him he is now too old. I like Kevin Mckidd on Grey's Anatomny to play Jamie as well. He already has the red hair. I hope Randall Wallace reads a lot of the fans intake on the book so it turns out good.

Laura Z on Sep 28, 2009


i have read every book,many times, and the romance is only a small part of the story. I am scared a movie could not do this wonderful series justice. Nothing could match the 'movie' i see in my head everytime i read these fantastic novels. I love the history, the humour, the magick, the herbal lore, the fights, everything. The guy who does the report, should probably actually research his work before leaving such a stupid review. He gets paid to do this right?

kelly on Sep 29, 2009


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books. Diana G is an amazing storyteller ! I have read all the books several times over just like lots of the others here ... fell in love with Jamie and wished I could be Claire many times .... can't wait to read the new book. Am going to the bookstore today to buy it !! If you want to get hooked on reading ... this is the series to do it ... it's an awesome read.

Randi on Sep 29, 2009


I just found the series this spring. I am now starting book # 5 and have # 6 and # 7 waiting in the wings. A mini series is the way to go. It really is the only way to capture the true essence of Diana Gabaldon's works. We would not want to miss out on any of this adventure. Jamie Fraser is the man that every woman wants. This is the kind of "read" that keeps you up till the wee hours and yearning for more. It is quite possibly the best series I have ever read. Susan

Susan on Sep 29, 2009


If there is one thing I am absolutely sure of it's that any attempt to turn the Outlander books into a TV series cannot, should not, be handled by any other organisation than the BBC. Nobody does this kind of thing better, that's just the simple truth. And in the end I am not sure I would like to see American actors/actresses in the lead roles. They just wouldn't be believable. I have always liked Claire Goose and think she'd be good in any role she chooses to play, although she may not have the supposed physical stature of her namesake in Diana Gabaldon's books. What's more, she has a "suitable" Scottish/English background, being born in Edinburgh. But I guess all this speculation about who would be best in the various roles is more than a little academic and in the end it all depends on who is actually going to put up the money to get the job done. I just hope and pray the BBC will take it on because if this becomes another attempt at creating a "Hollywood blockbuster" I for one would probably lose interest. That is not to say there aren't any fine acors and actresses in America, but in the end the best Americans still can't hold a candle to the best Brits. Obviously that is a very subjective view, but all "views" are like that!

Neil Naess on Sep 29, 2009


Re Neil's comments (#514); I agree totally with him about the BBC doing the best job of doing a TV series as it would be more dedicated to authenticity, and of course have English/Scottish actors, AND, (I'm an American!). Let's hope this happens. On another note, I just finished "An Echo in the Bone", Diana's most recent book which came out the 22nd of September. I got it on the 25th and finished it the 29th, after locking myself away incommunicado - couldn't put it down - read it into the wee hours of the mornings. Will not give anything away for those of you who have not yet read it, but it was a great book; of course, what else. Just hope the series doesn't end with this one and that there will be another, although I hate to wait the 3-4 years which it would probably take, unless she is currently continuing to write or already has written more. This was a typical Outlander book - some 800+ pages - a lot of reading. My eyeballs still haven't gone back to their normal shape. As I have read all the others in this series several times, I shall began again on this one in the next month or so, more slowly - which get me through the winter months! Meanwhile, am finally reading her "Outlandish Companion", which will probably need to be updated as it was done a few books ago. It has a lot of interesting background info on both Diana and her "resources", with insight into that wonderful, creative, and imaginative mind of hers. Footnote: I think you all will agree, these books have something for everyone. What an amazing writer that lady is; just wonder how many people worldwide have read her Outlander series? Ahhh, Jamie, where are you? Big sigh.

Mona on Sep 30, 2009


Does anyone know when we will be able to watch the movie?

Angela on Sep 30, 2009


Just quickly, in regards to my seemingly overly negative comments on the skills of American actors, I said that while being well aware of the irony that the books were created by an AMERICAN author! So, it's all fraught with contradictions and maybe less than "informed" opinions. So whatever else you can say, it is certainly true that Diana Gabaldon proves creativity and imagination are on hand on the other side of the BIg Pond in ample measure. It's just that the BBC is soooo damn good at making the kind of TV series that I am hoping the Outlander books will be turned into and if the best is available, why settle for second best? Which is what Hollywood would be. I must add, incidentally, that I am not in any way harbouring a BBC bias on the basis of any "nationalist" sentiments. I am not English or Scottish (I am Australian of Dutch colonial origin) and really don't especially care who turns Jamie and Claire's story into a series. As long as it is done right, by an organisation that has a proven record in this field.

Neil Naess on Sep 30, 2009


Angela, The Outlander movie is set for september of2010. I am pretty sure that is the date Essental Entertainment has set without any type of delays. Their has been no public mention of time delays at this time. To that other guy, Look around,your bias is showing.

Vickie on Sep 30, 2009


I am a history buff and I write American History articles for the web. Gabaldon writes historical fiction that doesn't get overwhelmed with the SciFi and Romance. I am also a guy who loves Clancy and Baldacci, yet Gabaldon is still my favorite!!! If you are a guy who reads, you will love it! Can't wait for the movies!!!

Roger Saunders on Oct 1, 2009


I am a bookseller for B&N, 64 year old male, let me tell you a story, I gave a copy of Outlander to a woman who wanted to read a historical series. Two days later the woman returned and told me she needed another copy of the book as her husband had picked it up and started reading it, when sh asked for it back he gave her $20 dollars and told her he could not stop reading and to go buy another copy as e was not going to give it to her. I started the series 13 years ago when a co-woorker recomended it to me, I declined as it was in the Romance section. She informed me that it was Not romance and "Gone With the Wind" should be shelved right next to it. She bought me a copy of the first book and I was hooked for life. It is the best series of books I have ever read bare none.

Michael Hewson on Oct 3, 2009


Jason Isaacs as Black Jack Randall - YES! Rachel Weis as Claire - Sure. As for Jamie, short of my husband being cast I don't think I'll ever be truly happy with their choice. But Kevin McKidd is the best suggestion I've seen so far. But here's a note for you, folks - YES, Jamie is in his early 20's at the beginning of the series. But remember, he's in his early 20's in the Scottish Highlands in the 1700s, has lived as a soldier and an outlaw, has been in prison and has been flogged. He's not going to LOOK like a modern twentysomething actor. He's not going to be freshfaced and pretty. Yes, he's goodlooking, but he's goodlooking in a manly, hairy sort of way...not some pretty boy girlyman like Robert Pattinson. Just my two cents.

Sara on Oct 4, 2009


Poor Jason Isaacs! I’ve seen him in other roles and he’s very good looking and funny. But he was so deliciously evil in The Patriot that we Americans seem to typecast him as the quintessential English villain. Of course, that’s the mark of a good actor, to be so believable.

beajay on Oct 4, 2009


@ SaraKevin McKidd is to old and to short. And Jamie is supposed to be beautiful, of course he hasn't got the same beauty as these days male models (at least I hope s 😉 ) but he is still striking and beautiful. Whic Kevin McKidd isnt.

Gia on Oct 5, 2009


Sara, I agree that the actor for Jamie has defintely to be older than 23. IMO somebody in his late twenties/early thirties would be perfect. But still - Jamie is striking and beautiful, which has been meantioned several times in the books. Therefore I don't think that Kevin McKidd would be a good choice for Jamie. He is charming, yes, and he is red-haired and scottish. But that doesnt make a good Jamie. Besides I think that Kevin is too old for the young Jamie - he is obviously older than 35. If the moviemakers choose an actor in his late 30s or early 40s they definately should go with Gerard Butler. Though actors like Philip Winchester, Tamoh Penikett or Chris Hemsworth would be great choices as well.

Gia on Oct 5, 2009


considering that most of the other men around at this time were about 5`5 and looked like a pig then i think Kevin Mckidd would look like a god next to them!!! seriously though - watch the film Made of Honour - this has him in it and he plays a scottish laird and he is very tall and has the physique to play Jamie - i feel he has the look as well - i can`t comment on his acting abilities though as this is the only thing i have seen him and it wasn`t a challenging role. I do like the idea of Gerard Butler though as well - Jamie isn`t classically handsome - he has imperfections in his features but somehow they all seem to work when put together - i feel that describing him as beautiful is a description of him as a whole - his face, his body, his mind and his manner and not just of his features. (i may be wong but this is how i perceive the description) moving on - i have just finished `Echo in the Bone`, oh my god!!! i won`t give anything away but lets just say there will definitely be a book 8!!!!! and the sooner it comes out the better as there are some unanswered questions!!!! enough said i don`t want to ruin it!!!!

nichola ward on Oct 5, 2009


I too am enjoying "Echo" but at a much slower pace. I have just moved and am surrounded by boxes. It is a great way to take a break while unpacking along with a cup of coffee or glass of wine (depending on the time of day). Maybe 2 chapters a day. My 11 year old son just completed the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan yesterday and he actually shed a couple tears because there are no more to read (I told him it is time to just start over from book 1). I could only tell him I completely understood as I feel that way each time I finish and "Outlander" series book. I just can't imagine the series ending; but those thoughts are for another time:- )

Laura Bloem on Oct 5, 2009


Love the books and excited about the film BUT ........ they must use REAL Scottish and English actors, there is nothing worse than an actor with a dodgy accent. There are tons of talented British actors out there so please, please use them !!!!

Diane on Oct 6, 2009


Lets all find something else to talk about rather than Name your favorite actor. After all, the actors were chosen long ago. Nothing is going to change that fact. It gets so old to keep reading All of the Chose My Favorite posts. My goodness, the demand for British actors, come on folks, The Lead role is being played by a British Actress! not only is she British, she's from an stage and screen acting family and her mother writes some of the finest Scottish Romance novels out there. Lets stand back and be proud of their fine choice. There are reportedly some top knotch American,Scottish and British actors coming to the screen in this MEGA Blockbuster movie. I for one look foward to seeing what this giantic pool of fine writters, producers,directors, actors (and crew) will put forth for our veiwing enjoyment.

Vickie on Oct 6, 2009


Please post the link that shows the chosen ones. Thanks.

Sharon on Oct 6, 2009


Sharon: look for essental entertianment. IMBD is not the same as IMBDPRO it will cost you extra money to enter this area. Those of us who did it used a two weeks use free sprecial to find the information you see near the mid-top of this list. Also check the scottish newspaper called Scotland On Sunday. Once you are there, type into the subject line the word "Outlander" the short story should come up.

Vickie on Oct 6, 2009


Went to the Scotland Sunday paper and it says that James McAvoy is being considered for the lead part. No, No, No. He is only 5'7. Jamie is 6'2 at least. And the person that says she wishes everybody would stop putting in their opinion of what actor should play what. Hello.... this is a forum for opinions of all kinds of topics about the book as well as who should play lead roles. If you do not want to not talk about those details like apparently the mainstream is then make up your own blog. Don't mean to ruffle anybody's feathers but I want this movie to be done right. I do agree it should have Scottish actors and British actors. Only American actors and actresses that have good dialect coaches should be considered.

Laura Z on Oct 7, 2009


Yes Sharon, you are right about the conditions back then. People worked hard and it showed in their features. Like Claire said when she came back and looking at a woman who had three bairns and said she was in her late 20's and looked more like late 30's or more. So maybe Gerard Butler could be Jamie. Tricks with the cameras would be in order too.

Laura Z on Oct 7, 2009


Vickie, as long as you're not a part of the production you have no right to stop us from talking about actors who could play the characters. Its fun for us to think about it ,to check out the actors and to see how other fans of the series see the characters. Its totally ok to do that. So please don't act the big shot, ok? Gerard Butler or Philip Winchester would be so awesome for Jamie. James McAvoy is cute, but besides being scottish he has nothing in common with Jamie Fraser.

Lisa on Oct 7, 2009


If you go back and re-read more about this forum you will discover its supposed to be for talking about the movie. There are other sites for the books and L.o.L's site has special areas that have been set up long ago for the "guessing game". The Ladies of Lollybrouch have a wonderful, very large site devoted to all things Outlander. Lisa, you totaly mistook the tone of my e-mail. I was simply repeating information from this very list. If you look back you will be albe to see that. My tone was that of someone offering information to someone who was looking for it. nothing more. I didn't say anything that wasn't accurate andI offered outside addresses to show where it was found. If you look on the web you can discover the same information. I do hope this is helpful.

Vickie on Oct 7, 2009


I forgot to mention another thing that could be helpful, I think it's been said here before as well. The reason they were looking for the cream of the crop of young actor's in the roles that require young actors such as James McVoy, is that Jamie is just barely into his 20's when the book starts. Outlander isn't supposed to be a stand alone movie. It's been said that it would be a movie series. All of this info comes from IMBD-PRO (those cap's are written simply because thats what the web site uses. I re-read post530 and it isn't written as nicely as I wish I written it. It comes across poorly and I do apologize for it.

Vickie on Oct 7, 2009


I will just address this one last time. Vickie, You said if you look back and re-read the forum it is about the MOVIE. What do you do at a movie?? You watch it right? Well, we are simply saying who we would like to see play in the movie. The main senses that are bodies are going to experience when we see the movie is our eyes and ears. So yes you are right it is about the movie so choosing who we would like to see portray the characters is very sensible.

Laura Z on Oct 7, 2009


Seriously girls ... can we all just get along ... I mean how old are you anyway ?? We all LOVE the books and we all want to see the movie(s) made and that they will do the books justice ... sheesh !

Randi on Oct 7, 2009


Well, the article about the movie in the scotland on Sunday paper is pretty outdated by now, and it only says that the movie could attract calibres like James McAvoy and Keira Knightley and that they are only suggestions. I agree that mr McAvoy has to get a role in this one b/c of his beautiful accent and his undoubtedly great acting ability. But he is CUTE. I mean, I really like him, hes charming and funny and everything. But can you imagine him leading Highlanders into a battle? Can you even imagine him chipping wood? At least I can't. He is so petite, really. And if they actually choose him or have chosen him for the part of Jamie I am really looking forward to see how they make him look tall, hunky and like a viking warrior. That could be a bit of a challenge...though he actually has a beautiful nose... 😉 Keira Knightley...uhm, yeah. I actually can imagine her as Claire. She has the features, she can act properly and I could see her smeared with blood and swearing on a battlerfield between wounded soldiers. But she really has to gain weight. But I wouldn't have a problem with her . They way she looks in Atonement she actually comes quite close to how I imagne Claire. An other thing I hope is that they choose the right locations. I don't want them to pick Eilean Donan castle for Castle Leoch or something like that. I hope that they coose "fresh and new" places which haven't been seen jet in movies. I also hope that they get a good costume designer. I love moves where they try to get the costumes as right and original as possible. Somebody like Deborah Lynn Scott. She is amazing. And I have another suggestion for the music: Hans Zimmer. Nobody can make music which is as emotional and dynamic like him. God, I wish I could be a part of the making of the movie...I would even do craft services 😉

Lisa on Oct 7, 2009


Thank you Randi.

Vickie on Oct 7, 2009


wooops, got to edit: "And I have another suggestion for the music: Hans Zimmer. Nobody can make music which is as emotional and dynamic like him." I actually meant that nobody can make music which is as emotional and dynamic like his music. 😉

Lisa on Oct 7, 2009


Yes Hans Zimmer is an excellent choice.

Laura Z on Oct 7, 2009


Laura Z. I guess that is the whole thing in a nut shell. "Sensible". I'll only say that isn't the word that comes to mind . Lisa had a great comment, What a great new thing to talk about.Hans Zimmer could do this very nicely. As for the music, I don't know who did the music for Dances of Wolves years ago, but that has always stayed with me. When I think of the music I hear some bagpipes sometimes such as in the very first scene when Claire frist sees Jamie. The Battle scenes, and then full orchastra at other times. Some scenes will need softer scottish ballads at times. Scottish drinking songs would be nice for dinking parts .

Vickie on Oct 7, 2009


I think Randi ended the bickering--Vickie. But you must have your two cents. Touche!!!

Laura Z on Oct 7, 2009


Off topic: Just stop it now. that had nothing to do with the topic and was nothing of value. On topic: Wouldn't it be wonderful to be on the crew touring scotland looking for all of the great places to film? Scotland is a beautiful country with lovely scenes nearly everywhere you look. Can anyone imagine looking at all the castels and having to select just the right places... I'ed love that job.

Vickie on Oct 7, 2009


Oh yes, I would love to have that job touring the countryside of Scotland and looking for locales to film. The castles and highlands. I think I am going to go to the library tomorrow and see if I can't find some videos on Scotland. I already searched on my dish network to see if there is anything on the travel channel and nada. I have already started rereading the first book and just want to go to Scotland. I wish the film makers would just come out and say where it will be filmed who will star in it and such. This is going to be the "Twilight" version for us 30 and 40 year olds.

Laura Z on Oct 7, 2009


That would be a dream come true 🙂 I would so love to do that as well. I have read the first book so many times, I don't even count anymore. It really has changed my life. Before I knew the book I wanted to become a nutritionist. Now, after having read the books thousands of times, I am studying English and I'm planning to go to Scotland and live there 🙂 As for music: I also love the soundtrack from Rob Roy - very beautiful and something like this would also be great for outlander

Lisa on Oct 8, 2009


The person that likened it to the "Harry Potter" of romanaces came very close to hitting the nail on the head. Like others, I don't agree that they are romance novels because there is equal amounts of conflict (war), mystery and very rich historical content. If this series of books was filmed in multiple films like Harry Potter, and done well of course, they've got a big money maker on their hands. Just don't ruin it by cutting tons of content out and trying to do it cheaply....PLEASE!!

Jen on Oct 9, 2009


Lisa....yes, I can totally see Philip Winchester as Jamie! Great suggestion.

Chloe on Oct 9, 2009


I just looked up Philip Winchester and yes, I agree - he would be perfect for Jamie. Have never seen him act so don't know how much on-screen charisma he has, but he certainly has the build, coloring, and looks for the part.

Mona on Oct 9, 2009


Sometimes I wonder about how diffrent scenes may look through the eyes of the cenimaphotographer and the director. How will they stage diffrent shots? What will Clarie's room at the Inn look like, How will they film her falling through the stones? I do hope it doesn't end up looking like a spiraling twirling scene out of the old Twilight Zone t.v. show or heven' forbid it looks like the tornado from Wizard of Oz. How ever they decide Claire is to "fall through the Stones" its going to have to be creative and new. It will be intresting to see how they manage to do it.

VJM on Oct 9, 2009


@ VJM, yes, I SO agree with you about that. I wonder what the great hall in castle leoch looks like or the kitchen or the stables etc. I hope so much that they will get everything historically right, concerning costumes, food, furnitures etc.... @Mona: Philip Winchester is a pretty good actor IMO, he doesn't do it typically Hollywood-like but keeps it quite natural (which is VERY important for the actor who is going to play Jamie). He definately would be a great Jamie 🙂

Lisa on Oct 10, 2009


Here's what I see in the kitchen of Castel Leoch, A open doorway on the far side of a big stone room. Outside the door in the distance is a stunning natural scene of Scotland. The Camera pans the view givng us a feeling of decening down a stone wall with a circular stair-case built on to the wall. The room is a very deep round stone room. There are big wicker baskets scatered and stacked around with game and produce in them. A bee hive baking oven is nearby. Loafs of bread line a table with shelves above for storage. A large work table stands in the center of the room, kitchenworkers gathered around a large stack of root vegatables on the table. The vegtables are being prepared for the next Great Hall meal by the kitchen workers gathered around the table. A strong-looking man welds a large knife chopping potatos. Along a wall there is someone plucking feathers from a game bird.He has live geese in stick cages next to him and a large pot on the other side. The floor is stone with rushes strewen across it. A young boy is coming through the door with a a arm load of small wood to keep the kitchen hearth going steady. There is a Large woman in a cap and apron busily going from the goose simmering in the pot to the round of cheese resting under a damp cloth all the while verbaly ordering everyone to tend to their chores for tonight their is a special dinner at Castel Leoch. The scene suggests the cook is proud of her work and this kitchen is her domain.

VJM on Oct 10, 2009


Laura Z, on post 547 I agree that this will be like the "Twilight" version for us thirty and fourty year olds, save that I am seventeen :). I ran out of books to read one summer and happened to pluck Outlander out of my mothers bookcase, and have been addicted ever since. And I shudder to think of missing out on the series had I grabbed another book instead. P.S. I did, although I am little embarrased to say, read the Twilight series, and saw how the story could appeal to many teenage girls, but found the characters very underdeveloped in many aspects. And, no offense to you Twilight fans out there, I found Bella to be a little pathetic with her being so dependent on Edward and all. But she is supposed to be a teenager, so I guess that would account for it.

Athena on Oct 11, 2009


Athena, I couldn't agree with you more! I despair to think of my life had I not discovered Outlander at my library 4 years ago when I was 16 and worked there. I love it like no other (it is definitely a different love from Harry Potter). Outlander was my special secret, because no one else that I knew had heard of it. Now it shall be a movie and more popular with younger crowds (even though I was young when I first read it). I read Twilight the first week it came out, long long long ago, because I thought the cover was pretty, plot sounded interesting, and because I had 1st dibs at the library. I was made fun of so much for reading it, which sucked even more because I thought it was a very long story that was very poorly written, and couldn't stand the very annoying sighs and woes of the narrator. In the end I thought it was an "ok" book, but nonetheless, 3 months later it is the best-selling book on EVERY list. Pathetic. The love and bond between Jamie and Claire is much more developed and solid, so it's easy to understand why the one might fall to pieces without the other, but also be proud that both Claire and Jamie were able to go on living despite being apart from their soul mate (they are strong believable and inspiring characters!!!!!) but Bella and Edward are very Romeo & Juliet the way the suddenly love each other but can't be together, so both become suicidal. I love Outlander. I love Romeo & Juliet (nicely written). Did not like Twilight so much (cheap version of the previously mentioned titles with vampires). Sorry for going on so much about Twilight, I don't mean to soil this thread by making it one of many Twilight discussion boards.

Rachel on Oct 11, 2009


@ Rachel @ Athena Its kind of the same with me...I'm 21 and I first have read Outlander when I was 16. It totally changed my life. It was a relevation for me. I also read Twilight, but only because I saw the first movie (and that only b/c <i kind of liked Robert Pattinson). But Twilight is to cheesy for me. And I can't understand why everybody falls for Edward. I mean, he is a stalker who woud love to kill Bella (who I don't like at all). I would stay away from somebody like him 😉 The 2nd Book was better b/c it was written very good. The last book was WAY over the top. Didn't like that one at all. Outlander...I mean, thanks to Outlander I now know exactly what I want to do in my life. And thanks to Jamie Fraser I know what kind of man I want. Like I said: The book has been a relevation for me. I've become a Scotland Freak and I'm totally interested in the 45 and everything about it. I want nothing more than move to Scotland ,marry a tall, viking-like Scot, and work there. Thats my dream. Thanks to Outlander and Diana Gabaldon. Therefore I wouldn't mind to much if the movie wouldn't come that close to my imagination b/c the book is so much more for me than just a story.

Lisa on Oct 11, 2009


I love the series, but do have my doubts (like some others) on if a movie could be enough for the series. I wouldn't mind it becoming a series on HBO or similar in the sense of The Tudors or True Blood.

AHarv on Oct 11, 2009


Wow, Jane Seymour could certainly do it. She looks fabulous, might need to gain a little weight tho. Her daughter IS Brianna. I am so glad i found this page. I had certain people in my head for the characters and was very stubborn about them, but i have discovered many others who would do just as good!

Sabrina on Oct 11, 2009


Well now, there you go with Jane Seymor, she even has experience playing a Dr.on TV Ha! However, in the first book Claire is only 27-28, right?

Roger on Oct 12, 2009


has anyone actually seen any updates on this movie being made since the 2008 write up? It's been over 12 months and I can't seem to find anything updating or mentioning that the movie is in production or canned or delayed? Let me know if you find something or post the link please. Reading Echo if the Bones now, another 5am Can't wait to finish it yet I want to take it slowly and enjoy it.

Nely A on Oct 12, 2009


I'm thinking of Jane for the later books actually when Claire is more in her 40s although Katie, her daughter could definitely be the younger Claire if not Brianna

Mary Ann on Oct 12, 2009


Did you all know that there is such a thing as L'Heure Bleu Perfume that Claire pours in her palms because she doesn't want to go get fresh water from the lavatory tap. I ordered a small sample on Ebay once. It is a pleasant smell but not my taste in perfume. I do hope they use some of the items she talks about in the book on screen. I remember trying to find the Scotch she said Frank use to drink and I couldn't find that one but found something close. Got to be a Scotch person to enjoy that, but after two glasses who cares.. Right???

Laura Z on Oct 12, 2009


I absolutely think it needs to be Rob Pattinson for Jamie - let's face it Rob is 6'1 I believe he of all people (Jamie is 23 at the start of this book) could master Jamies absolute charisma, masculinity and transparency of soul. This is a great historical romance drama - i.e. Braveheart. Claire & Jamie are more central to the story than the romance was in Braveheart and should be. These are two intelligent well-matched people, with the time travel of Claire and Jamies warrior like attributes, this would absolutely do better than people might predict. People need this in these times. I am not sure about Rachel Weisz, possible.... whoever it is has to have absolutely perfect chemistry with whomever plays Jamie..... this tall, auburn haired, charismatic warrior, who is a Scottish Highlanderr in the 1700's. I thought the Highlander movies were so so at best, but the mystic behind the series supported it. A real effort at doing this series, or at least the first three books, I think would astound the studios and the critics - and would receive unbelievable fan support. Liam Neeson would be great Dougal MacKenzie. There are quite a few people I can think of to cast, but Jamie and Claire are crucial casts - there would be NO ROOM for mistakes.

carolyn on Oct 12, 2009


Sorry, one more thing.... Studio Execs.. see Twilight - note, Woman can easily carry the attendance of this movie, it will make obscene amounts of money (i.e. twilight) if done true to Diana Gabaldon's vision.... we want these types of movies!

carolyn on Oct 12, 2009


Laura, Your right! isn't it just amazing how exacting all those tiny details are. Dianna gets even the most tivial things right. Even the herblogy is right. I really like all the tiny details. Everything is so exact, there is something for eveyone in this series. Carolyn, You make a very good point 🙂 When these movies do come out we have to vote with our wallets and let them know we exist.

VJM on Oct 12, 2009


i SOOOOOOOO cannot see Rob Pattinson as jamie!!!!! Jamie is a mans man - he is brawn and brains!! rob pattinson although ideal as cedric diggory and edward is not a mans man! jamie is as well built as he is tall and, not too be too disparaging about rob, he is tall and a little gangly - if he didn`t have such a pretty face he would have made a very good young ian!! i see jamie as handsome but in a much more rough manly way - not a pretty boy.

nichola ward on Oct 13, 2009


I agree Nichola, I would SCREAM if Rob Pattinson ended up playing Jamie. First of all, his (Rob's) face looks like a squashed block of clay, he doesn't have the chiseled features Jamie has as described by Diana. Pattinson may have charisma, but Jamie also would have a wisdom beyond his years were he born in this time because of: a) the time era the book is set in and b) the terrible things he has been through. I have a hard time seeing Pattinson portraying that. And, I think that is one of Jamie's most important aspects. Plus, like you, I too think Pattinson is too much of a pretty boy to be able to portray Jamie's rugged attractiveness. Hmmm....Rob just wouldn't work. P.S. Could you see Rob being whipped with a cat-o-nine tails without making a peep? If I saw it on screen I would probably laugh at the ridiculousness of the idea.

Athena on Oct 13, 2009


VJM, on post 552 About the falling through the stones scene, I think, maybe, that it would be neat if when Claire touched the stone the screen went black and the audience was bombarded with extremly loud noise, and possibly flashes of light (of different colors? or maybe just white?) at intervals very close together. I think it would sound somewhat like the noises, if not louder and more drawn out, on the remake of War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, when the lightning storm is going on. That, to me, is a kind of how I would imagine what the sound of screaming stones actually sounds like. What about you guys? How do you picture it?

Athena on Oct 13, 2009


They'll probably do it like the Stargate Crew going thorugh a wormhole, but I hope not. Too trite. I think your idea of the noises and flashes of light after the screen first going black would be very effective. On thing, though, they have so many ways to make great special effects these days, that I'll bet they can come up with something spectacular for the falling through the stones.

beajay on Oct 13, 2009


Intresting,creative idea...I Like the idea of the screen going black.that' good, It gives the idea that she really doesn't doesn't know where or what is happening to her. maybe draw her back in sliding or tumbing into a landing.

VJM on Oct 13, 2009


Commenting on the possiblity of an HBO series, Hmmm...I dont think I would like to see the Outlander novel series become a T.V. series. I have a bad feeling that if it did, it would eventually stray very far away from the books like other shows derived from books have. For example, I read the Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs and was very excited when I found out it was going to become a T.V. series, but was a little dissapointed when the series started and Bones was nothing like she was in the books (she doesn't even have that nickname in the books, for goodness' sake!) and there were completely new charcters in the show in a different setting, even though _Kathy_ collaborates with the producers on the script. On one point though, FOX is a completley different type of channel than HBO. But if you think about it, T.V. shows have to please the audience with something exciting every week, and are constantly twisting the story and adding in things that the author may never have wanted to happen. I would fear the story becoming so completely streched as to become unrecognisable to us fans. A movie may leave stuff out, but I dont think it would be as bad as a T.V. series.

Athena on Oct 14, 2009


Yeah I do agree with you Athena. They kinda strayed with "True Blood" they still kept some of the main characters but they didn't kill Lafayette off like the book ( I liked that they kept him though) and twisted things around. Speaking of characters I have been a fan of "Sons of Anarchy" and the guy that plays "Jax" he has the features of Jamie and youth. I discovered who this young lad is and he is British. His name is Charlie Hunnam. Tell me what you all out there think of him being Jamie. He is very good. I could see him being Jamie. He has the viking features or Nordic features. He does a great American accent so I see no problem with him being Scottish. He is 6'1 just shy two inches to Jamie. I would really like some feedback on this Gent. Negative or Positive.

Laura Z on Oct 14, 2009


Laura i have had a look at Charlie Hunnam and he isnt a bad choice although personally - going just purely on looks though i preferred Phillips Winchester who was mentioned in an earlier post. There are so many people to cast for a good movie so i think the vast majority of them would be unknowns as it would be far to expensive otherwise - i would prefer someone for jamie that isn`t very famous as i feel he could then become jamie in a much better way thank someone very famous ( imagine Brad Pitt or Mel Gibson for example - to me it would be them in another film pretending to be jamie, i`m not suggesting either of those could be jamie just that i need to believe this person is jamie!!) for Claire i still see Kate Winslet - although very famous she isn`t in evey other film at the cinema and it seems that she chooses her projects carefully and would care about the character and how she portrays her - i also feel she is an excellent actress and also has the physical attributes that match claire perfectly - failing that they should get an unknown and it should be me!!!!

nichola ward on Oct 15, 2009


Yes unknowns would be terrific. It would certainly launch their careers in one spectacular moment.

Laura Z on Oct 15, 2009


This Charlie Hunnam guy looks very good, I think that he would be a good choice - though that also should depend on the acting and not just the looks...therefore I can't say too much about it, but he does have the right looks. As I have already seen Philip Winchester acting he is still one of my favourites. He has the looks and definately the talent. Concerning Claires Falling through the stones, I kind of imagined it as some of you described it. Something like Claire being in a different "space", all black with flashes and strange noises and Claire swirling around herself and then just "falling out" of it. At first everything she sees is blurred out a little bit and then it gets clearer and clearer as she gets up and recoveres from the "travel"...

Lisa on Oct 15, 2009


Yes, Claire coming out of falling through the stones and her vision being a bit blurred seeing "Red Coats" and "Scots men running around in Kilts" that would make it. Because she doesn't know what has happened. She thinks that after seeing this that she might have stumble on a movie being shot about; of all things, "Bonnie Prince Charlie" ---Do I have that right? The Prince Stuart. Anyways, I do agree Lisa that her coming out of the stones has to have that confusion of what is happening. I think that the people that do pick this film up need to hire us all because we know what we want as well as Diana Gabaldon as how we want the characters to look and act. We all know the characters in and out. They are so complex but they are so us. WOW!!!

Laura Z on Oct 15, 2009


I absolutely cannot see Keira Knightly as Claire! What about Kate Winslet? Definitely Gerard Butler as Jamie!!

OutlanderFan on Oct 16, 2009


Chippendales has NOTHING on the forumfrenzy wherein women share their respective casting choices for Jamie. Nada. Zip.

Jen on Oct 16, 2009


Wow, if Alex wasn't convinced about 575 posts ago he will never be. The series is awesome reading and will make a very popular movie. I agree with Beth #8 that each book should be it's own movie. There is no way one movie can begin to cover the story. I have just begun to read the series again and I so look forward to the movie if it can be done right.

Karen on Oct 18, 2009


What a fabulous series of books. I have just read them again before starting on the new book, an echo in the bone, with all the wonderful producers and directors in the film industry today, making a movie or mini series of these books should hardly be a challenge.

Kathryn-Australia on Oct 18, 2009


i like everybody but ian, roger, and claire. Great Job on everybody else!

Sharon on Oct 20, 2009


Lisa - great job!!! although i agree with gerard butler being a great Jamie - I also think that Hugh Jackman would make a great Jamie as well!! can`t imagine him as jack randall he is too nice!! Robert Carlysle should totally be in the film - cant` believe i didn`t think of him before!

nichola ward on Oct 21, 2009


Thanks 😀 I just read on the essential entertainment Hp that the budget for the movie will be about 10 - 40 Million $ That is a lot, isn't it?

Lisa on Oct 21, 2009


Lisa can you provide a link please?

Nely A on Oct 21, 2009


I am beginning my third read of the series. Just finished Echo in the Bone. Enjoy Lord John on it's own but not so much when mixed in with characters of Jamie and Claire. My picks would be Gerard Butler for jamie and kate Winslett for Claire but they may be too out of reach financially. I also like Simon from the Mentalist as Lord john!

kathleen on Oct 21, 2009


Lisa I will take the legs and you get the arms, lol we'll carry him there together! ever since I saw Gerard Butler in PS I Love YOU, he has been my number one bad I think he'd be perfect as Jamie, although he may find it hard to blush as Gerard seems more cheeky than I think regardless of the budget any actor should be thrilled to be cast in this movie IF the movie is done right. I truly believe the possible screen writers, directors and other potential money machines looking at this movie are not yet seeing the full potential of a movie based on this story.. i can only believe it will be a major movie block buster IF done right. I hope so. Diana Gabaldon is coming to my city next month for a book signing.. i'm gonna make sure she hears all about the websites and petitions and prayers and bribery i'm going to offer to make sure she does everything she can to make sure this movie gets

Nely A on Oct 22, 2009


you 2 can have the arms and legs and i`ll have the torso - best part anyway ha ha!!! Nely you wouldn`t happen to be in New Zealand would you? My sister lives there in Christchurch (i`m in England) and i`m making her go to see Diana just so she can tell her everything!!!

nichola ward on Oct 22, 2009


well, Gerry has some really beautiful legs though... 😉 The funny thing is that I always pictured Gerry when I read the book, but heres the thing: I didn't know that he existed! Actually I became a fan of Gerard through Jamie b/c some years ago I typed "Outlander Diana Gabaldon" into youtube and there were some videos suggesting Gerard. I could't believe that this man was real! And the more I found out about Gerry the more I was sure that he is the only one for this role 😉 Nely, I envy you! I wish I could meet Diana and tell her how her book changed my life and of course I would love to tell her whats going on here 😉 Maybe she has some news or something about the movie

Lisa on Oct 22, 2009


Lisa! You have to watch PS I Love You, he is really fantastic in that movie.. and if i get the legs at least your closer to his I'll pass on your comments to Diana 😀

Nely A on Oct 22, 2009


Nicola, you me and Lisa are starting to sound like Gerard will never talk to I'm in Perth Western Australia and I believe she's coming some time mid-november ...can't wait!!!

Nely A on Oct 22, 2009


Nely if i thought it would get me anywhere i would follow him round with my tongue hanging out lol!! I do think P.S I love you is a good film towatch to see the softer side of the lovelyMr Butler, as it shows that he can play the romantic lead - then if you watch something like 300 or Rocknrolla - you can see that he has the versatility to play the tough guy as well. Has anyone seen the film timeline in which Gerard Butler travels back in time ? he looks good in the clothes!! I was watching Braveheart last night and lots of the cast in that could easily transpose over to Outlander. I do think that James Macavoy should be in the film as he is an excellent actor but i see him more as Fergus maybe (Fergus was only short), not sure if he cn do a french accent though. Robert Carlysle as Murtagh is a brilliant idea!! Its a shame the lad that plays Chesney in Coronation street is now a teenager as he would have made a great young Hamish!

nichola ward on Oct 22, 2009


If you would like to see a beautiful film with Gerard Butler you must see "Dear Frankie" It is in Scotland so he is using his ever so sexy accent. He is very caring I think this is my favorite movie with him in it. Also "One More Kiss" is good too except for he is a "Cheat" and you might get mad at him for his actions. I know "Dear Frankie" is in video stores also on Netflix. 'One More Kiss" is on Netflix and you can watch it right on your computer screen.

Laura Z on Oct 22, 2009


I've seen 18 movies with mr butler, including PS I love you, Tomb Raider, 300, Dear Frankie, Timeline, Beowulf, Phantom, RocknRolla, Dracula, Attila, Shattered etc...But I haven't seen "one more kiss" yet. I will try to make this number 19 😉 But I'm not a stalker...I'm just a loyal fan 😀 (Is this turning into a Gerard Butler-Fan-Forum??? ) Yeah, I think Robert Carlysle would make a great Murtagh. I didn't quite picture Murtagh like Robert, but Robert has the right physique, age, face and accent. But he has to stop laughing. Its hard to find a picture where he is not laughing. Murtagh rarely laughs 😉 IMO Claire is the hardest one to cast. I still haven't seen one actress that I would completely agree with. It should be somebody with the acting skills, personality and body like Kate Winslet, the Face like Nadia Fares and the Charisma like Sophie Marceau, I guess. I don't like it when people suggest actors who have already played similar roles. Like this Alex Kingston, who plays a doctor and has curly hair - but she lacks so many other things Claire has. Or Mel Gibson and Liam Neeson. Both have played a Scotsman once and now they are mentioned in almost every forum and every amateur casting video. People should open their minds a little bit, I guess... cheers

Lisa on Oct 22, 2009


I have just re-read the entire series again for the fourth or fifth time. When I start I dont stop until the last book is finished, normally when a new one is released. So I am waiting for my birthday present which is the latest, Echo. I started to read these 11 years ago, in the UK before moving down here, and when I found myself pregnant I thought what a really unusual name Brianna was and so I now have one of my own, 10 years old and getting older. I cant wait for the film but like a lot of others on here, one movie will not be long enough to do the series justice. A mini series would be heaven, then all the locations and detail can be included and not left out (leaving these out will kill the story). And being able to tape and rewatch episodes seventh heaven. Hurry up and do what ever your going to do and put us all out of our misery.

Lesley - New Zealand on Oct 23, 2009


I love this series. I think I'm going through my 4th reading. It helped me escape from the reality of a very dreadful winter after the passing of my beloved father. My grief was so overwhelming that the only relief I found was losing myself in this great story. For a few hours I could get away from my sorrow, until finally it became more manageable for me. I will always be grateful to Diana Gabaldon for her great ability to tell a story...I wish it could go on forever. I would be interested in a parallel story about her daughter and son-in-law, Bree and Roger. I thought it was fantastic that Claire and Jamie wrote letters from the 17th century, bound them up in a trunk and had them delivered in the 20th century to Bree and Roger...can you imagine the comfort that provided for them? It was especially moving for me in the aftermath of losing my own father. I, too, would be interested in seeing this story on the big screen, but am in agreement with some of you who would prefer it to be a miniseries, so that the whole story could be properly told...and as said would bring with it a huge fan base, especially if the right actors were picked. Who would we pick?....I vote for Gerard Butler ( he may be too short!) or Liam Neeson, for Jamie, however, I have been stymied as to my choice for Claire. I see her as an English Kathleen Turneresque type for the older Claire. I saw some of the graphics for the pictorial that is being done by a Japanese artist, and was disappointed in the vision....she looked too romanticized and characterless for my tastes. You can see pics at Diana Gabaldon's website. There has been no approval for Jamie's pictorial vision as yet. Claire and Jamie have always appealed to me for their earthiness and stong character, ...the artist's rendering is too flimsy and wispy. Jamie and Claire have always given me the impression that while basically attractive, their great appeal is the strength of character in their faces and personalities. I wish I had the ability to draw. I would love to create my vision of Claire and Jamie on paper.

Ladynred on Oct 24, 2009


What--do you not read. Read the series--it is by far the best piece of fictional history out there. The two primary characters (Jamie & Claire) are intoxicating--one cannot get enough of them. Seriously--read them........... You will then be able to answer your own question. Tami--Chesterfield, MI

Tami on Oct 24, 2009


Lisa ; I am one of the people who suggested Alex Kingston.I thought she has the accent and that saucy personality. She did play a Dr and came across as a good actor.She has that no nonsense attitude. I think its a lot better than trying to get an american to fake a british accent. Yes Kate winslet would be good too , but Rachel Weis is too dark. Claire is alabaster skin toned. I think Gerrard Butler is a rediculous choice for Jamie. He is too pretty. Kevin Mikidd is the best I think. I know one thing Liam Neeson or Mel Gibson.... not even a thought should be entertained. They are good , but not for this . One other person for claire might be Kate Blanchette

Karen on Oct 24, 2009


Please, can someone explain to me why some people think that Jamie is not beautiful or even pretty?? I always think that those people haven't read the books properly because it is mentioned so often that he is striking, mouth-watering and beautiful. Even in the Lord John book he is described as absolutely beautiful. So you can't pick someone like KevinMcKidd for Jamies part, b/c he definately isn't even pretty. This wouldn't work at all. I just watched Atonement. I guess this movie is one of the reasons why Keira Knightley and James McAvoy have been suggested by several newspapers for the main characters. And I wouldn't have a problem at all with both of them if only James McAvoy would be taller and physically impressing (and if Keira gained some weight). I've seen McAvoy in Wanted as well. He had to beef up for this movie (which looked really good though 😉 ) but he still hadn't this striking-viking like impression and this larger-than-life personality. I really can't see him as Jamie though I would love to be convinced otherwise b/c he has the loveliest accent and he is a tremendous actor. He definately should have a part inthis movie, but I'm not so sure if he can be Jamie.

Lisa on Oct 25, 2009


Karen, I too, think Alex Kingston to be a great Claire. Yes she has played the doctor role before but that was 1997. I am reading the first book of the series again and everytime I here Claire talk and the situations that she gets herself into I picture Alex Kingston. I just do. I also picture Gerard Butler or Kevin Mckidd (much perfer Gerry though). People say Kevin McKidd is not handsome enough or sexy enough has not seen the last episode of Grey's Anatomy in 2009 (June2009). the chemistry between Sandra Oh and Kevin was WOWster!!! Yes I would perfer Gerry but don't give up on Kevin he is very sexy and has the Nordic and Viking features.

Laura Z on Oct 25, 2009


My last posting was not post so I am writing a test write to see if this post. Sorry~~~

Laura Z on Oct 25, 2009


Thank you Laura Z Yes definitely Kevin Mckidd. WOW . Ilike Gerry too but he does not seem to DO IT for me . But thanks for the support finally . LOve Kevins eyes ooohhhh .

karen on Oct 27, 2009


Kevin McKidd looks like he is in his 50s...even if he's younger than way. Red Hair, Blue eyes and a scottish accent isn't enough to be Jamie. And his face is so average.

Lisa on Oct 28, 2009


Gerrard Butler is no spring chicken either. He is also a lowlander not a highlander.He just doesnt make sense to me.Mckidds face is hardly average. If anything Butler is the more average of the 2. There is guy on wrestling ( my kid watches) he could Gerrard Butlers brother. I dont think Aposter child for the front cover of a cheesey scottish romance novel should be the main character in such a could story.

karen on Oct 28, 2009


Oh, please. At the end of the day its a matter of taste. I don't like McKidds face and I think he's ugly, but you like him... its all fine. BTW, I dont get the 2nd half of your last comment. What do you mean with the wrestling thing??? And if I get your last sentence right, then I agree. I too think that no pretty boy who just jumped out of a glossy should be casted for Jamie. He needs to be a tall, brawny guy with a stunning charisma (and a beautiful face - I mean a kind of wild beauty 😉 ).

Lisa on Oct 28, 2009


Oh, one more thing...I know this must sound niggling, but...Its GERARD Butler, not Gerrard Butler 😉 Just saying...

Lisa on Oct 28, 2009


Ooops, I meant that it "might sound niggling", not "must sound niggling"...damn 😉

Lisa on Oct 28, 2009


No might about it. Its niggling. Sorry didnt mean to offend the Gerard fan extraordinaire THIS IS SPARTA.

karen on Oct 28, 2009


What I meant by the wrestler part is ... this wrestler looks like a cookie cutter version of Gerard Butler. Meaning his looks as well as Gerards,are well sort of ,seen one good looking guy you have seen em all. Know what I mean. Not unique.

karen on Oct 28, 2009


I am kind of sick of hearing about Gerard Butler. He is a talented actor but he is certainly too old to play the part =[ Sam Worthington from Terminator Salvation is definitely a competent and excitable actor worthy of being cast in this role. He really has that Jamie look going on.

Anonymous on Oct 29, 2009


YES, Charlie! What a cutie! Ok, i am almost done with Echo. I am so confused, well not confused but my head is whirling with all the characters having equal parts. I hope the next book focuses on Claire and Jamie more like in Outlander. They are getting pretty old after all, how much longer do they have?

Sabrina on Oct 29, 2009


I've tried to stay out of the whole casting debate, but I have to say Charlie Hunnam looks GREAT!! He would be a great Jamie. Also, I saw someone mention an actor for Fergus a few days ago and can't find it anymore, but I always pictured Johnny Depp for Fergus. I don't know how French he looks, but he lives there so he'd probably do a really good French accent.

Cindy on Oct 29, 2009


Oh, and someone mentioned James Caveziel for Roger. I could totally go for that too!

Cindy on Oct 29, 2009


Love seeing all of the Outlander fans - I've been a huge fan since it first came out and it is my favorite book of all time - i would like to start them all over again. I don't know who I want for Jamie but I know the type. i want him big and tall and red haired and totally hot but extremely masculine. That about wraps it up, eh, lasses? lol Clare, the whole time reading the book, was Emma Thompson for me. She is older than Jamie and she considers herself quite plain. She is strong and earthy and BRITISH. 😉 Oh please please give me a great movie of this that I can cherish. Please do as well a job on it as was done with Lonesome Dove which just improved upon the book - an extreme rarity. And please bring it soon!

Broadsteel on Oct 29, 2009


(The only things that I would keep in mind while selecting actors… Jamie is young yet strong, commanding, handsome, SCOTTISH, passionate, deliberate and a romantic heart. Claire is older, beautiful, has curly hair, determined, resolute, fiesty, damned to be triffled with and a zealous woman who has seen her share of blood and gore. If you choose actors because of their current appeal, their personal looks or their past movies, you could ruin the movie and have the book readers against watching it. But if you pick actors that characterize the main characters and go for authentic ability to capture Jamie and Claire, you will have a beloved treasure.) I couldn't agree more, Paisely! HEED OUR WORDS, HOLLYWOOD - OR FEEL THE WRATH! I am sure hell hath no fury like Outlander fans scorned.

Broadsteel on Oct 29, 2009


I just started with the outlander series and am absolutely fascinated. By the way Robert Carlyle is a great choice for Murtagh! But all of you should have a try with Dorothy Dunnett, a real scottish writer - unfortunately she died in november 2001 - and her hero, a certain Francis Crawford of Lymond. Her series was written in the 1960s and begins in 1547, when England tries to get Mary Stuart as fiance for Edward. No timetravelling, but the best written and researched historical fiction I know of. No. 1 - The Game of Kings up to no. 6 - Checkmate.

Claudia on Oct 30, 2009


Claudia, Thank You for suggesting Dorothy Dunnett. I will have to look into it. I went to Amazon to read the reviews and some couldn't put the book down. Also welcome to our forum with the Outlander becoming a movie. You will enjoy the book and the two main characters as you move on to the other books in the series.

Laura Z on Oct 30, 2009


My pick for Jamie is Sam Worthington. See I didn't realize that he was the picture that I had in my head until I just saw a preview for Avatar and realized, "That's Jamie!". I've also been picturing Jack Davenport for Jack Randall. I'm not sure why he came to mind, but I remembered him from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tracey on Oct 30, 2009


Sam Worthington is awesomely intense and extremely talented. I suggested Sam Worthington several comments ago, yay! I'm glad someone agrees with me. 😀 And unlike some of the actors mentioned here, he might actually have a chance of being cast as Jamie as he is quite prevalent in Hollywood right now and has an innate ability to portray strong, independent characters sympathetically. I know I liked his character more in Terminator Salvation than Christian Bale's 🙂

Anonymous on Oct 30, 2009


Yes!! Jack Davenport would make a fabulous Jack Randall! I can see Sam Worthington as well...and also Philip Winchester! 🙂

Chloe on Nov 2, 2009


I wrote Miss Gabaldon a while ago hoping to get some info as to when a movie would be made or a mini series for TV. She kindly wrote me back and said that a couple of treatments have been suggested. Here's hoping! I have read the books twice now and loved them all. My daughter and I dream cast Claire and Jamie. My grandfather was a Fraser and settled in Nova Scotia. I loved Gerald Butler on the utube as jamie. But he is a bit old to play the young Jamie in the first book. Maybe Johnathan Rys Myers or Alex O'Loughlin. Hmmmmm Sofia Myles would make a lovely Claire.

Antoinette Thompson on Nov 3, 2009


Thanks for agreeing with Sofia Myles for Claire! I really did like her in the Outlander movie.

Sharon on Nov 3, 2009


I just started reading the first book, Outlander a couple of days ago. I can't put it down. Wonderful read. I hope they make it into a movie or mini-series! I agree that Gerard Butler is too old to play Jamie as Jamie is only 23 years old in the first book. I think Dougray Scott would be a great actor to portray Dougal. I think Kevin McKidd would be a great Jack Randall, just dye his hair black.

S.McClure on Nov 4, 2009


I read the first book of the series for book club. It was like reading a 14 year olds sexual fantasy journal. Extremely immature. I'm embarassed for those who enjoy such literary shallowness. I think you should demand a love story written for women and not for little girls. Can't wait to see how dreamy Jamie rapes and beats Claire is portrayed as a sexual turn-on, how demure. Poor Claire she is so brave. Grow up you women

S. Lock on Nov 4, 2009


You obviously lack the intelligence to comprehend the extreme importance and reasoning behind the spanking not "beating" that Claire received for her actions. I don't know what book has a Jamie in it that rapes anyone, but that never occurs in any of the books in the Outlander series. You very obviously did not read the book or you have the intelligence of a door knob.

Mandernach on Nov 4, 2009


I have to second your seniments Mandernach. It wasn't even close to a "beating" or "rape". And if you had seriously read the book you would know that there isn't a bone in Jamie's body that would ever seriously hurt Claire in any way, shape or form. Claire is a strong enough individual that didn't fall into a sobbing heap but instead was pretty ticked off at Jamie for the "spanking". You're just as bad as the guy that critiqued the book!!! Go away!!!

CSmith on Nov 4, 2009


The historical significance of the cultural spanking Claire received was explored thoroughly and 20thCentury Claire made it clear to Jamie that his 18th century behavior would NOT be tolerated. In the 30 years covered SINCE that time by the author there has not been ONE reoccurance AND Jamie has been shown to learn the kind of respect a woman deserves. no rape OR beating is EVER portrayed as a sexual turn on. There is not a hint of baudy sexual fantasy 14 yr old or otherwise.

Roger on Nov 4, 2009


To S. Lock, #632: Your statement cannot be left without response. You certainly have the right to your opinion, as do we have the right to comment on it, and, you will note, without insult to you in return. I am curious though as to your age, how much you read, what type of books you prefer, and how many books you have critiqued? The answers to these questions could be enlightening. Also, could you just possibly be entering your somewhat random comments for entertainment? If they were to be taken seriously, that would put millions of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series readers, worldwide, both male and female, in the category of immature and as you put it "literary shallowness". I don't believe that is the case, and I don't believe you do either. So think on these things, if you please. If you do a little homework, you will find Miss Gabaldon has done considerable research into historical events and facts, and has woven them into the tapestry of a love story that spans time and generations, creates a unique saga which has fascinated readers of all ages, gender, nationalities, and types. I'm also guessing you might be just a little hung up on the sexual part of their love life for reasons of your own. I suggest you re-read the first book, and go on to the sequels which are a continuation of their never-a-dull-moment lives and after finishing all 7 of the books, then ponder on what you have read. If you do not enjoy them, that is too bad, and so be it. These books have given me (and many more) an enjoyable pasttime and hours of excitement and escape into another world created by Miss Gabaldon, which will eventually be shown on the big screen. Ten to one you will be in attendance when the first movie hits your local theatre.

Mona on Nov 4, 2009


Come on, everyone. S.Locke #632 is obviously yanking chains to see what kind of reaction he(she? it?) can get. I read the post, laughed and ignored it. This person is most likely the kind of immature prankster who goes to the party and throws a dead rat in the middle of the room just to see everyone jump and/or scream. You've all met people like that. Don't give him (her? it?) the satisfaction.

beajay on Nov 4, 2009


S. Lock I gather you're not actually a 14 year old? however your comments simply indicate your own immaturity, quite obviously this is a site that has been compiled of enthusiastic debate of both the novels and potential actors for the proposed movie. If you didn't like the book series, perhaps you need to go elsewhere to comment on your favourite genre? Perhaps your opinion of this literary masterpiece was not well received at your own book club so you felt the need to vent elsewhere? For my part you supplied me with 3.4 seconds of amusement. thank you.

Nely A on Nov 4, 2009


In regards to the new sensation on this discussion board (aka S. Lock #632) I can see where it is appropriate to voice your opinion, positive or negative, about this book, since Alex Billington did ask for our honest opinions. And therefore, there should be no problem in a blogger posting against this book. However, if against this book, after 630 or so positive responses, I was hoping for an intelligent and challenging opposition. When I first read post #632, I thought it was a joke right away. The argument was weak, short, and false. When I first read Outlander when I was 16, I was swept away by the history and romance of it all (I am not going to lie and say that the sex part was not intriguing). I am a feminist and see Claire as an extremely strong female character, and I cannot help but be completely in love with Jamie. As a feminist, even I didn't see anything wrong with the "spanking" scene. It was appropriate for the time period and those characters. And if I recall correctly (which I hope I can after reading this book over 25 times in the past 4 years), Jamie never commits "rape" but says that watching Claire half naked and fierce was a turn on to him while he was getting worked up and a bit crazed after the recent events at the fort, but he recognizes that if he acted on those feelings, they would be rape because Clare was in no mood for sex. SO HE MADE A CHOICE AND DID NOT COMMIT RAPE TO THE WOMAN HE LOVES. Can't blame him for being human and attracted to his one true love, nor can you blame him for being noble. If this so-called "rape" scene is what is keeping you from enjoying the books, I feel you ignorant to hate a book for something you don't understand. If you dislike the book for the amount of sex, I can understand that, and don't hold it against you, but if it is any reassurance, read later books in the series and you will see that the amount of sex decreases. If you feel that this is a "fantasy" book, because it deals with time-traveling and the idea of a witch hunt, Diana Gabaldon weaves together a tale so beautiful and engrossing, that readers forget that there is a "sci-fi" element, just like J.K. Rowling does so successfully with her Harry Potter series. IN the end, I do feel sorry for you, that you are missing out on so much.

RADicalMoi on Nov 4, 2009


Emily Blunt for claire - I think she could do this - Rob Pattinson or Henry Clavill (is that how you spell it?) for Jamie - The guy needs to be tall, he needs to be young. There is so much to this series, I think they have to concentrate on the first three books for now. The guy needs to have Jamie's charisma - Jamie is so key. It could be like Braveheart - very compelling stuff. This series is so treasured for me! Glad I just discovered it this year, I'm going to go nuts awaiting her 8th book - she really left us hanging at the end of Echo in the Bone! Jamie & Claire Forever!

carolyn on Nov 5, 2009


Diana has captured the times she has made them real for us - she has given me a real fascination and respect for Scotland and their people. She has portrayed these people as accurately as possible without actually living then! Love the history, love Jamie & Claires relationship, their individual strength, intelligence and talents - absolutely love their love life, can't deny it! All you need is love. They are as correct as they can be for the times and Jamie is really progressive for his time... no matter what you think of his relationship with Claire - I think it was destiny and they were truly one, in every sense of the word. Truly, the world would be a happier place if more people worked as hard as they do to be together and love each other.

carolyn on Nov 5, 2009


Oh my, if they cast Rob Pattinson as Jamie the movie will be ruined before it's even made. I don't know how they are going to come close to finding a man who can be beautiful yet not be effeminate what-so-ever. Remember Loaghaire along with all the ladies both young & old, think Jamie is gorgeous and yet he can give a look that will put tough men in their place. Too, his unequivical since of right and wrong, of duty to those that belong to him, that also adds to his appeal. I keep hoping one of you will find an actor that comes close to my imagination. I know I haven't been able to. I wish Diana were doing the casting!

Mandernach on Nov 5, 2009


I agree with Mendernach. Jamie needs to a "man's man", tough looking. Rob Pattinson's head is too big and he's too short 😉 Henry Cavill is gorgeous but I don't know if he could pull the tough part off?

S.McClure on Nov 6, 2009


Hi, Few weeks ago I have finished the "Voyager". I just can't wait to buy the next part (unfortunately I must wait till December:) - I come from Poland and the editor is publishing each part once a two months). To be honest with you at the beginning I wasn’t sure about this book. I didn’t like the time travel motive and what’s more the book is written in the first person. But my husband (thanks him for that) has convinced me to by the first book. And I felt in love with it – with the whole story and with the characters. And Jamie – he’s ideal. Strong, carrying and charismatic. I really hope that the movie will be made. I’m not sure who should play Jamie but for me Gerard Butler is almost perfect. I know that he is a little bit too old but he’s got that something…I just started reading “Outlander” in original. And I hope that next summer I will be able to visit the Scotland:)

Karina on Nov 6, 2009


@ Mandernach yeah, you are so right about this. It will be hard to find an actor who appeals to young and old women and to men (don't forget John Grey here 😉 ). So no doubt - he has to be beautiful. But is has to be a rough and wild beauty and this is pretty rare these days. Those guys who are that beautiful know it and look as if they just jumped out of a glossy. He has to be a rough diamond. I actually thought about Robert Pattinson as well, but he is to girly in a way. He is no leader and no warrior for sure. He just doesn't have the personality. Though he has quite the looks actually and he isn't that short. But I wouldn't pick him as well. But to say it again, Jamie HAS to be beautiful. He has to be something like Brad Pitt these days (not that I would compare Brad Pitt to Jamie in any way), where alomst everybody thinks that he is attractive - even men. He has to be undoubtedly beautiful. And people must be willing to follow him He needs to have a King-like personality. The more I write I about it the more I realise (again...) that Gerard Butler would be the only one who would satisfy me as Jamie. IMO he would be the best choice, even among younger actors.

Lisa on Nov 6, 2009


Hi Mona. That cute guy is Gabriel Aubrey. When i first started reading Outlander my first thought was Gerard. I have changed my mind although i still love Gerard. Gabriel then came to my mind when i decided Gerard perhaps wasn't quite right. Gabriel is tall but a little on the slim side but his chiseled features are great and so are his eyes, though not blue. He is from Canada if i remember correctly. His hair is normally a light brown.

Sabrina on Nov 7, 2009


Gabriel Aubry's face is way to girly. No way. Nothing viking about him.

Lisa on Nov 7, 2009


A far as Gabriel Aubry goes, I totally agree that he is tall and gorgeous. I don't see his face as girly but instead with very chiseled features and great cheekbones. However, while I’m very much in agreement that whoever plays Jamie needs to be someone with a kind of manly beauty, it’s also absolutely essential that he has some acting chops. As far as I know Aubry has only been a top flight model with no acting experience so I can’t see him taking on the role of Jamie.

beajay on Nov 7, 2009


Well, Lisa, like I said it was Diana herself that said Gabriel Aubry's the most close of Jamie's features she has in mind, and if you look at his face you'll see many characteristics she describes in in our hero like the "cat eyes", high cheekbones, long nose and big mouth. But I agree with Beajay, as far as Jamie looks very close as Aubry to me when I'm reading (apart from the other things I mentioned above), he's a fashion model not an actor, so not even a single chance of him portraiting such an emotional character. Maybe in a photoshoot wearing kilts! And Gerard could be a good choice because he's a good actor and has this manly beauty some of us are asking for Jamie, but only from "Voyager" ahead. He's too much old for "Outlander". Excuse me my English, I'm from Brazil and, you know, it's not my mother language, but I have to say that I love to read all the discussion that you keep in this page through my emails.

Lilly on Nov 7, 2009


BEST STORY EVER!!!!! Cant wait, have read all 7 books many times.

Melanie on Nov 7, 2009


Holy Moses! Finally a face I can see as Jamie's! Well when he first met Claire anyway. Gabriel Aubry. Yep. His face could work. Just put on about 40 more pounds of muscle evenly distributed of course and lets have a look at his mean face. lol. Till we see him try to strike fear in a tough man (equal to his size) with just a scowl we will never know. Oh yeah, and there is the whole acting thing too. Does he act? I mean whoever plays Jamie has to pull off this Unbelievable charactor and better even then Brad did for his charactor in Legends of the Fall, right? BTW have any of you seen the photo of Catherine McCormack where it looks like her hair is chopped off? I saw this pic and immediately thought of Claire.( After they cut her hair off in a Breath of Snow and Ashes.)

Mandernach on Nov 7, 2009


Reading one of Diana Gabaldon's books, especially the most recent, An Echo in the Bone, is not like reading your typical book. It is more like a visit with an old friend after a long seperation. Listening while they pour out everything that has happened to them while you were apart. It's not like any other reading experience I have ever had.

Michele on Nov 7, 2009


How about Robert Carlyle as Murtagh and maybe Ralph Fiennes for Frank/Black Jack. Anybody?

Mandernach on Nov 7, 2009


Never mind, i messed up the link. Just google him.

Sabrina on Nov 8, 2009


Sabrina, I really liked your suggestion of Simon Woods...however, for a 23 year old Jamie rather than William. Loved the redhead pic of him. Just need to make him a bit more rugged looking. He has the straight nose, full lips and the slanted eyes. So far, none of the suggested actors have had all three of these facial attributes; especially the slanted eyes. Simon is not all that tall at 5' 11", (my dh is 6'7" so my standard is a bit high) but on screen that can be taken care of. I don't really know how "bulked out" he is either, but that can be worked on as well with intense training.

CADoula on Nov 8, 2009


s.locke - yes jamie did give claire a beating, and yes he even said he enjoyed it - as far as i can recall (and i have re-read the entire series including echo in the bone many times) the only person who got raped is in fact jamie himself, if you feel that anyone, regardless of age, would fantasise about being tortured, humiliated, beaten and vilently and sickenengly raped by a perverted and sadistic individual purely for their own gratification - and only allowing it to happen to protect the woman he loves (the woman according to you he treated so badly) than i`m afraid it says a lot more about you and your own preferences than it does about the beautiful way in which this story is written and portrayed. Yes there is a lot of sex, this was never a problem for Barbara Cartland! I feel that maybe you have feelings of sexual inadequancy or problems with preference which made this uncomfortable for you. If you have genuinely informed opinions of dislike to post then by all means do so - but please do not insult us by telling us to grow up - i myself am a `grown up` intelligent woman and would not transpose my own feelings of inadequacy onto others - `grown ups` don`t do that.

nichola ward on Nov 8, 2009


I just watched a movie with Clive Owen (beyond borders) and I think that he would be so great as Dougal. Besides the looks, which fit perfectly IMO, he is an amazing actor and his voice sounds exactly like I imagined Dougals voice. + it would be interesting to see the nice guy Clive Owen playing Dougal MacKenzie.

Lisa on Nov 8, 2009


So dreams can come true!! Oh how I have wanted to see this series on the big screen! I first picked up Outlander (Cross Stitch, here in New Zealand) at the airport for something to read on the plane and in the evenings for the 3 day meeting I was headed for. I wanted some escapism and the fly leaf hooked me in. I thought it would be a romance book .. but Ohhh it was so much more. I had difficulty putting it down and would read at every available break. When I finished the book (3 days later) I picked up the next 2 in the series at the airport on my way home. Since then I have collected and read the whole series (including the latest, "An Echo in the Bone"). I have travelled through time with Claire, sat in captivated awe at the magnificence of Jamie and other characters in the books, laughed till I hurt at some of the wonderful humour, cried at the loss and longing's, been fascinated by the witchcraft, the battles, the political intrigues of the times, and experienced the rich tapestry of the stories written by Diana Gabaldon (an amazing Author... I cannot speak highly enough of her). I have followed the life stories of Claire and Jamie and their children (Brianna & William) and their grandchildren, and enjoyed every single word... several times over and continue to do so... and that for me is a first... I have never before re-read a book --- believing that I do not boil my cabbages twice... but not so with this series!!! I could not resist and continue to re-read the series at least annually. My only qualm would be who to pick for the part of Jamie in the movies... (I would expect a series).. Whoever he is would need to be of good stature, able to express the powerful emotions and most of all have a good command of a scottish dialect. Liam Nieson used to spring to mind 15yrs ago... but I think I favour Gerrard Butler more these days... as for Claire... Keira Knightley would be awesome... Clive owen would certainly make a great Dougal MacKenzie, Orlando Bloom would be spectacular as Fergus or possibly Roger .... Whoever is picked for this epic series... The all important ingredient would be a director with vision and passion... who? I don't know... maybe Peter Jackson... or Chris Weitz.. Whatever!! My last comment would be... do not scrimp with the budget... If it is going to be a film.. make it a series... Make it EPIC... and do justice to the wonderful writings of Diana Gabaldon!

Christine on Nov 10, 2009


Please read my post, # 619, (before S. Lock decided to make an ass of his/herself), and give me feedback. What do you all think?

Athena on Nov 10, 2009


Yes, Athena, I think you are right on both counts.

Sharon on Nov 10, 2009


Athena I agree... Liam Neeson would make a good Collum... although I had thoughts about Jeremy Irons for that particular role... (I am sure he could do a scottish accent justice). The other role I thought Jeremy Irons might be good in is John Grey (but perhaps only the older John). I do think Laura could also do justice to Brianna... but had also thought of the red head in Desperate housewives... (can't recall her name without researching). I am sure that there are the right kind of actors out there (probably some of the lesser known) who would be great for the various roles ... it is the main actors who would need to be selected with care... With makeup and wardrobe weaving their magic I don't see age as too big an obstacle and therefore would tend to favour some of the more well known actors, however, whoever is selected would need the physical presence, as much as the acting chops! Roll on the movie... This series could be as big as 'Twilight'. Hey there's a thought!! "Bryce Dallas Howard" for Brianna? She is very British looking.... Hmmm wonder how Robert Pattinson would look in a red wig and appropriate makeup... he has the eyes 'lol' (wonder if he has a good scots brogue in his bag of tricks - lol).

Christine on Nov 10, 2009


I googled Charlie Hunnam (Cindy's tip), and I have to say, that's exactly how I pictured Jamie!

Sandra on Nov 11, 2009


How is Charlies face supposed to inspire fear in men? I mean he has great features but the thing that makes Jamie ... "Jamie" is still missing. He just doesn't look like he could take the pain that Jamie took for the sake of family and honor ya know. I think that Dougal would squash Charlie Hunnam don't you? Who ever portrays Jamie needs to be able to inspire at least respect if not fear in men like Dougal and Stephen Bonnet. Dunno... maybe I will never be able to see anyone as Jamie. I wish Gerrard Butler were younger cause he is the only one who comes even close for me.

Mandernach on Nov 11, 2009


I could see Alexander Skarsgard as Jamie if he was willing to go red for a bit. He's got the height and the tall lanky but muscular build of Jamie, and he does have the nose and features that Diana describes (I'm rereading Outlander for the umpteenth time right now, so the picture is clear). Very good idea for a good Jamie, I could get behind that, I'd just have to see him as someone different then Eric from True Blood. I also love Charlie Hunnam, and he's proven he can play a tough character from his roll on Sons of Anarchy. But he doesn't look at all like what Diana Gabaldon describes Jamie as. He isn't very tall and he doesn't have the long lean grace that Jamie's frame has. I definitely have to go with Alexander Skarsgard as a possible Jamie, hands down.

BlessedWannaB on Nov 11, 2009


I'm going to post another comment just so I can get emailed the responses to this ongoing debate, lol. I love talking Jamie Fraser.

BlessedWannaB on Nov 11, 2009


There are quite a few, known and unknown, men who could play our beloved Jamie: some who look like him, but unfortunately are not actors (i.e. Gabriel Aubry), and some who can emote and could do the character quite well, but who do NOT look like quite like our Jamie. It's going to be a tough one to handle, and perhaps a compromise will have to be made in order to fill those shoes. And, some are definitely NOT plausible, i.e., Pattinson (I've never seen him act - only pictures of him with "the look") which is always the same on magazine covers etc.;, MacAvoy (did I spell that correctly?), whom I have seen act and he can, but doesn't at all carry any resemblance to Jamie in face or height. It seems the best candidates in looks, acting credits, height, and "Scottishness" are all older actors, but still could do credit to the role in performance, spirit, magnetism, accent, etc. And moreover, someone who looks good in kilts!!! Soooo, after all is said and done, will the producers pay any attention to US - the readers, and our passionate opinions?? Anyone out there know how to contact (and who) at the production company doing the movie? Would love to send them a few comments, OR, better yet, tell them to log on here and read all of them on this website.

Mona on Nov 11, 2009


Mandernach, I so agree with you. You are so right about this. There might be some men who have Jamie's features, but you mustn't forget that he is a warrior who endured alot of pain and stood two whippings in one week. He is a feared and respected fighter, in the books he is one of the most famous Jacobite rebels. So you can't just take one pretty boy with Jamie's features. He needs a wild and rough beauty. Because, though he is a great warrior, he still is beautyful and many women (and John Grey) fall for him though he is a poor outlaw. There are not many men out there who can combine those things. And Gerard Butler is definately one of them. For Jamie we need a Gerard Butler/Clive Owen-type of man: Tall and impressive, fierce, charming and beautiful.

Lisa on Nov 11, 2009


Yes I first mentioned Charlie Hunnam but didn't get big responses. He is very Nordic looking and if you have been a fan of Sons of Anarchy like I have you get to see him get into some brawls. He would just have to train with a sword and Viola' Jamie. You can watch the episodes on the website so you can see him act. He is British but plays an excellent biker.

Laura Z. on Nov 11, 2009


Charlie Hunnam is 6'1 he is sly by two inches but Hollywood can figure that out. They did it with the Hobbits in Lord of the Rings.

Laura Z. on Nov 11, 2009


Jamie - , rob pattinson, simon baker - guy needs to have presence and soul, needs to be at least 6'1 (as rob is) I think Emily Blunt would be excellent as claire Jason Isaacs - perfect as frank/jonathan randall. Henry cavill? I'm still just crossing my fingers that this thing will be made and made right somehow. Jamie is such a fierce charismatic character... hard shoes to fill - the flowing auburn hair, etc. I keep thinking Matt Bomer (White Collar) has a place in this series too.... I would love to be in on casting this thing. Casting is 50% of Twilight's movie success - these characters mean alot to us and can't be underserved in any way. Thanks Diana - for a wonderful imagination, vision, and diligent research - they make 1700's Scotland come alive...

carolyn on Nov 11, 2009


gabriel aubrey does look as I envision jamie - however does he have acting chops? The reason I keep mentioning rob pattinson is because he has that electricity, has the intense eyes, can have amazing hair - transmits amazing soul across the screen. Gerard Butler has the charisma but just isn't jamie... unless he were jamie alot older. I think we need to worry about jamie the younger first and foremost, let Outlander/Dragonfly in Amber/Voyager get off the ground. If Outlander or any combination of the first three gets off the ground, we can worry about Jamie older later. Benjamin Button showed remarkable aging skills and as Jamie and Claire (per Diana) do not age dramatically, I would think whoever would play them younger would be aged appropriately to play them older. I find so many people don't know about Outlander, I'm giving this (newly discovered series for me) for Christmas, birthdays, etc. and recommending it to anyone who has enjoyed the twilight series.... because it is an more mature series with the same type of draw... so, pass the word people - I believe when this series is widely known and properly cast, the response will be amazing!

carolyn on Nov 11, 2009


Rob Pattinson will always be Edward-and a fine role at that!!! It seems to me the age of the reader has a lot to do with his/her vision of Jamie and Claire as each of us may relate to characteristics which resonate with our ages.

jabberywocky on Nov 11, 2009


Hey Jabberywocky, I was thinking the very same thing! I was thinking that those who like Rob Pattinson for Jamie are maybe under 30 or 35? Nothing wrong with that of course. I have read the twilight books and saw the movie and am going to see the next one. He is wonderful, but i just can't quite see him as Jamie. I could see him as Young Ian though especially with a mohawk and facial tattoos. Just my thoughts.

Sabrina on Nov 11, 2009


I noticed a mention of Simon Baker. That made me think of Amanda Righetti, also of The Mentalist. The more often I see her, the more I think she would do Claire proud! She is absolutely stunning. Red hair and all.

Neil on Nov 12, 2009


Oh goodness, please not Rob Pattinson. This is the whole issue that makes me nervous about who they cast. I hear this and cringe, next people will be saying Kristen Stuart as Claire. I read Twilight, I was addicted to those books like they were crack, but they are not literary masterpieces. If you doubt what I'm saying google information on what other well known authors have said about the Stephanie Meyers novel, such as Stephen King. Again, let me say I read this series and own each one in hardcover, but Outlander is so much more then Twilight. They are like apples and oranges. Its like comparing The Lord of the Rings to... Sweet Valley High. With that said, Robert Pattinson worked as Edward and everyone readily accepted him in the role because before that he was essentially unknown. Would people have been content with their beloved character if they had hired Zach Efron for Edward (or any of the hot actors before the birth of Pattinson). It wouldn't have worked as well because we needed a new face. Someone who could truly embody Edward. Its the same for Jamie, we need someone with the acting chops but who isn't slathered all over Hollywood. In short, I could never watch Outlander with Pattinson as the role of Jamie without thinking of him as Edward. Essential Productions, if you are reading this, follow the footsteps of JK Rowling and give us amazing but less known actors for our main characters.

BlessedWannaB on Nov 12, 2009


Chris Hemsworth might be good. I could see that if he had red har. He even has a little bit of a Gabriel Aubry look to him.

BlessedWannaB on Nov 12, 2009


Amen, BlessedWannaB!

Lilly on Nov 12, 2009


Touche' Lisa

Mandernach on Nov 12, 2009


For me Charlie Hunnam could be William definately but not possibly Jamie. He is too boyish. He could be a modern day Jamie perhaps where 22 year olds look 22 and the only scar they bare they received on their eyebrow when they were toddlers and ran into the corner of something. Jamie is a large fierce weathered scotsman who bears the scars that brought him so quickly to manhood. Hunnam inspires me to loose weight and try to be more attractive, Jamie inspires me to be a better, stronger woman who will take shite from no one.

Mandernach on Nov 12, 2009


Again for me Rob pattinson would be a complete joke. He not only has an ugly ugly nose that looks as if it has no bone it that could even be broken, he looks gay. I loved the twilight books and was sooooo disappointed with the cast. My teenage daughters were even disappointed with him as Edward after they read the books. If he couln't portray Edward how the heck is he gonna play Jamie. Besides after seeing him in "Little Ashes" where he plays a gay man .. geez. no way. lol

Mandernach on Nov 12, 2009


Oh, again, excuse me my English.

Lilly on Nov 12, 2009


Lilly, your painting is beautiful. And your Jamie and Claire are much closer to my imagination than the graphic novel pictures. Those are nice as well, but they have something asian about them. But I really love your work, great job done!

Lisa on Nov 12, 2009


Thanks, BlessedWannaB, for the posting of another art work of Claire. I like this one much better in that in comes closer to what I picture Claire to look like. The other one had eyes too slanted and a mouth a little too pouty. This one is gorgeous. Funnily enough, although this picture is to me a perfect Claire, it looks hardly at all like some of the actresses a lot of us have been picturing in our minds, except perhaps just a little like Keri Russell. Maybe Rachel Weiss with long brown hair instead of black. I have begun to face the fact that they may never be able to cast anyone at all that completely measures up the perfection of Jamie and Claire that are in my mind. And I’ll accept that if they just don’t screw it up entirely with someone ridiculous in the roles that are cast just for the name recognition.

beajay on Nov 12, 2009


Hi Lisa. I like your little video! When i first started reading outlander she was who immediately came to mind as Claire. She will ALWAYS be Claire to me even though she doesn't look like the one in the graphic novel. I thought of her immediately when they made fun of her "heft" is that the word they used? She got superglued into my mind especially as i read the other books and saw that more then once Jame comments on her rear end! Ya gotta LOVE a man that likes a curvey woman. Kate isn't fat or chubby but even when she is on the thin side she has hips and a butt.

Sabrina on Nov 12, 2009


Lisa Liked your casting clip. Jamie for me is the hard one he is young in the begining which makes it so much harder. Claire, well yes you could be right she is the right shape for her if you stick to the description in the book, her hair would have to be short and curly. She would also make a good Brianna. I can see Cate Blanchett as Gillie and at the mo I am seeing Hugh Jackman as Roger big dark and very handsome. I thought your choice for Ian a little old. He is very very young in the books. Oh a thought, the guy (for the life of me cannot remember his name) who played Alex in McClouds Daughters series would also make a good Dougal. He's big and strapping. There is so many characters with important roles, Fergus and his wife for example. Just my thoughts at the mo

Lesley - New Zealand on Nov 12, 2009


I can see all those characters Lisa, I thought it was well done. I would put Weiss as Claire, but I could accept Kate too. She has the spunk of Claire. My only other change would be swapping actors for Colum and Dougal, I think Colum was darker and Dougal was lighter. But I loved the pick for Jamie. I'd love to see him with longer red hair, lol.

BlessedWannaB on Nov 12, 2009


I like the casting choices. Chris Hemsworth would be great as Jamie. Don't really know why everyone thinks of Gerard Butler. The author has said on numerous occasions that Jamie is slender and muscular - more like Hemsworth than Butler to me. Anyway, lately I've been picturing Johnny Depp as Fergus for some reason (I know he's a little on the old side, but he's very cute and could pull off a French accent). Someone mentioned Orlando Bloom for Ian and I could see that too. Kate Winslet as Claire would be perfect. She's definitely got the looks, attitude and confidence. I do agree that Jamie should be played by a not-too-famous actor to make the role his own, but Winslet as Claire would give the movie a bankable star in the lead and I don't really think too many women would be upset with the choice.

Cindy on Nov 13, 2009


Thanks for the great responses! Cindy, I totally agree. I think that some of the roles, especially Jamie's, should be played by quite unkowns, but the movie will need one or two big stars. I should find a way to send my little video to Essential Pictures 😉 I even think that my choices wouldn't be too expensive, b/c of the few stars and the unkown actors. A cast like this should be realisable with a $40 Million budget, I guess.

Lisa on Nov 13, 2009


I know that everyone is crazy over Gerard Butler, but he is obviously too old to be 23. Not to mention he doesn't fit Jamie physically at all. But has anyone ever offered him up as a possiblity for Dougal? I think I could accept that. Dougal is big and about Gerards age... Hey Lisa... what is the name of the actor that you selected for Colum? I am at work and can't watch the video to see.

BlessedWannaB on Nov 13, 2009


Someone posted a link to a video with Jim Caviezel as Roger (maybe Lisa?). I really like that choice for Roger.

Cindy on Nov 13, 2009


BlessedWannaB, I chose Sean Bean for Colum. It was quite hard to pick the three MacKenzies (Jamie, Dougal and Colum) b/c I took their age, looks and height into consideration. I think with Chis Hemsworth, Clive Owen and Sean Bean I found three actors who could be members of th same family, especially Clive and Sean. Chris is very tall, he is 6'3'' and Clive also is abou 6'2'' or something. Sean Beans height wouldn't matter for the role of Colum 😉 And I also think that the age of the actors would fit: Chris is 26, Clive 45 and Sean about 50 or something. And the charisma, attitude and acting skills are there as well.

Lisa on Nov 14, 2009


I think that they are great for the brothers MacKenzie. I just couldn't remember his name. I thought your selections were awesome, especially Chris Hemsworth. I think he is the actor for Jamie that anyone has offered. I don't really see Orlando Bloom as Young Ian, only because he's too pretty, lol. Young Jamie is regulary described as homely and awkward. Maybe thats changed in the last book, I haven't read it yet (reading the whole series over first and halfway through Outlander), but my image of Ian is that he doesn't jump off the page as being pretty, but his features make him interesting and his personality makes him attractive. I don't know who can fit that tall order, I thought maybe Ryan Gosling but now he's too old to play Young Ian in Voyager.

BlessedWannaB on Nov 14, 2009


OMG!! Lisa I was thinking the same thing. My husband is in Detroit and was rudely awaken by machine gun fire and an explosion when he was told they are remaking the movie "Red Dawn" in Detroit and Chris Hemsworth is playing the lead part. I saw him in the Star Trek movie and he was great.

Laura Z. on Nov 14, 2009


You know what, I'm really starting to like the idea of Chris Hemsworth for the young Jamie and Gerard Butler for the older Jamie...if only we could decide who should play the roles 🙁

Lisa on Nov 14, 2009


I can see that. He also has that goofy but interesting look.

BlessedWannaB on Nov 16, 2009


watched Gerard Butler on Jonathan Ross on Friday (for those non uk it`s a chat show) - he looked amazing and was Jamie personified!! he has just turned 40 but looks more like mid thirties which can easily be made mid twenties with the technology available now, if you didn`t see it you can see it in uk on BBC player on the internet, others should be able to view the interview on You Tube x

nichola ward on Nov 17, 2009


I just finished Outlander again for the millionth time, and it still hits me the same as it did the first time. I love Jamie, and I love Jamie and Claire. I read the last paragraph and just hug the book wanting to just flip back to the beginning and start all over again. I laid in bed after reading and just imagined all my favorite parts... man, Diana... wonderful job.

BlessedWannaB on Nov 17, 2009


nichola, I watched it as well. And like you I thought 'He's SO Jamie!'. I think that everytime I watch an interview with him btw 😉

Lisa on Nov 17, 2009


As for Chris Hemsworth for the part of Jamie: He is by far the closest thing to being Jamie that I have seen reccomended! As for Joseph Gordon Levitt for the part of Young Ian : OMG! I love Joseph Gordon Levitt and hadn't even thought of him for the part, but now that you mention it, I love the idea. But would he be able to pull off Ian post-mohawk and post-miscarriages? I'm not sure, what do you think?

Athena on Nov 17, 2009


Yes Oh Yes. Chris Hemsworth looks a good Jamie. DEFINATELY!! However will he be able to act out of the square?? Whomever plays Jamie needs to be open to whats expected!! Joseph for young Ian. MMMHHHPPPP!~ for sure!! 🙂

Charelle on Nov 17, 2009


Funny, I actually saw that yesterday and thought it was Chris Hemsworth too! I looked it up to make sure it was him and the actor is actually LIAM Hemsworth, Chris's younger brother... they look so much alike, don't they?! Per IMDB there are three brothers, Liam, Chris, and Luke Hemsworth; all actors. Hottie blonde brothers, nice!

BlessedWannaB on Nov 18, 2009


Oh I guess the critics got it wrong. LOL!!! Three brothers in the bizz nice.

Laura Z. on Nov 18, 2009


I see Kevin McKidd as Jamie. He is just so hot and that's what I picture when I read the books. Didn't have time to read all 715 posts, so I'm sure I'm not the only one that has said this. Can't wait to see the movie. Hope they start production soon.

Tracey on Nov 18, 2009


Yep there have been a couple of people saying Kevin McKidd. I being one of them. I too wish they would start production so we can see who they will pick.

Laura Z. on Nov 19, 2009


jamie cannot be gerard..too old kevin mckidd too old....has tobe someone lower twenties and able to realistically portray accent. jamie is dashing and charismatic and tall, and 23! I realize we can't have everything, but these guys are not handsome enough... needs to be I still think Rob Pattinson or Henry Cavill, needs to be British, Australian, Irish or Scott so the can capture the accent. SOOO many actors are too short - Rob is 6'1 which amazingly is tall for an actor. Whoever he is, they must take their time and be patient - as they were in Twilight - Emily Blunt I still think would be perfect for Claire. Claire is 28 - and I think Emily has a bit more towards her body type, has the hair, the soul... Jamie says her emotion always shows on her face. Joseph Fiennes could play Ian.... I still think no less than Jason Isaacs for Frank/Jack Randall... has to be someone dashing, yet able to give that cold, nasty feeling under the handsome fascade.

carolyn on Nov 19, 2009


I'm sorry, I hope you don't take offence, but ANYONE but Rob Pattinson. I've had it up to mount everest with Rob Pattison. Hollywood is shoving him so far down our throat that it's become sad because they've made a good actor a bit of a joke. I will definitely not waste my money if they sell out and cast him as Jamie. However, I'm quite sure this wouldn't happen, he's too popular and caught up as Edward. Henry Cavil fits the description of Fergus or Frank, not Jamie. I'm not expecting perfection but I am expecting that they attempt to follow the guidelines that the author stated very clearly. Jamie is very tall, muscular but lean, and fair skinned. This isn't something that can be altered because it is part of the story. How many times do they make reference to it. His appearance is its own plot line. How will Brianna turn out to be 6ft with red hair and fair skinned if both her parents are average height and brunette? Its too important for them to throw that out. The average height of a man is from 5'9 to 6'2. 6'1 is not tall enough. Diana Gabaldon writes that Claire is 5'8 and that Frank topped her by a mere couple inches, she could almost look him in the eyes, which makes sense because in Dragonfly she says that Frank was 5'10. She writes that at 5'8 Claire's nose fits in the hollow at the base of Jamies neck. He needs to be at least 6'3, if not a tad taller. Chris Hemsworth is 6'3.5, fair, his hair is light enough to easily make it red, he's Austrailian but I bet can pull off an accent, and he's lean but muscular and he's only 23.

BlessedWannaB on Nov 19, 2009


Sorry, but I'm kind of sick of reading that Kevin McKidd would be a good Jamie. Guys, he is TOO OLD. Obviously. If Gerard is too old Kevin McKidd is too old as well. Watch out for younger actors who aren't as popular like Gerard and more pretty than Kevin. I thing that the actor for young Jamie should be unknown b/c Jamie is the character wo carries whole story. The actor shouldn't remind the audience of other roles he's played before. I don't want to think "Greys Anatomy" when I see Jamie and some people might be distracted of the thought King Leonidas instead of Jamie when they see Gerard. Especially for the first move, where the role needs to b established properly, they will need a fresh and unused face. And for that matter Rob Pattinson wouldn't be the right one as well. He'd still be betterthan McKidd b/c Pattinson at least has got quite the looks and the age, but I think that Pattinson wouldn't be the right one for this role. He already is Edward and it would be a disaster if the great character of Jamie and the disturbing character of Edward would get mixed up in any way. I really think that Chris Hemsworth is the right one for the first two movies (assuming that EE will make one movie out of each book). He is fresh and quite unknown (though this could change after Star Trek and Thor...) he is young (26 at the moment), tall (6'3'' ... he is the closest to Jamie's actual height I guess... Is there any actor, of those who have already been suggested, who is taller than Chris?? ), he most definately has the looks (rugged and viking like - and he even has the eyes) and he is totally stunning. I would be afraid of him in a battle if he ran across a battlefield, smeared with blood and dirt, screaming, dressed in a kilt and carrying a claymore. If Rob Pattinson would do that - I don't know. That could look hilarious I guess 😉 For Claire they should take an a-list actress. Somebody who introduces the audience into the story. And for that purpose I think that Kate Winslet would be great. She's got it all for Claire. In a nutshell: Claire - Kate Winslet Jamie - Chris Hemsworth (maybe replaced with Gerard Butler in the third movie) Frank/Black Jack - Michael Fassbender (his eyes can be as cold as Jason Isaacs but Michael is not as popular as Isaacs) Murtagh - most definately Robert Carlyle (can't think of anybody else who would be better for that part) Dougal - Clive Owen ( he would be so right: has the looks, the height, even the voice and the age (45)and he's an amazing actor) Colum - Sean Bean (He could easily pass as Clives older brother. I guess Sean is about 50 or something) Brianna - Kristanna Loken (She is young, beautiful, tall, has the strength and the nordic look - she's perfect) These are the actors I would definately pick fo the movie. I'm not so sure about the other characters but I know for 100 % that those actors that I named would repesent my imaginations of the characters perfectly 🙂

Lisa on Nov 19, 2009


I've never read a story with such detail and depth, such as Diana's writing. I don't know how she does it. The series has something for everyone. History, war, interesting facts, science fiction, medicine, strong characters, and yes of coarse romance. I know of men and women of all ages that enjoy her writing. It's as if she has lived a lifetime of every character. Once you start to read them, your hooked. It comes to life in my head like a movie. She uses such detail, they become real. There is a lot of blood and gore. The main characters that we love near and dear don't always come out ok in the end. Sometimes the bad guys do win. I'm mixed about having a movie done. On one hand it's nice to put a face to some of these characters. Yet, I don't think that anybody well known should play any of the parts. On the other, I'm not so sure a movie would do it justice, but maybe a series of shows for cable would have more time to give the story life.

Joanna LeMay on Nov 21, 2009


I've checked some othe movies by EE and they all have at least 1 or two A-List actors like Julia Roberts, Daniel Craig, Renee Zellweger, Willem Dafoe etc. So I think it shouldn't be a problem to engage one or two A-List actors for Outlander as well.

Lisa on Nov 23, 2009


EE does have A list actors for Outlander. Check back posts.

VJM on Nov 28, 2009


OMG.OSH!!!!!!!! this series started 2 years b4 i was even born,,but over this past summer i spent 3 weeks with my grandmother and bloody hell i finished the first 3 books in 5 or 6 days!!!!!!!!!!! they r sssssssssooooooooooo good!!!!!!! And PLEASE.......................PLEASE read the books b4 u do anythang on them plaese!!!!!! braveheart and pearl habor r great movies but they aren't as complex as these books r!!!!!! not even close!!!!! but i have Faith that some1 out there has the power and brains 2 put an outlander movie 2gether!!!!!!!!

BreAnna Presley on Nov 29, 2009


VJM, I'm following those comments for some time and I already read your comment that they've got Knightley and McAvoy for the lead roles. Obviously no one else here had imdpro and could check it and the article (Highland hopes for Hollywood hit: filmmakers seeking locations for blockbuster set in Scotland) that you mentioned only says that the movie might attract calibres like McAvoy and Knightley. No word that the've casted them. I've just checked the internet for news bout Knightley and McAvoy, searching for theyr upcoming projects etc. Both of them have quite a lot coming up in the next months but there was nothing even slightly hinting at outlander. I really don't think that both have been casted for the movie (if it's happening at all) b/c if they were, it would have already been announced - and not just on imdpro.

Lisa on Nov 29, 2009


Has anyone found any official movie news more recent than 2008? I have been serching and can't find anything sooner than that. I really wish we had more info on this project. Please leave a link if you have found anything. 🙂

Athena on Dec 1, 2009


Thank you so much, Athena. At least we know whats going on now and the movie hasn't been given up yet. I really feared that it wont happen at all after there were no news at all.

Lisa on Dec 2, 2009


This is not the first time Outlander has been optioned. The others all fell through. And remember, as of right now ONLY Outlander is optioned, so Jamie is only 23 and Claire 28 so Kevin McKidd and Gerard Butler are waaaay too old to play Jamie IMO. It is easier to make an actor look older than younger and IMO McKidd and Butler look their ages. I think that this will be an expensive project and may be on the backburner for a bit. Essential has reoptioned this book and there is no way of knowing how long the option is. I have no idea who I would like see play Jamie and Claire but I do know I do not see them in any of the actors mentioned thus far. And Diana Gabaldon has only mentioned Kiera Knightley as far as I know with the caveat that she put on 40 pounds so at least that gives me an idea of what Claire may look like and only Diana knows for sure since they are her characters.

Juanita on Dec 2, 2009


These books are anything but 'gay'. If these were made into a tasteful movie, it would make millions. And by the way it is Historical fantasy.

Nicole on Dec 2, 2009


I finished your latest book "An Echo In The Bone" and I am very unhappy! I was left with sooo many questions! I hope I do not have to wait three years for all those answers! Please give me and your many readers a hint of when the next book will be out; I am terribly anxious! Sincerely, Eileen(an English nurse in the 21st century)

Eileen V. benson on Dec 3, 2009


Hi Eileen, I am glad you posted your message so i know i am not the only one who feels that way. I read the book and i am on my second go around with the cds. I Diana is almost done with the next one!

Sabrina on Dec 4, 2009


Megzie, I agree. He would be a great alternative to the other suggestions.

Lisa on Dec 5, 2009


Thanks, Sabrina, I am sooo glad to hear that Diana is almost through with the next book in the series! I anxiously, await the movie Outlander; whoever plays Jamie or Clare! (personally, Hugh Jackman, with died red hair would be great for me!!) Eileen B.....PS. Michelle Pfeiffer would also, be an excellent Gillis!

Eileen on Dec 5, 2009


OOOOPs. I apologize, i left out an important word. I meant to say I hope she is almost finished with the next one.

Sabrina on Dec 5, 2009


I agree with the other commenters who ask that you read the books before bashing them. I'm not into romance books,never have been. The typical "bodice ripper" always struck me as a farce. I'm not sure why I picked up Outlander but I did and have been hooked ever since. I even convinced my husband to read them and he's hooked as well. I love they history and action in them. Guys give it a shot before you condemn it out of hand. I guarantee you'll love them. There's enough blood, guts, gore, and fighting for even the most blood-thirsty of you. Obviously I'm not in the minority when I say Gerard Butler would make the perfect Jamie but some you are right when you point out that he's too old now to play the Jamie in Outlander. And I never could quite picture him as a red-head. I do like the suggestion of him as Dougal. I think it would be interesting to see him as a quasi-bad guy. (I never could quite hate Dougal completely). As for the rest of the characters, I think I'd rather be surprised. Any thoughts on who would play Brianna thought, since she's to look so much like Jamie? Heather Osburn

Heather Osburn on Dec 6, 2009


Last night when I was trying to fall alseep, I was dozing to "Cuttroat Island," a real groaner. However, Matthew Modine did strike me as a possibility for a middle aged Jamie

jabberywocky on Dec 6, 2009



ruth on Dec 6, 2009


Obviously he's not an actor, but does anyone else think Prince Harry maybe looks a little like Jamie? I don't see any of the actors mentioned being able to pull off Jamie as a 23 year old. This movie would be so difficult to cast and to make, I agree about an HBO or BBC mini-series being a better option, but even then casting would be hard.

janna on Dec 7, 2009


Hi, I am new here, but I just have to ask: am I the only person to have thought that Jared Padalecki, Sam from the TV series Supernatural, would be a great Jamie? He is 6'4", broadly built, perfect nose and cheekbones, and from my recent observations on Supernatural, I think he would be able to pull it off. Of course, he would have to have his hair dyed and skin lightened, and I am not sure his eyes are blue (sometimes they look blue) so he might have to have contacts. I can't watch Supernatural now without picturing Sam as Jamie. I hope they make the movie someday!!

Kimber on Dec 8, 2009


I can see him being Jamie.

Sharon on Dec 8, 2009


I can't see him as Jamie, but thats just my personal taste. He's cute though 😉 Last night I dreamt that I was allowed to see the first page of the final script for the movie and in that dream the movie makers didn't want to start the movie like the book with Claire and Frank but with Jamie coming back to Scotland from France and being "welcomed" by Murtagh, Dougal and the other guys. The actual story with Claire and Frank started in the 2nd scene. Isn't that weird? But something like that could actually work too, wouldn't it? A little change or twist in the storyline to keep it exciting for those who read the books about 100 times?

Lisa on Dec 9, 2009


Lisa, I like that idea/dream alot! That would be a perfect beginning for the movie.

Athena on Dec 9, 2009


As for the part of Jamie, I think Gabriel Aubry's face is pretty close to Jamie's. He's 6'2'', but he's a model, 🙁 , so he's probably out of the picture.

Athena on Dec 9, 2009


Why is everyone picking out American and Englishmen as Jamie? Do you know how hard the broad Scottish accent is? Half of them will sound bloody Irish hahahah!!!! Girls if this film is to pan out convincingly we need authenic Scots accent and an actor who is Scottish for the part. Unless we have a good looking guy play the part and Gerard Bulter's voice dubbed over it ........It could work!!!! Bugger it all ...... Why not have Wesley Snipes as Jamie and Zhang Ziyi as Clair then ? Of course I'm kidding!!!

andrinna on Dec 15, 2009


I'm in Scotland flicking thru my Radio Times and I see the perfect actress for Claire ......MIchelle Dockerty .... see if you can google her she's in a program called The turn of the screw on BBC1... What do you think? I'm still searching for a Jamie.

andrinna on Dec 15, 2009


The thing is it doesn't matter who our fav guy is for Jamie they'll proberly choose someone we wont approve of... I'm sure the movie will be fine if they can finish it and get characters for the parts, I just wonder who the director is goig to be ...Hope its not Katherine Hardwick she doesn't go by the book... and does her own interpretations instead.

andrinna on Dec 15, 2009


I couldn't agree more. The idea of my favorite book being turned into a movie both thrills me and terrifies me to the bones. I can count on one hand the amount of good movies made from my beloved books that actually met my expectations. For instance, Mists of Avalon=dreadful! Clan of the Cave Bear=a joke! I think Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings came closest and even those left out so much over the course of the movies. Add in the epic-ness of Outlander and the fact that it is my all time favorite book... I'm just pretty afraid its going to get massacred.

BlessedWannaB on Dec 15, 2009


I couldn't agree more. The idea of my favorite book being turned into a movie both thrills me and terrifies me to the bones. I can count on one hand the amount of good movies made from my beloved books that actually met my expectations. For instance, Mists of Avalon=dreadful! Clan of the Cave Bear=a joke! I think Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings came closest and even those left out so much over the course of the movies. Add in the epic-ness of Outlander and the fact that it is my all time favorite book... I'm just pretty afraid its going to get massacred.

BlessedWannaB on Dec 15, 2009


As I have been searching for more info on this possible movie, many interviews with Diana over an Outlander movie or miniseries have been popping up, even one as far back as 2001, which is starting to scare me. Comparatively, it seems like this movie might be dropped, like it obviously was before, again! I really really hope not, but we have not been given any REAL new information in a year. I don't think they have even found a director yet! Doesn't anybody (any director) want this movie?

Athena on Dec 17, 2009


As I have been searching for more info on this possible movie, many interviews with Diana over an Outlander movie or miniseries have been popping up, even one as far back as 2001, which is starting to scare me. Comparatively, it seems like this movie might be dropped, like it obviously was before, again! I really really hope not, but we have not been given any REAL new information in a year. I don't think they have even found a director yet! Doesn't anybody (any director) want this movie?

Athena on Dec 17, 2009


All I can say is read the books and you will find that they are by far more than romance. This is the kind of series that will have you thinking about the characters for weeks after finishing and wanting more. I would love to see this made into a movie, but would definitely need to be two or three movies to do the series justice.

Joy on Dec 17, 2009


Gabriel Aubry and Jason Lewis have the look. This is how I picture Jamie... For Claire, why not Sophie Marceau?

Christina on Dec 18, 2009


Gabriel Aubry and Jason Lewis look too..well...kind of boyish, at least in my opinion. They don't look like REAL MEN to me. But Chris Hemsworth would be a great choice for sure. Sophie Marceau is unfortunately way too old, she's about 40 . But she was one of the first actresses who came to my mind when I thought about Claire. I think that Kate Winslet could do a pretty good job as Claire though. But she is 33 right know...well....

Lisa on Dec 19, 2009


I feel that so many women have fallen in love with these characters, that if they would try to put a face on Jamie or Claire it would be a huge mistake..........

Mary on Dec 20, 2009


I totally agree Mary. There is nothing like our own imaginations of what they look like. I still would love a good movie or mini series though if done right it would be fantastic. I was happy with the LOTR adventures, not perfect but darned good. Harry Potter was good too i thought.

Sabrina on Dec 20, 2009


Lets just say I have too much time on my hands. My thoughts on the best Outlander series cast: Gerard Butler is THE perfect Jamie. I think Hollywood could make him a believable 20 something. However, I think Jared Padalecki could do a decent young Jamie, if anyone could stand the change. But Gerry is the ONLY one to do the role beyond the beginning of the series. As for Claire, I lean more toward the look of Vittoria Puccini. Not sure if she could pull it off though. Felicitas Woll was another I thought had the look right. For Black Jack/Frank Randall, I had always thought Jason Isaacs would have made the perfect choice. I think he is too old now. I have decided on Michael Fassbender. John Grey Jude Law Collum Sean Bean Dougle Clive Owen Murtaugh Gary Oldman Laoghaire Sophia Myles Jenny Rachel Weisz Bree Amanda Righetti Roger Christian Bale I think that if they mess this up......... well, I think it will be worse than never making the movie at all. I don't understand how this movie hasn't been made yet. I have been reading these books since before Twilight or Harry Potter was written. I think the fan base of these books surely is far greater than for those. Yet these books went to movies PDQ. What gives?

Lisa K on Dec 20, 2009


Some days ago I looked at some photographs of my greatgrandmother when she was in her mid-twenties, which was in 1930 or something like that. I mid you not, though she was about 24 she looked at least like 40. And the other people in these pictures as well. According to that I guess that the people in the 18th century might look even older at an younger age. So maybe the 23-year old Jamie could have looked like a 35 year old of our days but the question is if this would be considered by the filmmakers. They could ignore that b/c it might not sell very well or maybe not as good as if they took young young actors.

Lisa on Dec 27, 2009


Did anyone see that movie "Mr. Hollands Opus" a few years ago with Dustin Hoffman? OMG when i saw it i almost fell out of my chair because they made Dustin look at least 20 years younger then he was. I was amazed, it was absolutely incredible. I'm not really worried about older actors playing Jamie and Clair i just want them to have some of the truly identifiable characteristics of my most beloved couple. In Outlander at one point Clair mentions that she often forgets that Jamie isn't quite 24 years old. I don't think it is because he LOOKS old it's just that he is wise beyond his years, but then again maybe he is a little rough around the edges at times after a long day.

karen on Dec 27, 2009


Karen, wasn't Mr. Hollands Opus with Richard Dreyfus?

doulaldady on Dec 27, 2009


Oh yes you are right. I get those two mixed up. BUT the make up was great.

karen on Dec 27, 2009


Zack Ward is no where near tough enough. Too skinny. Sorry. Any one remember Tom Berringer?

Lynn on Dec 28, 2009


Never mind about Tom- I had no idea he was so old.................just saw him in Last of the Dogmen. Anyone finish Echo yet?

Lynn on Dec 28, 2009


I loved Last of the Dogmen i have watched it about 7 times over the years! Anyway I have finished Echo. Read the book then just finished listening to the audio for the 2nd time!

karen on Dec 29, 2009


Convince yourself, uncultured man. Read the first book and form your own opinion instead of relying on Amazon reviewers.

Jen on Jan 1, 2010


Thank you, Lisa, for that link on youtube. Wonderful video. Just finished the latest book; can't wait for the next one.

Michele on Jan 4, 2010


I just re-read the 2nd book and when I reached the part with Lord Lovat and suddenly Jack Nickolson popped into my head (not literally, of course 😉 ). Might sound weird, but I thought about that a little bit and actually Jack Nickolson would be a great pick for the old Simon. It would be so cool if he would make, like, a star-guest appearance or something like that. Im about to make a cast video for the 2nd book and I will most definately choose Jack for Lord Lovat 🙂

Lisa on Jan 6, 2010


Rose Byrne as Claire. I really like Sam Worthington for Jaime too.

Bridget on Jan 7, 2010


Wow, Bridget! I loved your suggestion of Sam for Jamie! Yeah, "Avatar" made me a proud member of "Sam's club" and since they could made him look "blue", why not make him a "red"? 😀

Lilly on Jan 7, 2010


Sorry for the mistakes!:S

Lilly on Jan 7, 2010


Echo ---left a big cliff hanger --- Drew barryamore as Laoghire ???

keith on Jan 7, 2010


If and when will there be a production of "Outlander"? Also, I finished "Echo" 2 weeks after I got it in September, any news when a sequel will be coming? I just got a "Lord John" novel from the library, hoping it will fill the void of missing the "Jamie and Claire" story. It is the first one; anyone read it and like it/rate it to "Outlander series"? Great jobs to all who have submitted casting ideas or videos of the love story...what alot of work...I certainly agree with whoever did "Outlander" cast #2!!!

Eileen on Jan 7, 2010


Drew Barrymore is wayyyyy too old and "used" to play Laoghaire. Nah.... And Kevin Durand....well he is not my type and he is also too old looking. At least for the young Jamie. Chris Hemsworth for Jamie !!:D

Lisa on Jan 9, 2010


PS: I think the most important actor (in this case actress) will be the one who will play Claire (I'm rooting for Kate Winslet): She has to have a strong personality and have Claires nice butt in the beginning, but towards the end of the first book and from the middle of second book on (after she loses Faith) she loses a lot of weight and gets very slim throughout the story. So the actress shouldn't only be abe to pull of Claire's strength, and her feelings for Jamie and Frank, but she should also be willing and able to gain and lose weight through the whole process of filming the franchise. That needs an actress who can 1) do all of this and 2) is experienced enough to live with the pressure on herf and on her character. Jamie, still a hard role to cast and play, wont be as hard to play as Claires. And that almost screams for an actress like Kate Winslet.

Lisa on Jan 9, 2010


What about Kevin McKidd as Jamie?????? He's such a hottie on Grey's Anatomy and was Awesome in ROME. Not to mention he is Scottish!!!!! Regardless, I doubt there will be a movie. If anyone was interested in this series it would have happened by now.

Teri on Jan 9, 2010


Sorry, but the Kevin McKidd thing is getting old. He's obviously too old and by far not hot or beautiful enough to be Jamie. I'd like Chris Hemsworth as Jamie, he would most def. be a wonderful choice!

Gia on Jan 9, 2010


Yeah, Chris would be good. He's 28, 6'3" and has gorgeous blue eyes!

Sabrina on Jan 9, 2010


I hate to sound like a pessimist, but I’m afraid ALL the great looking/good actor guys we’re thinking about for Jamie will be too old to play the part if or when they get around to filming. For goodness sakes, I may be too old to make it to the theater without being taken in on a stretcher! I’m thinking they’re having funding problems because it will cost a small fortune to do this right with the huge cast and period costumes and settings that it will need. Thank Heaven we have the books and I know there will be more. Diana left to many lines dangling to have closure on all of them with just one more book.

beajay on Jan 9, 2010


Athena, I have to say,you have a beautiful name, Your parents had good taste in names. Has anyone gone to look on IMBDpro lately for additional information? If memory serves me right, here is a rough timeline of what we knew before about Outlander. Release statment in Varitey late October 2008 The key people,Producers,stuido,directors andwritters were all onboard and working on the film. Casting begain right away. Yes, all of the roles were filled and if you read this forum you do know who the leads are. Locations in the North of Scotland were being scouted. Filming begain early spring. to continue through the summer of 2009. Release was planned for September of 2011. Now, I hope the release does go according to plan. We all know of diffrent projects that are filmed by stuidos and sometimes they sit in a film can untill the stuido-powers that be decide to release the film. I for one hope this one rolls right on time. Film Rights: Dianna is following her legal obglation having been paid for the film rights to this project. Dinna seems to be the type of person who would uphold her end of a contractual legal aggrement. I feel sure is would do the correct thing and not meddle in something she made a deal on. After all,compare it to buying a house. The house is sold.That doesn't give the prior owners any rights to come in and change the bathroom colors. Dianna is following the law and I would expect her to do just that. After all, she is a honest, good woman. way back when Outlander was optioned by ABC for a mini series, things (as I understand) simply didn't follow through, mini's were no longer as popular as they had been in the days of Roots, North and South etc. Who hasn't started a project (of any type) only to decide it could be done in a better way? There does seem to be a blanket "no news" placed on "everything Outlander" I can *sort of*try to understand that, but I would love to know more.

Toria on Jan 9, 2010


Toria, the filming etc of Outlander has been delayed b/c of the recession and Outlander has been re-opitioned again by EE. Thats the newest news I know. And beajay, I think that Chris Hemsworth has the perfect age to play Jamie 😉

Lisa on Jan 10, 2010


oh, that is heartbreaking news... Thanks, Lisa for telling me though.

Toria on Jan 10, 2010


I wonder if the powers-at-be know just how many fans this series has or how loyal they are? I have been an avid reader since childhood and have never read a series more than twice until Outlander. I have read many, many wonderful books and series of books from all genres, but there is something about the characters, the history involved, and the attention to detail that makes these books truly unique in my opinion. What makes the reader get so attached to these characters and their story, more so than other books? Why do we care so much what is going on in the day to day life of Claire and Jamie, as opposed to other fictional characters of other works? Maybe it is just the sheer volume of the series. After reading thousands of pages from Claire's point of view, one cant help but feel as if you know this gal, like a like a girlfriend youve known since childhood. I started reading the series when my son was an infant, and now he is 16. And I am still reading about Claire and Jamie. I was 30 then and I am now 47, and I feel like we are aging together!

Melissa on Jan 11, 2010


Melissa- I so understand what you are saying. Perhaps it's because Diana Gabaldon created characters who are so real. They have flaws and merits. Anyway, I have also purchased AN ECHO IN THE BONE on CD so I can listen to it while driving to my masters degree class. I am 51 and an English major. Although I have read all the "great" classics and lots of not-so-great stuff, I have to say Jamie and Claire stick with me. As you said, it could be sheer volume, however I believe in addition, it is that the reader can identify with the characters.

1jabberwocky on Jan 11, 2010


I know what you guys mean. I too am an avid reader and I only first listened to Outlander 4 years ago while at my desk at work. The cd's were old and i missed lots of stuff because they were so scratched up. I couldn't stop thinking about them, i dreamed about them, i still do though not quite as much. I did dream alot when i first listened to Echo. I have the whole series and listen to it every year since i became addicted. I have never felt like this with any other book i have read.

Karen on Jan 11, 2010


I think you are right about identifying with the characters. I have always loved Claire's no-nonsense, direct approach to life, and her strength of character(although I wasnt crazy about the way she handled a few situations with John Grey at the end of Echo). fyi- I am a tennis nut, mother of two teenagers, and wife, living in the Deep South, just so you know I do have a life outside these books...

Melissa C on Jan 11, 2010


We all do, lol, but still we find ourselves turning this comment sections into a group discussion on how absolutely amazing these books are. Even though we disagree on who should play whom, we all agree that these books are wonderful to read over and over again. Personally, I love how alive DG made these characters so real. She gave each of them their own quirks, like Jamie's inability to wink. This made them feel so much more human and identifiable. I think that is the reason we keep coming back. We feel like we're getting a glimpse into someones fascinating life!

BlessedWannaB on Jan 11, 2010


I have been waiting and hoping they would come out with of movie of THE OUTLANDER. This book is not only a romance book but also history lesson. I have read all of them.They made me want to go to Scotland and taught me things about the country and the wars.My paternal ancestors are from there and it was fascinating to read about the areas.DG made it seem so real and you cheered for Jaimie when Claire decided to go back in time to stay with him.I for one can not wait for the movie.Please don't keep us fans waiting to long.This series is my all time favorite i got the books from the library to read but wasn't happy to give them back so i went out and bought them so i can reread them anytime i want to.

Linda on Jan 11, 2010


Its about time somebody decided to to put these FANTASIC BOOKS into a movie I think either Peter Jackson or Mel Gibson as Directors (Mel was great in Braveheart ) For the part of Jamie it has to be someone believable, after all he is a highlander and they were 6ft tall in those days with great bodies they were warriors. He definately needs to be Scottish to pull it off, surely there is some gorgeous hunks in Scotland who would fit the bill. As for Claire there are some great english actresses who would do well. The casting for me is really important as it will make or break the movie, we all fell in love with Jamie in the books and would do the same on screen if they have the right guy, not some insiped American who cant even pronounce the words. Also the guys would love all trhe action, as they did in Braveheart so even though its a romance it has a great story line for a fabulous screenplay. Hopefully someone will get too it asap as I am dying to see the movie Trish Jan 13,2010

Trish on Jan 12, 2010


IMO it is not THAT important if the actors are scottish/english as long as they can do the accents. That's why they're actors. It's their job to pretend to be someody else. And the accent is one part of acting, therefore....the producers shoulnd't be closedminded and focus only on GB. That doesn't mean that I don't want an actor from GB, on the contrary, but they shouldn't say no to an actor who could be perfect in any way, just because he isn't scottish. I've got a question. We've been talking very long and much about Jamie, Claire, Brianna etc. But what about the real characters like Bonnie Prince Charlie or St Germain? Do you have any actors in mind who could play them or do you think that it doesn't matter too much how the actors look, as long as they're good actors?

Lisa on Jan 13, 2010


This could be another "Lord Of The Rings", except that the characters are based on real people that actually lived (in good part), the politics and the battles really did take place, and the story has no ending because the generations in families just keep going- Romantic History at it's best! The element of time-travel brings that point to a sharp. I just finished the 7th book and am thrilled that there's so much more to find out - "what happens to so-and-so?", "how does she explain THIS!?". I'm friends with these people! The depth of character development, the hardest task for movie-makers, mustn't be compromised. The audience must buy in quickly for this movie to succeed - they just don't have the time to spend that an author does (>7,000 pages and counting!). And what about the "fringe" characters? Can we play down the Fergus-Marsali family? or Rodger and Brianna and the kids? Jamie and Claire have a crew on the Ridge - can any be cut to make the movie manageable? Family members in Scotland, etc., etc. Well - that's what great film-making is about, and as long as the effort pays for itself with some to spare, it'll be a win-win. Thankfully, a writer as excellent as Dianna trumps a film-maker. Movies can't wreck my personal vision of these stories, so however it turns out will be interesting at least and hopefully, spectacular. I won't miss it, but feel the same trepidation as I did for "Rings", which turned out - even more accurate than my vision of the books?? Yes, quite possibly. So, go ahead and give it a try as a movie - and luck to ye' then, aye?

Jean on Jan 23, 2010


These books really are wonderful. I do understand why a lot of guys would be put off because it is a romance at the core but there is so much else going on that you cannot simply define it as romance. There is history and adventure, even science-fiction with the whole time travelling aspect taken into account, not to mention a lot of other genres shoved in there! It is a lengthy series though and you have to be quite commited to keep on till the end. Saying that though, it's so gripping that you don't even need a great attention span!!! The characters are captivating with rich backgrounds and you really get caught up in their world.I do think that the story would translate well to screen. Does anyone else think that Rachel Weisz would be amazing as Claire?? 😀 Cause I sure do! 🙂 I can't think of anyone for Jamie though...... 🙁 Oh well, whoever they chose for the role, I think it is safe to say that the days of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are looooong gone my friends! 🙂 THey just do not compare to Jamie in any way!!

Emma on Jan 24, 2010


To 797: Rachel Weisz is one who would fit Claire in age, beauty, and ability. She'd just have to get a curly perm! Also Kate Winslet would be another candidate, but also some of the non-American actresses who have been mentioned on this site whom I looked up as I was not familiar with them, but they had "the look" and hopefully abilit as well. Finding a Jamie is going to be tough - darn, wish Gabriel Aubrey could act. We all love Jamie and whomever is eventually chosen is going to have an uphill battle pleasing all the Outlander fans. Let's face it - he's bigger than life, and masculine, charismatic, tough, soft, sweet, funny, witty, and so many other things in our own opinions and minds. On another note, can hardly wait for another book - after all, "Echo" left us all hanging and the curiousity is killing me. On another note, I got one of Dorothy Dunnett's books from the library as she was mentioned as a great historic fiction writer. I only read one book and maybe some others are better, or else I'm just biased, but the book I read couldn't hold a candle to Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series.

Mona on Jan 24, 2010


Dorothy Dunnett has her own style of writting, She is very well-respected amoung historical-series readers and writters. If your looking to enjoy a writter who has a style somewhat like Dianna Gabaldon's you might try her friend Sara Donati, they both particapated in the same writter's on-line group. If I remember correctly, Her book series starts with one tittled "Into the Wilderness"

2162 on Jan 24, 2010


Andy Whitfield might be a good pick, I can see similarities. I still like Chris Hemsworth. The Sara Donati books were really good for the first few, like the first three, after that they kind of lost me. Her writing isn't as eloquent as DG, but I loved how Sara's stories made reference to Claire and Jamie. I would definitely recommend them.

BlessedWannaB on Jan 25, 2010


Loved the books ! Robert Pattinson for Jamie Fraser - get him some contacts, bulk him up a bit, YUM. TV Series along the lines of The Tudors would do the story more justice.

kiwichick on Jan 25, 2010


Robbert Pattinson cannot i repeat CANNOT be Jamie!!!!!! Sorry for those of you who like him but he has neither the looks or the presence or the talent to play jamie!!! the only thing they have in common is that they are tall! don`t get me wrong he`s great in Twilight but he still looks like a gangly teenager to me! I know Jamie is only 22 in the first book but everyone seems to be forgetting the constant references made by Diana that people of that time looked years older than their actual ages - a 22 year old then probably looked much liek a 30 year old now - meaning that they had been men since the age of about 14 and therefore looked like men and acted like men, they weren`t the 22 years old of today - they had too much responsibilty. to me Jamie is an attractive man but not a pretty man, so he needs to be a bit rugged and rough around the edges!! someone who looks as though they can protect you with their bare hands! without the teeth robert pattinson looks like he couldn`t fight his way out of a paper bag!!

nickyjo on Jan 26, 2010


I disagree, I think Rob could do it. However BETTER would be Chris Hemsworth (I've said it again) but watch the first 15 minutes of the NEW Star Trek Movie - this guy is 6'3" and not only does he have the look (come-on - someone out there with photoshop skills take Chris and give him flowing auburn hair) He also has the presence, the grace that claire describes - the charisma and emotional range..... Chris Hemsworth is still unknown enough to pull it off. Now Rachel Weisz and Keira Knightly too known, too ingrained to take chances... Emily Blunt or an unknown... Rachel is really too old already to take it on. Chris Hemsworth is 23-24 (like Jamie). Claire is 28 but looks young throughout the series - probably has to be an unknown.

carolyn on Jan 26, 2010


I'm definitely in the group who thinks that Rob absolutely cannot play Jamie, he looks nothing like him, isn't tall enough, and in my opinion doesn't have the ability to play Jamie. For me the biggest reason he can't be Jamie is because he's Edward! You can't take an actor in the height of a series of movies and cross them. It would be a joke. If Essential sinks so low then they are selling the beauty of the story short. Outlander deserves to have their own face for their most beloved character. Jamie does not deserve to be played by a regurgitated actor from another famous book. I do think that Chris Hemsworth would be great. He's got the height, his hair is easy enough to color because its light and he has the blue eyes. Plus he's shown that he has an emotional acting ability and he's not too well known that we will be watching him and thinking of him as someone else. Unlike Jamie, I think that Claire could be played by a more well known actress. While I agree that they would have to do it soon because they are on the cusp of too old, I still think that Rachel Weiss is visually the best Claire. She looks exactly like what I picture if her hair was curlier. Even her eye color is perfect. I think personality wise, Kate Winslett fits.

BlessedWannaB on Jan 26, 2010


In reply to nicky jo ....... as you say they weren't the 22 year olds of today .... thats why they call it acting !! Remember thus far Jamie is all in our heads .... our own individual Jamie. I did notice you didn't put your choice for Jamie down either.

kiwichick on Jan 26, 2010


I think Sam Worthington and Andy Whitfield are possibilities. Both have the "look" however I have only seen Sam Worthington act.

1jabberwocky on Jan 26, 2010


Andy Whitfield is too short...under six feet tall. Robert Pattinson is also too short and as stated before, too well known as that Twilight dude.....sorry not my kind of movie or book. Chris Hemsworth has the look I think. As for using an older actor, that is fine as long as he looks early to mid twenties. Claire states that Jamie looks young in Outlander so he obviously looks younger than her 28 twentieth century years. I do not think this movie will ever be made but I am fine with that. Jamie is best left in our minds I think. Also only Outlander is optioned at this point as it has been previously and nothing came of it. I would love to see the movie made if it was done true to the book and that rarely happens in Hollywood. They tend to use the actor du jour of the day to draw in the masses. Time will tell I guess.

Juanita on Jan 26, 2010


Have just seen the blonde guy from Lost on the Ellen Show ..... I'm thinking he would be a great Stephen Bonnet.

kiwichick on Jan 26, 2010


so is mel gibson short but did he look short in BRAVHEART?its the magic of the movies!!

ruth ditullio on Jan 26, 2010


kiwichick - couple of points, this isn`t a forum to just bash other people its about putting forward individual opinions and repecting those of others. if it was only down to the acting then we could in theory have robbie coltrane playing jamie! no? physical presence and looks do have a part to play in casting someone correctly for any role. i have on previous occasions voiced my opinion on who could play jamie in my mind - didn`t see the need to bore people by repeating myself but jyust for you (apolgies for those who have read this already) i see Gerard Butler or Jamie McKidd playing jamie - even though they are older - brad pitt was too old to play some of the ages he played in Benjamin Button and John Travolta was 30 when he played 18 year old Dany Zuko which nobody bothered about, and film makers can work wonders these day. i will say though that it would be interesting to know the ages of the people making suggestions! is it the teens and early twenties suggesting people like robert pattinson and the 30 + suggesting gerard butler? does age make a difference when we are choosing (i`m 35 by the way)

nickyjo on Jan 27, 2010


nickyjo - While I do think Gerard Butler and Jamie McKidd are too old, I would rather see one of them as Jamie then someone like Rob Pattinson who is the face of Hollywood right now. I love Gerard Butler, I watch almost every movie he's in, he's an amazing actor and very sexy, but it really sealed it for me when even Diana said that he looked too old to be Jamie, I feel like you can't argue with the person who created Jamie. I think Gerard would make an excellent Dougal. As i said before, I lean more toward Chris Hemsworth or someone of his ilk for Jamie. So anyway, that's my opinion and I'm 31. kiwichick - If by lost blond guy you mean Josh Holloway who plays Sawyer, I agree completely. He would make an excellent Stephen Bonnet.

BlessedWannaB on Jan 27, 2010


Let's spread the word of Chris Hemsworth for Jamie lol 😀 I would like to know what Diana Gabaldon herself would think of him for Jamie....

Lisa on Jan 27, 2010


You used to be able to email her and she'd respond. I've done it before. Maybe I'll try again and ask her. 🙂

BlessedWannaB on Jan 28, 2010


I just looked up Andy Whitfield, Sam Worthington, and Chris Hemsworth. Of those three, I would choose Christ Hemsworth - he has the look - tall, well developed body, eyes, nose, cheekbones, youth. I'm sure there are many others "out there" who could qualify with the fans. I am a huge GB (Gerard Butler) fan, have been ever since I saw him in Phantom of the Opera. Since then I have collected almost all of his movies, and in spite of his appeal, charm, charisma, acting ability, sexiness, Scottishness, I feel he is (I hate myself for saying this) not quite the Jamie I picture in my mind; for Dougal, definitely yes. As you all know, there are so many of us Outlander fans with so many different visions of its' characters, were they to be put in a jury room for a final decision, I'm afraid the jury would be out - for a long long time! And, a mini-series is the only way to do the story justice and tell it properly; there is so much to tell.

Mona on Jan 28, 2010


the jury wil lallways be out -jamie is a vision of different looks in all of our thoughts . yes, i do agree a mini series will do her books justice as regards to character development,story plot ect.

ruth on Jan 28, 2010


the jury will always be out -jamie looks different in all of our thoughts . yes, i do agree a mini series will do her books justice as regards to character development,story, ect.. as for hemsworth i think so -he has the look also!!!!

ruth on Jan 28, 2010


I agree with the others before me; Gerard Butler would make an EXCELLENT Dougal, not the Jamie character! I honestly think it should be an "unknown actor". Somebody that will be recruited for his looks! (and acting background, maybe from the theater)

Eileen on Jan 28, 2010


I am unsure whether an apology from me is called for as the intend was not to "bash" people but to point out that in fact the only way to have someone emulate Jamie - " some one who looked like a man and acted like one who was attractive not pretty" was to act - acting like they can fight there way out of a paper bag. Blessedwannab - yes thats his name thanks couldn't remember - Josh Holloway for Stephen Bonnet. Interesting point about the age thing. If I was 17 then every body would be " ohhh that explains Robert Pattinson " but am in fact 37 - No not a cougar as am thinking that George Clooney and Johnny Depp would be fantastic for a couple of Cameo's !

kiwichick on Jan 29, 2010


my point about having a man who looked like they could fight their way out of a paper bag to play jamie was meant to emphasise the fact that a persons physical presence should not be overlooked when casting the part. James Macavoy has been mentioned in the press as a possible contender for the role of Jamie - now, i personally think He is an exceptional actor and whilst i feel he could certainly convey all of the necessary emotions and has he acting skills to be Jamie, unfortunately he doesn`t have that physical presence that would be required to step into Jamie`s shoes. The role of Jamie cannot be filled by either physical prowess or acting talent alone - the person that could take on this role would need to be an exceptional actor as Jamie is quite a broad character with the gentle side he shows to claire and the warrior side that we see so often, he would also have to be able to show intelligence and fierceness. I also feel Jamie should be a relatively unknown actor, i feel that unless someone can do an excptionally good scottish accent that the person be scottish - there must be an unknown actor out there in scotland that fits the bill! Claire will be slightly easier to cast although by no means easy - i saw emily blunt on tv this morning and she looks the part, haven`t see her in anything but the devil wears prada but i believe she was excellent in the young victoria, she is also known but not massively famous which would be a plus. its a shame Julia Roberts isn`t 20 years younger as i think she would have made a great Brianna! Jason Isaacs definitely for black jack randall / Frank Randall I think i`m not in favour of gerard butler for dougal cos i didn`t really like dougal and i like gerard butler!! absolutely stupid reason i know but there you go!

nickyjo on Jan 29, 2010


nickyjo i agree with you about Gerard. I like him and i DO NOT like Dougal. I'm sorry to repeat myself But i think Gerard would do well as Roger. He's tall, dark, Scottish, and has green eyes even though they look blue in pictures. Ok, he just turned 40, but i think he could pull it off if the movie is made within the next 5-6 years or so.

karen on Jan 29, 2010


Sorry Lily, I could not see Jamie played by this Australian actor"Rodrigo Hilbert"! He looks too thin to play the part of my idea of Jamie. Jamie needs to have a very muscular build and have definite facial features. So far, I have not seen him out there! I still think Kate Winslet would do a hellava job with the Claire role!

Eileen on Jan 30, 2010


I saw a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie last night (The Magic of Ordinary Days) starring Kerri Russell and could really picture her as Claire. The movie is set in Colorado, in 1944, so I got a look at Kerri Russell dressed up in period dress, and couldn't help but picture her as the British Claire in 1940s Europe.

Jade on Jan 31, 2010


Ok, i watched Spartacus last night to see Andy then i googled him. I definately think he could be Jamie. He has everything but the height but that would be easy to fix in my opinion.

Sabrina on Jan 31, 2010


Sorry Blaire everybody but the Jamie and Claire characters were good. In my opinion, the actor/actress might have to be unknowns!

Eileen on Jan 31, 2010


You know, I totally 100% agree with you.

Blaire on Jan 31, 2010


The question"who will they be" and when will this movie start happening? I also, want to know when Diana's next book will be published....she left me with soooo many questions with this last one, I cannot wait ANOTHER three years!!

Eileen on Jan 31, 2010


4 days ago I uploaded my third (and propaply final) take on Outlander on Youtube. I still wasn't completely happy with my 2nd video. Now I'm done with the third one and it completely reflects my imagination of the Outlander Characters. This would be my dream cast. I'm so happy with it 🙂 Even Diana Gabaldon saved this video to her favourites on her YoutubeChannel. You can take a look at it here:

Lisa on Feb 1, 2010


lisa absolutely loving david tennant for ian murray!! well done!!

nickyjo on Feb 1, 2010


Absolutely awesome, Lisa. The best one I've seen so far.

BlessedWannaB on Feb 1, 2010


The video was PERFECT, except I don't agree with the Jamie character, Chris. I wish we could find someone more rugged looking and bigger in stature; thie would fit my idea of Jamie. All your other characters were right on, including Michelle Pfieffer as Gillis and Rachel Weisz as Jenny Murray !!

Eileen on Feb 1, 2010


I KNOW I AM A BROKEN RECORD.... Watch Chris Hemsworth at the beginning of Star Trek, you will get why he would be the perfect Jamie - Jamie is such a tough character to cast - he has Charisma, height, grace and very emotional but masculine man. We need someone capable of acting the full range of emotion...and size is crucial! Jamie's height figures into the plot throughout the series. Watch Chris and at 6'3", he has grace, and man can he act. I can so see him in flowing auburn hair -

carolyn on Feb 1, 2010


I guess I will have to watch Star Trek! I was basing my opinion on the pictures that were presented!

Eileen on Feb 1, 2010


Eileen, you can also watch this very short video from the star trek premiere which makes it very obvious and clear that Chris is at least two heads above everybody else (I guess I posted that one before, but so what 😉 ) Btw thank you so much for your lovely comments. This means so much more to me than any youtube comment (though some of them do call me a genius *cough cough* :DDDD ) b/c you guys know what you are talking about and you love the books as much as I do. Thanks!

Lisa on Feb 1, 2010


Ok Lisa Ican kind of see a "Jamie-like" actor in this last pictures...still not completely sure. Thanks for the update!

Eileen on Feb 1, 2010


i haven`t seen star trek, but fter watching that small clip from the red carpet i can see him as jamie - not exactly what i have pictured but i can imagine him with the long red hair, i think wit would work - lets face it we aren`t going to get someone who meets all of the attributes decsribed because Jamie Fraser is a fictional character (more the pity!!!!) more men should read this series beacuse then they would find out what it is that women want!! they should put it on the school curriculum for 15 year old boys!! lol

nickyjo on Feb 2, 2010


I made a bet and lost and had to read the first book thinking it wasn't my type i never liked reading . haven't read anything since high school and im 25. but I read it in 3 days and went out and got all the others. i have read them all and re read them all ..I LUV THESE BOOKS and they have so much more then romance and I know if it was made right there would be pleanty of guys who would go watch it..I have described a lot of it to my husband because I would start laughing and he would want to know Plus twilight was more of a love story and look how well thats been doin.

niki on Feb 3, 2010


I first read Outlander 2 years ago. I loved it. It is part sci-fi; part romance; and a lot of true history. I have since read the entire series including the Lord John Gray stories which is an off shoot of the series; and am now reading her lastest An Echo in the Bone. I would love to see a movie made of these. They would make a great Mini-series. I looked at the trailer of Outlander movie, at top of this page, and it SUCKS. That movie has nothing to do with the book.

DAVID on Feb 5, 2010


David, I don't know what trailer you watched, but there was a movie named Outlander in 2009 that was not related to Diana Gabaldon's series. To quote: "Outlander, this year's best movie about Vikings led by a space messiah to kill an alien dragon." Just a coincidence. L

Doulaldady on Feb 5, 2010


#844 David ... similar title different movie. You need to go to YouTube. I am eager as the rest to see this in film. I also have the same worries as to how much will be cut! If it turns out like Harry Potter or Twilight, I will be happy. If they mess up like they did in New Moon, I will be very dissapointed. I hope Diana will be guiding the leaste I hope she has some say or imput. It would be sad if she just let them ruin her "Baby"!!

Amy on Feb 6, 2010


I just recently started reading this book last year and I am still enchanted by the story and the connection that Diana Gabaldon has been able to create between her characters and readers. I think there is a lot of stuff that can be flitted as "romantic" but there is a lot of action and historical items in this book that would make it great on screen. I do, however, think that this book would soar and profit more as a television series on HBO or Starz. there is a lot of sex and a lot of important events and it is a long book series. there are more than 5k pages of this book and would be too long to adapt into the regular 2.5 hour movie. I think if they were to try to get the general jist from all 7/8 books and cram it into one movie or try to move it along into multiple movies that people wouldn't like or or would lose interest. but I think as a Television series would be the way to go. but that's just my opinion.

Lesslie on Feb 6, 2010


Andrinna, I agree with you 100%!!

Eileen on Feb 7, 2010


I don't quite agree 😉 I think that at least one or two actors should be actors who have been in this business for a longer time and who also already have exerienced fame and critique. You need somebody to carry the movie and the story, I think it just wouldn't work if none of the actors is experienced enough. I see Claire as the character who introduces the audience to the story and who is the center and pivotal point of the story. IMO the actress who plays Claire NEEDS to be experienced, to know how to handle fame and criticism and to carry the pressure that most definatley will be on her. I also don't think that Claire HAS to be curvy. Yes, she is curvy at the beginning of the story. But towards the end of the first novel Claire loses a lot of weight and gets very thin. So the actress HAS to either gain or lose weight. So nobody of us can say ''no'' to an actress just b/c she is too slim. She will have to get through all states between thin and cury. Therefore it is way more important to get an actress who is able, willing and professional enough to change her weight the whole time. This almost screams for an experienced actress. Concerning the actor for Jamie. I have said this twice or more already in this thread, but: IMO he does not have to be scottish. I think that the casting agents should also take canadian and australian actors into consideration. I do agree that the actor has to be at least 6ft. But not only b/c he has to be physically taller. Tall people move a totally different way than smaller people. This ahould look very natural onscreen. But concerning the accent: Actors are actors b/c they imitate other people or pretend to be other people. Doing another accent is part of their job. We shouldn't be that closed-minded and think that only a scottish actor can play Jamie. Sorry, but IMO that would be just stupid.

Lisa on Feb 8, 2010


sorry if i

nickyjo on Feb 9, 2010


sorry to be picky but claire is 5`6 not 5`8, and jamie is well oiver 6`. so many actors try to do accents and fail miserably, i love mel gibson but i wasn`t convinced by his accent in braveheart - to get someone with a bad accent would be awful. if someone can do it convincingly then great, if not then give it to someone scottish so that it is believable

nickyjo on Feb 9, 2010


I could maybe see it. He's an idea for a younger actor and I believe he could play Franks classy gentleness and we know he can play Jack Randalls evilness. I could accept it.

Blessedwannab on Feb 27, 2010


I thought of someone else who could play Jamie (if Gerard Butler is otherwise unavailable 🙂 ) What about Henry Ian Cusick? He plays Desmond Hume on the Lost series. I'm not sure if he has a Scottish accent normally, but he was raised with a Scottish parent and attended school in Scotland. Just thought I would throw his name in the ring. He's not bad looking, either. Sort of rough around the edges. I love these books, in fact I'm obsessed!! I can't wait for a movie to come out, but the only way I would spend money to see it, is if it was guaranteed to do the books justice. Anyway, happy reading!!

Tiffany on Feb 28, 2010


Henry Ian Cusick? Uhm, NO. Sorry, but that would be a desaster.

Lisa on Mar 1, 2010


Good choice, Ian Somerhalder for Jack Black Randall, attractive yet a deviousness to those pictures;(what a hunk if u ask me!)

Eileen on Mar 1, 2010


heath ledger would've been perfect as jamie. too bad he's dead... 🙁 keri russell seems okay for claire as she has curly hair.

Esmay on Mar 2, 2010


Don't get the whole Gerard Butler as Jamie thing ..... I think he's more of a Dougal. I could see Rachel McAdams as Claire.

kiwichick on Mar 2, 2010


I am in love with the series. I'm currently about half way through the last one. I agree that Gerard Butler would be a good Jamie (though he is kinda old to play a young virgin). Rachel Weisz would be a good Claire, strong woman, curly hair, and curvy (unlike Keira Knightely). It's kind of a weird character to cast, but i think that Jason Issacson from "The Patriot" would be perfect for Jack Randall (evil British soldier, long black hair, somewhat handsome). Anyway, can't wait!!

Carly on Mar 2, 2010


oops...I meant to say Jason Isaacs for Jack Randall. If you watch "The Patriot" again or just look up some pictures of him in that movie, i think you'll agree that he almost has to play Jack Black Randall!!

Carly on Mar 2, 2010


I have been reading this series, over and over, (amongest other books) for several years now...they are the best adventure, romance, magic, historical, character study, survival tactics, war, etc.etc...... all of these with some truly great sex scenes thrown in! It's an epic love story that every woman on the planet will love, and many, many men will also enjoy. Gerard Butler is definetly a Dougal type. A curly-wig Brit shouldn't be that hard to find, But you had better find a brand new red-headed ultra masculine actor to play Jamie, With the Gaelic accent!

doneen gayle on Mar 4, 2010


Jason Isaacs - Frank/Jack Randall, absolutely! Chris Hemsworth - George Kirk - Star Trek -Jamie 100% watch him, give him red hair and master the accent, he is it! GERARD BUTLER IS MUCH TOO OLD! Emily Blunt would be an awesome Claire

carolyn on Mar 8, 2010


I had no idea that Diana Gabaldon's book, Outlander was going to be made into a movie! I think my happy level just jumped through the roof. I got started on this series a couple years back and could not put the books down. Read every book up to A Breath of Snow and Ashes in 2 months flat! Never have I ever encountered a book series that caught my attention with every page.. Any they are making it a movie!! I always said, I cannot wait for them to make a movie of this! And with the screenwriter from Braveheart - this could potentially be a huge hit!

Harmony on Mar 9, 2010


These books are the best novels I have ever read. Nothing I've read since can even compare to the intensity these books bring to your soul. They are epic novels if you like Braveheart, a movie from these books is sure to break the box office. I can't wait for these books to be made into a movie. Gerard is Great but too old for the part of Jaime. Maybe a new face...

Sarah on Mar 13, 2010


Gabriel Aubry would be a great Jamie and I was thinking Emily Blunt also!

JB on Mar 13, 2010


Gerard is far too old and he just wouldn't be right for this role. I'm sure he will have some othe movie out about the same time to please the Gerald fans.

Vickie on Mar 13, 2010


I agree, Andy Whitfield would make a great Jamie!

Sharon W on Mar 20, 2010


I can totally totally see alexa davalos as Claire!

Sharon W on Mar 20, 2010


People have named Andy Whitfield before, he has the look but he's only 5'11. Alexa Davalos wouldn't be bad, if she could off Claire's spunk.

BlessedWannaB on Mar 20, 2010


Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, yes, watch Spartacus. Also it's hollywood, they can make a short man tall and a tall man short. He has the face, the age is good, and he'll be able to grow Come on, Let's vote Movie? or Major Mini Series, per book, Like Band of Band of Brothers, or Deadwood, any very long mini series, on HBO or BBC. It can be donw

Judy on Mar 21, 2010


As much as I would love to have this story in a movie, you have to be kidding yourself if you think it will ever be done well. They have trouble making a decent movie out of a 300 page book and these are 800+ pages each. Plus, the sexual abuse angle that is so important in the early development of Jamie's character would never work in a mass-market movie.

bar on Mar 25, 2010


I agree with that...but I still can't wait for "them guys" to try! I am reading the another "Lord John Grey novel" just to recall some of the "great Gabaldon" writing of the "Outlander series". They are good; descriptive and such, but not about my "favorite characters" Jamie and Claire and clan!!

Eileen on Mar 26, 2010


I'm not sure I agree completely. I agree that we're kidding ourselves if we think it is going to do our favorite books justice. However I don't agree that all movies made out of epic books are horrid. Occasionally (rarely, but occasionally) the do take complex long books and create a movie that, while it is not perfect, it is a good compromise between the two. Take Lord of the Rings for example. Sure, die hard fans can sit and nit pick because loved characters are left out and situations are adjusted, but at the same time the movie adaptation was good. They worked really hard to do the best they could with the time allotted, and to still keep the integrity of the book. However, I do agree that the chances are slim that that situation will happen with Outlander, because again they are rare. Usually they fail completely. Not to mention that while I think that LotR was a good movie (and I have read the books), it is not my FAVORITE book and therefore I didn't mind that things were altered. I agree with Diana when she asks who we would want to be left out and which of our favorite moments would not be captured, because it is impossible to cram every second of a 850 page book into even a 3 1/2 hour movie; I wouldn't want to lose any, lol. As far as the abuse scene, I think that Hollywood could make that scene and people could accept it. In my opinion there are movies with much worse situations of abuse that people readily flock to. And it is absolutely not a scene that could or should be cut.

BlessedWannaB on Mar 26, 2010


I have read every book in the series and do have to agree, it is a romance series BUT it is also a great deal more. My father ( a real man's man) is 66 years old and no light weight romance novel fan, yet he greatly enjoyed this series. He usually reads Dan Brown, Dean Koontz and James Patterson just to give you an idea. Outlander is a wonderful love story, but it is also an amazing tale of history, intrigue and adventure - Enough to keep everyone happy! I promise men, it is not a Twilight love story. Gabaldon does a fabulous job of keeping the reader's interest. I only hope the movie is half as great!!

georgiasunflower on Mar 28, 2010


I'm sorry, Andy Whitfield is really good looking, really does get close to Jamie, but if he's 5'11" it's a deal breaker. There is too much intertwined in his commanding presence. It's still Chris Hemsworth for me. He's 6'3" has the eyes and the emotion and presence. Give that guy shoulder length auburn hair and he'd be Jamie.

carolyn on Apr 2, 2010


I 100% agree with you, carolyn. Jamie simply HAS to have a commanding physical presence, it is a requisite for his character. And even if Hollywood has made short man look tall in the past, as they have done many times, Jamie must be a comparatively tall actor. I would love to see Chris Hemsworth as Jamie, and Gerard Butler as Dougal. My jury's still out on Claire, however. I'm not sure I've seen an actress that fits her for me as of yet. There is a video I like on youtube.... though I still feel most of the faces will have to be unknowns to add to the authenticity and realism that is needed.

Blaire on Apr 2, 2010


Carolyn, funny I said that too. Yes, they can make a short man tall and tall men short, but their are amazing actors out there that are tall. I want to see his actor interview and red carpet and have it not ruin watching him as Jamie. Finding out Tom Cruise wore raised shoes to play tall characters ruins both the actor and the character. Gimme a tall Jamie! Claire was 5'6, Frank was 6', and Jamie is 6'4! He clearly states his height in Voyager when talking to Willie in the stable as 6'4. Chris Hemsworth all the way! New news is that they have reoptioned with television mini-series on the table. I think this will be a much better idea for getting the more of the story told, but on the other hand I think it will mean lesser named actors. Any idea's out there for a lesser named Jamie?

BlessedWannaB on Apr 3, 2010


Yeah, I'm SO in for Chris Hemsworth for Jamie 🙂 But I don't know if I like the idea of a mini-series. I'm a fan of big, huge and monumental movies like Rob Roy, Gladiator etc and this is how I imagine Outlander. I want to see it on the big screen...

Lisa on Apr 3, 2010


btw I found a new interview with Chris Hemsworth on youtube. It's pretty rare to get somehing new from him cause he is still quite unknown. In the intervie he is a bit more rugged than usual and has a beard (maybe b/c of Thor). He looks just awesome 🙂 He would be such a wonderful Jamie ...

Lisa on Apr 5, 2010


YES!!! Chris Hemsworth! Yes, he is 6'3" (Jamie is supposed to be 6'4") close enough. Watch the first 12 minutes of Star Trek - the 2009 movie - doesn't he just have the presence, strength, grace and emotion for jamie???!!! Absolutely!!! - all that's left is him having shoulder length auburn hair. Absolutely he could carry it off - claire would need to be someone who could sync up and resonate with Chris - and that would take auditions, her part is much easier to cast physically. I keep hoping! Done right, Outlander would take off.

carolyn on Apr 12, 2010


Oh boy the book is going to be a movie..... WOW!!! for 1 1/2 years they have been saying this. I don't think it will become a movie...........unless we do something??? Let me tell you that Spartucus Blood and Sand is just making head ways. In fact so much that STARZ the one that promoted Spartucaus Blood and Sand is now promoting "The Pillar's Of The Earth" which is such a great novel. We need to start hounding STARZ in a constructive way to find someone or help the screen writer in getting this going. Oh STARZ is a new venue that will listen to the will of the people because they are not tarnished yet by Hollywood stupids. Oh Starz please lend out a hand to Wallace and take that venue on. You will not be disappointed.

Laura Z on Apr 16, 2010


I would love to see the books made into a movie. I think should do each book as its own movie. Im not sure about actors but i wouldn't mind seeing Eric Bana as Jamie i think maybe kate winslet as claire if i had to choose big name actors. I agree it will be hard for them to capture the essence of the books though, the books are so real you can almost feel the love between jamie and claire.

Nat on Apr 25, 2010


First image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. What do you think? 😉

Lilly on Apr 30, 2010


Actually any of the Hemsworth boys, Luke, Chris or Liam, could probably play Jamie. They all have the same looks. As slow as this movie is going, Liam may be the only one young enough to play Jamie by the time this movie starts production!!!!!

Juanita on Apr 30, 2010


thanks for the great picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor!!!! You see that rugged quality that Jamie has (along with everything else!).

carolyn on Apr 30, 2010


The picture is awesome. Though you can't really see his face...still, I'm SO in for Chris being Jamie. He's simply pairfect.

Lisa on May 1, 2010


I'm currently on Diana's fifth book in the series, The Fiery Cross, and I literally screamed when I found out they were FINALLY making it into a movie. The first book, Outlander, isn't just romance, but there is a lot of romance. It's got war, pain, mystery, magic, excitement, honor and history as well. I LOVE THESE BOOKS! I'm so excited!!!

Emily on May 3, 2010


Wow, you're right. Gemma is absolutely gorgeous but seems to be tough at the same time. Would make a great Claire, for sure (at least visually...haven't seen her acting yet) .Isn't she English as well?

Lisa on May 9, 2010


I only feel that when and if the movie ever happens you need to combine both Outlander and Dragonfly in amber, somehow. You need to be masterful and bring Brianna and Roger into Clair and Jamie's world for the audience. If not in one movie, maybe in two. There was a time I knew who should have played the characters but now they are getting older. Just promise you wont make them to young. I long for this kind of romance this movie could have. But whatever you do, don't forget the incredible story and the ACTION. make us want more. BOOK THREE and four and so on...

cindy on May 9, 2010


still want rachael weis good luck finding Jamie

cindy on May 9, 2010


Yep, Gemma is also English. She was absolutely beautiful in Clash of the Titans as Io. She actually stole the show for me more then the woman playing Andromeda. Plus she had a strong presence. Cindy, Rachael Weis is still my favorite too but Gemma was the first girl I've seen who I think could also do it. Not to mention that the longer they wait the older Rachael gets. She's already 39.

BlessedWannaB on May 10, 2010


Just found that on dianas HP: "MOVIE NEWS There really isn't any to speak of, but I know by this time that the fact that I don't say anything isn't sufficient to convince y'all that nothing's going on. The option held by Essential Entertainment has expired, but they want to renew it, and we want to let them. So once that's done, if anything's changed or develops further, I'll tell you, OK? " Makes me a bit sad, to be honest...

Lisa on May 15, 2010


I'll tell u one thing! It has some good action packed adventure in it! just because everyone loves it because its a romantic novel doesn't mean there aren't any other qualities to it! There are some bloody gory scenes, totally different from that! But hey i really don't care if you watch it or not, it's totally up to you and your opinion! 😀

Cynthiya on May 17, 2010


I will agree with the millions of other posts on this site that this book is truly amazing. I began reading the series years ago and have re read outlander several times, my favourite novel and i passed it along to friends and family and they all absolutely love it. To explain in short detail the plot line may seem slightly cliche, but diana gabaldon does such an amazing job with her writing that it is anything but. If you are a disbeliever then i dare you to give the first novel a read and see if u can attempt to put it down. I am slightly worried about the movie adaptation because i dont want it to end up being a let down. It is a very long and detailed story, and i hope they only make the movie if they can truly own up to expectations!

Camille on May 22, 2010


I got on the computer today because I was curious to see what the new status of the "Outlander" movie was. Whenever I need a pick-me-up I open my Outlander book. Just anywhere. Sometimes I look for certain scenes, like Jamie having to "punish" Claire know (all of you Outlander fans). I wish I COULD convince people to read it because of how it effects you when you do. It makes me happy. Period. I actually try to get anyone in my family to listen to just 5 minutes so I'm not the only one being tickled by Diana's humor. OMG! She is brilliant! Like "I want the world to know" brilliant! (OK, I'm sounding like Oprah now). But, the truth is that for whatever reason back in 1991, this book was not publicized like "Twilight" was. And you know what? It obviously didn't matter! Because there are still crazed followers in hoards for this author. I feel incredibly blessed that my friend told me about this book and I was ready for a good novel to take me away. But what I didn't realize was how frigging SMART it made me feel. Like, I now know about Scottish dialect, French, even Mohawk. And guess what?! I didn't have to do all the research! Diana did! She is so brilliant that she made learning about history (which I hated once upon a time) to OMG, why couldn't I feel this way about it in High School? I feel like I get it now. She connected me to another country, another time and at the same time made me horny for my husband! The other brilliant thing she did was wrote "The Outlandish Companion", to show you how she did the research. Brilliant! I just learned on her website that she met the young Scottish man that was her inspiration for Jamie. The one she saw on "Dr Who". Only Diana!

Andrea on May 24, 2010


Hey! "Black Jack Randall" was the bad guy. He was an ancestor of Claires' husband, Frank Randall.

Jennifer on May 27, 2010


I love this book! I only read the first one, but I'm so excited that a movie is being made about it! I researched it, and i think Gerard Butler(Phantom of the Opera) is going to play Jamie... 🙂 It seemed too long, but I was hooked from the beginning.

Kate on Jun 1, 2010


My vote is Jonathan Rhys-Myers as Black Jack Randall. I also like Gemma Arterton for Claire and either Ian Somerhalder or Chris Hemsworth as Jamie. My Claire could also be Ashley Greene (I don't think the accent is a problem). Jason Isaacs would be perfect for the bad guy but, sadly, he's way too old just as most of the other actors previously suggested. As far as Gerard Butler is concerned I think he could do Colum or Dougal. That's really too bad since I think he's the best-looking man on the planet, but he CANNOT pull off a 20-year-old guy.

gumbee on Jun 1, 2010


Jonathan Rhys Myers is excellent, Frank Randall is 10 years older than claire (38) and I know Jason Isaacs is older than that but I would think they could make him look a bit younger.... I think Emily Blunt for Claire. She is 27 and English and I think would be dead-on for this role. (She and Chris Hemsworth look well side by side too - picture wise. Wish I could attach them here, but don't seem to be able to!). There is a strapless black dress out on photobucket of here with a long silver strand necklace hanging down the front - she looks very sultry and Claire is a very sexual being - at least with Jamie she is.

Carolyn on Jun 2, 2010


Chris would look hot as Jamie! When will they start producing our favorite book? Any more news anyone?

Eileen on Jun 6, 2010


Last I read, Essential's option had expired. New negotiatons were ongoing with them and a mini-series was a possibility. I believe this was posted late last year.

Juanita on Jun 6, 2010


I just saw "Ca$h" with Chris Hemsworth (PERFECT Jamie!) and Sean Bean (PERFECT Collum!) and I just had to tell you right away about it. I thought, that some of you might be interested, since some of you would also love to see Chris as Jamie (even though EE's option has expired...wont stop me from rooting for Chris ;)). So, though the movie started kinda weak, I gotta tell you that Chris is TOTALLY gorgeous. He is a very good actor (I have seen him in other movies, but he had quite small parts in them - too small to tell if he's a skilled actor or not) but it is very obvious that he can do much better. I think that he can be a terrific actor once he's got the routine in big screen movies. I guess that "Thor" taught him alot about the blockbuster-thing. He's very good with funny/goofy faces, he made me laugh a lot (though "Ca$h" is NO comedy at all...). But he got me drooling when he put on his angry/pissed off face. God, that looked so hot, but at the same time you totally buy that he is damn angry. There is especially one scene, where he has to cook eggs for the bad guy, while the bad guy starts to flirt with his (Chris' characters) wife. He gets totally pissed off - he would scare the shit out of me if he looked at me like that! To put it in a nutshell: Chris is a great actor, he is capable of portraying fuuny/goofy, passionate and angry. And you totally buy ALL of it! God, HE WOULD BE SO PERFECT FOR JAMIE *drools again* 😉

Lisa on Jun 10, 2010


uhm, don't get me wrong: he's also capable of portraying other emotions etc as well...these were only those emotions that stood out in Ca$h 😉

Lisa on Jun 10, 2010


ok, I just uploaded a new video on Youtube. This time it's all about Chris Hemworth who is SO perfect for Jamie. It's not only a slideshow of pictures b/c IMO pictures don't tell ou anything about the actor himself. Only what he kinda looks like. So, therefore I included clips from other movies, interviews with and about Chris and some facts about Chris, to give you an overall impression about him. Oh, before I forget it: DROOLING ALERT!!! 😉 Please make sure to watch it to the end - there's a nice interview from the set of Thor... I hope you enjoy it! (And if anybody knows how to get the EE people to see this clip....tell me :D)

Lisa on Jun 12, 2010


I am 100% convinced he is "our Jamie" let's convince the people who do the producing etc.!!!!

Eileen on Jun 13, 2010


Chris is perfect! He's lean but still big, especially at the end with his 'Thor hair' on, if you just made it red it would be awesome. I agree 100%! When I read the EP update it said that the option expired, but that they wanted to renew it adding producing a mini-series to the option...

BlessedWannaB on Jun 13, 2010


Diana Gabaldon saved the clip to her favorites!!! Jeyyy!!!!

Lisa on Jun 13, 2010


Awesome if Diana is noticing - everyone says they don't know how Chris' acting is.... like i said, watch the first 12 minutes of Star Trek movie 2009 - for 12 minutes he's front and center of the movie and if that isn't jamie, don't know what is. Thanks Lisa, for the picture of Emily.... that is so claire to me....I just think the other super established actresses, Rachel Weisz, Kate Winslet are a little too old, and too exposed to be claire. Emily is established, but hasn't had that break-out role.... and to me, she is Claire to a T.

Carolyn on Jun 14, 2010


If and when Outlander series come to the screen. May it be done by people who feel the story in their hearts and souls. May the actors be indwelt by the spirits of the characters and may the director and producers strive for excellence on par with the books. Previous movies such as Brave Heart, Titanic, and Gone with the Wind have the potential of being completely blown out of the water by Mrs. Gabaldon's sweeping creation. To any potential Producers and Directors. These books are not your teenage daughters vampire fantasies. These stories will resonate with people all over the world because of the vivid portrayal of real historical events. It is the beginning of a beautiful American History and the characters are profound examples of the lives of their times. Do not pass this up and if you do choose to take it on, don't screw it up. Thank you. K.K. Sutro

Kristina on Jun 20, 2010


Lisa, that picture you found of Emily Blunt is the one - and she's english! Bonus! (my computer at home is not working, that is why the delay in answering about her picture! 2) I LOVE, LOVE LOVE your Chris Hemsworth You Tube - I mean, when you see that Thor picture can't you just see jamie out on the road with a little stubble - I mean he looks sensitive, he looks formidable! Your little production captured alot of Chris, and if people see the Star Trek footage - they'll all see Jamie! Again, thanks for putting the youtube presentation together! I've been hoping someone talented would take that challenge up and get it done! Jamie is so special, he has really big shoes to fill! it's the whole package, not just looks, it's a whole personality, a presence, he is a really magnetic, charismatic personality - and Claire is special too - they have to have that "magic" between them too! I think, cast Jamie and try out Claires until you get the right one.... and we'll have it.

Carolyn on Jun 21, 2010


Carolyn, thats so nice of you. What a lovely comment 🙂 Thanks 🙂 You know, since I'm posting on this and other blogs and having made casting videos for youtube I realized how huge the Outlander/Jamie-Fan-Communtity is. We are all connected through the love to that series/man and its such a wonderful thing to discuss about our passion and connecting with each other. I have gotten so many positive response in form of PMs, comments etc (and of course the high honour of Diana Gabaldon saving two of my vids to her favorites) for which I'm so grateful about. Even if the movie (if it's made one day) wont satisfy us, we will still have these amazing books, our (in many cases colorful ;)) phantasy and this great community. Thank you all for coloring the Outlander world! cheers

Lisa on Jun 23, 2010


It's funny, I was just thinking about how we've taken this blog and turned it into a personal chatroom as we all discuss Jamie and Diana Gabaldon. I'm on The Fiery Cross right now for the third time. I just love these books so much. I've also gotten three friends to pick them up, and they're hooked too!

Blessedwannab on Jun 24, 2010


I always thought that Kellan Lutz would be great as Jamie. Now, I am unsure. Chris Hensworth was suggested and he looks great! I would believe him as Jamie. I think that Kate Beckinsale is my Claire. Clive Owen would be perfect as Dougel and Gary Oldman should play Jack Randall...he is any amazing actor and can be charming as well as twisted all in the same roll. That is all I have really thought about.

Heather on Jul 6, 2010


I never thought of Kate Beckinsale as Claire...she might be able to pull it off...and she is English I think...interesting!

Eileen on Jul 6, 2010


I can't wait! Outlander was a life changing book for me and I went on to read all in the series, studied Scotland for 4 years and went to SCOTLAND to visit some of the historical places she had mentioned. It is an amazing and intricate story about history, love, and life...EPIC! Anyone who thinks otherwise has not bothered to see the depth but read or only understood the surface of this fantastically gifted author. Scotland visits, 2 times and will go back again next summer. LIFE Changing for anyone open to seek and expand their world and view of life. I can't wait for this to hit the screen. Those of you who are seeking advice whether or not to make the movie are not only motivated by the depth of a story (I'm sure) but also the return your investment will bring. Rest assured you will make your money back, no question!

Ygraine on Jul 10, 2010


Hey, who knows? The new series on Starz based on Ken Follett's novel The Pillars of the Earth could pave the way for and Outlander series. I think it would be an outstanding series on one of the major cable networks.

Jules on Jul 19, 2010


Hey, I just watched "The Man in the Iron Mask" (screenplay and director: Randall Wallace)'s been quite a long time since I've seen it, and though I love the movie, the screenplay is, let's face it, pure crap. I guess most of you have noticed that as well. But the script is so bad and that, espeially in the more damatic scenes, the movie gets unintenionally funny when the actors throw around their pathetic lines. ... Well, I don't know how (and if) Randall Wallace has improved in the last 13 years (I do hope so, since he wrote the screenplay for Outlander), but if the script for the Outlander movie has the same quality like the man in the iron mask and!! 😉 At the other hand, the man in the iron mask is still a movie (at least for me) which catches me and in a strange way touches me. Maybe just because it's so damn pathetic that it has the kind of romance of a modern 1940s swashbuckler, which makes it all adorable again. And the music and the great cast just speak for themselves. Now, I don't know if the swashbuckler romance is the right thing for Outlander - probably not...I don't want to laugh, when Jamie tells Claire about the whippings and uses the most pathetic lines...nah, Jamie is not pathetic. Jamie is cool 😀 Another thing: The article at the top of the page says that EE has fast-tracked the movie. Well, since it has been delayed due to the recession and the option has expired, do you think that, as soon as the option has been re-newed (what Diana and EE intend to do), they will again try to fast-track it and will go into production quickly as soon as actors (CHRIS HEMSWORTH FOR JAMIE!!! YEYYYY!! :D), a director etc have been chosen?? cheers oh, btw... Am I the only one who wants the books to be made into big screen movies? Honestly, I hate the idea of a mini series on TV. For quality reasons but also b/c of me being very selfish here...I'm in Germany and couldn't watch it if it was broadcastet in the US first. It usually takes a long time, before (if at all!) a show or a mini series comes to my country 🙁

Lisa on Jul 21, 2010


Latest news (23.07.2010) from Dianas HP: "I know you’re all waiting eagerly to hear about developments in terms of movies, mini-series, etc.—and I promise I’ll tell you the instant these occur! The latest news on that front, though, is merely that we’ve done an extension of the option agreement with Essential Entertainment, including a new clause allowing them to explore the possibility of making a mini-series, in addition to or instead of a feature film. So, you know, keep your fingers crossed, but don’t be holding your breath just yet."

Lisa on Jul 27, 2010


The Oulander series is more than a story of romance. It overflows with history,suspense, intrigue,adventure, science fiction, violence, etc. These not-for-women-only novels get right to the soul. If this series is done with the expertise of Showtime's "The Tutors", it could be a mini-series that will apeal to both men and women.

Rosemary on Aug 20, 2010


I agree with Rosemary, it would be a wonderful series as "The Tutors" has become. But it wouldn't fit into a movie or even a few hours. To tell it all it would have to be at least as long as the" North and South " two mini series were. I a'm waiting with baited breath to here more of a series please don't hold off doing this to long some of us fans are getting up in years you know!

Wendy on Aug 21, 2010


I was in the Tourist Bureau in Inverness looking at books and I daw the first three of Diana's. I asked questions of the staff and a man on duty took me outside and pointing across the River Ness, Up the hill on the other side of the river and told me that the book began at the top of that hill. I was hooked. I bought the books and have kept up with them as they came on the market. I just finished"An Echo in the Bone" and am already wondering when the next one comes out. I am awed by the amount of research that has gone into so many areas, and the shaping of the characters from the 18th century. I have only one compliant - the latter books in the series are getting unwieldy but i'll still read the subsequent ones. Thank you Diana

Kenneth Sinclair on Aug 29, 2010


I have read the Outlander series and from research point of veiw thought the historical detail was perfect and since it is classed as a romance I simply dont agree that men wouldnt enjoy it! I also have this series on audio book and I listen to it at night before I go to sleep to help me unwind from the day and my husband joined me with listening to the books just a few months ago. My husband says he cant wait to see these books come to life on the big screen. I have given the first two books in the series to my step daughter and my niece and their partners read them too! In which adult book series do you get to go on different adventures along with the main characters... their is witch trials, the battle of culloden, pirates on the high seas, the fantasy of time travel, fighting indians and bears as well as reading about the main character clining to life from snake bite, as well as the american revolution... and I am australian and absolutley love these books! as for the casting of the characters I would have to pick Kate Beckinsale and Gerry Butler ... Gerry Butler played a 20 year old in a flash back scene in PS I Love You with Hilary Swank and done a pretty good job of it and people who ever they get they have to have someone who is going to be able to play a young man who starts off at 23 in the first two movies and then find someone who is going to resemble that person for the other 6 movies if they choose to do all 8 books! Thank you Diana I love your books and can't wait for the next one to be published.

Carol on Sep 2, 2010


Hey, I stopped getting email updates about this! I just had to read to catch up. I don't have aything new to add, except Chris for Jamie! Gerard for Dougal!

BlessedWannaB on Sep 5, 2010


Oh my gosh! The whole time I was imagining him with a broadswoard in his hand instead of the hammer. He'd be an incredible Jamie!!

BlessedWannaB on Sep 11, 2010


I can't stop watching this little clip *drooling* Chris MUST play Jamie 😉 Question: Why do some of you want the novel made into a mini serien by HBO? If it was made into a series I'd rather have it done by the BBC. They have done beautiful adaptaions and would do Outlander justice as well. Though I'm still on the train for the big screen movie...

Lisa on Sep 13, 2010


Watching Vampire Diaries and thinking that Ian Somerhalder would be a perfect Black Jack/Frank! Because HBO can show things that regular channels can't, they will be able to portrey the violence more realistically and won't feel the need to cut out some of the rougher scenes. I have never seen a BBC show, but I'm not opposed to it as long as they make sure to include the good with the bad. Big Screen makes me most nervous because it's either excellent like LotR, or it will suck like most others, but either way alot of things will be left out. I'd like a Gone with the Wind type movie, long and as full as possible.

BlessedWannaB on Sep 13, 2010


I just found this new interview with Diana: towards the end of the interview she also talks about progressions concerning the movie. I don't know if I got that right, but it sounded as if there is a new contract to be signed as soon as she gets home. She could have also meant a contract for a stage production for the musical, b/c she was talking about this as well, but I'm pretty sure that she meant the movie. She also talked about the possibility of a contract for a mini-series. Another thing, that kind of confused me was that she talked about several screenwriters, that the production company has narrowed down the possible screenwriters to two ( Hasn't Randall Wallace already written a script??) and that they will have chosen a screenwriter soon next year. Maybe some of you could watch the interview as well and give me heads up, wether I'm right or wrong. I'm a bit confused but as it sounds as if there is at least bit of progress I'm happy 😉

Lisa on Sep 16, 2010


I got my Graphic Novel today!!! Whew hoo!

BlessedWannaB on Sep 21, 2010


I got mine today and I. ABSOLUTELY.LOVE.IT!!!

Lisa on Sep 23, 2010


I carried mine around for 2 days, read and looked at it.

BlessedWannaB on Sep 25, 2010


These are my all time favorite books, it has so many different elements that make it an amazing series. I really hope they make it into a movie, I think that Gerard Butler would make a good Jamie.

Oceanna on Sep 30, 2010


Outlander is my favorite historical fiction series of all time! Having said that, the only part I could envision Katherine Heigl playing is Laoghaire. I also cannot envision Jamie as some of the older actors suggested. Jamie is a young, buff guy for the most part, even after aging, he's breathtaking. Not an easy role to fill, and I'm sorry but I don't think McKidd is hot enough for the part. Nor is Gerard Butler. I agree with some of the above posts: Chris Hemsworth has my vote! Below are my top pics, in order of preference. Jamie - needs to be a 100% buff, manly guy, like Chris Hemsworth, Matthew McConaughey, Chase Crawford or (as a last choice) Paul Walker. Any of those guys could pull off the red-haired role, particularly Chris. Jamie is noticed everywhere he goes - Gerard Butler wouldn't turn that many heads in a crowd, nor would Kevin McKidd for that matter. Gerard & Kevin could be older Frasers, but not Jamie, IMHO. That would just ruin it for me. Claire - is naturally beautiful. Dark brown, curly hair. I personally think Catherine Zeta-Jones is absolutely PERFECT for the part! She may be 40 years old, but she's stunning. Her features totally fit the part. I also think Kate Beckinsale could do a decent job, and even Rachel McAdams, or Kristen Davis could pull it off. Rachel Weisz would be my last suggestion, just b/c Claire is voluptuous, and Rachel's features (physically) don't mesh well w/ the character for me. Rachel just falls short but that's just my honest opinion. Frank Randall - is also relatively attractive. No offense, but Jason Isaacs may embody Black Jack Randall's character, but I CANNOT see him as Frank. Frank is more of a stately kind of historian sort. Very predictable and reserved in temperament, but not unfortunate looking. I dunno, maybe I just can't get Lucius Malfoy out of my head. Isaacs won't work. I think Hugh Jackman is absolutely PERFECT for the role as Frank/Black Jack Randall. I can't foresee anyone else. Laoghaire - I picture Kate Bosworth in this role. Possibly Kristen Bell, Malin Ackerman, Sophia Myles, or (last choice) Katherine Heigl. I think Kate would do an awesome job, actually! But she would need to gain weight for the grown-up role. Jenny Fraser - Actress Laura Fraser totally fits! Can't think of anyone else. Ian - Viggo Mortensen possibly. Ewan McGregor would also fit well. Brianna - Emmy Rossum! Dougal - Gerard Butler Roger - I picture James McAvoy or even Jude Law Young Jamie - Zac Efron or Simon Woods There were lots of great suggestions in the forum! 🙂

Cheerio on Oct 2, 2010


With hair colored red and wearing blue contact lenses, Brit Ben Barnes--who already has been filmed on horse and brandishing a sword and who can carry a Scots accent--is a great option for Jamie. See him in "Dorian Gray." Try Eric Bana or James Caviezel for Frank/Jack Randall. Henry Cavill would be a strong Ian. Rachel Hurd-Wood (also in "Dorian Gray") would be a distraction as Laoghaire. Brian Percival ("North and South" 2004) or Oliver Parker ("Dorian Gray" 2009) or Neil Jordan would be superior options for film director.

C.S. on Oct 5, 2010


After reading book 7 in the Outlander series I had to go back and read the first 6 again. As I finished my second reading I felt like I was saying goodbye to best friends. These books take you into another world. They are robustly written, gritty, enlightening and dearly loved by me and the many friends I have recommended them to. I am a voracious reader and enjoy many genre's both fiction and non fiction and these are very special. They are beautifully crafted and are among the few books I cannot give away. As for the movie, I have little hope that anyone could live up to my image of James Frasier or Claire. It would seriously dissapoint me if they were under represented. possibly Charlize Theron for Claire. She has the power. Jamie needs to be a big guy a manly man. A Liam Neeson or Sean Connery type. Who would that be? Maybe Gerard Butler.

Kitty Kelly on Oct 6, 2010


" If all goes well, Ms. Heigl will then turn toward sharply dramatic work, starring as a Scottish heroine in an adaptation of “Outlander,” the novel by Diana Gabaldon. “Scotland? 2012? What do you think?” she said. " This is a quote from the original article from NY Times.

Lisa on Oct 10, 2010


I thoght about that again - actually, Heigl does quite have the physical ability to portray Claire ( I assume that a female leading role woud mean Claire), she's got quite the height, age and the body and her eyes seem to be of a nice light-brownish color. Acting wise she definately's got the humour and the wit.I've never seen her in anything close to drama. But people can surprise you. But I'd still prefer an English-born actress like Kate Winslet.

Lisa on Oct 10, 2010


Kevin Mckidd def has my vote for Jamie! Not sure about claire. But Kathrine for Bianna maybe!I like the idea of Gerard Butler for Dougal. Maybe Ewan Macgregor for Collin or Ian. I would love to see this in theatre!

Laurie on Oct 11, 2010


I agree Lisa, at first I hated the idea of Katherine. But it has grown on me, at least in her appearance. She just did a period piece and people have told me I should check it out. Plus the bonus of that is that she's famous enough to actually get it off the ground.

BlessedWannaB on Oct 12, 2010


Yeah, at least she should get credit for at least mentioning Outlander and hinting at a possible movie. I just watched Love comes softly from 2003 and I've got to say that she's really good in it. Looks great and handles the drama very well. @ Laurie: You DO realise that McKidd looks like he is 40? I'm SO ANNOYED that people always bring him up. Yes, he is a nice actor and charming as well and yes, he is even Scottish, has red hair and blue eyes. Yes, yes, yes. But thats IT and that alone doesn't make Jamie! Quote Diana: "I think Kevin McKidd is a lovely man and a fine actor. He's also twenty years (at least) too old to play Jamie, just like most of the actors people suggest to me. Kind of the difficulty, isn't it? If a guy's been around long enough to be established and have people recognize and like him...he's too old to play a 22-year-old virgin, I'm sorry. ... And while Kevin McKidd is likewise a lovely Scotsman, he's twenty years too old to play Jamie, so why keep suggesting him?" That's all there is to say about that. IMO Kevin McKidd would be a much worse choice for the young Jamie than Kate Heigl for Claire.

Lisa on Oct 13, 2010


But I have to agree with Laurie as well: I would love to see this one on the big screen! Sorry, but I'm no fan of a mini series 😉

Lisa on Oct 13, 2010


Lisa, I agree with you 100%. The same is true of Gerard Butler. It is much easier to take a young actor and put make up on him so that he looks old (Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button), then it is to take a man who looks in his 40's and make him a believable 22 year old. Plus, if it's true that Kate Heigl may play Claire, can you imagine how old Kevin McKidd would look next to her?

BlessedWannaB on Oct 13, 2010


Oh, ha. And I would like to have the money of a Big Screen movie but the length of a mini-series. I dread the scenes and characters that get cut out of a Big Screen movie.

BlessedWannaB on Oct 13, 2010


Hey, Diana just acknowledged that Ann Peacock is the scriptwriter. I also hope that this is another sign (along with the Heigl 'news' ) that the movie will be made rather soon. That also seems to mean that Randall Wallace is out of the game, right? Yeahhh! 😀

Lisa on Oct 25, 2010


PS I believe that it would be much better if a woman wrote that script since I think that women have/get a better connection with the novel and the characters. If I got it right Ann Peacock also adapted Narnia for the big screen. Didn't read Narnie but I saw it. Maybe anyone here has read and seen Narnia and can tell me how good/bad the books were adapted, concerning the script.

Lisa on Oct 25, 2010


I read the books so long ago that I can't remember. I remember liking the book and liking the movie...

blessedwannab on Oct 27, 2010


Familiar with it? I read the series every year or two trying to figure out what the exact formula for the romatic chemistry is, along with polishing my UK history. I LIKE Kathryn Hiegl, I do... BUT NOT IN THIS. British unknown, or someone who can play drama and under-stated comedy... not canned or forced. Eve Myles (BBC Series Torchwood) or even Kate Winslet (if you need box-office 'al la curves!'). This is a HUGE franchise... Harry Potter big... don't screw it up with an American actress.

N Barrera on Oct 29, 2010


I have read ALL the Outlander series (more than once)!!!! I thouroughly enjoy these books, I will be first in line to see the movies (if they are ever made). The ONLY way to do the story justice is to do a series of movies. Remember all the Star Wars movies??? Oh, by the way, Michael Cera is the perfect actor for young Jamie. Claire, I don't know, it would be perfect for an as yet unknown actress. I can't wait until the next book comes out, but in the meantime, I will be re reading the others. Diana Gabaldon is an amazing writer!

Cindy Hinds on Nov 3, 2010


Love the Outlander Series! I'm on book 3 and am already looking forward to re-reading books 1 and 2 🙂 My dream lead actors: Kevin McKidd (plays Owen on Grey's Anatomy) as Jamie. Kevin has it all - he's Scottish, really tall, has red hair, and is good looking in a manly/rugged way. Ideally, a young Kate Winslet as Claire (think Kate Winslet in the Titanic...perfect!). I liked someone's suggestion of Emily Blunt - I love her and I think she could make a good Claire. I also like Rachel Weiz, but think she may be too old?

Candice on Nov 7, 2010


Ok, Lisa is right...Kevin McKidd is too old to play Jamie 🙁 Darn him for being in his 40s, LOL! Oh well, I still envision him (albeit a younger version of him) when I read the Outlander books. Perhaps the role of Jamie needs to go to an unknown actor? Oh, and I HATE the idea of Katherine Heigl as Claire! Seriously, I think she would be a horrible choice. The thought of her playing Claire turns me off and makes me not want to see the movie (if it's ever made, that is).

Candice on Nov 7, 2010


I don't agree with Michael Cera as Jamie--he's too goofy and not Scottish. But definitely having unknowns is a good idea. Not Katherine Heigl, sorry. She's great, but this does not seem like a good fit. It seems like grabbing a celebrity to boost profits, but I think it would end up alienating a lot of the fans who have actually read the books. Some brilliant, complex English/Scottish people would really do the story justice. I hope they do a series--impossible to cover the material in all six books in one movie. A TV series would be better, so they could take their time a bit more with the story, as Gabaldon does. All the added dimensions she allows time for make the series as wonderful as it is--it's not just a romance series, or historical fiction, it's more complex than that. I hope that's preserved!

KT on Nov 8, 2010


no no no Gerard Butler as Jamie it is a super idea!!! He has the look, the straight this is Jamie and that's it!! I don't want anyone else!!! For Claire, please not Kate Winslet please!!!! and do a film per book that's it. we want to feel them,to live with them. We know them and want to see them. They are parts of us. But please do those film and as someone told earlier spend money and do nice films and don't mist any details! We want to feel the story, smell the adventure, the fear, the love.... please do it soon and you could make a kind of an outlander fan club to make some people happy to be an outlander and take part of that family.

flavie on Nov 22, 2010



ruthditulllio on Nov 22, 2010


Gerard Butler is 41 years old. He can not play a 23 year old man. I know people have their heart set on him but it's not logical anymore so we have to start looking at younger actors. Diana Gabaldon says the next book will be out in 2012.

blessedwannab on Nov 23, 2010


Chris Hemsworth, Has the height, the body and the "Cat Like" eyes that Diana had mentioned frequently, through out all her books, describing Jamie Frazer, Plus he is really tasty looking too!

Shoelex on Jan 11, 2011


Yeah, Chris Hemsworth all the way. He's got it all. But there are always people who don't agree and fpr them I found a young (20 yrs) English actor whose facial features kind of remind me a bit of the Jamie in The Exile. He's not THAT tall (1,80 m) actually, but he looks really good IMO. For the record: I still want Chris Hemsworth to play Jamie 🙂

Lisa on Jan 12, 2011


I think Chris would work too!!! Stats read that he is 6'3" .... add a plumped up Kiera Knightly and watch the sparks fly!!!!!

Sherry on Jan 20, 2011


I love Alex Pettyfer. And I think he's got the right features, but he's all over right now. He's in I Am Number 4, Beastly and there's talk of him playing Jace in City of Bones... I don't want a guy who is considered the 'it' actor for books made into movies.

Blessedwannab on Jan 27, 2011


Brendan Fraser as Jamie Fraser. Brendan's middle name is actually Jamie. Makes me wonder if Diana Gabaldon has a thing for him, and they are my two favortie fantasy guys. Give it to Brendan based on personality. He has the size, he can act.

guest on Jan 17, 2011


Yeah, and he also is an old,ugly wimp. Sorry, but just b/c they have the same name....I mean, come on! Look at this guy! His face looks like a sponge with eyes, nose and mouth glued onto it! Theres no Jamie Fraser in him.

Lisa on Jan 22, 2011


If you think the Outlander Novels are just about romance, you obviously have never read one. While there is a romantic aspect, there is also a great deal of very accurate historical content as well as plenty of action and suspense. I challenge anyone who thinks these books are simply romance novels to actually read them. You will be pleasantly surprised. Diana Gabaldon is a gifted writer who has the ability to bring her characters to life in such a way that her readers find themselves caught up and totally invested in those characters.

Char-in-cove on Jan 27, 2011


And that, is the beauty of genre films. If you don't like a film's topic, don't watch the film ~ leaving those who do like it, to watch if they please. I don't like horror much, so I don't watch them. I don't negate that others might enjoy them though 😉 Win/win for everyone. Personally, I'm not a huge romance fan, but thus far these books have been much more about the historical aspect and have been more concerned with telling a huge story than solely about the romance (though romantic it is). I'd love to see it turned into a film.... before I'm 100 years old preferably. They're certainly taking their time with it.... Cast Anne Hathaway, Evangeline Lilly, Abbie Cornish (my favorite), or Emma Watson as Claire, and there isn't anyone else for Jamie but Kevin McKidd (seriously, have you seen the man?), and get it done for heaven's sake... been years on the table at this point.

Phoenix_phineas on Feb 22, 2011


Sorry, but obviously you haven't seen Kevin McKidd lately...the credibility of the whole movie would be lost if McKidd was introduced as a 23 year old virgin. That's just ridiculous.

Lisa on Mar 17, 2011


Yes, you're right. The photo I saw was an old one, though I did not feel it was important enough for me to come back here to change my comment after realizing my mistake. I bow to your superior knowledge on the subject of aging celebrities and take my leave of this board permanently. Good luck getting it to the screen 😉

Phoenix_phineas on Mar 17, 2011


These are NOT ROMANCE's an adventure that also happens to have a LOVE STORY in it.Anyone who hasn't read the books should not criticize.I hate romance novels...I love these books.History,adventure,intrigue...that just so happens to revolve around two people wqho know the true meaning of the word love.Claire is an intelligent,funny,and brave woman...and Jamie,well men should take a page out of his book-he knows what being a real man is all about.

Calliope3368 on Mar 26, 2011


These are my favorite series of books...I just finished Echo in the Bone and I have to wait till 2012 to find out what happens....we could all be dead by then!! I think HBO should talk to James Cameron about a series and I agree that the actors/actresses should be natives of England/Scotland possibly new comers..

Lynneth on Apr 15, 2011


I don't know when or if this movie is coming out but I'll tell you this, when it does me and my husband will be some of the first to see it. We have bought at least 2 copies of each book so that we can both read it at the same time. We also have our children and most of our relatives reading them. They are a fantastic read. Oh, did I mention that me husband is usually a sci-fi buff?????

Mommawgogo5 on Apr 18, 2011


Thank you!! I loved this series. Could not put it down, actually had my husband get me the next book while I was still half way on the previous one since I just couldn't wait. The story is awesome with, in my opinion, just enough romance without going on emotional overload. I loved the fast paced, action packed story line...there is always something going on. Also the historical elements for me were very enchanting. I hope it does become a success on screen soon. I am tired of the stuff in the movie theaters lately. I think casting an actor such as the gentleman who is staring as "Thor" upcoming, would be whom I envision as the role of "Jamie", or a similar tall, Viking looking, handsome, rugged man. As for "Clair", don't know yet. Educating people about history is not such a bad thing. I mean where do we score recently in the world on education? Not at the top of the list, I'm afraid. As depicted in these novels, history can be cool.

Anaandmatthew on May 4, 2011


I don't know when or if this movie is coming out but I'll tell you this, when it does me and my husband will be some of the first to see it. We have bought at least 2 copies of each book so that we can both read it at the same time. We also have our children and most of our relatives reading them. They are a fantastic read. Oh, did I mention that me husband is usually a sci-fi buff?????

Mommawgogo5 on Apr 18, 2011


Outlander series is romance? Guess I missed that. My wife's brother (horse trainer), my sons, and I aren't gay and we thought they were adventure books. Couldn't figure out why my wife wanted to read them when we finished them. But then, she likes sports, too. Went to Scotland and Culloden Field, and it really brought those books home. Of course, the American part is very real, too. Man, those books are about survival in a tough, tough world. I'd like to meet Jaime and shake his hand, then sit down over a whiskey and hear the stories he could tell.

Anonymous on Apr 21, 2011


My daughter gave me the book "Cross Stitch" that she picked up from a garage sale for ten cents about 3 years ago. I hesitated at first because the title didn't appeal to me. One day I opened it up and I must say untill chapter 3 or 4 it didn't grab me. Once I passed this point I was hooked. I couldn't stop until I had read the complete series and I must say I am hanging out for the next book. Most guys arn't into the romance side of things but hey, tell me which movie doesn't have a romantic side to it. I have read the series many times over now and will probably do so again.

Rosaveltw on Apr 24, 2011


H eath Ledger would've been perfect as Jamie. Too bad he's dead...

Koowie on May 12, 2011


 An Outlander movie?  How would I as a fan envision it?    Powerful.  Earth-shattering.  An experience that leaves the audience moved and shaken by its terrible power and beauty.  Think The Last of the Mohicans, the 1992 Michael Mann adaptation with Daniel Day Lewis and Madeleine Stowe.  (Think also Rob Roy with Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange.)     If a really good movie were made of Outlander, just the first book (or perhaps the first 2 combined), I would want it to have the power and epic scope of the 1992 Last of the Mohicans remake.  As some critics said, that movie “blends action, romance and history,” is an “exciting, visually stunning and satisfying epic adventure,” “lush and irresistible.”   To have a successful movie/television series that goes on to cover most or all of the books, the first Outlander production has to capture an audience.  It can do this with the right “ingredients.”   Four things are essential for a really good adaptation.  First you must have an outstanding script/writing; second, an absolutely charismatic Jamie (played by a Scot!) whose fierce and graceful body language and manly beauty appeals to women of all ages; third, a strong, feisty Claire (played by an Englishwoman!); and fourth, powerful music.   Wonderful scenery is a must, as is powerful chemistry between Jamie and Claire.   Rumors are that Katherine Heigl is interested in playing Claire.  I’m afraid that she could never come close to embodying Claire.  Claire should be someone with the beauty, curves, and acting ability of Rachel Weisz, the feistiness of a young Susan Sarandon, the bravery, physicality and resourcefulness of Anna Friel in Timeline, and the wit, sarcasm and presence of a young Emma Thompson.   But your Jamie is the key to the success or failure of the production. The actor must convey charisma, presence, confidence, physical grace, charm, wit, humor (with a definite twinkle in his eye on occasion), wiliness, leadership, ruthlessness, hard-edged almost feral maleness, ability to withstand physical and mental torture, unflagging energy and intelligence, vulnerability, sensitivity, steadfast devotion to family, honor and love, and deep, intense, unshakable love of his chosen woman.    There’s only one actor who could BE Jamie - Gerard James Butler.    So he’s 41.  Hollywood make-up artists and correct lighting can make him look like a much younger man with Jamie’s coloring.  Yes, Josh Holloway, model Gabriel Aubry, Charlie Hunnam, Chris Hemsworth, Jamie Campbell-Bower, etc. are good looking enough to play Jamie.  But they do not embody him.  Some of them are still callow boys.  Jamie may be just turning 23 when he marries Claire, but he is a man full grown, not a callow boy.  He’s a brave man who has emerged from boyhood.  He’s already been tested by horrific beatings, family tragedies, foreign study and mercenary military service, suspected betrayal and almost death by a family member, outcast status, a man with a price on his head when he returns to his beloved Scotland.    (BTW You absolutely could not have Mr. Butler playing Dougal as some have suggested or any other part in the film.  He’s a scene-stealer of the first order and frequently overshadows those around him.  He would steal the movie and have audience members wondering why he was not cast as Jamie.)   But Mr. Butler probably would not be available, even if the part were offered.  He’s most likely too expensive for the movie and busy elsewhere.  If we’re lucky, we may get to see him as Marc Antony in the adaptation of Stacy Schiff’s wonderful new biography of Cleopatra.  There’s a strong possibility that it will be adapted for the screen.  Mr. Butler’s name is being prominently mentioned along with that of James Purefoy, Clive Owen, Russell Crowe, and a few others for the role of the Roman general.  Angelina Jolie has expressed a strong interest in playing the Egyptian queen.

Meggie on May 15, 2011


I absolutely love this series.  I bought the last one at Christmas and have been reading them all year, backwards.  Crazy hey.  I might have a few months break before starting from the beginning again.  Don't think a movie would work, too much to be crammed into so little time.  I think a tv series running over several years would be excellent.  I'm not asking too much am I?

Kym on Jun 8, 2011


Rachael McAdams should play claire! she is so beautiful and can be firece and strong when she has to. gerard butler would be okay as jamie but i see jamie bigger broader features i think we could find better.

Aliiixrandall on Jun 10, 2011


Should the Outlander series be produced as film or a TV series?  If done to the level and attention to detail as Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, then adapting to film could work well. With that kind of commitment, Outlander series would blow the likes of Twilight and Harry Potter out of the water. However, there are 7 Outlander books. Is any film studio willing to stump up the finances? Peter Jackson had to fight tooth and nail to perserve the integrity of LoR, taking nearly 10 years from scripting to film launch. Instead, HBO or even ABC (thinking about the LOST 6-year series) might be a better bet. Like with the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series, HBO is adapting (albiet at times very loosely) one book per year, averaging 12 episodes. Regardless, much of the essential aspects of Charlene Harrison's story-telling is retained in the TV series, making watching riveting. My vote: HBO

Victoriasfolly on Jun 15, 2011


I am a man and a huge action sci fan and not interested in romance novels. This outlander series is easily in the top three books or series of books I've ever read. And I've read a lot of books. I'm amazed this story hasn't been made into a movie yet. It would need to be made into a series of movies to do it justice. If done well it would be a blockbuster. Have been hoping for years this story would be made into a movie.

John on Jun 18, 2011


What a thrill A whole new (to me) fanclub. I found the original book in 1997 Crossstitch on Holiday and read it 3 times before I went home. Gave it to my daughter who was (like me) instantly hooked. A friend at work was similarly grabbed and for years in between waiting for the next one read and re-read them all. They both argued who would be the one after me to read the next instalment. We all refer to the books as 'Jamie & Claire' and on the strength of these I also bought all the 'Lord John' books.  As to the film, Hurrah!! I have always thought that Eric Stolz would a great Jamie and maybe Damian Lewis for the older man. and Alex Kingston as the older Claire, but none the other women put up by other people fell'right' Good luck Mr Wallace. Get the film out for the die hard Gabaldon fans.

Fieldy35 on Jun 20, 2011


    I am so excited about putting this story on the screen... the only problem is that I don't think it's possible to do it as a movie and do justice to it. The severe chopping that would put it into two hours or so could not help but destroy it. Everyone who went to see it would be so disappointed because of the necessary omissions; this is a very complicated storyline, with multiple threads in it; I think it would be a disaster if they tried to leave some of the subplots out.    If anyone has read "Lonesome Dove," and then has seen the miniseries, they will understand. There are many subplots there, also, and the series included them all. It would have been so truncated as a movie that it would not have resembled the original. Much of the miniseries had direct dialogue from the book, and those who had read the book were pleased that the full story was told.    For this reason, I think that it absolutely needs to be a miniseries. There is just too much content for two hours. Maybe a miniseries every two years or so, with the story staying true to the original. They did the "Harry Potter," over a span of years, and kept the same actors so they aged appropriately; this would be a wonderful idea.   I am a history nut, especially that of the British Empire; I would have thrown that book down in a heartbeat if it was not accurate in the historical aspect. Ms Gabaldon does every person (read:character) in the story justice. I'm looking forward to it!!  

Troyanne on Jun 21, 2011

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