Diane Lane and Richard Gere in Nights in Rodanthe

May 28, 2008
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Nights in Rodanthe Trailer

If the trailer for He's Just Not That Into You didn't suit you, then try this one on for size. Lives change. Paths cross. That's the moral of the story in Nights in Rodanthe. Sorry to ruin it for you, but they get together at the end, because they always do in movies like this. If you're a sucker for a good adult romantic drama, then Nights in Rodanthe is for you. If not, then watch some clips from The Incredible Hulk. I don't know how many of you there are, at least out there reading, but maybe there are a few. I'm not really looking forward to this much, but every once in a while, a good romance is necessary (I think?).

Watch the trailer for Nights in Rodanthe:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Nights in Rodanthe trailer in High Definition on AOL

Nights in Rodanthe is directed by first-time feature filmmaker George C. Wolfe with a script written by Ann Peacock (In My Country, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) and John Romano (The Third Miracle, Intolerable Cruelty). The film is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks of The Notebook. Nights in Rodanthe arrives in theaters on October 3rd this fall.

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Looks good. Single moms will love this! 🙂

egghub on May 28, 2008


A friend of mine worked on this, and apparently there's a hurricane that hits, so I bet R. Gere dies.

Joker on May 28, 2008


Well...not sure how many men out there read or have ever read Nicholas Sparks novels but I am a true fan of this writer. Most of his stories take place in or around the the North Carolina coast of Nags Head and that is one reason for my enjoyment of his writings. We visit the Outer Banks/Nags Head beaches every year so it is easy to become attached to the characters and the surroundings. I've read a Night in Rodanthe and while I'm not a huge Richard Gere fan I think he might just pull this one off. Casting Diane Lane was a marvelous choice. All I hope for now is that the movie doesn't short change the book.... It should be a good..NOT GREAT film for the Fall Season...

Triston on May 29, 2008


Weren't they a married couple in "Unfaithful"?? This could be Unfaithful PT. 2!! 😀

Alex on May 29, 2008


hi! does anyone know the name of the song¿¿¿

nobodysperfect on May 29, 2008


the name of the song is love remains the same by gavin rossdale

carl on May 29, 2008


tnx for the info Carl i knew that was something about love tnx

nobodysperfect on May 29, 2008


Why must they WHISPER in romantic trailers?

Ryan on May 29, 2008


I think this looks good...cheesy but good.

Janet on May 29, 2008


Read the book

Erin on May 30, 2008


The book was amazing. I just hope that the movie does the book justice. I can't wait to see it.

Susie on Jun 1, 2008


I can't wait to see this movie because I love all the movies Richard Gere has done!!! :]

Kristyn on Jul 25, 2008


Richard Gere is my favorite actor of all time I can't wait to watch this movie!!! :]

Kristyn on Jul 25, 2008


I agree with Alex. The fact that they were in Unfaithful ruined this movie for me even though I enjoy the book.

Rissa on Jul 26, 2008


oh I loved that book I cant wait for the movie I have all Nicholas Sparks books!!!

snowy on Jul 31, 2008


I just finished reading the book and loved it! Casting Richard Gere for this role was an excelletn choice ...cna't wait for the movie.

Cindy on Aug 16, 2008


I have to say....the night of rodanthe is the first and only Nicholas Spark book I have ever read...the only reason why I read it...was I saw the trailer and it caught my interest... Having Richard Gere and Daine Lane play the roles of Adrienne and Paul was PERFECT!!! The book and the relationship was breathless...I am hoping for an alternated ending in the movie...OH GAWD let it happen!!

vfergus on Aug 16, 2008


Sparks books are embarrassing, but a movie with Richard Gere, and the towering talent of Diane Lane, even though sappy, cannot lose.

Pete Hickey on Aug 18, 2008


Richard Gere and Diane Lane are perfect couple for love story movies, so I can't wait to see Nights In Rodanthe.

marilou on Aug 30, 2008


I can't wait till it is out to see it. I love Richard Gere! I like Nicholas Sparks and movies of course set on the beaches of NC. This is actually Richard and Diane's 3rd movie together. They did one Cotton something back in the 80's. It is also Christopher Meloni's second time with Richard Gere he was his friend in "Runaway Bride". Call me a sap, but I do hope it has a happy ending.

Mary on Sep 5, 2008


I'm actually excited to watch this movie. I can't wait to see it. I'm actually going to make my boyfriend go see it with me. I'm a sucker for these kinds of movies. Because i believe in love, taking chances and changes. I think everyone is capable of falling in love. When we do it kills. This movie looks and sounds incrediable, nothing beats the feeling of falling in love. Being hurt and taking a chance again on someone else takes courage and a lot of trust. We must forgive those who hurt us because if we dont we will never again in life be able to love "Lives change, paths cross" I strongly agree. Because when life changes its only because paths are crossed.

aNtONiA on Sep 6, 2008


Bought this book yesterday...i think i bought it because this trailer brought tears to me and i had to know the story and the ending... anyway that evening i sat down to read it and never got up until i was thru the whole book. i cant wait for the movie. But the book has touched me in so many way. i need someone to bring life out in me like this...

Heather on Sep 7, 2008


I think its pretty crappy that they ruined the ending of the movie!!!!

Shannon on Sep 14, 2008


Not a great movie....but a semi-good movie for women....Since I did not read the book....I think the movie lack real true passion....two broken souls that find each other in one beach house....both there for different reasons...but a realistic common idea of lonelyness.... The author (Nick Sparks) of the Book was there to speak about the story and the movie....spoke about the Notebook....but describe briefly about his ideas on how to make a dramatic romance....I really didnt see it in the movie...but I did hear lots of sniffles in the it did touch some people....just not me.... The director(George C Wolfe) Mostly a TV director, missed on his(nick sparks) story all together....the movie was hurried through with a rollercoaster of planned emotions, as with the storm, that didnt really give you time to soak in the story... With two really great actors Gere(a plastic surgeon) and Lane(distrout house wife) that work so good together (on other movies) seem to fail to connect with a real romantic story... More or less a wham bam thank you and if would...please write.....

Christopher Longoria on Sep 16, 2008


Does anyone know the name of the song in the Japanese trailer for this movie

Tamara on Sep 24, 2008


Can anyone tell me if the movie follows the book with Adrienne's daughter losing her husband and then Paul dying at the end? I'm driving 3 hours to go watch this film with friends and will be soooo upset I did if the movie leaves that whole part out! That's kind of the basis to the book!!! All I see on the trailers and the movie web-site is that Adrienne is still married, blah, blah. Never see an older Amanda to play the role of the grieving wife in the list of actors! Nor do I see anything from the jeep sliding off the road at the end!

Paige on Sep 25, 2008


I read this book at least three times and bought it on tape too! I gave it to everyone. I am so excited it is in the movies and they could not have picked a more perfect cast! You are going to love this movie! Thank you Mr. Sparks for giving us a glimps into "true love"

Rachel on Sep 26, 2008


I just saw the movie and too was really looking forward to seeing it because I loved the book. It is not as bad as the critics say but there was something missing in Richard Gere's chemistry with Diane Lane. It did not give me the same feeling I had when I read the book. I cannot put my finger on what was wrong. For the most part it was beautiful visually. I feel they could have followed the book more closely with the daughter and mother conversation at the end. Diane Lane is fabulous and always will be in my opinion.

Dee on Sep 26, 2008


Watched it yesterday. It sucked. There was no chemistry between the 2 of them. The movie didn't have anything on the basis of the book being the loss of Amanda's husband and her mom sharing her loss. And why the heck did they put such emphasis on Adrienne working out her marriage? To me the movie was simply about 2 cheating spouses. Horny toads if you will. Nothing about love really. Hate that I saw it because it ruined the book. If you enjoyed the book, please don't watch this film! If you haven't read the book then it's an ok chick flick if you like those kind of films.

Paige on Sep 27, 2008


Does anyone know where the beach house "bed breakfast " is ? or is it a set house ?

Jo on Oct 6, 2008


Would like to know, what sportscar richard gere drives in the movie thanks, agi

agi on Oct 7, 2008


I JUST got back from this movie! I AM SO MAD at the ending!! People should not LIE about the movie story-- just shut up about it. I was totally ready for a good story and it was ruined!!!! Thanks for nothing

gina on Oct 9, 2008


Good thing Richard is still pretty good to look at though! ; )

gina on Oct 9, 2008


nice one..its mature stuff, younger people might not like it. Richard gere n diane have good on screen chemistry.

harman on Oct 11, 2008


I saw this movie. It was sappy, but really good due mostly in part to Diane Lane and Richard Gere who have incredible chemistry together. Every now and then we need something sappy though. The song in the trailer is "Love Remains the Same" by Gavin Rossdale. Also I'm surprised that the guy who calls himself "Joker" on here announced what happens to one of the leads. That's nice. I'm sure people who haven't seen this really appreciate you blurting out key plot points, that's the downfall to this Internet invention that people don't know when to shut up. Anyway, this is a good movie, if you're not one who tears up much this one might do it for ya.

Kevin on Oct 12, 2008


Best movie.. cried all the way through it 😉

:) on Oct 13, 2008


I like the movie very much, I' m waiting to have to buy and put and my collection. Thanks Richard, Thanks Nicholas, thanks Diane and thaks Montse, Isabel

Isabel on Oct 16, 2008


can anyone tell me how the movie ends

rose on Oct 18, 2008


the last of the movie i saw was the daughter and diane lane speaking on the porch; the daughter was saying she was old enough to know why her mother was depressed... and then the phone rang and i missed like the last 5 minutes; what did i miss? thanx!

jennifer on Dec 12, 2009

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