Did Jon Favreau Just Reveal The Avengers Line-Up?

June 23, 2008
Source: USA Today

The Avengers

Fact the facts - The Avengers are coming and it's time start thinking about your dream team. As great as it would be to see Spider-Man, Wolverine, even Mr. Fantastic or Hawkeye, join the team in 2011, it's just not going to happen. The truth of the matter is that Marvel has quite publicly told us who we'll see in The Avengers, and Jon Favreau just confirms it. If the movie is in production, or is about to go into production, and is part of Marvel Studios, then it's very likely that character will show up in The Avengers. That's how Marvel has set it up over the last few years and it's not hard to figure that out. So this quote in a USA Today article published yesterday doesn't really shock me, but it finally makes this speculation a reality.

In an article discussing the The Avengers, Favreau made the following statements about the line-up. He says that Marvel's plan is "to team up the heroes for The Avengers, which is made up of all of the Marvel heroes they have the rights to." Of course. And that "the ones Marvel is talking about now are Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man. I would love to see that." You might remember at one point Favreau said he was in the running to direct The Avengers. However, considering we don't even know if he'll be back for Iron Man 2 and considering he said himself that there wouldn't be enough time to direct both (if he does come back), who knows whether he'll actually be involved or not.

Don't jump the gun here, this isn't entirely official. To be honest, it sounds like Favreau is just mentioning what we already know. Marvel officially announced Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and Ant-Man, plus we just had Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk this year. That about covers all of the superheroes he mentioned, give or take Nick Fury, who we can expect to show up anyway, but not as a major character. However, Favreau's statement does put some reality to the speculation that The Avengers line-up would include Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Ant-Man, but not too many others. We won't really get more obscure Avengers members, or at least not in big roles, but does that really matter? Beyond these guys, including any other major characters is all just a pipe dream anyway.

There are only a few great superheroes that can really work well adapted for the big screen. We've seen most of them and there are quite a few more still in the works, but not all of them actually have the makings for live action adaptation. That's why it would be great to see a few small characters appear in The Avengers, much like the X-Men movies. But some of them just aren't suited to be seen converted to live action. I won't name names, because what's important is that the line-up Favreau mentioned is most likely what we'll see in theaters in 2011. It's pointless to predict that Marvel will throw other awesome characters that have never been mentioned before in there, because it just won't happen. What do you think? Does this line-up satisfy your desires for an Avengers movie?

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Oh yeah. You don't want too much too soon. There's always sequels. 🙂

Cinexcellence on Jun 23, 2008


Am I the only one that believes this is a horrible idea for a film? I just cannot see it working.

Brad on Jun 23, 2008


i loved iron man and the hulk and i can't wait for the dark knight in july, but i gotta say, as a female, it would be nice to see a chick kicking ass too in a movie that doesn't far the vehicles for female superheroes have been utter crap, which is pretty distressing. it would be cool to have a female avenger in the team with an actress who can actually hold her own. just a thought. 🙂

Britt on Jun 23, 2008


If this movie is going to be anything like Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk I'm gonna need to bring some moist towelettes to the midnight showing. can't wait to see this movie! *glee*

JeepFu on Jun 23, 2008


as always, heroes are only as powerful and cool as their counterparts...the villains. so i believe it is best to hold one's opinion until the bad guys are revealed as well. this is why i didn't like iron-man much...because the villain was just stupid and weak in which he didn't provoke the writers and director to push iron-man to his limits.

Matt Suhu on Jun 23, 2008


Hmmmm, doubt it. I think it's almost a definite that they'll throw in some sort of female contingent.

Nthngmn on Jun 23, 2008


They better come up with a kick ass bad guy in this one. Else it will be a big let down.

Planet Comic Book Radio on Jun 23, 2008


Need the T&A factor.

Erik Icenhour on Jun 23, 2008


Need more dark superhero movies

OCP on Jun 23, 2008


One word: Ultron. I am PRAYING this will be the villain for the Avengers movie.

Juan Carlo on Jun 23, 2008


Britt, I'm sure Black Widow will come in at some point. But they can't just make her eye candy. The problem with the recent female super heroes is that they're all simply eye candy with a lot of sassy attitude. They shouldn't look delicate in the least. She needs to handle weaponry like a butched out dyke who's turn-ons include strapping a prize winning buck hide to the back of her pick-up truck. Only her looks should be appealing. She should have a personality like Rambo's, a person hardened by constant war and death with a hair trigger that could easily send her into kill mode. Remember the girl with the german mercenaries in Die Hard 3? She was a calculating killer who happened to have boobs. She was by far the scariest of all the Die Hard villains. If Marvel does Black Widow correctly, there's going to be one incredibly badass woman rolling with the Avengers. Juan Carlo, I think Ultron would be a bit too much for the first Avengers movie. Hank Pym would be introduced to the world in this first Avengers movie, to have him also be the creator of their first villain would be a bit much. Meanwhile, the audience is still trying to get to know the character and grasp his developed ability to shrink and grown. The more stuff that is thrown into the movie, the more lost the general audience will be. It's got to be simple the first time around. From all the talk going around, it wouldn't surprise me if the Hulk ended up being the villain by turning on the Avengers, just as he did in the past in the comics. I think this is ultimately the best way to go since it'll be really hard to jumble around so many characters, let alone an additional villain, and have the audience stay with it from beginning to end. The way I see it, Pym is introduced in the Avengers movie and at the end decides that the Avengers might need some more help if they have to fight something like the Hulk again in the future, which then leads him to get started on the Ultron project.

Chris H. on Jun 23, 2008


As long as they have Ultron looking like this: Man he looks badass!

Nate on Jun 24, 2008


This post was pointless. Which heroes are going to be in the Avengers movie is no mystery and nothing new. Might as well write about how Robert Downey Jr. is set to play the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man 2... Chris H., Hank Pym doesn't make his introduction in the Avengers. He's getting his own movie.

Joshua on Jun 24, 2008


Like Joshua said earlier, this whole post is pointless. First of all, you contradict yourself by saying that these heroes are the reality and later flip flop and say that these aren't entirely official... Also, you say that "The truth of the matter is that Marvel has quite publicly told us who we'll see in The Avengers, and Jon Favreau just confirms it. If the movie is in production, or is about to go into production, and is part of Marvel Studios, then it's very likely that character will show up in The Avengers." All of that is just wild speculation. You can't just assume that these will be the only superheroes present in the movie just because only those films will be in production. For sure some obscure superheroes will be in the movie, maybe not as prevalent but within the plot nonetheless. In the end, Favreau may have mentioned these character, but that doesn't limit the movie to these characters. Also, as you mentioned, he is not involved in either IronMan 2 or the Avengers movie so he cannot be a reliable source of information about the movies. Finally, do not claim this as "reality" and then say it's not official. It's a rumor started by a small sentence in a magazine; it isn't news, it's just a rumor.

Calvin on Jun 24, 2008


Hmm? I agree, I believe they need a woman on the Avengers ...... which brings us to the Ant-Man movie. I read somewhere that this Avengers movie is suppose to be Ultimates-style with classic costumes. So as far as a woman-hero being in the movie, sad to say ..... if they do put one on .... how much you want to bet it'll be Wasp, and they'll introduce her in the Ant-Man movie. I'd perfer to see Black Widow, but Marvel Studios seems to be borrowing ALOT from the original comics, well ...... alot more than what we got from the other Marvel movies in the last few years. If they do that with the Avengers, remember, the original 1st apperance of the Avengers team was Iron Man, Ant-man, Wasp, Hulk, and Thor. If the relationship of Pepper and Tony in Iron Man could be applied to Ant-Man, it makes perfect sense to have Hank Pym AND Janet Van Dyne, (who eventually becomes Janet Pym.) I'll put my money on Wasp being in the Avengers ...... although I'd personally like to see Black Widow. As far as an enemy goes, I've read from a couple different sites, (who may or may not be right, but their info makes sense to me,) and for the record, I just want to say, I think that an Avengers movie would be a flop if it had only one big enemy .... like Ultron, so I'll hope those sites were right, and since this is suppose to be 'Ultimates-style', that they borrow from the Ultimates 1 storyline, and have the chitauri-invasion in the movie. For those of you who might not be familiar with that, the chitauri are pretty much the Ultimate Universe's version of the Skrulls. They shape-change and during WWII, they helped the Nazis build the missile that Cap blows up, knocking him out of the sky, into the water, and thus freezing him in ice. From a 'grab the average movie-goers attention' view, it would make more sense to have all this invasion insanity, and that's the reason the Avengers come together. No matter what happens, you can bet your bank, me and the kids will be in line the 1st night all these movies hit theaters!!!!

The Funky Stew on Jun 24, 2008


Totally agree with this article...In addition, I'm not sure ant-man would do well as a stand alone film. I have a feeling the film would be a cross of "Honey I srhunk the kids" and "Attack of the 50 foot woman"

damuh_yuzah on Jun 24, 2008


To add a quick sidenote ...... I also read that the Ant-Man movie is suppose to hit BEFORE the Captain America movie, which is scheduled to hit 6-weeks before the Avengers movie. (but now that raises the question, if they have all the actors reprise they're rolls for the Avengers movie, whoever plays Cap would have one heck of busy shooting schedule. It would sound like the Cap movie, and the Avengers movie would be filmed almost at the sametime, to meet that 6-week timeframe. What do you think?)

The Funky Stew on Jun 24, 2008


Does Fox hold the right to only X-Men characters or to all mutants in general? Cuz if they only have the rights to X-Men, then Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch could be introduced as minor characters. Also Ultron could have a cameo, looming in the background while creating Vision, and amassing forces for his attack on the Avengers happening in Avengers 2. But idk, it seems in order to cram any ounce of awesomeness an Avengers movie requires, it would need a good 3 hours running time. Maybe show a condensed version in theaters and have fanboy eyecandy and subplots added back in the DVD.

Alfredo on Jun 24, 2008


Joshua, I didn't consider the Ant-Man movie because the scheduled date for its release isn't set in stone, unlike Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and the Avengers. First the date was 2008, then it became 2010, and we still haven't heard the official word yet despite all the other movies made official. Unless we see a concrete date that promises an ant-man movie prior to the avengers movie (imdb is not always a reliable source) then you have to consider the possiblity that we won't get an ant-man movie first. I feel an ant-man movie prior to the Avengers is a bad idea. Yeah you introduce the guy to the public, but he will bring in less draw than the Hulk (unless you bring in one incredible star-studded actor). I think Marvel would get more bang for its buck if kids got to know ant-man by going to a movie where they want to see the major attraction (Cap, Thor, Iron Man) but end up liking the lesser characters as well. After kids realize how neat ant-man is then they'll be begging to go see his movie, since he's associated with the holy trinity of marvel heroes.

Chris H. on Jun 24, 2008


Alredo, They would only have rights to the characters used in the movies. I don't think Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver were part of the deal. Also, you'd need to have Ultron created by Pym first before he could be looming in the shadows doing anything. The one thing marvel needs to remember is not to rush into all sorts of fanboy stuff. It needs to be good cinema with good storytelling and good characters. One or two fanboy things could be imbedded later, like Cap's shield in the Iron Man movie and Cap's portrait in the Pentagon in the Hulk movie. But above all it needs to be a good movie.

Chris H. on Jun 24, 2008


Spider man and Wolverine would be nice.

paul on Jun 24, 2008


I like the Line up i hope thats how it stays, we dont want this to turn into X-Men 3 with way to many superheroes, 5 is just fine for now, more can be added in sequels. Im really looking forward to The Avengers i hope they do it right.

Curtis on Jun 24, 2008


i liked the line up with iron man , thor , ant man , capt. america and incredible hulk. i want to know now who the villans would be.

Darrin on Jun 24, 2008


I compiled all of their upcoming movies, maybe that offers some clues:

xero on Jun 24, 2008


I definitely disagree Brad with your comment about this not working. I think that for once Marvel is on the right track to getting things done properly.

Napiers News on Jun 24, 2008


I agree that an Ant Man Film even with the Wasp can't stand alone on it's own. The idea expressed about The Avenger's movie being set in The Ultimate Universe is a wonderful idea. The ULTIMATES is a better version of the regular Marvel Avengers. Instead of the Ant Man Movie; there should be a Female Lead Movie. I love the idea about a Black Widow Movie. The Black Widow is a kick ass woman with a beautiful face and body encased in a super tight black leather out fit. Since they already included the Black Nick Fury from The Ultimate Universe; why not include the Black Widow that was part of The ULTIMATES/AVENGERS. What do you prefer; an Ant Man movie or A Black Widow Movie?

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jun 24, 2008


The thing that stinks is ...... the Monday after Iron Man hit, there was a article in my local newspaper that came off the AP, and Marvel Studios themselves announced their new movie lineup, which included Iron Man 2, Thor, and they called the movie, The Irredeemable Ant-Man, (or however you spell it), Cap. America, and then The Avengers. Problem is, I don't have the article here, I can't seem to find it anywhere online, but I'm assuming it was an official press release by Marvel Studios, if not, I'm going to look like I'm just blowin' smoke here. Search around for it if you have time I suppose. The thing that I'm really stoked about is, it seemed Marvel was having alot of problems with getting these movies off the ground, (Thor, Ant-Man, Capt. America), but now with the success of Iron Man, everyone in Hollywood wants to be apart of them. I don't know ........... I think that's kinda cool. Personally, I'd LOVE to see some gorgeous red-head with a Russian accent, in skin-tight leather, firing off all kinds of bullets side by side with Cap, (you know .... something about that visual says 'CORRUPT ME', ............... smokin' hot man!!), but I'm not going to hold my breath, if there is an Ant-Man movie, and IF they put a woman in the Avengers flick, I'll still bet it'll be Wasp. Don't forget though ..... Hank Pym is kind of a big deal in the Ultimate Universe, and they've borrowed some scenes from the Ultimate books and put them in the movies already. Off the top of my head: 1- In Rise of the Silver Surfer .... when Reed tells off the General guy in the woods, that part is almost word for word from 'The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy' 2- When Ed Norton falls out of the copter to fight the Abomination, that's kinda like the scene in Ultimates 1 when they throw him out of the copter to kill the chitauri There's more, but I can't think of them now. I got off track there, all I'm saying is I'd LOVE to see Widow, I just don't think we will ............ and somehow, I bet we see Ant-Man before Avengers, and when considering in Ultimates 1 he kinda beats up his wife, and in Ultimates 2 he kinda betrays his country, I doubt it will be a very funny movie. OH OH OH!!! You know what I just thought of, you know what would've been better ......... well maybe better ......... instead of Ant-Man in the 1st Avengers movie, BLACK FREAKIN' PANTHER!!!! That would've kicked some serious a#$! Like how Troy Polomalu being sent on a safety blitz kicks a#$! Yea ....... that's alot of bruises! Anyway, if the 1st one does really good, hopefully when they do the 2nd one I'll see Black Panther.

The Funky Stew on Jun 24, 2008


As much as I love comic book movies, I think that this one is going to be a stinker. I've seen the Avengers animated movie, and the problems were numerous: - too many 'main' characters. - watered down script that left out anything close to controversial (Stark's alcoholism, Wasp and Pym's domestic abuse issues) - tried to cram origin stories for each into the movie, along with a separate storyline to bring them all together Bottom line: too much for a two hour movie.

William Mize on Jun 25, 2008


this is the most anticipated movie for me being the comic nerd i am. cant wait!!!! i almost creamed my pants when i saw the knew hulk. keep it up marvel you are doin so much better than before.

UGLI on Jun 25, 2008


The Funky Stew: You are right on the money! It looks like it's going to be THE ULTIMATES/AVENGERS. I still prefer THE BLACK WIDOW. However; William Mize is correct. The Ultimates Animated movie was not well done. If we have to accept an Irredeemable Ant Man Movie then it show have the origin with the Wasp and Pym's domestic abuse issues. The Wasp is a beautiful woman,intelligent woman in a very sexy costume. It should come after the Captain American Film. Captain American could have a cameo where he kicks Henry Pym's ass for abusing his wife. After which; The Wasp turned into a stronger, independent, ass kicking woman. This too is from THE ULTIMATES comic series. Since Marvel already made up it's mind about the Ant Man movie; we fans probably can't do anything about it. However; maybe if we all inundated Marvel with emails; we could at least change the order of the movies. Captain America before Ant Man and then The Avengers Movie. What does everybody think about the idea?

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jun 25, 2008


it's gotta be the original avengers line-up or fandom will go crazy, so that's alll good. a few cameos wouldn't hurt. i think the director for avengers will be the director of captain america, because if they're doing cap as a period movie then avengers is essentially a cap sequel...

fanboy d on Jun 25, 2008


Very excited!!. The article touched on a valid point. Some heros do not translate to live action. Batman, Iron Man and now Hulk have been very successful due to the believeabilty factor. The stripped down heroes are not too fantastic and you almost find yourself saying, "that could almost happen." Sorry to say that many characters will not make that transition, and as much as I liked reading their stories when I was younger, a movie would be a bad idea. I do not like to admit it, but Thor will be a big mistake. A little to far out for todays skeptical audience. I fear a good movie could be royally skrewed up with one bad character.

Robby on Jun 25, 2008


You know ..... I'm a comic book-geek/dorky fanboy, and I just want to say to all of you, I get so excited when I see that there's more posts here in my email when I get home from work. It's nice to come on here and have intelligent, adult, but most importantly, CALM conversations about my favorite Marvel team. Over on the DC boards if I openly state my opinion, I usually get attacked for being a Marvel lover, and it turns all hostile, and then when the movie numbers come in, and I say ..... 'told ya so', I get attacked even more. So kudos to all of you, I like all the ideas and comments we have on this movie, 'cause no matter what ....... I CAN'T wait for it! (even if my g/f thinks I'm a major dork for coming on here ..... the kids still think I'm cool!!!) (unlike the JLA movie that their making .... WAIT! their not making it, WHOO! they are, NOPE! their not, MAYBE? still not ..... you get the picture.) ANYWAYS ...... Since most of these movies I think are going to be origin movies, now that I think of it, I think Ant-Man will be kinda boring. LOL. If it's Ultimate-style .... then the movie would have to be called Giant-Man, and after he gets fired from the team, then it can be called Ant-man. If they go regular Marvel universe, which the title implies, then he won't become Giant-Man until The Avengers are formed and he feels weak compaired to Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk. Though Pym's annoyance with Captain America might be cool to see on the big screen .... it'll make for intresting dialogue. I have to agree with Robby to a certain point. Marvel needs to be very careful with the Thor movie. From what I read on the Marvel site, (I think it was on there), is that that movie will take place mostly in Asgard, which will be really cool, 'cause then it can explain Thor's origin and explain how him and Dr. Blake are the same person. Or if it's Ultimates style .... wait they never really explain anything, 'cept he was nurse in Norway who was in a loney-bin 'cause he thought he was Thor, then after Loki shows up, everyone believes him when he shows up with all of Asgard's troops after he opens the Rainbow Bridge. (you know though, the CGI would look awesome for a scene like that!) When it comes to Thor, the thing I'm most afraid of, is who they cast for it. alot of people think it should be HHH. He has the mass, but he's not the best actor. I've read some fans think Matt Damon or Brad Pitt. This time, we have good actors, but not the mass. I think they should try to get the guy who played Boromir in Fellowship of the Rings, or the guy who played the leader of the Rohirum in Two Towers and Return of the King, (although that guy looked small in the one Jason Bourne movie), still though, they both have shown they can bulk up if needed, and they both have the acting skill to carry on with that old english style dialogue. I don't really think this live-action Avengers movie is going to be rushed like the cartoon version. With the cartoon, they had to cram alot of info into just a 2-hour window, that's why I like the 2nd one better. But with this live-action movie, all the origins will be out of the way thanks to the flicks coming out before hand. They had that option with the cartoon, but didn't use it I guess. Hopefully Warner Bros. will do the samething before they release the JLA movie their making ..... NOPE! their not .... WAIT! yes they are! .... AHHH!! nope foiled again ..... OOOOH! maybe? ...... nope .... yes! .... no! ARGH!!

The Funky Stew on Jun 25, 2008


okay, i have never really read any of the avengers comics, so i just googled ant-man... please...oh, please GOD no!! that is the stupidest character i have ever heard of!! i really hope he dosen't make it, it sounds like a something you'd see in the powerpuff girls... really just dosen't seem like it'd appeal to many people, unless in the comic he is really badaa, then my apologies

blake b on Jun 26, 2008


I just read that the Avengers are going to be Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and Captain America. In fact; I think that I read it on The First Showing.Net Site. They did not mention Ant Man as being part of the final line up. If my memory is correct; it's a wonderful victory for of us Marvel Fans. This site even had the order in which the movies are scheduled to come out. The date for the Avenger's Movie is either June or July of 2011. Who knows maybe Marvel has listened to our emails.(Actually; I can only speak for my friends and myself.) I'm just assuming that some of the other fans on this Website sent emails too. I apologize if I was presumptuous.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jun 26, 2008


Pretty good for it, but the only thing I hate is that there's no spider-man. That really sucks.

mike r on Jul 1, 2008


Its a great idea for a film but im not a fan of ant man... i cant see him working at all. The ability to control ants is well .. u could almost just say tony stark invented a way to do it and added it to his suit- there is no need to have a hero in the line up with that ability cuase well there is only ever so much u can do with the ant man. Basicaly hes going to waste precious screen time that audiences will want to be filled with the big super heros- iron man, thor, captian america not ant man????

Jake on Jul 26, 2008


You know Jake, after reading your post, I have to agree. I, personally, want to see Ant-Man in it, just for the fact that he's an original member, but that part of the Hank Pym character is pretty lame. I wouldn't be surprised if they have the Ant-Man solo movie, and then at the end of that, he figures out the Giant-Man formula, and that's how he is in Avengers ...... (kinda like in The Ultimates book, he's Giant-Man 1st, then Ant-Man. Marvel Earth 616 went the other way.)

The Funky Stew on Jul 27, 2008


What the heck is an Avengers movie without Vision and the Scarlet Witch and Ultron? I think you should CHALLENGE yourselves marvel, and figure out how to put those three in it. Kang, too.



I agree with all the commentators that do not want an ant-man movie. Even though I haven't look at my old comic boxes ; I thought that Giant-man was with Avengers found Captain America. I know that they are both the same persons but I think that a Giant-man movie would be a better movie.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Jul 27, 2008


I dont know about the whole guest appearance of Captain America in The Incredible Hulk, Ive seen it twice and all I saw was Iron Man at the end talking about the team. One thing I've also noticed that no one else did that I've seen is that Egghead (a villain from The Avengers) is probably the doctor in The Incredible Hulk that has the Hulk's blood drip onto his head and his head starts to grow and change so I'm pretty sure that was the opening for him because you never find out what happened to him. Good>?

Josh on Sep 8, 2008


I think it will be best if Marvel combine Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man, Black Widow and Spiderman as The Avengers in 2011 movies... I just thought maybe combination Egghead with Kang as a villain...

Ahmad Zacx on Sep 21, 2008


Did any of you actually read the original Avengers comics? Thor. Cap'n America. Iron Man. (The "Big 3") The Hulk. Giant Man. The Wasp. If they want to continue the series to include Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, etc, fine. But lets get it right from the beginning and educate the people on who "The Avengers" really were... the greatest fighting team in comic book history. 'Nuff said.

Jay Taylor on Oct 2, 2008


No. It's not The Avenger without Vision, Quick Silver, Scarlet Witch and The Wasp. I have read comic books since the 70's and I wouldn't pay 2 cents if these super heroes character are not included in the Avenger movie.

David on Oct 3, 2008


Alright let me say this for the record, I am in NO WAY trying to upset ANYONE!!! The original Avengers comic, (titled: The Avengers Earth's Mightest Heroes), which came out in 1963 ..... featured Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Ant-Man and Wasp. They battled Loki the 1st time they all got together. A few issues later, they found and thawed out Captain America. There was a re-boot of the title a few years back and issue #1 had Capt. America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, and Giant Man, on the cover. I'm not sure if Fox have the rights to ALL things mutant-related, but still, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are doubtful for this 1st Avengers movie. (since Fox has the rights, it probably won't happen since they are the twins of Magneto and of course Fox would want a killing just to use the name Magneto in the movie. Plus whoever has the rights to Spider-Man would never allow him in the movie without a small fortune, so the web-crawler is out too.) Like I've said, I'd love to see Pym as Giant Man and Wasp in it, but will be more than giddy with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk. Hopefully they will be able to get the actors to reprise their roles like they originally planned. To see Downey and Norton as Stark and Banner, (I'm sorry, Norton as Banner was a godsend, he hit that perfectly, though he could've looked a bit more nerdy, but hey, TIH was 10x's better than that shriek-like Hulk from 2003! LOL!), together on the screen for about 2 to 2 and half hours will be sweet.

The Funky Stew on Oct 3, 2008


the only reason ill agree with brad is because of ant man mostly, thor can be done REALLY well, CA im not too fond of anyway, but i digress, i feel like ant man ruins the idea, CA brings it down that much more, and thor will honestly make or break the team completely

Taro on Oct 5, 2008


is it just me or an avengers movie will suck without spider man,i mean he is one of the main superheroes.

ryan mc on Oct 27, 2008


they need spiderman, and cap am., and ironman. i've never been much of a thor fan. the hulk will most def. be there (watch the incredible hulk). but no spidey? gotta get him involved in a major way. but i think ,mostly since justice league is recasting major heros, avengers will be the better of the two.

carnageworld on Nov 2, 2008


I cannot wait to see Iron-Man 2 and the Avengers Movie. Maybe some ppl hav metioned this but i havent noticed as yet, after Marvel produces more great movies that concentrate on individual superhereos, they really need to consider making a series of movies based on the Civil War Marvel comic book series. Can you imagine not only would the movie include great individual superheroes like spiderman n especially iron-man and captain america, it also also include alot of characters from the X-Men series, Storm for example, as well. Watching our favourite superheroes in a struggle against each other would be something i wud enjoy to watch and cud u imagine the ticket sales. One things for sure they need to make a Black Panther movie before they do a Civil War movie.

bigreddawg on Nov 4, 2008


I would love to see an Avegers movie, but I wouldn't like to see Ultron as the villain. Ultron only showed up as a villain because of Ant-Man. He was Hank Pym's nemesis, much like Iron Monger to Iron Man or Abomination to Hulk. He didn't REALLY show up as an Avengers villain until he started creating other robots to take Hank and the Avengers down, like Vision (My favorite Avenger). I believe that Ultron would be the villain in the Ant-Man movie, while the Avengers movie would be more of either an alien invasion, like in the Ultimates, or an introduction of HYDRA, and the so-called "Masters of Evil", who have opposed the Avengers many times in at least as many incarnations as the Avengers have had themselves. As for a Civil War movie, I don't think that would be such a good idea. Although I do think they should do a Black Panther movie (T'Challa has always been another fav of mine), I think that they screwed a lot of things up in the Civil War storyline. For example, Spiderman revealing to the world his secret identity and killing Captain America. I really think they should bring the REAL Cap back, and get rid of this guy they replaced him with. But that's just my beef. I would love to see Ant-Man, Thor, and Captain America all come out before the Avengers movie.

TJ on Nov 11, 2008


Wolvorine and Spider-man should atleast have a small part

Stehnner W on Dec 13, 2008


i will see the avengres with robert downey jr. as iron man don cheadle as war machine chris hemsworth as thor simon pegg as ant-man john cena as captain america edward norton as bruce banner// the incredible hulk scarlett johasson as black widow samuel l. jackson as nick fury i will see the avengres in theatres may 4th 2012 see ya

andries price on Aug 2, 2009


its wondrefull to see all the super heros in same film i hope to see them soon

Ami - ????? ??????? ???? on May 10, 2010

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