Director Catherine Hardwicke Fired From Twilight Sequels!

December 7, 2008
Source: Deadline Hollywood

Kristen Stewart and Catherine Hardwicke

Typically we shy away from Twilight news, but this is worth mentioning! According to Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood, director Catherine Hardwicke has been "fired" from the two upcoming Twilight sequels that Summit Entertainment greenlit after the first one made $69.6 million on its opening weekend. Hardwicke's Twilight broke the record for biggest opening for a female directed film, but apparently she was "difficult and irrational during the making of Twilight." One thing that I kept hearing from fans was that the directing seemed to hold the film back, so this news may come as a good sign for some.

Another source told Nikki Finke that, "Summit didn't like her. They're saying the [director of photography] Elliot Davis is the one responsible for the film's sumptuous visual look, that the editor Nancy Richardson had to save the film in post-production, and Summit thought Hardwicke's [CAA] agent Beth Swofford was alternately ineffectual and hysterical." Subsequently, Summit has been quietly meeting with other directors in order to quickly find a replacement for Hardwicke. Tough break for her, but on one hand, this could mean good news for some Twilight fans, while on the other, bad news for those who did love her film.

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I didn't see it, but I'm all for female directors getting big gigs. It's a real sorry state how few there are. Maybe they can find a more qualified woman director to replace her.

Max on Dec 7, 2008


Im glad theyre changing her

Padme on Dec 7, 2008


I'm happy...sort of. I feel bad for Catherine but my biggest issues with the film would have stemmed from director decisions. I just don't think Catherine had the experience to helm this kind of project. Had Summit realized how big Twilight was going to be I don't think they would have picked her in the beginning anyway. It will be interesting to see how the actors react to this because I could definitely see them being very loyal to Catherine. I have no idea who they should pick as a replacement but I definitely think that if they pick a male director there will be a backlash amongst some fans, which would be unfortunate because the job should go to whoever can do it best. Also, rotten timing that this story broke since Catherine is in Europe doing press with the actors. I'll be interested to hear what her response is.

janet on Dec 7, 2008


An admission that the film kinda/sorta wasn't good?

Mordo on Dec 7, 2008


great, she made a horrible film, she deserves it

Scott McHenry on Dec 7, 2008


hmmm I don't know how I feel.. I think another director could probably do better... but then again she was the one who got along so well with Stephanie Meyer and fought to keep the story close to the book... I hope if it IS true they can find someone who will keep the stories close to the books but has a bit more experience putting it together...

Melissa on Dec 7, 2008


Yes! sorry catherine, but the film wasnt that great. I hope someone else does it better! Cant they shoot some complementary scenes and sequences and "fix" Twilight as well? would be awsome

c on Dec 7, 2008


To be honest, I think she could've have done a better job but if they want to fire someone, they should fire Melissa Rosenberg. but if they are going to get another director I REALLY hope its Alfonso Cuarón or Joe Wright or if they are going for a woman director Sofia Coppola (i just hope she doesn't do Marie Antoinette to New Moon if she is chosen.)

esther on Dec 7, 2008


I really can't say I blame Summit for letting Ms. Hardwicke go! I saw the film and it was not bad, but it could've been a lot better. I hope they find another female director to helm up the project, but above all, I hope they look more into something along the lines of an ADAPTATION of the novel and not fill so restrained by it, as long as they stay true to the overall story, especially if they want to attract an older audience also. There has to be a way to make the characters be in high school but not have the movie have a "high school feel" about it....Kinda like they way they did BTVS.

Jay-El on Dec 7, 2008


If that's true and fans want another female director, surely Kathryn Bigelow (Near Dark, Blue Steel, Point Break) is the most suitable option? She deserves another big movie.

Matt on Dec 7, 2008


I don't think that the change will affect the success of this franchise. The fans of the books will come to see the films even if they change the director every movie, hell they would probably come if they changed the director three times during the production of the next film. As long as the movie is entertaining, or at least close to the book for the Twilight fanatics, people will watch it. Th evidence is definately there with Bond movies and recent reboots for films like the Incredible Hulk, but not for Punisher. Definatly not the Punisher, that movie was garbage. Hey maybe Summit can hire Lexi Alexandre for the Twilight sequil. More garbage for everyone, boys and girls.

MrSammich on Dec 7, 2008


the only thing holding her back was the source material.

Red Buttons on Dec 7, 2008


I'm not sure it was all her fault that it was so bad. I loved it, but I'm insanely biased and when I give people objective reviews on it, I tell them it's bad and the directing really didn't have much to do with it (unlike Quantum of Solace). She really did the best she could with what she was given.

Camei on Dec 7, 2008


Well you can't blame her! How do you make an amazing movie out of something that sucked? I loved Catherine's whole 'High School' feel-whatever the fans say, Bella is in High School. She may act like she is so super-special that she is 'above' it, but the books made her friends such assholes. Catherine saved them-they were the best part of the movie. THe movie was 10 times better than the book. All these commenters are so rude! The movie is different than the book, and can't be compared. Just because its not what you expected doesn't mean its Catherine's fault. There are many other people who could have brought it down -Special Effects crew, script writers, editors- hell, even the actors. She did the best with the source material and fought to save a horrible storyline.

Dan on Dec 7, 2008


Totally agree with Red Buttons on this one. Also, I thought she hadn't even been officially offered the second film, so I'm surprised to hear she's been "fired" from a project she was never officially doing.

Liz on Dec 7, 2008


I love Catherine for adding Rob's music to the movie, and maybe even for the casting of him. For that I am eternally grateful. She brought great enthusiasm to the Twilight promo experience. Heart her! But I'm kinda glad as bad as that sounds. She has GREAT actors, she really needed to redirect several scenes better. THEN NEED A NEW SCREENPLAY WRITER! That's the one that needs to get fired. Fire Nikki Reed too. Not pretty enough.

Silver on Dec 7, 2008


To #8, the directors you just listed would never touch Twilight. Cuaron is first of all booked till 2010 and also after Children of Men I do not think he would step down and do a twilight series. Joe Wright, well after Atonement, an oscar worthy movie, I do not think he would use his talent to direct an already lack-luster series. He makes new movies, after all in this business i don't think directors want to spend time on reviving a series while they could just get a brand new movie and build that. Then Coppola, which seems the only logical director in the bunch, yes she did Lost in Translation and Maria Antoinette but i don't think companies find her appealing for such a large mainstream movie. Hardwicke did a mediocre job with the first movie. Definatly with time, she could bring the series back but companies don't have time so they will dump her for a more blockbuster director or anyone who has done a mainstream movie directing work that has been successful.

Eric on Dec 7, 2008


Yea I agree with # 17...8 you're crazy

peloquin on Dec 7, 2008


I haven't seen the film, but this smells like a hatchet job. "Crazy and hysterical?" Oliver Stone has been crazy and hysterical for years and no studio has ever thrown him off a movie! Summit doesn't want to pay a higher director fee. That's my take!

Tom Brazelton on Dec 7, 2008


Owned. The film was sh*t anyway.

Luke on Dec 7, 2008


the only good movies she's done were thirteen and lords of dogtown. She should stick to small-scale indie films.

heath on Dec 7, 2008


I think she did a good job on the flim. But i think she could of put more effort into it. Adding more scenes from the book and not making them her own. Like the blood typing part she didnt put that in the movie and Edward never got out of the car when He saved her in Port Angelos. Again Hopefully the new director does not hold back!

Coriann on Dec 7, 2008


A step in the right direction. Now they just need to replace a few cast members. And screenwriters. And get some entirely new characters. And get some new source material, and change the name. Then maybe they'll get me into the theaters.

kevjohn on Dec 8, 2008


I"m not as concerned about changing directors. What bothers me is that Summit thinks they can do a cheap version of New Moon and make us all happy. Twilight fans spent a lot of money on Twilight hoping for a better budget for New Moon. Changing the story line by adding extra Edward scenes and a cheap budget is going to backfire for Summit. They are biting the hands that have fed them. I'm disgusted at the fan service adding the extra Edward scenes indicate. Melissa did a miserable job with the screenplay for Twilight adding crap and sacrificing important Bella and Edward bonding moments. I can only shudder at the thought of a rushed, altered and cheap New Moon is going to give us.

Wendilynn on Dec 8, 2008


I think she did a terrible job with the movie. Not to mention the acting was terrible. I was so distracted by how bad the movie was put together and what a poor job the actors did portraying their characters that I couldn't enjoy the movie at all. The movie didn't do any bit of justice to the book. I hope they find a director that can stick to the book a little better and actually bring some emotion into the characters.

Lily on Dec 8, 2008


I'm glad she won't be directing the rest of the franchise. I didn't think Twilight was too bad but it definitely wasn't wonderful. I enjoyed it nonetheless but I feel like I found too many of the parts humorous that were supposed to be serious. What really irked me was that they were not giving enough attention to certain details to make the information memorable to the viewer, making some scenes awkward and random especially for people that have not read the story. The way I like to see it is in comparison to Harry Potter: The firsts weren't so great but gradually got better as different directors took it on. Hopefully, it'll be the same with this. There is a lot of potential that could go into this franchise... though regardless, fans really will flock to see it no matter who directs it.

roflcakes on Dec 8, 2008


I am glad for a new director, but empathize with hardwicke at her downfall, and my comments towards the movie.. it was more than just hardwick lets just say. Book adaptations can be done well, at least better than what Twilight turned out to be -- for example Harry Potter like #26 said. But, this movie had so many problems with it. For a random person on the street to watch this movie without reading the book the movie would be hideous. The editing was terrible, the choice of shots and sequences, poor acting (like others have sad, making the serious parts awkward and humourous) and using cheesy teen dialogue. The one thing they seriously needed to fix was the screenwriter. I feel that most people tend to place the blame only on directors, but people need to realize there are other people who contribute to these movies and all who play a crucial role in the making of a movie. Yes yes, the book wasn't a classic, or a piece of literature that needs to be studied in classrooms for decades to come. But it is a pop culture item, and its a great piece of entertainment if you're into that sort of thing. (which I am since I am a teen) Basically, I feel for you hardwicke -- but you and your team kind of did a shitty job. The franchise will keep going nonetheless unless summit does a REALLY bad job, but yeah please do better summit.

Tashii on Dec 8, 2008


They're certainly not going to get somebody who'll make this story seem any more realistic.. I mean.. who do they want, Martin Scorsese? I thought she did good enough for what it is

markers on Dec 10, 2008


REALISTIC???? News Flash "markers"......VAMPIRES DON'T EXIST!! LOL Realism has nothing to do with it. There were some significant editing mistakes and directorial decisions that were made. Once again, "Twilight" was definitely not as bad as it could've been........but it could've been much better!

Jay-El on Dec 11, 2008


LOL but i almost believed that they were real vampires! I have to admit, when it comes to directing, directing the actors is the most important thing, and the acting was believable. Especially the performances of Nikki Reed and Pattinson.

markers on Dec 11, 2008


OMG thank god they are changing her! I went into the movie theater basically hyperventilating then came out literally crying cause the movie didn't live up to ANY of my expectations. It sucked. They added scenes when they could have put more in FROM THE BOOK! That movie pissed me off and i could go on allll day about how it sucked. The characters were all great except for Kristen Stewart. Her mouth was open like the whole time and it looked weird, plus she stuttered and it got annoying. UGH! That movie was the biggest disappointment of my life..goodbye Catherine. We all hate you! xD! New Moon better be good...and they better pick a Director who's read the book. Then they would have a better perception of how its supposed to be!

Meaghan on Dec 20, 2008


Good riddance to her and I really think Melissa Rosenberg should be replaced too!!!!! She did a TERRIBLE job writing this screen adaptation!!!!!!! It was soooooo stupid compared to the book. I'm praying New Moon will be better!!!!

JC on Jan 21, 2009


Honestly, I agree. Twilight could of been soo much better. I love it, it's a great movie. But when you read the books its like "Wow, this is amazing" and I wish that Twilight would of been a bit better because Stephenie Meyer is a great author, her books capture your attention and keep your attention throughout the whole saga. Sadley theres only the 4 books, I'm still craving more.

Brittney May on Feb 4, 2009


I just don't understand why they couldn't stick more to the book. There is sooo much detail that Stephanie Meyer's has in it that making this movie should have been a cake walk. Instead they changed some scenes entirely and added cheesy phrases like "you can google it". Not to mention the two lead actors. Rob Pattinson was way too intense and not close to a gorgeous god-like image that Edward Cullen is preceived as. (Sorry Rob Pattinson fans...) Kristen Stewart was too mono-tone and had a deep voice. The movie wasn't too bad but the book way by far so much better. Can we please re-make the Twilight Movie?.... 🙂 Possibly with Justin Hartley (the green arrow from smallville) as Edward?

Angel on Mar 9, 2009


Actually, I read the first book and was shocked at how amateurish the book sounded. I would hardly consider Mrs. Meyer's a "great author" in any shape, form or fashion. I saw the movie and went in with VERY low expectations. Consequently, I was aptly rewarded for doing so. It was not the worse movie that I've seen before and it really could've been better in many ways. I borrowed the second book from a friend and I'm trying to motivate myself to read before the next movie comes out. Actually, I'm enjoying the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris far more than I enjoyed "Twilight" and I'm on the third book in the series! Mrs. Harris is just a far better writer than Mrs. Meyer.

Jay-El on Mar 9, 2009


i think that someone should do twilight over!!! it should have been more romantic in the least just like the book and it wasnt ...some of wasnt even how the book was written......the author of the book should have been the director!!!!

yo on Mar 25, 2009


I think that the screenwriter did the most damage. I realize you can't "copy" the book into the script, but most of the clever dialog was just lost, leaving the characters flat. Charlie seemed to be the only lively character, and most of his lines didn't even follow the book.

qwerty on Mar 30, 2009


I am glad Chaterine got fired. Not only she made many unnecessary change but she made Edward movie character a bit off (Edward jumped up and down on a truck, so not like him..) I hope the new director for new moon will provide better movie. The book is always so much better than the movie version, but Twilight movie is just too far off. I first watched the movie before reading the book, for me it was like an unforgettable average movie, Thank God I read the book. It is sssoooo muuucchhh better than the movie. The casting was good though, except for Rosalie, I think she is pretty but not stunning enough.

shopaholic on Jun 16, 2009


i mean forgettable average movie

shopaholic on Jun 17, 2009


I didnt really enjoy the movie honestly... I think her interpretation of the book was way off base. Everything moved to fast and Edward came off as crazy clingy and Bella just seemed to go with the flow because she ws the new girl. When in the series to me they were both clingy and sappy and I dont think she did a great job in establishing the foundation for the rest of the series.

Carmen on Aug 18, 2009


If she was inexperienced during the first movie, then after successfully helming Twilight she must have gained a lot of experience. So firing her now for lack of experience is stupid. No one else in this world has as much experience with making successful movies based on sparkly vampires. <>

Seun Osewa on Dec 28, 2009

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