Disney and Pixar's Full Animated Line-Up Through 2012!

April 9, 2008

Disney and Pixar Press Conference

Disney and Pixar unveiled their complete animated movie line-up from 2008 to 2012 today at a press conference in New York. Featured in their announcement is a diverse and ambitious slate of 13 new animated feature films, most of which will be featured in 3D. As has been the case recently, Disney will be releasing two major animated movies per year - one Pixar and one Disney. Starting in 2009, however, we'll be treated to 2 Pixar movies per year: 3D versions of Toy Story (in '09) and Toy Story 2 (in '10) as well as Up (in '09) and Toy Story 3 (in '10) and Newt and The Bear and the Bow (in '11). In addition, Pixar also announced a new movie - Newt - for 2011. Disney also has a promising line-up of their own, including an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick story titled King of the Elves.

The Philip K. Dick based movie King of the Elves, which everyone seems to be interested in the most, is about a gas station attendant in Mississippi who befriends a group of elves who can hide in the trees because they're covered with leaves and foliage. He allows them to seek shelter from the rain and they thus dub him their king. Anything Philip K. Dick is usually quite interesting, and based on that alone, I'm excited. Unfortunately they're probably going to change the focus to be more family friendly, but oh well. You can read more about the film at the very bottom.

Disney and Pixar's Complete 2008 to 2012 Line-up:

Pixar's Wall-E - June 27th, 2008

Directed by: Andrew Stanton (A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo). After hundreds of lonely years doing what he was built for, WALLโ€ขE (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new purpose in life (besides collecting knick-knacks) when he meets a sleek search robot named EVE. EVE comes to realize that WALLโ€ขE has inadvertently stumbled upon the key to the planet's future, and races back to space to report her findings to the humans (who have been eagerly awaiting word that it is safe to return home). Meanwhile, WALLโ€ขE chases EVE across the galaxy and sets into motion one of the most incredible comedy adventures ever brought to the big screen.

Bolt - November 26th, 2008 (In 3D)

Directed by: Chris Williams and Byron Howard. For super-dog Bolt (voiced by John Travolta), every day is filled with adventure, danger and intrigue -- at least until the cameras stop rolling. When the canine star of a hit TV show is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he begins his biggest adventure yet -- a cross-country journey through the real world. Armed only with the delusions that all his amazing feats and powers are real, and with the help of two unlikely traveling companions -- a jaded, abandoned housecat named Mittens (voiced by Susie Essman), and TV-obsessed hamster in a plastic ball named Rhino -- Bolt discovers he doesn't need superpowers to be a hero. Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana") brings her vocal talents to the role of Penny, Bolt's human co-star on the television series.

Pixar's Up - May 29th, 2009 (In 3D)
Pixar's Up

Directed by: Pete Docter (Monsters, Inc) and Bob Peterson. From the Academy Award-nominated team of director Pete Docter ("Monsters, Inc.") and co-director Bob Peterson comes "Up," a comedic adventure taking off (and lifting spirits) in summer 2009. Carl Fredricksen spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest. But at age 78, life seems to have passed him by, until a twist of fate (and a persistent 8-year old Wilderness Explorer named Russell) gives him a new lease on life. "Up" takes audiences on a thrilling journey where the unlikely pair encounter wild terrain, unexpected villains and jungle creatures. When seeking adventure next summer -- look "Up."

Pixar's Toy Story in 3-D - October 2nd, 2009 (In 3D)

Originally released by Walt Disney Pictures in 1995, "Toy Story" was the first feature film from Pixar Animation Studios and director John Lasseter. The film went on to receive Oscar nominations for Best Original Score, Best Original Song, and Best Original Screenplay, and earned Lasseter a Special Achievement Award (Oscar) "for the development and inspired application of techniques that have made possible the first feature-length computer-animated film." The 3-D version of this landmark film is being personally overseen by Lasseter with his acclaimed team of technical wizards handling all the necessary steps in the conversion process.

The Princess and the Frog - Christmas 2009
The Princess and the Frog

Directed by: John Musker (Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules) and Ron Clements (Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules). A musical set in the greatest city of them all, New Orleans, "The Princess and the Frog" marks Disney's return to the timeless art form of traditional animation. The film teams Ron Clements and John Musker, creators of "The Little Mermaid" and "Aladdin," with Oscar-winning composer Randy Newman to tell the most beautiful love story ever told … with frogs, voodoo, and a singing alligator.

Pixar's Toy Story 2 in 3-D - February 12th, 2010 (In 3D)

Originally released in 1999, "Toy Story 2" went on to become one of the most popular animated features of all time. The film picks up as Andy is heading off to Cowboy Camp and the toys are left to their own devices. When an obsessive toy collector named Al McWhiggin (owner of Al's Toy Barn) kidnaps Woody, and Woody learns that he's a highly valued collectable from a 1950s TV show called "Woody's Roundup," the stage is set for a daring rescue attempt by the gang from Andy's room. The film introduced such other memorable characters from "Woody's Roundup" as Jessie the cowgirl, Bullseye the horse, and the Prospector.

Pixar's Toy Story 3 - June 18th, 2010 (In 3D)
Toy Story 3

Directed by: Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo). The creators of the beloved "Toy Story" films re-open the toy box and bring moviegoers back to the delightful world of Woody, Buzz and our favorite gang of toy characters in "Toy Story 3." Lee Unkrich (co-director of "Toy Story 2" and "Finding Nemo") directs this highly anticipated film, and Michael Arndt, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of "Little Miss Sunshine," brings his unique talents and comedic sensibilities to the proceedings.

Rapunzel - Christmas 2010 (In 3D)

Directed by: Glen Keane and Dean Wellins. In this new telling of the classic fairy tale, "Rapunzel," audiences will be transported to a stunning CG fantasy world complete with the iconic tower, an evil witch, a gallant hero and, of course, the mysterious girl with the long golden tresses. Expect adventure, heart, humor, and hair … lots of hair, when Rapunzel unleashes her locks in theaters for the 2010 holiday.

Pixar's Newt - Summer 2011 (In 3D)

Directed by: Gary Rydstrom (Lifted). What happens when the last remaining male and female blue-footed newts on the planet are forced together by science to save the species, and they can't stand each other? That's the problem facing Newt and Brooke, heroes of "newt," the Pixar film by seven-time Academy Award winner for sound Gary Rydstrom, and director of Pixar's Oscar-nominated short, "Lifted." Newt and Brooke embark on a perilous, unpredictable adventure and discover that finding a mate never goes as planned, even when you only have one choice. Love, it turns out, is not a science.

Pixar's The Bear and the Bow - Christmas 2011 (In 3D)
The Bear and the Bow

Directed by: Brenda Chapman (The Prince of Egypt). A rugged and mythic Scotland is the setting for Pixar's action-adventure "The Bear and the Bow." The impetuous, tangle-haired Merida, though a daughter of royalty, would prefer to make her mark as a great archer. A clash of wills with her mother compels Merida to make a reckless choice, which unleashes unintended peril on her father's kingdom and her mother's life. Merida struggles with the unpredictable forces of nature, magic and a dark, ancient curse to set things right. Director Brenda Chapman ("The Prince of Egypt," "The Lion King") and the storytelling wizards of Pixar conjure humor, fantasy and excitement in this rich Highland tale.

Pixar's Cars 2 - Summer 2012 (In 3D)
Cars 2

Directed by: Brad Lewis. All the world's a racetrack as racing superstar Lightning McQueen zooms back into action, with his best friend Mater in tow, to take on the globe's fastest and finest in this thrilling high-octane new installment of the "Cars" saga. Mater and McQueen will need their passports as they find themselves in a new world of intrigue, thrills and fast-paced comedic escapades around the globe. "Cars 2" is being directed by Brad Lewis, producer of the Oscar-winning film "Ratatouille."

King of the Elves - Christmas 2012 (In 3D)
King of the Elves

Directed by: Aaron Blaise (Brother Bear) and Robert Walker (Brother Bear). Legendary storyteller Phillip K. Dick's short story (his only experiment in the fantasy genre) becomes the basis for this fantastic and imaginative tale about an average man living in the Mississippi Delta, whose reluctant actions to help a desperate band of elves leads them to name him their new king. Joining the innocent and endangered elves as they attempt to escape from an evil and menacing troll, their unlikely new leader finds himself caught on a journey filled with unimaginable dangers and a chance to bring real meaning back to his own life.

It's very interesting to see how Disney and Pixar grows its people. All of the directors have been with Pixar and Disney for at least 10 years and have been working in animation or special effects or sounds on numerous movies. It's also very interesting to see Pixar developing so many sequels when they used to say that was never in their consideration. Either way, I'm very excited for almost all of these. I'm looking forward to seeing Disney return to hand-drawn animation with The Princess and the Frog and, of course, anything Pixar does I'm always looking forward to!

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damn all the pixar stuff i'll look forward to. also to note there are 2 pixar films coming out in 2011, wow! boo to CARS 2 though..

JNYCE on Apr 9, 2008


I loved it when Pixar had ONE film every ONE to TWO years. Now it seems like they're just throwing them in a machine and mass producing them. Kinda sad (albeit still exciting)...

Marty Martin on Apr 9, 2008


Hold the phone it's all 3D after Wall-E, including all the traditional animation, take that dreamworks. Also I only new about Up and Toy Story stuff so this is great news. But Cars 2? It's pretty much their worst film and the plot sounds like Burnout or Need for Speed but not as silly as Madagascar 2.

Joshua Rowe on Apr 9, 2008


Cars 2? I'm sure it was a big hit with the NASCAR crowd, but it's a credability killer. I love everything Pixar, but that's a bad move. Among people I talk to, Cars is considered one of the WORST Pixar films next to A Bug's Life.

Tom Brazelton on Apr 9, 2008


actually i love everything pixar i am a pixar nut. and cars was one of my favorites. wall-e was actually one of the worse so long and drawn out and going nowhere. but cars, WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST

CHUCK on Apr 26, 2011


Although... wait a second. Cars 2 is being directed by Brad Bird? Maybe he can wring something original out of the concept?

Tom Brazelton on Apr 9, 2008


No, Cars 2 is being directed by Brad LEWIS not Brad Bird. Brad Lewis was a producer on Ratatouille.

Marty Martin on Apr 9, 2008


Why does The Princess and The Frog have "(in 3D)" after the title if it's 2D?

Cameron on Apr 9, 2008


Whoops. Misread that. Please consult my original impression of Cars 2.

Tom Brazelton on Apr 9, 2008


Cameron, you're right, my fault, everything BUT Princess and the Frog is in 3D. ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay, to make a comment about Cars 2. I see more kids wearing shirts for Cars than ANY other shirts these days. It's hugely popular with children, which is a demographic we sometimes all forget about. I thought Cars wasn't that bad, BUT, I'm certain it's way more popular on DVD with kids than we will ever know - thus why a sequel is worth it to them. We'll still all see it too no matter what, right?

Alex Billington on Apr 9, 2008


What the hell. Rapunzel? What happened to Rapunzel: Unbraided? Do you know if that was the same project or what? I was under the impression that it was going to be a new Disney piece (could be wrong about it being Disney though.) 3D's all well and good, but we need some classic 2D happening more often. I'm stoked for Princess and the Frog. --IK

Ian Kazimer on Apr 9, 2008


WOW! Lots of 3D glasses we will all be wearing soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Ryan on Apr 9, 2008


I agree that I would have preferred to have seen "Anozer '2' movie" besides Cars 2, however, I didn't think Cars was bad, just not as completely awesome as all other Pixar movies. @Tom: Do you consider Bug's Life to be a bad movie? Or is it more like a group of VS models: one of them is the "ugliest," but compared to the general population, she's pretty good lookin'.

Chris on Apr 9, 2008


the only animated movie I need is ponyo on the cliff... pixar smixar

ramez on Apr 9, 2008


Boy, it is terrible of them to produce Cars 2 before they made an Incredibles 2, which was much more deserving of a sequel than Cars.

Nathan on Apr 9, 2008


i agree with this comment, although Cars wasn't my favorite movie doesn't give me a right to rip on it.............. all these movies took hard work so even if you don't like you should still consider it as a directors stand point

Anna on Feb 16, 2011


At nathan#14, precisely! I was thinking the same thing, they should go with the incredibles 2 instead. Hell, it even has a better story to continue, you know the kids getting bigger, Jackjack (the little baby) showing off his powers; Another great villain! oh the possibilities!... but seriously, cars 2?

bltzie on Apr 9, 2008


YES i agree i am hopping for incred. 2 the first had a better story to run a sequel off of. but i still think cars was one the greatest pixar stories it was fun it had heart great story and the colors in the movie were incredible. and yes it was one of my favs. but yes incredibles 2 that would have more interesting story. i think im going to be disapointed that were not going to see much of radiator springs. japan really!

Chuck on Apr 26, 2011


Yah, I think The Incredibles was more sequel-deserving in that they're a team of adventurers/heroes, they can make more movies out of that. With Cars, it was a complete story and everyone learned a lesson and blah blah... and it doesn't really need to expand more. But oh well. Hopefully they know what they're doing. I don't want to see the good Pixar name starting to go the way of other studios that put an ugly mammoth mingling with a T-rex. Oh, and Bolt sounds a lot like the original Toy Story but with dogs. Other than Cars 2, Bolt, and Rapunzel all other movies sound promising.

Alfredo on Apr 9, 2008


I'm gonna go ahead and third that one... I was pretty disappointed not to see Incredibles 2 on that list. I feel like it was such a given.

Victor Estrada on Apr 9, 2008


Yep, dissapointing not to see Incredibles 2 on that list. Cars had so many holes in the story it's not funny. It's ok, as long as you don't think about it too much. They have a petrol station, but there's still a diner? What do cars eat at a diner that they can't get at the fuel station? Maybe they eat humans?!? ๐Ÿ™‚ That's why there's none around? Talking animals, talking fish, talking robots; all can live in their own world. But talking cars in their own world? C'mon! Having said that, you don't see many toys/t-shirts/merchandise for incredibles, but heaps for Cars. So you can see what the only reason behind making cars 2 & not incredibles 2 is... sigh!

Charles on Apr 9, 2008


will 3D be the only way we'd be able to watch these films? sometimes i just feel like watching a nice story unfold...without it popping out at me.

craziemutant on Apr 10, 2008


I am a huge PIXAR fan and actually really liked CARS - not to mention that my 5 year old LOVED cars. But I agree with all of you that I don't see a sequel there. Not sure why it's so obvious to all of us that the Incredibles is primed for a sequel but CARS should stay a one-hit (?) wonder.

Holly on Apr 10, 2008


Looks like quantity is winning out over quality at Pixar now that corporate whores Disney has taken over. They could do anything, set anywhere, starting any kind of characters and they do a thinly veiled "Incredible Journey" with Hannah Montana? I dub thee money grubbing whores! Oh and 3D is a nice gimmick but until you can do it WITHOUT THE GLASSES it's still a gimmick!!!! Nice once in a while but I don't need to spend the rest of my life looking like Elton John.

Rich Yan on Apr 10, 2008


Has anyone seen a picture from Tinkerbell?? It's Tinkerbell and four multiracial fairies with cat eyes? i.e The Bratz!? I guess Pixar ripping off "Doc Hollywood" for "Cars" was the sign that they had NO creativity left?

Rich Yan on Apr 11, 2008


In response to comment #21, Disney does NOT make decisions over Pixar when it comes to Pixar films, at all. In funny ways, Pixar is like the dominant mate even though it was bought by Disney. Or is it... DISNEY, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM PIXAR! As for re-releasing Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3-D, I can understand where you're coming from. I can only vouch for what they're doing because by 2010, it would be 10 to 11 years since the release of Toy Story 2 in theaters. But please, read on. I want to make a comment in regard to the responses of Cars 2, as well as all other films listed in this article. CARS actually seemed too long, it was just several minutes too long. That aspect had the kids fall asleep. The content in the movie that had adults fall asleep was its cheesy "winning isn't everything" storyline. Give people what they want, but give it to them in an unexpected way. We've just seen this theme and it always ends in a "wa-waaaa" tune. I can't say much about McQueen and Mater traveling to Europe and/or Japan for CARS 2, since those manufacture "big-cheese" autos with character. It sounds appealing for VISUALS. However, I can talk about a potential conflict given the fact that McQueen isn't cocky and over-confident anymore, which was a major important aspect that drove CARS. What's his turn around this time? It led from the initial conflicts towards the character's inner crisis, bringing him to his lowest low, and to finally his 180 degree change. What could possibly be done now? Hopefully it won't have anything to do with him and Sally getting married like Circle 7 and Disney had planned some time ago. I also disagree with Pixar pumping out at least 1 film a year. You're just going to end up mass-producing stories that aren't strong or creative. I'm already cringing at the thought of The Bear and the Bow. It really reminds me of the latest Disney films. The "kingdom princess" story has been beaten to death, and I can personally never associate with any of those characters. Who lives like that? At least it won't be a musical... right? I DO like Up's concept. Hopefully the approach will be a hit instead of just 80 Days Around the World. Toy Story 3 seems like a hit and miss, and I know I'm sounding a little too judgmental already with the aforementioned comments but... what, this time Buzz has to go somewhere? One thing's for sure. I can't wait to see WALL-E.

Dev on Apr 11, 2008


This post is a very informative look at the upcoming Disney and Pixar schedule, and it caused me to reconsider the landscape of animation today. While it seems like every is looking for the next film to turn into a 3-D masterpiece, I feel what is really being lost in the shuffle is traditional 2-D animation. Now that nearly every film being announced is being upgraded from computer generated images to 3-dimensional computer generated images, the idea of 2-D films of any type is not even spoken about. While I feel like this advent of 3-D technology can potential push the boundaries of film, it seems to me the technology is moving too fast and without consideration of the artistic consequences. It seems like since the release of Shrek, studios have forgotten that a animated film cannot be successful if presented in the hand drawn style of classics like Beauty and the Beast and Lion King. The animated landscape must remain diverse, or else it is bound to become stagnant and bland. While films like Shrek, the Toy Story films and Finding Nemo have made tremendous marks in both the box office and in cinema canon, I'm sure that are few film fans who have seen The Wild, Happily N'ever After and Open Season, let alone heard of them. This new lush animation style has made every film visually stunning, complete with goofy animal characters and exotic locales, but simply place three random animals with celebrity voices and wacky adventure do not make a film. While the release of The Princess and the Frog is promising for traditional animation, it is the first of its type from Disney's 2004 Home on the Range. The films continue to get flashier, but I fail to believe that they are getting better written, and I feel that while this schedule is promising, its ultimately more of the same.

amh on Apr 13, 2008


I'm sorry, but Beauty and the Beast!? That was terrible character design for the Beast. His face would "melt" every time it was animated. Plus, who isn't sick of musicals and tacky story-lines that we can't associate ourselves with?

Dev on Apr 16, 2008


Sounds like a bunch of lame sheep around here. Never Judge a book by its cover all you have is a title and a rough idea about the movie that can and will change. I like to find out for myself before casting doubt onto a studio that has done nothing but impress. As for the quaility vrs quantity thing. If you noticed most movies are being produced by a multitude of ppl. Who will no doubt be working with a team for that movie only. It is possable to run multiple projects at once.

Rocky on Apr 23, 2008


Wooow... It so AMAZING!! I will wait that!

Leallyandy on May 29, 2008


I am disapointed. Maybe I am old fashioned but to me Disney films have been great the way they were. I don't care for the whole 3 D bit. Seeing a 10 minute show is one things, but a whole movie? That's not for me.

maddy on Jun 3, 2008


Folks, let's not lose sight of the success of the first Cars. The movie grossed $244 million in the US and $462 million worldwide. Last time I checked, that's a very successful theatrical run that does not include home video and all of the consumer products that have created a franchise. Remember the announcement Disney made about the $1 billion expansion of California Adventure? What is the new 12-acre land they are creating? Cars Land. What is is expected to open? 2012. What is the scheduled date for Cars 2? 2012. Regarding 3-D, remember...Disney has been a technology innovator in animation. The animation technology for Bambi, Snow White, etc. were ground breaking. 3-D is the future. Next gen flat screen TVs will have 3-D capability without glasses. Disney has started a track record with successful 3-D movies. For the past 3 years, Nightmare Before Christmans has been re-released every Halloween in 3-D grossing over $22 million in that past two years by simply repurposing a 15 year-old movie. And how about the Hannah Montana 3-D concert movie? $65 million in box office. #1 per-theater average in history. #1 Superbowl Weekend opening in history. Anyway, a lot of numbers but Disney has 5 of the top 6 3-D movies in probably the past 30 years. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt that they may create yet another new theater experience!

James on Jun 4, 2008


I Like 3-D in Pixar all. ask you heard to all cars talk! Hope" Cars 2" going to Hollywood in Racers! Lightning McQueen will star cars meet ever lots! try best meet Knight Rider can talk car! all list ever all star cars! Christine ( red and White) General Lee (Orange and 01) Torino( Red and white) KITT ( Black and red light nose) Delorean ( Silver Steel) Ecto1 ( white " Ghosterbusters") GMC G-series (Black Van) UPS Transporters (Brown Truck) Hope see you Hit Movies Pixar in 2012!

Mike M. on Jun 9, 2008


For those of you boo-ing cars 2 it's because Pixar is now owned by Disney. So Disney is probably telling them to make Cars 2 because it's probably the most popular with smaller children and will sell more at the ox office. Not to metion the merchendice sales! Last I heard Pixar was compleatly opposed to doing sequals. They were kind of pushing themselves with Toy Story 2. So it probably more of Disney wanting Cars 2 then Pixar actually wanting to. Btw I totally agree to many 3-D movies, I think I'll just start bringing my own to theaters instead of wasting another pair of glasses. Or I'll just steal some nice ones from Toy Story Mania... ๐Ÿ˜‰

Paige on Jun 24, 2008


Look, to all of you that hate cars so much, I ask of you on thing. How many kids ages one to ten do you know that watch cars on a daily, (yes daily) basis. In my extended family alone I know of at least eight kids that worship it. Dose it not come down to what your children enjoy ultimately. My son is two now & that is his favorite move of all. I know when he is four & Cars 2 comes out, he will undoubtedly be in line to see it, (along with most of you that are slamming it.) You will be there for the same reason I will be, to see your child happy. If not, then just shut up, quit whining & don't go see it! If you understood the context of the movie, you might of enjoyed it more. Oh yeah, like #29 James said, how many "CRAPPY" Disney movies get AN ENTIRE LAND at Disneyland! Other than Bugs Life, which I enjoyed, NONE!!! Plus I am sure all of you hacks will be lined up to fork over hundreds of dollars to Disney just so your kids can go to the new Cars Land in California Adventure, even though you tools hate it so much. Shut up!

Erik on Jun 26, 2008


yes once again im thirty five years old and cars is one of my favorites. i put it in and fall asleep to it just about every night. it makes me feel warm and cozy inside . i know it sounds corny but i love it and so does my four year old daughter

Chuck on Apr 26, 2011


Cars was one of my favorite pixar movies. I am glad that they are making another one. Not sure how they will do it but Im pretty sure it will be good. C'mon its Pixar!!!!

Amanda on Jul 1, 2008


Wow so much hate for cars. i never saw it on the big screen thinking it would be stupid and like nascar which i can not stand. But once i watched it on tv one day i realized it was not bad. I would have to put it under nemo for the best pixar movie. Kids love it and i believe we forget that when it comes dwn to it that is the goal. It was full of humor unlike wall-e that i really didnt laugh at. I think it was very well made with larry the cable guy as mater. It is one of the most loved by kids and i think we forget that is the main goal. Kids first, then teenagers, then anyone else. Kids want to laugh in movies and not just watch a movie about pollution and being active. I think pixar lost their way on walle by trying to teach more than entertain

jason on Jul 2, 2008


I really liked WALL-E, and I hope they make a sequal of that, because even though the story ended, I still wanted more. And I am looking forward to all of the movies on the list, so stop being so critical. If you don't like to movies, then go make your own!

Chris on Jul 4, 2008


I am totally excited for all these Pixar films that are coming up in the following years. The one I am probably most excited about is Toy Story 3. I loved the first two films. I thought Cars was pretty good, so I am also looking forward to Cars 2 as well. Newt looks good too.

Edward on Jul 14, 2008



Mr. on Jul 21, 2008


I am excited about every Pixar movie up there! I have never disliked one of their movies. They are great! Cars was pretty good too! I'm sorry that you grew up and refuse to watch a child aimed movie. And to #32 Erik, I 100% agree with you! If you don't like it, don't see it. Sheesh. Everyone else here must be on their period or something becuase you all can't stop complaining! There is no reason to be upset that Pixar is releasing more than one movie a year! They are all DIFFERENT teams working on DIFFERENT movies. It's pretty simple. In fact we should be excited we get to see more of Pixar's work more often! The 2 movie out of those that intrigue me though are Up and Newt. Original and well they sound pretty awesome! I can't wait to see what the Russel kid will look like. Chubby little kids always make a movie funny and 2 Newts that have to mate? Who won't be laughing? I agree with you all though on the whole 3D thing. It's cool and all, but keep it like WALL-E and everything else before. I'm sick of being dizzy every time I wear those glasses for too long. (Darn you Spy Kids 3!!) Oh and some of those (if not all) of the Disney movies sound promising! Bolt is gonna be awesome! I saw a trailer for it and the little Hamster cracks me up! Sooo yea. Try to look on the bright side of things people. Please?

Aaron on Jul 25, 2008


I love disney and pixar movies so I am hoping that they are all good. I am especially looking forward to Bolt and Toy Story 3. I think it is such a good idea that they are making so many movies in 3-D. I think that will just add to how wonderful pixar and disney are. They make it sooo much fun to wanna go and see all of these great movies. I honestly have never once hated a movie that pixar has made. Cant wait to see what they will come up with for 2013!!!!

Rosalina on Jul 29, 2008


I'm disappointed in not seeing anything about Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars stories. Pixar bought the rights a couple years ago. Andrew Stanton has confirmed that he is writing the script now, so I'm wondering when we will see more information about John Carter of Mars.

Ceiver on Aug 2, 2008


I am really excited to see all of the new Pixar films coming out. As a mother of two small children, I have to say I have watched Cars quite a bit. I cannot fathom how all of you are griping about Cars 2. I love that movie, my children adore it, and I happen to think the "cheesy" message of winning isn't everything is a very valuable asset to teach our children these days. For heavens sakes, Its a movie. You don't like, don't watch it!

Jamie on Aug 2, 2008


"I am really excited to see all of the new Pixar films coming out. As a mother of two small children, I have to say I have watched Cars quite a bit. I cannot fathom how all of you are griping about Cars 2. I love that movie, my children adore it, and I happen to think the "cheesy" message of winning isn't everything is a very valuable asset to teach our children these days. For heavens sakes, Its a movie. You don't like, don't watch it!" YEEEEEEEA! Go mama! (She's not mine.) Up looks just so effing awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

Aaron on Aug 4, 2008


Yeah about all the cars bashing... first of all, EVERY kid seems to love Cars... and from a professional home theater installer perspective, I think as far as image quality and detail, only ratatoille beats it. Have you watched the Blue Ray? These stories are all basically the same old kids movie plots, some just more obvious than others... I think perhaps a lot of adults like to say they like Pixar movies because of the quality of animation etc... when really its because its an excuse to be a kid again... relax. Although I wish they could ditch Larry the Cable guy... dont give racists money!

Chris F. on Aug 17, 2008


Cars definitely wasn't one one of my favorites, but it has for sure grown on me. I think that of all the PIXAR movies, Cars was the greatest hit amongst the kiddies. I mean common, they're cars! Who didn't play with them as a kid? I support PIXAR 100% in making Cars 2, so long as they have a story to tell. Something that should be awesome to see is how these new PIXAR directors handle these upcoming films. IT will be the first time that PIXAR really lets go of their key guys (aside from Brad), should be interesting. I would HATE to see PIXAR fall!

nate on Sep 1, 2008


i am really excited to be seeing toy story three and other films aswell

kayleigh on Sep 3, 2008


all the pixar movies look awsome!!!

tayman on Sep 15, 2008


I can't believe it took me over 5 months to run across this topic and I have to agree with many of the statements here. I am really looking forward to the Princess and the Frog. We need more quality 2D. That said... I loves the 3D eye candy. I'm surprised and excited to see that Toy Story 3 is being produced. I just saw a trailer for Bolt and... not so excited about it, but my daughter will love it. I'll reserve judgement on the rest (Newt, Elves, etc) except for Cars 2. I agree with most of you that the original Cars stunk. Yes it was popular with the kids and can make a lot of money in merchandising, but is that a valid reason to churn out more crap? In my eyes, Pixar loses integrity with that move. Like others, I would have liked to see an Incredibles sequel. I would even like to see a Nemo sequel (how about Nemo 2: Finding Dori).

G1SM0 on Sep 19, 2008


When this 3-D movies come out on dvd/Blu-ray will you still be able to watch them in 3-D?

matt on Sep 25, 2008


When all these 3D movies come to DVD/Blu-ray they should offer both a 2D and 3D version. Blu-ray shold offer both versions on the same disk.

matt on Sep 25, 2008


Things that make Pixar good is the abiluty to relate your emagination to thier movies (like toy story and monsters inc. where evey one has emagind monsters in thier room or that thier toys come alive when they leave.)And I think Pixar is loosing thier abilety to make them creativly because thier trying to make thier money now on mase producing them. And I think they can, now because they've already astablished them selfs as being good with the first several movies.

matt on Sep 25, 2008


I bet for a Wall-E sequel. The first one was funny and with barelly no dialogue sent a beautiful message. The way Pixar represented robots was perfect using also plenty of the Line-Following Robot concept. Through the movie you can see how wall-e actions change few human routines till the end when they do something more than being unable. I liked too when at the end of the movie it's shown using ancient-style draws, pieces from the future since the human landing on earth. On the other hand about Pixar mass production, I think now with Disney they got a bigger workhorse than before. As 2D movies are less demanded Disney shifted it's own personel to the production of 3D films.

John on Oct 14, 2008


I wonder if Pixar releasing 2 movies a year will degrade the quality of their work. If they start getting pushed by Disney to increase their movie output we will start seeing schlock instead of the great stories Pixar is known for. If Hannah Montana makes any appearance in one of the Pixar moves you know the company is toast!

Jack on Nov 9, 2008


I'm surprised they are doing a cars 2 before any of the other Pixar movies. I loved Monster Inc and Toy Story. Finding Nemo was good but over hyped. Bugs Life was OK. Walle was good for what it was. If you think about it, Dream Works is making Shrek 4. It only makes sense for them to come out with an equaly crappy add on movie. I'm just sad they're not making Ratatouille 2. That was the best by far.

Stuart on Nov 15, 2008


why is everything in 3D i hate watching those movies they are cheesy. but i cant wait for this line up i jsut odnt see why everyone is so disturbed about cars 2 ok ok cars wasnt their best but its not like it was bad either! we'll just see it was more for younger kids and their humor anyway

Celina on Nov 29, 2008


Well WALL-E and Bolt were both GREAT! Now up next is UP! (haha I made a funny... Kinda) And Celina I WAS with you on the hating 3D bandwagon, but they've changed it. It's no longer the red and blue crap fest. They use this new thing called RealD. It's 10 times better, it doesn't just make things look like they are popping out at times, it gives EVERYTHING dimension. It's almost as if it's a play going on in front of you it's awesome! I was extremely impressed. ๐Ÿ™‚

Aaron on Nov 30, 2008


i really enjoy all of pixar movies,but this one movies i cant get tired of watching,,Monsters Inc. my kids and i watch this movie every day,i really hope they make a sequel,the way it ended with boo saying.."kitty",oh my God it will be great,i even have a story i made myself,for a sequel,lol,aint that something,but its great story

wilson on Dec 2, 2008


I wonder if it's just that every kid 'adores' Cars, or if its the only thing advertising every other commercial on Disney is advertising some kind of Cars merchandise.. It's actually pretty disgusting. "new installment of the "Cars" saga." I don't think this will be the last one, guys Now, I did like Cars, but the story did end and there is no 'more' that could be added, or so I thought. :/ Guess Pixar (maybe Disney if they are pressing the sequels, which I think they are) thought differently. Although, I don't think audiences will be dissapointed (hopefully) I am excited for UP! and Newt, those should be, well, amazing. (: And Wall-e was spectacular, please, I beg of you Pixar, no sequels I am anticipating for The Princess and the Frog. (Although, can Disney produce anything thats 2D thats not a musical? Oh well.. at least there's a chance 2D animation will be revived :D) I do with that Pixar wasn't releasing 2 movies a year, although, I'm not complaining too much.. I loove watching their work. I'm interested on how they will do in the fantasy genre. *Why so many movies? With the interest of working in 3D animation and Digital Graphics being high, I don't think Pixar has a limit of how many people can work in their studios, so the more people that are being added and the talent bar raising, only more can be expected. Although, if Pixar goes to television shows.. I think I would die. Favorite movie: Wall-E

Milano on Dec 7, 2008


How in the world could anyone here criticize Cars 2 before even seeing it? There is nothing more pathetic and just plain stupid then people criticizing movies they haven't even seen. The simple fact that the movie isn't made yet makes it impossible for you to have formed an objective opinion about the movie or even question what could be done in the movie. 'What could possibly be done now?" There's a lot of ways they could go with the story, but you obviously lack the imagination to realize that and thank god you are not in any position to dictate story lines. The rest of your comments becomes completely irrelevant and diminutive, given your blatant lack of imagination and inability to be objective. Despite your self proclaimed "expert" opinion, Cars did very well especially if you take into account the target audience, the kids. It did well enough to warrant a sequel. Cars 2 will more then likely do very well too, despite your opinion.

Rob on Dec 22, 2008


Up and Newt sound great. The Bear and the Bow does not. I'm also not so sure about Cars 2 and Toy Story 3. I'd much rather see a sequel to the incredibles- it's one of my favorite movies of all time

Kid_A on Dec 22, 2008


Hahaha. All this bitchin aboot cars is funny! I dont see any reason to throw rocks at sumthin kids like. Hmmm. The whole 3d thing sounds a little bit overated, and i think the people at disney should start using walts old method of idea making bcuz i really liked the 2d movies. Walle was awesum but i dnt see a sequel 4 him...sorry buddy! As 4 the rest of u naysayers...shame on you! Haha.

Lite on Dec 26, 2008


This looks AWESOME...and I love the fact that they're returning to 2D! Seems like the old Disney is starting to get resurrected at last...too bad they abandoned Narnia though; I'd be really proud of them were it not for that idiotic decison.

DuchessAliana on Dec 31, 2008


Oh, and one more thing: I don't get why they're doing Cars 2. What they SHOULD do is THE INCREDIBLES 2. THAT deserved a sequel.

DuchessAliana on Dec 31, 2008


I'm amazed that some of you failed to see the inventiveness that went into Cars! I'm 58 and found this movie captivating. The many reminders of how things were in days gone by appeal to older generations. I especially loved the tractor tipping scene and the crazy things Mater did and said. I'm hoping Mater does a lot more of the same in Cars 2.

Alan on Jan 25, 2009


WOW!!! I'm exited! I'm the biggest Pixar fan you can find and I'm still exited from when I leaned this same exact line up 6 months ago! Although I wish they would make something besides Cars 2, I would make a sequel too because of all the money they are making from 7 year olds from it. Not that I hate that movie, I love it. It is the weakest movie in Pixar big Pixar is amazing! Disney doesn't really matter much next to it.

PrimitivePerson on Feb 9, 2009


I would like to know when Pixar will come out with Monsters Inc 2. I think Boo should be older now either in college or has a family of her own that Mike and Sully can be monsters too. Does anyone know anything about when this will happen?

Patti on Mar 7, 2009


Srry, but there's absolutely no plans for a Monsters Inc. 2. Even tho I really think they should. Anyways, I do like the idea of Cars 2. Y is evry1 bitchin about it? It's meant mainly for kids, and pretty much every kid, and aven teenager, I know LOVED Cars. Making a sequel about Lighting and Mater traveling the world is an even cooler idea. But, yes I do wish the Incredibles should've had a sequel. It was an awesonme movie! I feel the same about Finding Nemo. I'm not too sure about the Bear and the Bow, and Rapunzel tho. I'm not too excited for Up either, but looks can be decieving. When I first saw the preview for WALL-E, I thot it looked a little silly, but when I went to go see it, I LOVED it. It was a very well-made movie. I also hear a lot of crap about how Disney is kinda bossin' PIXAR around on how to do their movies. Please, Disney, back off! If it wasn't for PIXAR, you'd probably still be makin crap related to The Brave Little Toaster, and other animated sequels of other movies that go straight to DVD, instead of being good enough to go into the theatres. I'm really excited for Newt, tho!

Ginni on Mar 8, 2009



Ling on Mar 11, 2009



No-Depth-Perception on Mar 27, 2009


hey no-depth, I get a headace with the glasses, but it doesnt have the blue and red crap that movies made 5 years ago did. Also, the 3D isn't as definant as it was way back when too. Without the glasses, it looks sharper, thats all. Most animated movies now adays are made in 3D, but they fixed it [63 days till UP!] ๐Ÿ˜€

Lauren on Mar 27, 2009


I realy love animation when see the disny films

siva prasad on Apr 3, 2009


A cars 2 that will make my sister's head spin!!!

Isabell Campbell on Apr 8, 2009


All right... So I'm sort of leaving a comment on a really old topic, but, I am a very large fan of pixar movies and have to let out my opinion. First of, Cars definatly wasn't pixars best work... It was the longest of the movies, and also the most boring. The visuals were great, but have nothing on stuff like WALL-E and Finding Nemo. Me and my dad were definatly in awe after the incredibles. It was amazing. I've ever since been waiting for a sequel. It would be great to see this developed. My favorites would have to be- A Bugs Life The Incredibles Monsters Inc. WALL-E (after I saw this, I had a feeling that I rarley ever get.)

Plum on Apr 10, 2009


I agree that WALL-E was the best of all the movies. It is amazing how great a movie can be with almost no dialouge the entire first half. Toy Story was my second favoite movie and I am totally pumped up for Toy Story 3. I hope it's not as bad as Toy Story 2 (total disappointment). I didn't think Cars was that bad, however it was much worse then all the others. I also think that Incredibles 2 would be a much better choice because they left it so open ended.

Rob Eller on Apr 13, 2009


I can't wait for Toy Story 3! I am Toy Story and Toy Story 2s biggest fan and I have been waiting for it since I saw Toy Story (when I was 1).I also cant wait for Toy Story and Toy Story 2 to come out in 3-D. Even though a lot of people think of Toy Story 2 as a big disapointment, I don't.

Eli on Apr 17, 2009


Cars 2 will be better than Cars 1. (Think Godfather 2).

sam on Apr 19, 2009


I loved cars I am sorry LOL I am not too much into the while toy story sequel thing, I think they will be okay u can't expect every movie to be a hit.

Jewel on Apr 27, 2009


how come disney isnt making any 2d movies anymore!! i miss movies that they use to make. and i heard that dreamworks is going to make all thier animated movies in 3-d now. i loved the movie spirit stallion of the cimmaron, why cant they do something like that again but with wolves!! like balto or sumthing? the only 3-d movies i like are bolt, and dinosuar. maybe if they came out with 3d animal based movies i would like them. up looks stupid. ugg!!

natalie on May 1, 2009


Okay so I read through alot of you all's comments and I was really disappointed at what I read. I understand that "adults" are the ones that control what is being decided to be produced and created but what I could not understand was.....why does it matter if one movie was better or not better then the next. These movies are for "children"!!!!! As for Cars 2....I personally can't wait for it to come out because me and my 2 children will be in the front roll seats with popcorn!!!! Someone comments that they see Cars t-shirts every where on young children and I couldn't agree with them more. My son has so many Cars products it's not even funny. As for the Disney/Pixar movies as a whole I think my kids owns almost all of them. They love Bolt, they love Toys Story 1 & 2, they love Cars, they love Monsters Inc. I could go on but I won't. Anyhow, to conclude my comment I just want to leave with this as food for thought........"Adults....stop making views/opinions/likings be known.........because reality is.....they don't matter.......these are KIDS movies, let the kids be the judges of these movies". Don't be quick to steal the innocence out of the child. Thanks!!!

Brenda Peay on May 4, 2009


wait on... the movie Chicken Little was 3D but we never had to wear 3D glasses for it... so, does that mean 3D glasses arent needed for the new Beauty And The Beast OR we will need the glasses?

Jaydan on May 6, 2009


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chris on May 14, 2009


I am very much amazed on how you, pixar staff and animators do your masterpieces, I mean they're all great!, they're funny, cute, interesting, full of lessons in life for all ages. I hope of seeing many more animated movies from you pixar people. As for me, "YOU ARE THE GREATEST ENTERTAINERS ON EARTH". Keep it up, millions are waiting for each of your releases.

Jonax on May 17, 2009


Cool! Cars 2!! I loved that movie! I wondered what they have in store next!! I can't wait for the Princess and the Frog, Toy's Story 3, Cars 2, Newt, and UP!!! Wall E was by far the most intellectual 3G film I had ever seen.

Ann on May 21, 2009


To those who are dying to see UP!: Last night I was able to go see an early screening of the entire film. Do you like action? Suspense? Comic humor? Chase sequences? A new twist on an old idea? Movies that make you laugh so hard, you cry? Movies that connect you to the characters so when something devestating happens, you cry? Do you like big, rainbow colored birds? Then UP! is the movie for you. It is FANTASTIC on how they did everything. It was just soo beautiful! But it does have the rating of PG, and it is DEFIANTLY a PG movie, not for the young kids.. So if you have small children, or plan to go see the movie with some, I say check it out yourself to see if they can handle it because there is a lot that goes on. Enjoy!

Milano on May 22, 2009


I was planning on taking a 3 year old to see Up this Friday and am trying to decide between the 3D and the traditional digital. If we go to the 3D screening and she doesn't want to wear the glasses or the 3D scares her, will the movie look normal without them?

Andrea on May 28, 2009


Andrea (84): The movie will look normal. The theaters near my house don't have the 3D theaters installed yet, so it'll just look like any other Pixar movie has. Coraline and Bolt were done in 3D, and I saw both without the glasses. Now, if you go to the 3D, the movie will look entirely different without the glasses than compared to seeing it in a regular theater. The 3D version is formatted to the theater. If you take off the glasses during a 3D screening, the characters look blurry because of the way the movie is formatted. In a 3D movie, there are two cameras: the right eye, and the left eye camera. I'm not really sure how excatly the technology works, but that's my best guess. My suggestion is taking your 3 year old to the traditional digital. Nothing pops out at you, it just does get intense and scary in some parts. Hope this made sense.. ^^;

Milano on May 28, 2009


My family and I are very disappointed that all the new Pixar movies are going to be 3-d. We, for the first time, will not be going to theaters to see the new movies coming out.

Lisa on May 29, 2009


Lisa... Most if not all theatres will have for than one room playing Up! and you can go to the room without the 3D experience.

Aaron on May 29, 2009


Excsactly. When I went to see UP it was not 3D. Also, UP is probably one, if not the best, Pixar movie I've ever seen.

Plum on May 29, 2009


I don't like Car as much and also can't figure out why Car 2. Do not like the idea of more than 1 pixar movie per year. Pixar is not mass production and I hope Disney does not kill the perfect Pixar records.

Gaiusparx on May 31, 2009


My son literally lived off the movie Cars for almost 2 years. I dont think I could ever convey all the smiles, rapture, laughter, and excitement that that movie brought to my sons face. he has the movie, posters, every single character car, etc. and he still plays with them to this day. I will be forever grateful for the happiness and entertainment that movie gave to my son. It even became one of my favorite movies even though I was forced to watch it constantly(Moms & Dads you understand haha). Even the end of the movie when he gives up what he thought was his dream to preserve the dignity of the retiring King can still bring tears to my eyes. He now loves Toy story(but thats another story haha) and though we will be first in line to see Toy Story 3 we will DEFINITELY be first in line to see Cars 2 and every other masterpiece Pixar adds to the collection of masterpieces it has created. For being able to put that much heart on to a movie screen, Pixar has my and my kids loyalty forever.

Loddy on Jun 2, 2009


I can't understand how anyone could watch "Cars" and not enjoy it. NASCAR fan or not, it was a great story, an awesome cast of voice talents, and very original. Talking cars? Have a sense of humor people. I just saw "UP" twice over the weekend. It was well worth the wait and will be one of my favorites i'm sure. There were a lot of things that are over a child's head, but still funny for them with Dug and Russell. I do agree with a lot of posters that "The Incredibles" left us with a much better need for a sequel than "Cars", but Pixar has never disappointed me so maybe they are on to something.

Eric on Jun 2, 2009


I would really appreciate if someone could help me with the UP game. I'm stuck in chapter and don't know what to do...if somebody could please help me...thanx a bunch in advance...:)

Marija on Jun 4, 2009


It's chapter nine...:)

Marija on Jun 4, 2009


I absolutely love all of the pixar movies. The animation in them is amazing. I really hope that they come up with an Incredibles sequel, because it's one of my favorite movies, and I think there's a lot they could do with the family. Oh wee, I'll just have to wait and see.

Al on Jun 8, 2009


i love cars 2 and repunzal.i loved wall e bolt.

bisha on Jun 10, 2009


Wowee! Up was amazing! me and my friend saw it midnight release, very VERY good. But Cars 2... skepticism.... although i fully trust pixar, with everything they make being amazing, not sure. hope they dont drop the ball.

Trevor on Jun 11, 2009


When the heck are you going to release The Incredibles in blu-ray

Dean on Jun 13, 2009


My take on all far, I've loved all the Pixar movies I've seen. They all have the sort of integrity and craftsmanship that Disney should be begging to be associated with. I found Toy story fun, (Though I honestly prefer the sequel) Wall-e amazing, Finding Nemo a pleasure, The incredibles, well, incredible (I know, original...) and Cars cute. Not to mention Monsters inc. one of the most inventive and enjoyable. Does Cars need a sequel? In my opinion, no. The marketability for kids could probably rake in the cash, but as far as I see it, the story's finished and anything more would be overkill. With The Princess and the frog, while I outgrew Disney princesses at age 8 and think it's an overused and dried up clichรฉ, I'm excited to see another hand animated movie (Also looking forward to Ponyo) and will definitely be watching it. Toy story 3? I really hope it's great, to have a sequel as successful and amusing as Toystory 2 seems like a good stopping point...I believe it's either gonna be great or fail.( I also agree the Incredibles is much more deserving of a sequel) However the bear and the bow sounds like the movie that could kill the company, an overused idea that seems sub par for Pixar expectations. As for Newt, the premise sounds humorous, but also a bit racy for kids. (Mating and incest) I'm not gonna even bother with Rapunzel

Sammy on Jun 15, 2009


Aside from Cars 2, I'm eagerly awaiting all the afore-mentioned films. For all you Bear & The Bow naysayers, I have one name for you: Brenda Chapman. Who? She was the story supervisor for The Lion King and director of Prince of Egypt, and Pixar has tapped her to be the director of TB&TB. If anyone can do an animated epic, it's her. When that comes out, I guarantee you every one of the naysayers will be choking on their hats. As for Pixar doing more than one film a year, so what? They're a big enough company that they can do it.

Corran Horn on Jun 17, 2009


I read the article detailing the '08-'12 line-up for Disney * Pixar three months ago and quite frankly, I am excited to see all the mentioned titles. My roommate and I will most likely go see Princess and the Frog for our birthdays, b/c she's been waiting for an African-American princess to appear her entire life. I have read all comments up to this point and, as a member of the generation that was privy to the home video collection of Disney, I wish to offer another perspective to the question of the legacy and future of the Mouse Empire. My earliest childhood memory is watching Sleeping Beauty on television when I was only 3. My father taped it for me and until the dvd was first released in 2002, that was my only copy of it. By the time of The Lion King's premiere on video, we had collected it as well as virtually every single animated classic available for purchase. To this day, my top five have always been: 1. Beauty and the Beast 2. Sleeping Beauty 3. The Lion King 4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame and 5. Fantasia Beginning with "the one that started it all" - Snow White in 1937 and on down through the decades, it must be said that the greatest achievement of Walt Disney was not simply creating great movies, but in truth, giving what had once been an underrated, patronized slapstick-style of entertainment a revered and celebrated position in American and, now global society's, mind as a brilliant and relevant form of art and expression. He took simple, but recognizable myths and folktales, no more than maybe five pages long each, and crafted moving, living, breathing illustrations of the principles the original authors of the texts first presented, albeit in a vivid, ground-breaking new medium known as animation. When Toy Story premiered in 1995, it caused one critic to remark that "it creates the kind of enchantment that must have surrounded Snow White". Decades after his death, Walt Disney's desire of infusing art, literature, music, and expression with imagination has lived on. In the case of Cars 2, both sides present valid and "good" points. Pixar has yet to actually produce a work that financially tanks, unlike its overseer Disney which historically speaking has been on a hit-and-miss track ever since Snow White (Walt's very next works, Fantasia and Pinocchio flopped at the box office less than 2 years after the blockbuster breakthrough of 1937)). At the same time, however, increasing the production output of films can potentially run the risk of Pixar degenerating into an assembly line of cost-effective products that hardly pass as entertainment. Looking at the movie industry today, I dare to claim that Hollywood has foregone the notion of incorporating intellectual and moral principle, let alone, delivering any visual dish that requires the functioning of neurons in recent decades. Disney has at least held on to the honorable, not to mention honest admittance of former works and ideas as the infrastructure of their films. Regardless of whether it is presented with hand-drawn single-sheet cells, computer-generated images, or even live actors performing before a camera, what the animators and powers-that-be of both Disney and Pixar need to keep in mind is that they are representing and carrying the legacy of a man who in his final years once stated "As long as there is imagination left in the world, work will never be finished at Disney". Now, I too, shocking as it may appear, have my bone to pick with Disney (I am still steaming about their foolish and completely offensive handling of Narnia). However, I continue to support and advocate these films in mine and my family's lives because of a singular theme that tends to echo the loudest long after the innocence of childhood and youth passes: imagination is the colorful, distinguishing magic within every individual's heart. Therefore, with all this said (I tend to be rather "full-length" in my opinion whenever I decide to give it:)), we as audiences, as parents of children, children of parents, and human beings ought to celebrate the memories, events, people, places, sights, sounds, and feelings that have shaped our brief, but purposeful lives. I believe and concur with the several parents and even grandparents who have commented here that these films have, do, and God-willing, will continue to do just that.

adanarose on Jun 29, 2009


My past pixar movies that I think show pixar at its best are Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc. Oh and I have recently seen pixar's new Up, and it was excellent. Pixar has done it again! It is definitely tied with Finding Nemo as pixar's best. My prediction is that pixar's Newt that is coming out in summer 2011 is going to be another pixar classic. I mean doesnt look just adorable! I for one cannot wait to especially see what Newt brings to the table. I also want to see how they do King of the Elves, Rapunzel, and especially Toy Story 3! In the coming years, with this line-up, Pixar certainly still has a few good tricks up its sleeve. Now just regarding Cars 2, i honestly don't know what's going to happen there because Cars itself wasn't all that to begin with. Maybe it'll be better than the 1st but I have a feeling its not going to be all that big of a success. Anyway, the last thing I want ot say is that I am truly curious to see the Bear and the Bow. It seems to have an interesting story, actually different from pixar's others. I am going to be waiting to see how that turns out too.

Fac on Jul 10, 2009


I've seen all of their movie's accept up. No offense to anyone in particular but all 3d movies I've seen so far have been horrible. They were all too dark, strained my eyes and (except for IMAX) were not in the least believable.

hc on Jul 17, 2009


HC... 3D is different now. It's not just random stuff popping out at you in red and blue, it gives dimension to everything and in normal color. The best way I can describe it is it's like it's being performed in front of you.

Aaron on Aug 5, 2009


yes the lion king 4 is coming out in 2012 ok and there will be a lion king 4 movie ok so dont say that there not haveing the lion king 4 movie ok because they are going to make the lion king 4 movie ok thank you jeff martin

jeff martin on Aug 5, 2009


Incredibles 2 before Cars 2

Jeff on Aug 18, 2009


I think out of all the movies listed, I might just go see Newt. The other ones don't really seem that interesting to me. I mean Cars was ok, I enjoyed it; but it's not really worthy of a sequel. I would rather see a Wall-E sequel. To me, that's one of the best Pixar movies, besides Finding Nemo. And for Toy Story, the first one was ok but the second one was kind of a disappointment.

Rose on Aug 19, 2009


Hello everybody, I'm only 11 years old and I want to go tryout for a voice anitmation like the movies above! It doesn't have to be a movie, but i want to do something voice. I can read well, and I don't talk like a robot. I am in plays, which helps me with emtion. If anybody could email me some try outs for the up coming years that would be great. Also could you send me a thing that says like "Oh you need a couple of headshots!" Like that kind of thing! I've never done a voice animation before, but I really want to start doing it. If you could help me out that would be GREAT! Thank you, Jared

Jared F. on Aug 30, 2009



JOEY on Sep 8, 2009


i admired of all pixar movies upto date they released....all the films are execellent and amazing...they are really talanted and skillfull kings.........forever....i am always waiting for the new movie from pixar future i pray to the divine smith "lord"to make me as one of the crew member working with pixar....

ranga on Sep 10, 2009


I have two little boys who LOVE LOVE LOVE cars and can't wait to see the 2nd one. Toy Story is the fav around my house though. We are swamped with Buz and Woody here.

lee lee on Sep 16, 2009


I'm loving everything Pixar do, but for me Cars is by far one of the best they've done. I loved the characters, the settings, and just the general feel of the film. I personally can't wait for a sequel and I'll be 25 when it comes out!

Sรฉb on Sep 25, 2009


I loved cars and I'm excited to see the next one but I think they should have made an incredibles 2 first.

Britta on Oct 5, 2009


Is there ever going to be a second Incredibles movie? My kids love that one and always say it is "no fair" that there has never been another one, even when it was left wide open at the end of the movie.

Twins Dad on Oct 13, 2009


@Andrea: "I was planning on taking a 3 year old to see Up this Friday..." Don't. I was also, with my little girl the same age, but I got informed and changed my mind. It is a fantastic movie, but it's not good for that age. Read here:

Yako on Oct 15, 2009


last time i checked, cars was a movie for 2 stepsons LOVED it and still do! while i do agree with the first few posters that it definitely wasnt a good movie, kids loved it. thats what matters when it comes to making new cartoons right?

amber on Oct 18, 2009


its a abd idea to do rapunzel. pixar is better at original stories.

max s. on Oct 24, 2009


whens incredibles 2 coming

max s. on Oct 24, 2009


I don't think they're making an Incredibles 2 =(

LaRae on Oct 24, 2009


Why are all these adults talking about how much they hate these movies. They arent for adults they are for the kids and apparently all the kids are lovin them considering they have done very well with these movies. leave them alone and let the kids decide what they like or dislike.

jess on Nov 15, 2009


for most of you to be saying that cars was so bad and does not deserve a cars 2.....if its sooo bad how come 3 years later its still selling out toys and filling up half an isle at the stores by itself with merchandise. I have a classroom full of kids wishing it was here sooner.

reesie on Dec 10, 2009


I ? alll Disney/Pixar movies and i have to agree with everyone about the whole Incredibles 2 thing we need that. Now on Cars 2 it may sound bad but it miight just might live up to its potential of being a good movie. All the other movies looking forward to. So i saw Wall-E it took my Breath Away and even my two 2 and 3 year old cousins loved it.Bolt was ok but not my kind of story. Up made me cry 4 times. Princess in the Frog made me danceand laugh. All movies will be great i mean its DISNEY/PIXAR it kinda has to be ๐Ÿ™‚ And stop with the negativity ๐Ÿ˜›

Ashley on Dec 12, 2009


all right, about the incredibles. i am very upset that incredibles 2 isnt on the roster of upcoming movies, it left us in a great spot to pick up in a sequal. cars did not. it is a very well done move (as all of pixar's are) but i feel a sequal is not needed. up was amazing, very sad, but very well done. since disney is partially stealing from pixar. and if you look at pixar's track record, every movie has been a hit. we can see that MAYBE disney's animated movies will better in the future.

josh on Dec 13, 2009


How can all these people say that "Cars" was Pixar's worst movie.....are you kidding me? It is one of their best, if not their VERY best. I am partial to Nemo, because I LOVE sea-life, but next that, Cars is the best one they have ever made. You all are crazy.

crobs808 on Dec 16, 2009


Pixar's worst movie by far was Wall-E, and their best movie by far was either Toy Story or Cars. All the people commenting on here about Cars being bad are morons that probably think Shrek was a good movie (UUgggh!).

Bob Sagget on Dec 16, 2009


For those who claim Cars was so bad. It has with out a doubt made more money then any of the other movies once you include merchandising. These are kids movies first and foremost. So if you think it is so bad it's with out a doubt one of the most popular with kids. (which is what it's all about!) My son loved it as did my niece and nephew. The animation was excellent also. So I am glad they are making Cars 2.

Jack on Dec 25, 2009


I second what Jack said, 100%. It is not our fault if you are a liberal, indie-film watching, Starbucks-drinking, hoity-toity liberal...Cars was good, and made enough money along w/o the merchandising, and Cars 2 will be a huge hit.

Bob Sagget on Dec 25, 2009


:mrgreen: 8) ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Fabrizio on Jan 5, 2010


Ok, this is to all of you who think that Princess and the Frog looked promising. Do you take that back now?? And to all you Cars haters, I completely agree with Bob Sagget and Jack about it, although i am having trouble picturing a storyline for it. Well, everything looks good except for "Newt" "Princess and the Frog" and "Bolt". All of those look terrible. At first I thought "Up" looked bad but then I saw it and Loved it! It was fantastic! Best Pixar movie since "Toy Story"!

Twilight lover (ooh and Toy Story too!) on Jan 8, 2010


Twilight Lover... Your name is enough for me to completely discredit your opinion. And don't bother thinking I'm some band wagon hater either. I read the books and I enjoyed what I read, but they don't deserve the praise their getting and it's an insult to J.K. Rowling when people say the Twilight books are the new Harry Potter. Plus the movies suck. Baaaad. Anyway I thought Bolt was a solid movie for kids and good enough for parents to not fall asleep out of boredom. And I think Newt sounds flippin' sweet. It'll easily be filled with humore for everyone and have some heart felt moments between the two newts. I cannot comment on Princess and the Frog though becuase I haven't seen it yet. At least the other stuff you liked I agree with...

Aaron on Jan 10, 2010


lolz good job Aaron(dont even know ya)! oh and plus all of my friends have read twilight THEN read harry potter and regretted ever reading twilight! so u cant say something is better than another thing if your never tried/read/saw the other thing -_- oh and that probably explains why you somehow dont like 'newt' 'princess and the frog' and 'bolt' and you havent even seen them, and btw u got pwnd by 'up' and it proves my point EXACTLY.... on the other hand many of these movies look amazing and i havn't even seen some of the ones that came out already LOLZ!

Cheese? WHERE?? on Feb 24, 2010


Cars was one of the BEST pixar movies....every young boy falls in love with that son and I are so excited for Cars 2!!!! :o)

Megan on Mar 3, 2010



Lisa on Mar 17, 2010


I'm excited for TS3, raving reviews have been heard since last night's showing in Vegas. I'm not a huge fan of sequels, but I don't think Pixar will do us wrong with this. @Lisa, and to everyone else who is concerned: Can it please be noted that the movie 'Robots' is NOT Pixar/Disney. I give props to Blue Sky for being ranked up there, but please, give credit where it's deserved. /rant

Animator in Training on Mar 17, 2010


I can't believe all the people saying CARS wasn't a good movie...What???? It's one of my favorite Pixar movies. I suppose most of those people don't have children, especially boys. All 3 of my boys have been cars fanatics (not just the movie, cars in general) so this is a great movie. There are a lot of little boys out there who are going to be so excited to see CARS 2 come the theatres next summer. And how can some of these posters say CARS didn't have a good story or message? Did they actually watch the film? The message is great, choosing friends over fame and choosing to do the right thing by helping others who need it.

Toni on Mar 23, 2010


COME ON PEOPLE, EVERYONE KNOWS HOW GOOD PIXAR IS AT DOING WHAT THEY DO!!! I loved CARS and i hope that when CARS 2 comes out, that you all will be eating your words. They already shown how good they are in makng sequels, and with the role there own now, I doubt that will change.

Chad on Mar 26, 2010


i like ponies but the ride is better if you wear undies

kimboywireh on Mar 27, 2010


Patrick is hot and so is dane because they both use the same hair care product that means that you should too. the hair care product is: Premium Fresh step scoopable cutey kittey litter buy now at for only 6,897,785 yen.

Maggie Hughes on Mar 27, 2010


Hi, I would like to know if You are planing to make a second part of Monster Inc ?

Javier Santa on Mar 31, 2010


I think its kind of funny how people are commenting on like cars being a bad movie and that cars 2 is going to be even worse. Disney and Pixar don't give a damn about the older crowd if older people like it thats jsut like a added bonus. they are shooting for kids to like it. cause guess what if a kid likes it then the parents are going to take them to see it, and eventually buy it for them.

Brandon on Apr 5, 2010


hi your movies are wonderful toy stroy will you make the second part of the incredble

arjunp.p on Apr 9, 2010


hi, guys, just to let you know, do not make a movie about snakes, cause, when i grow up, i am planning to make a movie about it, and maybe join pixar, and if there was another movie about snakes, people might think i am stealing ideas, so i do not want that to happen, good luck on the other videos!

Sarah on Apr 10, 2010


Okay so you just got movies till 2012? Really what happened to 2013, 2014 and so on?

Lindsey on Apr 26, 2010


Cars Rock All my kids want Cars shirts and toys, Yeah the Kids love cars

cassidy on May 2, 2010


wow !!!! I am preparing my schedule for DISNEYS movies.. really I gonna busy with it ,, I am really waiting for cars-2.. it will again big blockbuster... thanxx.....

Abee on May 12, 2010



Jai on Jun 8, 2010


Incredibles 2 or Wall-E 2!!!!!!!!!!! Cars 2....ehhhh, I mean it will be fun bc its Pixar, but Disney is bossing them around too much.

DPG on Jun 10, 2010


wait...i thought pixar was going to make a live action movie called "1906" about the 1906 earthquake too.

ELi on Jul 1, 2010


I really want to know if the Lion King 4 is still going to happen? There are sooo many rumors on the internet and fan made stuff that you can't trust anything these days. If it is happening when will it come out? I really am excited to see it because I am a huge fan of the lion king and always will be ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

Sarah Thompson on Jul 16, 2010


ok, first of all, the pixar movies are the best movies i have ever seen in my life time. i don't know why everyone is being so critical, even cars was a very good movie, and this is coming from a girl! princess and the frog is the best thing since lion king. it had good old fashioned 2d animation! so all you pieces of poo out there don't know what you are talking about so stop dissing disney and pixar! if walt disney wasn't born there would be no classic movies like snow white or lion king, and the movie business would probably not even exist! so stop whining and enjoy what you have! X-P

rose 1296 on Jul 20, 2010


You people out there that are blaming Disney for bad ideas for Pixar to do, you need Fred's Medication. You're just jealous that Disney and Pixar make a great team and actually HAVE homes while as you live in a cardboard box in some dark alley. Screw you and shut up. Everyone else stay here, keep it PG (unlike go away.),and remember to tip your waiter or waitress! Goodnight, everyone! Soon to come- MONSTERS INC 2! Pixar at it's best all over again.

quiggly 66 on Jul 20, 2010


These junky films that were released recently sucks *ss. Toy Story 3 kicks *ss! I won't see another film until Pixar or Disney makes a film and has it released in theaters! Pixar kicks *ss!! Keep up the hard work Pixar !!!!! And another thing people, never take what the producers or directors at Pixar say lightly because whenever they say they'll do they'll do it. Monsters Inc. 2, The Incredibles 2, Newt, The Bear and the Bow and Cars 2 will be in theaters no doubt!

Fiona on Aug 21, 2010


man i hate watching racing and racing video games but i can watch cars over and over i think its great and am looking forward to a sequel. i just hope they dont mess it up. oh and wall e was also one of the best pixar movies ever

pcdt3 on Sep 11, 2010


As the father of a 2 and 1/2 year old boy, there is nothing Pixar could do better than Cars 2. We have Cars sheets, clothes, toys ... the works. I think you guys forget that these are kids movies, too. Up will bore my kid in 5 minutes. Incredibles scares him. Monsters, Inc. scares him. Cars is heaven to him. We'll be buying Mater Tall Tales as soon as it is released just so we can watch something other than the movie over and over and over.

Toddler Boy Dad on Oct 28, 2010


Please make an Up 2 movie!!!!

Clcacworth on Jan 17, 2011


Toy Story 3 was just phenomenal. I'm really sad that they're not doing newt.

Eli on Mar 13, 2011


Disney should make a lion king 4.. Well lion king 3 if you have seen lion king 1/2 which wasn't that bad. I think a lion king 3 would be great and Disney would definitely make a lot of money.

Julio Rivas94 on Apr 6, 2011


i think they should make a finding nemo 2 finding nemo was really great and monsters inc was ok but cute i did see picar saying that mosters inc 2 is COMFERMED

Missmadison Davenport on Apr 13, 2011


NEWT!!!! yay!!!! CANT WAIT!!!

Monkeyary10 on May 18, 2011


sigh newt is cancelled, and replaced with cars 2 :/

Benozook on Jun 13, 2011


U guys rlly need to make an incredibles2 it would do so good in the theaters

Abi0211 on Jun 13, 2011


yeah this were very enjoyable to the children ..... thank you..

Anonymous on Jun 15, 2011


its all poop

Iizkool on Jul 2, 2011

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