Disney's Future is Full of Sequels Galore!

March 3, 2008
Source: AICN, SlashFilm

Walt Disney Pictures

An interesting scoop has popped up over at AICN that claims that in 2011, Disney will be bringing us four new sequels! Included amongst them are Tron 3D, Cars 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and National Treasure 3. Has even Disney ran out of original ideas? Or is this just a case of building off of guaranteed successful franchises so they can support more original ideas? No matter what the case, all but just about one of these (Tron 3D) makes me go "huh?" when asking why they'd even consider these.

Their scooper didn't provide them with too many details, which not only means that this isn't a very solid scoop (and probably a big rumor), but considering 2011 is three years away, most of this will probably change by then anyway. However, what does sound fairly official is that Disney is at least trying to plan for these four sequels by 2011, if not before or after.

Back in September last year, we brought you the news that Joseph Kosinski had been signed to direct "the next chapter" of Tron. Our guess is that this means Tron 3D is the "next chapter" and that they're going to dabble in 3D this time around instead of just focusing on a straight sequel. Well there goes all the good geeky values of the original movie. I can tell you right now that by trying to develop this movie for 3D, it's going to lose all of the great storytelling values it should have in exchange for cheap gimmicks. Especially Tron, with the lightcycles and everything.

As for Cars 2, this is one of the more interesting possibilities to come out of this. We've already heard that they're putting out the entire Toy Story trilogy in 3D, with Toy Story 3D arriving in 2010. Even Brad Bird has said that "Pixar does not look at sequels as a financial plan" and they rarely consider them, give or take Toy Story. But if there was one other movie that I would expect them to possibly consider making a sequel for, it would be The Incredibles. Cars was even Pixar's lowest box office performer ever - so how does this make sense? But SlashFilm has reported rumors about a Cars sequel previously, so maybe it is legit.

And finally, both National Treasure 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 seem almost inevitable. The second National Treasure made $43 million more at the box office last December (for a total of $216 million) than the first movie. And the third (and supposedly final) Pirates of the Caribbean made $309 million at the box office last summer, which was $114 million less than the second film. Either way you look at it, both films made more than enough money to warrant sequels - and it would seem likely that Disney would want to continue both of them.

Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media reported last month that the plot for National Treasure 3 might involve sending "the Gates family off to Easter Island and beyond in search of Atlantis. More importantly, the pure, clean power source that was supposedly lost forever when this ancient civilization sank beneath the sea. Which - were it to be harnessed today - would immediately put an end to global warming. Not to mention making gas & oil obsolete."

As for Pirates of the Caribbean 4, two plot rumors have surfaced, including one involving a journey to find the lost city of Atlantis (didn't we just mention this?), and the other involving an apparently "less expensive" search for the Fountain of Youth (as seen on the map at the end of the third movie). The big question here, though, is whether anyone even wants another Pirates of the Caribbean movie. But the sad fact of the matter is that even if they make it, the movie is going to make money, a lot of it, no matter what you and I think.

I'm curious to know whether this plan for numerous sequels in 2011 seems that terrible or if it just seems like Disney is (appropriately) taking advantage of successful franchises that they've created? All four of the films mentioned above could turn out to be enjoyable popcorn summer flicks, so I'm not too worried. Disney doesn't exactly have the worst track record, but they might be going too far this time. We'll be sure to update you on Disney's official plans for the future once we know more.

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oh god please no more CARS... i cant stand that movie and i love pixar

JNYCE on Mar 3, 2008


And so goes a studio that little over 10 years ago was known for quality entertainment, is now known for going to the well one too many times with unwanted and unwarranted sequels. What's worse is the proposed story lines for POC and National treasure screams worthless crossover. I can see it now Nic Cage finds Capt. Jacks hat when he finds Atlantis.

Rob on Mar 3, 2008


Don't you be dissin' the cars man! but yeah, that sequal stuff needs to go - it's getting old. I'd like to see more original stuff. Speaking of original... there's a grate movie coming out of sundance. It's called Hamlet 2 ( and it's produced by... Eric Eisner. Michael's son. Isn't that funny. It sold for $10mi. Nice. Anyway, I agree that there should be more originel films. Sequels are usually no good.

Fred Malek on Mar 3, 2008


There is no more creativity left in either Pirates or NT, and its obvious that both are being made solely to generate large revenue, which is quite sad. Although they could be fun, producing so many sequels ruins the franchise on the whole, as each one is successively worse than the one prior. I have not seen Tron so I won't comment on it, but Cars doesnt seem like that good of an idea either. However, I have the utmost faith in Pixar (wait, Disney owns it now, so maybe I should retract that statement) so Im guessing it will be decent at worst. Disney IS taking advantage of successful franchises that they've created over the last few years. I find it difficult to believe that Pixar would make a sequel to Cars without any prodding from disney execs and purely for creative reasons, as the only other film they've created sequels for is Toy Story, their first and arguably best film to date.

Keith on Mar 3, 2008


I can't wait for National Treasure 3!!!!! The first movie is my absolute favorite movie ever! The second movie, while not as good, was still amazing. For me anyway. As for the rest, I think Pirates should have stopped with the first movie, and I didn't like Cars that much. I've never seen Tron, so I have no comment on that.

Katie on Mar 3, 2008


I CANT WAIT FOR NATIONAL TREASURE! But Pirates 4 and Tron? I have faith in Cars because it is Pixar and National Treasure I can see going on for quite some time because it is a fun ride, but the others are jumping the shark.

Ryan on Mar 3, 2008


Persnaly I would love to see POTC 4.

Adrienne on Apr 24, 2008


Disney needs to make another incredibles movie!!!

Christian on Jul 1, 2008


Personally, if a production company has created an entire world like POTC, or even characters we take to heart, bring the sequel on! Disney successfully did something very hard with POTC 2 and 3, pull a story together from a movie that was never planned to HAVE a sequel, and successfully introduce new characters without it looking like a hack job. Hats off to all involved - and people CARE for the characters, the chatter about the fate of Will/Liz is still ongoing. Yes, I'm familiar with the "sinking sequel" made just for the bucks, like Jaws 3 - straight to DVD. But why should fans not have another story with their favorite characters they have come to love and enjoy, and have that panned because it's "not new". How hard was it to thread a story with unexpected twists like At World's End? As long as sequels are made with care (and not everyone may like them) bring 'em on. Life's a lot better with another movie with Jack Sparrow, or the NT gang, and Tony Stark and even Transformers to look forward to. You can't equate a POTC4 or NT 3 with some cheesy low-budget B movie. I'm all for new (kudos to Iron Man) but there's room for that and good sequels, just like getting a new book with a story around your favorite characters. I also faith in Jerry Bruckheimer, who seems to really like and care about what he does.

Virginia on Aug 12, 2008


Pirates 4 is coming out on may 20th, 2011 friday!=). This is no lie!. I'm dead serious!.

SEAN on Sep 27, 2008


" I also faith in Jerry Bruckheimer, who seems to really like and care about what he does" I have faith in him too and what he does and that is make MONEY FROM ALL THESE FILMS. People have nothing better to do than gripe about sequels and how bad they are, well if you so damn concerned than please don't watch these films and all of you and Mr Lasseter can go crawl in a hole and lick each others butts. There is plenty of room for original films and sequels. I used to gripe and complain about Michael Eisner however the man had the right idea in giving more in depth detail in sequels and prequels with our favorite characters. We know them and we love them. If you ask me and you didn't I like Bambi II better than Bambi and as far as Cinderella 2 and 3 I thought they were great, and Cindy 3 blew the first one out of the water, even my son liked it. Brother Bear2 was amazing, the animation in these films were great almost if not superior than the original films. I loved the animation in TLM3 better than I did in the original. It was more fluid and lets face it the artist knew that they would never compair to Howard Ashman in the music dept so they made the songs short and fun and beautiful. People got what they wanted the sequels are over and with all luck the next stop for Disney will be to slump back into their financial debt and look back and say wow sequels are looking prety darn good right now. People gripe over Disney look at DreamWorks with the Shrek series, Madagascar series, and comming soon their KungFu Panada series, also Pixar they are working on TS3, Cars2, Incredibles2 and Monsters Inc2, yeah they sure are stopping the sequels with Disney but its ok when they do it, sounds to me like the pot is calling the kettle black. Oh and lets not forget the multitude of Land Before Time series all 13 movies and the tv series, and the American Tale movies all 6 of them and the tv series. Seems to me that when sequels are made by Disney people have a lot of bitching to do, but when its done by people like Pixar,DreamWorks,WB and Universal its all happy honkey dorey. People who have this mantality make me sick and I wish they would all just open their eyes to what is really happening, sequels are being made, just not by a company that you really want to bash because its whats cool right now. WOW I must be back in high school again. Looks like a bunch of morons moving in one direction like sheep to a slaughter house.

Cliff on Aug 14, 2009


I love sequels movies those who does not are loser, I loved cars... I liked a lot of dinsey sequels. damn u

frdf on Jan 28, 2010

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