D.J. Caruso Hopes Y: The Last Man Movie Will Hit Theaters by 2010?!

July 22, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

Y: The Last Man

As I've mentioned numerous times earlier today, I was out in Los Angeles visiting DreamWorks all day. One half of that visit was focused on the upcoming Eagle Eye, a thriller directed by D.J. Caruso and starring Shia LaBeouf. The footage looked fantastic and afterwards we got the chance to chat with Caruso. Of course we talked quite a bit about Eagle Eye, but considering it's Comic-Con week, comics were on our mind. The discussion eventually settled on Y: The Last Man, an adaptation that Caruso has been attached to for a while. The last we heard anything about it was in January, when Caurso updated USA Today with additional thoughts on an adaptation and his hope that it would be a trilogy more than anything. Now (via SlashFilm as well) we've got some updates from Caruso and it sounds like Warner Brothers is interested in hopefully getting this into production for release during the summer in 2010.

When this project was first announced, New Line was the studio who had picked up the rights. As well all know, New Line recently collapsed and got moved in under Warner Brothers, so now this their production. And in turns out that's helping him move this along. "What happened is New Line is now part of Warner Bros, and Warner Bros is now really high on the project. And Carl Ellsworth will probably be handing in a script to Warner Bros/New Line next week." Although Brian K. Vaughan, who wrote the comics, has been helping with the project, Caruso's writing counterpart, Carl Ellsworth of Red Eye and Disturbia previously, has finished the latest draft of the script. Apparently the story is not going to focus entirely on the relationship between Yorick Brown, the main character, and his girlfriend Beth. In fact, Caruso explained that it would be best as a trilogy more than anything, something we've definitely heard before.

"I definitely see it as a trilogy. I see the first movie ending basically where you pick up six weeks after the incident then progressing down only a five or six week journey from that point on until the end of the first movie," revealed Caruso. "It's been hard in a good way just because there is so much good stuff to choose from. And every-time you start throwing certain scenes in the screenplay, you'll see that it sort of dislodges and starts to head a different way."

Caruso, who seems incredibly enthusiastic about this, explains that he "would like to prep this movie in October, and start shooting it by January." Of course, Shia LaBeouf would be involved and Caruso needs to give him a break (since he's currently off filming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen). Apparently Warner Brothers is desperate for big summer 2010 movies and this may just fit the bill. In fact, Caurso said that if the project was greenlit, it would be produced by Warner Brothers because it would be above the budget threshold to move it into that studio as opposed to New Line (which still operates underneath Warner Brothers). This is definitely exciting to hear and it sounds like Warner Brothers, finally, is enthuiastic about this, too. We've been excited for it for a while and I think it could definitely be a kick ass film, so let's hope everything goes as planned.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, the comic book is about a mysterious plague that kills nearly all the world's male mammals overnight. It centers on a magician named Yorick who's the only male survivor and his male pet monkey named Ampersand that set out to find what may have wiped out the male chromosomes. The comic was first published by Vertigo in 2002 and currently has around 60 issues. You can check out the various volumes on So far this sounds fantastic and I'm incredibly excited for D.J. Caruso to reunited for a third time with Shia LaBeouf. I'm not the only one who thinks that the Y: The Last Man comic series is one of the best non-superhero comics out there. And if you're familiar with it (see the link previously), you'll know that the story definitely has great potential as a live-action film.

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Reader Feedback - 17 Comments


Well lets hope so... I love the comic... and if done right this could be awesome.

CSpuppydog on Jul 23, 2008


Just stick true to the spirit of the comics, that's all I ask. If they do that it should be a very good trilogy of films.

goudos on Jul 23, 2008


Shia Labeouf and a Monkey again??Didnt you learn anything with Indiana Jones??????

João Mealha on Jul 23, 2008


Im glad Shia Labeouf and D.J. Caruso are teaming up once again there a great team, Disturbia was great and Eagle Eye looks even better. Im really looking forward to this project should be a damn good trilogy if done correctly and i think D.J. Caruso knows what hes doing.

Curtis on Jul 23, 2008


This comic is awesome, it actually ended sometime in January with the 60th issue. As much as I dislike Shia, this is the one kind of role that he can actually play, I think we actually be a good fit as Yorick. The only problem with making the movie is that there is just so much to play off of, so hopefully they can turn it into a trilogy and try to fit all of the story in there.

Nick on Jul 23, 2008


I'm surprised there arn't more comments on this- what with some of the more ignorant comments on the Watchmen movie posts I'm thinking some of the readers of this site should do themselves a *huge* favor and check out their local comic book shop- or Amazon... there's a lot of stuff worth reading outside of just the classic super-heroes! That being said I didn't like Disturbia at all and I think the director's up coming film looks a tad generic... I think LaBeouf is a passable actor though and they have great source material so it could be good...

Staatz on Jul 23, 2008


First good news I heard all day.

Ryan on Jul 23, 2008


Know who would be perfect as Yorick? Scott Porter (Friday night Lights). He's a fan of the book, as well.

Veronica on Aug 4, 2008


Ugh... I totally am over Shia LaBeouf. I am in love with Y and Yorick's character... Shia just really doesn't seem like the right fit. Yorick's too important of a role. I hate to say it -- but I really hope he doesn't come through for this role. Of course, this is just my humble opinion.

Joanna on Aug 16, 2008


I think Justin Long would be the best man for the job. He's dorky, he not that cute, but he really looks the part. Also I don't think he was that bad at Live Free or Die Hard.

LINDA on Sep 8, 2008


I am a big fan of the comic. As far as Yorick is concerned, I am not convinced either way in the case of Shia. I was thinking more on the lines of Sean Patrick Flannery myself. He has the ability to play almost anything and I tthink he has a kind of nerdish good looks to boot. I only had one question and that is if they will get either Zoe Saldana or Alicia Keys for 355. (preferably Zoe I hope)

Tina on Sep 15, 2008


If I had to choose I guess Alicia Keys however I rather an unknown to play her. As long as they get a decent actor to play Yorick I don't think too many of the actress have to be known.

Linda on Oct 13, 2008


Yorick is an excape artist, not a magician tool.

Jay on May 11, 2009


Please do not cast Shia Lebouf. This stories too bad ass to have him be a central figure.

nick on May 11, 2009


Y: The Last Man has become a big part of my life the past couple weeks. I'm in the middle of the 7th book and I've really been hooked. Honestly, I think Shia Lebouf would be a decent Yorick, not my choice but okay. But they did say on imdb that he chooses not to play the part being that the role is too close to Sam Witwicky. As for Scott Porter, you are in interesting woman Veronica. I think he would be perfect for Yorick. As for 355, I really don't care, as long as she's a badass. Same with Doctor Mann, I don't really care but I hope she's good. This movie has the potential to be really good, and I hope I am not disappointed.

Anthony on Jun 12, 2009


Shia LaBeouf may look the part of Yorrick, but I don't see him capturing the essence of the character. Please keep looking. Now for the part of Agent 355, Nia Long or Kerry Washington. HELL NO !!!!!! to Alicia Keyes. I have not against her as an actress or musician or even personally. She just does not fit into this role. It's just like the X-Men movies. they wanted to make it after T-2 came out, but who would play Wolverine. An unknown to Americans by the name of Hugh Jackman. Now look at his star power. Please I urge anybody with creative control over this projet to wait until you have all the right pieces to make this movies. Not just who's hot. Because that's a sure way to FUCK up a reat story and movie. Don't belive me. Remeber Batman & Robin with George Clooney, Arnold, Alicia, Uma and the rest or how about Catwoman. Think about it.

Kevin Johnson on Mar 10, 2010


I think ^Kevin^ Has pretty much said everything I wanted to say. Its better to pick unknowns and let the story tell itself, than to pick a load of a-list celebs to sell the movie - if its done well, it will have a cult following of intelligent people with taste, if done wrong... it'll be yet another big American no brain movie that chav's want to see on the off chance they get to see Alicia Keys and whoever Dr. Mann ends up cast as, getting it on.

Zoe Rickard on Apr 5, 2010

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