D.J. Caruso's Eagle Eye Headed to IMAX This September

August 5, 2008

Eagle Eye

With the incredible success of The Dark Knight in IMAX (it's still selling out shows across the country), studios are scrambling to ride the coattails of the record breaking blockbuster for as long as they can. I was just tipped off by a theater manager friend who told me that Paramount's Eagle Eye will be the latest film to get the IMAX treatment. Apparently its been confirmed that the film will be entirely converted to 70mm IMAX and shown alongside of regular showings in theaters starting September 26th. If you've seen the clip we posted earlier today or the full trailer, you'll know that this movie is action packed and energetic, which makes it perfect for the IMAX experience. However, don't get confused, Eagle Eye will be a conversion - none of it was actually shot with IMAX cameras like The Dark Knight!

While I may eventually catch Eagle Eye in IMAX, I've only become a fan of IMAX since Dark Knight proved how good it could actually look. However, films that are converted (like this one) still don't impress me. I've consistently been frustrated at the quality of conversions from 35mm to 70mm - they never look as good as actual 35mm prints. It's like blowing up a graphic on the internet to twice its size - it looks pixelated and ugly. Either way, I think the discussion surrounding IMAX should be focused on the continued success of the format instead of the quality. Was The Dark Knight its savior? Do enough people really choose IMAX over regular theaters? There are only 94 total IMAX screens across the US, which makes it a more rare and elite experience. How many are planning to see Eagle Eye in IMAX?

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yaaaaaaaa imax, never seen any movie in imax though

sean on Aug 5, 2008


It's the same concept as doing a 5.1 surround remaster of a studio album that was originally stereo sound -- sure it's a fun idea and adds a little to the headspace, but at the same time it lacks the native quality. The Dark Knight was fantastic on IMAX even while the standard widescreen shots were being shown, but it tilted clearly into fantasyland when the actual IMAX camera footage showed up. Appealing to the IMAX Experience is not and should never be a gimmick to sell more tickets -- movies shown on it should reflect the inherent quality and standards consistent with the branding, or not be shown at all. A widescreen upconvert, an IMAX film does not make.

Devon Shaw on Aug 5, 2008


"With the incredible success of The Dark Knight"......and the ass kissin' continues......

Blue Silver on Aug 5, 2008


What are you talking about Blue Silver? TDK was amazing... and it was a HUGE success...

Alex Billington on Aug 5, 2008


Well the funny thing is I've tried to stop mentioning how big of a success and how awesome The Dark Knight is, but then some news hits that needs it as a reference (I mean IMAX, come on!) and there we go... 🙂

Alex Billington on Aug 5, 2008


I am not that excited about Eagle Eye. I might be if anyone except Shia LeBouf was in the lead role. Sorry, not a LeBouf fan. If I do see this movie, it will be at the local $3 theater or maybe it will get spot 250 on my netflix queue in which case I will see it in a year or 2.

Nathan on Aug 5, 2008


I'm sorry, Alex, I love ya and all, but it's like a joke. If you tell the joke too much it starts to get stale and loses it's funny. Same goes for movies, if you talk about a movie too much it starts to lose it's magic, and The Dark Knight came out nearly a month ago and you keep talking about it, I believe I remember you keeping quiet about Indiana Jones after THAT came out! Just sayin' Anyhoo, IMAX is a phenomenal experience, but only when it's done properly. I saw Shine a Light with my father in IMAX because he's a big Rolling Stones fan, and it was a disgusting and sickening experience, I was nauseous the whole time. Why? Because of all the god damn close ups of Mick Jagger's face. So when seeing a film in IMAX, pick wisely.

Kail on Aug 5, 2008


I am excited about eagle eye, but I definitely won't be seeing it in IMax. I only saw TDk in IMax because it was shot with IMax cameras. I don't think its worth another $8 for any film that hasn't been shot with IMax cams. Also, I think referencing TDK as a reason why studios are jumping on the IMax bandwagon is completely valid and reasonable. There is no other reason why the studio would bring it to the bigger screen other than the success of TDK in that format.

Keith on Aug 6, 2008


I think it's hard to deny The Dark Knight's success and it's impact on IMAX. I work at an IMAX theater and I can vouch for it's staying power. Weekday showings at 1:05pm are still selling out, while the normal theaters sit empty. People are flocking to see it in IMAX and if not for the first time, they've returned to see it in IMAX after a regular show. That being said, I don't think that average movies will start to be made in 70mm format. For one, it's just too damn expensive. TDK had some buzz goin' for it that gave it a big enough budget. However, standard popcorn flicks won't get the 70mm for at least the foreseeable future. You'll constantly see animated films end up there (Kung Fu Panda and the upcoming Madagascar 2), but it doesn't require the camera work and actual film that normal live action films do. I wouldn't want anyone to hold their breath for more 70mm films.

Will S. (Co. Springs) on Aug 6, 2008


Alex - Point taken, I'll forgive thee for making a reference to TDK this ONE time because it's relevant, but the next time you make a reference to it's brilliance I'll personally kick you out of the internet! Think people in for-real life will deal with your constant mentioning of The Dark Knight? Let's hope you dont have to find out! Hahaha

Kail on Aug 6, 2008


TDK was great for IMAX b/c it was also made for it. Also, the movie was so good that people wanted to enjoy it in a different way. That's why it worked. That is what I think IMAX is good for. movies that are so stunning that you need to watch it again, and in a different way. I don't know if Eagle eye is worth the trip though. 300 and TDK, yes. but to see Shia jump off a building? ehh, i'll pass and just see it in normal theaters.

dave13 on Aug 6, 2008


whats the big deal about shia lebuff or whatever the f his name is? he sucks, STOP PUTTING HIM IN MOVIES!!! Go back to Disney.

HOLY SHT on Aug 6, 2008


Alex, what I mean is what others have mentioned before: We all know how great 'Dark Night' was! We all know it's shattering practically all records! We know it has made tons of money!.......and yet you clearly seem to be brown nosing to the tune of adjectives like AMAZING over and over, especially when there's a new release every week making you sound biased. You keep sounding like a broken record, which suggests you must be tight with the brass at Warner Bros.

Blue Silver on Aug 6, 2008


I see this not doing to great. It is anticipated, but not nearly an "IMAX event" like DARK KNIGHT. They just need something to fill up the space until POTTER comes out.

Ryan on Aug 6, 2008


im looking forward to Eagle Eye but i doubt ill watch it in IMAX, still gotta see The Dark Knight in IMAX's.

Curtis on Aug 6, 2008


Unless it's a movie about dinosaurs beating the fuck out each other and/or sharks fucking up other movie should ever be watched in an IMAX

Nick on Aug 7, 2008


@13 Honestly, if you're that peeved about reiteration of TDK then you have other problems. Take a pill for it, 'cause you're obviously a little too high strung. Also, keep your conspiracy theories to JFK and the moon landing.

Will S. (Co Springs) on Aug 7, 2008


Just for the record, "Shine a Light" in IMAX was amazing.

Rodney on Aug 8, 2008


the question will be if Paramount will release this digitally to the IMAX Digital screens - if so I'll be there. Let's hope with the success of THE DARK KNIGHT with scenes actually shot in IMAX, more films might go that route.

Jonathan G on Aug 18, 2008

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